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Elektron - The only modding tool you will need - 50$

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  1. Elektron
  2. The only tool you need. The ultimate all in one tool.
  3. Price: 50$(USD) This price will be going for a limited time only. Everything will be moved to a subscription service soon, however anyone who purchases right now will be granted a lifetime license.
  4. Token purchases are final and non-refundable.
  6. This tool is currently in beta. Have any suggestions or want to report a bug? Please contact an administrator.
  7. All information is up to date with update V0.9.3
  9. ~Video Link: Coming soon~
  11. ~pictures of some of the tool~
  12. Taken while using update V0.9.1
  13. https://i.gyazo.com/29d6ed0dbb75c5e2280a6c7565309585.gif (tool layout)
  14. https://i.gyazo.com/a2e706f5294f2cf8d374a2c9a439ae75.gif (select any console configured in neighborhood)
  15. https://i.gyazo.com/ceedb87efe67dc022f902d7ed00a6baf.png (file explorer)
  16. https://i.gyazo.com/47098706224de4377ed5e5131236b4f2.png (launch.ini editor)
  17. https://i.gyazo.com/7fcb36d64c5a75fef54f1157027884f3.png (neighborhood manager)
  18. https://i.gyazo.com/a17122215da037a589ed1edeb3c3d072.gif (bo2 extras)
  19. https://i.gyazo.com/60bac44f4d7d8740e0472646bc97be54.png (bo3 stat editor)
  21. Administrators can be contacted at
  22. AIM:
  23. "SN.VicMensa"
  24. "SN.Virtuoso"
  26. Re-sellers can be contacted at (We are not responsible for tokens purchased anywhere other than what is listed here)
  27. AIM:
  28. "SN.VicMensa"
  29. "SN.Virtuoso"
  31. Anyone caught reselling purchased tokens without our permission will have the tokens disabled and the user banned from using the program.
  33. ~Quick rundown of features (detailed list below)~
  35. -File explorer (explore partitions, transfer files, and launch executables)
  36. -View system information (console name, local ip, console ID, cpu, kernel, base kernel, recovery, system time)
  37. -Module manager (select executables on your console to make quick launch buttons)
  38. -Memory manager (view and load modules into memory. You can load them from the console hard drive or your pc)
  39. -Dashlaunch editor (edit the launch.ini directly off your console and resave it, or you can edit one from your pc and send it to the console, as well as export the consoles)
  40. -Keyvault checker (can check many at the same time, drag and drop)
  41. -Neighborhood manager (add or remove consoles to neighborhood, set the default console, all things you can do to the console in neighborhood like reboot, screencap, etc)
  42. -Multiple themes to select for the program
  43. -Automatic updates
  44. -Supports 3 rpc types (XDRPC, XRPC, or JRPC2)
  45. -GTA account editor
  46. -Account editors for the following CODS (MW3, BO1, MW2, BO2, AW, BO3) These will include some of the main stats, complete unlocks, and some have more options than that
  47. -Extra onhost and off host mods for the following cods (MW3, BO2, AW, BO3) These can include god mode, no clip, force host, offhost uav, and many more
  48. -Launch buttons for games that have their own tab (easily select the folder of the game and you can then choose to launch any of the executables for that game directly in the games tab)
  49. -Connect to any of the consoles available in your neighborhood setup
  53. ~In depth mod list for supported games~
  55. -BO3 Stat editor
  56. *Edit most of the main multiplayer and zombie stats
  57. *Unlock all for multiplayer (this also unlocks dark matter, which is not possible to unlock legitly)
  59. -BO3 Extra onhost and off host
  60. *Client manager for clients when you are host (Can right click to activate god mode)
  61. *On host GT changer for selected clients
  62. *On host point manager for selected clients
  63. *Off host MP mods (Redboxes, show fps & host info, ADV UAV, small crosshairs, no sway)
  64. *off host ZM mods (Redboxes, show fps & host info, gun of left, unlimited clip size, modified gravity, send raw cbuf cmds)
  66. -AW stat editor
  67. *Modify most of the main stats
  68. *Unlock all
  69. *supply drop manager
  70. *Class editor (Set the name, set throwing knives for selected class, set tac insertations for selected class)
  71. *Division point modifier
  72. *Exo suit editor
  74. -AW on host & off host
  75. *Client manager (right click for god mode, no clip, ufo, freeze)
  76. *set gt of selected clients when host
  77. *pregame name editor (can also spoof the xuid and account id)
  78. *off host (chams, fov modifier, small crosshairs, blind eye off, redboxes, uav, adv uav, public cheater)
  79. *send custom cbuf cmds
  81. -BO2 Stat editor
  82. *most main stats for mp and zm
  83. *Unlock all for mp
  84. *probation bypass
  85. *Unlimited class items allowed
  87. -BO2 onhost and offhost
  88. *Client manager (god mode, freeze, infrared)
  89. *Set selected clients name
  90. *kick selected client
  91. *set selected clients camo
  92. *set selected clients points
  93. *lock selected clients start menu
  94. *Change map & gametype when host
  95. *several options for restarting
  96. *custom cbuf and sndsvr cmds
  98. -MW3 stat editor
  99. *Main stats to edit with included unlock all
  100. *Class editor (names, 15 classes, godmode/invisible classes, winter/marine camos)
  101. *set gold clan tag
  103. -MW3 onhost & offhost
  104. *client manager(god mode, no clip, max ammo, redboxes, third person, akimbo weapons, disable sprinting & jumping, freeze, lock menu, switch teams)
  105. *Set selected clients gt
  106. *kick selected client with custom message
  107. *custom cbuf & sndsvr cmds
  108. *modify pregame GT
  109. *Change gametype
  110. *Host XP lobby
  112. -BO1 stat editor
  113. *Edit most of the main stats for bo1
  114. *Cod point editor (includes how many to give so the client can unlock everything available to unlock)
  116. -MW2 stat editor
  117. *modify most main mw2 stats
  119. -GTAV account editor
  120. *Skip tutorial for selected character
  121. *unlock all for selected character
  122. *Reset selected character so you can edit it again
  123. *remove bad sport status and reports
  124. *Set cash
  125. *Set rank
  126. *K/D editor
  127. *Item editor
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