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  1. Creator
  2. - choose a server location. Done! Channel created
  3. -owner of the text channel (room) can change game modes/maximum number of players/the room's state: hidden or not
  4. -The room name should be a number/ID so people can find the hidden room by inputting the roomID
  5. -The room name also have some texts/icons to display game mode/server location/..
  6. -A voice channel will be created along with the room
  7. -if the room is full, it will be hidden from room list
  8. -------------------------------
  9. Joiner
  10. -there will be a filter for joiner to hide the rooms ( server location/gamemode)
  11. -Give them something to search the roomID
  12. -when they are inside the room, they will be able to see the room's voice channel
  13. ============================
  14. for both Joiner/Creator
  15. -Some command/... To help them easily exit
  16. -special role for that room will be created for ez Pinging
  17. .... ( dunno, i will add later)
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