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  1. <item name="Bow of the Red Archer" iconFile="sprites/bow_3.png" level="10" type="4" overrideClassName="Longbow" artifact="1" >
  2.     <price amount="60000" />
  3.     <weapon piercing="10" conflagratory="2" toxic="2" asphyxiative="2 "/>
  4.     <secondarybuff id="4" amount="15" /> <!-- crit -->
  5.     <artifact quality="12" />
  6.     <description text="This bow whispers 'blooooood' softly in your ear when you wield it. It seems...thirsty." />
  7.     <targetHitEffectBuff percentage="33" name="Blood Debt" />
  8. </item>
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