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Celestia Gets a Milking

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Oct 20th, 2018
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  1. >slosh slosh slosh
  2. >You recognize that noise.
  3. >It's the sound of the jiggling of Mom's breasts, her engorged pus-filled tits sloshing along, full of blood and god-knows what
  4. >Every day you try to tell her it's not milk, that she can't be lactating because she's not pregnant
  5. >She doesn't believe you, even though her "milk" is thin and yellow-green.
  6. >Sometimes you see blood and small clots of flesh leaking out
  7. >She has to wear stickers over her nipples to keep it all in, her breasts literal water balloons of infection
  8. >"Hey, 'Nonny-bear. Ready to drink some of mama's milk?"
  10. "Mom, please. You know it's not milk. It's never been milk. The last time you lactated I was a toddler. I'm not going to drink your rancid tit-pus again."
  11. >Her eyes narrow at your response, a glare playing across her face.
  12. >"How dare you? You're going to drink my milk right now, Anon Y'mous Celestial-Skies. I can't believe you have the gall to talk back to your mother like that."
  13. >She carefully peels off the nipple stickers, revealing her red, swollen tits to you
  14. >Her nipples are cracked and bleeding, and you can see a sweaty rash on the underside of her boob
  15. >Blood slowly trickles out of her nipple
  16. >A clump falls out
  17. >You begin to sweat
  19. >You sigh, resigning yourself to your fate.
  20. >Kneeling down so your face is equal to her chest, you begin to suckle
  21. >Her sensitive nipples are engorged even further by your swirling tongue
  22. >She lets out a quiet moan and rubs her clit, occasionally bucking into you
  23. >Her 'milk' empties into your mouth, tasting of anchovie paste, bile, and blood.
  24. >You gag, the taste of vomit thick in your mouth from both ends
  25. >Your mother attempts to palm your dick, but nothing can get you hard right now
  26. >You feel like you're drinking liquid shit, and it tastes like you are, too.
  27. >If you hadn't been drinking death in a liquid form you'd be able to taste your own shame and disgust.
  28. >Your mother lets out a screaming moan, her orgasm hitting her like a train.
  29. >She reaches up to squeeze her breast, and another clump falls into your mouth, along with a thicker stream of pus and blood.
  30. >"You like that, baby?"
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