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  1. INSERT INTO movies VALUES ('Parent Trap','1998','Nancy Meyers','USA','6.1','Adventure','66304095','Charles Shyer');
  2. INSERT INTO Movies VALUES ('Forrest Gump','1994','Robert Zemeckis','USA','8.7','Comedy','673800000','Wendy Finerman');
  3. INSERT INTO Movies VALUES ('Schindlers List','1993','Steven Spielberg','USA','8.9','Biography','317100000','Steven Spielberg');
  4. INSERT INTO Movies VALUES ('Titanic','1997','James Cameron','USA','7.5','Adventure','1843200000','James Cameron');
  5. INSERT INTO Movies VALUES ('Inception',2010','Christopher Nolan',''USA','8.9','Action','825,532,764','James Cameron');
  6. INSERT INTO Movies VALUES ('The Departed','2006','Martin Scorsese','USA','8.5','Crime','289800000','Brad Grey');
  7. INSERT INTO Movies VALUES ('The Shawshank Redemption','1994','Frank Darabont','USA','9.2','Crime','58500000','Niki Marvin');
  8. INSERT INTO Movies VALUES ('Saving Private Ryan','1998','Steven Spielberg','USA','8.5','Action','224700000','Steven Spielberg');
  12. CREATE TABLE Actors (
  13.     Title           varchar(30),
  14.     Year         int,        
  15.     Character_name      varchar(30),
  16.     Actor        varchar(30)
  17. );
  19. INSERT INTO Actors VALUES ('Parent Trap','1998','Hallie Parker','Lindsay Lohan');
  20. INSERT INTO Actors VALUES ('Parent Trap','1998','Annie James','Lindsay Lohan');
  21. INSERT INTO Actors VALUES ('Forrest Gump','1994','Forrest Gump','Tom Hanks');
  22. INSERT INTO Actors VALUES ('Schindlers List','1993','Oskar Schindler','Liam Neeson');
  23. INSERT INTO Actors VALUES ('Titanic','1997','Jack Dawson','Leonardo DiCaprio');
  24. INSERT INTO Actors VALUES ('Inception','2010','Cobb','Leonardo DiCaprio');
  25. INSERT INTO Actors VALUES ('The Departed','2006','Billy','Leonardo DiCaprio');
  26. INSERT INTO Actors VALUES ('The Shawshank Redemption','1994','Andy Dufresne','Tim Robbins');
  27. INSERT INTO Actors VALUES ('Saving Private Ryan','1998', 'Capt. John H. Miller','Tom Hanks');
  31. CREATE TABLE Awards (
  32.     Title            varchar(80),
  33.     Year         int,        
  34.     Award    varchar(50),
  35.     Result   varchar(30)
  36. );
  38. INSERT INTO Awards VALUES ('Parent Trap','1998','Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, Favourite Female Newcomer','Nominated');
  39. INSERT INTO Awards VALUES ('Forrest Gump','1994','Oscar, Best Actor','Won');
  40. INSERT INTO Awards VALUES ('Forrest Gump','1994','Golden Globe, Best Actor','Won');
  41. INSERT INTO Awards VALUES ('Schindlers List','1993','Oscar, Best Picture','Won');
  42. INSERT INTO Awards VALUES ('Titanic','1997','Oscar, Best Picture','Won');
  43. INSERT INTO Awards VALUES ('Inception','2010','Oscar, Best Motion Picture','Nominated');
  44. INSERT INTO Awards VALUES ('The Departed','2006','Oscar, Best Achievement in Directing','Won');
  45. INSERT INTO Awards VALUES ('The Shawshank Redemption','1994','Oscar, Best Actor','Nominated');
  46. INSERT INTO Awards VALUES ('Saving Private Ryan','1998',
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