A SPIRITUAL Adventure TG (Emmy TF) Chapter 10

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  1. I was slowly walking, my right arm clutched to prevent more bleeding and my left eye closed from the blood that was trickling down. I was getting stares from all directions, but I couldn’t care less right now. People were coming up to me trying to offer their help, but I declined each time. I probably looked really odd right now. In fact I know I do. I may look odd being out in a kimono as Maya, but I am now out bleeding in multiple areas with semi revealing clothing on. I can’t forget my eyes can I? They are red, but not bloodshot. I was just this average sized female teenager bleeding on the arm and head with enormous breasts leaving a bit of cleavage for people to see and red eyes that make me look like I am out for blood. Not that I’m not since I need to do everything in my power to defeat that impersonator…even if it means fighting her.
  3. Once I finally got home, I went into the basement to grab the first-aid kit my mom and I owned. I took it upstairs and started treating myself. I sterilized my wounds and loudly cursed at the pain. “Son of a pickle!” I tightly wrapped the bandage around my arm to hopefully stop the bleeding, but not too much where I would cut off my circulation. I did the same with my head, which proved to be a challenge with all the hair, but I managed in the end.
  5. I sat down getting ready to relax when something dawned on me. Where is my Magatama necklace? I know I was wearing it earlier. Now that I think about it, I never saw any glow come from my neck when transforming. All of a sudden while randomly moving my hands around, I grabbed it. I knew I grabbed it from how it felt and how it was shaped. I pull it into view and upon doing so; I get something tugging on the back of my neck. That’s weird. I know I was not wearing it a mount ago. I pull it into view to see nothing. Huh. My hand was clutching onto something invisible? Did something happen to the Magatama?
  7. “HELLO!”
  9. “HOLY SHIT!” I jumped up about a full meter in the air, almost hitting my head against the ceiling. Who knew my new legs had that type of spring power. I fell over onto the carpet on my front. I was able to break my fall, but most of the impact was absorbed into my right arm making me collapse from the pain. I lied there groaning on the floor. I slowly roll over to meet the familiar voice. Truthfully, I knew who it was that scared me, but I turned over anyways. I would’ve preferred to not talk face to face with her, but the pain was so unbearable that I needed to get into a better position.
  11. I look up to see ‘mom’ resting her head on the back of my chair smiling. I managed out, “What do you want now? It hasn’t even been a full day yet since you were here.”
  13. She looked at me with that same smile which I would think is fake. “I was just coming to congratulate you on getting through your first transformation in public without you being able to control it. I give you props for doing so even after being knocked out. I decided to pitch in however since I felt a bit bad so I healed you up a bit and made you wake up quicker. You should be thanking me. You could even bow down to me and call me god.”
  15. “That is never happening.”
  17. She shrugged. “It was worth atry. Just think about it though. What would’ve happened if I left you as is? You would be seen transforming. Maybe even taken away and had test done on you. You never know. After hearing all this, can I at least get a thank you?”
  19. She tried her best to make a begging face like that of a dog’s. “No.”
  21. She stopped what she was doing and giggled. “Tough crowd. Whatever. This is what makes things so interesting.”
  23. I was getting more ticked off. “If you were here to just bug me, can you go now? I’m tired and can’t stand looking at you.”
  25. She put her hand to her chest and gave a shocked expression. “Does seeing your mom’s face despair you that much? I wonder how she would feel to hear that.” Shen then got more serious. “I am actually here to help you in your little situation.”
  27. “What do you mean?”
  29. “Well, before I get into it, allow me to ask some answers and hopefully give you the best answers I can. You only transform when you think of a character within a split second without thinking about your transformation. What distinguishes what are the triggered thoughts and not? There are obviously hundreds of times in the day that you have thought about characters without the transformations, but nothing happened. Is it how deeply you think about it? Is it the timing? Is it some other reason? I don’t know.”
  31. I took in all the possibilities from what she said. She is right that I probably thought about characters unintentionally, but never changed into them. Is she trying to say that what she was telling me this morning was a lie and that there are other aspects to this limited curse?
  33. “No. That is not what I am getting at.”
  35. I was shocked to hear her say that. “Can you read—”
  37. “—Minds? Nope. Your cute little face is just that of an open book! I am here to give you a little handicap and a hint for future reference.”
  39. After a few seconds, I asked, “Well? What is this handicap and hint?”
  41. “I am glad you asked! For your third transformation, I will personally pick out a random character from your memories and make you transform into that character right now. As for the hint, I will give you a helpful strategy to know when you are transforming. I never told you this before, but there actually is a way to see yourself transform.”
  43. I looked at her patiently, but still asked the million-dollar question. “Well, what is it?”
  45. “Mirrors! If you look into a mirror, you can see the changes that are happening to your body. Think of it like a vampire. Myths say that staring at a vampire in the mirror will make it invisible. Same here except the complete opposite since it will make everything visible to you.”
  47. “Also, when will you be transforming me?”
  49. She laughed. “Oh that. It is just about to start in about half a minute. I chose a random character from your memories and this transformation will count towards your third transformation in this curse. You should go check yourself out in the bathroom.”
  51. I was about to run when I paused to quickly ask her a question. “Curse? I thought this happened from not having the Magatama close enough to me.”
  53. “Curse, punishment, whatever. Hey look at that! You are starting to change!”
  55. That was my que to leave. I ran to my washroom and looked in my mirror. I was not expecting what I found and madly blushed from how unexpected my view was. In the mirror was a Yang in her birthday suit. She definitely had a great body.
  57. As if to add insult to my embarrassment, in came my ‘mom’ floating in the air. “You look so lov—” She was cut off when she hit her head at the top of the doorframe. She gently rubbed her forehead and I even made out a tear in her eye.
  59. “Serves you right.” I laughed and she looked mad at me.
  61. “Do you want to keep your head screwed on because I can unscrew it if it becomes too loose.”
  63. I hated it, but her threat struck me causing me to quickly nod my head to signal an okay. “Why hasn’t anything happened?”
  65. “What do you mean? Give yourself a good look in the mirror.”
  67. I was reluctant but I got on my tippy toes to look across my whole body in the mirror. Doing this meant I could barely see my legs and feet at the bottom of the mirror. I noticed that my feet hat brown boots on. “The clothing is first?”
  69. “Yes it is, only for the punishment though. Also, you were naked just like this in the alleyway so you should be lucky no one was there.”
  71. “You mean anybody except you, right?”
  73. Instead of defending herself, she instead started whistling which obviously meant that I hit the bulls eye. Really though, why do people do that? Whenever you are questioned to have done something in movies or shows, whistling means ‘Yes I did it’. Also I must keep what she said in mind for the next two times since I will be completely naked, even though that is nothing compared to transforming into a completely new person in front of someone.
  75. In the time I was thinking, I was also carefully looking at my body in the mirror. Not because I wanted to see Yang’s naked body, but because I wanted to know what would change next. All of a sudden, panties magically appeared under me and a bra appeared on my chest. Something that I noticed looked odd was that in the mirror, the bra was extremely tight around my breasts, but I felt no strain whatsoever. Over my legs, brown stockings started to materialize and stretched up to the top of my legs. Over the top and my panties, a light brown skirt appeared helping cover the rest of my lower body. Over my chest, a white dress shirt appeared and a little reddish pink bow around the collar. A thin yellow jacket appeared over the shirt and covered up my arms. I looked ridiculous in the mirror. Everything looked so small on me. My shirt looked like it would give from the pressure of my big breasts. Outside of the pocket of my jacket on the left side, three strings appeared and grew about five centimeters long. At the end of those strings, three small figures appeared and at that moment of witnessing the characters, I knew who I was becoming.
  77. My physical attributes started changing. The first was my chest. It shrunk down do about a B-cup and wasn’t looking like they would burst through my shirt anymore. I lost about three inches in height making me around five feet and five inches tall. That made everything I was wearing in the mirror look more fitting for my height. One thing I found odd was that since I looked the same to me, looking in the mirror down at my new face caused something weird to happen. What looked like the new me so far was looking down as well. This mirror thing contradicts so much right now. The only possibility I can think of is that since everyone else can see what I look like so far, I am technically looking down more than I am now. I also noticed jut how odd I looked. I had yang’s head on a completely different body. That was changing now as my face changed to make a new one and my eyes turned from red to brown. I don’t know if my eyes went to Yang’s original color at one point, but being mad this whole time at ‘mom’ must be why they were still red. My hair changed color going from golden blonde to the exact same shade of brown as my eyes and stayed about the same in length.
  79. My sight blurred for a second and after rubbing them, I looked down to see my new body. Out of all the female characters from anime or video games she could choose, it was Emmeline Altava. Her outfit was a bit different than what I could remember, but that was the least of my problems.
  81. I still had to go through this two more times and ‘mom' is still there staring at me with her creepy smile.
  84. To Be Continued…
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