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  1. Red County Sheriff's Department
  4. The life of a Deputy Sheriff
  5. Being a Deputy Sheriff means you dedicate long hours, and a lot of your life to working Law Enforcement in the County and City areas. The Red County Sheriffs Department employs highly qualified applicants with good, professional attitudes, and an even better understanding of the job. We ask that you research the duties of being a Deputy Sheriff more in your local library or ask a relative or friend that is employed with a Law Enforcement Agency about the life of a Deputy Sheriff.
  8. Working on Patrol
  9. Deputy Sheriffs have jurisdiction over the Greater Los Santos Metropolitan Area. Meaning in simpler terms, we control every acre of land inside San Andreas. While the San Andreas Police Department patrols Los Santos, Deputy Sheriffs from the Red County Sheriffs Department stick to the major highways and the Red County, and Bone County area. Assisting Law Enforcement agencies with police work, conducting highway patrols and town patrols, and tackling the crime up close and personal, Patrol is the rewarding job in the Red County Sheriffs Department. However there is a limit to the members the Patrol Division will accept, so make sure your qualified, with enough time in the Department before you apply.
  11. Benefits of a Deputy Sheriff
  12. While being employed with the Red County Sheriffs Department, you receive benefits such as:
  14. •Paid holidays
  15. •Vacation & sick leave
  16. •Family life insurance
  17. •Free uniform and firearm supply
  18. •Pension plan
  19. •Free grooming and uniform care
  20. Divisions of The Red County Sheriff's Department
  21. Divisions within the Red County Sheriffs Department:
  23. •Patrol - Patrol the unincorporated Counties and Cites of San Andreas.
  24. •Traffic Enforcement - Patrol the Highways, Conduct D.U.I. Check points, Enforcement priority of the Vehicle Code.
  25. Requirements for Employment
  26. In order to successfully qualify to become an applicant for the Red County Sheriffs Department, you must:
  28. •Be 21 years or older by the time you apply
  29. •Have a valid High School Diploma or GED
  30. •Advanced degrees and/or military experience recommended
  31. •Have NO felony convictions
  32. •Have NO Class A Misdemeanor convictions
  33. •Have NO Class B Misdemeanor convictions
  34. •Have NO domestic violence arrests
  35. •Be of good moral character
  36. •Drug free
  37. •Have an unrestricted San Andreas Class D license
  38. (OOCLY, you must also have a Microphone for Ventrilo and be mature and sensible).
  40. Let it be known that once you apply to become a Red County Sheriffs Deputy, your personal life, its background, and your employment history will be investigated to establish a feel for the type of person you are.
  42. If you are still interested in becoming a Red County Sheriffs Department Applicant, you may proceed to the bottom of this sheet and fill out an Application for Employment. Upon completion please mail the application to RCSD Recruitment, 1000 Cress Drive, Dillimore, San Andreas.
  43. Please put your name, followed by the words RCSD application, followed by the date at the top of the form.
  46. (( Make a new thread, and put the title in the following format:
  47. Surname, First Name - RCSD Application - MM/DD/YYYY
  48. and don't forget, it's 1995 in game. ))
  50. 1. Basic Personal Information ((IC))
  52. 1.1. Forename: John
  53. 1.2. Surname: Doe
  54. 1.3. Date of Birth: MM/DD
  55. 1.4. Year of Birth: YYYY
  56. 1.5. Current Age: YY
  57. 1.6. Gender: Male/Female
  58. 1.7. Nationality(ies): List all countries that you hold or have held citizenship in.
  59. 1.8. Birthplace: Town, State. (If you were born outside of the US, please put "Other" and move to the next question).
  60. 1.8.1. Country of Birth: Only fill this in if you were born outside of the US.
  61. 1.9. Current Address:
  62. Building Name/Number
  63. Street
  64. Town
  65. City
  66. State
  68. 1.10. Phone Number: 555-1234
  71. 2. Extended Personal Information
  72. 2.1. Using two paragraphs minimum, tell us about yourself:
  73. This question should be used to explain who you are, where you come from, how your life has been so far, what type of person you are, what your life ambitions are, and anything else you think relevant. You can use the question to tell your life story, including as much information as possible.
  75. As much information as possible should be included in this answer. How you see yourself is important, as it shows how you see other people, how you act, and what type of Deputy Sheriff you could become.
  78. 2.2. How would you define your childhood?
  79. This question should be used to explain how you grew up, who your parents were, whether you had a poor or rich background, etc. How you grew up plays an important situation on how your life is now.
  82. 2.3. What attracts you to Law Enforcement? Why do you want to be involved?
  85. Explain why you're applying for a Law Enforcement Agency, why you want to be involved, and why you're not applying for Sprunk LTD, SAES or the News Team.
  88. 2.4. Why have you chosen the RCSD as your applying agency?
  91. Why are you applying for the Red County Sheriffs Department over another Law Enforcement Agency?
  94. 2.5. Which shift would you able to work in?
  95. (( Times are GMT-7, same as in game time. Choose when you'd be the most active. Only choose ONE shift, the one you would be on the most. ))
  97. •[ ] 06:00 - 14:00
  98. •[ ] 14:00 - 22:00
  99. •[ ] 22:00 - 06:00
  100. 3. Basic Arithmetic Questions
  101. 3.1. Please solve the following questions for x:
  102. 3.1.1. x + 1 = 10
  103. Answer =
  104. 3.1.2. 3x = 5 + 12 - 2
  105. Answer =
  106. 3.1.3. 6x = 18
  107. Answer =
  110. 3.2. Please write a word problem for each of the math problems below:
  111. 3.2.1. 42 / 7 = 6
  112. Word Problem =
  113. 3.2.2. 3 x 2 = 6
  114. Word Problem =
  118. 3.3. Please solve the word problems below:
  119. Lieutenant Clark wrote 136 tickets in a month. Captain Perry wrote twice as many tickets as Lieutenant Clark. Sheriff Jay wrote a quarter as many tickets as Lieutenant Clark. Captain Kaufman wrote three times as many tickets as Sheriff Jay.
  122. 3.3.1. How many tickets did Captain Kaufman write?
  125. 3.3.2. How many more does he need to write to catch up to Captain Perry?
  129. 4. Medical Analysis
  130. 4.1. Outstanding Medical Conditions: List all current medical conditions that affect you.
  131. 4.2. Ongoing Medical Treatment: List any medical treatment you are currently undergoing.
  132. 4.3. Do You have any heart conditions? List any heart conditions you suffer from.
  133. 4.4. Do you have Asthma or any other respiratory problems:List any respiratory problems you suffer from.
  136. 5. Personal History
  137. 5.1.Have you been imprisoned or incarcerated for a Criminal Offence:
  138. 5.1.1. If so, what?:
  139. 5.1.2.How long were you sentenced to?:
  140. 5.2. Have you ever been under investigation (Not leading to conviction) or associated with criminals?
  141. 5.2.1.If so, when?:
  142. 5.2.2.If so, why?:
  143. 5.2.3.If necessary, who?:
  144. 5.3.Have you ever consumed or used any illegal narcotics?
  145. 5.3.1.If so, what?:
  146. 5.4. Do you have a High-School Diploma or its equivalent?:
  149. 6. (( OOC Requirements Check ))
  151. OOC. 6.1. Do you have Ventrilo? Yes or No.
  152. OOC. 6.2. Do you have a working microphone? Yes or No.
  153. OOC. 6.3 Do you have any alternate characters? Yes or No.
  155. 7. (( OOC Information Check ))
  157. OOC. 7.1. How old are you?
  158. OOC. 7.2. How long have you been with San Andreas Roleplay?
  159. OOC. 7.3. Have you been with the RCSD/LSPD in the past?
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