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  4. 1. You get an amount of DISCIPLINES equal to your (ML / 10, rounding down) or the amount of CLASSES that provide ML, whichever is highest.
  6. 2. For each discipline you can assign THREE (3) keywords, tags, or themes.
  8. 3. Classes such as HIGH COMMANDER and SHEN FIST work a little bit different.
  9. 3a. HIGH COMMANDER grants +2 DISCIPLINES (This is to substitute the extra martial skills learnt)
  10. 3b. SHEN FIST grants +1 DISCIPLINE that has FOUR (4) Keywords, Tags, Themes instead of THREE (3). This discipline must be flavored around
  11. an animal. (This is to substitute the animal selection ability)
  13. 4. Each DISCIPLINE starts at RANK ONE (1). You can improve the rank by +1, by trading an entire discipline for it. This can be done up to RANK FOUR (4).
  14. 4a. Each increase rank is to signify dedication and specialization in that path. This is can be used as a gauge of how "deep" the character has
  15. delved into that area and roughly translates to 30/60/90/100% mastery. How that applies to the character is up to you. Maybe they know less skills
  16. in the area, maybe they know all the skills but aren't great at using them, maybe they only know the introductory and medium difficulty skills.
  17. The important thing is for you to tell us, make it a facet of the character, build upon it. You know, the good stuff.
  19. 5. Each time you increase a DISCIPLINE Rank, you may add a keyword to it. (3 > 4 > 5 > 6 usually)
  21. 6. Each Keyword, Tag, Theme is a snap shot of what that particular DISCIPLINE does well, or notably. It is not a limit on the ONLY things they can do,
  22. but rather a guide as to what they do best. What they are known for. Because of this, the more specific a keyword you use the more powerful the
  23. effects are, you can say "Defense" which covers a range of things, however when compared to "Physical Defense" it will be considered inferior
  24. protection as its abilities are implied to only touch on the physical spectrum vs dedication to that area. Likewise "Piercing Damage Defense" will
  25. provide even greater protection than "Physical Defense" but only against piercing damage. This carries over to pretty much any area you can
  26. think of.
  28. 6. Ideally you tie the discipline to your classes or combination of classes, racial choices, high skills etc. But this is just flavor and is not required.
  30. Examples include:
  32. DISCIPLINE: Javelin-Thrower 1 (Weapon-Thrower + Triathlete)
  33. KEYWORDS: Long Range, Armor-Piercing, High Damage
  35. DISCIPLINE: Guardian Angel 4
  36. KEYWORDS: Aggro, Magical defense, Physical defense, Retaliation, Undying, Low vitality
  38. DISCIPLINE: Enhancer 3
  39. KEYWORDS: Mobility Boosts, Ability Score Boosts, Damage Boosts, Defense Boosts, Speed Boosts.
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