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  1. Hi Jon! Just found out something about the Wii port of Pikmin. So BrainScratch was discussing the TRG run of the game and they brought it up to Ted (ExandShadow), who is basically the Pikmin expert of the group. He has admitted that a number of glitches you have encountered, including but not limited to the bridge issue and the Puffstool just slamming Pikmin beneath the floor other people have encountered. It's a jank port in short and you glitching it may or may not be a result of you being the living glitch that you are.
  3. In other news, mind if I plug something? *If you do please disregard the rest of this message*
  5. My friend Wiidude holds a Smash Ultimate online tournament series called Dair to Fight and we are doing a special edition of it on May 4th. He's still ironing out a couple of things but this one will be Take Your Heart Edition. It's an all Joker tournament and the winner will receive a Joker figurine! When he makes the updated announcement I'll be sure to link it in the Discord for those interested.
  7. *Shameless Plug Done*
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