Double Cross - Asagao Part 3

Aug 19th, 2015
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  1. [17:38] <Cherem> Evening has fallen, and Viktor's hammer as well: his servants are converging on the Halfway house like a swarm of milky white locusts, intent on snatching and stealing the UGN children within.
  2. [17:39] <Cherem> Watching, Ian's managed to drop a venom grenade in the center of one of the mobs, but the tide hasn't been staunched. The enemy is legion, although you've managed to gain their attention.
  3. [17:40] <Cherem> While most of the Servants aren't even dressed: white, featureless bodies without even hair, you catch glimpses occasionally of... not uniforms, but armor.
  4. [17:46] <Cherem> While many of the servants have fallen, you see four figures step forward: two of them are dressed in stylized silver and black armor, with blank faceplates granting brief slits of their faces. Both of them are carrying swords. The two others are lightly armored, with red robes and white tassles, their longer arms holding recurve bows of black horn and finely-fletched arrows with black feathers.
  5. [17:47] <Cherem> They don't seem to know where you are exactly, but they seem to express more intelligence than their brethren, on-guard while the others simply run for the house.
  6. [18:01] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian props himself on the corner of the roof he's on, then fires off an HE from the grenade launcher he has produced, detonation shaking the streets.
  7. [18:05] <Cherem> The last coats the four in smoke, and when it rises they look worse for the wear, armor scorched and clothing torn. They don't look shaken though, instead hefting their weapons to prepare for battle.
  8. [18:05] <Cherem> Mary launches a quick burst of white and blue light at one of the ranged enemies.
  9. [18:08] <Cherem> The bolt catches the first of the ranged opponents in a gap of it's armor, punching through and leaving the thing dying... just barely.
  10. [18:18] <Cherem> The other one pulls back it's bowstring wiht a mightly heft, and the arrows on the strong multiply. They blast forward screaming like a hot kettle, fast as lightning.
  11. [18:19] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie is hit and stagers firing off some shots but just barely missing.
  12. [18:20] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko catches one with her torso, nearly tumbling over. She hisses and shakes it off before jumping off the roof and running for the servants with swords.
  13. [18:23] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian then fetches his rifle and aims dead center on the torse of the other ranged one. The bullet pierces it like jello, cutting it in half.
  14. [18:30] <Cherem> Mary follows up, firing at one of the ones moving towards Junko now, and the shot punches a hole clean through it's armor, but it moves forward, relentless as a tank.
  15. [18:32] <Cherem> As Junko is already there, they both take the opportunity to strike out at her!
  16. [18:34] <Cherem> Their blades lash out, but fail to cut through her armor.
  17. [18:35] <Tsuboki_Junko> "At least put up a fight!"
  18. [18:38] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie takes advantage of the light-arrow shaped hole in one of the swordman's armor and fires a clip-full of acidic ammunition in a tight formation towards it.
  19. [18:39] <Cherem> The bullets punch through it's armor, and it pauses mid-backswing to collapse into ashes and blood.
  20. [18:48] <Tsuboki_Junko> The delinquent girl transforms almost immediately into her typical and familiar dinoroid battle form, though the tail is new. She strikes out with a scaled fist, easily pasting one of the sword-wielding servants.
  21. [18:49] <Cherem> the Servant raises it's sword like it's going to block, but her fist punches right through it's faceplate and sends the thing crashing to the ground. It lingers for a moment, before disappearing into ash.
  22. [18:51] <Cherem> Behind it, you see that the flow of creatures has slowed, and it looks like there's only a handful that would actually stand in your way to dropping into the sewers. Meanwhile, the house looks like it's been through hell, and you can catch the flashes of gunfire and the rat-tat-tat bursting of automatics.
  23. [18:51] <Tsuboki_Junko> "If Viktor gets to decide how these things look when he makes them it really seems kinda self masturbatory y'know?"
  24. [18:52] <Cherem> "Eh? They don't look like him, do they?" Mary pauses, kneeling by one of the piles of ashes, before glancing at the house.
  25. [18:52] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian swiftly runs down the building, joining up with the group. He's bloodied and panting. "Well, at least we're standing. C'mon, before things get worse."
  26. [18:52] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I just mean the details, like a scientists wanking to classical music just because he's smart."
  27. [18:54] <Jamie_Knapp> "So, do we go to the house first or find Victor?"
  28. [18:54] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Gotta protect the kids."
  29. [18:54] <Cherem> "If we clear the house, he may try to escape again," Mary muses, "But if we attack him..."
  30. [18:55] <Ian_Goodwill> "The sewers again. Right. Got it."
  31. [18:55] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian is less than amused by this idea, not that he's not used to it by now.
  32. [18:55] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie nods. "If we take out the source first then the second objective will have sorted itself out." She sighed and looked at the sewers. "Let's get to it."
  33. [18:57] <Cherem> The servants that come at you aren't even worth the effort- looking at them sternly would probably be enough to kill them. Not really, but a stern punch or bullet renders them to dust fast enough. The manhole beckons.
  34. [18:57] <Tsuboki_Junko> "You sure about that? Really sure?"
  35. [19:00] <Jamie_Knapp> "I think it's time for us to ba agressive for once. It's as good a plan as any."
  36. [19:01] <Ian_Goodwill> "Be aggressive, right." Ian sighs and adjusts his night vision goggles.
  37. [19:01] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Got a bad feeling. Something happens to those kids and I'll be mad."
  38. [19:02] <Ian_Goodwill> "I doubt a Bram can maintain his servants after death." Ian smirks at Junko.
  39. [19:03] <Cherem> "They have their handlers and their guards," Mary chews her cheek, "And Viktor is a serious threat, no?" She hesitates.
  40. [19:03] <Tsuboki_Junko> "And if he decides to hurt them because we show up to kick his ass? It's a badguy thing."
  41. [19:04] <Jamie_Knapp> "So we give him an option he cant resist. Give him something dramatic."
  42. [19:07] <Cherem> As you talk, you realize that there's a distinct lack of gunfire from inside: there are still servants pushing in through the doors though.
  43. [19:08] <Cherem> Ian as a matter of fact hear the sickening crunch of a blade punching through stamped metal and chestplate.
  44. [19:09] <Cherem> As you descend, rather
  45. [19:09] * Tsuboki_Junko looks up the way they'd come.
  46. [19:10] <Ian_Goodwill> "The faster we are, the faster these servants are deactivated, Junko." Ian follows shortly after.
  47. [19:10] <Cherem> Back at the house, there's just the servants. And blood. Lots of blood you can see through the windows, the light blue walls stained red and black in bits. And the white servants.
  48. [19:12] <Cherem> As you move down, you can hear footsteps, more of the mindless servants. The dim red light makes them easy to see, as they stare up at you. They'd be easy to force your way through, incapable of putting up an actual defense. In fact, it looks like they're just watching.
  49. [19:14] <Ian_Goodwill> "So what now? Follow the line of servants until we fall into a trap?"
  50. [19:15] <Cherem> Away from them, you can hear a coughing, and the slight shift of armor. Maybe another 40-50m away.
  51. [19:15] <Cherem> Slight, as in "there are several suits moving at once".
  52. [19:17] <Ian_Goodwill> "I'm kinda out of juice here." Ian frowns as he shoulders his rifle, expecting the worse.
  53. [19:18] <Cherem> Mary drops down last, and as you reach the ground the Servants part like a wave, leaving a thin line for you to walk in single-file.
  54. [19:19] <Jamie_Knapp> "Well. That's an invitation if I've ever seen one."
  55. [19:19] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Seems like we're expected."
  56. [19:20] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian decides to make humor as he walks past the servants, bowing to each of them. "Gomen. Gomen. Gomen. Gomen."
  57. [19:20] <Ian_Goodwill> He's trying to lighten the mood, at least.
  58. [19:21] <Cherem> Mary jabs at him with her bow, frowning and following.
  59. [19:21] <Ian_Goodwill> "Oh, you don't have to hit me in the gapping wound!"
  60. [19:22] <Cherem> Mary jabs him again.
  61. [19:23] * Tsuboki_Junko grumbles seemingly to herself.
  62. [19:23] <Cherem> As you walk, the servants close behind you, following quietly. Behind you, the sounds of the fighting die out, and then just the echo of the sewers. And up ahead, a line of Servants, in stylized uniform and armor yet again, wielding halberds in both hands. They watch you emotionlessly, metal facemasks covering their eyes and heads. Behind them...
  63. [19:24] <Cherem> "Ah... my favorite guests." Viktor the Red turns, still a good 20m away from you, 5m away from his guards.
  64. [19:25] <Ian_Goodwill> "I wouldn't like to see your worst enemies, then." Ian pokes one of the 18th century era Servants with curisoity, right on the breastplate.
  65. [19:25] <Cherem> Dressed in a fine black outfit of velvet, his shirt is open, and his chest is weeping with pinpricks of blood. In one hand is a fine mace-like walking stick, the other resting in a sling across his chest.
  66. [19:26] <Cherem> The guard tilts it's head at a weird angle, the others staring at the group.
  67. [19:27] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian sticks his tongue out at the guard before turning his attention to Viktor again.
  68. [19:27] <Cherem> "I should hope not," Viktor laughs, "Such an unholy alliance would be most troubling. Now, why have you come to disturb my plans, yet again. There is no UGN barking at your heels, I have heard." He frowns, boots and walking stick clicking as he steps forward.
  69. [19:29] <Ian_Goodwill> "Maybe we're just good, soft-hearted people in the end. Have you considered so? Using children for your ends is quite despicable, Renegade or not."
  70. [19:31] <Cherem> Viktor doesn't roll his eyes, but he certainly does smirk. "My ends? I seek a world where their kind, our kind, reigns supreme, as is natural. Your 'soft-hearted' taskmasters do the same, training children from the ground up." He spreads his (single working) arm wide, "I merely offer an opportunnity for them to fight for a world where they are not reviled."
  71. [19:32] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Right, look. We don't buy your crap and you don't buy ours. Fantastic. I want a duel!" She points with a clawed finger.
  72. [19:33] <Cherem> "...Ugh." Viktor looks at his arm, "Shall I nominate a champion?"
  73. [19:34] <Jamie_Knapp> "You are offered a chance to settle this conflict once and for all and you want to offer us a substitute? Really?"
  74. [19:35] <Cherem> "As much as I would love to commit myself to combat," His sarcasm is palpable, "The effort of maintaining my Servants prevents me. My guard will face you." With that, he shrugs and his guard tense up, ready for combat.
  75. [19:36] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Why do I keep listening to you?" Junko looks over her shoulder at Jamie. "I'll try to keep his friend busy while you guys aim for Vic."
  76. [19:37] <Tsuboki_Junko> friends*
  77. [19:38] <Jamie_Knapp> "At this point I really don't know, Jamie readies her pistol."
  78. [19:45] <Ian_Goodwill> "Fuck that noise." Ian suddenly produces a large rifle, using his overed powers to brace himself, loading into it an Anti-Renegade AP cartridge.
  79. [19:45] <Cherem> Mary nods, and prepares herself.
  80. [19:51] <Ian_Goodwill> Viktor would've been destroyed probably, if not for his guards moving in to protect him. Though they're swiftly reduced to a pile of rubble by the powerful round.
  81. [19:51] <Cherem> When Ian's attack comes, Viktor's eyes glow red and he beckons to the side with his arm, and one of the groups of Servants leaps to defend him!
  82. [19:51] <Cherem> And just like that, they're gone.
  83. [19:51] <Cherem> "How unfortunate." Viktor sniffs.
  84. [19:57] <Cherem> Mary's hair and form light as she channels her spirit, and from her hands, a multi-facet bolt of light blasts into them: when one of the groups jumps to guard Viktor, it takes the full brunt of her attack. She doesn't burn through all of them, but they're damaged.
  85. [20:00] <Cherem> The first group lunges at Junko, swinging their blades! If their target was a mere human they'd connect.
  86. [20:02] <Tsuboki_Junko> She dodges the attack with a grin. "Lookin' to have me kick your asses first then?"
  87. [20:06] <Cherem> Jamie's subsequent shots punch past the line of men and a bullet connects, going straight through Viktor as he howls in pain, cursing in some foreign language.
  88. [20:09] <Cherem> "You... Pizda!" Viktor gasps, gritting his teeth. And then the ground around him swirls and spins, and from a ghostly netherworld, three figures step out. Bedecked in armor and wielding blades, they stand between you and Viktor, swords at the ready, hair white as snow and armor polished like the sun.
  89. [20:11] <Jamie_Knapp> "Push forward!"
  90. [20:16] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko seems to do just that Jamie, stepping forward and raking at the guards with her sharpened black claws.
  91. [20:17] <Cherem> They fall before her like wheat to a scythe,her claws tearing through their armor like paper and sending them down.
  92. [20:20] <Ian_Goodwill> Another shot is taken at Viktor, only for another of his minions to take the hit for him.
  93. [20:20] <Ian_Goodwill> The minion is utterly destroyed under the power of the overed.
  94. [20:21] <Cherem> Mary follows Ian's example, aiming at the second of Ian's new guards!
  95. [20:23] <Ian_Goodwill> "You're cornered like a pup, Viktor. All you can do is slow us down." Ian taunts after his shot, wishing to end this faster.
  96. [20:25] <Cherem> "Wouldn't you know. In fact, I'd say I've already won. Even if I die here," Viktor snarls.
  97. [20:27] <Jamie_Knapp> "Do tell."
  98. [20:29] <Cherem> "Quit your wit," Viktor snaps back, waving his hand as his minion flings itself forward.
  99. [20:30] <Cherem> The thing darts forward, longsword at the lower position. With grace the others seemed to miss, it comes in low, before using it's position to stab the blade up through Junko's armor. It's blade, previously innert, flashes with a red light the second before it hits, and the Servant lets out a cough of blood as it strikes!
  100. [20:32] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko falls, dead. As dead as an Overed can be anyway.
  101. [20:33] <Cherem> The Servant almost looks proud of itself, if it can with blood running down it's mouth and arms barely able to pull the sword back. That attack took the life from it in more than one way.
  102. [20:34] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie spots an opening and fires, "Then Die, Victor."
  103. [20:36] <Cherem> Frowning, in his last attempt at Hubris Viktor left himself undefended. The bullet punches through his chest and sends him... he collapses. Like a bag of sand, he falls to the ground. Eyes wide, he barely manages a death rattle, as dramatic as it would be.
  104. [20:37] <Cherem> Around you, the Servants watching the battle collapse, merely held up by his weakening spirit, and the servant that just so recently impaled Junko lets out a sigh as it crumbles, sword falling to the ground and turning to rust and dust.
  105. [20:37] <Cherem> Mary lets out a sigh, covering her mouth. "Is.... is it over?"
  106. [20:38] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie walks over to the body of Victor and pumps several shots into it.
  107. [20:38] <Cherem> Viktor doesn't move, and as the bullets punch into the aristocrat's body, it too crumbles, leaving behind his fine clothing and a pile of gaudy jewelry.
  108. [20:39] <Ian_Goodwill> "Thus ends the story of Viktor the Red. In a place nearly as shitty as he is. I'd say, let's search the place. Maybe there's just a bit more to this."
  109. [20:40] <Cherem> Really this doesn't even look like a hideout. Just Viktor's way of getting around out of sight.
  110. [20:40] <Jamie_Knapp> "Save it. He said he'd already won. We gotta check on the kids."
  111. [20:41] <Ian_Goodwill> "You're right. We can at least check up on that."
  112. [20:41] <Cherem> Mary nods, "And soon." She doesn't even hesitate, flying towards the manhole. Must be convenient, not having to step over all the dust.
  113. [20:42] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko gets up and follows.
  114. [20:42] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian's veins are bulging and throbbing as the overed really is taking him over. He's panting heavy with effort as he steps out.
  115. [20:43] <Cherem> Back up the ladder, it's like a ghost town, but with a significant lack of tumbleweeds. The house is painfully silent: not even the sound of children or the guards. Something is deeply, deeply wrong.
  116. [20:44] <Cherem> "It's... too quiet." Mary runs forward, making a beeline for the house.
  117. [20:44] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko's grinding her teeth.
  118. [20:45] <Cherem> Inside... You may be getting too used to blood.
  119. [20:45] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie's right behind her. "Ian, watch the street, keep your ears open."
  120. [20:45] <Jamie_Knapp> "Fuck."
  121. [20:46] <Cherem> There's no sign of the guards: blood splatters over the walls from the hordes of servants, impacts in the wall from bullets, the house may have once looked really, really nice.
  122. [20:47] <Cherem> Now, the baby blue and light green walls are dyed brown and black, and you occasionally come face-to-face with the guards. Dead, one at greeting hall, gun still clutched in his hand, one at the top of the stairs with his ribcage punched clean through.
  123. [20:48] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian realises that this is a lot of blood. The virus in his throbs painfully at the sight of it, and he feels like a failure and a danger for himself and everyone he cares for. He feels an impulse taking him over, and before he knows, his rifle is in his mouth again, pulling the trigger.
  124. [20:51] <Cherem> Mary covers her mouth, lifting her shirt to stop the smell. "This is..."
  125. [20:53] <Tsuboki_Junko> A lot like last time Junko manages to somehow be faster than Ian with the trigger. She catches the bullet in her palm and uses the same hand to slug him.
  126. [20:54] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I tried to say something! No one listens!"
  127. [20:54] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian is slammed to the ground, staring off at Junko, bloodied and in panic obviously. He recoils into a corner of the room, repentent, not stating a word as he brings his knees to his chest.
  128. [20:54] <Cherem> "Gunshot?!" Mary whirls, "Ah... Ah, Ian-san..."
  129. [20:55] <Tsuboki_Junko> "You take a long look around and live with it." She's quite livid but luck for all of them her Renegade hasn't gone off the deep end.
  130. [20:55] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie turns at the sound of the shot. She looks at Junko, then at Ian. "Buddy, Let's get some drinks later, alright? First we gotta look for survivors."
  131. [20:55] <Cherem> "Ah..." She nods and moves to his side, kneeling, "You two go ahead, we'll take a break for a moment..."
  132. [20:56] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian just breaks into tears. Today's been a long day. These missions are getting more and more dangerous. He doesn't know if he can carry on, if it's of any use.
  133. [20:57] <Ian_Goodwill> "Are we... is there a reason for this? Are we ever going to come up on top?"
  134. [20:57] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie looks down, and then turns to head deeper into the house, looking for any signs of survivors or where the kids might have gone.
  135. [20:58] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko all but pulls her hair out, heading off with Jamie to look for survivors.
  136. [20:58] <Cherem> "Ah... Well, we fall down to get back up, right? And Now, the person responsible is dead, and we stoppe dhim." Mary smiles a litle, sitting beside him and gently petting his head, "It'll be okay."
  137. [21:00] <Cherem> There's another hallway at the top of the stairs, and another corpse. The guard's been severed, from waist to shoulder, his face surprised and eyes wide. And then, a burbling, wet cough. The slow swinging open of the door.
  138. [21:00] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian is sobbing like a man who seems to have lost any will to continue. "I need to go home. I don't want to deal with this anymore."
  139. [21:01] <Cherem> "Who the hell..." The UGN Handler looks right at you, eyes beaded and forehead covered in sweat, mussing up her black hair. One of her arms is red and ragged, cut to pieces, the other is holding a pistol.
  140. [21:01] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Easy, we're the help."
  141. [21:02] <Jamie_Knapp> "We stopped the cause of this, we need to know if the kids are safe."
  142. [21:02] <Cherem> Mary chews her cheek and hugs him gently, "Ah... Let it out. It's good to let it out." She goes quiet, "We'll be okay soon. We'll see your sister again and it'll all be worth it. Remember she's at home, waiting for you."
  143. [21:03] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian simply pulls his legs closer to his chest. He doesn't care if Junko's gonna berate him for this later. He softens a bit when Mary hugs him, but he's still... out of it, to say the least.
  144. [21:03] <Cherem> "... Kids..." The Handler trembles, gun hand slacking, then raising quickly, "The last ones said they were here to protect them too! One of them was a rat- give me your identifiers! Your names, damnit!" A manic edge creeps into her voice, and she thrusts the gun at them.
  145. [21:04] <Tsuboki_Junko> "The kids, are they here or not?" Junko slowly puts her scaley arms in the air.
  146. [21:07] <Cherem> She looks shaken, and she shakes her head, "No. No, they're not. And even if they were, I wouldn't tell you without knowing who you are. I'm tired of these dopplegangers, tired, tired," She leans against the doorway, "It's been bad. Real bad. But... Shit, I don't know you people. I need a name," She's almost pleading for a reason to not shoot.
  147. [21:11] <Jamie_Knapp> "I'm Safety, this is Knight. We're part of the crimes research division and we've been following the trail of this guy for too long. We missed our chance to save you this tragedy but we did nail him. Now all we have to do is find those kids."
  148. [21:12] <Cherem> The Handler hesitates, her hand dropping, "I... I see. Oh, thank god." She sinks against the door frame, "They... They're gone."
  149. [21:13] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Can you describe the person that took them?"
  150. [21:13] <Cherem> She looks really, really badly beaten: if her arm wasn't an indicator, the red blood stain her clothing leaves on the white doorframe certainly is. A stiff push would knock her down.
  151. [21:15] <Cherem> "One of our guys. False Heart Double Agent, or something." She shudders, gun limp in her lap, "An Overed, with black hair... he was wearing glasses, spoke with authority. I thought he was in charge, but I guess... Exile, I think, didn't even need the gun he came in with."
  152. [21:15] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Never freakin' ends."
  153. [21:16] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie looks over at Junko when the girl mentions double Agents. "Do you have any idea where he might have gone?"
  154. [21:16] <Cherem> "That's the thing about backs, I guess they're easy to stab," She lets out a lilting, tittering laugh, "I... Sorry, I didn't manage to get him. Managed to blow off a piece of his face when he tried to take the kids, before he knocked me out."
  155. [21:17] <Cherem> "There's a doctor around here, City N, what I did to him will take real work to fix. Even the rengade..." She looks up at you, her eyes red and mascara smudged, "I made him suffer a bit. But... It wasn't enough."
  156. [21:17] <Ian_Goodwill> It takes a moment but Ian stands up again. He gives Mary a warm embrace before picking up his rifle and leaving the building, sitting on the porch. Expecting authorities to arrive soon, probably. Fire hydrant spouting water as Ian's grenade had destroyed it, impact crater on the road. He takes out a cigarette and begins smoking it.
  157. [21:18] <Cherem> Mary returns the hug, "See... it's good to let it out." She smiles a little, looking back at the house. "And... I'm sure it all worked out.
  158. [21:18] <Jamie_Knapp> "It will be though. We have a lead and with that we might save those kids yet." SHe looked at Junko. "Let's get her some medical gear and see if we can't catch up to this guy."
  159. [21:20] <Cherem> The woman shakes her head, "I'll be okay. We keep medicine downstairs. I just need... need a little rest." She says that, and lets go of her gun, pulling her long legs close to her chest.
  160. [21:20] <Tsuboki_Junko> "She can take mine." the humanoid dinoroid offers her medical pack to the Agent despite looking about as beat up.
  161. [21:21] <Cherem> She looks up, and takes it carefully, "I... I won't deny your kindness. But... Just, be careful. That man, he was ruthless. And... I had four kids. I think one of them got away, he'll regroup at our meeting point." She looks at her feet, "Just get somebody there, I'll meet him when I can... Haaa." She sighs, "How'm I gonna explain this..."
  162. [21:22] <Jamie_Knapp> "You did what you could. That's how you explain this. Where is the meeting point?"
  163. [21:23] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian then steps back in for a moment, cigarette on his lips. "It's true, if he was a double agent, he knows the meeting point, most likely."
  164. [21:23] <Cherem> She smiles weakly, "I... It's... Well, You're UGN. Mother knows, don't worry about it. We'll get him in contact with you."
  165. [21:23] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I'll inform the others." A look to Jamie and she's heading back downstairs, shaking off her battle form as she goes.
  166. [21:23] <Cherem> Mary turns back, "Junko-chan... What did you say Ian?"
  167. [21:24] <Ian_Goodwill> "The meeting point, where they're supposed to regroup. If that Exile is a double agent, he'd probably know about it."
  168. [21:25] <Jamie_Knapp> "Thanks for your help. Someone will be here soon, I'm sure." Jamie heads down too.
  169. [21:28] <Cherem> The agent nods, and starts the lengthy process of healing herself.
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