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  1. Session Start: Sun Feb 08 14:24:13 2015
  2. Session Ident: #WDOnesie
  3. 15[14:24] * Now talking in #WDOnesie
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  13. 15[14:49] <@Scraggy> You've all been briefed on the situation. A household that was on the PRT's radar hasn't checked in for a full day. Three check-in times missed in a row. The family in question adopted a child descended from two former capes, the rest is classified. A possible third-generation trigger. The vans pull up to the ordinary-looking two-story house with blue shutters and a red door. Unfortunately, the usual PRT squaddies are busy with another situation, along with most of the heroes. Something to do with Heartbreaker's group. It's just one squad member with a foam-gun, and a handful of capes in case things go wrong. It's showtime. ||
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  17. [14:56] <Panda|Eve> ...
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  19. [14:59] <Panda|Eve> In the absence of any higher authorities, Eve decided that it would be prudent for someone to take charge. With Heartbreaker possibly being involved as she suspected, it wouldn't do to have the chain of command break down. "Gaia, see if you can get your Golem to scout the area? Meanwhile, I want the squad to fan out and prevent anything from getting past us.
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  21. [14:59] <Panda|Eve> Surge, you back up the Golem and Kengo back up the squad, just in case. I'll stay up high and provide air support. Questions?"
  22. [14:59] <Panda|Eve> ||
  23. [15:00] <tubes|Kengo> ...
  24. [15:01] <tubes|Kengo> Kengo looks around nervously. "Heartbreaker? They didn't say anything about Heartbreaker back at base. He doesn't use his power on men, right?"
  25. [15:01] <tubes|Kengo> ||
  26. [15:01] <Olivebirdy|Gaia> You are aware my golems can't report what they see, right?
  27. [15:01] <soulpelt|Surge> ...
  28. 15[15:01] * Scraggy sets mode: +b *!*
  29. 15[15:01] * Timer 1 activated
  30. 15[15:01] * Timer 1 halted
  31. 15[15:01] * Prothean was kicked by Scraggy (CUNT)
  32. [15:03] <Olivebirdy|Gaia> ||
  33. [15:03] <soulpelt|Surge> Surge moves his body to stand beside Kengo. "Do I need to hold back?" He always had a hard time doing that, he had been trying to get better, but progress was slow. He wishes he hadn't been sent out at all. He didn't like fighting.
  34. [15:03] <soulpelt|Surge> ||
  35. [15:07] <tubes|Kengo> "Uh, I think they said the family might still be inside?" ||
  36. [15:07] <Olivebirdy|Gaia> Keep behind my golems. ||
  37. [15:07] <Panda|Eve> Eve pondered for a second. "Let the Golem take any hits and back him up if necessary. I'd rather not risk you if possible." She turned to Gaia and Kengo. "Well everyone else is dealing with one of his factions, we can't deny the possibility of him being behind this as well. So we'll be as careful as we can be. If the Golem encounters something, Surge will be
  38. [15:08] <Panda|Eve> there as back up to deal with it if necessary."||
  39. [15:08] <soulpelt|Surge> ...
  40. [15:10] <soulpelt|Surge> Surge moves a mass of tendrils in a general 'nodding' motion. "I will do what I can. I can crush enemies, right?" He knows he can take just about any hit. "Uhhh.... Golem goes first right?" He had a bad feeling about this.||
  41. [15:12] <Olivebirdy|Gaia> Fluffy will absorb anyone in the house. We can deal with PR problems after the crises, Gaia states.
  42. [15:12] <Olivebirdy|Gaia> Watch what he captures, but stay safe.
  43. [15:12] <Olivebirdy|Gaia> ||
  44. 15[15:17] <@Scraggy> The PRT Foam Squaddie steps out of the van. "I'll defer to you guys on this one, but I'd prefer to be point. I have enough experience in clearing houses." ||
  45. [15:18] <Panda|Eve> ...
  46. [15:18] <Panda|Eve> Eve nods. "That works for me. Kengo, back him up?"||
  47. [15:18] <soulpelt|Surge> ...
  48. [15:20] <soulpelt|Surge> Surge waits for his orders, he liked to follow orders, they made his life easier. He looks around wondering if Heartbreaker would be connected to this. Surge didn't like Heartbreaker. "Do I still back up the Golem?"||
  49. [15:21] <tubes|Kengo> ...
  50. [15:23] <tubes|Kengo> "As long as i'm not in first," Kengo mutters. He lines up to breach behind the Squaddie. ||
  51. 15[15:24] <@Scraggy> The Squaddie nods at Kengo. "Will breach when ready. Waiting on your go, Eve." ||
  52. [15:26] <tubes|Kengo> "I'll use my power on the door. It'll be fragile enough to just walk through." ||
  53. 15[15:26] * Retrieving #WDOnesie modes...
  54. 15[15:27] * Scraggy sets mode: -b *!*
  55. [15:28] <Panda|Eve> Eve nods and fixes the plain white mask over her face, fully immersing herself in 'Event Horizon mode'. "Okay, spread out!" With that said, she hops on her hoverboard and flies up high so she can see behind the house that Surge and the Golem will be heading for.||
  56. [15:29] <soulpelt|Surge> ...
  57. [15:30] <soulpelt|Surge> Surge slithers his way to the house, beside the plant golem. He would have to fight it seems. Why couldn't everyone just be nice? He stopped at the door and waited for the signal to bust it open.||
  58. [15:33] <tubes|Kengo> Kengo concentrates for a moment. "Door's ready. Kick it in, I guess." ||
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  67. [15:41] <Gaia> ...
  68. 15[15:43] <@Scraggy> The Squaddie kicks in the front door, and it falls into pieces around his leg, like fallen glass. "LIVING ROOM CLEAR. STAIRS CLEAR." There's the normal clutter in the living room, noone at the stairs. The squaddie continues to move forward. "HALLWAY CLEAR." He starts to move towards the kitchen. ||
  69. [15:46] <Gaia> Having given the order to Fluffy to capture anyone without the right smell, Gaia feels kinda useless. (The right smell is from the pheremones of her plants back at the base. They know who is friendly, and enough plant material is able to stick to Eva and Surge and the squaddies that her golems can tell friend from foe.) She is walking around the ho
  70. [15:46] <Gaia> use, encouraging her kudzu to grow over windows and doors, hopefully sticking them shut.
  71. [15:47] <Gaia> ||
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  73. [15:55] <Panda|Eve> ...
  74. [15:57] <Panda|Eve> Event Horizon hovers slightly above the house, peering through the windows from a distance to see if she can spy anything within. Meanwhile she's keeping a peripheral on her teammates to make sure she isn't caught off guard.||
  75. [15:57] <soulpelt|Surge> ...
  76. [16:00] <soulpelt|Surge> Surge looks to the kitchen. "Uhh.... moving into the kitchen." He slithered down the small hallway into the kitchen, ready to spring into action. He looks around the kitchen, looking for anything and ready for attack.|
  77. 15[16:02] <@Scraggy> Surge feels a slight pinch, before ceasing to exist. The Golem also rushes in after him, before dissolving into a puddle of foam. ||
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  80. 15[16:05] <@Scraggy> ...
  81. 15[16:07] <@Scraggy> Most of the first story windows are now covered in shrubbery, and the Squaddie continues into the kitchen to see 3 bloody puddles (one much larger, brighter, and more wet than the other two), and one white one. At the end of the kitchen, there is a child in a purple onesie playing with a box of Cheerios. "Found the possible third-gen trigger. Surrounded by what look like bloody remains. DO NOT APPROACH." He readies his foam gun, while the child is banging the box on the floor. ||
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  84. [16:10] <tubes|Kengo> Kengo relays the information to HQ and Event Horizon. "Doesn't look like any hostiles. Looks to be a really lethal power, so stay back." He prepares a nearby wall for a dynamic exit, just in case. "No sign of interference from Heartbreaker either (thank god)." ||
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  88. [16:16] <Gaia> Gaia shivers, then goes to the closest window to the kitchen. She peeks through, and tosses the foam grenade at the kid, yelling to the trooper to get back.
  89. [16:17] <Gaia> ||
  90. [16:17] <Panda|Eve> ...
  91. [16:18] <Panda|Eve> "Holy fuck, pull b-" She spies Gaia's idiocy. "NO, DUMBASS!" She flies back until she's a full story above the house and several yards away.
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  94. [16:21] <Panda|Eve> "Goddamn it, pull back, now."||
  95. 15[16:22] <@Scraggy> Gaia gets the grenade out, but her hand was too close to the window. She pulls back a stump, and jumps back automatically, in horror. There's a small puddle on the ground, underneath the last place she had put her hand. The Squaddie is getting more nervous. "Should I foam it?! Christ, it's starting to move." The kid starts to crawl towards the squaddie, cooing. ||
  96. 15[16:22] <@Scraggy> -||
  97. 15[16:23] <@Scraggy> a grenade falls through the window, blinding the squaddie. The kid starts crying.
  98. [16:23] <Panda|Eve> ...
  99. [16:23] <Panda|Eve> "Get out of the house, now!"||
  100. [16:24] <Gaia> "Run!" Gaia cries,  moving waaaaay back.
  101. 15[16:24] <@Scraggy> The kid blindly beelines for the squaddie, who soon ceases to exist, unable to turn around and get out quickly enough. ||
  102. [16:24] <Gaia> ||
  104. 15[16:28] <@Scraggy> The grenade goes through the window, widely missing the child, instead bouncing underneath the table. The foam explodes outward, dooming the poor table and chairs to eternity stuck together. The child gurgles and starts moving towards the Squaddie. The Squaddie...
  105. 15[16:29] <@Scraggy> attempts to run, but trips and falls. He watches in horror as his body liquefies, his head going last as the child gets closer, mercifully ending his existence.
  106. 15[16:29] <@Scraggy> |
  107. 15[16:29] <@Scraggy> |
  108. [16:29] <Panda|Eve> ...
  109. [16:30] <Panda|Eve> "What the fuck is going on? Wait, fuck it. I'm going to get help!" Event Horizon flies away with all haste, staying well above the buildings below her, and does so without a shred of shame to her name. /Fuck that shit./||
  110. [16:33] <tubes|Kengo> Kengo pulls a kool-aid man and runs for the wall he previously weakend. "EH, get back here! Get me away from this shit!" He yells! ||
  111. 15[16:33] <@Scraggy> Eve flies away effortlessly, and Kengo easily flies through the wall. They both get away, leaving only Gaia.
  112. 15[16:34] <@Scraggy> Her stump is currently gushing blood, veins and arteries abruptly stopping in air. ||
  113. [16:35] <Panda|Eve> ...
  114. [16:36] <Panda|Eve> "Kengo, tell me what you saw? What happened?" Eve yells over the sound of the wind rushing past her.||
  115. 15[16:36] <@Scraggy> gushing sap* whatever plants have abruptly stopping. ||
  116. [16:41] <Gaia> "Fuck this", Gaia thinks. She steps far back, and starts growing a long pole.
  117. [16:42] <Gaia> The pole has hooks and bristles on the end.
  118. [16:42] <tubes|Kengo> "Fuck if I know? It vaporized the squaddie and Surge? Fucking puddles! On the ground! No way in hell i'm going back in there! Call Legend or someone, have him level the fucking house!" Kengo reaches the end of the block and stops running, for now. ||
  119. 15[16:43] <@Scraggy> (Power doesn't work that way Gaia)
  120. 15[16:44] <@Scraggy> The baby follows Kengo's path of destruction out of the house, and is now frolicking on the lawn. It looks Gaia's way before starting towards her. ||
  121. [16:45] <Panda|Eve> ...
  122. [16:47] <Panda|Eve> Eve slows to a near stop, several hundred yards away from the fucking house where half of her temporary squad died in less than a few minutes. "Okay, so they got vaporized? Did they get touched? Come on, Striker, Blaster, what? What are we dealing with? Can't let the civvies get hurt too."
  123. [16:47] <Panda|Eve> She felt guilt once she realized that by fleeing the scene, she could enable another Nilbog scenario and let a dangerous cape free.||
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  125. [16:49] <tubes|Kengo> Kengo is panicking, and not making a whole lot sense. "They're just fucking gone! Gaia is still in there! I don't fucking know! OH JESUS, it's on the lawn! It
  126. 15[16:50] * Gaia ( has joined #WDOnesie
  127. [16:50] <tubes|Kengo> It's outside, outside, ah fuck fuck fuck". ||
  128. 15[16:52] * soulpelt| is now known as soulpelt|afk
  129. [16:52] <Gaia> "Make the ground soft!"
  130. 15[16:54] <@Scraggy> Everyone besides Eve notices that the grass around the baby has liquefied. A whole circle of grass, just gone. As the child moves towards Gaia, she can see the grass dissolving as the baby gets closer and closer to her. ||
  131. [16:55] <Panda|Eve> ...
  132. [16:56] <Panda|Eve> "Shit. Alright, get Gaia and get away. I'm going to do strafing runs. Wish me luck." With that said, Eve rolled her eyes and swore that she was going to treat herself and make out with the PRT Captain if she made it out of this alive.
  133. [16:57] <Panda|Eve> She slung her grenade launcher off of her shoulder and made sure it was loaded with both vacuum and sandstorm rounds. Afterwards she waited patiently, still really fucking far away, until she got the all clear.||
  134. [16:58] <Gaia> Gaia runs away from the effect, runs into the house, and takes any foaming equipment from the PRT puddle, after testing it for acid. (Dropping a leaf in it.) Then, she stay far back from the baby, and attempts to foam it.
  135. [16:59] <Gaia> ||
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  138. 15[16:59] <@Scraggy> ((Running into the house would necessitate running towards the baby.))
  139. [17:00] <tubes|Kengo> Kengo is still freaking out at the end of the block, but the yard is in range. "The ground? Alright, shit, shit ,shit," Kengo mutters as he focuses on the ground below the baby, attempting to drop it's hardness to somewhere below talc. ||
  140. 15[17:02] <@Scraggy> Gaia somehow avoids the baby's effect, running around and getting into the house. She manages to get the foam equipment, as the baby crawls towards the door. The baby then suddenly drops into the earth, scrabbling around and crying as it falls into a sudden 6 foot hole. ||
  141. [17:05] <Gaia> Gaia stands way back, and fires foam into the hole.
  142. 15[17:07] <@Scraggy> The hole is sealed. ||
  143. [17:07] <Panda|Eve> "Guys? Is everything okay?" Eve waits anxiously, hovering high in the air.||
  144. [17:08] <Gaia> "Sure, but now what?"
  145. [17:08] <Gaia> !!!
  146. [17:09] <Gaia> ||
  147. [17:10] <tubes|Kengo> "It's sealed in the hole, from what I can tell. Gaia got it covered in foam. Can we get the fuck out of here now? None of us can go near it." Kengo was seriously debating the merits of requesting a transfer to somewhere quieter, like Vegas, or New York. ||
  148. [17:11] <Panda|Eve> "Jesus fuck. Yes, please. I'll call it in."||
  149. 15[17:11] <@Scraggy> ||||
  150. 15[17:25] * Panda|Eve is now known as Pandalive
  151. Session Close: Sun Feb 08 17:25:35 2015
  153. Session Start: Tue Feb 10 19:49:13 2015
  154. Session Ident: #WDOnesie
  155. 15[19:49] * Now talking in #WDOnesie
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  162. [19:59] <DirectorMaxwell> ((*knuckle-crack* So here's how I do things: double-parentheses means OOC talk. Don't abuse it, keep it relevant and short.))
  163. 15[19:59] * FuckNuggetOfYesterday is now known as Scg|LTConrad_Quest
  164. [19:59] <DirectorMaxwell> ((character speech really needs to be in "quotes" so I can make sense of it. Not gonna scream if it's not, but it helps.))
  165. [20:00] <DirectorMaxwell> (( <<This bracketing is reserved for speech via commlink or phone or other speaking device besides mouth or thought.>> ))
  166. [20:00] <DirectorMaxwell> ((That said, shall we?))
  167. 15[20:00] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> ((We shall.))
  168. [20:01] <Olive|Gaia> ((Ready.))
  169. [20:02] <DirectorMaxwell> * The PA system crackles to life and echoes the simple, yet ominous, <<Lieutenant Quest, capes Gaia and Kengo to Debriefing Room 7 ASAP. >>
  170. [20:03] <Olive|Gaia> ...
  171. 15[20:04] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> Conrad reports promptly to Debriefing room 7, tea in-hand. ||
  172. [20:05] <Olive|Gaia> Gaia gulps, looks at Kengo, "Well, shall we?" She looks tired, her hand is gone, several nubs pushing out of her wrist. ||
  173. [20:05] <DirectorMaxwell> ((I will describe once everyone's stated arrival. No rush.))
  174. 15[20:06] * Olive|Gaia (Olivebirdy@26B7FE80.91069A18.A93DF31A.IP) Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
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  176. [20:08] <tubes|Kengo> Kengo looks like he's about to shit himself. He seems to be muttering a bit to himself as well.  "Should have taken the job with Heartbreaker. They can fix people he steals, right? Heartbreaker never turned anybody into goo. Maybe they can send me to New York? I don't think anyone ever got turned to goo there."
  177. [20:09] <Olive|Gaia> GaIa doedoes not speak up to caorrecrcorrect him, too nervous and sick herself to talk. ||
  178. [20:10] <DirectorMaxwell> ((You guys do have to actually -go- there, at some point, though. ))
  179. [20:10] <Olive|Gaia> ((*does, *correct))
  180. [20:12] <Olive|Gaia> Gaia start walking towards a bawling-out. She is still thinking about Surge. What could she have done? Moving towards the door, she knocks out of habit. ||
  181. 15[20:13] * Olive|Gaia (OliveGaia@193EBEEC.CE7A7FE.A93DF31A.IP) has left #WDOnesie
  182. 15[20:13] * Olive|Gaia (OliveGaia@193EBEEC.CE7A7FE.A93DF31A.IP) has joined #WDOnesie
  183. [20:15] <DirectorMaxwell> "The door, as you can see, stands open." The voice is calm, flat, collected, and coming from a man of roughly fifty, though he's carrying it well. He stands at the end of a conference table, idly tapping the end of a pen on the tabletop while he watches the door. His suit is old, but carefully pressed, and his salt-and-pepper hair hangs down just past his ears. "Take your seat so we may
  184. [20:15] <DirectorMaxwell> begin."
  185. 15[20:17] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> Conrad sits down, placing his tea on the table. "Director.", he greets. ||
  186. [20:18] <Olive|Gaia> "Uh, may I stand by the window, sir? I need to regrow a hand, sir.
  187. [20:19] <Olive|Gaia> "||
  188. [20:19] <tubes|Kengo> Kengo glances at the Director, then at the chair, then at the Lieutenant. He repeats this several times in varying order, and then stiffly takes a seat. The way he's sitting really doesn't look comfortable, and he's ramrod straight. ||
  189. [20:21] <Olive|Gaia> "My hand, sir?" ||
  190. 15[20:21] * Mishie (chatzilla@26499672.9F6FF03E.EF6D9613.IP) has joined #WDOnesie
  191. 15[20:22] * Teruzi|Flow ( has joined #WDOnesie
  192. [20:23] <DirectorMaxwell> "By all means, Gaia. My apologies, I'd been misinformed as to the status of your injury."
  193. 15[20:26] * DirectorMaxwell raises his pen and flips it over, clipping it into the breast pocket of his suit jacket and then drawing a manila folder slightly closer to him. "The last member of this squad is currently on patrol, so will not be joining us. I wish to note that I don't generally make a personal appearance for mission debriefings; however, given the unique circumstances of this particular outing, I
  194. 15[20:26] * DirectorMaxwell felt it necessary."
  195. [20:27] <Olive|Gaia> 'Poor Surge', Gaia thinks, going over things she might have been able to do to save him. ||
  196. 15[20:28] * DirectorMaxwell gestures to Gaia with one hand as he finally sits down. "If you don't mind, I'd like you to begin, Gaia. Please relay the events of $date as they occurred."
  197. [20:29] <Olive|Gaia> "We had heard that a parahuman family had missed several check-ins.
  198. [20:31] <DirectorMaxwell> * It's never a calming image, your boss's boss's boss taking notes while you talk.
  199. [20:31] <Olive|Gaia> "There had been actions by Heartbreaker-affiliated villains, so the the PRT Squads were not available.
  200. [20:32] <Olive|Gaia> "We had been told to investigate."
  201. [20:33] <Olive|Gaia> "We decided to go in the front door, one of my golems and-and-and Surge.
  202. [20:34] <DirectorMaxwell> "Take your time."
  203. [20:35] <Olive|Gaia> "Private Gordon took point in clearing. Eve was in command and was giving air support.
  204. [20:35] <Olive|Gaia> "Kengo opened the door when no one responded.
  205. [20:36] <Olive|Gaia> I don't know exactly what happened, but while I was trying to secure the entrances, Surge.. Died.
  206. [20:37] <Olive|Gaia> The 'baby', was in the kitchen, and it killed Surge.
  207. [20:37] <Olive|Gaia> Fluffy died too. "
  208. [20:38] <Olive|Gaia> ||
  209. 15[20:38] * DirectorMaxwell nods, still writing away on a little notepad. "You said Even was providing air support; how do?"
  210. [20:38] <DirectorMaxwell> (*how so. gah)
  211. [20:39] <Olive|Gaia> "She was going to take down anyone who escaped the house."
  212. [20:40] <DirectorMaxwell> "Where was she when you encountered the child?"
  213. [20:41] <Olive|Gaia> "Except babies, apparently", Gaia mutters to herself bitterly. "She was in the air? Somewhere?" ||
  214. [20:42] <Olive|Gaia> "I think she went to get help?" ||
  215. [20:43] <DirectorMaxwell> "Mm. Continue."
  216. [20:45] <Olive|Gaia> "I saw Gordon die in the kitchen, then I threw my grenade through the window.
  217. [20:46] <Olive|Gaia> No, wait, I threw the grenade first.
  218. [20:47] <DirectorMaxwell> "Your grenade?"
  219. [20:47] <Olive|Gaia> Then K
  220. [20:47] <Olive|Gaia> "Foam grenade, non-lethal."
  221. [20:48] <Olive|Gaia> I told Gordon to get back, but he stayed right next to the 'baby'. I don't know why. I missed. "
  222. [20:49] <Olive|Gaia> "Eve yelled at me to run."
  223. [20:49] <Olive|Gaia> My hand melted.
  224. [20:49] <Olive|Gaia> "
  225. [20:51] <Olive|Gaia> "Kengo ran away from the 'baby', through the wall."
  226. 15[20:51] * Teller ( has joined #WDOnesie
  227. [20:53] <Olive|Gaia> "The 'baby'  followed, it was heading towards me. I shouted to Ken that he should soften the ground, stick the baby in the mud. He did, but it took time."
  228. 15[20:53] * Teller|GM ( Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
  229. 15[20:53] * Teller is now known as Teller|GM
  230. [20:54] <Olive|Gaia> I ran around the 'baby's effect, got Gordon's pack, then went back outside
  231. [20:55] <Olive|Gaia> By the time I got back, Kengo had caught the 'baby' in a hole, so I stayed back and foamed it. "
  232. [20:55] <Olive|Gaia> "Then Event Horizon called it in."
  233. [20:55] <Olive|Gaia> ||
  234. [20:56] <DirectorMaxwell> Always writing, this guy. He doesn't actually stop writing when he looks up from the notepad, most of the time. "Who verified the child's capture?"
  235. [20:57] <Olive|Gaia> "Sir?"||
  236. [20:58] <DirectorMaxwell> "You said you foamed the hole the child was in. Did you see the child caught in it?"
  237. [20:59] <Olive|Gaia> "No sir, but I saw the 'baby'  fall in."
  238. [20:59] <Olive|Gaia> ||
  239. 15[21:00] * Mishie_ (chatzilla@C479A305.4CBFACD3.EF6D9613.IP) has joined #WDOnesie
  240. 15[21:01] * Mishie (chatzilla@26499672.9F6FF03E.EF6D9613.IP) Quit (Ping timeout: 185 seconds)
  241. [21:01] <DirectorMaxwell> "All right." Now he shifts his attention, eyes settling on the obviously petrified Kengo. "Do you have anything to add to Gaia's story?"
  242. 15[21:01] * Mishie_ is now known as Mishie
  243. [21:04] <tubes|Kengo> Kengo doesn't seem to have heard. He says staring straight ahead, sweating a little. ||
  244. 15[21:05] * DirectorMaxwell clears his through. "Mister Tanaka."
  245. [21:06] <DirectorMaxwell> ((god I am tired. *throat.*))
  246. [21:07] <tubes|Kengo> Kengo jumps a country mile into the air and swivels to face the director, almost in midair.  "Sir, yes sir. I apologize deeply, sir. " He bows a little, presuambly something picked up from his immigrant parents. ||
  247. [21:08] <DirectorMaxwell> "Try to relax, Jiro. Do you have anything to add to the report as Gaia's made it?"
  248. [21:13] <tubes|Kengo> Kengo seems to actually focus on the director for once. "Uh, no, no, no sir, not really. I helped Gordon kick the door in, we cleared the house. Surge entered the kitch and got, uh, uh, taken out, sir. Gordon couldn't get away in time in the immediate confusion. I, uh, took a quick exit. " He looks a little downtrodden at this. "We captured it right after that."  ||
  249. [21:15] <Olive|Gaia> "Poor Surge."||
  250. 15[21:15] * Teller|GM ( Quit (Ping timeout: 183 seconds)
  251. [21:16] <DirectorMaxwell> "It appears that you all reacted in a similar fashion." Now, his eyes fix on the lieutenant. "Would you care to explain a few things for me, Quest?"
  252. 15[21:16] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> "Absolutely. Ask away."
  253. 15[21:16] * Teller ( has joined #WDOnesie
  254. [21:17] <DirectorMaxwell> "What exactly was the squad told before deployment?"
  255. 15[21:17] * Teller is now known as Teller|GM
  256. [21:17] <Teruzi|Flow> sooorry Teller
  257. [21:17] <Teruzi|Flow> didn't see the ||
  258. 15[21:18] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> ((Wrong chat dicknugget))
  259. [21:18] <Teller|GM> It's cool.
  260. [21:18] <DirectorMaxwell> ((Shut up, you two))
  261. 15[21:24] * Prothean ( has joined #WDOnesie
  262. 15[21:24] * Teller|GM ( Quit (Connection reset by peer)
  263. 15[21:26] * Teller ( has joined #WDOnesie
  264. 15[21:26] * Teller ( has left #WDOnesie
  265. 15[21:28] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> "The squad was told everything that we know, that wasn't classified. More specifically, they were told that it was a possible third-generation cape causing things, and that the family had missed their scheduled check-ins."
  266. [21:28] <DirectorMaxwell> "I note you used the plural there. How many check-ins?"
  267. 15[21:28] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> it was possibly*
  268. 15[21:29] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> "Three. We normally check by the second, but the family is absolutely notorious for missing them."
  269. 15[21:29] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> "Correction: Was absolutely notorious. Sorry about that."
  270. [21:30] <DirectorMaxwell> "I see." He writes again.
  271. [21:31] <DirectorMaxwell> "Gaia, you are dismissed. I expect you to refrain from strenuous activity of any kind, particularly deployments, until your hand has regrown."
  272. 15[21:31] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> ((Not done))
  273. [21:31] <DirectorMaxwell> ((Comment still stands.))
  274. [21:32] <Olive|Gaia> "Yes sir."  Gaia starts to leave
  275. 15[21:32] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> "If it helps, we think they did it on purpose. To spite us, after our legal difficulties with them, regarding the child."
  276. 15[21:32] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> "Otherwise we would have sent squads every week for the last three years." ||
  277. [21:33] <Olive|Gaia> "Yes sir," Gaia leaves, pausing by the door for a moment, in case there was anything els.e.
  278. [21:34] <Olive|Gaia> ||
  279. 15[21:35] * DirectorMaxwell doesn't stop Gaia from leaving; after all, she's been dismissed. He looks to Kengo. "As for you, Tanaka, I am ordering sessions with our psychiatrist. At present, I feel your fitness for active duty is in question. You'll receive further instructions later on. Dismissed."
  280. [21:40] <DirectorMaxwell> ((Presuming Kengo has left, since Tubes said he'd be available sporadically now...))
  281. [21:40] <tubes|Kengo> "Sir, thank you sir. I'll see to it. " Kengo stands, does an about face, and quickly walks out the door without looking back. ||
  282. [21:40] <DirectorMaxwell> ((Ah, timing.))
  283. 15[21:40] * DirectorMaxwell stands up clears his throat softly, then crosses the room to close the door after Kengo. "Conrad, did you say three years?"
  284. 15[21:41] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> "Yes."
  285. [21:42] <DirectorMaxwell> "This child was a foster of theirs, correct? These legal battles were for custody?"
  286. 15[21:43] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> "We really had no legal recourse for it, unfortunately. The family just kept saying that they 'forgot' to check in, and the judges refuse to play ball. The whole situation is...was a powderkeg. It's the reason you replaced the former Director, almost. The family spearheaded the movement for his removal." "Yes, it was a foster child, and yes the legal battles were for custody."
  287. 15[21:46] * DirectorMaxwell sighs, and it is not a calm, collected sigh. It is the sigh of a man who wants very much to hit something, or drink something. "I am, you might've guessed, intimately aware of the fact that my predecessor was an idiot."
  288. [21:46] <DirectorMaxwell> "What I was not aware of until now is that you're showing some pretty startlingly symptoms of idiocy."
  289. [21:46] <DirectorMaxwell> ((Boy it would help if I could spell today. Fucking cold meds. *startling))
  290. 15[21:50] * DirectorMaxwell picks up his pen again and starts tapping it on his other hand's palm as he paces around the table. "The part of my job that I hate most is the part that gets the most results. Judges can be asked to recuse, or simply bought. We are the PRT; we are dealing with the most dangerous creatures that exist today. We cannot have judges who 'won't play ball' for three fucking years."
  291. [21:52] <DirectorMaxwell> "Three check-ins in a row failed, or should I say willfully ignored by our own staff, and you sent in three low-key capes and a single foamboy, none of whom seem to be familiar with the concept of a camera?"
  292. 15[21:57] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> "Low-key? Are you kidding me? Eve is a tinker that could blow that whole house down with a well-placed device, if she had wanted to. Surge was one of the strongest, and almost definitely the fastest regenerator we have ever seen. Gaia has her golems, that can capture almost anything organic, and Kengo can destroy most structures with a thought! The fact was I expected them to be COMPETENT. They've all had years of experience. Hell, the squaddie was a trained hostage negotiator for over five years, before being hired."
  293. 15[21:58] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> "They bungled it. That's the only thing I can say. This...kid was about the only thing that could have killed Surge, short of a nuclear blast or an Endbringer."
  294. [21:59] <DirectorMaxwell> "None of them are going to be worth a damn if you don't give them enough information, Conrad! Experienced or not, there was a complete breakdown in procedure from the moment you didn't assign a damn commander!"
  295. 15[21:59] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> "Legal difficulties I forwarded to legal. That's not my job, so don't yell at me for their incompetence."
  296. 15[21:59] * DirectorMaxwell bangs his hand down on the table. "Gladly! I'm yelling at you for yours!"
  297. 15[22:01] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> "I didn't assign a commander because they've worked together for years! They already have a pre-established chain of command, that I assumed they would follow. That they actually -did- follow, with Eve issuing orders. From her report, almost none of them were followed!"
  298. 15[22:02] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> "If they weren't going to work with their -normal- commander in that situation, what could I have done?"
  299. [22:03] <DirectorMaxwell> "If you don't have any response from a contact, and you think the reason response has stopped may be a third-generation trigger, don't you think that requires special precautions? Maybe, say, actual reconnaissance?"
  300. [22:03] <DirectorMaxwell> "Were these people even told they were the first to investigate this?"
  301. 15[22:05] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> "Yes. They were told to investigate. Reconnaissance from whom, sir? Everyone else was dealing with the Heartbreaker debacle. He gets Thinker priority over situations like this, because of his proven record."
  302. [22:07] <DirectorMaxwell> "So you expected these people, going in almost totally blind, provided no actual procedure to follow, to handle everything they encountered with dignity and aplomb? Is that it?"
  303. 15[22:08] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> "There's a handbook for that sir. I can't hold their hand on every mission."
  304. [22:10] <DirectorMaxwell> "A third-generation trigger is not 'every mission.'" He balls his hands up into fists at his sides for a moment, before straightening up and taking a long breath. When he speaks up again, he's calmed down significantly, but he's still visibly aggravated. "Here's the part I'm having a lot of trouble with, though, Conrad: You waited until the third failed check-in to send a squad. If you were
  305. [22:10] <DirectorMaxwell> willing to just keep waiting, why send them without the proper recon first?"
  306. 15[22:14] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> "The issue is we didn't know it was a third-generation trigger, we just suspected it. THat, coupled with the fact that these people constantly circumvented the system, led to a late response. There is noone with the type of equipment needed to deal with parahumans except for us. Sending police into a situation like that is liable to get someone killed. Who should I have sent, when everyone else was occupied? We only have so many people, and waiting any longer seemd like an even worse idea."
  307. 15[22:15] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> "I had one guy in mind, you might have heard of him. Jotunn, from that group Pantheocide. He makes crystals, good for reconassaince and combat. But his asking price was RIDICULOUS. I offered him an approved amount from our budget, but he said he could make more from 'selling crystals', or some such garbage, and hung up on me."
  308. 15[22:17] * Prothean_ ( has joined #WDOnesie
  309. [22:17] <DirectorMaxwell> "Am I supposed to hold your hand when difficult situations arise, Lieutenant? You don't get the luxury of hiding behind bad timing, when you just sat there and told me you deliberately ignored two prior failed check-ins. You also don't get to be smug at me--at me!--and blame the squad for everything that went wrong here. You weren't an army brat, so maybe this concept is new to you, but
  310. [22:17] <DirectorMaxwell> the higher in rank you get, the more planning is expected of you. If there's a possibility of the third-generation trigger, you don't just leave it at suspicion. You plan for it and equip for it."
  311. [22:18] <DirectorMaxwell> "Who do you send? You send a god damned machine, Conrad!"
  312. [22:18] <DirectorMaxwell> "Christ."
  313. 15[22:18] * DirectorMaxwell finally sits down again, back to tapping his pen.
  314. 15[22:19] * Prothean ( Quit (Ping timeout: 186 seconds)
  315. 15[22:20] * Prothean_ ( Quit (Ping timeout: 181 seconds)
  316. 15[22:23] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> "With respect sir, that's not operational procedure. Neither is bribing judges, for the record. I'm not a Thinker, and that is, from what I understand, the only possible thing that would have worked in that situation that we had available, that I DIDN'T throw into the mix. If you expect me to be a precog, or bribe anyone, you can expect my resignation. I absolutely WILL pin this on the guys that didn't even think to look in the windows or knock on the damn door."
  317. [22:25] <DirectorMaxwell> "Don't think for a moment that I'm ignoring the failures of the squadmembers themselves. I'm well aware of where they've screwed up in this. But you have also failed them, and you need to accept that. It doesn't take much to realize that your decision to keep waiting resulted in this particular mission, and that you failed to consider borrowing a drone from the local swat team. That is basic
  318. [22:25] <DirectorMaxwell> crisis management, which is what I expect of my officers."
  319. [22:26] <DirectorMaxwell> "I expect you to take responsibility for your own screw-ups, not try and distract me with the screw-ups of your subordinates."
  320. 15[22:28] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> "I work within the confines that I have to, and we've saved hundreds of lives by not wasting resources on this family's bullshit. The fact is that their behavior led to a late response, not that a faster one would have made a difference. Do you know what happened the first time they missed a call? We sent damn near everyone, and people DIED because they weren't available. If that reasoning isn't enough for you, I don't know what else I can say."
  321. [22:28] <DirectorMaxwell> ((Pardon. Swat team is TPS.))
  322. [22:29] <DirectorMaxwell> "If you can't see the difference between sending everyone and sending no one, I can't help you. Get out, Sergeant. If you wish to resign, I won't stop you."
  323. 15[22:30] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> "With pleasure. I will be warning the various judges not to accept any 'gifts' from the PRT.", he spits at the Director. "Goodbye."
  324. 15[22:31] * DirectorMaxwell calmly looks at the spittle on the table. "That's certainly your prerogative. Good day."
  325. 15[22:31] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> ((Not actual spit, I just meant with vitriol.))
  326. 15[22:32] * DirectorMaxwell calmly does not look at the spittle on the table, rather at the former lieutenant. "That's certainly your prerogative. Good day."
  327. 15[22:39] <Scg|LTConrad_Quest> He petulantly pours the rest of his tea on the carpet as he walks out. ||
  328. 15[22:40] * DirectorMaxwell sighs after he's gone. "And that, unfortunately, means I can't give a good recommendation for the next job." He gets to his feet, looks at the pen in his hand for a moment. Then he moves up to the door, closes it, and locks it.
  329. [22:41] <DirectorMaxwell> When he comes out a few minutes later, straightening his tie and dusting off his jacket, he doesn't have the pen anymore. And the table has two inches of a BIC inkpen sticking out of it.
  330. [22:41] <DirectorMaxwell> **Fin**
  331. 15[22:44] * Scg|LTConrad_Quest is now known as Scg
  332. 15[22:45] * tubes|Kengo is now known as tubes
  333. 15[23:05] * DirectorMaxwell is now known as Sage
  334. [23:10] <Olive|Gaia> Poor Fluffy.
  335. 15[23:10] * Olive|Gaia (OliveGaia@193EBEEC.CE7A7FE.A93DF31A.IP) has left #WDOnesie
  336. 15[23:11] * Somecrazyguy (Somecrazyg@6642039D.84BCE841.D85ABD5F.IP) has joined #WDOnesie
  337. 15[23:11] * Olive|Gaia (OliveGaia@193EBEEC.CE7A7FE.A93DF31A.IP) has joined #WDOnesie
  338. 15[23:12] * soulpelt| is now known as soulpelt|Surge
  339. 15[23:12] * Sage is now known as DirectorMaxwell
  340. 15[23:13] * DirectorMaxwell is now known as Sage
  341. 15[23:13] * Sage is now known as DirectorMaxwell
  342. 15[23:16] * Somecrazyguy (Somecrazyg@6642039D.84BCE841.D85ABD5F.IP) has left #WDOnesie (Leaving)
  343. 15[23:16] * DirectorMaxwell ( has left #WDOnesie
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