Dear Members of the Brown Community

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  1. Dear Members of the Brown Community,
  3.         We write to you regarding our organization’s judicial proceedings with Brown
  4. University surrounding the events of October 17, 2014. We hope to bring to light
  5. important and troubling inadequacies in the University’s treatment of our case and, by
  6. extension, the treatment of sexual assault on campus as a whole.
  8.         To date, the Brown University administration has suggested that we should not
  9. publicly release any details in order to be treated as cooperative. At this point, if our goal
  10. is to inform the restructuring of policies and related procedures on campus, we believe it
  11. is vitally important that anonymized evidence be made public. To emphasize the
  12. importance of this, we provide here several omitted facts of the case.
  14.         The reported positive GHB test, which was disclosed to the community on
  15. November 8th, was performed on the individual who also testified to being sexually
  16. assaulted that evening by an individual with no relation whatsoever to Phi Psi or any of
  17. its members. This test has since been determined as not indicative of any exogenous
  18. levels of GHB. GHB is a hormone that occurs naturally in the human body, and this test,
  19. secured by Brown, did not distinguish between endogenous (natural) levels of GHB and
  20. exogenous (artificial) levels. Two separate medical experts have examined this test and
  21. conclusively determined that in no way does it indicate ingestion of GHB.
  23.         The University also disclosed that the second individual was being tested and that
  24. the results would be shared with the community. This test was important because the two
  25. individuals reported having and sharing a single drink at our event – the drink that
  26. University officials assert contained GHB. The results of this test were never disclosed to
  27. the larger Brown community. In fact, that test, which analyzed a hair sample, was
  28. conclusively negative. In addition to these details, it is our understanding that the
  29. individual accused of sexual assault has been allowed to remain on campus by Brown.
  31.         Far removed from Brown’s stated mission of taking action towards the promotion
  32. of campus safety, the lack of transparency afforded to our case by University officials
  33. suggests a misguided prioritization of the public image of the University over the rights
  34. and safety of its members. This emphasis on external results over accountability has
  35. inflicted undue stress and trauma on those involved in the case and in our organization.
  37.         We feel hesitant to publicly release evidence that contradicts the University’s
  38. statements and narrative out of concern that we will be treated less justly in the future.
  39. Accordingly, we urge for members of the community to request that the University
  40. release anonymized versions of all of the evidence and documents associated with our
  41. hearing so as to allow for the proceedings to be evaluated and critiqued by our peers.
  43.         An open presentation of this case will allow for a more effective discussion of
  44. Brown’s existing policies on sexual violence and may provide critical insight as the
  45. University moves to restructure itself into a safer community for all of its members.
  47.         Sincerely,
  48.         The Brothers of Phi Kappa Psi
  49.         Rhode Island Alpha Chapter
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