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Dec 14th, 2019
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  1. Before she knew it, Suvi felt her world spin and shatter to the ground. Her knees scraped against the ground, peeling back the first thin layer of skin, it stung, but was nothing compared to the onslaught wave of a hyper beam washing over the room. She put her arms up, shielding her head and eyes from the blast, tears were streaming down her face, they would not stop as she starts shouting commands one by one. Digging her heels into the battle arena floor, she got back up on weak wobbling knees, eyes scrunched close as Suvi draws her arms down, she needs to see the arena, lips quivering as she spits out commands blindly, afraid to look and see the scraps of pink and blue fur crumpled on the ground.
  2. Arms wobbling in their sockets, Suvi keeps her eyes snapped closed as tears refuse to cease streaming down her face, her ribs felt too tight against her body, skin too taunt and shoulders drawn too close together. It was when something soft and furry clinging to her calf made her open her eyes. At first her world was blinding, vertigo swirled over as she looked over the battle arena, eyes darting from the arena to find a focus point until the grip around her leg grew tight and she lands back on her ass to the ground.
  3. A blur of pink clambers on top of her and Suvi’s eyes finally refocuses and her head clears up as her snubbull is up in her face. She grabs her snubbull’s face, rubbing her thumbs over her grumpy face, fur tacky with sweat, dirt and ozone. The snubbull opens her mouth and nudges against Suvi’s palms and the motion causes a snap reaction out of Suvi and shes grabbing all two feet of her snubbull into her chest and an ecstatic breath pushes out from her chest. Her throat convulses as she starts crying again, a sob quakes in her body as her snubbull squirms in her arms.
  4. “Brandy, Brandy...what did you do?” she sniffles as she finally looks over at the arena, the ground cracked open like hell on earth had split open. Soil and upturned rocks were glowing bright red from where the arena was split open, looking damned and alive, the smell of toxins and burnt earth lingers in the air heavily.
  5. A metagross is hinged in the gap in the ground, damaged and badly burned, Suvi’s nails run through Brandy’s scalp as she becomes more and more aware of her hot Brandy was in her arms. She pulls Brandy away from her grasp to look over her long fur, noticing how it was rubbed with more than just dirt, there was heat and burnt fringes from Brandy’s ears down to her tiny feet.
  6. The red beam from a pokeball flashes over the metagross and is returned back to the champion at the end of the arena. Suvi is trying to calm down her shaking, feeling something new settle into her blood, something in her bones that had always ran back to her. It was the same thing that had been there forever, from her early childhood memories on Alola to when she caught her first pokemon on Akala island with Hehu watching after her. It makes her feel grounded among the chaos that ran rampant inside her head and her heart, like an anchor during a storm, she feels steady as her legs moved to stand back up, Brandy in her arms and staring across the room at the scoreboard.
  7. She adjusts the round glasses on her face, reading the board over and over again, her eyes making sure she was reading over the winner banner correctly. Then the arena is shifting, restitching itself back together and Suvi feels very under dressed as the man in his black suit and tie walks towards her. She had just the clothes on her back, a pleated red tartan skirt, high waisted with leather belts with pouches and holsters for her pokeballs and pokecubes, chains wrapped around them and drawn in tight from the belt. A long sleeved black shirt that had holes and was tied with a hair tie to scrunch the oversized garment up over her chest, so it did not billow too much, she remembered having to grab it after her shirts kept getting ruined from Memory’s fire moveset training. Her wrists had a collection of metal and leather tied bracelets and rings, the one’s she’s made with Memory’s fire and Gentle’s strength, jewelry she’s sold on the side of her training, diving into caves to scrounge up metal and ores. It felt so long ago that when her fist gripped around her hands and she felt every clink of the metal’s against one another sent small shocks of memory to her head. It was pavlovian at best, Brandy was even fascinated by them and opted to gnaw at the one on Suvi’s thumb as she refocuses to the champion she had beaten.
  8. Steven Stone had stopped in front of Suvi, an impressed and slow smile on his face, a pokeball in his hand, Suvi caught a glimpse of the metagross in the ball before it disappears into his pocket with his other set of fainted pokemon.
  9. “I can’t say I’m not surprised,” he said, placing his hands on his hips comfortably, and Suvi felt like she’d start crying again when he continued to say, “but I’m glad a trainer like you showed up, it’s been too long since I’ve felt competition like that.”
  10. Lips quivering, Suvi takes in a deep breath, feeling grounded when Brandy started to nibble at her fingers, “I’m so honored,” she manages to say, voice hoarse as Steven reaches to take her free hand and shake it. Suvi felt grounded by it, her face melting into one of understanding, the gravity of the situation dawned down and struck her. She beat Steven Stone, after spending years traveling and challenging Elites, she finally won over a champion. At first it was Kukui who had given her a cubone egg after losing and sent her to Kalos on a one way ferry. The champion had not been present, something that Suvi took as a sign to keep moving, Unova had been beautiful, but she felt no growth in it. When she had met champion Cynthia and felt the defeat from someone like her it had made something spark in Suvi. When she had shook Cynthia’s hand Suvi felt all the pieces connect and she knew that Hoenn was the region she had to conquer.
  11. Steven had taken Suvi’s hand and led her back to the champion recording room, admiring the work in her uses of ores and metals. They walked down the hallway that seemed to go on forever, bright lights that lead in a line to a pokeball system. She felt the electricity in the air, tasted the power in the room as she returned Brandy into her ball. Steven helped her up the small set of three simple steps and they paused.
  12. Suvi looked over to Steven and then the machine, “what happens ...after?” she said slowly, itching to put her team into the capsule to record her pokemon into the champion league system. The room felt quiet as she picked her gaze up to look back over Steven, “I know I can do more than take a title… I...I want to know that this is all I’ll amount to.”
  13. Steven gives her an odd look before shifting his weight from foot to foot, “no one can tell you the affirmed future, as a new champion doors will be opened for you that weren’t there before, what you decide to do with that is up to you. Whether you want to take my spot in Hoenn or not is up to you and the skills you’ve honed, but right now eyes will be on you, and all that comes with it.”
  14. Suvi let his words sink in like ink, needing to set into the paper before she nodded, letting out a small laugh, “you’re right on that, let’s just see how the future goes from here then…”
  15. Feeling a little more confident, Suvi takes out her team and slides them into the capsule, she takes out her pokemon trainer card and slips it into the card slot and the monitor above the machine hums to life. Her team pops up, one by one as the machine lights up, her name and official ID photo appears along with all her achievements. Badges from every gym from Kalos to Hoenn, and all the trials she had completed in the island challenges, the amulet something she wore under her shirt on a chain that burned proudly against her skin.
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