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  1. Round 10 > open mansion and library. Buy chestplate before opening library, then get gold leggings and shotgun. Library corner for boss to bring their spawn closest to us
  3. Round 11 > P1 defends court, P2 mansion, P3 and P4 library.
  5. Round 19 > open dungeon buy sniper, iron chestplate. Rush opposite pos (P1 dungeon, P2 library, P3 mansion, P4 court)
  7. Round 20 > Rush wither and then go normal positions (P1 great hall, P2 mansion, P3 library, P4 dungeon) or rush library everyone to kill the last zombies if slow wither kill
  9. Round 21 > get power, buy ammo. New setup: P1 great hall, P2 mansion, P3 library, P4 dungeon.
  11. Round 22 > get perks, P1 switch with P3 only this round, P2 switch with P4 only this round.
  13. Round 26 > everyone corner the back of team machine and dragon wrath. Must corner or they will spawn dungeon and kill the run. Go back to pos P1 great hall, P2 mansion, P3 library, P4 dungeon.
  15. Round 30 > corner the throne
  17. when herobrine is dead > one attack balcony, three attack mansion
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