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  1. ME:
  3. Hello,
  4. My ID is ....
  5. After an auto-updateW, when I launched 8pool, the loading phase was much longer that usual, once the game has been loaded the game makes me join an unwanted jakarta pool game (bug??) :((
  6. I lost 50k of my 70k because I was bringing in jakarta, game that I never joined and never wanted to. :(
  7. What can I do?
  8. Best regards,
  9. Swenerick
  12. THEM:
  14. Hello Swenerick,
  15. Thank you for contacting Miniclip Support.
  16. I'm really sorry that happened, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do to help..
  17. For any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  18. Have a great day and enjoy playing our games!
  19. Best regards,
  20. Todd
  21. Miniclip Support
  22. Miniclip SA
  23. Case Postale 2671
  24. 2001 Neuch√Ętel
  25. Switzerland
  28. ME:
  30. wow!
  31. Then I wonder what the support is made for!
  32. Thank you for your "help" and the great compensation offer.
  33. If I have any further question, be sure I will contact you, Todd.
  34. I wish you a great day and don't forget to enjoy earning money!
  35. Best regards,
  36. A poor but very happy customer for sure.
  37. P.S: I think I will try other great Miniclip games :-)
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