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  1. <~Dead_Pool> Being banged by cannibals and swimming with naked men more likely
  2. <@GF> have fun
  3. <&Onishi> FUCK YEAR
  4. <+Emerick-sama> Thanks for posting a link to the forum that I'm banned from GF
  5. <~Dead_Pool> lololololololol
  6. <+Gates_Schellinger> well I was imagining my dream vacation JP
  7. <+Gates_Schellinger> not his
  8. <&Onishi> Here are the usernames and passwords required for the Game Moderators:
  9. <&Onishi> Admin Panel: http://www.erepublik.com/admin.php/ (2 levels of protection)
  10. <&Onishi> * User: userAccess
  11. <&Onishi> * Password: GRigo#56@KL22
  12. <&Onishi> * User: henry.fox.adm.281
  13. <&Onishi> * Password: gW0FHfXirszQ0BFbXrpK
  14. <&Onishi> Tickets Panel: http://tickets.erepublik.com/staff/index.php (1 level of protection)
  15. <&Onishi> * User: henry.fox.ts.281
  16. <&Onishi> * Password: gW0FHfXirszQ0BFbXrpK
  17. <&Onishi> Have fun. I'm leaving.
  18. <+Gates_Schellinger> do what now?
  19. <+Emerick-sama> Wait
  20. <+Emerick-sama> But it's Wednesday
  21. <@GF> Past caring
  22. <+Emerick-sama> Will I get banned?
  23. <+Gates_Schellinger> wtf is everyone leaving?
  24. <+Gates_Schellinger> or is that just GF's post?
  25. <@GF> my post
  26. <&Onishi> It's GF's post
  27. <~Dead_Pool> Emerick-sama, I doubt it but idk
  28. <+Gates_Schellinger> gar
  29. <&Onishi> Hey GF
  30. <+Emerick-sama> Whoa
  31. <+Gates_Schellinger> I unisntalled and deleted the DT off my computer gdi
  32. <&Onishi> I'll miss our talks about the world cup
  33. <+Emerick-sama> This is really difference
  34. <&Onishi> NOW GET OUT
  35. <~Dead_Pool> Bye GF
  36. <~Dead_Pool> Invent some cool shit
  37. <+Gates_Schellinger> if you write a farewell article
  38. <+Emerick-sama> OH GOD
  39. <+Emerick-sama> OH GOD
  40. <+Gates_Schellinger> So help me god
  41. <+Gates_Schellinger> SO HELP ME
  42. <+Emerick-sama> I SO WANT TO DO THINGS TO PEOPLE
  43. <+Gates_Schellinger> I WILL DO SOMETHING
  44. <@GF> No article
  45. <&Onishi> Emerick-sama, ban HR
  46. <&Tom_McDougal> gfdi
  47. <&Onishi> DO IT
  48. <+Emerick-sama> GF: good ragequit
  49. <~Dead_Pool> Yeah
  50. <~Dead_Pool> One of the better ragequits
  51. <&Onishi> for extra irony
  52. <&Tom_McDougal> make sure you use a proxy
  53. <@GF> I said it was going to be a good ragequit
  54. <+Emerick-sama> gagah will so get banned
  55. <+Emerick-sama> I can't use a proxy from here
  56. <&Onishi> See you in a few weeks, GF
  57. <&Onishi> lololololololol
  58. <+Emerick-sama> Goddamnit
  59. <+Emerick-sama> Goddamnit
  60. <&Tom_McDougal> goodbye forever GF
  61. <@GF> I might come onto IRC a bit, but I've lost all interest in anything related to the game
  62. <&Onishi> ofc
  63. <&Onishi> just get on IRC so I can lol at you when Man U get pummeled by Chelsea
  64. <+Gates_Schellinger> what will your next account be?
  65. <~Dead_Pool> Nathan Summers
  66. <&Tom_McDougal> GF can i ahev your gold ?
  67. <&Tom_McDougal> have *
  68. <&Onishi> jude edited the post, GF
  69. <&Tom_McDougal> i swear i'll use it all for pure evil
  71. <&Tom_McDougal> lol
  72. <&Devon_Donaldson> lol
  73. <+Emerick-sama> I can't unban Emerick, can I?
  74. <~Dead_Pool> No
  75. <~Dead_Pool> Unless GF made it to senior mod somehow
  77. <&Tom_McDougal> well
  78. <@GF> Too late
  79. <&Tom_McDougal>  you could impersonate GF
  80. <@GF> I'm going to be banned
  81. <+Emerick-sama> No, I can't do entities
  86. <&Tom_McDougal>  until you get to senior mod
  87. <&Onishi> Impressive
  88. <&Tom_McDougal>  then unban yourself
  89. <&Onishi> What a master stroke
  90. <&Onishi> trollan erepublik while also making coming back impossible
  91. <~Dead_Pool> GF, are you in eSupport chan?
  92. <&Onishi> It's... so perfect
  93. <@GF> I just left.
  94. <~Dead_Pool> Ah
  95. <@GF> Thanks Onishi
  96. <+Emerick-sama> All the fucking articles the deleted
  97. <~Dead_Pool> Jude will probably rat you out
  98. <+Emerick-sama> Fuck these mods
  99. <&Onishi> He is, JP
  100. <&Onishi> he edited GF's post on the forums
  101. <~Dead_Pool> Jude is a mod
  102. <+Emerick-sama> >he
  103. <+Emerick-sama> Oh god no
  104. <&Tom_McDougal> Jude is also a fgt
  105. <+Emerick-sama> He wouldn't
  106. <+Emerick-sama> I can bring my articles back
  107. <&Tom_McDougal> i hope pthut runs
  108. <~Dead_Pool> Yeah Emerick, you can unhide articles and search for beta ones
  109. <&Tom_McDougal>  so i can vote for someone less retarded than the field
  111. <&Onishi> I really want to see him rage
  112. <&Tom_McDougal> DO IT
  113. <&Onishi> so bad
  114. <+Emerick-sama> I WOULD IF I COULD PROXY
  115. <&Devon_Donaldson> http://www.proxy4free.com/page1.html
  116. <&Onishi> -_-;;
  117. <&Tom_McDougal> emerick cant proxxy where he is
  118. <~Dead_Pool> A better proxy DD
  119. <~Dead_Pool> But he's at the library
  120. <&Devon_Donaldson> yeah these ones are shitty
  121. <&Onishi> If you can't proxy, you're at the library, which is essentially a stationary proxy
  122. <&Tom_McDougal> we wont be able to pull it off
  123. <~Dead_Pool> Who has tor?
  124. <&Onishi> god fucking damn it, brb
  125. <~Dead_Pool> Jude RFS'ed topic
  126. <&Onishi> ofc
  127. <~Dead_Pool> Should I proxy, make new accounts and post it?
  128. <~Dead_Pool> A lot
  129. <+Emerick-sama> Proxies are not working
  130. <@GF> I moved to the congress forums
  131. <&Tom_McDougal> GF should just do it
  132. <@GF> he doesn't have mod there
  133. <@GF> \o/
  134. <&Tom_McDougal> GF give HR 6 FP
  135. <@Wallingbottom> ^
  136. <&Tom_McDougal> might as well try to take a fucker with you
  137. <&Onishi> someone submit a ticket on HR
  138. <~Dead_Pool> Onishi, you can just search him using the admin panel
  139. <~Dead_Pool> Articles > Article Owner > Harrison Richardson > Click an article > Apply 3 FP's twice
  140. <@GF> ^
  141. <+Emerick-sama> And scrabman
  142. <+Emerick-sama> Alee Ann
  143. <+Emerick-sama> Clueless
  144. <+Emerick-sama> Fucking Clueless
  145. <&Tom_McDougal> http://eusforum.com/index.php/topic,25813.0.html
  146. <&Tom_McDougal> HR reply
  147. <&Tom_McDougal>  made me LOL
  148. <+Emerick-sama> What did he say?
  149. <&Tom_McDougal> so much win
  150. <&Tom_McDougal> Frankly, as far as I see it, this is GF's right to do.  It's his mod account.
  151. <&Tom_McDougal> HR will be changing his tune in a few seconds
  152. <&Onishi> 1 user(s) banned.The citizen has received a ban, and 3 forfeit points !
  153. <+Emerick-sama> Man, all me greatest articles were deleted
  159. <&Tom_McDougal> LOLOL
  160. <+Emerick-sama> MOR
  161. <&Tom_McDougal> YEEEEESSSSS
  162. <+Emerick-sama> I NEED MORE BLOOD
  163. <+Emerick-sama> He's online, too
  164. <+Emerick-sama> Oh god this is awesome
  165. <&Onishi> I can edit his shit too
  166. <+Emerick-sama> Where does HR hang out?
  167. <&Onishi> someone give me some lulzy names
  168. <@GF> Ban woldy
  169. <+Emerick-sama> Ban some PHX presidents
  170. <+Emerick-sama> GLaDOS
  171. <&Devon_Donaldson> ban Pizza the Hut
  172. <&Tom_McDougal> Ban as many people as you can before you get caught
  173. <+Emerick-sama> Goddamnit
  174. <&Tom_McDougal>  nah not Pthut
  175. <+Emerick-sama> Choc needs to be online right no
  176. <+Emerick-sama> *now
  177. <&Tom_McDougal> yea
  178. <&Devon_Donaldson> ban president of the UK
  179. <&Devon_Donaldson> and Russia
  180. <&Onishi> 1 user(s) banned.The citizen has received a ban, and 3 forfeit points !
  181. <&Onishi> HR now has 6 FP's
  182. <+Emerick-sama> Who?
  183. <&Tom_McDougal> \o/
  184. <&Devon_Donaldson> rofl
  185. ---» rainysunday (~chatzilla@Rizon-B83A3A28.triad.res.rr.com) has Joined #lolchan
  186. <&Tom_McDougal> so much win
  187. <@Wallingbottom> lol
  188. <&Devon_Donaldson> omg
  189. <+Emerick-sama> Goddamnit I wish I were doing that
  190. <~Dead_Pool> Proxy is working
  191. <~Dead_Pool> Cool
  192. <~Dead_Pool> Your IP Address Is:
  193. <~Dead_Pool> I'm in Ghana guys
  194. »» fapfire gives channel operator status to rainysunday
  195. <&Tom_McDougal> what gave it away JP
  196. <&Tom_McDougal>  the smell of rancid shit ?
  197. <&Tom_McDougal>  or
  198. <~Dead_Pool> That I'm using a Ghana proxy
  199. <+Emerick-sama> derp
  200. <&Onishi> GLaDOS is banned
  201. <&Tom_McDougal>  all the black people ?
  202. <+Emerick-sama> Ban derp
  203. <&Devon_Donaldson> ban derp
  204. <&Devon_Donaldson> do it
  205. <@GF> [02:19:11] <+GLadDOS> oh wow
  206. <@GF> [02:19:15] <+GLadDOS> I just got a threee day
  207. <@GF> [02:19:18] <+GLadDOS> hahahaha
  208. <&Tom_McDougal> ROFL
  209. <@GF> 02:19:22] <+GLadDOS> fuck you whoever just did that
  210. <~Dead_Pool> Where was that GF
  211. <+Emerick-sama> I want to join #eUK so badly
  212. <~Dead_Pool> nvm
  213. <&Onishi> This is great
  214. <&Tom_McDougal> [21:19] <GLadDOS> they're going to track your IP
  215. <&Tom_McDougal> i lol'd
  216. <&Tom_McDougal> they wont go through all that trouble
  217. <&Onishi> even if they did, it'd be for moot point
  218. <@Wallingbottom> preserved for glory: http://img251.imageshack.us/img251/5272/sotj.jpg
  219. <&Tom_McDougal> and if they do LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL this game sucks
  220. <&Onishi> http://eusforum.com/index.php/topic,25814.0.html
  221. <&Onishi> LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  222. <&Onishi> I'm lol'ing IRL
  223. <~Dead_Pool> As am I
  224. <&Onishi> I don't care if I get banned, this shit is great
  225. <+Emerick-sama> What's happening
  226. <+Emerick-sama> What am I missing?
  227. <&Onishi> HR whining he's permabanned
  228. <~Dead_Pool> I am permabanned > HR "wkwkwkwk"
  229. <@Wallingbottom> lol
  230. <&Tom_McDougal> [21:21] <HarrisonRichardson> GF or one of the fuckers did it
  231. <&Tom_McDougal> ROFL
  232. <&Onishi> Emerick-sama, who else
  233. <&Onishi> Scrab?
  234. <&Tom_McDougal> hmm
  235. <+Emerick-sama> Clueless
  236. <&Onishi> AIDEN
  237. <&Onishi> ok
  238. <+Emerick-sama> OR SCRABMAN
  239. <&Tom_McDougal> battlegazi ?
  240. <&Devon_Donaldson> omg yes
  241. <+Emerick-sama> OR AIDEN
  242. <+Emerick-sama> BATTAL
  243. <&Tom_McDougal> oh god
  244. <+Emerick-sama> YES
  245. <+Emerick-sama> And Ostin
  246. <+Emerick-sama> Ban him for multis if you can
  247. <&Tom_McDougal>  ostin's new multi
  248. <&Devon_Donaldson> Ostin doesn't need our help getting banned
  249. <@GF> 02:23:17] <@Devan_Kronos> BAN ZOLI
  250. <@GF> MAKE IT SO
  251. <+Emerick-sama> Meh
  252. <&Tom_McDougal> nah zoli is p cool
  253. <+Emerick-sama> Ban Koroush
  254. <+Emerick-sama> Arymaryr
  255. <+Emerick-sama> Or whatever
  256. <+Emerick-sama> That'll be worth a screencap
  257. <&Onishi> ok, I'm on Scrab
  258. <~Dead_Pool> I'm taking scrrns as you go
  259. <&Tom_McDougal> who was that big dipshit that got perma banned but had PEACE whine till it got overturned ?
  260. <&Tom_McDougal> BG ?
  261. <+Emerick-sama> Battal
  262. <&Onishi> honestly, I hope I get found out. I'm so happy right now
  263. <+Emerick-sama> I'll probably get blamed
  264. <+Emerick-sama> >Citizen temporarily suspended for trolling.
  265. <+Emerick-sama> Keep that one
  266. <+Emerick-sama> I love it
  267. <+Emerick-sama> Civfanatic
  268. <+Emerick-sama> I fucking hate that faggot
  269. <+Emerick-sama> And Illusive Serb
  270. <+Emerick-sama> I keep telling him that I'm reporting him on the forums
  271. <+Emerick-sama> He'll flip
  272. <&Tom_McDougal> rofl
  273. <&Devon_Donaldson> Onishi how long does it take to ban 1 person?
  274. <&Onishi> Emerick, give me a hilarious PHX dude
  275. <&Tom_McDougal> battalgazi
  276. <+Gates_Schellinger> would banning ostin again be passe?
  277. <&Tom_McDougal> they would all write rage articles again
  278. <+Gates_Schellinger> Dish
  279. <+Gates_Schellinger> why hasn't anyone banned him?
  280. <+Emerick-sama> Dead_Pool: you were right
  281. <&Tom_McDougal> DISH
  282. <+Emerick-sama> Except you were completely wrong
  283. <&Tom_McDougal>  DO IT
  284. <+Emerick-sama> DICH
  285. <~Dead_Pool> What Emerick?
  286. <+Emerick-sama> *DISH
  287. <@GF> http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/5100
  288. <@GF> I just did dish
  289. <@GF> Alex said to
  290. <&Onishi> Dish is already banned
  291. <&Tom_McDougal> why didnt we do DISH FIRST
  292. <&Onishi> oh ok
  293. <+Gates_Schellinger> heh
  294. <@rainysunday> http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/1514954
  295. <&Devon_Donaldson> good ban
  296. <&Tom_McDougal> good
  297. <&Onishi> I'm going after Jazar
  298. <&Devon_Donaldson> arjay
  299. <&Onishi> because he's a fag
  300. <+Emerick-sama> HR just banned me
  301. <+Emerick-sama> Goddamnit
  302. <&Tom_McDougal> ARGAY
  303. <+Emerick-sama> GF
  304. <+Emerick-sama> You faggot
  305. <&Tom_McDougal>  omg rainy ftw
  306. <~Dead_Pool> Emerick-sama, said I didn't know
  307. <@rainysunday> i hate that fucking avatar
  308. <~Dead_Pool> Either way, HR probably just banned you because
  309. <&Onishi> GF are you on this?
  310. <&Tom_McDougal> yea
  311. <~Dead_Pool> Onishi, he GF banned Dish
  312. <@GF> I banned dish
  313. <&Onishi> because I'm about to log out of the admin module if you are
  314. <@GF> doesn't matter
  315. <@GF> everyone is in it
  316. <@GF> fuck
  317. <&Tom_McDougal> how many noobs will get banned for logging on GF's account ?
  318. <@GF> http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/1784825
  319. <&Onishi> Your current IP address :
  320. <&Onishi>  
  321. <&Onishi> WAN  : Neighborhood
  322. <&Onishi> LAN
  323. <&Onishi>   :
  324. <&Onishi> get my LAN address »
  325. <&Onishi>  
  326. <&Onishi> Host  : lelikc3.static.corbina.ru    OK
  327. <&Onishi> Country  : Russian Federation  
  329. <+Emerick-sama> Too many
  330. <&Tom_McDougal> also GF can i have your gold ?
  331. <&Onishi> I'M A BOT U GUAIS
  332. <&Tom_McDougal> anyway
  333. <&Tom_McDougal>  dont forget argay
  334. <@GF> >arjay
  335. <@GF> genius
  336. <&Tom_McDougal> it was rainysunday
  337. <&Onishi> Emerick, ban Clueless?
  338. <+Gates_Schellinger> Max Hardcore?
  339. <@GF> http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/1514954
  340. <+Emerick-sama> Ban Clueless
  341. <@Wallingbottom> mil is scared that they are next FYI
  342. <+Emerick-sama> Don't forget Battal
  343. <+Emerick-sama> >mil
  344. <+Emerick-sama> Oh
  345. <+Emerick-sama> The collective people?
  346. <&Devon_Donaldson> ban the biggest russian bank you can find
  347. <+Gates_Schellinger> you should ban masila just to make me feel better
  348. <@Wallingbottom> yeah, get the usmil
  349. <&Onishi> nononono
  350. <@Wallingbottom> lol
  351. <~Dead_Pool> Stop focusing on the US now
  352. <&Onishi> I'm banning flik_kenni
  353. <@rainysunday> custer
  354. <@Wallingbottom> it already looks like a eus political person
  355. <+Emerick-sama> Ban UK president so they can't block Poland
  356. <+Emerick-sama> Is Woldy president again?
  357. <&Devon_Donaldson> that
  358. <@GF> I just got woldy
  359. <+Gates_Schellinger> heh
  360. <+Emerick-sama> HUGE SUCCESS
  361. <&Devon_Donaldson> yeah it's woldy
  362. <+Gates_Schellinger> you should ban GF
  363. <+Emerick-sama> Who else can block?
  364. <+Gates_Schellinger> the original
  365. <@GF> YES
  366. <&Onishi> GF
  367. <&Onishi> you should have waited
  368. <&Onishi> or given the info to us so we could wait
  369. <@GF> I should have
  370. <@GF> but fuck
  371. <@GF> I can't wait anymore
  372. <&Onishi> and then EDEN could have launched a fucking crazy offensive and we could ban all CP's
  373. <&Onishi> and they'd have all weekend
  374. <&Onishi> ban all tanks too
  375. <+Gates_Schellinger> they probably would have reverted the swaps
  376. <&Onishi> and?
  378. <~Dead_Pool> Gates_Schellinger, who cares
  379. <~Dead_Pool> %
  380. <~Dead_Pool> ^
  381. <~Dead_Pool> FUCKING GREAT
  382. <+Emerick-sama> They would have, but the resulting chaos would have made it oh, so sweet
  383. <+Gates_Schellinger> I guess.
  384. <+Emerick-sama> Ban fucking Zammuel
  385. <&Onishi> OH FUCK YES
  386. <~Dead_Pool> Tell me when he is banned
  387. <&Onishi> done
  388. <~Dead_Pool> scrned
  389. <+Gates_Schellinger> scrabman?
  390. «--- Tom_McDougal (~chatzilla@Rizon-3FA84105.nyc.res.rr.com) has Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  391. <+Gates_Schellinger> AA
  392. <+Gates_Schellinger> Alee
  393. <~Dead_Pool> http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/3385248
  394. <~Dead_Pool> >Ban jewitt and Gaius
  395. <~Dead_Pool> That's an Ajay multi btw
  396. <~Dead_Pool> Along with Ronald O' Reagan
  397. <&Onishi> flik_kenni is banned
  398. <~Dead_Pool> ONISHI
  399. <~Dead_Pool> pres of Republican party
  400. <~Dead_Pool> Now
  401. <&Devon_Donaldson> ban pizza the hut, his irish multi, and the republican party pres
  402. <&Onishi> name
  403. <~Dead_Pool> http://www.erepublik.com/en/party-members/republican-party-2721/1
  404. <&Onishi> give me names, fag
  405. <~Dead_Pool> http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/2807904
  406. <@GF> I just got scrab and alee
  407. <@rainysunday> newton
  408. <~Dead_Pool> Woxan becomes Pres
  409. <&Onishi> I'm not opening new windows
  410. <&Onishi> give me the list of names
  411. <&Devon_Donaldson> http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/2807904
  412. <~Dead_Pool> Oh name
  413. <~Dead_Pool> Darrel Anderson 2
  414. <&Devon_Donaldson> Darrel Anderson 2
  415. <&Devon_Donaldson> what about the UIP and TAMA PPs?
  416. <&Onishi> Hey GF
  417. <@GF> Hi
  418. <&Onishi> you should put this on /b/
  419. <@GF> You do it
  420. <&Onishi> or /v/
  421. <@GF> Right now
  422. ---» Woxan (~IceChat7@Rizon-4E97D55A.lightspeed.irvnca.sbcglobal.net) has Joined #lolchan
  423. »» fapfire gives voice to Woxan
  424. <&Onishi> too lazy
  425. <+Woxan> Onishi
  426. <@GF> WOXAN
  428. <@GF> JOIN THE FUN
  429. <+Woxan> I heard
  430. <~Dead_Pool> He knows
  431. <&Onishi> what wox
  432. <+Gates_Schellinger> lol Woxan
  433. <~Dead_Pool> I told him
  434. <+Gates_Schellinger> congrats on PP
  435. <+Woxan> I was summoned from the depths of irl
  436. <+Emerick-sama> Woxan: who do you want banned
  437. <+Woxan> Cerber
  438. <~Dead_Pool> Woxan
  439. <+Emerick-sama> Do it yourself
  440. <~Dead_Pool> 22
  441. <&Onishi> Dead_Pool, who else is before Wox
  442. <~Dead_Pool> Woxan
  443. <~Dead_Pool> Party President
  444. <+Emerick-sama> Because you don't play anyways
  445. <~Dead_Pool> No one
  446. <~Dead_Pool> He's in
  447. <&Onishi> YESSSSSSSSSSSSS
  448. <~Dead_Pool> Woxan owns the Republicans
  449. <+Emerick-sama> oh
  450. <&Devon_Donaldson> awaiting ajay rage
  451. <+Woxan> take pics please
  452. <&Onishi> So good
  453. <~Dead_Pool> I am Woxan
  454. <&Onishi> Woxan, who else
  455. <&Onishi> Cerber and
  456. <+Woxan> Vingaer
  457. <+Woxan> brb loading ad with repub gold
  458. <@GF> vingaer already hit 5fp
  459. <+Woxan> :D
  460. <&Devon_Donaldson> ban the russian bank
  461. <&Onishi> which one
  462. <&Onishi> and give me their names
  463. <&Onishi> brb banning t'jelle
  464. <+Woxan> hmm
  465. <+Woxan> ban Rupetot
  466. <&Onishi> GF, t'jelle is banned
  467. <@GF> :D
  468. <+Woxan> brb writing article
  469. <+Woxan> btw you guys can have my acct
  470. <@GF> You can have mine too
  471. <@GF> it wont work
  472. <@GF> but ,3
  473. <~Dead_Pool> GF, you've done enough for us
  474. <~Dead_Pool> ^____________________^
  475. <+Woxan> http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/change-you-can-believe-in-1439499/1/20
  476. <~Dead_Pool> I CANT CLICK LINK
  477. <~Dead_Pool> The :D is too big for it so move it down or make the whole thing a link
  478. «--- Emerick-sama (cgiirc@is.p.great) has Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
  479. <&Devon_Donaldson> well
  481. <&Devon_Donaldson> fuck yeh
  482. <&Devon_Donaldson> BAN ALL OTHER CANDIDATES
  483. <+Woxan> good idea
  484. <+Woxan> ban Cavalcanti
  485. <@rainysunday> http://www.erepublik.com/en/organization/2133717
  486. <&Onishi> http://www.erepublik.com/en/newspaper/disregard-i-suck-cocks-180938/1
  487. <&Onishi> LOLOLOLOL
  488. <+Woxan> ban the CBO
  489. «--- GF (GF@A.Streetkid.Named.Desire) has Quit (Quit: ZNC - http://znc.sourceforge.net)
  490. <~Dead_Pool> LOL ONISHI
  491. <~Dead_Pool> OHLY FUCK
  492. <+Woxan> http://www.erepublik.com/en/organization/1384821
  493. <~Dead_Pool> I'm lol'ing so hard
  494. ---» Chisholm (Chisholm@shit.im.awesome) has Joined #lolchan
  495. <&fapfire> [Chisholm] Blacks
  496. »» fapfire gives channel operator status to Chisholm
  497. <+Woxan> nigga
  498. <~Dead_Pool> Chisholm, GF is quitting and gave his mod account away
  499. <~Dead_Pool> Tons of people are permabanned now
  500. <&Onishi> awwww
  501. <&Devon_Donaldson> ban all country presidents
  502. <&Onishi> I can't add porn to his articles
  503. <+Woxan> Onishi
  504. <+Woxan> http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/1224939
  505. <+Woxan> ban plz
  506. <~Dead_Pool> Onishi, Jewitt
  507. <~Dead_Pool> Is the link
  508. <&Onishi> doing it
  510. <@Chisholm> Shit, he did it?
  511. <@Chisholm> That was him I'm reading about?
  512. <~Dead_Pool> He quit yeah
  513. <~Dead_Pool> But he gave away his mod account
  514. <@Chisholm> What happened to his big plan taking place on a friday night, and having 2 days of madness
  515. <~Dead_Pool> So now everyone is getting banned
  516. <@Chisholm> Goddamn if GF
  517. <+Woxan> and JP has my acct
  518. <+Woxan> ^^
  519. <~Dead_Pool> Yeah
  520. <&Onishi> check now, Woxan
  521. <~Dead_Pool> Woxan gave me his account ^_^
  522. <+Woxan> most excellent
  523. <&Onishi> his newspaper too
  524. <+Woxan> wait hes not banned
  525. <+Woxan> oh
  526. <+Woxan> nice
  527. <~Dead_Pool> I'm about to piss myself
  528. <+Woxan> or something along the lines
  529. <+Woxan> will do
  530. ---» Guest5861 (GF@Rizon-F3F76A69.rizonbnc.eu.rizon.net) has Joined #lolchan
  531. <Guest5861> g
  532. <@Chisholm> ;_;
  533. <@Chisholm> What happened to the friday night plan
  534. <~Dead_Pool> Guest5861, what happened?
  535. <Guest5861> Guys
  536. <Guest5861> stop
  537. <~Dead_Pool> >Stop guys
  538. <~Dead_Pool> ?
  539. <+Woxan> who is guest 5861
  540. <~Dead_Pool> gF
  541. <Guest5861> GF
  542. <+Woxan> oh its gf
  543. <~Dead_Pool> GF*
  544. <&Onishi> Is it?
  545. »» Guest5861 is now known as GF
  546. <~Dead_Pool> Yes
  547. »» fapfire gives channel operator status to GF
  548. <~Dead_Pool> He joined #sees
  549. «--- GF (GF@A.Streetkid.Named.Desire) has Left #lolchan
  550. ---» GF (GF@A.Streetkid.Named.Desire) has Joined #lolchan
  551. <&fapfire> [GF] I did not commit any murder, and no one in Spider County really believes I did. I am gonna be tried for reading minds, and walking on moonlit meadows, and for being a thing that goes bump in the night.
  552. »» fapfire gives channel operator status to GF
  553. <&Onishi> there we go
  554. <&Onishi> why are we stopping GF
  555. <&Onishi> I'm getting on a roll here
  556. <@GF> Trolls remorse
  557. <&Onishi> don't be a faggot
  558. <~Dead_Pool> Little late for that >.>
  559. <@Wallingbottom> of course GF would have it
  560. <~Dead_Pool> http://www.erepublik.com/en/newspaper/disregard-i-suck-cocks-180938/1
  561. <~Dead_Pool> Also GF
  562. <+Woxan> Cerber is still unbanned fgts
  563. <@Chisholm> hahahahhah
  564. <@Chisholm> :\
  565. <@Chisholm> Ceeerrrrbbbbeeeerrrrr
  566. <&Onishi> Woxan
  567. <+Woxan> Onishi
  568. <&Onishi> give me a polack joke
  569. <+Woxan> HEIL HITLER
  570. <&Onishi> YES
  571. <+Woxan> fuck if I know
  572. <&Devon_Donaldson> eRepublik team sucks
  573. <&Devon_Donaldson> we are still able to ban people
  574. <~Dead_Pool> Yeah
  575. <~Dead_Pool> There's probably one on now
  576. <~Dead_Pool> Compared to the weekends of none
  577. <~Dead_Pool> Belea is going to blow her shit
  578. <~Dead_Pool> Oh God I should be in eSupport
  579. <&Devon_Donaldson> which is the normal eRepublik public chan?
  580. <&Onishi> Woxan
  581. <&Onishi> look now
  582. <+Woxan> LOL
  583. <+Woxan> o/
  584. <@Chisholm> Look where
  585. <+Woxan> can you edit articles?
  586. <+Woxan> if so
  587. <&Onishi> no
  588. <+Woxan> put a swastika
  589. <+Woxan> damn
  590. <@Chisholm> Wait, Onishi are you editing people things?
  591. <+Woxan> one last MAJOR REQUEST
  592. <&Onishi> I was going to add porn to GLaDOS's
  593. <+Woxan> ban gaius
  594. <&Onishi> but I can't
  595. <@Chisholm> I had to be afk when it went down
  596. <@Chisholm> I'm like JP for gods sake
  597. <+Gates_Schellinger> and me
  598. <+Gates_Schellinger> ;-;
  599. ---» Tom_McDougal (~chatzilla@Rizon-3FA84105.nyc.res.rr.com) has Joined #lolchan
  600. <+Gates_Schellinger> Tom_McDougal
  601. <+Woxan> ban GJ
  602. <&Onishi> Woxan
  603. <~Dead_Pool> I know Chis
  604. <&Onishi> give me a good newspaper name for him
  605. <+Woxan> Onishi
  606. <~Dead_Pool> I was online luckily ^_^
  607. <+Woxan> hmm
  608. <~Dead_Pool> For Gaius?
  609. <&Onishi> ya
  610. <~Dead_Pool> Something with EDEN, anal, and licking
  611. »» fapfire sets mode +a #lolchan Tom_McDougal
  612. »» fapfire gives channel operator status to Tom_McDougal
  613. <&Tom_McDougal> yes?
  614. ---» Chisholm|derp (Chisholm@Rizon-AC2C0CCD.lightspeed.livnmi.sbcglobal.net) has Joined #lolchan
  615. »» fapfire sets ban on *!*@Rizon-AC2C0CCD.lightspeed.livnmi.sbcglobal.net
  616. »» fapfire has kicked Chisholm|derp from #lolchan (You are not permitted to be on this channel.)
  617. <+Woxan> I SUCK EDEN COCK
  618. <+Woxan> or something
  619. <+Woxan> idk
  620. <~Dead_Pool> EDEN MAKES ME MOIST
  621. <+Woxan> CRISTA22 IS A GYPSY WHORE
  622. <&Onishi> done Woxan
  623. <+Woxan> ^
  624. <+Woxan> ^
  625. <+Woxan> ^
  626. <+Woxan> ^
  627. <&Onishi> OH SHIT
  628. <&Tom_McDougal> wait
  629. <&Onishi> Done
  630. <&Tom_McDougal>  we have GJ's account ?
  631. «--- Chisholm (Chisholm@shit.im.awesome) has Quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Chisholm|derp)))
  632. ---» Chisholm (Chisholm@shit.im.awesome) has Joined #lolchan
  633. <&fapfire> [Chisholm] Blacks
  634. »» fapfire gives channel operator status to Chisholm
  635. <&Onishi> Tom_McDougal, take a look at Cerber, GLaDOS, and GJ
  636. <&Tom_McDougal> lol
  637. <&Devon_Donaldson> ban the President of Servia
  638. <&Devon_Donaldson> also ban tehir Congress
  639. <&Devon_Donaldson> their*
  640. <+Woxan> and HEIL KOSOVO
  641. <~Dead_Pool> Servian pres is banned
  642. <&Onishi> what's his name
  643. <&Devon_Donaldson> how about the Hungarian President
  644. <&Devon_Donaldson> yeah he's banned too
  645. <&Devon_Donaldson> did we get the Russian one?
  646. <~Dead_Pool> desert hamster
  647. <~Dead_Pool> zlatanaleksic
  648. <+Woxan> ban br
  649. <~Dead_Pool> Nick Slaughter
  650. <~Dead_Pool> Jelena Lukic
  651. <~Dead_Pool> Sever4ever
  652. <&Onishi> brb changing Joe DeSmoe's newspaper name to "I LOVE TAXES"
  653. <~Dead_Pool> Ljudislav II
  654. <@Chisholm> If I may
  655. <&Tom_McDougal> i cant believe they havent stopped us yet
  656. <@Chisholm> Who has it
  657. <~Dead_Pool> This is Servia's kongress btw
  658. <&Devon_Donaldson> ban tankovic alexa Onishi
  659. <~Dead_Pool> Onishi, you going to ban all 40 servian kongressman or should I stop?
  660. <@Chisholm> Is Onishi the only one here who has it?
  661. <~Dead_Pool> Yeah
  662. <~Dead_Pool> He had tor
  663. <@Chisholm> Ah
  664. <@Chisholm> oh
  665. <@Chisholm> Sounds useful
  666. <&Onishi>  that is made of iron and awesome
  667. <@Chisholm> I've got tor but it runs like shit
  668. <&Onishi> Deadpool
  669. <&Onishi> who is the servial president
  670. <&Onishi> servian*
  671. <+Woxan> he's banned
  672. <+Woxan> ban the CBO
  673. <@Chisholm> If you're getting generic fags, Inwegen is still out there
  674. <~Dead_Pool> Onishi, do you want Servian kongress?
  675. <&Onishi> I want to change his newspaper name
  676. <~Dead_Pool> Oh
  677. <&Onishi> NOW TELL ME
  678. <+Woxan> http://www.erepublik.com/en/organization/1384821
  679. <~Dead_Pool> Krikan
  680. <&Onishi> I'm not banning the CBO
  681. <&Onishi> fags
  682. <&Devon_Donaldson> president of Turkey: stankovic alexa
  683. <&Tom_McDougal> lol
  684. <+Woxan> ban the president of canada
  685. <+Woxan> http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/1293277
  686. <+Woxan> I LOVE MAPLE SYRUP
  687. <@Chisholm> How does everyone know it was GF
  688. <&Onishi> check Krikan's account
  689. <+Woxan> http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/1293277
  690. <+Woxan> presdient of canada
  691. <&Devon_Donaldson> Chisholm he made a forum post with his mod account info
  692. <&Devon_Donaldson> now everyone is getting banned
  693. <@Chisholm> Oh, I thought it was IRC
  694. <@Chisholm> I assume the post was taken down?
  695. <&Onishi> I copied and pasted
  696. <+Woxan> http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/1405466
  697. <+Woxan> http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/1405466
  698. <+Woxan> http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/1405466
  699. <+Woxan> http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/1405466
  700. <+Woxan> Crista22
  701. <+Woxan> I'M A GYPSY WHORE
  702. <@Chisholm> Oh shit, Romanians
  703. <+Woxan> are the admins still awol
  704. <&Tom_McDougal> looks that way
  705. <&Onishi> they're out of the office
  706. <~Dead_Pool> I feel like I should join #esupport
  707. <@Chisholm> So when they come in tomorrow morning, all reverted :\
  708. <~Dead_Pool> But I don't know the password :|
  709. <@Chisholm> Should've done the whole weekend plan thing, so you've got two full days of madness
  710. <+Woxan> is crista22 banned yet
  711. <&Onishi> yeah
  712. <~Dead_Pool> Chisholm, with this level, they might have to set the server back to yesterday
  713. <@Chisholm> oh shi-
  714. <+Woxan> did you change the paper?
  715. <&Onishi> p much
  716. <@Chisholm> By chance
  717. <&Onishi> just did
  718. <@Chisholm> Can you get passwords
  719. <~Dead_Pool> But knowing them, they will just be like fuck it and make the senior mods revert it all back
  720. <~Dead_Pool> No Chis
  721. <@Chisholm> Fuck
  722. <~Dead_Pool> You can only ban for articles, shouts, and comments
  723. <&Onishi> I hope dish has to do something
  724. <@Chisholm> password to a russian bank would be delicious
  725. <&Onishi> You all should thank me
  726. <@Chisholm> We are very thankful
  727. <&Onishi> thank me for copying and pasting that shit and also, doing this
  728. <&Tom_McDougal> thanks fgt
  730. <@Chisholm> We'd be even more thankful though if you gave it to fags who don't care about getting banned, and then systematically banning everyone in Serbia
  731. <@Chisholm> or Russia
  732. <&Tom_McDougal> its still up on the congress board btw
  733. <@Wallingbottom> tollan is undoubtable
  734. <@Chisholm> Tom, link?
  735. <@Chisholm> I'm not going to start doing it, because tor is too slow
  736. <&Onishi> I'm not going to ban all of servia
  737. <@Chisholm> But I want to see the post
  738. <&Onishi> they'd be back in a day
  739. <&Onishi> <&Onishi> Here are the usernames and passwords required for the Game Moderators:
  740. <&Onishi> <&Onishi> Admin Panel: http://www.erepublik.com/admin.php/ (2 levels of protection)
  741. <&Onishi> <&Onishi> * User: userAccess
  742. <&Onishi> <&Onishi> * Password: GRigo#56@KL22
  743. <&Onishi> <&Onishi> * User: henry.fox.adm.281
  744. <&Onishi> <&Onishi> * Password: gW0FHfXirszQ0BFbXrpK
  745. <&Onishi> <&Onishi> Tickets Panel: http://tickets.erepublik.com/staff/index.php (1 level of protection)
  746. <&Onishi> <&Onishi> * User: henry.fox.ts.281
  747. <&Onishi> <&Onishi> * Password: gW0FHfXirszQ0BFbXrpK
  748. <&Devon_Donaldson> ban all country presidents
  749. <&Tom_McDougal> HR was like GF has every right to do this
  750. <&Onishi> and then some baww bullshit about quitting
  751. <&Tom_McDougal> within seconds he was banned
  752. <@Chisholm> hahahha
  753. <+Woxan> ban shoot
  754. <&Onishi> HR was the first I banned
  755. <@Chisholm> Good
  756. <@Chisholm> Get Newton and Inwegen
  757. <&Onishi> then I banned everyone and changed their newspaper names
  758. <&Tom_McDougal> this almost makes up for the fact that
  759. <@Chisholm> The other two parts of the snake team
  760. <&Devon_Donaldson> Chisholm newton is already banned
  761. <@Chisholm> Inwegen?
  762. <&Tom_McDougal> adien is going to be the next potus
  763. <@Chisholm> You know, I imagine Max would want to have a field day with this
  764. <+Woxan> we cant release articles?
  765. <&Tom_McDougal> yea too bad he is MIA
  766. <@Chisholm> What congress board is it on
  767. <+Woxan> ban wonder forward
  768. <&Onishi> good one
  769. <&Tom_McDougal> http://eusforum.com/index.php/topic,25813.0.html
  770. <&Tom_McDougal>  not sure if you have access
  771. <@Chisholm> Oh, the op was edited ou
  772. <&Devon_Donaldson> it's the public congress
  773. <&Devon_Donaldson> yeah it's over now
  774. <@Chisholm> So when does the fun stop and we start mourning GF
  775. <@rainysunday> http://www.erepublik.com/en/list/online_users/Serbia/all/1
  776. <@Chisholm> Whether he quits or not. Seeing as how last time he threw his passwords away he came right back
  777. <&Onishi> I'm all funned out
  778. <@Chisholm> Oh shit, you should've banned all major tanks in pheonix
  779. <@Chisholm> then had choc attack LK
  780. <@Chisholm> :3
  781. <&Onishi> I did
  782. <&Tom_McDougal> me too
  783. <&Onishi> now I'm going to log out and laugh for a bit
  784. <&Tom_McDougal> =(
  785. <&Onishi> because, with GF's help, I've trolled everyone in the eworld
  786. <&Onishi> and it feels fucking great
  787. <+Woxan> JP
  788. <+Woxan> you have tor
  789. <&Onishi> <@MylesRobinson> ADMIN HAS BEEN TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED
  790. <&Onishi> trollface.jpg
  791. <@rainysunday> http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/2  hurry
  792. <@Chisholm>  #erepbeta is talking up a storm with it
  793. <@Chisholm> have you banned alexis yet?
  794. <~Dead_Pool> I don't Woxan
  795. <~Dead_Pool> Otherwise half the world would be banned :3
  796. <+Woxan> oh god
  797. <+Woxan> BAN DIO
  798. <&Onishi> GF, did you ban admin?
  799. <+Woxan> BAN DIO BRANDO
  800. <&Onishi> No
  801. <&Onishi> I... I can't
  802. <&Tom_McDougal> no
  803. <&Onishi> IT'S NOT RIGHT
  804. <@rainysunday> Nooooo
  805. <@Chisholm> NO DONT DO IT
  806. <+Woxan> or barker
  807. <&Tom_McDougal> did we do Alee ?
  808. <&Devon_Donaldson> Dan Wang is banned in game and on the forums?
  809. <@Chisholm> Barker yes, but he probably doesn't even log in anymore
  810. <@Chisholm> Yes DD
  811. <@Chisholm> That's why it's so great
  812. <~Dead_Pool> Chisholm, he does
  813. <~Dead_Pool> I see him fight
  814. <&Tom_McDougal> DD he is on sucide watch irl now
  815. <&Tom_McDougal> suicide *
  816. <@Chisholm> Oh God Cerber has a point
  817. <+Woxan> Onishi
  818. <@Chisholm> Change the erepublik EI newspaper
  819. <&Onishi> My ego is struggling so hard
  820. <+Woxan> thank you for banning my enemies
  821. <&Tom_McDougal> rofl
  822. <&Onishi> I want everyone to love me
  823. <&Onishi> but I also, really don't want to get banned
  824. <&Onishi> np Woxan
  825. <&Tom_McDougal> quit now
  826. <&Tom_McDougal> imo
  827. <+Woxan> "http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/1356
  828. <+Woxan> yeah onishi
  829. <+Woxan> ride GF's quit
  830. <+Woxan> quitting eRep was my best decision ever
  831. <&Tom_McDougal> i only do this when i have nothing better to do with my time
  832. <&Tom_McDougal>  im a pretty big loser tbh
  833. <+Woxan> LONGBAUGH
  834. <&Tom_McDougal> lol
  835. <&Onishi> Meh
  836. <+Woxan> http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/1360071
  837. <&Onishi> I'm not quitting, but I guess I'll lol about it
  838. <+Woxan> psh I'll take the credit :3
  839. <&Onishi> =(
  840. <+Woxan> i understand your position though
  841. <+Woxan> it blows p hard
  842. <+Woxan> take the credit and get raped acct wise
  843. <+Woxan> or be silent
  844. <+Woxan> someone banned dio guys
  845. <&Onishi> ;_______;
  846. <@Chisholm> :O
  847. <&Onishi> Also, go ahead and take the credit, Woxan
  848. <@Chisholm> Someone else it out there then
  849. <+Woxan> what about gobba
  850. <&Onishi> hitmen don't flounce around in the open
  851. <@Chisholm> uhhh
  852. <@Chisholm> I just got tor working...
  853. <+Woxan> GET CHIS THE INFO
  854. <@Chisholm> Continue?...y/n
  855. <+Woxan> yyyyyyyyyy
  856. <@Chisholm> uhh
  857. <@Chisholm> how the fuck does this work Onishi
  858. <~Dead_Pool> http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/hai1-1439524/1/20
  859. <&Tom_McDougal> n
  860. <~Dead_Pool> Someone figured it out
  861. <&Tom_McDougal>  dont continue
  862. <@Chisholm> oh shit
  863. <&Tom_McDougal>  GF wanted us to stop "Stop now guys."
  864. <&Tom_McDougal>  actual GF quote
  865. <&Onishi> June the 30th is now GF Day
  866. <&Tom_McDougal> dear lord
  867. <@Wallingbottom> [22:40] <Dead_Pool> http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/hai1-1439524/1/20  : too great
  868. <&Tom_McDougal> 2 girls 1 cup
  869. <&Tom_McDougal>  erepublik insider
  870. <@Wallingbottom> ^
  871. <&Tom_McDougal> too awesome
  872. <~Dead_Pool> Blazix hacked it
  873. <&Tom_McDougal>  too fucking awesome
  874. <~Dead_Pool> Go figure
  875. <+Woxan> wait
  876. <+Woxan> thats the erep insider?
  877. <~Dead_Pool> Yes
  878. <~Dead_Pool> Blazix hacked it
  879. <+Woxan> LOLOLOLOL
  880. <@Wallingbottom> please 2 girls 1 cup it
  881. <&Tom_McDougal> rofl
  882. <@Chisholm> hahahhaha
  883. <+Woxan> can he add votes?
  884. <~Dead_Pool> Wait no
  885. <@Chisholm> Oh shit I banned someone :=X
  886. <~Dead_Pool> He transferred teh paper
  887. <+Woxan> ban gobba
  888. <@Chisholm> Gobbas newspaper -> HEIL HITLER
  889. <@Chisholm> y/y
  890. <&Onishi> <@Blazix> i created a multi
  891. <&Onishi> <@Blazix> and transferred the newspaper
  892. <+Woxan> y
  893. <&Devon_Donaldson> whoever banned Dio Brando
  894. <&Devon_Donaldson> FUCK YOU
  895. <@Chisholm> holy shit Blazix
  896. <~Dead_Pool> Yeah
  897. <~Dead_Pool> I just figured it out
  898. <@Wallingbottom> This keep getting better
  899. <@Wallingbottom> keeps*
  900. <@Chisholm> He did tell us to stop though...
  901. <&Tom_McDougal> he did but
  902. <&Tom_McDougal> he also quit
  903. <&Onishi> http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/we-are-working-on-the-issue--1439531/1/20#comments
  904. <@Wallingbottom> [22:45] <SVVforPotus> who is banning people, and how much gold would it take for him to ban someone for me?
  905. <&Onishi> HAHAHAHAHAHAH
  906. <&Tom_McDougal> ROFL
  907. <&Onishi> Wallinbottom
  908. <&Tom_McDougal>  i lol'd
  909. <&Onishi> make him pay us
  910. <&Tom_McDougal>  so hard
  911. <@Wallingbottom> lol
  912. <@Chisholm> Yes please
  913. <~Dead_Pool> lol
  914. <~Dead_Pool> THis should be on /v/
  915. <~Dead_Pool> Someone go
  916. <@Chisholm> Then better yet, don't ban them once he pays
  917. <&Tom_McDougal> no joke
  918. <&Tom_McDougal> alright i have a request
  919. <&Tom_McDougal> can we do claire littleton ?
  920. <&Onishi> Dead_Pool, you do it
  921. <&Tom_McDougal> http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/1321964
  922. <+Woxan> http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/russia-i-m-let-you-finish-1439534/1/20
  923. »» You are now known as GF3
  924. <+Woxan> ban 1ronman
  925. <+Woxan> that guy is retarded
  926. »» Woxan is now known as GF4
  927. <@Chisholm> Firefox crashed
  928. <@Chisholm> and I'm not logging back into the mod thing
  929. <@Chisholm> so none else
  930. <+GF4> do a HEIL WOXAN
  931. <+GF4> or something
  932. <+GF4> HEIL SEES
  933. <+GF4> or
  934. <+GF4> HEIL HITLER
  935. <+GF4> Dead_Pool
  936. <+GF4> you still got that map I gave ya
  937. <@Chisholm> heil SEES would be so beautiful
  938. <~Dead_Pool> What map?
  939. <+GF4> Kosovo is all of Servia
  940. <@Chisholm> Guys, what's the worst possible ramifications from this though
  941. <~Dead_Pool> Yeah
  942. <&GF3> Who fucking cares?
  943. <+GF4> post it on an erep insider
  944. <+GF4> fuck it
  945. <+GF4> dude
  946. <&Tom_McDougal> worst ?
  947. <+GF4> erep died today
  948. <@Chisholm> Because if somehow it got legal, then we'd be hurting GF more than any of us...
  949. <&Tom_McDougal>  perma ban for you onishi blazix and GF
  950. <~Dead_Pool> http://i46.tinypic.com/23sapus.jpg
  951. <&GF3> Tom_McDougal, they don't know who we are
  952. <+GF4> just say we hacked gf
  953. <&GF3> they don't know me
  954. <&GF3> they can't
  955. <+GF4> someone banned me
  956. <&GF3> I'm behind like 20 proxies
  957. <+GF4> fuckers
  958. <&Tom_McDougal> rofl
  959. <&GF3> That's not a joke either
  960. <+GF4> unban me onishi
  961. »» Dead_Pool is now known as GF8
  962. <@Wallingbottom> lol
  963. <&Tom_McDougal> chisholm is right
  964. <@Chisholm> I was just using Tor
  965. <@Chisholm> Hopefully they can't breach that
  966. »» Devon_Donaldson is now known as GF11
  967. <+GF4> Unban me
  968. <+GF4> tia
  969. <&GF3> Honestly, at worst, we lol@erep and chill in #sees for forever
  970. <&GF3> because I'm not quitting IRC for anything
  971. »» Tom_McDougal is now known as GFjr
  972. <&GFjr> p much
  973. <&GFjr> choc is on
  974. »» Chisholm is now known as GF16
  975. <+GF4> am I unbanned yet
  976. »» Wallingbottom is now known as GF22
  977. <@GF16> Who are you :|
  978. <+GF4> Onishi
  979. <+GF4> unban me
  980. <+GF4> Woxan
  981. <~GF8> We can't unban anyone
  982. <@GF16> You're banned in game?
  983. <@GF16> Yeah
  984. <@GF16> Unban is higher mod..
  985. <~GF8> ^
  986. <@GF22> :|
  987. <+GF4> fuck
  988. <+GF4> oh well
  989. <@GF16> Wait
  990. <@GF16> Who are you banned with?
  991. <&GF3> Guys
  992. <&GF3> we've just made erepublik history
  993. <&GFjr> p much
  994. <&GF11> GF 22 4 and 16
  995. <&GFjr> i take no credit
  996. <&GF11> also GF 3
  997. <&GFjr> gj guys
  998. <+GF4> op me in sees
  999. «--- GF16 (Chisholm@shit.im.awesome) has Quit (Connection closed)
  1000. »» Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).
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