Clans skript for endersgens

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  1. command /clan <text> [<text>]:
  2.  trigger:
  3.   arg 1 is set
  4.   if arg 1 is "create":
  5.    if arg 2 is set:
  6.     if {clan::%player%} is not set:
  7.      if length of arg-2 is less than or equal to 6:
  8.       loop {clan::*}:
  9.        if loop-value is argument 2:
  10.         set {_n} to true
  11.       if {_n} is set:
  12.        send "&4Clan name already taken. Try a different name." to player
  13.       else if {_n} is not set:
  14.        set {owner::%arg 2%} to player
  15.        add 1 to {members::%arg 2%}
  16.        set {clan::%player%} to arg-2
  17.        send "&aSuccess! Created clan &c%arg 2%&a." to player
  18.        add player to {members::%{clan::%player%}%::*}
  19.        exit
  20.      else:
  21.       send "&4That clan name is too long. It has to be 6 characters or less."
  22.     else:
  23.      send "&4You are already in a clan. Do /clan leave to leave it."
  24.      exit
  25.    else:
  26.     send "&4Specify a clan name!"
  27.     exit
  28.   else if arg 1 is "invite":
  29.    if {clan::%player%} is set:
  30.     if arg 2 is set:
  31.      if arg-2 parsed as offlineplayer is online:
  32.       loop {members::%{clan::%player%}%} times:
  33.        add 1 to {_i}
  34.       if {_i} is less than 8:
  35.        set {_p} to arg 2 parsed as an offline player
  36.        send "" to player
  37.        send "&a%arg 2%&a Was invited to &c%{clan::%player%}%" to player
  38.        send "" to player
  39.        set {invited::%{clan::%player%}%} to arg-2
  40.        send "" to {_p}
  41.        send "&aYou were invited to the clan &c%{clan::%player%}%&a. Type /clan join &c%{clan::%player%}%&a to join." to {_p}
  42.        send "" to {_p}
  43.        remove arg-2 from {_p}
  44.       else:
  45.        send "&4Invite failure. Your clan has too many members."
  46.      else:
  47.       send "&4Invite failure. This player is not online!" to player
  48.   else if arg 1 is "join":
  49.    if {clan::%player%} is not set:
  50.     if player is equal to {invited::%arg 2%}:
  51.      send "&aSuccess! joined %arg 2%&a." to player
  52.      send "&a%player%&a has joined the clan." to {owner::%arg 2%}
  53.      set {clan::%player%} to arg-2
  54.      add 1 to {members::%arg 2%}
  55.      add player to {members::%arg 2%::*}
  56.     else:
  57.      send "&4You weren't invited to this clan." to player
  58.      exit
  59.    else:
  60.     send "&4Leave your current clan first." to player
  61.   else if arg 1 is "leave":
  62.    if {clan::%player%} is set:
  63.     if {owner::%{clan::%player%}%} is player:
  64.      send "&4You must disband your clan to leave." to player
  65.     send "&4Success! You have left your clan." to player
  66.     remove 1 from {members::%{clan::%player%}%}
  67.     remove player from {members::%{clan::%player%}%::*}
  68.     clear {clan::%player%}
  70.    else:
  71.     send "&4You aren't in a clan right now." to player
  72.   else if arg 1 is "sethome":
  73.    if {clan::%player%} is set:
  74.     arg 2 is not set
  75.     if {owner::%{clan::%player%}%} is player:
  76.      set {clan::%{clan::%player%}%::home} to location of player
  77.      send "" to player
  78.      send "&aSet the clan home." to player
  79.      send "" to player
  80.     else:
  81.      send "&4Unsuccessful. You need to be the owner of your clan to set the home." to player
  82.    else:
  83.     send "&4Unsuccessful. You need to have a clan to set the home." to player
  84.   else if arg 1 is "home":
  85.    if {clan::%{clan::%player%}%::home} is set:
  86.     teleport the player to {clan::%{clan::%player%}%::home}
  87.     send "&6Teleporting..." to player
  88.    else:
  89.     send "&4The clan home isn't set. If you are the owner of your clan, type /clan sethome to set the home."
  90.   else if arg 1 is "disband":
  91.    if {owner::%{clan::%player%}%} is player:
  92.     send "&4Your clan was disbanded." to {members::%{clan::%player%}%::*}
  93.     clear {members::%{clan::%player%}%}
  94.     clear {members::%{clan::%player%}%::*}
  95.   else if arg 1 is "kick":
  96.    if {clan::%player%} is set:
  97.     if arg 2 is set:
  98.      if "%{members::%{clan::%player%}%::*}%" contains "%arg-2%":
  99.       if {owner::%{clan::%player%}%} is player:
  100.        if arg 2 is not player:
  101.         send "&4Kicked %arg 2% from %{clan::%player%}%&4." to player
  102.         clear {clan::%arg 2%}
  103.         remove arg 2 from {members::%{clan::%player%}%::*}
  104.         remove 1 from {members::%{clan::%player%}%}
  105.         send "&4You were kicked from %{clan::%player%}%&4!" to arg 2 parsed as offlineplayer
  106.        else:
  107.         send "&4You may not kick yourself!" to player
  108.       else:
  109.        send "&4You must be the owner of your clan to kick players!" to player
  110.      else:
  111.       send "&4That player is not in your clan!" to player
  112.     else:
  113.      send "&4Specify a player." to player
  114.    else:
  115.     send "&4You must be in a clan to execute this command." to player
  116.   else if arg 1 is "info":
  117.    if {clan::%player%} is set:
  118.     send "&c-------------------------------" to player
  119.     send "&cClanmates:" to player
  120.     send "&c%{members::%{clan::%player%}%::*}%" to player
  121.     send "&cOwner:" to player
  122.     send "&c%{owner::%{clan::%player%}%}%" to player
  123.     send "&cClan Name:" to player
  124.     send "&c%{clan::%player%}%" to player
  125.     send "&c-------------------------------" to player
  126.    else:
  127.     send "&4You are not in a clan." to player
  131. on damage:
  132.  victim is a player
  133.  if {clan::%attacker%} is equal to {clan::%victim%}:
  134.   cancel event
  135.   send "&4You may not hurt clanmates!" to attacker
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