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Jul 20th, 2012
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  1. the 3f labor union has almost every single employed person working in the food serving industry. a restaurant has chosen to boykot the 3f union and have instead chosen to have its workers join a christian based union. 3f have then been standing outside the restaurant for some time now, and telling the visitors that the restaurant workers are in the wrong union.
  3. this is a pretty sucky thing to do by 3f, but in no way a valid reason to DDOS the site. and 3f is in NO way an Anon material. they are a labor union fighting a shitty cause to force people to join one of the major unions in Denmark, but they do ALOT of fighting for the working lower class people, and play a major political role when lawmakers and capitalists wants to pay less or remove rights from the working class, 3F can and has in the past tipped the scale in favor for the working class in many cases.
  5. Also, part of the DDOS was specifically aimed at a sub site of 3F, where unemployed members of the union have to sign in order to get payed.
  7. there have been cases showing that 3F leaders has received millions in so called "golden handshakes" when leaving the union, some of the causes the union choses to fight is stupid to say the least. as is the one that seems to be the reason why @elan0r1 aimed the DDOS at 3f in the first place.
  9. further more, in a statement to the press, @elan0r1 refers to what he sees as a fight for freedom of speech that has been going on in Denmark since the cartoons of the prophet Muhammed was printed in the early 2000's. it is well known in Denmark that the printing of these cartoons was a scheme put together by right wing news editor Flemming Rose, that from the Clash Of Civilizations Theory attempted to provoke the muslim people living in Denmark to react, as to further right wing doctrine claiming muslims was violent animals.
  11. This was called fighting for the freedom of speech, and while noone disagrees with the fact that one should be able to write, draw or say anything, it is widely known that freedom of speech was used only in an attempt to provoke. if you place yourself in the streets yelling profanities at random people, and someone finally hits you, you cannot use it as an argument for the people being violent.
  13. The DDOS was not carried out for the Lulz, and Anonymous was mentioned and was picked up by the media, along with threats given by @elan0r1 to keep the site down until 3f no longer protested outside the restaurant.
  15. this is a 99% labor union, it protests in a dumb way, trying to force a company to have its employees join the union, but it is in NO way an anon target.
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