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  1. <Devinci_J> Devinci wasn’t sure what to think as eyes shifted from another outsider to those of the pack. Finding slight amusement in the commentary of the two; before her attention drifts to the male who was now apologizing. She is still drawn back from the group, lingering a bit off and not fully enveloped in the conversation when she chooses to finally break her silence, “I seem to have perfect timing -c-
  2. <Devinci_J> when it comes to running into others.” -
  3. <Sybil> "We'll let it slide, Duch." - She muttered now, eyes beginnign to focus on yet another wolf that decided to enter the border, she snorted.- "And who might you be?"
  4. <Devinci_J> She continues to watch the scene unfold, listening to the commentary ‘Duch’ would make, as she looks back to the leader. “Devinci.” Her demeanor calm though she doesn’t allow herself to be too comfortable after the curiosity of whatever Duch had done to get him into his situation. -
  5. <Duch_J> HE kept his placement, settling down into the snow as Nax let him go. Taking a look at Sybil, he stated once more his offer.- "I stand by what I say, if it need be in your eye, lass."-
  6. <Sybil> "Naxos will keep an eye on you, from what I've heard Akeza has spoken to you prior. You'll do just fine in making yourself acquainted with the other wolves now." -She mumbled incoherently, dark eyes narrowing as she dismissed the wolf and moved on to the next.- "And you're here for?"
  7. <Devinci_J> “Not here to dig around your shit, that’s a fact.” Eyes glancing over at Duch once more before she’s intent and focused on the female before her. “Refuge. Learn something new, such as commitment. To get a life. Finally.” Drawing out on her words slightly as her attention drifts briefly on the male she can assume as Naxos. “The point is, I’m keen on joining your home.”-
  8. <Naxos> -Naxos strayed from Nassor after Devinci, sniffing their calves and their paws with no respect for their personal space. He was medium sized but clearly designed for killing. It didn't take much smarts to recognize his body structure. Leaving Sybil alone while two outsiders roam her flank made the sociopathic wolfdog nervous. Squarely writes a circle around the three with intentions unclear. Serve
  9. <Naxos> and protect. Weed out the dangers. Nassor's mate was his upmost primacy at this time. Watch her six. As Nassor did with Akeza in his absence.-
  10. <Naxos> -Four inch fangs fish his chin as they bare in Duch's direction. He was capable of handle many situations diversely but attentively. His pet. Naxos didn't give a damn, but if Duch wanted to be his little servant, how could he shut that door? The dog-like beast snorted. Long, skeletal snout contrasting against the other wolves' relatively short and stout snouts. Naxos stuck out with his domesticate
  11. <Naxos> d canine genes and just passing an eye over him reinstated those characteristics.-
  12. <Naxos> handling*
  13. <Nassor> Narrowed eyes peeked through the undergrowth as the male wolf returned from his absence. He did not alert those of his presence but rather observed; a normal feat for the council member. He noticed two strangers, unrecognizable by their scents and appearance. It made the lip of the male twitch with unease but he knew better than to act without analyzing.-
  14. <Devinci_J> There’s a sense of unsettlement as she watches the male moves towards her, as her personal space is invaded and she’s poked and prodded with curiosity and out of a sense of security. Head turning to twist at him, not getting too comfortable with him around her. Not wanting to be vulnerable in any way. Naxos contrasts to that of her own image, making her curious to know what he was, but she-c-
  15. <Devinci_J> shakes the thought as she finally diverts her attention elsewhere once again. Bitter wind against her face tempted her to wince as it played with the exposed bits of flesh.-
  16. <Sybil> "Is that so?" -She mumbled now, her eyes looking the female up and down as she spoke of a place within the pack. Perhaps they could make room for another, obviously one who was worthy enough.- "Perhaps, but what makes you worthy?"
  17. <Devinci_J> There’s a faintness of confidence that lurks in her face, as she watches eyes been drawn on her. “Me rambling about myself and my worth? What a good way to boost my ego, but in no way does it prove anything. Worth is an opinion” Eyes wandering to Naxos as she watched him and his slightly degrading actions. Amused and only further curious. “But if you prefer I sell myself. By all means, I will.”-
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