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Dec 22nd, 2019
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  1. Ngas
  3. Aesf: Because of the way neugas doesnt work on ps rn, the majority of effective users are offensive. It easily fits on stallbreakers (like dragapult), sweepers (like polteageist), and later down the line, on countless defensive mons (mandibuzz, corsola, etc.). The thing about neutralizing gas is that it flips teambuilding upside down. If you're facing an ngas mon, it's not like your pokemon revert to average still usable ou-like pokemon; rather, ngas turns huge threats into flat-out liabilities. Magic guard duraludon could fill a critically useful role in your team until it effectively can't afford to click the one move that makes it good. PH Snorlax isn't OU or UU snorlax; it's far worse. The fact that opposing ngas can reduce almost all relevant threats to average at best and borderline unusuable at worst, with full control and little drawback to the ngas user, is a good indication that this isn't healthy. Either your team is rendered ineffective by ngas, or your teambuilding is so centered around it that it's unhealthy anyways
  5. Funbot: Neutralizing Gas: Broken Ability that kinda overcentralizes and devalues a lot of other previous meta defining abilities such as Poison Heal, Regenerator, Aerilate, Magic Bounce, etc... the list goes on. Can be slapped on both offensive and defensive mons and can just seem to put in work regardless every game (especially with abusers such as SubDisable Dragapult, Poltealgeist, and basically any hazard setter being big nuisances with such an ability). Easy Ban from me.
  7. Geerat: noob didn't say anything here since he felt everything else that was said represented how he felt...noob - jrdn
  9. Jrdn: From all the feedback I've gotten as well as what I've seen, Ngas is broken in literally every way. We don't even know how it's fully supposed to work and yet even still it's broken. The ability for it to completely overwhelm any kind of team in the hands of a sweeper is outrageous. I also am of the belief that it undermines what AAA is all about. The ability to creatively stretch pokemon teams via freedom of ability is completely nullified by the presence of this one strange ability. I further believe that we haven't even seen the apex of its brokenness. With more time without this thing being banned, the most creative minds of AAA would find ways to use this ability in meta-destroying ways beyond what we know.
  11. Racool:[it's] just is so convoluted to the point where its still bugged, and people still dont really fully understand how it works. I think its presence can only be a negative influence on the meta at this point, as its counterplay is fairly nonexistent, and it can be spammed on practically anything, not to mention it compresses so many roles with just a single ability slot making for fairly stupid matches I reckon.
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