[TLH/SinKid] Loan job interview

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  1. >"Well, thank you for coming, and good luck with the rest of the process."
  2. >Loan grabbed the woman's hand and gave it a shake. Solid grip. slight downwards tilt. Just like she was taught. "Thank you for giving me the opportunity. When can I expect to hear from you?"
  3. >The woman gave a slight smile. "If you're successful, we'll contact you within the week."
  4. >"Excellent, hope to hear from you soon."
  5. >The two of them said their farewells, and Loan departed.
  6. >The moment she left the building, she hesitated.
  7. >Then dashed off to the nearest bush to bring her breakfast back up and into it.
  8. >She grabbed a handkerchief from her bag and wiped her mouth clear. While her anxiety was still flaring up bad, it was a little better after that.
  9. >Shame it was something Liena had made for her.
  10. >Pulling herself back up and dusting herself off, she walked to the parked car.
  11. >Tapping on the door, her mother looked up from her phone and gave her a small wave.
  12. >"So, how'd it go?" Lori asked as she entered the car.
  13. >"Fine." She replied, softly.
  14. >"Just 'fine'?" Lori chuckled. "You puking in the bush over there says otherwise."
  15. >"A-are you mad at me?"
  16. >"What? No, of course not." Lori smiled, placing her hand on Loan's. She moved her hand away, and her smile dipped slightly. "I remember my first job interview. Heh, I was an absolute nervous wreck myself."
  17. >"Yeah, but..." Loan sighed. "I'm 21. I should have a job or have finished college-"
  18. >"Loan, stop."
  19. >Loan stopped immediately, fearing punishment if she continued.
  20. >"Look..." She sighed. "It's not your fault."
  21. >Loan blinked.
  22. >"I pushed you too much when you were a kid. It was wrong of me to do that, I should've let you do things at your own pace."
  23. >Lori placed her hand on Loan's again and held it. Loan's eyes widened a little and she locked up.
  24. >"I'm... I'm proud of you, Loan. I'm sure everyone else will be, too." Lori paused. "And your father would have been, I'm sure."
  25. >Loan remained motionless as her vision began clouding up.
  26. >How long had she waited to hear those words?
  27. >Loan sniffed, and felt herself begin to cry.
  28. >She turned to look at her mother, almost expecting some kind of cruel expression or chastising remark for crying like this.
  29. >Instead, she got a sincere and kind-hearted expression, a look she had only ever given her sibling Chris.
  30. >Loan broke down into audible sobs, and pulled herself close to her mother as well as the seatbelts could allow, clutching her tight.
  31. >Lori did much the same, herself becoming quite teary-eyed.
  32. >Soon, Loan had regained her composure, and let her mother go. "S-sorry."
  33. >"For what?" Lori smiled, wiping a tear from her own eye. "Hey, because you did well, how about we go grab some lunch and you can tell me all about it. How does that sound?"
  34. >Loan smiled. The first genuine smile she had since... jeez, far too long. Her eyes were still wet from before and she was still sniffing. "Burgers?"
  35. >"You read my mind."
  36. [written June 18 '18]
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