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  1. Although there was a state-of-the-art studio at Neverland, “Days In Gloucestershire” was recorded in one of the ranch’s bungalows. Jackson began staying in the ranch’s bungalows with his children after his home, including his bedroom and private office, were raided by police on November 20, 2003 in relation to allegations of child molestation. After previously writing a song about being a “loser,” Jackson and Buxer began talking about things that made them happy and lifted their spirits when feeling down. Michael recalled that when he was in The Jackson Five he visited a beautiful place in England called Gloucestershire. According to Jackson, the time he spent there was still one of his fondest memories. And so, just like they did with “I am a Loser”, Jackson and Buxer turned life into art.
  3. During the song Jackson sings: “I wish that we’ll see Gloucestershire. I wish that we’ll see Gloucestershire, again,” but he is not singing that he misses the place. Rather, it’s an analogy for happy times. He is singing that he wishes he and his female companion would see happy times again.Buxer did the music and Jackson wrote the lyrics, then Brad left to go home for a few days. Prince stayed at the ranch with Jackson and went on to record all the King of Pop’s vocals in a makeshift studio right there in the bungalow’s bathroom – not an uncommon thing for Jackson.
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