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  1. [8:46 PM] lolmonger: https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/535jkk/about_what_happened_tonight/d7q5p5j
  5. reddit
  6. About what happened tonight... • /r/The_Donald
  7. Its typical among new mods to react that way. The senior mods were probably away and someone inexperienced took charge.
  8. [8:47 PM] WarOfTheFanboys: sold out by velostodon
  9. [8:48 PM] Trumpshaker: yeah I saw the too V's reply doesn't help us
  10. [8:48 PM] WarOfTheFanboys: is JCM the same person as TehDonald?
  11. [8:48 PM] TrumpWillBePOTUS: That's irritating. So if everyone gets paranoid and says the sky is falling we just let them rile each other up?
  12. [8:49 PM] Trumpshaker: it feeds the rumors that we are "new mods"
  13. [8:49 PM] lolmonger: @here
  15. I really, really don't think we should be too low energy and plead and whine for 'forgiveness', but I think it should be made clear to the users:
  17. 1) We're literally just people trying to keep this place a shitposting forum
  18. [8:49 PM] lolmonger: 2) it wasn't a new mod/inexperienced mod that did this, and it wasn't done with most of the mod team in the know
  19. [8:50 PM] lolmonger: 3) everyone on the mod team, including those in the loop, were pretty much taken aback by the community response
  20. [8:50 PM] lolmonger: 4) All of this is completely and utterly secondary to making Donald J Trump the next president
  21. [8:51 PM] pm_me_your_maga_hats: I think that's well said
  22. [8:51 PM] lolmonger: Otherwise we're playing catchup over and over
  23. [8:51 PM] pm_me_your_maga_hats: CTR is going to push stuff no doubt as well
  24. [8:51 PM] lolmonger: where each and every "apologiy" gets reacted to "but now are you trying to mislead us?"
  25. [8:51 PM] kwiztas: lolmonger 100 % on spot
  26. [8:52 PM] lil-z: @here guys this was obviously a poorly executed initiative that was very very poorly received by the community.  This aimed a lot of shit at you guys and that is not ok
  27. [8:52 PM] lolmonger: so, let's draft something that explains the mod shuffle, milo, the admittedly poorly executed announcement, etc.
  28. [8:52 PM] lolmonger: and let's just put this shit to bed, eh?
  29. [8:52 PM] Medically: Anyone know how to log out of mobile
  30. [8:52 PM] kwiztas: what ap?
  31. [8:52 PM] lil-z: I'm working on additional communications to the sub right now, the sub is upset and they sometimes need to blow off steam
  32. [8:52 PM] kwiztas: app
  33. [8:53 PM] TrumpWillBePOTUS: Yeah I don't think the mod reshuffle is something that necessarily needs to be kept secret/behind the scenes.
  34. [8:53 PM] WarOfTheFanboys: @lil-z don't worry about us we just want the sub back on track
  35. [8:53 PM] Taylor814: I responded to one person's question about the mod shuffle and just explained it
  36. [8:54 PM] Trumpshaker: I think respond to concerns with what lolmoger said but as comments only - no new posts or stickied posts - users don't like mod drama
  37. [8:54 PM] OhSnapYouGotServed: @lil-z no one should be giving one-off answers right now, right?
  38. [8:54 PM] lolmonger: https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/456yv0/calling_now_by_the_end_of_2016_the_whole_reddit/czvsuu5
  40. I have this post specifically saved for this purpose
  41. reddit
  42. CALLING NOW: By the end of 2016, the whole Reddit will be preten...
  43. #Commenting for posterity, wasn't a cuck before it was cool.
  44. [8:54 PM] lolmonger: So that whenever a user asks me "Hey, but how long have you been here"
  45. [8:54 PM] lolmonger: I can say,  "hey, I was at least here back then"
  46. [8:55 PM] lolmonger: But I don't think it should be one-offs or individual mods trying their own soothing strategy
  47. [8:55 PM] lolmonger: it should be a unified, long ass edit to the current mea culpa sticky
  48. [8:55 PM] lolmonger: is there strikeout
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