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  1. If a nurse has sadistic tendencies, it goes without saying she or he should not be in the profession to begin with. However, a person who exhibits this characteristic usually falls into the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Psychiatry (known as the DSM) category of Antisocial Personality or having Cluster “C" traits. This means the person lacks empathy for others, obtains pleasure from harming, especially if sadism exists and usually place themselves on a pedestal where they feel they are above others and the law. It is the most dangerous of personality disorders to have and is the most difficult to treat. This type of personality working with a vulnerable population is a recipe for disaster…these are the nurses who kill.
  3. Investigating Medicine
  4. Malpractice Media
  5. Forced Procedure
  6. Implied Consent
  7. Nursing and Rehabilitation
  8. Criminal Negligence
  9. Mandatory Reporter
  10. Family History
  11. Incest Son
  12. Tacoma Regency
  13. Bankrupt Repot
  14. Loans and Agreements
  15. Oxytocin and Sadism
  16. Social Responsibility
  17. Amanda L Parker
  18. Biochemical Abnormality
  19. Fraudulent Accounting
  20. Facility Involvement
  21. Employer Cover-up
  22. Mandatory Termination
  23. Quarterly Losses
  24. Projected Gains
  25. Legal Costs
  26. Procedural Error
  27. Implied Protection
  28. Ignored Assistance
  29. Extra Curricular Roles and Responsibility
  30. Unverified Suspicion
  31. Forced Procedure
  32. Assisted Progress
  33. Meeting Leader
  34. Official Leader-Assistant
  35. Inferior Passive Aggression
  36. Assumed Capacity
  37. Registered Nurse
  38. Concerned Caretaker
  39. Empathy Deficient
  40. Risk and Reward
  41. Wrongful Hiring
  42. Wrongful Termination
  43. Right to Discriminate
  44. Legally Responsible
  45. Ethically Defaulted
  46. Hearsay Harmless
  47. Washington State
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