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  1. [00:24] *Simply Chloe knocked softly on Abigail's door, breaking that late night silence as she slowly opened the door, looking inside the dim room as she whispered. "Abi? You still up..?" She stepped inside, her equine shaft throbbing in her pajama pants as she shut the door behind her, the flared tip dripping with precum. She'd been trying to get off for an hour before coming here, and her mind was already filled to the brim with fantasies of this woman; her mind was made, and she wouldn't be satisfied until she got to pump at least one load into her.
  2. [00:29] *Abigail Willowood slept peacefully in bed as Chloe entered the room. The beautiful elf was curled up on her side fast asleep before the other woman. Even in the dim light, she was a luxurious sight. Long blonde hair falling over her shoulders, her voluptuous curves wrapped in a simple white nightgown, the curves of her breasts easily visible. The elf didn't seem to stir despite her friend's whispers, deeply at peace as she slept innocently.
  3. [00:32] *Simply Chloe didn't initially plan on using her while she slept, but this wasn't about to stop her now. Stepping up to the bed, she pulled her pants off, letting her shaft spring free as she snuck under the covers. Looking for a better view, she gently took hold of Abigail's hips, turning her onto her stomach to prop her ass up better as she hiked her nightgown up, her hand idly stroking the base of her shaft.
  4. [00:34] *Abigail Willowood made a soft noise in her sleep as Chloe turned her over with ease. She shifted slightly in bed curling up against the sheets contently as she laid on her stomach. The nightgown came up easily enough, revealing a set of rather Lacey white panties stretched across her plump ass. She always did like cute things.
  5. [00:37] *Simply Chloe blushed at the lacy panties, which just furthered her excitement to see what lay beneath. And she did quickly after, tugging them down to Abigail's thighs to reveal her plump, waiting slit. She took a deep breath of her scent, pressing her face against her cunt and giving it a lick as she spread her precum along her shaft, her heart pounding in her chest.
  6. [00:40] *Abigail Willowood made another little sound as she slept, seeming to react to the woman's tongue against her slit as she slept, shifting slightly once more. Her body was soft and warm, her pale skin easy enough to see even in the low lighting. The voluptuous woman's sweet cunt laid before Chloe as Abby slept, still unaware of her rather prone position
  7. [00:44] *Simply Chloe decided they were both wet enough, and pulled her face away from her slit, replacing it with the flared head of her throbbing cock. Laying over Abigail, she slid her arms under her and took hold of her shoulders, pinning her down as she slowly pushed her length inside, feeling the slick resistance against her cock slowly give way as she pushed. Letting out a shaky moan into her friend's ear, she finally bottomed out, her flare throbbing against Abigail's cervix as she ground into her ass, pressing her against the bed as Chloe's hot breath buffeted her neck.
  8. [00:48] *Abigail Willowood Abby's body tensed as Chloe began to slide her thick cock into the elf's plump little cunt. Her hips shifted slightly as her body struggled to make room for such a thick member, her cunt pulsing against her cock. While she slid inside, Abby began to make more noise, shifting again in bed, wincing slightly her breathing growing unsteady. Finally she let out a soft gasp and faint moan as she felt the walls of her cervix pressed against, the elf blinking awake her face flushed and confused.
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