Daily Routine

GodspeedYouBlackEmp Oct 20th, 2019 93 Never
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  1. :)
  3. My name's Charlotte and I'm an extremely over-endowed futa!
  5. It's spring break and I don't really have much to do (besides play on my switch, but I already played every game to death and I can't play with Sasha because she's away >m<) so I thought I'd do something fun and share my daily routine! I've written a few stories on here before and I thought some of you might like to know what I do for my daily routine! Don't worry, it'll be plenty lewd~... you guys can masturbate to my routine, I don't really mind hehe! My life's full of lewd scenarios and it kinda feels like a hentai comic!
  7. (oh, and just so you know, I might get a little "excited" when I write a few things out. just so you know, I'm probably making a mess of myself under my desk hehe.)
  9. Ooo, before I begin I should probably describe myself:
  11. Name: Charlotte
  12. Age: 18
  13. Hair: Auburn
  14. Eyes: Green
  15. Height: 5' 5"
  16. Weight: 208 lbs. (some of that is probably my huge cock >w<)
  17. Flaccid Penis Length: 10"
  18. Erect Penis Length: 2' 9" (up to my mouth lmao)
  19. Testicle Size: ~ 7.5" - 8" (basically soccerballs)
  20. Times I Masturbate per Day: 5-8 (sometimes more~)
  21. Average Cum Amount: ~ 15 - 20 liters (It's higher when I haven't nutted in a while or i get really super horny)
  22. Cum Record Amount: ~ 90 liters (i was so horny! >o<)
  23. Pre Leakage Amount: ~ 1-2 liter an hour, 5 when I'm /really/ horny (sometimes I squirt cum when I'm suddenly horny or someone scares me lmao)
  25. Alright, now onto my routine!!!
  27. Obviously, every morning I wake up from bed! But you might notice my huge cock my get in the way of many things in my routine >U>. Every night I have one or two... wet dreams, and by that I mean, I have a tendency to cum in my sleep <u< (I have this recurring dream where I'm cumming gallons and gallons into raven from the teen titans, impregnating her a thousand times over and oh god I'm leaking cum all over my desk aaaa). I have to wear a condom every time I go to bed, and it usually works. Usually. Every morning I tie up the filled condom and throw it into a pile into the corner of my room. Most of the time I just donate it to the futa cum collecting services, I don't like being wasteful. Honestly, I've always wondered how they operate, there must be hundreds of futas and hypercock boys producing thousands of gallons of cum every hour. I wonder if their equipment ever gets clogged up lol.
  29. Anyways, there are also some days where I forget to put on a condom or the condom breaks, and I just cum right onto my bed. It's always really gross but I'm also kinda into it in a weird way. I wake and I have to peel the blankets off me because they're just soaked with cum. I'm just thankful my moms are understanding and bought really good washing machines lmao. Sometimes I even wake up in the middle of a wet dream, mostly because I start cumming directly onto my face. For some reason, I always wake up trying to lap up the most cum I can lol >w<, I wish I can drink it all (I should probably put on a condom if I'm gonna keep making myself leak like this lmao, my poor desk).
  31. So, if I end up getting covered in cum or not, I always take a shower first thing. After I wash my hair and rinse off all the sweat and cum off my body, I beat the FUCK out of my dick >w<. Shower fapping is the best kind of fapping, the hot water running all over my cock, using my wet tits to rub my dick up and down, and blasting load after load onto the tiled shower walls. Sometimes me and Sasha have shower sex in there too OUO. We end up fucking for hours until the bathtub gets clogged with cum and our entire hands get wrinkly, and by that point, we've stuffed each other with so much cum we could barely stand but we keep blasting rope after rope of thick gooey semen onto each other and
  33. ...ok I'm back sorry hehe. I had to take a short break because I got so horny I just needed to nut right now. I'm sorta rolling this ~18-liter condom between my feet now. You're probably gonna see this happen a lot lol. this was probably a bad idea.
  35. Ok so after I've washed myself and flooded the bathtub with my liters of cum, I go downstairs for breakfast. Kathleen is usually the one that cooks my breakfast, which is several slices of bacon, a healthy portion of scrambled eggs, and a few slices of toast. Gotta keep that cum production up or else my balls will literally feast on my body fat :^l.
  37. If you're wondering, I have two moms. Ana is a futa, her cocks a little bigger than mine but I really wish I can outgrow her soon (ง •̀_•́)ง. . I guess she's technically my "dad" but she acts really motherly. Not as motherly as Kathleen though lol. She's not a futa but she looks exactly like every mom, though probably a little oversexualized lmao. Her boobs are so big, they could probably fully encase your head if she tried. Sometimes she'd wrap her boobs around my fat cock and milk me if I was way too horny and I wasn't able to calm myself down. She also lactates like crazy lol. She never wears a shirt because she stains them as soon as she puts them on lol (also her milk tastes really good >o<)
  39. (and I probably shouldn't say this but sometimes when I go downstairs I see Ana in a mating press with Kathleen on the kitchen table, idk why they always fuck on the kitchen table, they must have a fetish for fine wood furniture or something >m<.)
  41. After breakfast, I brush my teeth and head to highschool. I'm a senior atm (and legal owo) and I'm super fucking glad I'm almost out of this hellhole because THE AMERICAN EDUCATION SYSTEM IS A BURNING PILE OF FECES.
  43. uh...
  45. anyways, I always go to sit next to Sasha, my girlfriend.
  47. I need to pause for a moment because I wanna overshare about how much I love Sasha >w<. She's the cutest fucking thing in this entire town, and even though she might be kinda shy and introverted, she's one of the kindest and most genuine people I've met. Whenever she clings on to my arm, snuggling her head into my neck and telling me how much she loves me, I just instantly melt. oh yeah and she's super fucking hot too lol.
  49. She's kinda emo but that's also what makes her really cute. Her black hair's so pretty, I wish I got her hair genes hhhhhh. Her dicks ten or so inches shorter than mine, but her balls are fucking massive, they're twice the size of mine, maybe even a little bigger lmao. But god they're so fucking beautiful. I stg half the time I spend with her I just have my face buried between those two beautiful balls of hers, just taking in the scent of her nuts and hearing all the thick, voluminous semen slosh inside her testes. But the best parts are her cute little moans, especially when I start licking and sucking her nuts and she starts squealing like an adorable little piglet <3, and then she starts moaning as she cums liters and liters of semen all over her chubby little belly...
  51. Oh god... there goes condom #2 XD. sorry whenever I think about Sasha my balls just start going on overdrive, she's the only one that makes me so horny like that... oh, right, this was supposed to be about my routine XD!
  53. So, while we wait on the bus, we usually start kissing and maybe if we're feeling bold we start stroking and fondling each other's junks, but we've gotten in trouble with the bus driver before for cumming all over the bus seats before, so we just stick to kissing -w-.
  55. I got to McCathell's School for the Well Endowed. Don't let the fancy title fool you, this place is lewder than you could possibly imagine, since literally every student is either a futa or an incredibly hung boy. I guess we kinda gross out all the regular students, and honestly, I'd probably get irritated too if someone kept cumming all over me... well, I'd actually be heavily aroused but I'd understand if they got angry lmao. It's usually difficult to keep flaccid since everyone is required to wear skirts (the boys wear these breathable spats, idk why we can't wear them. they look so freaking comfy >:^( ), and everyone's got foot long dicks and basketball sized testes. I mean, we're also required to wear condoms too but it's kinda hard to lug a condom filled with 20 liters of cum, especially when you're late to class and you can't leave filled condoms in the falls. Also, unsurprisingly, there's almost always cum on the floor too. The janitors in this school do not get paid enough omo.
  57. I spend the first three periods sitting through classes, I really don't think you care about what I do in trigonometry lmao. Though, there's this one girl in my math class named Lucy that probably has the biggest testes in the entire school. They're like, the size of barrels and she literally has to lug them around in a wheelchair. She's also constantly leaking cum, it seems like her balls are just super overproductive. I feel kinda bad for her tbh :^(. Me and Sasha are planning on doing something for her birthday which is coming up in like a week. She's one of the nicest girls in the class and she definitely deserves every bit of kindness that comes her way. Maybe we could even hang out after school! that'd be fun :D!
  59. OMG I ALSO NEED TO TALK ABOUT GEORGIA, SHE IS SO ANNOYING!!! She has the biggest dick in class, maybe even the school at like five or six feet idk its fucking huge, and she has to act like she's the king of this school. THIS ISN'T A FUCKING ANIME GEORGIA, JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE SENIOR PRESIDENT DOESN'T MEAN YOU RUN THE FUCKING SCHOOL.
  61. I need to stop talking about her, even thinking about Georgia makes me flaccid lmao.
  63. So yeah I slog through my classes and end up with a twenty minute fap break in between 3rd and 4th. My school has facilities where you can cum as much as you want without messing up the halls and classrooms. They're great, in the middle there's a giant pool that you cum into, and they're surrounded by these large fleshlight things on stands that you can fuck as hard as you want. ooo I need to find out where the school buys those, they're AMAZING >0<. they have a bunch of different settings for tightness, vibration, heat, and lubing, god I'm leaking just thinking about them. I'm just glad my mom works at a clinic and they have those things, otherwise I'd probably develop withdrawal symptoms once I graduate XD.
  65. So after that is more classes, lunch with Sasha and a few other friends, more classes, and then we leave. Sorry, schools not very exciting to talk about imo. Oh, they also open up the fap rooms for two hours after school ends, and thank god for that honestly, me and Sasha would spend the entire two hours milking ourselves and making out between breaks. Teachers are chaperoning the fap rooms because we're not allowed to have sex in there, which kinda sucks most of the fun out of it (but Sasha and I managed to fuck a few times without them noticing >W<)
  67. awww fuck, I just came again. See, Sasha makes my dick go WILD. unf, I could fill a bathtub just by thinking about her personality alone.
  69. After school Sasha usually goes home (not before an extensive make out session with her owo) and I come back home too. Once I arrive home, I procrastinate on homework, eat dinner, play vidya, cum repeatedly over and over again, and go to sleep. I've been playing this really cute game called "Katamari Damacy" on the switch. Holy shit the Prince is FUCKING ADORABLE. I desperately need a figurine of him on my desk >o<! Not to mention the game is so fucking addicting. God damn, I play it at 8 pm and before I know it its 1 am. And... uh... The King of All Cosmos' tight pants does some things to me >w<.
  71. On Friday nights, I take Sasha home and we just spend hours with each other in my bed. Sometimes we put on a movie and I wrap the covers around us as I hug her tightly, eventually falling asleep with my hands wrapped around her belly and my face in her hair. Those moments where I wake up, warm and cozy, and I see Sasha, still sleeping, breathing the cutest little moans <333, I live for those!!! Of course, there are other days where we're horny to the max. I push her onto the bed, already kissing her furiously. I travel down to her balls where I worship them extensively, kissing and licking and sucking them all over until Sasha moans out "I want to be inside you~~~!" I ride her until I empty out her balls and my stomach bloats with all of her thick, juicy semen, and then I fuck her senseless until I blast load after load inside her pussy. God, she makes the most adorable little aheago face when she orgasms its just
  73. fuck fuck fuck, I came way tooo hard this time >M<, it must've been at least 35 liters. the fucking condom broke! well "broke" is an understatement. It fucking exploded while I was in the middle of my orgasm, and now the underside of my desk is now entirely coated in a thick layer of jizz. uuuugh, why did her family have to take her to Italy over spring break. My balls are so blue, my dick NEEDS to be inside her...
  75. ...I don't really like how lonely the days feel without her. I want her in my arms soon...
  77. aaaaa okay I really need to clean up. That was my routine :DDD. I know it's different from what I usually write but if you want more blog posts like this feel free to let me know!!! :D
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