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  1. "The Women" by J. Mae Barizo
  3. An evening of expected rain. Out the window clouds lifted
  4. their skirts and the wind poured in. We were the mothers
  5. lingering over the dessert tray, placing the sweets in our
  6. mouths, one by one. We were the soothers and givers,
  7. keepers of children and men. Those days, our skin bunched
  8. up at the bra line, eyelids gathering like crinoline as it folds.
  9. Yet standing there at the table, there was nothing in the world
  10. we were in want of, not even the loves that had escaped us.
  11. Whatever we suffered, we let go of willingly. To know we
  12. were not the same women as before did not pain us. When
  13. the others spoke their voices swept over us like bees hovering
  14. over lilacs. Outside, lights strobed over the Hudson; we watched
  15. a white boat riding the crest of a wave, headed to sea. We
  16. felt an ache we realized was happiness, almost unbearable.
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