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My Time on NRG

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Jun 11th, 2019
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  1. As of today I am currently being benched by NRG. My time with NRG had its up and downs from when I first joined to now but I can leave feeling happy with what we accomplished considering with where we started.
  3. The year of 2017 was by far my most miserable year mentally as a player and almost caused me to quit playing at the end of the year (around the time i tried coaching) but while it was miserable, this year was the year that helped me change how I looked at CS as a whole.
  5. Start of 2018 was big because I wasn't even guaranteed to continue playing but I asked the players to give me a chance for at least a month or so and if it didn't work they could go another direction. So I have the players to thank for giving me that chance to prove myself and will never forget 2018 as we weren't predicted to do as well as we did by anyone and managed to reach top 5 at one point. Over time though stagnation does occur if you have the same group of people together for a long time and that is what eventually happened with our team, while FugLy was not the only reason for our decline the team felt removing him would help us improve in other areas.
  7. Going into 2019 we were looking for replacements for FugLy before and after the major and this is around the time I feel my vision for the team was lost. We reached out to our top 3 options to replace him but they either couldn't join or didn't want to join. As our list of potential players shrank mibr replaced Tarik and Stewie, Stewie instantly went to Liquid which left Tarik, obviously with how we setup our team Tarik is not a direct replacement for FugLy but with our only options at this point being taking a risk on young talent and a major winner the choice is obvious. I think Tarik is a good player and it is unfortunate that the way we played last year didn't work as well this year. After reflecting on it I think the change is best for both parties and hopefully Peters style will offset what we lost with FugLy and help them win events instead of getting semi-finals.
  9. There was a time for me when being on a top 10 team seemed out of reach so I am happy to have helped been apart of a team that managed to stay top 10 for over a year but am also sorry to my teammates for not being able to play better as a individual or find a way to make our current lineup win events this year.
  11. My current situation is uncertain but I am open to any offers in any field, if anyone wants to contact me about an opportunity message me directly or email
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