DOAHDM Beach Paradise Install Guide

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  1. Dummies guide to getting DOAHDM to work:
  3. Just do as follows:
  5. 1 - Download the free core fighters game off steam ( )
  6. 2 - Go here - - Click AIO Game Update & DLC (up to v1.09 & Summer Festival Set): --> can be used to update from any game version
  7. 3 - Download all files under GAME UPDATE & DLC sub-categories.
  8. 4 - Extract into 2 different folders once you have all of these.
  9. 5 - Download these 2 files under AquaPlus Mashup Set DLC & Game Update 18 / v1.09H:
  10. Game Update
  11. DLC - official version
  12. 6 - Grab your game.exe in the doa folder and keep that somewhere safe for now
  13. 7 - Move all contents from 3DMGAME-Dead.or.Alive.5.Last.Round.Update.17(v1.09).and.Crack-3DM - update & crack folders into your doa folder (overwriting if prompted)
  14. 8 - Move all contents from 3DMGAME-Dead.or.Alive.5.Last.Round.v1.09.DLC.Pack.Updated.20161115-3DM - Dead or Alive 5 Last Round folder into doa folder (overwriting if prompted)
  15. 9 - Move all contents from DOA5LR - 1.09H.rar into doa folder (overwriting if prompted)
  16. 10 - Move 564440 folder from DOA5LR.Aquaplus.Mashup.rar into DLC folder in doa folder
  17. 11 - Go to, click mega link to latest version (mega:///#F!NFhG2bpJ!yZyIiHvuiHcgn1knT9p6lw) download DOAHDM beach paradise (# here), fixed 3dm ini, readme & autolink 2.60
  18. 12 - Read the readme (put below and translated better):
  20. Installation Instructions:
  21. - Delete or backup existing Autolink folder and DLC mods (THIS IS IMPORTANT)
  22. - Move the contents of the DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round folder inside the Autolink 2.60 folder to your "DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round" directory if you do not have an updated Autolink version already
  23. - Move the "DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round" folder inside the DOAHDM Beach Paradise folder into your DEAD OR ALIVE 5 LAST ROUND folder (game installation folder)
  25. 13 - Move the fixed 3dm ini file into your doa folder (overwriting)
  26. 14 - Move the .exe mentioned in step 6 back into your doa folder (overwriting)
  27. 15 - Grab the Hotkey Guide.png file inside DOAHDM Beach paradise (##) and keep it somewhere handy, memorize the keybinds.
  28. 16 - Start the game, now if you're playing normally at the character select screen you will get to choose tan options after picking a costume but before confirming. You could use the 1-6 shortcut keys too but you won't see the effect until you go to another costume then back
  29. 17 - For alternate playmode go to extras, movies and pick private paradise. When you're at the costume selection screen hold F9 & hit 1-6 depending on the costume you chose (refer to hotkey guide.png) then hit one of the other corresponding keys highlighted without holding F9 then select the scene and bam; it'll play.
  30. 18 - Go have fun & hopefully you're over this age.
  32. ~~~Blazco -
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