[Yank] Bass Details

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  1. --[[
  2.         Editing Tutorial (Coming soon)
  3.                 On the deck.lua file, located at /sys/bass/, you find the commands and similar configurations.
  4.                 It is pretty much self explanatory so, I didn't wrote a tutorial for it yet. If you pretend to make a tutorial, feel free to contact me and I'll publish it on the file description.
  5. --]]
  7. ...
  9. --[[
  10.         FX Tutorial
  11.                 To make your own FX, you need to first, have a root/main table for it. Then, you need to create a table inside it named ABOUT and it must contain the following values: name (the FX name), author (the author of the FX), version (the version, (must be a string)) and commands (the table with the commands setup).
  13.         Note
  14.                 In case you don't know an FX is a plugin, an addon to the script
  15.                 To load an FX you simply need to place it (the lua file) on the /sys/lua/autorun folder
  17.         Here's a quick and simple example:
  18.                 Lets say you have a music script which would play music when you execute the command !music ...
  19. --]]
  21. MyFX = {}
  22. = "Background Music"
  23. = "_Yank"
  24. MyFX.version = "2.8.41gold"
  25. MyFX.commands = {
  26.         {"music", level = 0, func = "music.start", desc = "Play music"};
  27. }
  29. function music.start(id) ...
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