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  1. -Fix molly glich (if can)
  3. -Add Car rental
  4. When a player goes up to bank lady. they can ask her if they want too be buy a property or rent a car. If they choose rent a car, they get a willard and it spawns outside bank and they can use it till they dissconnect.
  6. -Add demo cars
  8. -New drug: Cocaine
  9. Model: Use normal drug planting pot.
  10. Skin: http://www.mediafire.com/?zo77vs3k47xgzyo
  11. Seed: Make seed like weed, just call it cocaine seed.
  12. Price: Seed: $150 | Sell to Druggy: $300
  14. -Storage NPC (Store items in it, http://i.imgur.com/fzDEM.jpg)
  16. -Make some new weapon mixtures
  17. M4A1:-
  18. Required Items: Wood Board 2, Piece of metal 6, paint bucket 2.
  19. Genetics: Intelligence 5, Perception 2, Dexterity 2, Crafting 2.
  20. how to unlock Mixture: Get a 8/8 skill level in sub machine gun.
  22. Gernade:-
  23. Required Items: Heat-source - Stove, x5 Metal,x1 Bullet casing, x2 Wood nail,x1 Propane tank.
  24. Genetics: Intelligence 5, Perception 2, Dexterity 2, Crafting 2.
  25. how to unlock Mixture: Get 7/8 sub machine gun.
  27. Para:-
  28. Required Items: Piece of metal  7, chunk of plastic 7, paint bucket 4.
  29. Genetics: intelligence level 4, Dexterity level 4, Crafting level 4.
  30. Unlock Mixture: 8/8 Sub machine gun level
  32. MP5:-
  33. Required Items: Heat-source - Stove, x10 Metal, x5 Wood nail, x3 metal rods, and x2 paint buckets
  34. Genetics: Intelligence 3, Perception 2, Dexterity 5, Crafting 6.
  35. how to unlock Mixture: Get 6/8 sub machine gun.
  37. -Add a player lookup command for players.
  38. Command: perp_lookup <firstname> <lastname> or <ooc name>
  39. Then when that enters, it shows this in console:
  40. <OOC name> - <First name> - <Last name> - <SteamID>
  42. -King Pots
  43. Make a new pot that takes up to 10 drugs of your choice and grows at 20 mins.
  44. Example: I wanna grow weed, all I do is take 10 weed seeds in my inventory and one new pot, then click the icon on my mixtures it grows all ten pots in 1 king pot.
  45. Use any kinda pot that looks big.
  47. -Can't avoid death
  48. When someone tries to rejoin to avoid death, they'll just spawn back dead.
  50. -People can't die after getting runned over by a car.
  51. People can't lose there life when they get runned over, they only break a leg.
  53. -Drug limits:
  54. Normal: 10 | King Pots: 1
  55. Silver: 30 | King Pots: 3
  56. Gold: 50 | King Pots: 5
  58. -Checkbook
  59. Add a option on the ATM saying like, "Checkbook". Then when they press this "checkbook? button,
  60. It brings up a derma menu box, and says, "For: (Select a list of First/Last names) Amount: <value number>".
  61. Then it automatics sends to the players bank account and the player who got money gets a notification on there chat.
  63. -Robbing the bank
  64. When a player goes up the bank lady, she'll have to give them something from like 1k-10k depending on city funds.
  65. But if the bank was already robbed (like 5 mins ago) they don't get cash.
  66. Also a alarm will sound after someone robs bank with a wanted level. They must point a gun at bank lady.
  68. -Add a command, "/keys"
  69. When a player is sometimes weaponed gliched (meaning they don't have weapons), they can type, "/keys" and then'll get there normal weapons (I.E. Physgun (VIP Only), gravity gun, keys, fists, (others if in job)).
  71. -Lockpickable cars/handcuffs
  73. -Add a clamp to attach to cars then props attach to clamp
  75. -Car blinkers
  76. Hold A = Left
  77. Hold D = Right
  78. ? = Double (toggle)
  80. -Add Percentages (%) to drug plants
  81. When a player is looking at a drug plant, it shows the percentage of how much has been completed
  83. -Add tazer for cops
  86. -Cops can bust drug dealer at only some times, like when he is selling or buying weed for example. He could sometimes mess up and tries to sell to a cop.
  87. If the drug dealer gets busted he can't sell or buy anything for about 10 mins.
  89. -Edit assmod
  90. -Make bans save to a data file
  91. -Edit Unban: <Name> <SteamID> <TimeLeft> <Admin Name>
  92. -Make a option to Edit ban reason/time and Unban
  93. -Add Ban SteamID
  94. -Can ban with custom mins. Example 1440 (1 day)
  95. -When player is banned, make it say like: You're banned for <time>, reason: <reason>
  96. -Add Global Ban (All Servers I have)
  97. -Add Just normal ban (Just server ban, not others)
  99. -Console Logs (Admin Only)
  100. -Car hit: {Car Hit} OOC NAME [RP Name - STEAMID] hit OOC name [RP Name - STEAMID] with a car.
  101. -Death: {Death} OOC Name [RP Name - STEAMID] killed OOC name [RP Name - STEAMID] with weapon (name).
  102. -Car Bomb: {Car Bomb} OOC Name [RP Name - STEAMID] car bombed OOC Name [RP Name - STEAMID]
  104. -Fishing mod:-
  105. There could be a fish dealer next to a lake with a dock (I'll show you where)
  106. The fish dealer will sell: Fish rod, Hook, and bugbait.
  107. Then they drop the rod then hook (as props) then they link togather
  108. Then they drop bugbait (as a prop) then it automaticlly attaches to hook
  109. Then after 10 secounds they get a item (Plastic, Piece of metal, cardboard box, etc..) (VIPS: Can get Pistols, Ammo, or gernade NOT ALWAYS)
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