Starbound lvl 3 Human Ship

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  1. <@Tiy> do you want to see a level 3 human spaceship
  2. <@Tiy> thats completely empty
  3. <@Tiy> I had like.. a dining room with fancy curtains in the bottom left
  4. <@Tiy> and some sofas with tvs in the adjacent room
  5. < JoshF> And do the ships go along with the threat levels? (1 through 10)
  6. <@Tiy> JoshF sort of, there aren't 10 levels though
  7. <@Tiy> every race has their own ships
  8. <@Tiy> i would show you, but theyre not in the game yet (though its not going to take long to add them, we're just doing other stuff)
  9. <@Tiy> and so any images would be "unlit"
  10. <@Tiy> and that looks ugly
  11. <@Tiy> but because our engine provides lighting
  12. <@Tiy> we dont draw lighting into the image, if that makes sense
  13. <@Tiy> and so they dont look anywhere near as good as they do in game
  14. [Later in an ongoing discussion about the human ships layout. Why the "rooms" look so similar and are ordered like that]
  15. <+Rho_> the reason it's like that is because the upgrades have to be modular, growing outwards from the starter ship
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