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  1. [00:07:22] <Amaryllis> Alright, somewhere in the nobler parts of Lindblum, or what used to be such before the war with Alexandria! Two girls up to no good are snooping around the ashes of an old House Aitchison mansion, looking for anything to help establish their new identities as fallen nobles.
  2. [00:13:26] * Amaryllis carefully steps over the threshold of the rotten mansion entrance, lighting her lantern as she scans the hall. Part of the roof is caved in, leaving sparse starlight and moonlight to seep in and illuminate the ruined flooring and ashen furniture.
  3. [00:15:13] <Natalie> The much shorter of the two doesn't show tiny bits of respect in comparison, yawning as the two walk in.  As soon as one quick scan shows that nobody's inside she darts for a corner and starts picking out left-behind trinkets, accessories, et cetera without a care.  Most of it junk.
  4. [00:16:57] <Amaryllis> "Remember Nat, you're weaving a story." Ammy's voice now is flat and quiet, unlike her usual storytelling demeanor. She nicks a tattered cloak off of the back of a chair, the onion insignia clear on the back.
  5. [00:17:30] <Amaryllis> "Scattered trinkets tell tale of thieves and pretenders."
  6. [00:18:59] <Natalie> "Nnnn.  Don't worry- it's always best to separate treasure from... not-treasure."  Scoffing, she stands up.  "You're right, Ammy, this WON'T do much.  But there's probably something..."
  7. [00:19:54] * Natalie tosses the junk behind her shoulder and stands up, caaaaarefully scanning again. "Something nice, something with meaning."
  8. [00:20:21] <Amaryllis> "It's better to not have anything which you can't spin a yarn from. Leave anything that doesn't suit the heiress to the House." Ammy herself is methodically picking through a bookshelf now.
  9. [00:22:08] <Amaryllis> "A literate mere servant is rare, but a House storyteller or bard, that sounds reasonable enough." She carefully takes two of the more well-preserved volumes from the bookshelves, flipping them open to check for a House stamp and giving them a fond look before shoving them into her pack.
  10. [00:22:09] <Natalie> "Okay," the blue-haired girl replies in a blunt, flat tone and vanishes.  It isn't seconds later that she returns from another room, holding a poofy, intact dress and wearing a small grin unbefitting her overcast eyes.  "Thennnnn.... let's start with this one."
  11. [00:23:21] * Amaryllis tilts her head then nods. "Take more from that room."
  12. [00:24:14] * Natalie nods back, making a dash. It isn't long before she has a whole collection in her arms "They all look like they'll fit. Woulve you serve your fine Princess in this, O loyal servant?" She can't speak without giggling.
  13. [00:25:03] <Amaryllis> "Of course milady." Ammy manages a curtsy with a small grin.
  14. [00:25:05] <Kaingaskhan> (The channel isn't secret for some reason)
  15. [00:25:08] <Kaingaskhan> (I can see it on whois)
  16. [00:25:12] * Amaryllis then peeks through the rooms herself now, giving each a cursory glance before settling on one. "Modest. Servant's quarters."
  17. [00:25:13] <Natalie> (that's because you're in it)
  18. [00:25:22] <Kaingaskhan> (Oh)
  19. [00:25:26] <Kaingaskhan> (Proceed)
  20. [00:27:11] <Natalie> The aspiring princess grins back, satisfied.  "All clothing won't work, though.  Somethinnnng... we could use to prove our status would be nicer."
  21. [00:28:13] * Amaryllis carefully flips open a crumbly looking book. "Middleton. Unassuming name. And it's a journal, an easy tale to tell." She puts that into her pouch as well, then opens the drawers.
  22. [00:29:11] <Amaryllis> Shuffling through the contents, she removes a pair of fountain pens with House engravings upon them. "For you, yes. House jewelry."
  23. [00:30:03] * Amaryllis pockets the pens and continues through the room. "I'll help in a second."
  24. [00:30:28] <Natalie> "Nnnnmmm.  They're fancy."  It isn't long before she isn't following anymore, totally disappearing.
  25. [00:31:38] <Natalie> When the two next meet she's already fully dressed in one of the fancier of the dresses, spinning.  Except she's wearing heels, and stumbles a bit.  She's holding some fancy-looking pendants too, which there seemed to be a lot of.  "Does it work?"
  26. [00:32:38] * Amaryllis is slower with her work, having popped open a trunk and taken a large chef's knife from it. "Do you fancy I'd be a good cook, Nat?"
  27. [00:33:28] <Amaryllis> "You look fine, but carry yourself more like a noble." Ammy smiles and walks over to straighten Nat's posture. With a moment of thought, she takes one of the pendants and drapes it around her neck.
  28. [00:34:39] * Natalie takes the help and, with a few stumbly steps, bends over to the knife, peering. She knows this is a bad idea to get so close but wears a loopy smile all the while. "It's probably not hard if you act like you know what you're doing. That's how most of them learn, I'm sure."
  29. [00:35:02] <Amaryllis> "Find a book on Mist airships if you can. You will need to understand the basics of the House trade, even if their relevance is lost to the sands of time."
  30. [00:35:41] <Amaryllis> "...It's fitting isn't it? This sort of knife." Ammy lifts up her lantern and holds the knife in the classic posture.
  31. [00:35:59] <Natalie> "Studying."  She straightens the pendant and gives a nod of thanks, but then spins around lopsidedly on one heel, walking in the opposite direction.  "Studying, studying."
  32. [00:36:49] <Natalie> It's worth noting that she marches in a childlike manner toward the door but pauses and tilts her head to the side, walking backwards and trying it again in a more refined, noble manner.  Of course it's really forced.
  33. [00:37:11] * Natalie turns back around afterward. "... Getting it now. But don't dwell too hard on it, Ammy."
  34. [00:38:02] <Natalie> "If you're going to become someone else then you can't always be you."
  35. [00:38:06] * Amaryllis watches Nat wander about in the awkward way with a smile, then slowly turns back to the trunk. There's a small clattering sound as she grabs up a handful of trinkets from it and shoves them into her bag.
  36. [00:38:52] <Amaryllis> "It's simply a new chapter in your story. You decide who you are and how you will be written. Even if it is in imitation or tribute."
  37. [00:40:02] <Natalie> "... You'll always be you, sure.  It's true.  But if you be you-be you there won't be much of a story left to write.  Let's remember that."  Nat spins back around and tries to noble her way up the steps, mumbling the word 'remember' over and over.
  38. [00:40:25] <Amaryllis> She lifts up a necklace from the trunk, seems to just be a line of punctured 1 gil coins with a rough string run through them. After a moment staring, she puts it on. "Fitting, for a servant at least. Perhaps a tad inconsistent with the more important role I will pretend to."
  39. [00:41:34] * Natalie is, for the next good deal of minutes, standing in place flipping through pages, then flipping backwards and flipping through them again. There's a good collection of books about Mist airships, including the big one she's in the middle of, dusty as it is.
  40. [00:42:44] <Amaryllis> "Memory." Ammy frowns and gives a Nat a concerned look as she watches her flip through the book for a minute, then she's back to her task.
  41. [00:43:05] <Natalie> "... It's just a lapse."
  42. [00:43:21] * Amaryllis just nods in response.
  43. [00:43:23] * Natalie closes the book and stacks a few of them. "There's plenty of time to memorize them."
  44. [00:44:25] <Amaryllis> "If you don't plan on becoming a total expert, we will have to dispose of them. There is little value heavy technical books would carry to an heiress who didn't intend to learn the engineering."
  45. [00:44:35] <Amaryllis> "After you memorize."
  46. [00:45:53] <Natalie> "You're right.  My story... is that I'd rather learn magic.  That's easy enough to feign."  She flicks a finger at nothing.  Nothing happens.  "But the knowledge helps."
  47. [00:46:39] <Natalie> "Nnnnn... nnnobles like their magic, so there shouldn't be a problem, anyway."
  48. [00:47:34] * Amaryllis continues to search around the same room, on occasion taking a rare unburned book from the bedside counter or a bit of folded up paper or a trinket.
  49. [00:48:28] * Natalie childishly marches out of the room with the books in hand in a comical stack but stops in the doorway, shakes her head, and moves backward. Then she tries it again, clutching the books carefully to her chest, and takes each step carefully out the door.
  50. [00:49:20] <Natalie> Until the last step, where her ankle twists a bit, but the stack barely keeps from toppling over at the last second.  Nat heaves a relieved sigh and shiftily looks around, proceeding to keep on like nothing happened.
  51. [00:49:22] <Amaryllis> Finally, she moves to the closet, looking through just as methodically, with a solemn gaze in her eyes. She takes a heavy yellow coat and exits the room, with one last gaze in. After a moment's hesitance, she goes in and roots through the drawers a bit more, tossing an empty photo frame to the floor before exiting once more.
  52. [00:50:36] <Amaryllis> "...Maybe don't wear the heels in public. After all, the House is gone."
  53. [00:51:11] * Natalie slips out as soon as the command is issued, wiggling her toes once they're on the ground. "Got it. But, that..."
  54. [00:51:41] <Natalie> "That looks familiar.  It's not another attempt to 'be you,' is it?"
  55. [00:51:56] <Natalie> "You'll want to be careful."
  56. [00:52:16] <Amaryllis> "What's the concern?"
  57. [00:52:31] <Natalie> "None.  Just, if it's too familiar... nnnn."
  58. [00:52:35] <Natalie> "Nevermind, it's nothing."
  59. [00:52:59] * Natalie kicks the heels into the room and proceeds across the hall again.
  60. [00:53:38] <Amaryllis> "Separating myself from what I am won't help either." Ammy looks a bit down as she follows Nat, having gathered enough for herself, she feels.
  61. [00:55:12] <Natalie> "But you don't want them to know, do you?  If you embrace it..."  Nat elegantly descends, sighing.  "No, I trust you.  I the Princess trust in my Servant.  It shouldn't be an issue."
  62. [00:55:39] <Natalie> "Caution is just as important as...."
  63. [00:56:09] * Natalie pauses in place, headtilting. She shakes her head like nothing happened and keeps moving.
  64. [00:56:18] <Amaryllis> "As important as this." Ammy slowly makes her way down a set of stairs, disappearing into the darkness.
  65. [00:56:54] <Amaryllis> A few minutes later, she's back up, with a bottle of wine cradled in her arms.
  66. [00:57:45] * Natalie found a pair of cute black maryjanes in those few minutes, obviously dissatisfied with not having toe-wiggle-room. But she smiles. "That's right. Since that's why we're doing this, after all."
  67. [00:59:30] <Amaryllis> "Having fun?" Ammy smiles bemusedly as she sets the wine bottle on the table, wiping it of dust.
  68. [00:59:48] <Natalie> The smile turns into a wicked grin.  "Nothing less."
  69. [01:00:38] <Amaryllis> "Decades old vintage. Stored in the only rack protected from the fire." She shines the glass with her sleeve and stares at her reflection. "Must have been a favorite of the House head."
  70. [01:01:53] * Natalie stares into the reflection, squinting, and starts combing her hair. With a fancy, jewelled comb, no less. "A shame they didn't get to enjoy it."
  71. [01:02:07] <Natalie> "A real shame."
  72. [01:02:31] <Amaryllis> "We'll have to toast to them when we partake then." A small, hesitant grin.
  73. [01:03:13] * Natalie tosses the comb to the side, giving up find it useful, and shrugs a bit. "If we remember, we'll try."
  74. [01:03:39] * Amaryllis looks up at the jeweled comb and slowly raise a finger to point to it. "A tenth birthday present." The finger moves to the pendant on Nat's neck. "Family heirloom." Then to another pendant. "Gifts from another noble house."
  75. [01:03:57] <Amaryllis> "Each item, give it a story." Ammy walks over and picks up the comb and hands it back to Nat.
  76. [01:04:06] <Amaryllis> "And a story for each item gone missing too."
  77. [01:05:11] * Natalie takes it and stares at it, then hesitantly pulls out a hand mirror and goes back to work after cleaning it off. "Stories. And my own..."
  78. [01:05:24] <Natalie> "Hnnnnn."
  79. [01:05:29] <Amaryllis> "Your own in time. It will wait for you."
  80. [01:06:06] <Amaryllis> "People question statements of fact. Stories carve belief into the heart."
  81. [01:06:39] <Natalie> "That's right.  It'll write itself, won't it?"  She plucks a blue hair from the comb and stares at it.
  82. [01:07:28] * Natalie hmphs. "It really is going to be fun."
  83. [01:07:33] <Amaryllis> "If not, you can write it anew. You have ages."
  84. [01:08:39] <Natalie> "Nnnn... Now."  She walks over to the stack of books on the table and organizes them.  "What's our first chapter?"
  85. [01:09:36] <Amaryllis> "Diaspora. Where do fallen nobles go but back amongst the crowds of the common?"
  86. [01:10:57] * Natalie checks over each object, accessory, etc, and mouths over the things Ammy said - 'tenth birthday present' and etc - silently and idly. "And from there?"
  87. [01:12:11] <Amaryllis> "A road to revival."
  88. [01:13:09] <Natalie> The shorter of the two grins a grin.  "Believable.  Then on the way," she stares wistfully at the bottle, "We'll be completing as much of our goal as possible too, nnn?"
  89. [01:13:51] <Amaryllis> "And an exquisite view of destiny nearly wrenched from your grasp."
  90. [01:14:13] <Amaryllis> "As much as is possible. I'm afraid I still lack understanding." Ammy pauses midstride to answer.
  91. [01:15:10] * Natalie flops on the table. "As much fun as we can have. There's still caution to consider."
  92. [01:15:53] <Natalie> "But, Ammy, you're enough fun just to be around.  So there's nnnno hurry."
  93. [01:16:07] <Amaryllis> "I meant." Ammy finishes the sentence with a tap at her forehead. "I still don't understand what happened."
  94. [01:16:43] * Natalie climbs into a chair and sits down, in a very catlike way. "Time."
  95. [01:16:52] <Natalie> "There's still time."
  96. [01:17:28] <Natalie> "We have it for now, so let's be glad it's there.  Nnnnnn."
  97. [01:20:44] * Amaryllis nods. "Then shall we don our false trappings? I hear tale of a ball held by esteemed Lord Abel due in two night's time." A bit of warmth and heart is returning to Ammy's voice as she steps forward, flourishing her new cloak.
  98. [01:22:30] * Natalie yaaaaawns in place, slowly adjusting her feline posture to look like what she imagines a noble one does. "Let's. As far as we should be concerned, they'd be overjoyed to see us."
  99. [01:22:50] <Natalie> "... Probably."
  100. [01:23:05] * Natalie tries to silence an 'nnn.'
  101. [01:23:07] <Amaryllis> "...You will have to remind me to quieten my manner of speech, the more grandiose manner is unsuitable for a servant while not in the task of spinning a tale for the good lady."
  102. [01:23:34] <Natalie> "And mine needs its own work.  Nnn... nnone of that."
  103. [01:24:22] * Natalie sits at the table and closes her eyes, clearing her throat. "A-HEM. You would do well to remember what the position of a servant entitles, Amaryllis."
  104. [01:24:51] <Natalie> "I have it in my power as a noble to be rid of you any time I should see fit.  Hmph."
  105. [01:25:10] * Natalie totally inflated her voice on purpose during all of it, finishing the act with a giggle.
  106. [01:25:35] <Amaryllis> "Of course milady." Back to the flat near-monotone. Ammy adjusts her necklace, letting the coins jangle, then slowly steps her way toward a set of armor in the front of the entrance hall, picking off a bit of plate that seems to fit her.
  107. [01:25:55] <Amaryllis> "Ready."
  108. [01:26:44] * Natalie slips off the chair. "We'll have plenty of time to be us. Just need to remember when that time is, is all."
  109. [01:26:47] <Natalie> "And when it isn't."
  110. [01:28:28] <Amaryllis> "Then, let us write a new chapter." Ammy takes slow steps outside, then turning to wait.
  111. [01:30:15] * Natalie gathers accessories and whatnot, donning them before casually walking out side.... then walking backwards and gracefully walking outside. "And let the tale unfold itself."
  112. [01:31:23] * Amaryllis stops to close the ruined door to the mansion best she can with its damage, then follows Nat.
  113. [01:33:08] * Natalie adjusts the huge black ribbon she found and turns back with the last instance of her usual fang-y grin, for the time being. Replacing it is a haughty, condescending glance that turns the other direction and leads them forward.
  114. [01:34:07] <Amaryllis> (that all?)
  115. [01:34:12] <Natalie> (should be!)
  116. [01:35:40] <Kaingaskhan> END FLASHBACK
  118. ----
  120. [16:54:24] <Kaingaskhan> You feel a tug of something, and recall a memory from before you met Ammy.You see a girl younger than yourself, with short blue hair and a horn.
  121. [16:54:26] <Kaingaskhan> And then nothing.
  123. ----
  125. [00:19:32] <Amaryllis> Back in the hotel room! Ammy's kept the place dimly lit in Nat's absence, simply a few candles at the bedside. Ammy herself is lying on the bed, a scrambled pile of books at her side, and one old heavy volume in her hands.
  126. [00:19:57] <Natalie> With a louder crash than there SHOULD be the door gives way to let Nat in, who's pouting and spouting a :< face all the while, yet with a mixed expression of genuine worry. A little cleaner too. "Nnnnn, Ammyyyyyy!"
  127. [00:21:02] <Natalie> "I'm really really sorry about that, you okay?" She kicks her shoes off and prances over, swirling a Cure spell in her fingers.
  128. [00:21:34] * Amaryllis snaps the book closed in surprise. It's one of the old ones from the mansion, so many years back. She sets it aside in the messy pile then sits up with a wince. "Could've used without getting kicked awake, but I'm fine."
  129. [00:23:01] * Natalie brings a finger to her lips and then pokes her serv- friend with the other one time and time again, shoving restorative magic in forcefully. It's still calming though. "Nnnnn, yeah. I got too into the role again, oops~"
  130. [00:24:35] <Natalie> "But it's fun, isn't it? That Burmecian got SO MAD at the teasing, and the lightning mage was really weird but nice..."
  131. [00:25:05] <Amaryllis> "Words are fine. Words are the building blocks of story, and that is my domain. They harm me not." Ammy relaxes a bit. "Stick to words when playing the role."
  132. [00:25:08] <Natalie> "... That crystal, though." :<
  133. [00:25:46] <Amaryllis> That crystal indeed. Ammy grabs it out of her bag and taps it against Nat's forehead. "Anything?"
  134. [00:26:07] <Natalie> Obediently, Nat gives a crisp nod. "Acting isn't JUST about words, but... Okay. It's just been a while since I- oof!"
  135. [00:26:36] <Natalie> It makes a CLAK noise against the ruby in her forehead. As any gem should!
  136. [00:27:41] <Natalie> "Well right NOW it just feels weird." She spins around once or twice but then sits down on a bed or something. "Earlier though, a thing happened."
  137. [00:27:49] <Amaryllis> "You're right, acting is more than words, but Nat I deal with enough just with" Ammy calls up a mote of darkness in her hand, then lets it fade. "this."
  138. [00:29:10] <Natalie> "Nnnnn. I'm still really sorry. At least I can make it feel KINDA better." sitting bow-legged, her face is more serious. "Anyway I... Remembered something."
  139. [00:30:12] <Natalie> "That's why I went outside when the damn thing called me out," she sticks her tongue out at it, "or tried to I guess."
  140. [00:30:17] * Amaryllis nods. "It's okay." She reaches over to the pile of books and removes her journal, laying it open in her lap with a look that says "go on".
  141. [00:32:47] <Amaryllis> If Nat's taken a good look around the room, aside from the books, there's a new addition of a small bottle of cheap, strong whiskey on one of the counters. Unopened. For now.
  142. [00:32:54] <Natalie> "It was... A girl. Younger than me kinda, with a horn. Her hair was blue.... Uhh, I forgot if it was light-blue or dark-blue. If it was light it could've been little-me maybe, but the horn weirds me out. I just remember... Blue. I know it was before I met you, Ammy, so maybe it wasn't little-me, but if it was it..." She prattles on, knowing its all getting recorded.
  143. [00:34:18] <Amaryllis> "A horn? A summoner." Ammy writes down something, then clicks the crystal again, more lightly this time.
  144. [00:34:40] <Natalie> "... Maybe it's an alternate-universe me where I grew up like this and had a horn the whole time instead of this, but then that means I was never real-me in the first place..."
  145. [00:35:40] <Natalie> "Oh yeah!" She wiggles her toes. "Summoners, right. How'd I forget that? Nnnnnnnn."
  146. [00:36:16] * Natalie wears confusion at the realization and lets out another 'nnnn.'
  147. [00:37:16] <Natalie> "So I guess it really WASN'T little-me. Blue... She had good taste, whoever she was."
  148. [00:37:18] <Amaryllis> "How frustrating, not only the tales of the world but the very answers you seek, and yet we know not how to make this vessel speak." Ammy stares at Nat through the crystal.
  149. [00:37:54] <Amaryllis> A bit sing songy, almost her storytelling voice, but a bit too sardonic.
  150. [00:38:04] <Natalie> "I wanted it to shut up BACK THERE but HERE is something else. Nnnnn... Well I can act haughty if they bring what it said up I guess."
  151. [00:39:04] * Natalie stands up and puts hands on her hips, imitating herself by speaking in her noble voice. "Hmph! I know absolutely nothing about what it said! I'll have your head if you dare pry further, peasant."
  152. [00:39:57] <Natalie> Then she giggles anyway. "... Something like that. Apparently they all think it's real so no biggie, nnnn?"
  153. [00:40:23] * Amaryllis nods, still staring at the crystal.
  154. [00:40:33] * Natalie plops back down. "I wanna ask Levvie about that when I go down."
  155. [00:40:52] <Amaryllis> "I'll go as well."
  156. [00:40:58] <Natalie> "And if we've met before. That kinda thing."
  157. [00:41:47] * Natalie head tilts worriedly. "Didn't what'sherface want to come too? It'd be scary if she heard me spouting all that."
  158. [00:42:11] <Natalie> "And I don't want you to not get your stories or anything, Ammyyyyyyy."
  159. [00:43:22] <Amaryllis> "Should a high lord not have her servant on hand for protection whilst meeting with such a creature?" Ammy takes up Nat's imitation play for a second.
  160. [00:44:08] <Amaryllis> "The others would understand if I were to make two trips. In this case, I ask merely to listen as you ask your questions."
  161. [00:44:20] <Natalie> "... A point. But I did kinda establish even as spoiled princess-me that I wasn't scared of it."
  162. [00:45:36] <Natalie> "Nnnn.... Okay, but I'm just worried, Ammy. I'm gonna talk about how I forget things and maybe it'll get worse WHILE I talk about it. I do kinda worry you enough as-is..." :<
  163. [00:46:36] <Natalie> "... Oh oops, I didn't mean to even bring it up! Sorryyy." She covers her mouth.
  164. [00:46:37] * Amaryllis slumps back on the bed. "I'd want to know, if that happens."
  165. [00:47:05] <Amaryllis> "What will you do if you forget who I am or where we're staying?"
  166. [00:47:48] <Natalie> "... And what if we did meet before but didn't get along? ... Er well, then it's be dangerous, but at least I'm good at running and...". She droops down. "Okay, sorry, you're right."
  167. [00:48:34] * Natalie leans back on the bed. "I wanna rest a minute then I'll go. Can we talk a little more first?"
  168. [00:49:13] * Amaryllis nods. "I need a bit more rest myself."
  169. [00:50:18] <Natalie> "Yeah... I was just wondering. You're better at analyzing character and that kinda thing than I am, what'd you think of the others we were with today?"
  170. [00:58:58] * Amaryllis slides off the bed, taking slow steps across the room to where she's stashed her cooking supplies. She takes up the knife and swipes it through the air. "It has not told me to kill them. Nor anyone else in this city. Yet. My mind has found little else to dwell upon when it comes to them." She closes her eyes and thinks.
  171. [01:01:11] * Natalie sits up. "Careful. It's probably safe to be you a little... With how this place is. But you can't get caught, okay? I'm still putting up my act so people'll find me suspicious and not you, so you can do what you enjoy."
  172. [01:01:58] <Natalie> ".... I'm pretty sure it's working too. Nnnn."
  173. [01:12:03] <Amaryllis> "Lenore and Theta play the part of the innocent; they have yet to experience their fall. Perhaps Theta's people have, but his perspective lacks that character."
  174. [01:13:09] <Amaryllis> "The winds of change shall bring much misery to them before their journey truly begins."
  175. [01:14:17] <Natalie> "Not the Burmecian though? Cel... Leen... Leeny? Yeah, she did seem kinda moody. I mean, I look like 15, what kinda warrior picks fights with kids?"
  176. [01:15:50] <Natalie> "But she was fun. Fun to tease, fun to fight alongside. Did you see her trying to RIDE that monster earlier? Nnn, she might be crazy but it's hilarious."
  177. [01:17:25] * Amaryllis has been lost in thought for a few more moments, then flashes back to reality. "No, I'd suffered a small fall of my own by then, remember?"
  178. [01:17:31] <Amaryllis> "Celina."
  179. [01:19:02] <Amaryllis> "Many Burmecians take the fall of their people as their own. Few innocents live among them. Many orphans, many wanderers, perhaps a few warriors. The latter presents the greatest danger."
  180. [01:19:03] <Natalie> "... Rrrrrright. Sorry I couldn't help that, I had to focus on hitting it. Dia hit it hard, I was pr~etty useful! At least when acting I can keep calling her 'rat.' Because of my looks and the 'money' I apparently have she won't start something serious, she's smart."
  181. [01:19:43] <Amaryllis> "Careful."
  182. [01:20:15] <Nacchan> "So in your terms she's a tragic character, right? What do you think's gonna happen to her? Her 'path that lies ahead?'"
  183. [01:21:20] <Amaryllis> "Many on the hero's journey will live to see true, devastating power brought down upon their people. There is no faster way to spurn a hero to hear their call. And no faster way to show a person the temptations of power."
  184. [01:21:38] <Amaryllis> "To one who has lost everything, what meaning do status and money take on?"
  185. [01:24:22] <Nacchan> "Yeah... I guess I should be more careful about how much fun I have. The mage... I mean, er, Lenore, right? ... Lenny. She has a story too, it's not an exciting one though. She's trying to be better than her father, looking for her missing brother, etc etc. it's a common story, but it means the way she acts is probably just hiding how sad she feels... Nnn. I like her, she's an interesting human."
  186. [01:24:57] <Amaryllis> "Careful." Ammy repeats. Her eyes dart toward the whiskey, but she makes no moves yet.
  187. [01:25:08] <Amaryllis> "Nat, do you know how most of my stories end?"
  188. [01:25:17] <Nacchan> "... Sorry."
  189. [01:25:55] * Nacchan gives a slow, understanding nod. "I... Think. Remind me, please?"
  190. [01:27:19] <Nacchan> Okay, so that's actually not understanding at all.
  191. [01:27:26] <Amaryllis> "Of the stories I know best." Ammy steps up. "With the thrust of a sharp knife and the loneliness of a slowly growing pool of blood in the dead of night." She mimics the action as she speaks. "From blood is man wrought, and to it shall he return."
  192. [01:27:44] <Amaryllis> "Myriad stories, from the beginning of history to now."
  193. [01:28:10] <Nacchan> "... And you expect all these stories to end in death?"
  194. [01:28:59] <Nacchan> "Nnnn, I really hope the most interesting ones live the longest. But... I know, I shouldn't get too attached."
  195. [01:29:07] <Amaryllis> "Men will die, nations will fall, but stories will live forever. Find it in yourself to foster attachment to the narratives our companions weave and the story told by their actions. Those will live on long after they die, if this crystal is to speak truthfully."
  196. [01:31:27] <Amaryllis> "I will join the myriad pools of blood one day too, Nat. You." Ammy steps up and holds out the crystal. "You are story, nothing but. Story builds your being and so it will rebuild it forever more."
  197. [01:32:39] <Amaryllis> "So always remember, we are writing a story that is worth your effort to preserve for eternity." Ammy sets the crystal down and the knife as well, giving the latter a few last wisps of shadow before letting it settle on the table.
  198. [01:32:54] <Natalie> "... And that's why it's wrong to call a story boring. Denying someone's story denies their whole being. I know, but I just can't heeeelp it, nnnn."
  199. [01:34:02] <Amaryllis> "...Yes. I suffer so I may weave a story worth your keeping as well, Nat." She eyes the last fading motes of shadow.
  200. [01:34:54] * Natalie plops back down. "And how long I'll live... Well, don't think about that, okay? I'll try to have a nice story too, and filter out the boring stuff."
  201. [01:34:57] <Amaryllis> "Though," and her voice drops the serious tone, "statement still stands that adding to my suffering by kicking me awake is needless excess."
  202. [01:35:18] <Amaryllis> "You have had your moment of comic relief." Ammy manages a small smile. "Don't let it become stale."
  203. [01:35:38] <Natalie> "Okay okay I SAID I was sorry! Nnnnnnnnnnnnn." :<
  204. [01:36:48] <Natalie> "So. I think I'm ready to go say hello and get this over with. Still wanna come?"
  205. [01:36:59] * Amaryllis chuckles. "You heard Leviathan though. If the crystal can be restored to health, you will be reborn age and age again."
  206. [01:37:13] <Amaryllis> "Stories never die."
  207. [01:37:27] * Amaryllis nods.
  208. [01:38:42] <Natalie> "Well.... That's because I serve a purpose. You know, to watch and learn. I'll keep doing that, because I have fun, and once I can remember them all I'll have every story in the world to tell." She leaps up, adjusting her ribbon. "Let's go."
  209. [01:39:38] <Amaryllis> "The herald awaits us."
  210. [01:39:56] <Natalie> "Nn."
  212. ----
  214. [01:57:46] <Kain> Later that evening...
  215. [01:59:29] <Kain> The seashore below Daguerreo is quiet, almost relaxing as the waves lap against the beach. No one seems to be present, but as you approach the waters, the mammoth serpent emerges from the tide.
  216. [02:00:32] * Natalie skips along the beach, wearing a much more playful expression than the serpent saw last time. Happily, she waves. "Hi again!"
  217. [02:01:08] <Kain> Leviathan: "Hm. Your demeanor's changed quite a bit from earlier. Now, what did you need?"
  218. [02:01:23] * Amaryllis follows in silence, holding the crystal in one hand, her journal tucked under the other arm.
  219. [02:02:10] <Natalie> "Yeah, sorry if I acted weird earlier. But it's fun. What I wanted to talk about..." Staring right in his face, Nat pulls her bangs up, proudly displaying the ruby on her forehead.
  220. [02:02:27] <Natalie> "Have we met before?"
  221. [02:02:34] <Kain> Leviathan: "Well now, what have we here? This looks familiar..." He bends down for a closer look.
  222. [02:02:53] * Natalie stands on tiptoes for him.
  223. [02:03:15] <Kain> Leviathan: "Ah, yes. That ruby... it shines like hers did..."
  224. [02:04:30] <Natalie> "Hers? Someone else's?" Nat's head leans a little. "Weird, I could've sworn it was always mine."
  225. [02:05:19] <Natalie> "Well I'm all ears! Any chance at remembering something is what I really need. Since I kinda... Lost most of it."
  226. [02:05:58] <Kain> Leviathan: "It's... remarkably reminiscent of my fellow Eidolon, Carbuncle, who was tasked by the summoners of Madain Sari to seal me within the Iifa Tree for a number of years after the fools failed to summon me properly. They get ahead of themselves in their techniques, then go and seal the eidolon away the moment something goes wrong, instead of trying to correct the technique of the summoner. And of course they use another eidolon to do so, so that was bothersome for both of us."
  227. [02:06:36] <Kain> Leviathan: "Your eyes..."
  228. [02:07:00] <Kain> Leviathan: "...could you be? But no, surely you'd remember me if so."
  229. [02:07:10] <Natalie> "... And you think that was someone else and not me?" Now she wears a smug smirk, much more noble-like.
  230. [02:07:46] <Natalie> "I'm me. I've always been me. But my memory..." Headshake.
  231. [02:08:04] * Amaryllis whispers to Nat. "Respect. You are here to request assistance, and he may yet bear ill will toward you given his tale."
  232. [02:08:14] <Kain> Leviathan: "...I see. Perhaps you're another one of those damaged by the fracture of the crystal."
  233. [02:08:45] <Kain> Leviathan: "A moment." the dragon concentrates for a second...
  234. [02:09:02] <Kain> Then he spits out a blast of water at Natalie!
  235. [02:09:04] <Natalie> "It started going away around the time I met Ammy." She nods to Ammy too. "And it's kept going away. I already forgot most of what my old life was like..."
  236. [02:09:14] <Natalie> "GWAAH"
  237. [02:09:23] <Kain> ...right before it hits, however, a shield of light sparkles and diverts it to the side.
  238. [02:09:50] * Amaryllis blinks in surprise, losing her stoic demeanor.
  239. [02:10:01] <Kain> Leviathan nods, satisfied.
  240. [02:10:36] <Natalie> "... Phew." She sits down in a catlike pose. "See? I told you I can't remember... But I'm still me."
  241. [02:10:56] <Kain> Leviathan: "It's been nearly ten years, Carbuncle. Despite what your companion suggests, though - and by the way I have excellent hearing - I do not bear you any ill will. It was simply the summoners' way, to avoid a tragedy like Alexandria's from reoccuring."
  242. [02:11:26] <Natalie> "So, sorry for all the stuff I did before then... Well, I should probably apologize once I remember it myself."
  243. [02:11:28] <Amaryllis> "My apologies." Ammy mumbles with a nod.
  244. [02:11:57] <Kain> Leviathan: "Do you remember what's become of your summoner?"
  245. [02:12:06] * Natalie scratches herself with a leg. "So, have you not felt anything like this, Levvie? Memory loss?"
  246. [02:12:12] <Kain> Leviathan shakes his head.
  247. [02:12:17] <Kain> Leviathan: "I am fortunate."
  248. [02:13:16] <Natalie> "... Strange. We don't have any leads." Nat stands and shrugs. "But of MY summoner... I don't know. I lost it all. When we found the crystal, I remembered A summoner."
  249. [02:13:39] <Kain> Leviathan: "That is a start, perhaps."
  250. [02:13:59] <Natalie> "So I guess that's probably the case. A blue-haired girl with a horn I said, right, Ammy?"
  251. [02:14:12] <Kain> Leviathan: "I'll start off with what I know, then. To my knowledge, your summoner, and mine, are the only remaining living members of that tribe."
  252. [02:14:56] <Natalie> "... Living? So my Summoner's still alive, even though I'm... Like this?"
  253. [02:15:08] <Natalie> "Nnnn."
  254. [02:15:12] <Kain> Leviathan: "I don't know, but I have no reason to believe otherwise at the moment."
  255. [02:15:33] <Kain> Leviathan: "Our summoners were companions."
  256. [02:15:47] <Kain> Leviathan: "Though now mine reigns as high queen of Alexandria."
  257. [02:16:08] <Natalie> "Gotcha. I'd be disappointed if somebody who summoned me didn't even say goodbye when they were done... Or maybe it was me who didn't."
  258. [02:17:02] * Natalie headshakes again. "Sorry. So if you remember yours... Does mine sound any familiar?"
  259. [02:17:15] <Kain> Leviathan: "Unfortunately I didn't know the girl very well myself, but I do know her name."
  260. [02:17:26] <Kain> Leviathan: "Eiko Carol."
  261. [02:17:48] <Kain> Leviathan: "You were one of five eidolons in her service."
  262. [02:17:56] * Natalie gulps a bit and focuses, trying to make something of the memory.
  263. [02:18:08] <Kain> All you can bring up is the face of that young girl.
  264. [02:18:11] <Natalie> "Nnnn... Carol, Carol, Carol....."
  265. [02:18:20] * Amaryllis scribbles the name in her journal.
  266. [02:18:21] <Kain> but that name -sounds- right.
  267. [02:18:47] <Natalie> "... Yes, do that. Thanks, Ammy. It feels right."
  268. [02:19:04] <Kain> Leviathan: "The others bound to her were Fenrir, Titan, Phoenix... and a newcomer called Madeen."
  269. [02:19:56] <Kain> Leviathan: "As I understand it the former two were in a joint-bond sort of arrangement, they both were summoned at once when called."
  270. [02:20:09] * Amaryllis cocks her head at 'newcomer'. Newcomer means new stories! But she keeps her excitement under wraps and remains silent.
  271. [02:20:10] * Natalie walks up closer to Leviathan. "You've helped me a lot already. So I'll let you finish, but... As we are this time, let's be friends, all right? It really gets to me to think we've had quarrels in the past at all."
  272. [02:20:12] <Kain> Leviathan: "But details about the girl herself... I can't offer more than that."
  273. [02:20:23] <Kain> Leviathan: "...hahahaha."
  274. [02:20:34] <Kain> Leviathan: "You really are yourself, even without your memories."
  275. [02:20:38] <Natalie> "Her face... Her smile, those say enough. Kinda."
  276. [02:20:50] <Kain> Leviathan reaches over with a massive claw and rests it on your head.
  277. [02:21:18] <Kain> Leviathan: "I wish you luck in regaining your memory, Carbuncle."
  278. [02:21:30] <Kain> Leviathan: "Take care in all you do."
  279. [02:21:43] * Natalie pinches her own cheeks. "The one and only! Take a good look. ... Why I look like this still makes no sense, though. That's another memory gone."
  280. [02:22:06] <Natalie> "But I will, ehehe. Thanks. Should I tell your summoner you said hi too?"
  281. [02:23:12] <Natalie> "We'll be around a lot, I bet. Especially if we listen to that crazy crystal."
  282. [02:23:34] <Natalie> "And I bet we will, since it means more stories for Ammy."
  283. [02:23:47] <Kain> Leviathan: "Some of us can change form if needed... not all. I remember Ramuh was fond of looking like an ordinary human himself... oh? If you happen to meet with the queen of alexandria, then yes, that would be appreciated. The child's horn was forcibly taken from her when she was young. To summoners, their horn imparts a sense as major to them as sight, taste, or hearing to anyone else...
  284. [02:23:47] <Kain> a way to talk with eidolons without words."
  285. [02:25:15] <Natalie> "Oh... I chose to look like this and then forgot. Right," she loopily conks herself on the head. "That sounds like me and explains a lot. Blue hair is really cute, isn't it? Maybe I wanted to look more like her."
  286. [02:25:59] <Kain> Leviathan: "Madeen, the one I mentioned... her preferred form was a Moogle."
  287. [02:26:07] <Kain> It gives a massive sort of shrug.
  288. [02:26:26] <Natalie> "I wouldn't really recommend against it myself, it feels nice. Humans are really interesting too." She nods and obviously strains herself trying to remember again.
  289. [02:26:47] <Natalie> "Moogles... I can see why. It's hard to dislike them."
  290. [02:27:23] <Kain> Leviathan: "If you need not anything else. then what of you?" he turns to Amaryllis.
  291. [02:27:47] * Amaryllis looks up being addressed and can't help it anymore, stepping forward and blurting out. "Leviathan, what know you of methods of restoring such an eidolon's lost memory, of rebuilding the inner sanctum of their mind wherein lie their stories?" It's all a tad overwrought.
  292. [02:28:08] <Natalie> "Either way, thanks a lot for all your help, Levv- ... Leviathan. I'll be on my way." She lowers her tone and backs out to let Ammy talk.
  293. [02:28:20] <Amaryllis> "I came with Carbuncle in secret. I intend to hear your stories when the Burmecian visits, but I feel a responsibility to attend to my friend as well."
  294. [02:28:39] <Kain> Leviathan: "If I knew, I would have already offered my advice. The best I can think of is to follow the crystal's wisdom."
  295. [02:28:55] * Natalie doesn't actually leave, but sits idly by with a grin.
  296. [02:29:06] <Kain> Leviathan: "There may yet be ways of helping the process, but if so I don't know. Sorry."
  297. [02:29:41] <Natalie> "Thanks for trying, Ammy. I'll always be me, so there's that!"
  298. [02:30:38] <Amaryllis> "...Right." Ammy sighs.
  299. [02:31:17] <Amaryllis> "If you are still as Carbuncle was before in spirit, that is to be celebrated..." Ammy trails off into disappointed mutters.
  300. [02:31:51] <Amaryllis> They continue on as she slowly gives Leviathan a respectful bow.
  301. [02:32:04] <Kain> Leviathan: "Frankly, this ordeal with the crystal has never happened before and no one has tried to correct it thus far, so my knowledge on the matter is lacking."
  302. [02:32:18] <Natalie> "Eiko Carol... I wonder how different she looks now? Maybe she missed me... Or maybe not, she could've called me to say hi at some point." She goes back to :<. "Maybe she did and I forgot..."
  303. [02:33:13] <Kain> Leviathan clicks a claw against the scales on his face thoughtfully, and nods. "I do think she's missed you."
  304. [02:33:19] <Natalie> "Well! I won't let all this go to waste. Hopefully we can meet again, okay Levvie? I could tell YOU stories when I do."
  305. [02:33:44] <Kain> Leviathan: "Hahaha, of course. I look forward to that, Carbuncle."
  306. [02:33:47] <Natalie> Grin. "Do take care."
  307. [02:34:01] <Kain> He nods again, with a smile.
  308. [02:34:08] * Natalie clings to Ammy and skips off, waving~
  309. [02:34:09] * Amaryllis smiles. "Then we shall meet her Nat. The tale of your companionship must not end on a cliffhanger after all."
  310. [02:35:16] * Natalie grins back. "Careful neither of you slip when you come back for stories. Hush-hush~"
  311. [02:35:24] <Kain> The leviathan begins to slip back into the tides.
  312. [02:36:25] * Amaryllis reaches over to brush Nat's bangs up, giving a last concerned look at the ruby before continuing to walk back with her.
  313. [02:37:20] * Natalie leans ln her companion during the walk and lets out a yawn. And so the adventure of oh I can't be this shameless
  314. [02:37:37] <Kain> And so the adventure of life goes on
  315. [02:37:41] <Amaryllis> AND SO THE ADVENTURE - damnit
  316. [02:37:52] <Natalie> BUT YOU GUYS CAN
  317. [02:37:55] <Natalie> HA HA!
  319. ----
  321. [15:37:41] <Kain> your memory is...
  322. [15:39:35] <Kain> A flash of battle! Two child warriors side by side, in a palace. The monolith stands ready. “Ready, Vivi?” the young girl asks, though her blue hair now sparkles golden, her skin radiating with white light. “Y-yeah!” comes the reply, a black mage in white clothes and a remarkably pointed hat replies, glowing with the same light. “RUBY LIGHT! Double Holy!” “Double Flare! Overwhelm!”
  323. [15:40:05] <Kain> An incredible explosion of lights occurs, breaking the monolith into pieces
  324. [15:40:19] <Kain> end
  326. ----
  328. [15:28:11] <Kaingaskhan> ~FLASH~ "Please... I'm scared..." you hear your own voice, but your viewpoint is low, on the floor. "I can't remember what I was supposed to do, but it was so important! I have to remember... Please, grant me asylum until I can get my memories together..." Carbuncle appears to be talking to a shadowy sillouhette. "This crystal is the lifeblood of our world, I had to do something... please help me..." ~FLASH~ It was momentary, but for a moment you were back in your proper body...
  330. ----
  332. [20:08:01] * @Amaryllis returns to Nat and Ammy's part of the camp set up in the castle, careful to make sure no one is around to eavesdrop before sitting down in front of Nat with a sigh and a concerned gaze. "Bloody hell Nat, what were you going to do if you had another amnesiac episode while you were off ahead?"
  333. [20:10:00] * @Natalie sits playfully, scribbling in her usual diary bit-by-bit. As soon as Ammy comes around she jolts her hear upward and stares, sighing as she closes the book and focuses. "Nnnn. I'm really sorry, Ammy, but it's okay, I had this with me! That way I at least remember who you are, right?"
  334. [20:10:36] <@Natalie> "But... I really wanted to go train more, 'cause I'm a lot weaker than I used to be.  Even if I don't remember what I used to be like.  But I just FEEL it, y'know?"
  335. [20:10:44] <@Amaryllis> "And if you had lost it?"
  336. [20:10:50] <@Natalie> "..."
  337. [20:10:56] <@Natalie> "Oh yeah, good point!  Oopsies~!"
  338. [20:11:15] * @Natalie shifts position around and wears a goofy grin. "But it's okay, I didn't and I didn't. And I even met a new friend!"
  339. [20:11:17] * @Amaryllis closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. "I am not as strong as I wish I were either. But that is why we stay together, isn't it?"
  340. [20:12:02] <@Natalie> "Yeah, I guess you're right, huh."  There's a small pause with the faintest hint of a muttered 'nnn.'  "I guess I just wanted to get away and think."
  341. [20:12:04] <@Amaryllis> "Terrato, yes." Ammy sips from her waterskin.
  342. [20:12:37] * @Natalie shuffles again and sits straight up. "Ooh, you heard? Awesome, I totally forgot what he said his name was!"
  343. [20:12:38] <@Amaryllis> "I imagine there is quite the story behind that."
  344. [20:12:46] <@Natalie> Book opens.  Scribblscrib- "... Waiiiit."
  345. [20:12:57] <@Natalie> "Where did you hear that?  Did I tell you and forget?"
  346. [20:13:56] <@Natalie> "Did you meet him?  Is he back already?"
  347. [20:13:57] <@Amaryllis> "Baron told me. I have been perusing his personal library, remember?" Ammy lifts the Tantarian book.
  348. [20:14:16] * @Natalie peps up again. "Oh!"
  349. [20:14:53] <@Natalie> "Story... yeah, you bet!  While I was off I kept thinking 'this'd be a good story to tell Ammy,' mm-hmm," she nods matter-of-factly with a satisfied grin.
  350. [20:14:59] <@Natalie> "..."
  351. [20:15:08] <@Natalie> "And... then I think I lost most of it."
  352. [20:15:57] <@Natalie> "Something about food... and Durandal..."  Flipflip.  "And breaking a bridge..."
  353. [20:16:13] * @Natalie squints at the diary. "Oh, it says I wasn't supposed to tell you that part."
  354. [20:16:20] <@Natalie> "Oops."
  355. [20:17:09] <@Amaryllis> "I had surmised that anyhow." A small smile forms at the corner of Ammy's lips as she produces a scrap of ribbon from her bag. "You left this on what remained of the bridge."
  356. [20:17:51] <@Amaryllis> "No matter, crossing a chasm by way of precariously perched boulder makes for a more exciting tale than merely crossing by bridge."
  357. [20:17:57] <@Natalie> "Ehehehe."  Nat gives an innocent smile.  "Well, the others couldn't get any madder than they already are, huh?"
  358. [20:18:20] <@Natalie> "So it's all fine!  Nnnn, I had something more important to talk about anyway."
  359. [20:18:24] <@Natalie> "I think."
  360. [20:18:25] <@Natalie> "Maybe."
  361. [20:19:20] * @Natalie stands up and stretches before plopping down again. "Tell me all about the adventures you had later, okay, Ammy? This could be kinda important."
  362. [20:21:00] <@Amaryllis> "Any more angry than they are..." Ammy looks Nat in the eyes. "You are playing a dangerous game with the Burmecian."
  363. [20:21:44] <@Natalie> "Hnnnnn.  Yeah, aaaactually," Nat looks down, a little disheartened, "I was gonna do something so she'd stop trying to pick fights.  Or try to, when she got here."
  364. [20:22:04] <@Natalie> "'Cause if she could like me, then she'd be able to like all eidolons, yeah?  Then everyone could be happy."
  365. [20:22:05] <@Amaryllis> "She already holds great disdain for Eidolons. Out of everyone, she is who we need most to be wary around."
  366. [20:22:23] <@Natalie> "Then I'll shut her hate down by being so nice she can't stand it!"
  367. [20:22:40] <@Amaryllis> "And if she were perchance to suspect this," Ammy very lightly prods at Nat's forehead, "then we will have no shortage of trouble."
  368. [20:22:47] * @Natalie stands up with a determined posture. "After all, what's she gonna do if I- oof!"
  369. [20:23:03] <@Natalie> "Owww, wellll."
  370. [20:24:09] <@Natalie> "I don't actually hate her so all I gotta do is tell the truth!  I think she's pretty strong, even if I could probably beat her up.  And even if she DID find that out what'd she do, eat me?"
  371. [20:24:29] <@Natalie> "Nnnnn... I'd say 'I don't taste good' but I uhh... I actually heard the whole Durandal thing."
  372. [20:25:02] <@Amaryllis> "How much of the truth?" Ammy gets a worried expression.
  373. [20:25:06] * @Natalie sits back down, with a worried expression.
  374. [20:25:13] * @Amaryllis is worrieder. >:V
  375. [20:25:14] <@Natalie> "Oh, not THAT truth.  The other truth."
  376. [20:25:35] <@Natalie> "Like a 'I was just kidding about being so spoiled, let's be friends, okay?' kinda thing."
  377. [20:25:41] <@Natalie> "'Cause it'd catch her OFF-GUARD."
  378. [20:25:44] <@Natalie> "... Isn't that how it works?"
  379. [20:26:29] <@Amaryllis> "Not in the tales I have read, but we shall see, shall we not?" Ammy flips her journal open. "As for Durandal..."
  380. [20:26:47] <@Natalie> "Nnnnn, hold that thought.  I wanna talk about the crystal."
  381. [20:27:01] * @Natalie starts challenging Ammy's worriedness again, :<ing all the way.
  382. [20:27:13] <@Amaryllis> "Of course. It didn't speak this time. Did it also fail to awake your memories?"
  383. [20:27:29] <@Natalie> "Nuh-uh, I saw something.  But it was... weird."
  384. [20:27:51] <@Natalie> "That's how I knew Baron was a nice guy!  I was old-me and I was talking to him, so he definitely wasn't lying."
  385. [20:28:41] * @Natalie pouts a little. "But I was telling him that I already forgot... plus I actually DID have the piece of the crystal for real."
  386. [20:29:17] <@Amaryllis> (oh right, Kain if you're here this is a bit of chronology I wanted to clear up - when exactly did Ammy find Nat in Ipsen's Castle?)
  387. [20:31:36] * @Amaryllis nods along. "It is a shame his tale ends with such a fade into obscurity. You your other form then?"
  388. [20:32:43] <@Natalie> "Nn-hnn," Nat nods.  "Yeah, I was a lot smaller!  I remembered the feeling of how straining it is having to look up from the ground, yuck.  Oh, and my voice was the same, I totally forgot that one too."
  389. [20:33:52] <@Natalie> "But here's what gets me," she looks up and waggles a finger.  "The other ones were memories of being with my summoner and stuff, yeah?  But this one was from AFTER the crystal already shattered.  Isn't that kinda weird?"
  390. [20:34:47] <@Amaryllis> "A cat that nnnns instead of meowing. Cute." Ammy then thinks on that last bit. "Perhaps that was the specific memory this shard bore because you carried it after the shattering?"
  391. [20:35:23] <@Amaryllis> "And the others all left you before. There was no opportunity to impart new memories to them."
  392. [20:35:26] <@Natalie> "Nnnnnnnn!"  Poutymode!  "Well... oh, that might be right."
  393. [20:35:45] <@Natalie> "Maybe I was paranoid for nothing?  That'd be nnnnnnnice."
  394. [20:36:37] <@Kaingaskhan> (I don't remember truth be told)
  395. [20:36:41] <@Amaryllis> "I hope so. This is the only real lead we have seen in years when it comes to recovering your memories."
  396. [20:36:42] <@Kaingaskhan> (So I was really vague about it with baron)
  397. [20:36:43] <@Natalie> "I just thought... someone told me to do something with the crystal shard I had.  If the 'something' was putting them back together, wouldn't that mean they already knew about it breaking however long ago it was?"
  398. [20:37:13] <@Amaryllis> (oh I see okay. I had thought it was 10 years ago, but let's say 5 or something to better fit what Baron said then?)
  399. [20:37:34] <@Natalie> (I get the leisure of being amnesiac enough to say "I totally don't even know when it was")
  400. [20:38:09] <@Amaryllis> "Your summoner charged you with the task, did she not? Perhaps we shall ask her, if she can be found."
  401. [20:38:27] <@Amaryllis> (okay now I forget - did we learn IC that Eiko was in Lindblum, or do I just remember that OOC for some reason?)
  402. [20:38:37] <@Natalie> (It was IC, I made sure to check before this)
  403. [20:38:38] <@Amaryllis> (I think Quina told us IC, but jussttttt making sure)
  404. [20:38:51] <@Natalie> (s/he DID just say 'horned girl' though)
  405. [20:38:59] <@Natalie> (but I'm fairly sure we know Eiko is the last summoner with a horn)
  406. [20:39:15] <@Amaryllis> (Ammy has the book about the events of the war)
  407. [20:39:32] <@Natalie> "Nnn," Nat pouts again.  "It MIGHT've been her, but if the Qu from earlier was right- oh yeah, I was eavesdropping on that one too.  Sorry~"
  408. [20:39:53] <@Amaryllis> "It will be difficult to keep up our farce in Lindblum of all places, however." Ammy shrugs it off, expecting that kind of spying by this point.
  409. [20:40:20] <@Natalie> "If she's really there... yyyyeah.  If we keep up the story that we're FROM there we can't get back all that easily."
  410. [20:41:04] <@Natalie> "And if the crystal warriors," she strikes an overdramatic pose, "are gonna keep us with them then it's gonna be REALLY suspicious if we try.  But if there're crystal shards there..."
  411. [20:41:38] <@Amaryllis> "We have enough setpieces to play the role adequately. If we learn the lines, we can keep the audience dazzled for long enough to maintain the illusion."
  412. [20:42:11] <@Natalie> "Nnnnn.  I'm really glad to have you around for stuff like this, Ammy."
  413. [20:42:54] * @Natalie sits back down in a more comfortable yet casual position. "'Kay! So, first I gotta clear up the thing with Leeny, right?"
  414. [20:43:05] <@Amaryllis> "But, we must stay in their good graces. The human is carefree enough. The Genome has the worries of his own people to bear, the potential that their tale may end. The Burmecian..." Ammy trails off, but her stern gaze finishes the sentence for Nat.
  415. [20:43:27] <@Natalie> Gulp+nod.
  416. [20:44:16] <@Natalie> "I did kinda save her life back there, though.  I mean, if she attacked him we all saw how hard I was hitting without ANY weapons so he could've snapped her in half, right?"
  417. [20:44:26] <@Amaryllis> "One more thing." Amaryllis reaches in her bag and pulls out the bottle of Mist. "I am no great scholar of Mist, but I suspect from the state of Baron that it is a substance capable of conveying a tale past its natural end. I suspect it could be of use in recovering your memories, but I won't try anything without your permission." She sets it down.
  418. [20:44:44] <@Natalie> "Ohh... ohhh!"
  419. [20:44:54] * @Natalie cuts herself off and stares at it sparkly-eyed.
  420. [20:45:44] <@Natalie> "Yeah but..." She pokes it.  "Nothing happened while we were in the room with all of it.  And even if it did something like that, that'd be a weird way of doing it."
  421. [20:45:48] <@Amaryllis> "Celina will not see it that way, I am afraid." Amaryllis nudges the bottle toward Natalie. "Not tonight, unless you really wish it. I am unsure what will happen, to be honest, and it is important that you quell Celina's anger."
  422. [20:46:45] * @Amaryllis stares at the bottle as well, silent for a few seconds before she speaks again, much more quietly this time, but still audible. "I am quite sure it will serve some purpose in our endeavors."
  423. [20:46:47] * @Natalie keeps staring at the bottle. "Yeah... if I accidentally turned into old-me again or something that'd be bad, since I forgot how I became like this in the first place."
  424. [20:46:53] <@Natalie> "Or maybe I'd remember something bad..."
  425. [20:47:13] <@Natalie> "... Nah!  All the other Eidolons who didn't lose their memories are fine with everything they know so it probably won't be THAT bad."
  426. [20:47:15] <@Amaryllis> "The truth of a tale is always worth bearing, no matter how unpleasant."
  427. [20:47:28] * @Natalie nods and pushes it back. "Keep it safe for me, okay?"
  428. [20:47:40] <@Amaryllis> "I will."
  429. [20:48:31] <@Natalie> "But... ohhh, I guess all I gotta do is prove to Leeny that I'm NOT doing anything bad.  Or you know, to hurt her or anything.  And if she attacks me I could probably win.  Hmph."
  430. [20:48:41] <@Natalie> "... Oh wait, that's kinda contradicting, huh?"
  431. [20:49:50] <@Natalie> "Well!  Unless she's actually a Durandal spy who knew my secret all along she's a proud Burmecian warrior who won't really get anything from trying to beat up a cute little girl, so I bet there's nothing to worry about!"
  432. [20:49:52] <@Amaryllis> "It will take time to win her over. I do not believe it to be that simple."
  433. [20:50:13] * @Natalie jumps up again! "Oh... yeah, Duraaaandal."
  434. [20:50:44] <@Natalie> "Unn, how bad do you think it really is?  The Eidolon-eating thing?"
  435. [20:52:14] <@Amaryllis> "I am grieviously worried." Ammy reaches in her bag for the carefully wrapped and preserved dragon's mane, setting it in front of Nat. "I only hope I will not have to make use of this when we visit."
  436. [20:52:55] <@Natalie> A slow nod.  "Yeah... I was gonna take Terry with me and go there instead of here, actually," cough.  "... Butwekindagotlost."
  437. [20:53:33] <@Natalie> "Now I'm worried since we spent all night in here, w-what if he got caught?  Since he didn't want to come in here with me..."
  438. [20:53:36] * @Amaryllis sighs. "And I must admit I am glad for that. The Qu's weapon inflicted unhealing wounds upon Leviathan. Can you imagine what it would do to you, weakened as you are?"
  439. [20:54:04] * @Natalie places hands-at-hips. "Well, Levvie's a giant snake! I don't think they could find out who I am on ACCIDENT."
  440. [20:54:19] <@Natalie> "I'm just a noble from Lindblum investigating because of..."
  441. [20:54:22] <@Natalie> "..."
  442. [20:54:30] <@Natalie> "Oh, yeah, maybe I should think of something."
  443. [20:55:27] <@Amaryllis> "There is time enough for that. Worry about Terrato later. For now, let us keep our traveling companions happy with us."
  444. [20:56:02] <@Natalie> "Okay!  But I wanna go to that place next anyway.  Don't worry, they SO totally won't catch me."
  445. [20:56:38] <@Natalie> "We can at least take a look from outside, can't we?  And what if they know something about that other crystal shard there?"
  446. [20:57:40] <@Amaryllis> "I believe our companions think similarly Nat. We shall visit this oppressed city."
  447. [20:58:29] <@Natalie> "Nnnnn!  Okay~!  I'm glad, if that's really true.  I guess I'll see what the ra- ... I mean, what Leeny thinks about it too after we get it all cleared up."
  448. [20:58:40] * @Natalie grumbles. "That's gonna be a weird habit to get out of."
  449. [20:59:31] * @Amaryllis chuckles. "A cat stepping on a rat's tail. A scene straight out of a children's book isn' it?"
  450. [21:00:14] * @Natalie wears the weirdest smile ever. "I kind of remember having a tail! Sort of! ... I think! ... Maybe. So uh, I can relate to how she feels!"
  451. [21:00:24] <@Natalie> "Can't tell her that though."
  452. [21:00:25] <@Natalie> Cough.
  453. [21:00:26] <@Amaryllis> "Do make peace with the Burmecian. She and I cannot see eye to eye on on fundamental philosophy, so it is all the more important you two come to an accord."
  454. [21:00:57] <@Natalie> "Yeah, don't worry, Ammy.  I already convinced two snakes to be my friend in just a couple days, sooooo..."
  455. [21:02:10] * @Natalie gets up and stretches again, loosening up before turning around to face the... direction the others are probably at.
  456. [21:02:15] <@Amaryllis> "Eidolons are one matter." Ammy groans as she lies down on something comfy. "You share a kinship with them, even if it is not conscious. Celina is one who hates Eidolons unequivocally, and I would not be surprised if some unconscious sense draws her to despise you."
  457. [21:02:47] <@Natalie> "But like I said earlier... if we can be friends, then she can understand Eidolons, can't she?"
  458. [21:03:13] <@Amaryllis> "I will stay to rest. It is not pleasant learning first hand how it feels to be struck by a legendary weapon." And she rolls over, covering herself with a blanket or cloth. "Perhaps Nat. We can hope. I trust you."
  459. [21:03:18] <@Natalie> "I'm pretty sure she didn't hate me because I was an Eidolon, she hated me just... uh, just because she could I guess.  I mean, the noble act sets people off, we've been through that before, yeah?"
  460. [21:03:59] * @Natalie turns back around and nods, smiley. "Yeah, okay. Sorry for worrying you so much, Ammy."
  461. [21:04:11] <@Natalie> "Thanks for understanding, too, nnnn.  I'll be back!"
  462. [21:04:31] * @Natalie tramples off!
  463. [21:05:29] * @Amaryllis watches Nat go off with one eye until she disappears into the gloomy castle, then settles into sleep.
  465. ----
  467. [17:40:46] <Kaingaskhan> A flash of memory.
  468. [17:43:05] <Kaingaskhan> This one... different. It feels more recent. You're in an elegant bedroom, wearing clothes of the finest silks. A knock comes at your door. An unfamiliar voice. "My lady, is there anything you require?" A frown on your face. "No, I'm fine." you respond, your voice not your own. You reach up and rub your horn. It's been itching lately. A glance at the mirror. Eiko glances back, in the finery of Lindblum's court. The frown deepens. The dress is discarded. Supple leathers now, easy to move in. A window opens. You are gone when the attendant comes next, Lindblum is your playground.
  470. ----
  472. [19:13:45] <Natalie> Nat drags Ammy away and waits until eeeeeverybody is gone before letting out a deep breath and shaking a bit.  "Okay."
  473. [19:13:59] <Natalie> "T-This might sound kind of weird."
  474. [19:14:23] <Natalie> "But, I'm me, right?"
  475. [19:14:44] <Amaryllis> "You are Carbuncle. What's wrong?"
  476. [19:15:18] <Natalie> "I know!  I mean... I think I know."  Nat reaches up and.. itches under her bangs for some reason.
  477. [19:15:38] <Natalie> "The crystal showed me.. I got to see her again."
  478. [19:15:49] <Amaryllis> "Who?"
  479. [19:15:53] <Natalie> "..."
  480. [19:15:57] <Natalie> "Ahh.... Eh..."
  481. [19:16:08] <Amaryllis> "Eiko?"
  482. [19:16:08] * Natalie shrinks down a bit. "I think I forgot her name again already..."
  483. [19:16:14] <Natalie> "Right!"
  484. [19:16:36] <Natalie> "Only she's much prettier, and... uh... well..."
  485. [19:16:58] <Natalie> Headshake headshake.  "I didn't see her though, I WAS her.  And that wasn't really so strange..."
  486. [19:17:10] <Natalie> "... But then she actually acted like me..."
  487. [19:17:16] <Natalie> "And it felt so weird."  Itch itch.
  488. [19:17:36] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps she took on characteristics from you, or you from her."
  489. [19:17:39] <Natalie> "Horns are really itchy."  Scratch.  "I never itched up there before."
  490. [19:18:20] <Natalie> "But it's just... so much!  The roles we're playing..."  Sniff.  "It's what she's doing too."
  491. [19:18:35] <Natalie> "That can't really be her, right?  It HAD to be me!"
  492. [19:18:38] <Amaryllis> "What do you mean?"
  493. [19:19:03] <Natalie> "In the thing the crystal showed me," Nat stands up and spins around.  "She had a servant, and wore pretty dresses..."
  494. [19:19:11] <Natalie> "She didn't have to hide her horn though."
  495. [19:20:27] <Natalie> "But," Natty puts hands at her hips again, "When nobody was looking she snuck out.  Just like I did last n- ... er, I mean, like I would... probably do!  Yeah!"
  496. [19:20:32] <Amaryllis> "The people know what Eiko is. She need not hide it. Nor has any desire to, I imagine." Ammy starts peeling back Nat's bandages and gets new ones ready to apply. "You'll make it suspicious if you scratch at this too much. I'll have to replace them..."
  497. [19:21:10] <Natalie> "Hnnn... it's not like anyone ever looks, though."
  498. [19:21:58] <Natalie> "I mean, it might be the... was it Levvie who said that?  That summoners and eidolons are.. linked or something?"
  499. [19:22:00] * Amaryllis changes them out anyway. "And what difference would it make to you, if Eiko Carol and the Eidolon Carbuncle were one and the same? Would it make any?" Ammy steps back after finishing the bandage change.
  500. [19:22:17] <Amaryllis> "It is far more likely you simply adopt each other's mannerisms and quirks, however."
  501. [19:22:22] * Natalie stops to ponder. "I... don't know."
  502. [19:22:42] <Natalie> "She's my summoner and I want to help her!  If I was working this hard to protect me it would just be... weird."
  503. [19:22:50] <Natalie> "But you'll be with me to know that I'm me, right?"
  504. [19:23:00] <Amaryllis> "Of course."
  505. [19:23:21] <Natalie> "O.. Okay.  I feel a lot better now.  Thanks, Ammy."
  506. [19:23:33] <Natalie> "Maybe it was just that link, and maybe she's why I act like I do..."
  507. [19:23:51] <Amaryllis> "You're welcome Nat." Ammy pauses a moment. "What was her servant like?"
  508. [19:24:23] <Natalie> "... Unfamiliar.  It was more like.... what are the servants called when they only come into a room every now and then?"
  509. [19:24:53] <Amaryllis> "Boring?" Ammy smiles a wry smile.
  510. [19:25:33] <Natalie> "Hee hee... maybe.  I don't know if they were friends or not.  Only that they called her 'my lady'... instead of 'milady.'"
  511. [19:25:40] * Natalie grins. "I really like the way you pronounce that, you know."
  512. [19:25:58] <Amaryllis> "The words are one and the same, milady."
  513. [19:26:22] <Natalie> "It's all in how you say it!  A boring, old servant takes the time to say 'my lady.'"
  514. [19:26:37] <Amaryllis> "Are you scared? Of what you may find as you learn more about yourself?"
  515. [19:26:43] <Natalie> "... Yeah."
  516. [19:26:56] <Natalie> "I almost got really mad back there."
  517. [19:26:57] <Amaryllis> "I am too. I'm glad we can share that."
  518. [19:27:16] * Natalie headtilts a bit. "You're scared about what you'll learn about yourself? Or about me?"
  519. [19:27:30] <Amaryllis> "What if I said both?"
  520. [19:28:02] <Natalie> "That's a little weird... but I guess I understand.  Don't worry, I might have promised you before, but I'll promise again now: I'm always me, no matter what happens!"
  521. [19:28:21] <Natalie> "Even if I turn evil, or get eaten, or am actually a summoner, or turn into old-me again..."
  522. [19:28:40] <Natalie> "Well, most of those things probably won't happen, except the last one."
  523. [19:29:06] <Amaryllis> "Of course."
  524. [19:29:19] <Natalie> "... One more question."
  525. [19:29:31] <Amaryllis> "Yes?"
  526. [19:29:43] <Natalie> "Err... am I bad for worrying about my new friend?  Even though I ran off without telling you?"
  527. [19:30:23] <Natalie> "He probably WILL be okay if we leave him behind and take an airship, he's tough!  ... I think I'm just selfish."
  528. [19:30:45] <Amaryllis> "I was immensely worried. There is little to stop you from forgetting all you know and living the rest of your life thinking yourself a human orphan, never finding your memories and who you really are."
  529. [19:30:58] * Natalie handhips again. "But I couldn't just let Leeny win like that! Her hate for eidolons isn't even a real thing! I..."
  530. [19:31:01] <Natalie> "..."
  531. [19:31:28] <Natalie> "Yeah... I guess I was stupid for not thinking.  I shouldn't have run off at all, and I guess I shouldn't have met Terry at all."
  532. [19:31:32] <Amaryllis> "That is all. Terrato...I would like to meet him someday, but Celina is yet a dangerous force."
  533. [19:31:54] <Amaryllis> "And bringing her to Terrato against her wishes can only end in misery."
  534. [19:31:57] <Natalie> "She doesn't get how fake she is!  If she can get along with me, she can get along with him."
  535. [19:32:00] <Amaryllis> "Or one or the other."
  536. [19:32:04] <Amaryllis> *for
  537. [19:32:19] <Natalie> "... He might get mad and eat her for real though."
  538. [19:32:25] <Natalie> "So that's a thing."
  539. [19:32:53] <Amaryllis> "She harbors a deep resentment. Remember what I said about the one story everyone has?"
  540. [19:32:53] <Natalie> "Anyway, that's it, you can go help them now if you want.  S-Sorry I kept you."
  541. [19:33:06] * Natalie cuts herself off. "Right, but.."
  542. [19:33:22] <Natalie> "She's not writing her story alone.  I'm sneaking in a few chapters for her."
  543. [19:33:26] <Amaryllis> "She has not found her own. Her story is still that of Burmecia's. Not just that, but her idea of Burmecia."
  544. [19:33:41] <Natalie> "So only time can heal it, nnn?"
  545. [19:33:58] <Amaryllis> "She is living a life defined by such a story. Her reaction is not surprising, merely inconvenient and burdensome."
  546. [19:34:06] <Natalie> "If she only gets along with me because she thinks I'm human..."  Headshake.  "There's nothing I can do."
  547. [19:34:07] <Amaryllis> "And, as I have said, dangerous."
  548. [19:34:26] <Natalie> "I bet I could beat her in a fight though.  Just a hunch!"
  549. [19:34:45] * Natalie stands up and stretches. "Buuuuuuuut it's better not to find out if that's true or not, right?"
  550. [19:35:00] <Amaryllis> "Let's not test that. At least until you've graduated from moogles." Ammy teasingly messes with Nat's hair.
  551. [19:35:16] <Natalie> "Hmph!  It's ON next time I meet him!"
  552. [19:35:38] <Natalie> "But..."  Nat makes an idle snap-kick at the air.  "... For now, I like it."
  553. [19:35:57] <Natalie> "Being human is really nice, 'cause even if I'm an amnesiac I still learn things I probably couldn't if I weren't."
  554. [19:36:09] <Natalie> "So no matter what the truth is I'm glad I get to stay like this."
  555. [19:36:34] <Amaryllis> "I would rather Celina learn to temper her vengeful thoughts than to have her bested in combat. It'll make our path forward that much easier."
  556. [19:36:56] <Amaryllis> "It's not a bad life. Certainly not as lonely as one might otherwise find themselves."
  557. [19:37:07] <Natalie> "Something tells me though..."  Kick, kick, spin.  "... If there's anyone whose role is to teach her that, it's probably me."
  558. [19:37:19] <Natalie> "Bridging the gap between eidolons and... well, everyone else one at a time, right?"
  559. [19:37:26] <Amaryllis> "I only wish we were returning to Lindblum under more auspicious skies."
  560. [19:37:41] <Natalie> "... Oh yeah, they're gonna find out we're phonies, aren't they?"
  561. [19:37:51] <Natalie> "That's kind of a problem too, meant to ask about that."
  562. [19:37:51] <Amaryllis> "I think we would both like to see that happen."
  563. [19:37:54] <Amaryllis> "Will they?"
  564. [19:38:05] <Amaryllis> "That sounds like a challenge."
  565. [19:38:05] <Natalie> "If they try to pry!"
  566. [19:38:19] * Natalie smirks again. "Then we'll just have to beat them!"
  567. [19:39:05] <Amaryllis> "I imagine, however, that we'll be occupied with less playful matters."
  568. [19:39:28] <Natalie> "So," scribblescribble.  "I'm gonna write some of this down so I don't forget it."  With the diary flipped open the 'calmdowncalmdowncalmdowncalmdown' page is clearly displayed to Ammy's eyes for a few second, since it's filled with terrified scribblings.
  569. [19:39:48] <Natalie> "If they ask, tell them I... scolded you for getting knocked out or something, 'kay?"
  570. [19:40:03] * Amaryllis frowns a moment at the page, then reaches over and hugs Nat.
  571. [19:40:10] * Natalie sniffles.
  572. [19:40:23] <Natalie> "... Thanks."
  573. [19:40:30] * Amaryllis nods silently.
  574. [19:41:11] <Natalie> Anything else?
  575. [19:42:01] <Amaryllis> "I am also terrified," Ammy begins to whisper in a shaking voice. "that when we return to civilization, my...habit will return as well. If I fail to stay my hand once more, will you still remain at my side?"
  576. [19:42:36] <Amaryllis> "I cannot avoid it, if I am to find the conclusion to my story, but nevertheless..."
  577. [19:42:42] <Natalie> "... I'm me."  Nat clings tighter.  "And you're you.  No matter what you do, you're always you- and that means you're always my friend, got it?"
  578. [19:43:13] * Amaryllis nods again.
  579. [19:43:25] <Natalie> "Nothing bad'll ever happen to you, not if I can help it.  And I'll never leave... never for real."
  581. ----
  583. [00:11:15] <@Amaryllis> (so should I start setting up the scene?)
  584. [00:11:57] <Kain> (Hi)
  585. [00:11:59] <Kain> (Sure)
  586. [00:12:15] <Natalie> (Mind if I do?  Because I was going to totally go from the last words spoken on the last thing)
  587. [00:12:23] <Natalie> (UNLESS you had something else in mind)
  588. [00:12:24] <@Amaryllis> It is not long after Nat and Ammy began to set out from the giant bonfire that Ammy abruptly- FINE TREE.
  589. [00:12:29] <Natalie> ~
  590. [00:12:32] <@Amaryllis> DO IT. SEE WHAT I CARE. >:I
  591. [00:12:35] <Natalie> "So while we walk..."
  592. [00:12:45] <Natalie> you're cute btw
  593. [00:12:53] <Natalie> Nat doesn't think you're cute
  594. [00:12:55] <Natalie> but I do
  595. [00:12:57] <@Amaryllis> :<
  596. [00:12:59] <Natalie> (just kidding we both do)
  597. [00:13:17] <@Amaryllis> "Yes Nat?"
  598. [00:13:29] <Natalie> "Nn... I was thinking about something I want to tell you.  You know, before we get there."
  599. [00:13:49] * @Amaryllis abruptly stops. "Is something the matter?" She looks ill at ease.
  600. [00:14:21] * Natalie skips along happily, even with lantern-night illuminating the dark barely showing the worry on her face. "It's just... um, well, if I see her again... I don't think I want to actually meet her."
  601. [00:14:21] <@Amaryllis> "I as well in fact..."
  602. [00:14:59] <@Amaryllis> "I do. Why do you not?"
  603. [00:15:12] * @Amaryllis gets a worried expression to mirror Nat's.
  604. [00:15:13] <Natalie> "Because I haven't finished what I was supposed to do yet, and I'm really nervous, and..."
  605. [00:15:17] <Natalie> :<
  606. [00:16:17] <@Amaryllis> "Let us take a short break then." Ammy veers off their path to a obscured patch of trees or similar. She nervously twirls the end of her hair as she goes.
  607. [00:17:04] * Natalie gets an invisible question mark above her head but skips over. "Sorry, Ammy, I've been like this ever since the last crystal."
  608. [00:17:26] <Natalie> "Hnnnn... .... There's not something wrong, is there?  I've never seen you do that."
  609. [00:17:42] <Natalie> "... Or maybe I just forgot it all again."
  610. [00:17:58] <@Amaryllis> Finding a suitable spot, Ammy spreads out her cloak out like a picnic blanket and sits down, motioning for Nat to sit across from her. She takes out the bottle of mist she'd been carrying in her bag and holds it in one hand, her other clutching her necklace.
  611. [00:18:33] * Natalie takes a deep breath, then plops down!
  612. [00:18:50] <@Amaryllis> For a good half minute, she's silent, and then she speaks, uncertainty filling her voice. "It has been ten long years. And I as well have failed to finish what I was supposed to, Nat...Carbuncle."
  613. [00:19:25] <Natalie> Head... tilt.  "Y-You only call me that when it's serious.  What's up?"
  614. [00:19:54] <Natalie> "I didn't mean to scare you anything, I'm just nervous 'cause I wonder if she'd be mad at me for... was it really THAT long?"
  615. [00:21:39] * @Amaryllis nods. "And I have let your memories break away from you for this long, when you should have seen them restored long ago, when it was my task to see that happen ten years ago. There is something I must show you." She begins to uncork the bottle of mist and hold it toward Nat.
  616. [00:22:19] <Natalie> "Your... task?  But I thought we had the same task!  You know, to..."
  617. [00:22:22] <Natalie> "..."
  618. [00:22:38] * Natalie nervously leans forward and sniffs a bit.
  619. [00:25:23] * @Amaryllis reaches up and slowly peels the bandages on her forehead off. She wafts the mist vapors up toward the jewel set into Nat's head, and then shines her lantern's glow upon it. "I want to show you the world within you, Nat."
  620. [00:25:43] <Kain> bow chicka wow wow
  621. [00:25:48] <Natalie> (S-stop that)
  622. [00:26:25] <Natalie> "Within... m... what?  Ammy, are you trying to get back at me for all the dumb things I did?  'Cause I didn't mean t-"
  623. [00:26:37] * Natalie shivers a bit and shuts up.
  624. [00:26:48] <@Amaryllis> "...As Inquisitor Tonberry, I open this gate of the immortal legend!" Ammy's eyes glow and the lantern seems to glow brighter for a moment too.
  625. [00:27:48] <Kain> You seem to lose consciousness for a moment...
  626. [00:32:18] <Kaingaskhan> And when you come to, you're drifting... drifting... drifting.... Drifting in a void of endless stars. You seem to be floating downward, landing on a small planetoid. Both Ammy and Nat are here, in different garb. Gone is Amaryllis's armor, replaced by brown robes and a hood pulled over her head. Nat is wearing a silken green dress with a ruby brooch fastened on her neck, on an almost collar-like accessory. The surface of this place is covered in faintly glowing crystals... many of which are cracked and broken, and shine millions of fragments of your faces within as you pass. Broken handmirrors lay here and there on the ground, full length mirrors laying against crystal pillars for support, equally shattered, for the most part.
  627. [00:32:44] <Kaingaskhan> The crystals seem almost randomly placed for the most part, but seem to form a structure further on.
  628. [00:32:55] <Kaingaskhan> It feels like a dream, but here you are, awake.
  629. [00:33:42] <Natalie> "Nnnn... nn... g."
  630. [00:34:29] <@Amaryllis> "Eidolon. Godbeast. Creature of story. Crystals that carry such a story. A world crafted of story and crystal. Aether realm. Every one of us has such a world inside us, and yours...yours I have left to fall into such disrepair, a mirror to your broken memories." Ammy murmurs quietly.
  631. [00:34:52] <Natalie> "... I..."
  632. [00:35:21] * Natalie gulps and stands up, looking the world over with narrowed eyes. "So I'm... right... I think I was supposed to know that."
  633. [00:36:18] <Kaingaskhan> The crystalline structure... before you? Beyond? At some distance? It's hard to tell, but it seems to be the last bastion of crystal not torn down.
  634. [00:36:24] <Natalie> "But what do you mean, how is this your fault?"  Nat takes a breath.  "It's because the crystal broke, that's all!  So all we have to do is fix it."
  635. [00:36:28] <Kaingaskhan> The Castle of Shattered Memories
  636. [00:36:34] <Natalie> "... Right?"
  637. [00:36:55] <Natalie> (I wonder how appropriate it is to have had Find Your Way blasting this whole time)
  638. [00:36:59] <@Amaryllis> "Yes. I...kept it from you at first because you were so confused in your state. I thought it would be soon that this could be righted, but I lost contact with the others..." Ammy holds up her necklace, the same 12 worn gil coins on it. "The others of the Twelve Gates of Immortal Legend."
  639. [00:37:16] <Natalie> "... So it really IS serious."
  640. [00:37:43] * Natalie knocks a fist against the side of her head. "I can't be loopy-me here. Okay, focus, focus..."
  641. [00:38:03] * @Amaryllis shakes her head. "I was foolish not to let you know sooner, so that you may have some insight into this. I am, after all, new. My mentor in the Gates died without imparting all his lessons, and I am new to the pantheon of Eidolons as well..."
  642. [00:38:06] <Kaingaskhan> The pathway before you seems to clear of crystal shards.
  643. [00:38:41] <@Amaryllis> "I am...sorry." Ammy looks ahead toward the one pristine structure remaining. "It appears in the time I have dawdled, this is all that remains of the crystal within you."
  644. [00:38:49] <Natalie> "So... if I asked you what you meant I'd probably forget it.  I'll trust you for now though- 'cause I always trusted you, Ammy."
  645. [00:38:56] <Natalie> "And I'll keep trusting you, okay?"
  646. [00:39:20] <Kaingaskhan> Proceed further?
  647. [00:39:29] * Natalie looks over the pathway again and shivers a bit, before taking a light step. Then another.
  648. [00:39:37] <Natalie> "Let's... Let's go."
  649. [00:39:49] <@Amaryllis> "That is...more than I probably deserve." Ammy looks toward Nat. "Are you sure?"
  650. [00:40:07] <Kaingaskhan> The crystals fragments jump with each step, as if a giant was walking Nat's path. No such effect from Ammy.
  651. [00:40:07] <Natalie> "I'm me, and I always will be.  What kind of me would I be if I didn't have confidence all the time, nnn?"
  652. [00:40:27] <Natalie> More steps.  "... Or maybe that wasn't how I was before.  But it's me now."
  653. [00:40:39] <@Amaryllis> "Of course, of course." Ammy follows with hesitance, forlorn looks at the shattered crystal around.
  654. [00:40:50] <Natalie> "That's the me I am because of you... or maybe it IS how I always was?  Whatever, it's still true!"
  655. [00:41:27] <@Amaryllis> "In any case, I wished to warn you before we arrived in Lindblum again, at the least. Because I will meet Eiko, with or without you. The Twelve Gates brought the summoner tribe into being, and we can create it anew from the ashes."
  656. [00:41:48] <Kaingaskhan> You step forward, entering the building-like structure.
  657. [00:42:05] <Natalie> "Create... summoners?"
  658. [00:42:35] <@Amaryllis> "You are as you were Nat, and as you always will be. Your realm may be shattered and broken now, but...but I will see it restored. Who you are has not and will not change."
  659. [00:42:56] * Natalie headshakes. "I think what I saw was... rediscovering the bond we had. The bond between Eidolon and Summoner. Since I went so long forgetting about it, it felt new again. And that feeling really scared me..."
  660. [00:43:11] <Natalie> "Because... what if she'd been feeling that the whole time, but I haven't?"
  661. [00:43:25] <Kaingaskhan> Though much of it has cracked, chipped, or shattered, it retains the look of a small, elegant castle. A stairwell lies in front of you, leading to a second floor balcony that curves around and into doors. A large mirror is at the top of the stairwell, a chunk missing from its pane... though the piece hasn't gone far, lying on the floor in front.
  662. [00:43:46] * Natalie leans down and reaches out to touch it, nervously.
  663. [00:44:05] <@Amaryllis> "Then she must be awfully lonely, and she will be glad to meet you once more and hear what happened."
  664. [00:44:14] <Kaingaskhan> It feels warm to the touch, with no sharp edges. Looks to be intact, too, you might could put it back in the mirror...
  665. [00:45:11] <Natalie> "... Yeah.  But because we felt so close..."  Nat picks it up.  "I thought that if I really WERE her, I'd be mad at me for leaving for so long."
  666. [00:45:20] <Natalie> "And now even as me I'm a little mad at me."
  667. [00:45:37] * Natalie holds up the mirror shard and just staaaaaares into it.
  668. [00:46:15] <Kaingaskhan> Your face stares back, though hair parted, ruby gemstone showing.
  669. [00:46:45] * Natalie reaches up to touch the gemstone, with a nervous gulp, before approaching the mirror.
  670. [00:46:48] <Natalie> "So is this..."
  671. [00:46:49] <@Amaryllis> "As for your question, we do not...create summoners. Madain Sari, it is the place where you can feel the heartbeat of the world. It is no mere coincidence that those who gathered there are summoners, or become part of the summoning tradition."
  672. [00:47:02] * @Amaryllis shuts up and stops a few paces back from the mirror to allow Nat to examine it.
  673. [00:47:08] <Natalie> Step, step, step.
  674. [00:47:20] <Natalie> "Ammy... have you told me this before?  Did I hear it and forget it?"
  675. [00:47:34] * Natalie holds the piece closer to the mirror, step by step.
  676. [00:48:22] <@Amaryllis> "You have met at least one other of the Twelve Gates. Noah Cromwell. I wonder if you remember him. He is a dear friend of mine. This is...the first I have spoken of this to you in such complete detail, however."
  677. [00:49:02] <Natalie> "This... this place... this mirror... they all have something to do with my memories, yeah?  So you can tell me and I know I'll remember it this time?"
  678. [00:49:20] <Kaingaskhan> As the piece touches its rightful place in the mirror...
  679. [00:49:35] <Kaingaskhan> It slides out of Natalie's grasp and its edges fuse back with a brief flash of light.
  680. [00:49:44] <Kaingaskhan> The reflection on the mirror gives way to a darker scene.
  681. [00:49:50] <@Amaryllis> "This place is your memories. As it breaks, so do your thoughts, and so forth the other way."
  682. [00:49:55] * Natalie stops talking and takes a step back.
  683. [00:50:10] <Kaingaskhan> A grand city at night. A towering sword sheathed in the ground, its hilt raised proudly in the sky.
  684. [00:50:29] <Natalie> Ha, dark as in literally.  Because it's night.
  685. [00:50:57] <Kaingaskhan> White flashes of light are surrounding the sword. There's a bright beam... and then an enormous construct in the shape of a castle, spreading two angelic wings.
  686. [00:51:01] <Kaingaskhan> But something is wrong.
  687. [00:51:25] * @Amaryllis shuts up again, staring at the scene.
  688. [00:51:27] <Natalie> Squiiiint.
  689. [00:51:33] <Kaingaskhan> Blasts of energy rip out of its wings, and start carving paths and crevvases into the town itself. Explosions.
  690. [00:51:55] <Natalie> "I was... there for this?"
  691. [00:51:57] <Kaingaskhan> One of the beams seems to come for the mirror, and the view 'zooms out' a bit, showing two figures watching grimly in the path.
  692. [00:52:31] <Kaingaskhan> One is a green cat, ruby set in its forehead, the other a weathered, powerful man in leather armor, wielding a greatsword.
  693. [00:52:46] <Kaingaskhan> "Carbuncle!" the old man shouts, in a wisened voice.
  694. [00:52:57] <Kaingaskhan> "Right! I got this, Cid! PRISMATIC LIGHT!"
  695. [00:52:58] * Natalie stands to attention! .. Then blushes a little.
  696. [00:53:29] <@Amaryllis> Scene is too serious for Ammy to giggle even a little bit at yelling attack names.
  697. [00:53:56] <Kaingaskhan> The cat shouts with Natalie's voice and a rainbow colored film washes over the man and the cat, covering them. The beam of Holy Judgement reflects off easily, and the two are covered in shining light.
  698. [00:54:15] <Kaingaskhan> Cid?: "The damn fool lost control of Alexander. Come, we need to subdue it, and quickly."
  699. [00:54:17] <Kaingaskhan> "Okay!"
  700. [00:54:28] <Kaingaskhan> The scene on the mirror fades as the two rush forward.
  701. [00:54:37] <Natalie> "That really... was... me..."
  702. [00:54:49] <Natalie> "Hehe... hehehe.  Levvie wasn't kidding, was he?  I really HAVEN'T changed a bit."
  703. [00:54:55] <@Amaryllis> "You should be proud."
  704. [00:55:09] <Natalie> "Is that it?  That can't be all, can it?"
  705. [00:55:19] * Natalie starts frantically searching around, looking for more.
  706. [00:55:25] <Kaingaskhan> The visage of Cid I was fairly recognizable to Ammy, once she saw it.
  707. [00:55:42] <@Amaryllis> "All of what? I am sure more stories exist here, not strain yourself too much Nat."
  708. [00:55:42] <Kaingaskhan> No horn, though, and no recounts of him being a summoner. Was he?
  709. [00:56:19] * @Amaryllis glances in the mirror herself, thinking upon this. Is her memory being weird now? She shakes it off though.
  710. [00:56:27] <Natalie> "... Why AM I like this, Ammy?  Was Levvie telling the truth?  That I just... chose to?"
  711. [00:56:37] * Natalie stops searching and spins around, a bit concerned.
  712. [00:57:12] <@Amaryllis> "I...cannot say."
  713. [00:57:15] <@Amaryllis> "That is, I do not know."
  714. [00:57:57] <Natalie> "But you were the one who always knew who I was... by name, what I was supposed to do... and all that stuff, right?"
  715. [00:58:04] <Natalie> "Doesn't that mean you knew me when I was old-me?"
  716. [00:59:03] <Natalie> "It's all kinda vague and fuzzy... all I remember is that you always knew more than I did.  It felt like I could just ask for the things I forgot anytime, but... well, maybe I was a little scared.  'Cause I'd always wonder if I asked and you told me before."
  717. [00:59:07] <@Amaryllis> "I found you as you are now." Ammy looks a bit helpless and sad to not be able to offer anything more concrete.
  718. [00:59:31] * Natalie reaches up and rubs the ruby. "... Sorry. I guess I got excited at seeing old-me again."
  719. [01:00:00] <Natalie> "Then come on!  Let's go watch some more!  I'm totally not 'strained' just yet."
  720. [01:00:03] <@Amaryllis> "I of course know the stories of what you have done, partnered with Eiko as you were during the war. But that is different from knowing you before."
  721. [01:00:36] * Natalie dashes over and grabs Ammy's hand with a :D. "Well, you know me now, don't you?"
  722. [01:01:33] <@Amaryllis> "Of course." Ammy is taken a bit off guard. "You're taking all this much better than I expected." She visibly relaxes.
  723. [01:01:56] <Natalie> "Well, why wouldn't I?  I don't feel all amnesiac-y and miserable for once!  C'mon!"
  724. [01:03:14] <Natalie> "Like I said, I'm me, always!  And have I ever gotten upset at you before?  Huh?!"
  725. [01:03:28] <Natalie> "... Well if I have I can't imagine why, that really doesn't SOUND like me though."
  726. [01:03:31] <@Amaryllis> "Alright, alright. One last thing for you to know before we arrive in Lindblum though. You may not be heir to the Aitchison family, but I was, not in the official noble capacity, but in the secret life Lord Aitchison lead as one of the Twelve Gates before his demise. If ever our traveling companions doubt our identities, leave it to me."
  727. [01:03:59] <Natalie> "You mean... it WAS a real person's name?"
  728. [01:05:08] <@Amaryllis> "I was hoping others of the Twelve Gates may recognize it in our travels and approach us. We are a shattered organization, and in our secrecy I never even knew the identities of most of them. It is the same reason I wear this necklace."
  729. [01:05:13] <Natalie> "I guess I had another blank..."  A sigh.  "But how many memories can I bring back before we go there?  Is the thing she tasked me with somewhere in here?"
  730. [01:05:50] <Kaingaskhan> You start to feel kind of lightheaded...
  731. [01:05:57] <@Amaryllis> "It...may be. I know not what Eiko tasked you with, but by the crystal's tale I shall help you to achieve it."
  732. [01:06:10] <Natalie> "Nnn... ohhh, I don't feel good, let's hurry!"
  733. [01:06:20] <Kaingaskhan> (Both of you, that is)
  734. [01:06:28] * Natalie starts clinging to Ammy at the feeling.
  735. [01:06:38] * @Amaryllis nods and lets herself get dragged along as Nat is wont to do, starting to feel tired herself. her eyelids droop.
  736. [01:07:00] * Natalie keeps dragging to look around until neither of them are able to do it anymore :<
  737. [01:07:55] <Kaingaskhan> You walk a few paces more, passing a room that, at a glimpse, is a familiar sight, one of the places you stayed at quite consistently one year in particular... a famiiliar, comforting bed... but before you can enter that room of memories...
  738. [01:08:15] <Kaingaskhan> You are both sitting in the wilderness again, Ammy holding the unopened bottle of Mist.
  739. [01:08:54] * Natalie blinks... blinkblinkblink. "Wait! Wait, I wasn't done!"
  740. [01:08:58] <@Amaryllis> (unopened?)
  741. [01:09:17] <Kaingaskhan> Unopened
  742. [01:09:57] <Natalie> "... Huh?"
  743. [01:10:24] * Natalie scrambles hands to her forehead, trying to feel if the ruby's still covered or not.
  744. [01:10:36] <Kaingaskhan> Yep, covered again
  745. [01:10:51] <Natalie> "N..."
  746. [01:11:24] * @Amaryllis blinks a few times and then hands Nat the bottle. "...You should be the one to keep this, I feel." (does Ammy have any idea why the bottle is now unopened and time seems to have stepped back a little bit?)
  747. [01:11:49] * Natalie gets up and stretches, with a regretful expression that quickly gives way to a smile, and then reaches over to take it.
  748. [01:11:51] <Kaingaskhan> You don't have any idea.
  749. [01:11:55] <Kaingaskhan> Your lantern is unlit too
  750. [01:12:26] <Natalie> "Okay.... Okay!  So, is that all you haven't told me?"
  751. [01:14:02] <@Amaryllis> "There is the story of how I came to be as I am now. I'm afraid the story would do little to explain how you are as you are now, unfortunately."
  752. [01:15:23] <Natalie> "Well, that doesn't matter, we'll figure it out!"
  753. [01:15:44] * Natalie grabs the mist-bottle with a gulp. "But... um... I have one thing to ask."
  754. [01:16:15] <@Amaryllis> "Yes Nat?" Ammy lights her lantern again and begins to stand.
  755. [01:16:57] <Natalie> "If.... nnno, WHEN I meet her again you'll be there, right?"
  756. [01:17:29] <Natalie> "I think... with how I feel now I could probably tell her how sorry I am, and alllllll that mushy stuff."
  757. [01:17:31] <@Amaryllis> "That's a silly question. Of course I will Nat." Ammy smiles, then quickly adds. "As long as you aren't running off in the middle of the night to find her."
  758. [01:17:45] * Natalie giggles. "Isn't that what we're BOTH doing now?"
  759. [01:18:02] * @Amaryllis nods. "The next part of your tale is long overdue...And maybe. Yes."
  760. [01:18:09] <@Amaryllis> "That doesn't count."
  761. [01:18:33] <Natalie> "Ha!"  Nat starts marching toward Lindblum again.  "And what about the others after the crystal with us?"
  762. [01:19:32] <@Amaryllis> "It is as I said before, Celina's distrust of Eidolons is dangerous to us. We can tell the others when we can be sure she will not attempt to strike us down for being as we are."
  763. [01:19:33] <Natalie> "If I'm so desperate to protect her or something that I blow our cover in front of them you won't be mad, right?"
  764. [01:19:49] <Natalie> "I... I guess you're right, yeah."
  765. [01:20:11] <Natalie> "Can't get too excited, gotta calm down."  Rubrub.  "It still feels a little weird when I think about it."
  766. [01:20:13] <@Amaryllis> "No I will not be angry, as long as neither of us is run through by a spear. Then I may be a little angry."
  767. [01:21:02] <Natalie> "Well we had this talk before!  I could beat her in a fight!"  A snap-kick at the air.  "But... if the only reason I show it is because of that bond I have with my Summoner, then maybe, just maybe, even she'll actually get it."
  768. [01:21:31] <Natalie> "She's not bad... just a little... wrong."
  769. [01:21:45] <@Amaryllis> "Let us not read too far ahead. Let the tale unfold as it would naturally."
  770. [01:22:03] <Natalie> "Okay, but..."
  771. [01:22:27] * Natalie reaches up. "As long as there're no people here, you mind if I practice my Ruby Light on the way there?"
  772. [01:22:34] <Natalie> "If I yell it enough times it'll eventually work!"
  773. [01:23:40] * @Amaryllis stifles a giggle. "It is on your head if fellow travelers mistake us for the insane."
  774. [01:23:41] <Natalie> "Just like it used to... ooh, I gotta come up with a snazzy phrase before it."
  775. [01:25:36] <Natalie> "Like 'It will be engraved upon your soul!' or 'Ruby, grant me strength!'  Or... ohh, those're no good..."
  776. [01:26:45] <@Amaryllis> "We have a long walk ahead of us to Lindblum for you to decide Nat."
  777. [01:27:15] * Natalie de-pockets and brandishes the sapphire. "O majestic gem, bestow on me your powers! 12Sapphire Light!!"
  778. [01:27:22] <Natalie> "... Just kidding, that'd never work."
  779. [01:28:09] <Natalie> "Maybe I should do like you do and put 'tale' or 'story' somewhere..."
  780. [01:28:18] * Natalie keeps mumbling and shouting the whole way there.
  781. [01:28:24] <Natalie> and
  782. [01:28:24] <Natalie> so
  783. [01:28:25] <Natalie> the
  784. [01:28:26] <Natalie> adventure
  785. [01:28:26] <Natalie> of
  786. [01:29:12] <@Amaryllis> life
  787. [01:29:12] <@Amaryllis> goes
  788. [01:29:12] <@Amaryllis> on
  789. [01:29:16] <Kaingaskhan> goofsd
  790. [01:29:22] * @Amaryllis bows
  791. [01:29:25] * Natalie bows
  793. ----
  795. [19:34:58] <@Kaingaskhan> Let's see...
  796. [19:35:52] <@Kaingaskhan> you two had just ventured into the Theater/Theatre District to pursue a portly coffee lover. But you lost track of him somewhere along the way, with little hope of finding him except perhaps by chance.
  797. [19:36:03] <@Kaingaskhan> On the upside, you two have a little bit of free time now.
  798. [19:37:52] * Natalie weaves through the crowds looking for anyone with weird-colored hair... like THAT'S going to work. Eventually she just snuggles up to Ammy, much like a youngling probably would to a parent or sibling or something. "Nnnnn, what're we gonna do now?"
  799. [19:38:33] <Amaryllis> "I had it in mind to visit the mansion ruins once more. But you wish to see Eiko, do you not?"
  800. [19:38:54] <Natalie> "Let's do both!  We can meet up with the others without looking suspicious if we just go FAST, right?"
  801. [19:38:56] <Natalie> "..."
  802. [19:39:16] <Natalie> "Wwwwait, why would you go back there?"  Headtilt.  "Did you forget something?"
  803. [19:39:45] <Natalie> "... Actually, have I ever been there before?"
  804. [19:39:49] <Amaryllis> "Given our method of travel, I do not doubt that our traveling companions will take any explanation for our tardiness, however extravagant."
  805. [19:39:54] * Natalie makes the audience cry. Sad music plays.
  806. [19:40:12] <Amaryllis> "To remember, mostly. And yes, yes you have."
  807. [19:40:31] <Natalie> "Oh... okay.  Maybe I'll remember if it I go there, then.  Let's go there first!"
  808. [19:40:57] <Amaryllis> "It'll probably not serve to find Eiko any faster. Are you certain?"
  809. [19:41:13] * Natalie marches along, spinning and doing other unnecessary movements on the way. "I've kept her waiting for... however many years it's been. What's a few more minutes or hours?"
  810. [19:41:45] <Amaryllis> "Do you even know how you intend to find her...?" Ammy shuffles ahead.
  811. [19:42:14] <Natalie> "Unless she can feel me... Levvie said that's how it works, right?  Even if I don't remember it all that great my body probably does.  So if I just try..."
  812. [19:42:15] <Amaryllis> "We could ask the locals. She is a hero of the war, after all, and likely to receive visitors often."
  813. [19:43:00] <Natalie> Nod, nod.  "Uh-huh, but!  The thing the crystal showed me made it obvious she sneaks out a lot.  Unless it was a LIAR."
  814. [19:43:49] <Natalie> "But still, your thing first.  I've lived a superduperlong time - or at least I'm pretty sure I have - so what's being patient gonna hurt?"
  815. [19:45:07] <Amaryllis> (tbh I don't know how Kain plans on handling the heirloom, but I thought it'd probably be picked up after we were reunited and in a normal session, so this visit doesn't necessarily have to do with that Tree if that's what you're thinking - Ammy just wants to see the place again)
  816. [19:45:33] <Natalie> (Oh, I don't mind how he does it, this is just because Ammy WANTED to go there)
  817. [19:45:34] <Amaryllis> "Very well. If you are certain..." Ammy starts toward where the old house was.
  818. [19:46:55] * Natalie shows no sign of having remembered going there before, wearing an almost-saddening face of puzzlement on the way there. Doesn't stop her from looking around at all the townsfolk, trying to point out anybody with blue hair wearing 'supple leathers' the whole way, despite the whole unlikeliness of actually finding somebody that specific in such a crowd.
  819. [19:47:37] <Natalie> "I'm always certain!  Annnnnnnd I'm still worried she'll be upset..."
  820. [19:48:28] <Amaryllis> "Where did Eiko appear in your visions? Where do you think she would likely be in the city?"
  821. [19:49:02] <Natalie> "A big, fancy place!  And she jumped out a window, so either she's as good as me or it wasn't really high up."
  822. [19:49:02] <@Kaingaskhan> You take an aircar from the Theater District to the upper Residential District, which looks pretty nice given it was completely destroyed a decade ago by Atomos, and then rebuilt, but that didn't stop a certain house from being totaled only a few years later. You make your way to the district where all the noble mansions are, given there aren't that many of them because Treno is the
  823. [19:49:03] <@Kaingaskhan> city of nobles, not Lindblum. But there's still a good few.
  824. [19:50:24] <Amaryllis> "Then perhaps the nobles' sector of the city is where we should be anyhow." Ammy takes a glance through the crowd around, not really expecting to suddenly see Eiko though.
  825. [19:51:36] <Natalie> "The crystal totally knew that I'm me, and it's because I'm me that I have a bond with her... and gemstones have something to do with that bond, right?"  Nat makes sure they're in the clear, preferably in the mansion first, before continuing.  "I'll ask my ruby if it knows... something about a horn something something something."
  826. [19:51:47] <@Kaingaskhan> The crowd is mostly your usual lindblum riffraff at first. drunk old men who remembered they needed to take a dump, and such, though this motley crew thins out considerably as you approach the right part of town.Elegant mansions tower over the streets, finely clad people riding around in two-seater carts drawn by chocobos, despite the abundance of air cars.
  827. [19:52:31] <@Kaingaskhan> There's even some large trees growing nearby in a memorial park, a remnant of the original forest Lindblum was built in.
  828. [19:52:42] <Natalie> Are any of them smiling?
  829. [19:53:04] <Amaryllis> "Ask...your ruby?" Ammy gets a puzzled look on her face, but the changing crowd quickly drives her to take the time to invert her cloak again, displaying the faded onion insignia on the outside now.
  830. [19:53:07] <@Kaingaskhan> A few sneer down at the two of you as you pass, but not all of them are completely haughty.
  831. [19:53:55] <@Kaingaskhan> In fact, a human gentleman tips his hat to you as he passes by. Dressed awfully close to Mogantz... must be a fashion thing.
  832. [19:54:29] <Natalie> "Yeah.  Since she's my summoner," whisperwhisper, at least, "it's... um... well it's hard to explain.  I don't really remember how it works, I just feel it."  Natty quits whispering to give a polite gesture to the man even though she's in street clothes.
  833. [19:54:43] * Amaryllis gives a polite nod in return to the gentleman before continuing.
  834. [19:55:09] <Natalie> A bit of a 'hmmmm' glance but she shakes it off.  Nah, he can't be a were-moogle, were-moogles aren't real.
  835. [19:55:09] <Natalie> Or are they?
  836. [19:57:17] * Amaryllis keeps her eyes peeled for anyone who looks particularly approachable. She registers where the nice gentleman was in her mind for now.
  837. [19:58:39] <@Kaingaskhan> After a bit of walking, you stop in front of an enormous iron-wrought gate, with the symbol of an onion emblazoned on it proudly. The large walls that surround the place shield it from prying eyes almost completely, but through the gate you see there is nowhere left for them to protect. A pile of rubble, barely even touched over the past few years, lies beyond these locked gates, no
  838. [19:58:39] <@Kaingaskhan> one caring enough to even clean up the wreckage.
  839. [19:59:01] <Natalie> "..."
  840. [19:59:04] * Natalie staaaaaaare.
  841. [19:59:09] <Natalie> "Nn...."
  842. [19:59:16] <Natalie> "Nnnnope, doesn't ring a bell."
  843. [19:59:18] <Amaryllis> "...Do you remember?"
  844. [19:59:32] * Natalie headshake. "Sorry, Ammy. I'm trying, though!"
  845. [19:59:42] <Amaryllis> "Unfortunate." Ammy stares over the wreckage.
  846. [20:00:57] <Amaryllis> "This is one place whose story has not yet been put to rest. I wonder if everyone can unconsciously sense it, and if that is why the ruin remains despite the eyesore it must be to so many nobles living here."
  847. [20:02:17] <@Kaingaskhan> Maybe it's because only one person has the key and no one's bothered to just rip the gate down, too. Hm.
  848. [20:02:21] <Natalie> "Whaddaya mean?  Are we supposed to... use it?  Live here?"  She looks quizzically to a side.  "Maybe rebuild it or something?  But that'll take a while..."
  849. [20:02:41] * Natalie would've totally just athletic'd over the gate even if Ammy DIDN'T have the key, nyeh.
  850. [20:03:21] <Amaryllis> (tbh I had forgotten whether or not we had worked out Ammy having the key. I suppose that means she does?)
  851. [20:04:41] <@Kaingaskhan> (Mhm)
  852. [20:05:59] <Amaryllis> "I am not sure I would like to see it rebuilt. The end of this story lies not in the recreation of the mansion, but in the 'rebirth' of what it stands for." Ammy pauses a second to retrieve the key from deep in her bagged, wrapped in a nice cloth that seems better suited elsewhere. She sticks it in the lock. "I would be saddened to see it gone before I prove myself a worthy successor."
  853. [20:06:06] * Amaryllis turns the key.
  854. [20:07:18] <Natalie> "... Sorry, Ammy.  I feel really bad, uh, pretending like this when I don't even know what this place really means, or the people who lived there.  Well, then again, my whole purpose is to learn!"  Nat raises a fist excitedly.  "... Which'd be easier if I could remember things, but, still."
  855. [20:07:19] <Amaryllis> "The fire was no accident, but I wonder given my nature...if I seek revenge for this wrong, how far..." Ammy trails off and opens the gate for Nat.
  856. [20:07:24] <@Kaingaskhan> Click. Groooooooan, the iron gates slowly swing open, allowing you entry into the grounds. Just imagining the rust on the hinges makes me cringe.
  857. [20:08:09] <Amaryllis> Good thing we don't know about tetanus! Or maybe that's a bad thing. Either way, little attention is paid to the rust as Ammy steps on through the threshold.
  858. [20:08:16] <Natalie> "Don't worry about revenge!  Or... well, that's what I think I'm supposed to say.  At least, don't think about it RIGHT now when you've got better things to do, yeah?"
  859. [20:09:01] <Natalie> Nat may just be using a foot to assist the gates' opening speed, but not if anyone's watching or if they open quickly enough.  That's rude!  Regardless she takes Ammy by a hand and pulls her in, already a bit tired of the tonberry walking speed or whatnot.
  860. [20:09:47] <Amaryllis> "Of course." Ammy turns back to look at the rest of Lindblum before continuing. "Perhaps, seeing us cross this boundary will give us more credence if we ask the locals after this about Eiko. In any case..." She steps toward the ruins, becoming quiet.
  861. [20:13:45] <@Kaingaskhan> The ruins of the mansion stand, almost exactly as Ammy remembers them from the last time they visited, albeit a bit more weathered. Charred, ruined furniture peeking out of the ashes, broken mirrors, broken dreams. Shattered vases and slabs of marble from what were once tables.
  862. [20:14:43] * Natalie looks around... nobody else obviously here? Good! Nat reaches up... RRRRRIP.
  863. [20:15:42] <Natalie> "Owowow... okay!  I won't get in your way this time, alright, Ammy?  I'll stay here and concentrate until I feel something.  Maybe.  I hope.  I haven't actually used any of my me-powers in so long, I wonder if I even CAN do anything."
  864. [20:15:46] * Amaryllis runs a finger through the dust on what was once a table the way everyone does that during movies when remembering something or visiting a place of emotional import. It has to happen, you know?
  865. [20:16:06] <@Kaingaskhan> I-
  866. [20:16:08] <@Kaingaskhan> what is Nat doing
  867. [20:16:14] <Natalie> Well nobody's THERE.
  868. [20:16:21] <@Kaingaskhan> no
  869. [20:16:24] <Amaryllis> "What are you...? Very well there anything I can do to help?" (she's ripping off the bandage over the ruby?)
  870. [20:16:26] <@Kaingaskhan> what are you doing
  871. [20:16:29] <@Kaingaskhan> (Oh okay)
  872. [20:16:33] <Natalie> (oh, yeah)
  873. [20:16:38] <Natalie> (sorry I thought that was clearer than it was)
  874. [20:16:55] <@Kaingaskhan> (I thought you were ripping the fucking ruby out)
  875. [20:17:00] <Amaryllis> (oh jesus fuck)
  876. [20:17:04] <Natalie> "Nope!  I got it!  Ahem..."  Nat brings a hand up tapping the ruby.  (Holy god no, ow- she just has a bandage covering it)
  877. [20:17:06] <Amaryllis> (don't give him ideas Kain)
  878. [20:17:18] <Natalie> (no we discussed that, that would hurt like FUCK)
  879. [20:17:29] <@Kaingaskhan> Ammy -
  880. [20:17:34] <Natalie> (I totally gave him the log of when we talked about lewd things you could do to the ruby-hole- OKAY ANYWAY)
  881. [20:17:34] <@Kaingaskhan> Something catches your eye
  882. [20:17:43] <@Kaingaskhan> Something that's here, that shouldn't be.
  883. [20:17:46] <Amaryllis> (oh right, that convo...)
  884. [20:18:10] * Amaryllis looks to it. She was approaching what remains of the bookshelves, but something new being here...that shouldn't happen. At all. This place should be untouched.
  885. [20:18:32] <@Kaingaskhan> A bust of Lord Aitchison, standing pretty in the rubble. One that you're pretty sure had once lain broken and ruined.
  886. [20:18:43] <Natalie> Mumblemumble... "Don't care how long you take, just show me something... anything..."
  887. [20:19:19] * Natalie is, needless to say, leaving Ammy to her business now.
  888. [20:19:34] * Amaryllis slowly approaches it, eyes widening. "Bloody hell, what..."
  889. [20:19:39] <@Kaingaskhan> An old man, even when he had the sculpture made, kindly features on his face. Well groomed facial hair...
  890. [20:20:15] * Amaryllis swivels her head around, looking around for others around.
  891. [20:20:29] <@Kaingaskhan> You don't see anything else of the like, except... looking closer...
  892. [20:21:12] <Amaryllis> "Who is there?" Ammy speaks softly, a slightly menacing whisper.
  893. [20:21:22] <@Kaingaskhan> Next to the bust - a fairly new looking envelope, with the house seal on it, the onion holding the envelope shut proudly.
  894. [20:21:33] <@Kaingaskhan> No response from the rubble.
  895. [20:23:05] * Amaryllis places one hand on the hilt of her sword as she stoops down to pick up the envelope. As she straightens up, she takes a minute to examine the bust.
  896. [20:23:07] <@Kaingaskhan> Nat - sure feels good to expose yourself like this. How naughty.
  897. [20:23:17] <Amaryllis> (ecchi!)
  898. [20:23:33] <Natalie> Hey, you don't even KNOW how nice it feels to not have part of yourself covered by a yucky bandage when it usually is all the time.
  899. [20:23:50] <@Kaingaskhan> The bust seems... there's definitely something off here, the rock it's made of looks brand new, completely unweathered. It's been polished to a shine.
  900. [20:24:17] <@Kaingaskhan> But it's just as you remember it, before...
  901. [20:25:27] * Amaryllis runs her hand over the stone, feeling the carved details. "I do not understand..." She carefully opens the envelope, one eye on the bust at all times.
  902. [20:25:41] <@Kaingaskhan> It's a letter...
  903. [20:25:47] <@Kaingaskhan> written in Lord Aitchison's own hand.
  904. [20:26:03] <@Kaingaskhan> Dear Amaryllis,
  905. [20:26:09] * Amaryllis quickly shuts it and takes a deep breath. Waiting a few seconds before reading.
  906. [20:34:59] <@Kaingaskhan> By the time you read this, my tale will have been over for some years now, my spirit returning to that whence we all sprang from. You and your new companions will be in the midst of your grand journey now. Predestined? No, perhaps one of but many futures, but one I have seen. Time has a curious meaning. Its passage is slow, and ponderous, never going even the slightest bit faster than it means to. Second by second, minute by minute, eon by eon, time marches on progressively. I... have squandered much of that time, that I could have spent with you, my apprentice. There was so much more I needed to tell you... but time waits for no one. Even as I write this letter, you sleep soundly, tucked away in a bed that will be burned to ash when you read this. But I... I have no time left, but I will do what I can to aid you. Forgive this old man for abandoning his pen before finishing his work... now, extend your left hand. This gift is all I can offer you now... be safe, child, and never forget our work, nor our time together.
  907. [20:35:11] <@Kaingaskhan> Sincerely, Lord Alwyn Warner Aitchison
  908. [20:36:38] <Natalie> "Hnnnnnngh, I don't understand either, it feels like I'm just poking a rock!  ... Oh, I guess I am, huh."
  909. [20:37:01] * Amaryllis actually stopped reading after "burned to ash", folding the letter again and taking a bit of time to herself to think 'what the everloving fuck' a few times before realizing she won't really find an answer.
  910. [20:37:13] <Amaryllis> "Nat. Nat, I think I need a drink."
  911. [20:37:35] * Natalie keeps rubbing it. "Hnnn? Ammy, what's wrong?"
  912. [20:37:58] <Natalie> "I KNOW you brought some with you, let's sit down a minute."
  913. [20:39:19] <Amaryllis> "I've received a letter from a dead man, and...bloody hell, I don't think I'm ready for any of this." Ammy finds some rubble to sit on and puts the letter in her bag with a shaking hand. The same hand goes in and grabs her bottle of whiskey, and she takes a long drag.
  914. [20:41:39] <Amaryllis> "Have you ever stopped in the middle of a story, half-afraid to find out what happens at the end, half-hesitant to finish the story and have to accept the finality of its ending?" Another slow drag.
  915. [20:42:04] <Natalie> "... I don't think she can hear me anyway.  Um, Ms. Caro- I-I mean Eiko, in case you can, I miss you lots and I lost my memories but now I have some back and I'll be coming soon, okay?"  Satisfied she stops trying to do E.T. phone home shit and walks over, sitting down next to and putting a hand on Ammy's shoulder.
  916. [20:42:51] <Natalie> "Don't be afraid, Ammy.  All stories have to end, you're the one who taught me that- if they don't that means they're not stories at all, right?"
  917. [20:44:49] <Amaryllis> "It's as you say, you're right. But this is the first I've ever felt like this, and...and maybe I want to hold onto the feeling just a little longer." Ammy slowly rises to her feet. "Quickly now, let us find Eiko before this storyweaver finds herself finding the nearest bucket instead."
  918. [20:45:21] <Amaryllis> She takes great care to mess with the contents of her bag to give the envelope a safe spot where it won't get rumpled by anything.
  919. [20:45:32] <Natalie> "... Are you sure you're okay?"  Nat gets up and trembles a little.  "I won't lie, I'm scared to see how THIS story finishes too."
  920. [20:46:17] * Natalie extends a hand. "I'm not gonna ask what was in there since it's not my business, but just know that I'll always be here for you, 'kay?"
  921. [20:46:25] <Amaryllis> "I am as fine as I'll be for now."
  922. [20:46:28] <Amaryllis> "Of course."
  923. [20:47:13] <Natalie> "C'mon, let's go!  In the freak chance she DID hear me I bet she's really excited... or maybe getting a whip ready or something."  Headtilt.  "Was she ever like that...?  I don't think so..."
  924. [20:47:44] <@Kaingaskhan> (I bet you'd LIKE her to take a whip to you)
  925. [20:47:47] * Natalie carefully re-applies the bandage, a bit poutily.
  926. [20:47:50] <Natalie> (S-Stop that)
  927. [20:47:58] <Amaryllis> (pffft)
  928. [20:48:18] <Natalie> (... if she actually grew up like that I don't even know HOW I'd feel)
  929. [20:48:18] <@Kaingaskhan> Okay, where to from here?
  930. [20:48:48] <Natalie> Let's see, how do we shoehorn ourselves into sneaking into Lindblum Palace when Nat's too amnesiac to know that's where her vision was from?
  931. [20:48:50] <Natalie> HMMM.
  932. [20:49:06] <@Kaingaskhan> notsureiflostyourfuckingmind
  933. [20:49:18] <Natalie> don't worry, lost fucking mind 100% confirmed
  934. [20:49:32] <Natalie> ... But Ammy's plan of asking around is probably better.
  935. [20:49:56] * Amaryllis takes a cursory glance at the bookshelf she wanted to examine, but she's clearly having trouble focusing between the shock of the letter and the booze, so she grabs the first still-reasonably-intact volume that seems interesting and quickly ushers Nat out of the mansion grounds.
  936. [20:50:18] <Natalie> (that feel when she never extended her left hand ;~;)
  937. [20:50:40] <Natalie> "So, we just go around bringing up her name and somebody'll know who she is, right?"
  938. [20:50:42] <Amaryllis> Once back in the city proper, she takes another deep breath and scans the crowd for someone approachable. Maybe that gentleman if he's still there.
  939. [20:51:23] <Natalie> "Carol... I fiiiiinally remember it this time.  Eiko Carol.  Can't forget, it's too IMPORTANT to forget.  How did I forget in the first place anyway?"
  940. [20:51:25] <Amaryllis> "She's a hero. I'm sure she receives visitors." her words are short and curt, with a twinge of distracted worry.
  941. [20:51:37] <Amaryllis> "I wish I knew..."
  942. [20:51:37] <@Kaingaskhan> You do indeed see that gentleman sitting on a bench at the park. He's feeding pigeons with breadcrumbs, actually.
  943. [20:51:55] * Natalie holds onto Ammy on the way, very clearly concerned for her well-being, but not abanding her own overwhelming cheerfulness.
  944. [20:52:16] <Natalie> "... There's one.  Excuuuuuuuse us!"
  945. [20:52:19] * Amaryllis trots up from the side, slowly so as not to disturb the pidgeons.
  946. [20:52:39] * Natalie is clearly not in sync with Ammy today. Or maybe that's just the boke tsukkomi thing.
  947. [20:52:53] <Amaryllis> Remaining a polite distance away, Ammy takes a few seconds to compose her self, shakes her head, and begins to speak. "Excuse me, sir...?"
  948. [20:53:51] <@Kaingaskhan> The man looks up, withdrawing a gloved hand from the bag to tweak a very slick mustache. "Ah yes, the young ladies from before! How might I, Albert Damcyan the Ninth, help you two out this fine day?"
  949. [20:54:01] <Natalie> (god damnit)
  950. [20:54:54] <Natalie> "Oh, we're sorry for bothering you, Sir!  We were just wondering if you'd, um... have any idea where we can find Eiko Carol?"
  951. [20:54:55] <@Kaingaskhan> He takes his very nice tophat off as you approach, setting it to his side.
  952. [20:55:20] <Amaryllis> "We have returned from Lindblum after a long journey, and we heard wind of Eiko Carol's presence in the city. Pray tell, would it be possible for us to meet her and extend our thanks for the role she played in keeping this city from further destruction in the days of the war?"
  953. [20:55:22] <@Kaingaskhan> He thinks a moment. "Eiko Carol... Carol... oh!"
  954. [20:56:14] <Amaryllis> The words come out a tad weird, with Ammy trying very hard to keep composed right now.
  955. [20:56:31] <@Kaingaskhan> "You must mean the regent's daughter! She's Eiko Fabool now, I believe. Perhaps she still keeps 'Carol' as a middle name?"
  956. [20:57:01] <Amaryllis> The cadence is off, some words rushed, others drawn out a bit with odd pauses. "Yes...I do believe she is the one."
  957. [20:57:40] <Natalie> "Ooh, that's strange... but it makes sense.  I think so too!"
  958. [20:57:55] <@Kaingaskhan> The man thinks a bit. "I suppose she would be at the regent's castle, if anywhere. I've heard of her being nothing but a proper young lady. If you're wanting to meet her, I imagine you could put in a request for an audience there."
  959. [20:58:51] * Amaryllis feels in her bag for the key she had just locked the gate with. "I believe...that is...what we shall do then."
  960. [20:58:55] <Natalie> "Castle!  That's wh- ... oh, I mean, I see.  Thank you very much!"  Nat gives a very un-Nat-like bow, clearly excited to have a lead.
  961. [20:59:07] <Natalie> "We'll do just that, right now.  Let's go!"
  962. [20:59:08] <Amaryllis> (don't mistake the people for castles Nat!)
  963. [20:59:15] <Natalie> (I'LL DESTROY YOU)
  964. [20:59:29] <@Kaingaskhan> "Of course. Any man of the Damcyan family would be happy to assist those in need."
  965. [20:59:47] <Amaryllis> (do I know anything about this noble family?)
  966. [21:00:00] <Natalie> (ooh ooh I have lore (rich snobs) too)
  967. [21:00:05] <Amaryllis> "You have our thanks." Ammy bows.
  968. [21:00:16] <Natalie> (... clearly from just having written down a bunch of names to pretend to know them or something)
  969. [21:01:04] <@Kaingaskhan> Let's see... if you two want to do lore checks I'll roll your rolls in FFD6?
  970. [21:01:27] <Natalie> well she's not even in there
  971. [21:01:29] <Amaryllis> (Sure)
  972. [21:01:31] <Natalie> wait
  973. [21:01:32] <Natalie> wait
  974. [21:01:32] <Natalie> wait
  975. [21:01:33] <Natalie> wait
  976. [21:01:37] <Natalie> I'll turn MY script on in HERE
  977. [21:01:47] <@Kaingaskhan> Ok
  978. [21:01:51] <Natalie> okay it's done, I have a +2
  979. [21:02:02] <@Kaingaskhan> what's the command?
  980. [21:02:05] <Natalie> same as dm
  981. [21:02:09] <Amaryllis> 2d6+3 history lemme try this
  982. [21:02:09] <Natalie> Amaryllis, 2d6+3: 3 1 + 3 [7]
  983. [21:02:11] <@Kaingaskhan> 2d6+2 for Nat
  984. [21:02:11] <Natalie> Kaingaskhan, 2d6+2: 2 5 + 2 [9]
  985. [21:02:19] <Amaryllis> (Tree your script is dicks)
  986. [21:02:22] <Natalie> (you're dicks)
  987. [21:02:34] * Natalie whiiiips out a diary and idly flips through.
  988. [21:02:57] <Amaryllis> It has probably been too long since Ammy has been around Lindblum!
  989. [21:03:39] <Natalie> Nat doesn't even remember what Lindblum IS!  But at some point in the past Ammy had to forcefully educate her of noble titles and other things so she could play the Aitchison role, that's what half of the secret diary is for.
  990. [21:04:07] <Natalie> (Meanwhile, Aoritime: "It suddenly occured to me that Lenore is voiced by Hynden Walch.")
  991. [21:04:09] <Natalie> (I laughed)
  992. [21:04:09] <@Kaingaskhan> Let's see... Ammy remembers that the Damcyan family has had a few poets here and there. Nat seems to have scribbled down something about a spoony bard who brought his family to Lindblum and own a small share of the Theater District.
  993. [21:05:53] * Natalie notices a big 'SPOONY BARD' written in natletters and considers being untactful enough to call him by that out loud! ... But barely shies away from it, settling for waving instead.
  994. [21:06:40] <@Kaingaskhan> The man is blonde, by the way.
  995. [21:06:57] * Amaryllis straightens up. "May your poems ring through history forever." And with that she looks to Nat and starts off toward the regency.
  996. [21:07:10] <@Kaingaskhan> "Farewell!"
  997. [21:08:21] <Natalie> Once they set off... "Hmm, hey Ammy, what does 'Spoony' mean anyway?"  To the castle they go, though!  Sneaking in?  MAYBE.  And by MAYBE I mean 'only if they get turned down.'
  998. [21:08:58] <Natalie> And whether they'll get turned down is debatable because of Nat's MASTER PLAN.
  999. [21:09:04] <Natalie> The PINNACLE of CUNNING and GENIUS IDEAS.
  1000. [21:09:14] <Amaryllis> "Silly." It isn't clear whether Ammy is talking about Nat or responding to her question.
  1001. [21:09:26] <@Kaingaskhan> You take another air car, this time to the Castle!
  1002. [21:09:45] <Natalie> The same genius who said 'let's ride a snake instead of taking an airship' and 'Weapons?  Kicking things in the face is more fun!'
  1003. [21:10:22] <@Kaingaskhan> It's a short walk to get inside, and in the process you pass by a large airship dock, housing the city's famous "Hilda Garde 3", the flagship of Lindblum's fleet that fought in the Battle of the Iifa Tree ten years ago.
  1004. [21:10:26] <Amaryllis> Little does she know, Nat's true genius is in her skill ranks in "making Ammy indulge alcoholism".
  1005. [21:10:40] <Natalie> Yeah, it's even higher than her finesse+1!
  1006. [21:11:04] * Amaryllis pauses to admire the history but continues on.
  1007. [21:11:09] <Natalie> "Nnn... good thing we asked.  Calling her by her old name'd be pretty suspicious, huh?"
  1008. [21:11:33] <Natalie> While they're on the aircar of course.  Duh.
  1009. [21:11:34] <@Kaingaskhan> The way inside proper is blocked by a rather large amount of guards.
  1010. [21:11:49] <@Kaingaskhan> Well, by large, I mean "four"
  1011. [21:11:53] <Natalie> That's almost five!
  1012. [21:12:00] <Amaryllis> "It could mean many things. Perhaps a sign of an old aquaintance if taken a particular way."
  1013. [21:12:33] <Natalie> "Oh, that's true... well I think I know how I'll do it."  Nat decides to go up and wave to the guards.  "Hi!"
  1014. [21:13:08] <@Kaingaskhan> The guards nod curtly, though they don't move out of the way. One speaks up.
  1015. [21:13:11] <@Kaingaskhan> "State your business."
  1016. [21:14:22] <Natalie> "We're here to visit a Miss Eiko Fab.... ooooooooool.  Is she in?"
  1017. [21:14:55] <@Kaingaskhan> The guard squints at you a moment, but gets over it. "Apologies, but her Ladyship has taken ill and doesn't wish to see anyone at the moment."
  1018. [21:15:32] * Natalie barely stifles a smirk. "Oh! Could you tell her that somebody has something for her, then?"
  1019. [21:15:55] <@Kaingaskhan> "We'll pass on the message."
  1020. [21:16:11] <@Kaingaskhan> "But that's awfully vague... who are you lot anyway?"
  1021. [21:17:46] * Natalie ponders a bit on this one. "Well, it's kind of important actually. Are you sure you couldn't just tell her somebody has her faaaaaavorite gemstone to present as a gift really quick?"
  1022. [21:18:00] * Amaryllis somewhat dreads Nat's response to that question, but it'd be too late to intervene, and giving contradictory answers would do no good.
  1023. [21:18:07] <Natalie> "She'd know if you tell her that."
  1024. [21:18:13] <@Kaingaskhan> "It's been made expressly clear that she wishes to see no one."
  1025. [21:18:52] * Natalie gets pouty. "Okaaaay, we understand. Sorry for bothering you."
  1026. [21:19:17] <Natalie> Nat quickly takes Ammy by an arm and waves, prancing away before they get to ask any more questions.
  1027. [21:19:36] <@Kaingaskhan> He sighs a moment, then looks around, quietening his voice. "Listen, kid, her ladyship gets into 'moods' sometimes. She's locked her own father out of her room even. Mind you don't tell anyone."
  1028. [21:20:05] * Amaryllis stops Nat from dragging just this once.
  1029. [21:20:31] <Natalie> Well, not all the way apparently.  Natty turns back and nods.  "Don't worry- oh, you don't have to deliver that message either, by the way, it's okay."
  1030. [21:20:49] * Natalie WINKS at Ammy, at least.
  1031. [21:21:46] * Amaryllis seems like she's about to say something but then stops when nat says not to deliver the message. She gives Nat a weird look and loosens up to allow for dragging.
  1032. [21:22:07] <@Kaingaskhan> "Good, I didn't want to have to deal with having to explain who 'someone' was or why they didn't leave the 'something' with us. Carry on, then."
  1033. [21:22:13] <Natalie> Dragdrag... dragdrag... whisper.  "Don't worry, it's no use- she's not THERE, duh."
  1034. [21:22:33] <Amaryllis> "I don't understand."
  1035. [21:22:58] <Natalie> "'Moods?'  That's silly!  She just got bored and escaped!  We'll find her in town, wearing... something kinda like what I'm wearing now."
  1036. [21:23:21] <Natalie> "Doing... I don't remember what the crystal told me she DID.  Just that she had a lot of fun."
  1037. [21:23:47] <Natalie> "What's something fun that she can do without getting noticed...?"
  1038. [21:24:22] <Amaryllis> "Could you not simply have left a message that a 'ruby with a pure reflection and light' is waiting for her?"
  1039. [21:24:58] * Amaryllis is whispering of course
  1040. [21:25:01] <Natalie> "The plan WAS to tell 'em I wanted to deliver a ruby, yeah... but by the time she got back it'd be too late to meet up with the others!"
  1041. [21:25:08] <Natalie> "So it's ALL us, now."
  1042. [21:25:43] <Natalie> "Let's go to the first part of town you can get to by jumping out of the castle window.. um.. however that works."
  1043. [21:25:57] <Amaryllis> "I doubt we will simply find her by meandering around town."
  1044. [21:26:29] <Natalie> "I could always try contacting her again!  Maybe she heard me the first time..."
  1045. [21:26:37] <Amaryllis> (also, my roommate wants to go get tacos now. We can either take a break here or Ammy can go to the inn where the rendezvous was arranged and drink herself under the table waiting for the others)
  1046. [21:26:58] <Natalie> (isn't it funny that of all foods, it's tacos while this game is doing a thing)
  1047. [21:27:31] <Natalie> (Anyway I'm perfectly find with either option.  What do you think, Kainypoo?)
  1048. [21:28:12] <Amaryllis> (I think it'd be the least pain in the ass for you two if Ammy just went ahead to the inn, but up to you guys)
  1049. [21:28:40] <Natalie> (Yeah, that'd be fine, but I also don't plan to be going to bed anytime soon and there're like, tornado warnings and shit where I am)
  1050. [21:28:48] <Natalie> (so it's really up to what kain feels like doing the most)
  1051. [21:29:08] <@Kaingaskhan> (Derp)
  1052. [21:29:11] <Natalie> (if my power goes out or something I'll just get on my phone, duh)
  1053. [21:29:19] <@Kaingaskhan> (I went to use the bathroom)
  1054. [21:29:44] <@Kaingaskhan> (Go ahead and go to the inn I suppose)
  1055. [21:29:49] <Amaryllis> (alright)
  1056. [21:30:21] <Amaryllis> "If it's...alright Nat..." Ammy suddenly stops. "I wish for some time to myself to think over things." She taps her bag, roughly where the envelope is.
  1057. [21:30:48] <Amaryllis> "And someone should be there to receive the others if they arrive. I can...go ahead to the inn without worrying about you, right?"
  1058. [21:30:59] <Natalie> Nat gives a very slow nod.  "Nn... okay.  I promise I won't get lost or anything, I even drew a map and everything!  If I'm late tell the others I'll be there really soon, okay?"
  1059. [21:31:02] <Natalie> "I um..."
  1060. [21:31:08] <Natalie> "... Well, you can come up with something!"
  1061. [21:31:58] <Amaryllis> "Keep that diary safe." Ammy takes it from Nat and scribbles the address of the inn again on the next blank page with a few underlines. "It is your lifeline, remember that."
  1062. [21:32:32] <Natalie> "I know.  When I meet her... it'll probably be just me, though."  Gulp.  "Wish me luck, 'kay?"
  1063. [21:33:17] <Amaryllis> "...I'm sorry. If you find her, maybe you can come find me as well." And with that Ammy slowly turns and disappears into the crowd.
  1064. [21:33:19] <Amaryllis> (bbl~)
  1065. [21:33:38] <@Kaingaskhan> And so Nat gets on an air car by herself... how exciting!
  1066. [21:33:48] <@Kaingaskhan> ~jingle~
  1067. [21:33:50] <@Kaingaskhan> ATE
  1068. [21:33:54] * Natalie waves Ammy away and does just that! In fact she even peeks out from the aircar to look for blue-haired people.
  1069. [21:34:15] <@Kaingaskhan> [A Canary in One Hand...]
  1070. [21:36:27] <@Kaingaskhan> Back in the Theater District, a portly man is walking down the paved stone path back to headquarters. As soon as he enters, Cinna is brushed aside from someone slightly shorter than him pushing by, quickly, pushing him onto his ass. "Huh? Wha? Is she going out again so soon...? HEY, BE CAREFUL OUT THERE, CANARY! Sheesh..." he picks himself up, checking over...
  1071. [21:36:47] <@Kaingaskhan> "Aw no, nonono... I lost the ticket we were supposed to give to... aw, man, the boss is gonna kill me..."
  1072. [21:36:55] <@Kaingaskhan> Fade out
  1073. [21:37:01] <Natalie> (I chuckled)
  1074. [21:37:57] <@Kaingaskhan> The Air Car arrives in the Theater district! Didn't pick the theater district? Huh, that's odd, maybe you forgot you did. You're let off there, anyway.
  1075. [21:38:15] * Natalie literally just picked at random.
  1076. [21:38:54] <Natalie> Oof!  Nat jumps down!  "Okay, let's see.... well maybe people'll just think I have a headache," she muses to herself and rubs her forehead again, walking forward.
  1077. [21:39:15] <@Kaingaskhan> You arrive back in the district of hipster artists, young women just waiting to get a paternity suit on the hot young male actors that are the latest rage... and kooks in weird costumes.
  1078. [21:40:12] * Natalie eyes some of the weird costumes. How can people stand to WEAR that? ... Well, then again, how can people stand to wear white mage shorts either? That one is better off left unanswered. Skip, skip...
  1079. [21:40:19] <Natalie> Actually she's not skipping, more like walking carefully.
  1080. [21:40:26] <@Kaingaskhan> There's a guy walking around in a big, red lion costume, too, with dark, furry patches. Is it supposed to be a Moomba or Red XIII? It's so badly made you can't really tell.
  1081. [21:40:36] <Natalie> Yiff.
  1082. [21:40:54] <@Kaingaskhan> Guy has got to be sweating hard in that thing too.
  1083. [21:41:16] <Natalie> Now just imagine if he was also wearing a human costume OVER that.
  1084. [21:41:42] * Natalie feels sorry for him by the look in her eyes but circles arouuuuuuund the poor guy.
  1085. [21:42:41] <@Kaingaskhan> He doesn't really seem to notice you, he's just walking and occasionally pausing to catch his breath on the way to somewhere.
  1086. [21:43:29] <Natalie> ... Noted.  In fact Nat actually scribbles something about it in the secret diary.  There are priorities that surpass that for now, even though helping him is probably the nice thing to do.  Oh well!
  1087. [21:44:02] <Natalie> Down the road, eyes peeled... maybe she'll stop by every now and then to ask one of the less terrifying-looking people if they've seen somebody with "Hair like mine, but a lot darker."
  1088. [21:45:50] <@Kaingaskhan> Everyone seems to have the response, "Nope, sorry kid." "Haven't seen anyone like that..." "You be careful now, dear, there's thieves running around."
  1089. [21:46:52] <@Kaingaskhan> What's your Awareness mod?
  1090. [21:47:12] * Natalie obviously tries to come off as a regular kid instead of having the noble disguise active, so instead of being haughty thanks and/or waves to them all. Eventually she's walking down the - HA, ZERO - road wih hands-at-hips.
  1091. [21:47:21] <Natalie> But no, it's totally 0.
  1092. [21:48:00] <@Kaingaskhan> 2d6
  1093. [21:48:00] <Natalie> Kaingaskhan, 2d6: 4 1 + 0 [5]
  1094. [21:48:07] <Natalie> goooo figure
  1095. [21:49:17] <Natalie> "Hnnn... Ammy wasn't kidding.  Why ARE there so many people here...?"
  1096. [21:49:52] <@Kaingaskhan> Because this place is fucking HUGE. You end up lost in one of the many crowds of bulky, sweaty, pretentious people. Oof. Did someone try to grope you, or was that an accident? Ugh.
  1097. [21:50:08] * Natalie STIFFENS UP.
  1098. [21:50:18] <Natalie> Okay, walk out slowly... one step to the left...
  1099. [21:50:28] <Natalie> Squeeeeze around themmmmm...
  1100. [21:50:52] <Natalie> It really is an accomplishment to be so pretentious that others can tell you're pretentious just by LOOKING.
  1101. [21:51:45] <@Kaingaskhan> You push your way out of the crowd the best you can, and you enjoy a moment of fresh air, before hearing someone scream "AAH! THIEF!"
  1102. [21:51:52] <Natalie> And it should be pretty common knowledge that Eiko shouldn't be either of those things!  ... Well, maybe pretentious, that one's debatable considering how she's grown up.  And it's POSSIBLE that- oh here we go.
  1103. [21:52:26] * Natalie gets precisely one breath exhaled before spinning around on one leg toward the direction of the shout.
  1104. [21:55:12] <@Kaingaskhan> (Sorry, back)
  1105. [21:55:29] <Natalie> (no worries, I'm not in a rush)
  1106. [21:56:42] <@Kaingaskhan> You see, springing off of a rather fat hippo in the crowd, a young woman around your age. Thin, but curvy, and a glint in her eyes. Wait a minute... something's... weird here. She appears to have short, black hair, but you can see, as if it were an illusion, the wavy presence of blue hair and a horn underneath. "Catch me if you can, suckers! The great thief Canary strikes again!"
  1107. [21:57:07] <@Kaingaskhan> She's wearing familiar-looking leather garments, the one you saw in your vision. It's... it's her!
  1108. [21:57:57] * Natalie pauses and clutches her forehead a LITTLE tighter for a second but lets go, deciding without another hesitation. First, watching the direction she's going and then making a mad dash to keep up.
  1109. [21:58:13] <Natalie> Little does she know she's dealing with a GREATER... uh... is there a joke to be made there?  Not quite 'thief.'
  1110. [21:58:26] <Natalie> Kind of a 'like father like son' thing but instead of either of those it's summoner and OH FORGET IT
  1111. [21:58:35] <@Kaingaskhan> The girl bounds out of the crowd as the fatass she robbed tries to push after her. She stops, spinning, and gives a wave to her victim, before whistling.
  1112. [21:58:57] <@Kaingaskhan> And out of nowhere, a large wolf-hound bounds out of an alleyway, whom she leaps upon the back of!
  1113. [21:59:18] <Natalie> "NOW it's gonna get interesting."  Natty jumps onto that same fatass for a boost and does some silly athletic maneuver in the same direction!
  1114. [21:59:43] <Natalie> ... In case you need me to be dicemaid again athletics is +7 now
  1115. [21:59:44] <Natalie> JUST IN CASE
  1116. [22:00:27] * Natalie is unfortunate enough to not know just what the sapphire in her pocket is capable of either! ... well, other than 'it's a sapphire and has something to do with eidolons maybe,' I'll hold onto it.
  1117. [22:00:42] <Kain> 2d6+7
  1118. [22:00:42] <Natalie> Kain, 2d6+7: 5 6 + 7 [18]
  1119. [22:00:48] <Natalie> <3
  1120. [22:01:20] <Kain> The hound lacks horns, and its fur is a deep brown and black, but...
  1121. [22:02:06] * Natalie isn't trying to stop them or anything, just making a mad cat-dash to catch up. Which direction're they headed?
  1122. [22:02:48] <Kain> You bounce off the hungry, hungry hippo and run after the thief as she rides the disguised Fenrir through the streets of the theater district! Off a ledge! No fucking problem, you leap after, hopping down a stack of barrels and crates like nobody's business. Darting between alleys... you find a shortcut with your dazzling leaps, and follow her from the rooftops now!
  1123. [22:03:07] <Kain> Seems like you're heading towards an old, run down theater!
  1124. [22:03:42] <Kain> Eiko does a flip as Fenrir reaches the place, diving in through the only window that isn't boarded up, while the beast disappears in a number of sparkles.
  1125. [22:04:04] * Natalie decides to send a taunting shout ahead mid-flip. "Hey, you're not bad! But you'll still have to be just a LITTLE faster." Oomph!
  1126. [22:04:32] <Kain> Follow through the window?
  1127. [22:04:34] <Natalie> Yep!
  1128. [22:05:55] <Kain> As you dive into the window, you see the place is actually spruced up pretty classy! Well-kept velvet furniture, red carpet, seems like someone's set up a bar in one corner, too. Eiko herself sits on one of the couches, the illusion she wore in the city dropped, as she counts up her loot.
  1129. [22:06:19] <Natalie> "... Oh.  That... wasn't how I was planning on it happening."
  1130. [22:06:39] * Natalie lands inside in an overdramatic fashion, coughing. "... Hi."
  1131. [22:07:12] <Kain> Eiko: "You're not so bad yourself, for keeping up with me..." she says as you hop in. "But I have to wonder what your interest in me is..." she tosses the sack of coins aside, standing up, and leaning over, studying you with her hands on her hips.
  1132. [22:07:20] <Kain> Eiko: "Waaaait a minute..."
  1133. [22:07:43] <Natalie> "Well, I was going to be like 'you're good, but not good enough, follow me!' And then lead some other direction where nobody's looking and uhh..."
  1134. [22:07:49] <Natalie> "... Okay I didn't really think it out."
  1135. [22:07:52] <Kain> There's a sudden sensation between the two of you.
  1136. [22:08:18] * Natalie looks up... maybe straight ahead? She notices within a couple seconds she's standing in the same posture.
  1137. [22:08:58] <Kain> Time seems to slow down to a fraction as her voice seems to issue from her horn, her mouth not moving. "You're... an eidolon? ... Oh my gosh, Ruby? Is that you?!"
  1138. [22:09:37] <Kain> It's a very familiar sensation, you know you can respond without speaking.
  1139. [22:09:59] <Natalie> "H-Hey.  I really missed you a lot, just so you know!"  She tries the same thing, focusing on the ruby instead of speaking.  In fact, is there anybody else IN the room?
  1140. [22:10:09] <Kain> Nope, just you two!
  1141. [22:10:10] <Natalie> Because a hand starts shakily moving upward.
  1142. [22:10:34] <Kain> The moment passes and the girl bounds forward, grabbing you in a hug. "Carbuncle~"
  1143. [22:10:38] <Natalie> 'Kay!  Then the bandage RIPS off, displaying it proudly.
  1144. [22:10:58] <Natalie> And of course in that SAME moment Natbuncle leaps for a hug as well, letting the bandage flutter down... oh hey maybe they crash into each other actually.
  1145. [22:11:00] <Natalie> That'd hurt.
  1146. [22:11:22] <Kain> She then backs up a moment and gives you an odd look. "Where the hell have you BEEN? I was so worried about you! And why that form?"
  1147. [22:11:30] <Natalie> "Eikoooooo!  I'm so so so so so sorry I forgot everything and I felt really bad but it's okay I met a really good friend and we've been looking for you and- ... oh, this."
  1148. [22:11:41] * Natalie pulls back and spins around. "It looks really good on me, huh~?"
  1149. [22:11:57] <Kain> She snaps her fingers, nodding. "Yeah, it's cute!"
  1150. [22:12:00] <Natalie> "I... um..."  Gulp.  "Lemme start from the beginning."
  1151. [22:12:29] <Natalie> "I dunno WHY I picked it out but... it was probably because I wanted to learn more about humans.  Y'see, I lost my memories a few years ago."
  1152. [22:12:44] <Natalie> "Soooo I can't remember if I ever asked first or not!"
  1153. [22:12:50] <Kain> " too? Ruby..." :<
  1154. [22:12:53] * Natalie PLOPS down on a couch.
  1155. [22:12:57] <Natalie> "Too?  I-It wasn't just me?"
  1156. [22:13:13] <Natalie> "All the OTHER eidolons remember everything just fine.  Or... the other ones I've met."  :<
  1157. [22:14:01] <Kain> "Phoenix and Titan..."
  1158. [22:14:08] <Kain> She sits down next to you.
  1159. [22:14:27] <Kain> "Fenry and Madeen are fine, but they... and now you too..."
  1160. [22:14:31] * Natalie thinks a bit and fishes the sapphire out of a pocket, displaying it. "Oh..."
  1161. [22:14:57] <Kain> She looks at it with curiosity. "You found one, huh? Neat... But let me explain."
  1162. [22:15:03] <Natalie> "So it's just SOME of us.  Well, it's okay, I met another eidolon and now we're best friends!"
  1163. [22:15:18] <Natalie> "It's thanks to her I didn't TOTALLY forget everything."
  1164. [22:15:21] * Natalie shuts up though.
  1165. [22:15:23] <Kain> "I'm happy for you, Ruby!" she smiles. "But... aren't you worried?"
  1166. [22:15:47] <Natalie> "Uh-huh!  Of course I am!  But I'm glad you're safe, that's why IOH RIGHT"
  1167. [22:15:55] * Natalie LEAPS up.
  1168. [22:16:17] <Natalie> "THAT'S why I came, you gotta get somewhere safer!  There's someone after you!"
  1169. [22:16:23] <Natalie> "And Regent What'shisface too!"
  1170. [22:16:41] <Kain> "Huh? After Father?! That's serious..."
  1171. [22:17:01] <Kain> "I can handle anything that comes MY way though! You should know that..."
  1172. [22:17:20] <Natalie> "You BET it's serious."  Natbuncle - man I love typing that - stands up and stomps the ground.  "And I do!  But she calls herself Kuja, and she dresses REALLY UGLY."
  1173. [22:17:50] <Natalie> "Obviously she's not THE Kuja, but she's after the crystal and she's giving a fatty power from it so he's EATING eidolons and... uhhhh howdiditgoagain"
  1174. [22:17:56] <Kain> "Whaaaat? There's some lady going around pretending to be Kuja? You gotta be joking!" She stands up, hands on hips indignantly.
  1175. [22:18:13] <Natalie> "She's not even trying very hard!  She totally has a tail and everything!"
  1176. [22:18:13] <Kain> "Right! The crystal!"
  1177. [22:18:18] <Natalie> "RIGHT.  I uh..."
  1178. [22:18:22] * Natalie droops down. "I um..."
  1179. [22:18:27] <Natalie> "... forgot.... what you told me to do with it."
  1180. [22:18:33] <Kain> "...ah..."
  1181. [22:18:46] <Natalie> "So I've been finding it any putting it together... that's... okay, right?"
  1182. [22:18:52] <Natalie> "It gave me back my memories every time I did, so..."
  1183. [22:18:57] <Kain> "But... that's exactly what I asked you to do!"
  1184. [22:19:06] * Natalie peps up. "R-Really?!"
  1185. [22:19:13] <Kain> "Yeah! It's just..."
  1186. [22:19:33] <Natalie> "PHEW.  I was so worried that I was supposed to NOT put them together or something and we were accidentally... I dunno, destroying the world or something maybe?"
  1187. [22:19:36] <Natalie> "That'd be preeeeetty bad."
  1188. [22:20:39] <Kain> "Here's the thing. You say you've been getting your memories back? ...I'm actually pretty sure Phoenix and Titan -haven't been-, I even went back to Memoria to check the big chunk there, their part's actually fine! Something else has been messing with their memories, I think... Are you sure it isn't the same for you?"
  1189. [22:21:40] <Natalie> "Eeeevery time we put the crystal together, I remembered something... um, you were in most of them.  And in some of the later ones I was seeing things from AFTER I'd already lost my memories.  Actually the last one showed me what you've been doing here, that's how I knew!"
  1190. [22:22:01] <Natalie> "Did they both pretend to be adorable humans like me?  Maybe that's why?"
  1191. [22:22:08] <Kain> "I... haven't even been able to summon them, you know? My connection to you was cut, too."
  1192. [22:22:12] * Natalie spins around again, doing that one really goofy pose the player drew once.
  1193. [22:22:18] <Kain> "And you saw MY memories?" she blushes a bit. "W-which ones?"
  1194. [22:22:38] <Kain> She reaches over and scratches you behind the ears.
  1195. [22:22:49] <Natalie> "Oh!  Just escaping from the castle..."  A giggle.  "I guess I've been acting like you on accident and didn't even know it 'till then."
  1196. [22:23:10] <Kain> "Oh, good." she sighs, a bit relieved.
  1197. [22:23:12] <Natalie> "Well... I mean I've been acting like me, but you probably had a part in it.  Even without memories I'm apparently still me, everyone says."
  1198. [22:23:26] <Kain> Scratch scratch scratch
  1199. [22:23:44] * Natalie grins goofily. "Been doing something embarrassing~? You know you can talk to me whenever! ... Or at least I thought you could, I dunno why it hasn't been working until now."
  1200. [22:23:58] <Natalie> Na- Ruby's trying really hard to resist catlike reactions to the scratching.
  1201. [22:24:03] <Natalie> That resisting doesn't work very well at all.
  1202. [22:24:04] <Kain> "Hehe~ Maybe..."
  1203. [22:24:26] <Natalie> "Well here's the thing!"
  1204. [22:25:00] <Natalie> "I've been... doing lots of learning, as a human.  About things other humans and human-likes do, the way they feel about each other... that stuff.  The crystal even told a bunch of them that it 'chose' them."
  1205. [22:25:10] <Natalie> "Um, me included.  And my friend Ammy too."
  1206. [22:25:18] <Kain> Her eyes widen a bit.
  1207. [22:25:24] <Kain> "Wait, you're with THEM?"
  1208. [22:25:26] <Natalie> "If even knew both my name AND my human name.  Weird."  :<
  1209. [22:25:42] * Natalie turns around to face the scratcher. ".. Huh? There's something wrong with them?"
  1210. [22:27:19] <Kain> "No, it's just I'm surprised... I heard from Big Bro about some group on the forgotten continent gathering up crystal shards... Zidane seems to have a pretty big interest in you guys. As far as I last heard Bro was gonna invite you guys to stay with Tantalus! ...Tantalus is the gang of thieves I'm with, they're pretty cool actually."
  1211. [22:28:08] <Natalie> "Tanta... gimmeasec."  She whips out the diary, scribblescribble.  "Gotta have all this stuff down because my memories keep disappearing randomly.  This is alllllll I got for remembering.  Oh, Ammy helps too."
  1212. [22:28:44] <Kain> "Ruby... I'm worried about you. You're gonna leave again, right?" :<
  1213. [22:29:27] <Natalie> "Mmmmaybe.  I actually don't wanna."  She lets the scratching happen again.  "But... if I stay here I'll just get loopier and forget it all again, right?"
  1214. [22:29:33] <Kain> The girl plops back down, a bit sullen.
  1215. [22:29:34] <Natalie> "The crystal's got answers!"
  1216. [22:29:47] <Kain> "Yeah..."
  1217. [22:29:52] <Kain> "But... hey!"
  1218. [22:29:54] <Natalie> "And besiiiiides..."  Taptap on the ruby.  "You know you can talk to me now, right?"
  1219. [22:30:23] <Natalie> "Only I don't remember HOW to turn back into old-me or anything... or even know if I can.  And I still feel superbad I totally forgot who you were for YEARS."
  1220. [22:30:36] <Kain> She smiles and rubs the gem. "Yeah, but at what distance? ...hey, Carbuncle..."
  1221. [22:30:52] * Natalie faces her with a happy smile. "Nnn~?"
  1222. [22:30:54] <Kain> "Do you think we could renew our pact? You could still go back and help your friends..."
  1223. [22:31:01] <Natalie> "Renew..."
  1224. [22:31:03] <Natalie> "..."
  1225. [22:31:04] <Natalie> "RENEW?"
  1226. [22:31:11] <Natalie> "You mean it wasn't there the whole time?!"
  1227. [22:31:20] <Kain> "That's what I was trying to tell you!"
  1228. [22:31:21] * Natalie LEAPS up and gasps. "I'm sosososososo sorry that's my fault isn't it?"
  1229. [22:31:54] <Natalie> "YES!  Yeah, definitely!  There's nothing more I want than to help you, you should know that!"
  1230. [22:31:54] <Kain> "Nonono." she shakes her head. "Like Phoenix and Titan... I lost my ability to summon you, eventually..."
  1231. [22:32:09] <Kain> "I don't know how stable it'd be..."
  1232. [22:32:18] <Kain> "But I want to try, at least."
  1233. [22:32:30] * Natalie takes a deep breath. "I don't care, it's better than forgetting who you are again. I won't let that keep happening!"
  1234. [22:32:36] <Amaryllis> (okay back~)
  1235. [22:32:50] <Natalie> "And I'll totally help the others remember too!  If... I can find them, that is."
  1236. [22:33:01] <Kain> She nods. "Okay then, take my hand, okay?"
  1237. [22:33:12] <Natalie> "Gotcha!"  The cheerful cat-who-isn't-a-cat does just that.
  1238. [22:33:28] <Kain> She takes your hand with one hand, then touches your ruby with the other, concentrating.
  1239. [22:33:42] <Kain> You feel a warmth shudder through your body as a light comes from her horn.
  1240. [22:34:03] * Natalie tries really hard to remain still. If she HAD her tail it'd be flailing around now.
  1241. [22:34:07] <Kain> "Carbuncle, please grant me your shining light..."
  1242. [22:34:37] <Natalie> "I..."  Is there even a process to this?  "I accept."
  1243. [22:34:46] <Kain> Vwooom
  1244. [22:35:05] <Kain> You feel something long broken repair itself.
  1245. [22:35:13] <Kain> Renewed your pact with Eiko!
  1246. [22:35:16] * Natalie takes another deep breath.
  1247. [22:35:20] <Natalie> "Did that do it?"
  1248. [22:35:49] <Kain> Note: Eidolons tamed by a summoner must obey their summoner, no matter what. Thankfully you made a pact with Eiko and not some crazy person.
  1249. [22:36:04] <Natalie> Well she IS totally a psycho thief now!
  1250. [22:36:11] <Natalie> ... Good thing our Carbuncle is pretty much that now too.
  1251. [22:36:14] <Kain> She concentrates after a moment and then nods, smiling. "Yeah."
  1252. [22:36:54] <Natalie> "Hnnn... I'm glad.  It feels so great... I wish we could stay like this forever!"
  1253. [22:37:59] <Natalie> "It's so weird, I even forgot how to use Ruby Light too.  It's like it was just a super vague memory of something I USED to do."
  1254. [22:37:59] <Kain> She gives you a tight hug. "I better get going... if Father's in trouble I need to warn him. Take care of yourself, Ruby... I love you so much... Maybe next time you'll get to say hi to Madeen!"
  1255. [22:38:30] * Natalie giggles a bit, returning the hug. "Okay... call on me if you EVER need anything, okay? Maybe next time we meet I'll take you to meet my new friend(s)!"
  1256. [22:38:32] <Kain> She nods. "I'm not sure if I'll be able to call you to do it or not, actually..."
  1257. [22:38:35] <Kain> "Sure"!
  1258. [22:38:45] <Natalie> "Oh and... um, please tell him what I told you.  About not-Kuja."
  1259. [22:38:58] <Natalie> "Even if she's NOT as dangerous as she acts, a threat's a threat!"
  1260. [22:38:59] <Kain> "Mhm. One more thing..."
  1261. [22:39:03] <Kain> "Do your friends... know?"
  1262. [22:39:15] <Natalie> "Nope~!  My human name is 'Natalie,' if you ever meet them."
  1263. [22:39:24] <Natalie> "Oh, well, Ammy does.  'Cause she's an Eidolon too."
  1264. [22:39:44] <Natalie> "But the others... there's actually a pretentious long name I rattle off all the time but I have to look at my diary 'cause I always forget it."
  1265. [22:39:51] <Natalie> "Just 'Natalie Aitchison' will do."
  1266. [22:39:52] <Kain> She smiles. "I look forward to meeting her, then! Got it, if I see you with the others, we haven't met, right Natalie?"
  1267. [22:40:11] <Natalie> "Natalie's none the wiser that 'Canary' is more than a really good thief!"
  1268. [22:40:14] * Natalie mock-salutes.
  1269. [22:40:53] <Kain> "Haha! Alright! Seeya! I'll call Fenry to take you back to the Air Cars if you like~"
  1270. [22:41:07] <Kain> She jaunts over to the window and stands in the sill for a moment.
  1271. [22:41:12] <Natalie> "Ooh, right!  You were going to say something about this, weren't you?"  She holds out the sapphire.
  1272. [22:41:58] <Kain> "Well, you won't be able to summon Fenrir with that just yet... since I'm still his summoner and all... but later down the line we might can work something out!"
  1273. [22:42:11] <Natalie> "Aha, so it IS his!  I knew it felt familiar..."
  1274. [22:42:21] * Natalie pockets it again. "I'll hold onto it then~"
  1275. [22:43:05] <Natalie> "But I haven't gotten to meet him in a while.  We used to work together, riiight?"
  1276. [22:43:17] <Kain> "Who knows, maybe you can learn Sapphire Light down the road? Hehe..."
  1277. [22:43:19] <Kain> She nods.
  1278. [22:43:29] <Natalie> "I sure hope so!  Okay, let's go!"
  1279. [22:43:43] <Natalie> "Oooh, I bet they're mad that I took so long..."
  1280. [22:43:49] * Natalie re-applies the bandage and heads back to the window.
  1281. [22:44:07] <Natalie> ... Okay that's gross.  It's actually probably a different one.
  1282. [22:44:15] <Kain> Out the window she leaps! The hound appears on the ground level, waiting to take you onward!
  1283. [22:44:32] <Kain> Eiko goes her own separate way though, waving.
  1284. [22:44:33] * Natalie does a quadriple-flip out onto the dog! "Hi again! Let's go, alright?"
  1285. [22:44:39] <Natalie> And a wave back of course!
  1286. [22:44:58] <Natalie> "Soooorry if I'm heavier than I used to be..."
  1287. [22:45:06] <Kain> Fenrir: "Woof."
  1288. [22:45:14] <Kain> Off he goes!
  1289. [22:45:16] <Natalie> "I know, geez!"
  1290. [22:45:21] * Natalie RIDES INTO THE SUNSET
  1291. [22:45:49] <Kain> [/why am I giving you guys so many fucking secret minis everyone is going to be furious at me when the truth comes out]
  1293. ----
  1295. [17:11:44] <Natalie> For reference the transcript is something pretty much like: "Erm, this is Carbuncle, can you still hear me?  Someone's coming to get you but my friend wants to meet- watch out for her, though!" :<  "She thinks you're her enemy because of something something Odin something but she probably means well.  Don't worry, I'm here!"
  1296. [17:59:44] <Kain> "You okay, Ruby?"
  1297. [17:59:50] <Kain> The voice is in your head.
  1298. [18:00:13] <Natalie> "Just a lapse again.  I KINDA remember it, but not really... that's when we all met."
  1299. [18:14:14] <Natalie> "This is her, this is her!"  The hornphone gets really excited.  "This is Ammy I've been telling you about!"
  1300. [18:14:37] <Natalie> "Oh yeah, she has a question for you!  I was going to ask it, but didn't think she'd get back so soon... don't think she can say it in public though."
  1301. [18:15:06] <Kain> "Oh, okay! I'll talk with her when I can."
  1302. [18:15:43] <Natalie> "She'll appreciate it!  It's about reviving the summoning tradition or... um... she has the details.  Since I'm the one with the bad memory, eheheh~"
  1303. [18:17:24] <Kain> "Okay~"
  1304. [18:46:04] <Natalie> "Hey, hey, I figured it out!  What if you lost me because someone summoned me?"
  1305. [18:46:38] <Kaingaskhan> "That... huh."
  1306. [18:46:41] <Kaingaskhan> "I don't know."
  1307. [18:46:47] <Kaingaskhan> "That might be it..."
  1308. [18:46:56] <Natalie> "Me neither!  But I have the sapphire with me... what if we try something with it soon?"
  1309. [18:48:32] <Kaingaskhan> "Mm... Maybe!"
  1310. [18:58:32] <Natalie> "Be super careful, okay?  Not-Kuja can be anywhere AND she might be able to steal me.  That's reaaaaally scary."
  1311. [18:58:47] <Kaingaskhan> "I won't let that happen!"
  1313. ----
  1315. [06:20:11] <Kaingaskhan> You eventually fall asleep there and wake up with a blanket draped over you, and your head resting on a pillow on Eiko's lap because she sneaks out at night herself sometimes
  1316. [06:21:31] <Kaingaskhan> She's asleep when you wake up on the couch, but her hand was resting in your hair.
  1317. [06:22:27] <Giantree> When it's time to get back to the others she gets the blanket draped over herself instead, then.  Siiiiilently.
  1318. [06:22:40] <Kaingaskhan> (She actually snuck out to see you but you weren't in the tantalus hideout, so she used her horn to locate you and you were already asleep)
  1320. ----
  1322. [18:59:17] <@Amaryllis> Back...somewhere private. Where would Nat prefer?
  1323. [18:59:58] <Natalie> Hmm, well, it's not late enough for Nat to sneak out ~yet~ so during the interrogation she was probably boredly scribbling stuff back at the hideout!
  1324. [19:01:04] <Natalie> Meaning, anywhere that could be reached from there or somesuch- probably more private than where Lenny was dragged to.
  1325. [19:01:06] <Natalie> Maybe.
  1326. [19:01:38] <@Amaryllis> Sit around in a pile of mansion ashes while chatting?
  1327. [19:01:43] <Natalie> ... Yes.
  1328. [19:02:02] <Natalie> In fact let's rearrange this, what if they decided to meet there before leaving the ball?
  1329. [19:02:05] <Natalie> That probably works better.
  1330. [19:02:50] <@Amaryllis> Let's just keep it sometime after the interrogation. Ammy goes out for groceries, stops by the mansion on the way.
  1331. [19:02:54] <Natalie> And THEN after the interrogation Nat's sprawled about in a lonely pile of ashes, sending lewd sexts on the rubyphone- no just kidding it doesn't actually get used for that unless the summoner starts contact first.
  1332. [19:03:07] <Natalie> Some eidolons have shame!
  1333. [19:03:32] <Natalie> No for clarification that's that they AGREED to meet up there, and then they actually do meet up there after the interrogation.
  1334. [19:04:05] <Natalie> Clarifications aside Natty's there, without having changed out of the outfit at all, writing something down.  It's like she's trying to focus but just plain isn't capable of doing so, and is pretty restless sitting there worrying!
  1335. [19:04:11] * @Amaryllis reaches up and unlocks the gate, then finds a quiet and secluded area within the crumbling structure of the mansion, leading Nat there. She pulls out her bottle of whiskey.
  1336. [19:04:25] <Natalie> Or that, whatever, scribbling either way
  1337. [19:05:30] <@Amaryllis> "You appear worried. Is something the matter?" Ammy forces a smile and glugs down a mouthful of whiskey straight from the bottle.
  1338. [19:05:48] <Natalie> "Nnnn."  Scribblescribble... pause.  "You too, Ammy.  Did something happen again?"
  1339. [19:06:48] <Natalie> "I'm just worried about how she's doing-" rubrub.... plop, she sits down on the floor.  "I found out just what happened and HOW MUCH time we missed out on!  But... I already forgot if I told you yet or not."  :<
  1340. [19:07:38] <@Amaryllis> "Only once since we got back to Lindblum, but even once is too much. It took a lot out of me to keep focused this long today..." Glug glug. "No, you have yet to tell me about Eiko. Let us start there; it is a happy start for this conversation."
  1341. [19:09:15] <Natalie> Shuffle shuffle~  Natty sprawls out after brushing the ashes away so as to not, you know, get covered in them, and nods with a smile.  A worried expression but a smile nonetheless.  "Okay!  I gotta warn you though, I could talk for a LOOOOOOONG time.  I forgot just how... good~ it feels.  Er, um, I mean... well we re-made our pact and..."
  1342. [19:09:48] <@Amaryllis> "Re-made?" Ammy cuts in there, looking worried.
  1343. [19:09:53] * Natalie jolts up. "RIGHT! Memories!"
  1344. [19:10:19] <Natalie> "Well what happened... apparently our connection to each other was cut.  The others she made pacts with, too."
  1345. [19:10:33] <Natalie> "So it's not like she didn't want to summon me anymore!  But, she COULDN'T."
  1346. [19:10:35] <@Amaryllis> "All of them?"
  1347. [19:11:31] <Natalie> "Um... just a few, I think.  I want to help her find Phoenix and Titan, 'cause they're missing too... Fenry's still with her, though.  We got to have a chat."
  1348. [19:12:16] * Natalie looks visibly relieved. "I'm glad SOMEONE was. I can't believe I was supposed to be bound to her and didn't even get to watch her grow up." ;~; The not-quite-catgirl sniffles a little.
  1349. [19:12:27] <@Amaryllis> "Must have been nice. I suppose he had tales of your travels together to share?"
  1350. [19:12:42] <Natalie> "Oh, we don't speak the same language!"
  1351. [19:13:12] <Natalie> "But he felt familiar."  She pulls the sapphire out, displaying it.  "Just... in a weird way.  We used to work together and all."
  1352. [19:14:27] <Natalie> "But!  I wasn't the only one whose memories went POOF."
  1353. [19:14:30] <@Amaryllis> "You will have many more years to be part of Eiko's tale..." Ammy suddenly gets contemplative thinking about what Nat said about watching her grow up.
  1354. [19:15:03] <@Amaryllis> "..." She looks to Nat and stares, looking unsure. Then she turns back to her whiskey bottle and takes a small swig.
  1355. [19:16:36] * Nacchan stops and goes back to that, nodding again. "Mm... hmm. Yeah, NOW I will. Or... I can."
  1356. [19:16:06] <@Amaryllis> "Who else's memories?"
  1357. [19:20:08] <Natty> "Um... those two, definitely.  There was something about the crystal... and them NOT getting their memories back, even though I was."  Itch, itch.  "There's something really weird happening."
  1358. [19:21:20] <@Amaryllis> "What else does Eiko know?"
  1359. [19:21:40] * @Amaryllis frowns. "So even the current summoners are losing their power."
  1360. [19:22:37] <Natalie> "Well she's..."  Nat looks distressed for a second but forces a smile.  "Totally happy!  Or at least, she's living a life that it seems like she enjoys now.  She doesn't have to save the world or anything stressy like that anymore, she gets to sneak out and rob people every night... she's having all the fun she can have."
  1361. [19:23:26] <Natalie> "If I was um... you know, me again, I'd want to just stay here and help her, like Fenry is.  And Madeen, too!  ... I don't remember her all that well though."
  1362. [19:23:54] * @Amaryllis ignores the comment about Eiko apparently taking up larceny as a habit now. "I am unsure what to make of this."
  1363. [19:24:28] <Natalie> "Well, there's more!"
  1364. [19:24:59] <Natalie> "My task... she reminded me."
  1365. [19:25:12] <@Amaryllis> "What was it?"
  1366. [19:25:17] * Natalie gets a bit more srs. "The crystal shards. I was supposed to..."
  1367. [19:25:36] <Natalie> "... Collect and put 'em together all along!  I was doing it right by accident, heehee!"
  1368. [19:26:24] * @Amaryllis furrows her brow. "But that means the crystal should have found heroes for this task many years earlier."
  1369. [19:26:58] <Natalie> "It's weird, isn't it?  ... Maybe me forgetting and putting it off for so long means all the problems that're happening now are all my fault."  Mega-:<
  1370. [19:27:48] <Natalie> "But the crystal remembered my fake-name.  And it even remembered me holding it after I forgot what I was supposed to do!  And that's even weirder, kinda."
  1371. [19:28:27] * @Amaryllis listens mostly in silence, occasionally taking a swig of whiskey.
  1372. [19:29:18] <Natalie> "But me being like this..."  Natty stands up and starts doing the snap-kick thing.  "Actually isn't right.  She doesn't know if she can even summon me anymore, and there might not EVEN be a way to go back to being real-me, even if I want to!  You'd think if I did this myself to spy on how humans do things I'd be able to just turn back whenever I wanted, yeah?"
  1373. [19:29:26] <@Amaryllis> "No, do not blame yourself. This is the story the crystal chose to write for itself. I am sure if it had wanted, it could have bent the tapestry of tales that makes our reality, found another set of heroes from the various coincidental finders of shards through the years..."
  1374. [19:29:34] <@Amaryllis> "It waited for now, and it must have a reason."
  1375. [19:29:49] <Natalie> "... Yeah.  I guess.  Or it could be really lazy."
  1376. [19:29:52] <Natalie> "Nnnnnnnnnnnnn."
  1377. [19:30:09] <@Amaryllis> "You are part of the crystal." Ammy taps her chin faux-thoughtfully.
  1378. [19:31:26] <@Amaryllis> That's done with the beginnings of a teasing grin, to make it clear.
  1379. [19:31:39] * Natalie taps the ruby in a similar way. The bandage's been off since they're here, which is pretty much their safe haven anyway. "Hehe, yep!"
  1380. [19:31:57] <Natalie> "But so are the others, and if I'm the only one who's been getting memories back that's just WEIRD."
  1381. [19:32:36] <@Amaryllis> "We shall see if that is still the case when we bring the shards to them."
  1382. [19:33:24] <@Amaryllis> "Perhaps the crystal cannot reach as far as it used to, even if it still holds their memories."
  1383. [19:33:34] <Natalie> "I reaaaaally want to just..."  Still standing up, Nacchan paces around a bit, concerned.  "... Stay here with her.  And help her and be her friend and do all the things I couldn't do as old-me, and just... make sure she's really happy all the time."
  1384. [19:33:48] <Natalie> "I remembered what the bond is like.  It's close.  Closer than human families-close."
  1385. [19:34:08] <Natalie> "Maybe you should make a pact with her too, huh~?"  She says twirling around with a giggle.
  1386. [19:34:55] * @Amaryllis smiles but shakes her head slowly. "If ever I were to make a pact with someone..." She trails off.
  1387. [19:35:42] <Natalie> "Hmmnnnn?"  Still smiling, Nat handhips.  "Well it's not like you have to be in a hurry, she still has a pretty long lifespan ahead of her I think!"
  1388. [19:35:50] <@Amaryllis> "I would have to first find the way to bring back the summoning tradition in full force, would I not?"
  1389. [19:36:36] <Natalie> "Maybe.  Some of us are still like Terry, right?  Whether summoning HAS to happen or we can just live together and get along as friends..."
  1390. [19:36:48] * Natalie remembers Celina, her eyes probably make that really obvious, as she shakes her head softly.
  1391. [19:37:28] <Natalie> "Still, it feels really nice.  I'm glad to have a Summoner, even if some of the others aren't, you know?  Nnnn."
  1392. [19:37:59] <Natalie> "I'll do whatever I can to protect her.  Not-Kuja won't lay a hand on her, no way!"
  1393. [19:38:06] <@Amaryllis> "I would like a summoner one day, but such a pact is not entered lightly. It is the pinnacle of trust to allow someone such complete governance over the course of your tale..."
  1394. [19:38:15] <@Amaryllis> "Ayane." Ammy corrects her.
  1395. [19:38:42] <Natalie> "Oh that's actually not true," she nods at the correction, "We were actually just like 'hey wanna renew that pact' and I was like 'yeah!' after barely a couple minutes of meeting back up with her."
  1396. [19:40:06] * @Amaryllis stares at Nat for a few moments and then takes another big swig of whiskey. "Were it be I could enter one so casually...I am too afraid of being bound by a will I have no intent to serve."
  1397. [19:40:13] <Natalie> "I don't remember a whole lot about what it was like the FIRST time we met but I bet that probably didn't take long either!  Or any of the others before that!"  A sage nod.  "Once you've lived as long as I have you just get used to it.... I think.  That's just kinda a feeling I have.  Because I know Eiko won't live forever but I'm happy being by her side as long as she does."
  1398. [19:40:19] * @Amaryllis shivers and draws her cloak around herself.
  1399. [19:40:36] * Natalie grins and dashes over, giving Ammy a SURPRISE HUG from behind. "Don't worry!"
  1400. [19:41:03] <Natalie> "There's nothing wrong with being afraid.  Everyone's afraid sometimes."
  1401. [19:41:45] <Natalie> "Remember what Levvie said?  Some ol' summoner just used me as a big wall to keep him sealed once!"
  1402. [19:41:59] <Natalie> "But even if I can't remember who or why... I still feel it, that I didn't mind."
  1403. [19:42:16] <Natalie> "I was helping some people.  That's what I'm here for!"
  1404. [19:42:25] <@Amaryllis> (hold on Ammy would say something in between there but my browser won't load for me to look up something)
  1405. [19:42:37] <Natalie> (oh sure just mention where it's inserted)
  1406. [19:42:46] <@Amaryllis> (like right after she shivers but chrome crashed twice)
  1407. [19:42:56] <Natalie> (chrome sux)
  1408. [19:43:10] <@Amaryllis> (or fuck it, what was the name of that noble family? Damcyan? It started with a D and had a Y in it)
  1409. [19:43:33] <Natalie> (It's Damcyan.)
  1410. [19:43:42] <Natalie> (god what the fuck are you trolling have you not played FF4?)
  1411. [19:44:01] <@Amaryllis> (yeah fuck you I couldn't get the ff wiki up to look up the name)
  1412. [19:44:04] <@Amaryllis> (>:I)
  1413. [19:44:04] <Natalie> (I remember when I was a kid I always thought I was 'Damycan' and the shock of that correction helped me go on to remember it)
  1414. [19:44:23] <Natalie> (If you said that I would've just laughed and corrected you!  Also shame on you for not having a Nammy.txt like me)
  1415. [19:44:58] * Natalie goes ahead and rattles all that off even if Ammy's saying something anyway, because she's just that excited getting to talk about summoning and stuff.
  1416. [19:44:59] <@Amaryllis> "I am young, compared to you. Maybe it comes with time. I am not sure. It was...the Damcyan man this time." She closes her hands tight around Nat's as she's hugged. "I do not think I will ever get used to merely watching my story play out like a stage play that way."
  1417. [19:46:00] <Natalie> "Nope, wrong!  You just need a while to get used t- ... wait, it?"
  1418. [19:46:04] <Natalie> "It..."
  1419. [19:46:06] <@Amaryllis> "Or..." Ammy shakes her head. "I am unsure. I think it was him. I have only the vaguest sense when that happens."
  1420. [19:46:14] * Natalie loosens the grip. "Oh... right."
  1421. [19:46:17] <Natalie> Natty gets droopy.
  1422. [19:46:22] <@Amaryllis> "Nat, I killed him." Ammy slumps.
  1423. [19:46:29] <Natalie> "Well..."
  1424. [19:46:46] <Natalie> "It's okay!  He's just part of the crystal again now.  Or... something like that."
  1425. [19:47:37] <Natalie> "... I'm done for now though, it's your turn."  Nat sits in front of Ammy and snags the bottle.  "Gimme some of that."
  1426. [19:48:09] * Natalie sniffsniiiiiff.... bleh.
  1427. [19:48:17] <@Amaryllis> "Bloody hell, it's not even the right story. That's what Kni'lis told me. I am an affront to their kind, made of all the lies civilization has piled in its libraries." Ammy relinquishes the bottle.
  1428. [19:48:37] <@Amaryllis> "Myth supplants reality, and the worth of a story is not in its truth, I know..."
  1429. [19:49:03] <@Amaryllis> "Nor is the best ending to a story the happiest. Sometimes, it is better to write a tragedy, or be written into one."
  1430. [19:49:20] <@Amaryllis> "But..." Ammy grabby hands at the bottle again.
  1431. [19:49:20] <Natalie> "Who?"  Nat quickly realizes that she probably just made clear another memory disappeared and then droops again with a minor 'oops.'  "Well... yeah!  That's just how it works."
  1432. [19:49:45] <Natalie> "Nope."  Nat takes a chug of it much like Ammy did without even wiping it off.  Yuck!  "... Okay nevermind here you go."
  1433. [19:50:50] <@Amaryllis> "A tonberry I met in Durandal. He and all the rest of his kind will disappear in the wake of my myth." Ammy takes back the bottle and glugs.
  1434. [19:50:53] <Natalie> "Still, just because all stories aren't happy doesnt mean you can't enjoy things, or have fun, or HOPE for the best.  Sometimes it's okay to even like sad things, isn't it?"
  1435. [19:50:58] <Natalie> "O.. Oh."
  1436. [19:51:11] * Natalie shuffles a little. "So that's how it works, huh..."
  1437. [19:52:04] <Natalie> "I probably knew that before... but I sure don't now.  Wonder if there used to be lots of little mes who all disappeared too... well!  Let's not think about that, okay?"
  1438. [19:52:12] <@Amaryllis> "I cannot be happy living a tragedy. That does not mean I cannot be satisfied living one. There is a difference and perhaps one is a higher feeling than the other." Ammy speaks quietly and her face is stricken with confusion.
  1439. [19:52:49] <@Amaryllis> "That," Ammy manages a teasing grin, "was probably a favor to the world."
  1440. [19:53:09] * Natalie snerks and stands up, hands at hips again. "Hey, that's awful!"
  1441. [19:53:15] <Natalie> "... Hehe."
  1442. [19:54:36] <Natalie> "I'm glad I had your help, Ammy... starting to get my memories back and all.  I think once they're ALL back I can tell you everything about what being an eidolon is like.  The sad things, the happy things... I guess I'll be like your big sister!"
  1443. [19:54:58] <Natalie> "Well, we probably had that talk before already, huh."  Back to drooping.
  1444. [19:55:35] * @Amaryllis tilts her head. "If you can many summoners have you had? What did it feel like, having to watch each in turn be born from and return to the crystal in your time?"
  1445. [19:55:36] <Natalie> "I've lived tragedies before... we were watching that thing with Alexander together, right?  Lots of people probably died!  But we still stopped it!"
  1446. [19:55:38] <Natalie> "... Probably!"
  1447. [19:56:08] <@Amaryllis> "...I am sorry, that is probably not a set of tales you remember, nor ones you would care to recount right now."
  1448. [19:56:12] * Natalie looks down and shakes her head. "I... don't remember how many. Or their names, or their faces... only that I think there were probably a lot."
  1449. [19:56:57] * @Amaryllis nods. "In time..."
  1450. [19:57:06] <Natalie> "That feeling, though... I think I'm sad when they die and happy when they're born.  Maybe I'm like this because I wanted to know more about how humans feel ways like that?"
  1451. [19:57:25] * Natalie tugs at her ruby brooch now.
  1452. [19:57:49] <Natalie> "But... I'm glad they existed at all.  Since that's how I feel about Eiko now!"
  1453. [19:58:12] <Natalie> "I'll protect her until I can't anymore.  And then the next, and then the next!"
  1454. [19:59:46] <@Amaryllis> "Happiness and sadness seem like they could be such selfish and fleeting feelings then. Satisfaction or contentment with a story well told, no matter an outcome of heroics or tragedy...That makes more sense, does it not? That is how you feel toward the many summoners you have had as you lived and died?"
  1455. [20:01:30] <Natalie> "Yeah... maybe.  That feels right.  I dunno if I'M really supposed to feel sad or happy.  Doing my job comes first!"
  1456. [20:02:56] <@Amaryllis> "Some Eidolons must think differently. Terrato certainly seeks happiness above all."
  1457. [20:03:54] <Natalie> "I thiiiiink it's.."  She makes some gestures toward herself.  ".. Since I'm like this that I feel that way now.  Right NOW I just want to be my Summoner's friend.  Since humans are supposed to make friends with humans, right?"
  1458. [20:04:16] * Natalie taps her ruby again. "Well... something close, anyway."
  1459. [20:05:05] <@Amaryllis> "You act as if humans and Eidolons are meant to act so differently. Odin was born human, and became Eidolon through the strength of his tales. Friendship, love, all that should mean the same, Eidolon or human, should it not?"
  1460. [20:05:27] <Natalie> "... Yeah.  That's what I WANT to think is right, Ammy!  But, people like Leeny..."
  1461. [20:06:11] * Natalie shuffles over and faces the direction opposite Ammy, kicking at some ash. "I've been wondering... keeping who I am a secret might put Eiko in danger. And I CAN'T do that."
  1462. [20:06:14] * @Amaryllis shrugs and swigs from her bottle.
  1463. [20:06:40] <@Amaryllis> "And revealing that secret may put us all in more danger."
  1464. [20:07:11] <Natalie> Nod, still backwards.  "But if something happens where the only way I can protect her is revealing who I am... you won't be mad, right?"
  1465. [20:07:15] <@Amaryllis> "Revealing who I am certainly will. As long as I am bound by the tales that compose me..."
  1466. [20:07:43] * Natalie spins around and sticks a tongue out. "Oh, no duh, you're safe! My powers are different from yours after all."
  1467. [20:08:38] <@Amaryllis> "Of course not." Ammy leans against a chunk of debris and laughs. "Bloody hell Nat, there are two summoners left. The hell am I supposed to do if one dies? You really ought to find Eiko a nice boy to settle down with and..." Ammy trails off with a smirk.
  1468. [20:09:07] <Natalie> "Hee hee... that's the kind of lifestyle I want to see her have."
  1469. [20:09:37] <Natalie> "That's why we have to finish repairing the crystal FAST."
  1470. [20:09:44] <@Amaryllis> The look on Ammy's face suggests that her idea of 'make her make more baby summoners' wasn't entirely in jest.
  1471. [20:10:12] * Natalie wasn't even thinking about it like that so much as in the vein of Eiko finding someone she likes making her happy. So innocent.
  1472. [20:10:34] <@Amaryllis> The glint in Ammy's eyes makes it clear she was thinking about it that way.
  1473. [20:10:40] <Natalie> LEWD.
  1474. [20:11:12] <Natalie> "Then I can do stuff like that and be by her side.  Even IF our connection was cut my task's still my task!"
  1475. [20:11:34] <@Amaryllis> "We should, and...I need to find how else summoners are born."
  1476. [20:12:17] <Natalie> "And I need to find Phoenix and Titannnnnnnn... and hey, if your 'revive summoners' plan doesn't work you and Terry and a bunch of others we probably haven't met yet since I went amnesiac can all make pacts with her too, and we can be one big family!"
  1477. [20:12:19] <@Amaryllis> " be selfish to turn someone into a summoner, once the means are rediscovered, simply to form a pact with them or allow another Eidolon a pact?"
  1478. [20:12:36] * Natalie pauses, frowning. "Y'mean you wouldn't ask them first?"
  1479. [20:13:09] <@Amaryllis> "I would ask, but using that kind of power for such a personal reason rather than the good of the crystal and its tales..."
  1480. [20:13:28] <Natalie> "BZZT, WRONG."
  1481. [20:13:41] <Natalie> "Haven't you learned anything?  Weren't you listening to YOURSELF earlier?"
  1482. [20:13:51] <Natalie> "Everything that happen's good for the crystal!"
  1483. [20:14:02] <Natalie> "As long as things exist, it's able to keep going."
  1484. [20:14:09] <Natalie> "... Pretty sure it's something like that."
  1485. [20:15:14] * @Amaryllis just nods again, looking unsure once more.
  1486. [20:15:42] * Natalie sits next to Ammy with a hand on her shoulder, grinning a bit.
  1487. [20:15:55] <Natalie> "Ohhhhh... lemme guess!"
  1488. [20:16:09] <Natalie> "1,1You want Mr. Prickles to be your summoner?"
  1489. [20:16:16] * Natalie says this totally seriously.
  1490. [20:17:17] <@Amaryllis> "Then, tragedy, comedy, or epic, I will let my tale play out as - ...What? Where did you even get that idea?" Ammy's tone of voice suddenly changes midsentence, with another jump just before Nat said the name. She actually sounded apprehensive for a moment and then relieved.
  1491. [20:18:01] <Natalie> "PFFfhahaha!  Nnnnn... actually I just thought of the first name I could."
  1492. [20:18:11] <Natalie> "But he'd be a pretty neat summoner, huh?"
  1493. [20:18:51] <@Amaryllis> "You have the strangest ideas Nat."
  1494. [20:19:12] <Natalie> "Oh that's not even the strangest one!"  She gets up and gigglefits, clearly enjoying this.  "What if your summoner was..."
  1495. [20:19:41] * Natalie holds a hand forward and swirls her fingers dramatically, before doing that ojousama thing where the flutters her hand inward to point a full set of fingers at herself. "Me~?"
  1496. [20:20:27] <@Amaryllis> "I would drink myself to death." Ammy grins and takes a long drag from the whiskey bottle.
  1497. [20:20:40] <Natalie> "And then YOU could summon like... Terry or someone.  And then he'd summon someone else!  And..."  She's laughing more than she is talking.
  1498. [20:21:41] <Natalie> "Don't worry, I'd treat you nice!  Nnnnn!  I wouldn't give you weird orders like..."  Natty pauses and droops again.  "..."
  1499. [20:21:50] <Natalie> "Hey, Ammy..."
  1500. [20:21:56] <@Amaryllis> "Yes?"
  1501. [20:22:29] <Natalie> "If Summoners DO come back... there'll be mean ones or stupid ones again, won't there?  That use us selfishly and to destroy stuff... and that kinda thing?"
  1502. [20:23:00] <Natalie> "I know for sure Eiko's nice and would never do that... maybe she deserves to be the last one."
  1503. [20:23:21] <Natalie> "..."
  1504. [20:23:21] <@Amaryllis> "Like Queen Brahne or Kuja? No, they exist precisely because the summoning tradition was destroyed."
  1505. [20:24:01] <Natalie> "Oh yeah, I think we help her steal every now and then but that's not THAT bad, she's just doing it for fun.  Wonder when she'll call me to-" Headshake, "Er, anyway!  I... guess you're right, yeah."
  1506. [20:24:13] <Natalie> "Those crystal shards have their thing..."
  1507. [20:24:28] <@Amaryllis> "Garland ordered Madain Sari destroyed because the Summoners posed a threat, and with them out of the way Eidolons could be abused without other Summoners to keep order."
  1508. [20:24:33] * Natalie suddenly gets all flustered and STOMPS the ground in realization, losing her balance and tumbling over backwards! "W-Whoa!"
  1509. [20:24:50] * @Amaryllis shuffles over and helps her up.
  1510. [20:24:53] <Natalie> "Oof....  I just realized a thing I forgot."
  1511. [20:24:55] <@Amaryllis> "Are you alright?"
  1512. [20:25:00] <Natalie> "Well not like forgot-forgot because I remembered this one."
  1513. [20:25:06] <Natalie> "But I ALMOST forgot it."
  1514. [20:25:19] * Natalie takes the help and nods, though she may be covered in ashes or something silly.
  1515. [20:25:37] <Natalie> "We don't know yet but..."
  1516. [20:26:03] <@Amaryllis> "But...?"
  1517. [20:26:06] <Natalie> "Um... I THINK the reason why my memory's all screwy and our bond got cut was because someone else summoned me."
  1518. [20:26:14] <Natalie> "And they cheated by using the crystal somehow!"
  1519. [20:26:37] <Natalie> "I dunno who it'd be, because I don't remember anyone who seemed like that..."
  1520. [20:27:37] <@Amaryllis> "This is dangerous." Ammy frowns. "Even I could be called in such a manner, were one to find a stone to represent me."
  1521. [20:28:14] * Natalie nods, tugging at her brooch. "Yeah... Rubies are something pretty much anyone can find, I think."
  1522. [20:28:20] <Natalie> "... Oh!  OH OH OH!"
  1523. [20:28:59] <Natalie> Finally stopping being all moody, Nat does another twirl.  "Ammyyyyy, you never told me!  What do you think of this?"  Gesturing to the dress, obviously.  "It looks JUST LIKE the one we saw, huh?"
  1524. [20:29:03] <@Amaryllis> "...How much are you going to tug at that, waiting for me to compliment your dress? Someone is getty antsy." Ammy sits on a rock.
  1525. [20:29:15] <Natalie> "Nnnnnyeeeeeeh!"
  1526. [20:29:24] <@Amaryllis> (damnit, I was typing slow. Can we say Ammy said that before Nat did so it makes sense?)
  1527. [20:29:35] <Natalie> (they said it simultaneously, clearly)
  1528. [20:29:39] <@Amaryllis> (sure)
  1529. [20:30:07] * @Amaryllis stifles a giggle.
  1530. [20:30:12] * Natalie bursts into a fit of laughter at this, again. It's like she's been having more fun tonight than they've had their entire 10 years together! ... Okay not really because she's having fun 100% of the time, but still.
  1531. [20:30:35] <Natalie> "It's so perfect though, isn't it?  It's like someone went into my mindworld and dragged it out!"
  1532. [20:30:51] <@Amaryllis> "So it does. Do you think Eiko had it made? It would fit her, would it not? Maybe she missed you."
  1533. [20:31:40] <Natalie> "... Yeah, she did."  Droopymode again.  "And I dunno how I feel about how I didn't miss her... well, not until I got my memories back."
  1534. [20:32:17] <Natalie> "Er, she missed me, not the first thing."
  1535. [20:32:34] <Natalie> "I wonder if it is hers though?  Maybe we can ask about it..."
  1536. [20:33:49] <@Amaryllis> "Maybe." Ammy gets up and brushes at some burned bit of bookshelf or other remnant of the mansion. "So, what do you think Eiko would make of 12GIL's proposition? Bring back the summoning tradition, usher in a new renaissance of Eidolon and human cooperation, honor the old myths and legends..."
  1537. [20:34:57] <Natalie> "I asked her... but she didn't have anything to say on it then.  Just that she'd meet you.  We're not SUPPOSED to ask favors of our Summoners like that... that's kinda backwards of how it works."  She tilts her head a bit.  "At least it feels like that's how it's supposed to be.  I know it was super awkward when I did horntalk with her about it."
  1538. [20:35:28] <@Amaryllis> "Oh. We shall have to find time for that then."
  1539. [20:35:38] * @Amaryllis frowns.
  1540. [20:35:41] <Natalie> "Ooh... hold on with what you're doing, come over here."  Natty plops down on the floor and beckons Ammy over.
  1541. [20:35:54] * @Amaryllis shuffles over.
  1542. [20:36:04] * Natalie undoes her ribbon and spins around. "I wanna check something."
  1543. [20:36:23] <Natalie> A hand reaches up to the back of her own head, pointing.  "... Scratch me.  Right there."
  1544. [20:36:45] <@Amaryllis> "..." Ammy slowly reaches up a hand and obliges.
  1545. [20:36:50] <Natalie> "~"
  1546. [20:37:08] <Natalie> "Nnn... nnnnn~  Ooh, that's good!  ... But I thought so."
  1547. [20:37:36] <@Amaryllis> "What is it?"
  1548. [20:37:44] * Natalie gives an understanding nod after a minute. "Yeah... even if my body's all funky she remembered me."
  1549. [20:38:06] <Natalie> "She knew just where the right spot was... I totally forgot what being scratched behind the ears even felt like."
  1550. [20:38:31] <Natalie> "It probably felt better as old-me... guess I gotta find out how to get back soon."
  1551. [20:39:09] <Natalie> "Then I can curl up in her lap and we can talk to each other..."
  1552. [20:39:25] * Natalie puts the ribbon back in and stands up, sniffling a little.
  1553. [20:39:27] <@Amaryllis> "Speaking of getting back, shall we return to the hideout soon? I should let the others know what I found out from interrogating the Qu..."
  1554. [20:39:50] <Natalie> "Yeah.  No use dwelling on it."  Snap-kicks.  "And I'd probably miss what I can do now, anyway!"
  1555. [20:40:21] * Natalie stretches a bit and starts heading out, stamping a bandage back over the ruby. "Ohh... so what DID you learn, anyway?"
  1556. [20:42:22] <@Amaryllis> "Everything he knew. Unfortunately, he was a mere grunt and so that was of course quite limited. But I still have the knack." Ammy gets up and traces a hand along a bit of ruined wall as she shuffles toward the entrance. "Lord Alwyn taught me well, he did." Her voice softens into a melancholic whisper as she finishes that last sentence.
  1557. [20:43:19] <Natalie> "Hnn... lemme know if there's anything I need to write down before I leave tonight then, 'kay?"
  1558. [20:43:44] <@Amaryllis> "Of course."
  1559. [20:44:34] * Natalie twirls out the gates. "And if anyone asks... I went 'home.'"
  1560. [20:45:50] * @Amaryllis nods. "Thank you Nat, for putting up with all my trouble." She shuffles along at her usual slow pace behind Nat.
  1561. [20:46:06] <Natalie> "And thank you Ammy, for being my friend~!"
  1562. [20:46:15] <Natalie> And so the nope I won't even start today nope nope nope
  1563. [20:46:24] <@Amaryllis> AND SO THE ADVENTURE OF LIFE GOES ON
  1564. [20:46:26] <@Amaryllis> SUCK IT
  1565. [20:46:28] <Natalie> THANK YOU
  1567. ----
  1569. [00:36:44] <Kain> A little later, once you're back at the hideout, you feel a tingling in your forehead. "Ruuuubyyyy~"
  1570. [00:37:10] <Magical_Cat> Since time freezes there doesn't even need to be a pause!  "Oh, hi!"
  1571. [00:37:51] <Kain> "Hehe, it still works. He... I am soooo drunk right now..."
  1572. [00:38:33] <Magical_Cat> "Oh um... oh.  I had a little too- wait, you're okay, right?  D-Did something happen?"
  1573. [00:40:09] <Kain> "While daddy was out, I took a little nipnip from the wine chellar... seller... -hic- cellar..." oh god you even hear her -hics- across this. "...okay and maybe I shnuck a little brandy in too~"
  1574. [00:40:46] <Kain> "I can't help it, it's just so gooood..."
  1575. [00:41:12] <Magical_Cat> "... Oh, that's actually normal!  Ammy drinks way more than that and she's just fine from it, and since you're so strong you should be okay!  ... Um, should I come help just in case?"
  1576. [00:42:37] <Kain> "Naw... I'm okay... but that's so nice of you to offer like that..." you hear her tearing up. "I missed you so much you know, I know I've already said it buuut..."
  1577. [00:43:04] <Kain> "It's just good having you back and having someone to talk too..." -sniff-
  1578. [00:43:05] <Magical_Cat> "Hee hee... ooooookay, talk to me then.  I'm always listening~"
  1579. [00:43:35] <Magical_Cat> "Uh-huh!  And I'm always gonna be here this time, too!"
  1580. [00:44:29] <Kain> "Rubyyy, this is just between you and me, 'kay? But I want Bunce so bad... I want to give him a nice new year's present~ but I don't think he even likes meee...." :<
  1581. [00:45:31] <Magical_Cat> "B- ... hmph!  Is that all it is?  Well you can trust me, just give me an order!  ... Um... if you... don't mind me asking who he is."
  1582. [00:46:56] <Magical_Cat> "S-Still!  Since everyone thinks I'm a human now my disguise is perfect for stuff like that."
  1583. [00:47:58] <Kain> "He's... he's the leader of our little band of thieves, ruby~ Not Tantarus, the one me, him, and her shtarted. The... uh.... tantalizing... titilating... tit... tarta....fuck it, Me, him, and his sister."
  1584. [00:48:18] <Kain> "He's so cuuuute, I want to see where he's hiding his horn, if ya catch my drift~"
  1585. [00:49:05] <Kain> "Did I really say that? oooops. I think I need more wine... 'sec..."
  1586. [00:49:13] <Magical_Cat> "Oh!  Okay!  Well I-" The feeling of blushing is transmitted "Can totally just talk to him, right?  That is SO easy."
  1587. [00:49:58] <Magical_Cat> "SO SO SO easy.  You want me to find out what he likes?  OR just get him REALLY drunk and send him your way~?"
  1588. [00:50:05] <Kain> "Would you? That'd be great! Consider that yer firs' order since comin' back then, Ruby~ Hook me and Bunce up!"
  1589. [00:50:18] <Kain> "Just whatever you think is besht..."
  1590. [00:50:48] <Magical_Cat> There's an nnnnn~ as an excited tingling noise but not really a voice-sound.  MAN that's weird to emphasize.  "Ooooooookay!  Leave it to me!  Oh and uhm..."
  1591. [00:51:29] <Magical_Cat> "I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally missed you too.  Sorry for being gone so long... IIIII'll just make up for it by doing the BEST job you've ever seen!"
  1592. [00:51:41] <Magical_Cat> "Maybe I can use Ruby Light to reflect his heart and- oooh that's really silly though..."
  1593. [00:51:58] <Magical_Cat> "Don't worry, I'll do it!"
  1594. [00:52:03] <Kain> "Is there anyone yooou like that way, Ruby?"
  1595. [00:52:37] <Magical_Cat> "Hee hee, that'd be silly if we felt that way!  ... Well, if I did before I guess I don't remember it."
  1596. [00:53:00] <Magical_Cat> "I do have really good friends that I'm glad to have around and thaaaaaaaaaaat kinda thing but...."
  1597. [00:53:16] <Magical_Cat> *we = eidolons in general
  1598. [00:54:13] <Kain> "Really? Why do you think it'd be silly...?" :< She sounds disappointed.
  1599. [00:54:29] <Magical_Cat> "Hmm... y'know, I have no idea why it'd be silly!"
  1600. [00:55:10] <Magical_Cat> "Maybe it's my memories again."  A half-:< transmits but cuts itself off.  "Nah, it's that my job is more important, that's all~!  ... Jobs."
  1601. [00:55:36] <Magical_Cat> "Even the whole time pretending to be a human I never thought about that stuff.  ... I think."
  1602. [00:57:09] <Kain> "I want you to be happy, Ruby, so that's my second order! I want you to eventually find someone you can love! Jobsh are important, but you're important too, you know?? Not telling you to be a sluut or anything, but I want you to give it more thought!"
  1603. [00:58:06] <Kain> "Hee, what am I even saying? do me a favor and let me know what we talked about when I'm not drunk anymore??"
  1604. [00:58:12] <Magical_Cat> "Eek!  O-Okay!  Then I'll do that too.  Whether I do it as a human or as real-me though... hnnnnnnnnnnnn... nnnnnnnnn."
  1605. [00:59:08] <Magical_Cat> "Okay, will do!"  Another worried feeling.  "Try to be careful when drinking, okay?  Make sure to cast Poisona if you know it!  I never learned it and my friend suffers all the time.  ... That feels pretty bad."
  1606. [01:00:03] <Kain> "Okay~" you feel her beaming at you. "You're the besht, Ruby... I love you~"
  1607. [01:00:31] <Magical_Cat> "You too, Eiko~  Stay safe!  I'll do all I can!"
  1608. [01:00:52] <Kain> "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"
  1609. [01:00:58] <Magical_Cat> "Nn~!"
  1610. [01:01:00] <Kain> click
  1612. ----
  1614. [22:38:41] <@Lenore> Lenore asks Nat when she got to calling Phoenix Feenie
  1615. [22:39:03] <@Natalie> "Oh, I just now made it up, I have no idea if I ever used that before!"
  1616. [22:42:28] <@Lenore> "How do you plan on meeting Phoenix? Have you met him before?  Your diary mentioned something about how he might've changed, so I was curious~! ☆"
  1617. [22:43:45] <@Natalie> "'Him?'  Hmm, I dunno about that... But I am an amnesiac, you know!  I just know that we've totally met before, that's all."
  1618. [22:44:27] <@Lenore> "Oh, sorry, default gender pronoun, and Feenie sounds male for some reason!  I guess I'm wrong~! ☆"
  1619. [22:45:50] <@Natalie> "Yeah... I really don't remember which one it was, it really sucks.  Eiko was Feenie's last Summoner, you could always ask- and if you haven't met her yet, she's part of Tantalus and really nice!"
  1620. [22:46:48] <@Lenore> "Okay, I will!  Have you met any other Eidolons before?  Or at least, can you remember meeting any others before?  I know you mentioned Terry..."
  1621. [22:46:58] <@Natalie> "Yep!"
  1622. [22:47:30] <@Lenore> "Really?  That's awesome~!  Which ones~? ☆"
  1623. [22:47:38] <@Natalie> "Levvie, duh.  It wasn't even that long ago!"
  1624. [22:47:54] <@Lenore> "Oh...right!  Any others?"
  1625. [22:49:24] <@Natalie> "Um, that I can remember?"  Sapphire dug out.  "Fenrir, I think, he's pretty nice too.  Not that I'd summon him with this or anything, that's horrible!"  :<  "Any others.... nnnnope, sorry.  Blanks."
  1626. [22:53:29] <@Natalie> oops
  1627. [22:53:32] <@Natalie> Fenry*
  1628. [22:53:59] <@Lenore> "You've sure met a lot of them!  That's pretty cool~! ☆"
  1629. [22:54:40] <@Natalie> "I wish I could remember more!  Well, if we keep doing the crystal thing it'll be fine- if we meet more remember them for me, 'kay?"
  1630. [22:55:00] <@Lenore> "Okay!  I'll be sure to!"
  1631. [23:09:30] <@Natalie> In fact to set up the scene it's been on a couch all along, with Natty showing off that shiny new anklet and- oh shit, you can't polish it the same way when it's inside jewelry, so she's just wearing it and polishing the OTHER one.  Yeah there we go.
  1632. [23:09:54] <@Natalie> "... So why IS it you're so interested in them anyway, Lenny?"
  1633. [23:10:08] <@Lenore> "Eidolons, you mean?  Hmmmm~"
  1634. [23:10:11] <@Natalie> "Is it just 'cause you're a mage?"
  1635. [23:10:16] <@Lenore> "Kind of!"
  1636. [23:10:36] <@Natalie> "Nnnnn, well that's a pretty easy way to explain it.  And that's... all?"
  1637. [23:11:02] <@Lenore> "Essentially, they're spirits of the world, right?  So they'd know much about how the world works, which is very important to know for a mage, especially if said mage wants to figure out how to craft new spells!"
  1638. [23:11:08] * @Natalie leans backward in a chair. "Most mages would just be like, 'oh, they're strong and magical,' okay, but that's like a LOT of interest."
  1639. [23:11:11] <@Natalie> "Ohhhhhh."
  1640. [23:11:26] <@Lenore> "...which I do!"
  1641. [23:11:28] <@Lenore> "Or at least"
  1642. [23:11:36] <@Lenore> "I want to find lost spells that nobody knows about!"
  1643. [23:11:50] <@Lenore> "And if anyone were to know about those besides my dad, it'd be the Eidolons!"
  1644. [23:11:51] <@Natalie> "Crafting spells... nnnn, yeah, that d- I mean they probably do do that.  That's why you want to meet Rammy?"
  1645. [23:12:05] <@Natalie> This is presumably after they read the thing.
  1646. [23:14:30] * @Lenore gives a sparking fistpump. "Yes, that's why! Also because he's really really smart and would probably be a good person to ask advice from in general! Like what to do with Ayane, for example!"
  1647. [23:15:30] <@Natalie> "Ohh," Natty spins the chair around and puts a finger to her chin thoughtfully, "You mean you'd wanna do that BEFORE we kick her face in?  I didn't actually think it'd be so hard to do that part..."
  1648. [23:15:32] <@Natalie> "..."
  1649. [23:15:39] <@Natalie> "Actually I didn't think of how we'd do it at ALL."
  1650. [23:15:50] <@Natalie> "But obviously it'll all work out anyway, right?"  :D
  1651. [23:16:03] <@Lenore> "I bet Rammy, if he were in our positions, would have 10 different ways to work it out all in his head!"
  1652. [23:16:48] <@Natalie> "Well I just want to meet him 'cause he's..."  She pauses to strain herself and remember already, "... a powerful magician or something.  So that's KIND of the same thing I guess."
  1653. [23:17:17] <@Natalie> "But why would you need his help for something like this, anyway?  Isn't this the kind of thing we should do ourselves?"
  1654. [23:17:37] <@Natalie> "You're not thinking of..."  Her eyes narrow a ltitle.  "... Just relying on him because he's an Eidolon, are you?"
  1655. [23:18:18] <@Lenore> "Hm?  No!  If he were just a normal person I'd want to know him too!"
  1656. [23:19:40] <@Natalie> "Hnnnn... I guess."  A little mumbly whisper, "And he probably will be when we meet him..."
  1657. [23:20:09] <@Natalie> "Well, then!"  Natty jumps up.  "I'll totally look for him with you then!"
  1658. [23:20:28] <@Natalie> "But I STILL don't think we actually need his help JUST yet.  Let's try to stop Not-Kuja ourselves first, 'kay?"
  1659. [23:21:31] <@Lenore> "Well, okay!  But even if we can resolve Ayane on our own, I think having someone with good advice like his would be handy in what we do afterwards!  Plus me and him could blow things up together!" ☆'s appear in her eyes~
  1660. [23:23:24] <@Natalie> Nod nod.  "Yeah, that's totally fine!  I guess if you think like that there's nothing bad about you having the sum- oh, right!  You weren't awake for all that Kujata stuff, huh?"
  1661. [23:23:40] * @Natalie walks over to the couch and flops on it.
  1662. [23:24:46] <@Natalie> "I forgot to mention him too, huh?  Leeny would probably want to keep it a secret but..."  A big grin, "Too bad for her, huh?  .... Or maybe she told you already and I forgot that, whoops."
  1663. [23:25:47] <@Lenore> "Um...something about Celly being able to summon...not much else though, yeah..."
  1664. [23:25:58] * @Lenore puts a finger to her lips in thought.
  1665. [23:26:38] <@Natalie> "Ooohhh.  Then you don't need to keep it a secret that I told you more... or at least all I remember.  Which isn't much!"  She rolls over and frowns.  "He said something about all of us having the summoning talent, and I dunno if he meant you too or not.  Since, you know..."
  1666. [23:26:58] <@Natalie> "But since you were chosen by the crystal and all that's PROBABLY what he meant."
  1667. [23:27:25] * @Natalie holds her forehead in thought after speaking, then rolls back to face the other direction.
  1668. [23:30:47] <@Lenore> "Hmmm, I have the summoning talent..?"
  1669. [23:30:55] <@Natalie> "Maybe!"
  1670. [23:31:18] <@Natalie> Rollroll.  "If you actually did, would you use it?"
  1671. [23:31:22] <@Lenore> "That...that's really cool!  I didn't think I did, honestly~!  I just wanted to meet the Eidolons to talk to them and stuff, after all!"
  1672. [23:32:09] <@Natalie> "Hee hee~  It's okay, Lenny!  Summoned or not I'm sure most of them totally like to talk and meet people.  Except for grouches like Terry maybe."
  1673. [23:32:58] * @Natalie shuts up and now awaits an answer, repeating the question if one isn't given after a few moments.
  1674. [23:33:13] <@Lenore> "Hmmmmmmm."
  1675. [23:33:27] <@Lenore> "Of course I would!  I have a special talent, it'd be a waste to not use it!"
  1676. [23:33:39] <@Natalie> "Nnn, something like that's what I thought you'd say~"
  1677. [23:33:43] <@Lenore> "I'd summon them to help better the world~"
  1678. [23:33:55] <@Natalie> "Okay, could you make me a promise then?"
  1679. [23:34:18] * @Lenore blinks a few times and tilts her head. "What is it?"
  1680. [23:34:38] <@Natalie> "Promise that you'll never ever EVER try to summon an Eidolon that has a pact with a real Summoner.  Got it?"
  1681. [23:34:48] <@Natalie> "I know that's bad because... um, because I read about it!"
  1682. [23:35:32] <@Lenore> "Really? Where'd you read about it?  I wanna' read that too, I should brush up on what's proper for summoning!"
  1683. [23:36:29] <@Natalie> "O-Oh, um, well,"  She scratches the back of her head and then gradually moves to the front.  "A-Ammy had a lot of books on that kind of thing, so did Lor... uh... uh... father, I mean.  Right!  I don't know if they're still around anymore or anything, sorry!"
  1684. [23:36:44] <@Natalie> "I could ask, but er, don't expect much."
  1685. [23:37:42] <@Lenore> "Okay, be sure to do that..."  She blinks a few times.  "Do you need an itch cream or something?  You've been scratching a loooot, maybe I should make you something..."
  1686. [23:37:47] * @Natalie shuffles around to sit on the couch instead of lying. "But you were right the first time, anyway- Summoning isn't the MOST important thing, it's just there for like, emergencies and stuff!"
  1687. [23:37:49] <@Natalie> "Ah..."
  1688. [23:37:59] <@Natalie> "Um, don't worry about it, i-it's fine."
  1689. [23:38:44] <@Natalie> "Juuuuuuust a little itch.  Eheheheh!"
  1690. [23:39:39] <@Lenore> "L-little?  Then why hasn't it gone away?"
  1691. [23:39:58] <@Natalie> "Oh!"  SUBJECT CHANGE TIME.  "Making things, right!  Actually while I'm thinking about it could you make me more of those ether things?  The good ones."
  1692. [23:40:02] <@Lenore> "You've had that for at least, um..."  She thinks a bit. "Like 4 days?  Yeah."
  1693. [23:40:57] <@Natalie> "That... on?"  She looks a bit confused, finally bringing a hand up to move her bangs out of the way of the big bandage on her forehead.  "You mean you've been looking at it before?"
  1694. [23:41:23] <@Natalie> Eyes narrowed again.  "Were you peeking at it while I was sleeping or something?  I just put a new one on today, it's totally fine."  :<
  1695. [23:41:34] <@Lenore> "The itch, I meant!  I didn't notice the bandage until you just showed me!"  She leans in a bit to look at it.
  1696. [23:41:41] <@Natalie> Sure is a bandage.
  1697. [23:41:54] * @Natalie lets her bangs back down. "O-Oh... well that's what it is, hmph!"
  1698. [23:42:12] <@Natalie> "Juuust a... sore I got a while ago.  I really SHOULD leave it alone."
  1699. [23:42:35] * @Natalie scoots back on the couch. "I just need to get my mind off it more, that's all."
  1700. [23:42:55] <@Lenore> Lean back, to a more relaxed sitting position, legs crossed, leaning her elbow on the arm of the couch.  "Huh...I thought White Mages could heal sores up pretty easily..."
  1701. [23:43:15] <@Natalie> "White magic can't heal EVERYTHING, that's not how it works."
  1702. [23:43:34] <@Natalie> "You need really specific stuff to like, cure Ammy when she drinks too much, you know?"
  1703. [23:43:43] <@Lenore> "I know they can't heal scars, but sores seem much easier..."
  1704. [23:44:18] <@Lenore> "My mom was one and she got rid of some of my sores when I was littler.  Hmmm..."
  1705. [23:44:19] <@Natalie> "Nope!  Cure is like... wounds.  Battle wounds.  I mean, I could kick you now and cast Cure on it and it'd feel better (not completely better because I kick really hard), right?"
  1706. [23:45:02] <@Natalie> "But I'd need reaaaaally obscure spells to cure sores, and I never bothered learning those 'cause I didn't think I'd need them.  And that's that!"
  1707. [23:45:30] <@Lenore> "Well if that thing's bothering you that much you probably should learn them!"
  1708. [23:45:59] * @Natalie sticks a tongue out. "Nope! The itch'll go away eventually! Nnnnnnn, maybe I'll itch it even MORE just to tease you now!"
  1709. [23:46:57] <@Lenore> "It bugs me a whole bunch now!  Geeeez."
  1710. [23:47:02] <@Natalie> 1,1Oh yeah, and when showing off the bandage it didn't stick up or anything, it was flat on her forehead
  1711. [23:47:09] <@Natalie> "Nyeeeh~!"
  1712. [23:48:15] <@Lenore> "Hmph!"  Lenny, a little clumsily, pounces on Natty!  "I guess I'll go look at it then, if you're going to keep teasing me with it!"
  1713. [23:48:43] * @Natalie eeeeeks. "No way! Hehehe, g-get off!" And then she kicks her assailant off with full force.
  1714. [23:50:04] * @Lenore goes flying into nearby furniture, let's say like a table or something, and makes a bit of a THUNK when hitting it. There's an awkward silence from her for a few seconds before...
  1715. [23:50:06] * @Lenore SNIFF.
  1716. [23:50:19] <@Natalie> Like, it's obviously intended to be playful but in the moment there's a laserfoot and it probably hurts a lot!
  1717. [23:50:33] <@Lenore> "T-that hurt!" Sniffsniff
  1718. [23:50:34] * @Natalie hops up. "Aaaack! I'm sorry, Lenny, are you okay?"
  1719. [23:50:41] <@Natalie> Cure spell swirled in fingers.
  1720. [23:50:54] <@Natalie> "I um, didn't mean to prove that example literally..."
  1721. [23:51:05] <@Lenore> "Aaaaaah why'd you do that Nattyyyyyy!" ;_________________;
  1722. [23:51:15] <@Lenore> Yeah she's totally crying.
  1723. [23:51:17] <@Natalie> Instead of walking closer she just points a finger and fires off a cure beam from a distance.
  1724. [23:51:31] <@Natalie> "Uhhh, uhhh, I mean it, I'm sorry..."
  1725. [23:52:04] <@Natalie> Also the cure beam is red so it might LOOK like an attack until it comes into contact, and it's actually not.
  1726. [23:52:22] <@Lenore> Sniiiff.  Just because it healed up whatever bruises she got doesn't mean the pain all went away.  She's just sitting there in a little pile going ;_; now.
  1727. [23:52:38] <@Lenore> Although it starts tapering off after curebeam.
  1728. [23:52:52] <@Natalie> "A-Anyway, it's just... don't worry about it, I'll try not to itch it all that much."
  1729. [23:54:05] <@Natalie> "Besides, we'll have WAY more important things to worry about when we fight Not-Kuja and all that stuff."
  1730. [23:54:07] <@Lenore> "O-okay..."  Sniff.
  1731. [23:54:47] * @Natalie takes a few steps closer but still keeps a distance, hands on hips worriedly. "Let me know if you need more healing, okay?"
  1732. [23:54:57] <@Natalie> "I'll go... check on Ammy."
  1733. [23:55:29] * @Lenore wipes her face with her arm, sniffff. She gets up, carefully, using the table she crashed into to support herself. "I-I'm okay!"
  1734. [23:56:00] <@Natalie> "A spell to stop tears... that'd be pretty specific too," she whispers while walking off.  Well, more like mumbles.
  1735. [23:57:44] <@Natalie> And so the adventure of lesbian tickle hour goes on... right?
  1736. [23:58:10] <@Lenore> As Natty's leaving... "Um, let me know if you need a medical poultice, I can make those, okay?  ...I think I need one...." Sniff.
  1737. [23:58:57] <@Natalie> "Aaaactually... that'd be great!"  She spins around partially.  "Let me know if you need help making anything, 'kay?  I'll definitely help!"
  1738. [00:01:49] <@Lenore> "Okay!"
  1739. [00:03:11] <@Natalie> And so the adventure of LTH goes on...
  1741. ----
  1743. [19:14:59] <Kain> Eiko meets up with you at her secret hideout, which is an abandoned theater that's all boarded up except for the second story window. Holy fuck it"s hard to get into if you"re not an agile thief, but you manage, entering the VIP lounge that Eiko and her friends set up as their own little place.
  1744. [19:16:03] * Amaryllis takes a moment to catch her breath after climbing up some half-broken scaffolding or something else ridiculous and rogue-y. She is nowhere near as agile as Nat.
  1745. [19:16:32] <Amaryllis> "Thank you for meeting me, Summoner Eiko."
  1746. [19:16:57] <Kain> Eiko is lounging on a couch, reading some fashion magazine. She's in some nondescript street clothes today, and no illusionary disguise. She waves up as you enter.
  1747. [19:17:37] <Kain> Eiko: "You don"t have to be formal, you know! It gets kind of old after a while... "Lady Summoner Eiko Carol Fabool", geez.. I mean I got lucky being born who I was, and then Father adopting me, but..."
  1748. [19:17:45] <Kain> She remains cheerful though.
  1749. [19:18:15] <Kain> Eiko: "What's up? You're the one Ruby wanted me to speak with more, right?"
  1750. [19:18:51] <Amaryllis> "Titles are important, for an author and for a reader. Ruby? Oh, Nat." She sort of subconsciously taps her forehead at the realization. "Yes."
  1751. [19:19:17] <Amaryllis> "May I?" Ammy shuffles over to another chair or couch and gestures.
  1752. [19:19:29] <Kain> "Sure!"
  1753. [19:19:43] <Kain> She scoots to a sitting-up position and tosses the magazine over her shoulder.
  1754. [19:21:21] <Amaryllis> "Did Nat perchance mention...what I am?" Ammy slowly sits down and folds her hands, setting her chin on them.
  1755. [19:21:36] <Kain> (I forget, actually)
  1756. [19:21:48] <Amaryllis> (ping Tree real quick and ask I guess)
  1757. [19:21:51] <Kain> (But let"s skip that)
  1758. [19:22:08] <Kain> Eiko: "Mm, I can tell just from you being near... you"re an Eidolon. ...Kiiinda."
  1759. [19:22:22] <Kain> Eiko: "It"s like you"re stuck halfway between man and myth." she squints.
  1760. [19:23:39] <Kain> Eiko: "That"s weird... I don"t think I"ve ever felt a presence like that before..."
  1761. [19:23:43] * Amaryllis nods. "An egg of tales, not quite yet born. I imagine there is still room to take pen to my tale before hatching. I am...Tonberry, in any case. But feel free to call me Amaryllis. Or Ammy if you take Nat's habits."
  1762. [19:24:09] * Amaryllis has not failed to take notice of the similarities in Nat's and Eiko's mannerisms and personality.
  1763. [19:24:22] <Kain> Eiko: "Tonberry? I didn"t think they had faded away into legend just quite yet... then again, neither did Chocobos..." she considers. "Mmm..."
  1764. [19:24:59] <Kain> Eiko concentrates, and for a moment you feel as if something tried to call your name from very far away, underwater. ...Or something.
  1765. [19:25:04] <Kain> Eiko: " Can"t hear that?"
  1766. [19:25:22] * Amaryllis lifts her head in surprise. "A distant voice."
  1767. [19:25:35] <Amaryllis> "Muddled, as if spoken through water."
  1768. [19:26:14] <Kain> Eiko: "I tried to communicate with you through my horn... Guess it"s because you"re still not a full eidolon yet..." she seems a little disappointed. "An egg, huh... That"s one way to put it I guess. I"d ask how this happened, exactly, but I think you wanted to talk to me about other things first..."
  1769. [19:28:03] <Kain> Eiko: "Nice to meet you though, Lissy!"
  1770. [19:28:35] <Amaryllis> "Forgive such a presumptuous proclamation, but my goal..." Ammy reaches into her bag and retrieves a small hourglass, filled with sand. "is the revival of the summoning traditi- on" Her voice hops a bit at being addressed by yet another odd nickname.
  1771. [19:29:01] <Amaryllis> "Well met to you too."
  1772. [19:29:35] <Kain> Eiko squints at the hourglass. "Hmm, it"s weak, but the heartbeat is still there..."
  1773. [19:30:12] <Amaryllis> "Once my allies and compatriots were stronger, an organization spread throughout the world that engineered the birth of the summoner tribe. But now, our time, as with your kind, is quickly fading." She sets the hourglass down and lets it run. "...You can feel the pulse of Madain Sari even from this little?"
  1774. [19:31:23] <Kain> Eiko: "I DID live there for almost half my life!" she proclaims. "I wonder how many people can hear it now... I really want to visit my old moogle friends sometimes, but I don"t think Father"s going to let me."
  1775. [19:31:29] <Kain> She continues listening though.
  1776. [19:33:01] <Amaryllis> "When the tribe set itself apart from the three kingdoms many centuries ago, much of civilization lost its knowledge of the old tales - of Eidolons and their guardianship of the land. And when Madain Sari fell...Well, in any case, there are those of us who would see it rise again, to a new generation of summoners who would honor the old gods and legends and bring them back to Gaia."
  1777. [19:34:20] <Kain> Eiko: "That"s nice... but I dunno, really. Summoning... has its problems. Not everybody"s as nice as me or Dagger! If the summoning tradition does come back, I want to see it only in the hands of people who"d use it for good! ...and I don"t know how that"d work."
  1778. [19:35:10] : Amaryllis nods. "But as it is, the only ones who go out seeking the power of Eidolons wish to do harm. Queen Brahne, Kuja..."
  1779. [19:35:57] <Amaryllis> "If it were a power held by the people, then such abuse would have a natural check. And perhaps everyone would learn enough of the old tales to know better than to use Eidolons in such a manner."
  1780. [19:36:59] <Kain> Eiko: "Or it might spiral into an arms race to get control of the strongest eidolons, ending in the end of civilization as we know it." :<
  1781. [19:38:41] <Amaryllis> "Do I trust too much in the wisdom of mankind and Eidolons? You must be able to tell, I am young, and I have not lived to see how summoner and Eidolon lived side by side through the centuries as your charges perhaps have."
  1782. [19:43:24] <Kain> Eiko: "Both man and eidolon are fallible beings, Lissy... We can get along, but there will always be those evil ones on either side that take advantage of others to gain power... I don"t think there"ll always be a group of plucky, cute young heroes like me and the others to stop them, either. It just... it worries me to think about a world where everyone can have that kind of power.
  1783. [19:43:24] <Kain> Sure, the average person might be dissuaded not to use it for the wrong purposes, but there"ll always be that guy who doesn"t care, and even one incident can end the lives of countless people..."
  1784. [19:45:43] <Kain> Eiko: "Our people were a close-knit community that migrated away from others and adopted a religious life to keep us away from the temptation of misusing that power, or the chance that others would try and take it..."
  1785. [19:46:48] <Amaryllis> "I met Kujata the other day. One of my companions, someone who had expressed staunch distate of Eidolons due to what Odin had done to her home, summoned him. We were told we all had the summoning potential, the character to call forth Eidolons. I would like to think that were the tradition to spread once more, it would begin with such individuals, who could set an example for others."
  1786. [19:47:15] <Kain> She seems a bit confused. "Eidolons can summon eidolons? ...I"ve never heard of that kind of thing before."
  1787. [19:47:24] <Amaryllis> "...By the way, I must ask, how does that...Nat and I are Eidolons. Could Kujata not tell or...exactly!"
  1788. [19:47:54] <Kain> "I guess it"s not impossible!"
  1789. [19:47:58] : Amaryllis scratches her head, and you can practically see chunks of her overly formal persona falling off of her.
  1790. [19:48:20] <Kain> "It just raises some odd questions..."
  1791. [19:48:36] <Kain> She looks thoughtful, fiddling with her horn.
  1792. [19:48:51] <Kain> Her horn, by the way, has grown into a foot long since her childhood.
  1793. [19:49:43] : Amaryllis stares at the horn, then quickly shifts her gaze so as not to be rude.
  1794. [19:50:34] <Kain> "Hm? What"s the matter?" she leans over, tilting her head.
  1795. [19:53:18] : Amaryllis shakes her head. "It is nothing. The first summoners, if I understand correctly, must have been like my companions. Simply individuals with the will and character to call on the old tales of the world. Or individuals who felt resonance with the heartbeat of the planet. But bringing them together into a community, over time they came to develop..." Ammy taps her forehead.
  1796. [19:53:32] <Amaryllis> "I...wondered how that could be so. Sorry for staring."
  1797. [19:53:47] <Kain> Eiko: "No, it"s okay! Look all you like! I"m proud of my horn!"
  1798. [19:54:13] <Kain> Eiko: "I think our ancestors were normal humans, once."
  1799. [19:54:16] <Amaryllis> "As you should be."
  1800. [19:56:12] <Kain> Eiko: "Our horns developed as we grew closer to the eidolons and the planet... the Crystal caused... what"s the word? Ev-o-lu-tion? as time went by to help us communicate and control Eidolons easier."
  1801. [19:57:25] <Kain> Eiko: "Dagger"s lucky she"s as close as she is to her eidolons without a horn... I don"t know how you could understand one"s heart without one..."
  1802. [19:58:12] <Kain> Eiko: "Though, our tribe never knew anything about the Crystal, Zidane and the rest of us learned about it when we visited the core of memories, Memoria."
  1803. [19:58:31] <Amaryllis> "The Crystal wanted for there to be those among us who could commune with the legends of yore. And now so few of you remain. If...if you could not agree with my goal of bringing the summoning tradition back en masse for all, would you agree to at least help see the restoration of the Summoner Tribe?"
  1804. [19:58:55] <Kain> Eiko: "That might be hard to do, too... I mean..."
  1805. [19:59:08] <Amaryllis> "Memoria. I wonder how one may visit such a place now, if it is possible at all." Ammy taps her chin.
  1806. [19:59:33] <Kain> Eiko: "What do you consider to be the Summoner Tribe? My and Garnet"s descendents? People who abide by the traditions we set out? I don"t even know if the Eidolon Wall is still standing..."
  1807. [20:00:19] <Kain> Eiko: "I feel like what WAS the summoner tribe died with grandpa and the rest of my family... I know more about our ways than Garnet, but even I don"t know that much..."
  1808. [20:00:22] <Amaryllis> "The wall could be restored, the traditions re-taught, your descendents..." Ammy's face gains the hints of a wry smile. "Well, do you have a boyfriend?"
  1809. [20:00:36] <Kain> Eiko: "W-well... There IS a guy I like, but he"s so clueless! Argh!"
  1810. [20:01:08] <Amaryllis> "Oh?"
  1811. [20:01:35] <Amaryllis> Please don't be Cinna, Ammy thinks to herself.
  1812. [20:01:43] <Kain> Eiko: "Yeah, Bunce"s head is about as thick as an Adamantoise"s shell. Bluh."
  1813. [20:02:05] <Kain> Eiko: "He"s even been dressing like Zidane, who I totally had a crush on when I was six, but he doesn"t get that I like him? I mean, what?"
  1814. [20:02:34] <Kain> Eiko flails around a bit. "And I can"t just tell him!"
  1815. [20:02:46] <Amaryllis> "Ah, he must not read much. Anyone who has read a love story or two..."
  1816. [20:02:53] <Amaryllis> "You cannot?"
  1817. [20:04:04] <Kain> Eiko: "Oh, he reads plenty. ACTION stories." she wiggles her fingers into quotes. "And no! Duh, it"s the guy who asks the girl out, right? And if he doesn"t feel the same about me it"ll like totally ruin our friendship!"
  1818. [20:05:31] <Kain> Eiko: "What"s worse is the only other girl our age he even knows is his sister! Maybe I just have to wait another year or two for his balls to drop." she sighs with a bit of a miserable harrumph.
  1819. [20:05:51] <Amaryllis> "Well, no, it is the knight who asks the princess's hand in marriage. But must the boy always play the knight and the girl the princess? You eschew your titles and trappings, and you have..." Ammy coughs "adventures of sort. Could you not play the knight then?"
  1820. [20:06:00] : Amaryllis is really not sure how she got into this conversation oh god what is even
  1821. [20:06:26] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps you could at least. Um. Nudge him on his way." Ammy shrugs, looking close to flailing herself.
  1822. [20:06:49] <Kain> Eiko: "No, no, no. I mean, I wouldn"t mind wearing the pants, but he idolizes Zidane so that"s not going to work..."
  1823. [20:08:12] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps Zidane could open his eyes? Oh, unless this means he desires a girl who acts like Princess Garnet, to take a wife of the sort his hero has. Or perhaps he merely wants to prove himself a hero before confessins his affections for you."
  1824. [20:08:41] <Kain> Eiko: "Well I"ve totally been wearing Dagger"s handmedowns but it hasn"t been working..."
  1825. [20:08:50] <Kain> Eiko: "You saw before, right?"
  1826. [20:08:55] : Amaryllis nods.
  1827. [20:10:27] <Amaryllis> "Take him on a daring and dangerous adventure. Surely, Tantalus must provide plenty of opportunity for that."
  1828. [20:11:55] <Kain> "I guess... I mean, we kinda formed our own little group on the side. The Tantalizing Triple Terrors, the Tenacious Thieves of Tartarus! ...I think that"s how it went, I swear it changes every time once of us says it..."
  1829. [20:12:23] <Kain> "But all we really end up doing is coming here to badmouth Baku and drink where no one can scold us." she sighs.
  1830. [20:12:48] <Kain> Eiko: "An adventure does sound nice... I don"t really have the time for one anymore. If I"m gone from the castle for too long, they notice."
  1831. [20:12:50] <Amaryllis> "...Oh so that's what Nat meant." Ammy mumbles quietly.
  1832. [20:15:26] <Alaine> Eiko: "But what Bunce and Lucella consider an adventure right now is just kind of... boring to me, after everything I"ve been through, you know?
  1833. [20:16:47] <Amaryllis> "It need not be a grandiose journey. It would be an appropriate opportunity, nonetheless, for Bunce to declare - or discover - his affections for you, would it not?"
  1834. [20:16:51] <Alaine> Eiko throws up her hands. "Ooh, a flan in the old warehouse! So scary! Nothing against those two but they were probably playing with blocks when I was fighting the Water Guardian of Terra..."
  1835. [20:17:01] <Alaine> Eiko: "Hm... true..."
  1836. [20:18:30] : Amaryllis reaches into her bag and uncorks a potion bottle. She sips at the whiskey inside and wonders how she ended up sitting here giving dating advice to one of the last two remaining summoners. More importantly: Who the hell let Ammy give dating advice?
  1837. [20:19:09] <Alaine> Eiko: "As far as visiting Memoria goes..."
  1838. [20:19:21] <Alaine> Eiko: "Well, it"s kind of hard! It"s... everywhere and nowhere."
  1839. [20:19:34] <Alaine> Eiko: "Ten years ago, it manifested in the branches of the Iifa Tree..."
  1840. [20:20:06] <Alaine> Eiko: "I think because of the Mist overload Kuja had it produce..."
  1841. [20:20:39] <Alaine> Eiko: "I"ve been back to it once, but I think it was because I have something that came from there..."
  1842. [20:21:09] <Alaine> The summoner carefully pulls out a long, red flute that ends in a pink cherub"s wing.
  1843. [20:21:20] <Amaryllis> "You do? I think I have an idea of what you are describing, visiting a place that has no location on Gaia and yet can be accessible anywhere with the right conditions."
  1844. [20:21:32] : Amaryllis leans in and gets a good look.
  1845. [20:21:49] <Alaine> Eiko: "This is a Legendary Weapon, the Angel Flute. The myth, so it goes, is that anyone who hears its tune is enchanted."
  1846. [20:21:57] <Alaine> Eiko: "I dunno about that, but it was pretty handy back then."
  1847. [20:22:45] <Amaryllis> "And it is from Memoria? Is it made of memories?"
  1848. [20:22:59] <Alaine> She lets you have a good look at it. The weapon almost seems to radiate power, being a Tier 8 Arcane implement.
  1849. [20:23:07] <Alaine> Eiko: "I think so!"
  1850. [20:23:18] <Alaine> Eiko: "We found it in a memory of Alexandria"s destruction..."
  1851. [20:25:25] <Amaryllis> "Huh, I wonder..." Ammy stares at it. "Have you ever visited the Aether Realm of an Eidolon? What you describe, if it holds memories as physical locations, sounds much similar, though as a Realm for a planet and not a single being."
  1852. [20:25:49] <Alaine> She puts it to her lips, piping a tune.
  1853. [20:27:09] <Amaryllis> "A soothing tone. Nostalgic and melancholy at once, yet hopeful."
  1854. [20:27:22] <Alaine> She takes the flute from her lips after a bit, frowning. "You mean an eidolon"s personal domain? Ummm... Not directly, no! But Zidane visited Chocobo"s once, from things he told me."
  1855. [20:28:27] <Amaryllis> "Would you like to?"
  1856. [20:28:55] <Alaine> Eiko: "He didn"t know what was going on, but basically the eidolon Chocobo, now Fat Chocobo, king of the chocobos of Chocobo"s Paradise, was guiding our Chocobo Choco to... hm? I guess I could try..."
  1857. [20:30:26] <Alaine> Eiko: "By the way, if you ever get the chance to go treasure hunting across the world on a chocobo, I really recommend it. You wouldn"t believe what people bury!"
  1858. [20:32:25] <Amaryllis> "I shall keep that in mind. Sadly, I have no old forgotten treasure map found in the recesses of the family basement or similar, so I am not sure the muses would smile upon the tale of my treasure hunting as much as I would like."
  1859. [20:33:36] <Amaryllis> "In any case..." Ammy hesitates. "Perhaps it would be better if I were to show you entrance to Nat's realm. Mine is...unpleasant. Though I had meant to ask you for advice, and a view of my realm would be relevant to..." She trails off into a mumble at the end and seems conflicted.
  1860. [20:34:54] <Alaine> Eiko frowns. "Without her permission? I"d look at yours if you wanted..."
  1861. [20:35:27] <Amaryllis> "I would ask her, of course!" Ammy looks hurt that Eiko would suggest she'd just barge on into Nat's.
  1862. [20:36:31] <Amaryllis> "But...alright." Ammy sets down her lantern and waves a hand over it, the flame growing in strength.
  1863. [20:36:42] <Amaryllis> She unpacks a bottle of mist from her bag.
  1864. [20:38:10] <Alaine> Eiko: ! "Hey, that"s... careful with that Mist..."
  1865. [20:38:12] : Amaryllis whispers an explanation as she does this. "I am bound by the stories men tell of Tonberries. Tales of spiteful murder, of wanton killings. My realm reflects these tales, and I am often bound physically to act upon them."
  1866. [20:38:38] <Alaine> Eiko frowns after a moment. "That"s... awful."
  1867. [20:38:54] : Amaryllis looks up. "It is how I have always done this. Is there another way I should know of?"
  1868. [20:39:17] <Alaine> Eiko: "Well... I don"t know how you"re doing it to begin with, so let"s see what happens."
  1869. [20:42:58] : Amaryllis reaches up to her neck and yanks her necklace out so it dangles over her shirt. She rubs a gil coin for luck, and then pops open the bottle of mist, pouring it liberally over her lantern. Her eyes begin to glow, and she announces with a flourish of her hand that brings her knife into it,"I shall show you the world within me then. I, Inquisitor Tonberry, open this Gate of the Immortal Legend!"
  1870. [20:45:00] <Kain> There"s a flash of light, and suddenly the two of you are surrounded by darkness. Shifting shapes surround the two of you, and you appear to be in some dark corridor. You"ve taken on the robes from the time you were in Natalie"s aether realm, while Eiko appears... much different. Her hair is long and blonde, and she"s wearing a white dress, with two huge angelic wings folded behind
  1871. [20:45:00] <Kain> her. She appears to be glowing slightly.
  1872. [20:45:56] <Kain> Whispers surround the two of you, and the smell of blood and decay is rank in the air.
  1873. [20:46:24] : Amaryllis looks over Eiko's new appearance with some surprise. She was wondering what form the girl would take in here. It's quickly replaced by consternation and a sense of familiar fear. She shivers and withdraws into herself, hugging her robes close.
  1874. [20:46:58] <Kain> Eiko seems to be just as surprised as she looks over herself. "Trance? Here? ...Huh..."
  1875. [20:47:19] <Amaryllis> " Trance?"
  1876. [20:48:02] <Kain> Eiko nods. "That"s right! All of us were capable of Trance... this is how mine looks." she spreads her wings a bit, stretching them.
  1877. [20:48:15] <Kain> Eiko: "But this place... You weren"t kidding."
  1878. [20:48:52] : Amaryllis nods. "There is a story I know."
  1879. [20:50:32] <Amaryllis> "It's about a lost traveler and a glowing orb of light he or she follows. The story echoes many times throughout my head, each time with small differences. Sometimes simply a change in pace, or setting, or the voice I hear it told in."
  1880. [20:50:38] <Kain> Eiko listens as she walks down the corridor.
  1881. [20:51:08] <Kain> She pauses to overstep a pool of liquid that shines dark red in the light of your lantern.
  1882. [20:51:29] <Amaryllis> "But in all the versions of this story, the light never brings comfort, and the traveler never makes it home." She finishes quietly.
  1883. [20:52:17] <Kain> Eiko raises her hand, a gentle orb of light appearing above her hand... for the briefest of moments, before a cage of iron shuts tight around the ball, and the newly made lantern whisks away, vanishing into the darkness.
  1884. [20:53:02] <Kain> Eiko: "...yeah, this place doesn"t seem to like me..."
  1885. [20:53:19] <Kain> Eiko: "But you said something about changing your story, right?"
  1886. [20:54:33] : Amaryllis nods. "In one telling, the light leads a man through a wicked jungle, seeming to deftly guide him away from dangerous malboros and behemoths, only to leave him stranded at the edge of a cliff, lost more than ever and without direction home. It disappears with a cackle into the night."
  1887. [20:55:10] <Amaryllis> "In another, a traveler is lead through catacombs much like these, only to meet a swift end at a dead end, cut down by the knife brought to him by the glowing light he followed."
  1888. [20:55:56] <Kain> Eiko: "Jungle..." she says, the word a bit unfamiliar on her tongue. Come to think of it, there really aren"t that many places on Gaia that could be called jungles. Maybe long ago, though.
  1889. [20:56:22] : Amaryllis pauses for a second, taking a deep breath. "In this telling..." She pauses again. "In this telling, I pen the tale of a young woman brought through the dark maze of an unwilling murderer's mind, guided by that glowing light, and guarded by the knife she wields."
  1890. [20:57:27] <Amaryllis> With shaking hands, Ammy raises her lantern on one side and takes her knife up in the other. "Not to be too presumptuous, you are one of the heroes of Kuja's war..." She mumbles, seeming embarassed. "Erm...Shall we proceed?"
  1891. [20:57:35] <Kain> As you say this, Eiko stops abruptly in front of a wall ahead of you. As you approach, the light of your lantern seems to illuminate that which is beneath her skin. You see the red lifeblood flowing through her veins, you see the pulse of her heart beating... you see where her kidneys and liver are. The knife has found its way into your hand, and you can almost make sense of the whispers
  1892. [20:57:35] <Kain> telling you softly to kill her.
  1893. [20:58:45] <Kain> Eiko: "I think we hit a dead end..."
  1894. [20:58:46] : Amaryllis takes a step back. "N-no." Then another. She shuts her eyes tightly, holding them closed as she counts to five in her mind, and then reopens them.
  1895. [20:59:19] <Kain> You"ve taken two steps forward involuntarily for the one you took back... but you remain in control now.
  1896. [20:59:46] <Kain> Eiko: "Hm?" she turns to look at you, the vision gone.
  1897. [21:00:26] <Kain> She smiles though.
  1898. [21:00:31] : Amaryllis shakes her head and turns around, slowly heading down another corridor.
  1899. [21:00:36] <Kain> Eiko: "Okay! You"ll be my guide and my guard. I trust you, Lissy!"
  1900. [21:00:37] <Amaryllis> "Let's just..."
  1901. [21:01:03] <Amaryllis> "Thank you." Ammy says in an incredibly unsure tone now.
  1902. [21:01:38] <Kain> She follows you along now as you explore the maze. The whispers grow louder, but unintelligible is their anger.
  1903. [21:02:03] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps this too, is why I wish to see A summoning tradition reborn, if not THE tradition you were once part of. Summoner and Eidolon belong side by side, and the former may help the latter mold their stories to their liking, rather than being bound by them."
  1904. [21:02:23] <Kain> Eiko: "Hey, that"s a good idea..."
  1905. [21:02:37] <Amaryllis> "It is a beautiful virtuous circle, and one that is so rare now." Ammy shivers again and tries her best to shut out the whispers.
  1906. [21:03:21] <Kain> Eiko: "Hey, you know what Tonberries remind me of?"
  1907. [21:03:38] <Amaryllis> "What do they remind you of?"
  1908. [21:03:50] <Kain> Eiko: "The cute, chubby monks that used to tend abbeys! Don"t you think? The robes they wear, how they shaved their heads..."
  1909. [21:04:20] <Kain> The darkness almost seems to shrink away at Eiko"s cheerfulness.
  1910. [21:04:50] <Amaryllis> "I...I think I want a different story for myself. It is a jolly one, but..." Ammy pinches at herself to make sure she didn't suddenly turn chubby. D:
  1911. [21:05:10] <Kain> You"re still you, no worries.
  1912. [21:05:24] <Kain> Eiko: "I just think they look adorable more than murderous."
  1913. [21:05:59] <Kain> Eiko: "Sorry if that offends you! Even when we visited Ipsen"s Castle I wasn"t intimidated by them!"
  1914. [21:06:20] <Amaryllis> "I am glad to hear that." Walk walk step step.
  1915. [21:06:53] <Kain> You twist and turn... and eventually, you step... into a large, open room. This is almost a red flag to you because the corridors have almost always been a constant.
  1916. [21:07:12] <Amaryllis> "Did you know, when I visited Ipsen's once more, not a single Tonberry greeted me, nor threatened my companions. Out of deference to me, I was told, but that has meant meeting their kind has been diffi- ..." Ammy pauses, confused.
  1917. [21:07:57] <Kain> This room seems not as dark as the rest, but contains an altar of some kind, engraved with reliefs of tonberries. In a spot where one might usually place an offering is the lantern earlier, still holding Eiko"s light in it.
  1918. [21:08:23] <Kain> *lantern from earlier
  1919. [21:08:50] <Amaryllis> "I have never seen a room quite like this before in my realm." Ammy says in a near-whisper.
  1920. [21:09:12] <Kain> The holy light in the other lantern casts a gentle, white shimmer across the rest of the room in contrast to your usual little flame, and the shadows seem to retreat from it.
  1921. [21:09:18] <Kain> Eiko: "Really? Maybe we got lucky..."
  1922. [21:10:05] <Kain> As you get closer, you notice something else next to the lantern. A quill, next to a small vial of ink.
  1923. [21:10:27] : Amaryllis silently shuffles to the center of the room, or wherever the altar is, setting down her lantern and kneeling to glance at the arranged items.
  1924. [21:10:45] <Kain> It seems like the writing implements are slightly used, but the well is still almost full.
  1925. [21:11:10] : Amaryllis looks for a place to write, or a place where there are things already written.
  1926. [21:11:23] <Kain> There doesn"t seem to be such a place.
  1927. [21:12:51] <Kain> It just seems like they"ve been used with no apparent place of usage.
  1928. [21:13:04] <Kain> The lantern is a shiny steel cage surrounding the white light.
  1929. [21:13:44] : Amaryllis takes the quill and ink and sits next to the lantern on the altar. She carefully writes in a circle around the lantern, not caring if the ink simply doesn't stick or if it runs off or otherwise doesn't work. "The knife is a guard. The lantern is a guide. This is one answer. This is one story among many."
  1930. [21:14:02] <Amaryllis> As in on the altar around where the lantern's been placed.
  1931. [21:15:00] <Kain> Once you finish writing, the bottom of each letter begins to run, forming a strange runic pattern starting from the letters, and flowing across the surface and down the sides of the altars. The carvings of the tonberries are filled in, turning a dark green, and their eyes glow yellow.
  1932. [21:15:36] : Amaryllis looks up and then slowly stands as she sees the effect of her actions.
  1933. [21:15:42] <Kain> The lantern seems to rise up off of the altar, and hang itself from the ceiling, casting a brighter light across the room. Though the corridors are still dark, this room is now brightly lit and... comfortable.
  1934. [21:15:59] <Kain> The whispers are completely gone here.
  1935. [21:16:06] <Kain> Eiko: "Huh? What"d you do?"
  1936. [21:16:58] <Amaryllis> "...I thought I would have been punished by this place for my impudence." Ammy pats herself over to make sure she hasn't somehow been phantom-stabbed in this process. "I believe, I just reclaimed a small part of my story for myself."
  1937. [21:17:12] <Kain> The light in the lantern seems to poof into a regular flame matching your own, now, but still keeps the room cheerily lit.
  1938. [21:17:40] <Kain> Eiko: "This is pretty weird..."
  1939. [21:17:48] <Kain> Eiko: "But I"m glad!"
  1940. [21:18:00] <Amaryllis> "I wrote a new interpretation of the tales into the ground here. I hope it is one the Tonberries find satisfactory. Did you know, there is actually nothing that they detest more than murder?"
  1941. [21:18:13] <Kain> Eiko: "Reaaally?" :O
  1942. [21:19:45] <Amaryllis> "So I am told. When one met me, he rejected who I was, renounced the tales that make up my being. It weakened me to hear that; it was even painful for a moment. But as you know, the truth of a tale does not guarantee its dominance over lies."
  1943. [21:20:40] <Kain> Eiko: "Ooh, that"s terrible! Yeah, I"m not sure who spread the tales that Shiva was a scantily clad woman instead of a little snow fairy, I bet it was perverts! Hmph."
  1944. [21:20:48] <Kain> Eiko: "But those kind of things happen."
  1945. [21:22:08] <Amaryllis> "Even if those tales had been true to start, however, I think I still would have endeavored to change them. I cannot think to live a life by tales I could not tolerate."
  1946. [21:25:07] <Kain> Eiko: "So... how"d you get stuck with this to begin with?" she has a seat next to the altar.
  1947. [21:26:33] : Amaryllis has been staring at the carved tonberries reliefs and the glowing lantern. the question jerks her back to reality, and she answers quickly without thought. "I died, and my soul was used as a catalyst to birth a new Eidolon."
  1948. [21:26:45] : Amaryllis immediately thinks she could have taken the time to word that more eloquently.
  1949. [21:28:16] <Kain> Eiko just looks at you weird. "That... doesn"t sound natural. Who in the world has that kind of power?"
  1950. [21:29:38] <Amaryllis> "My old master. Those I work with now." If Ammy still has access to her physical possessions, she reaches into her bag and pulls out the Tonberry book, flipping it open to the blood-stained page.
  1951. [21:30:09] <Kain> Eiko looks over the page with some mixture of horror and amazement.
  1952. [21:30:17] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps unnatural, but it has given me second life and I am thankful for it."
  1953. [21:30:29] <Kain> Eiko: "Someone knew a lot about eidolons..."
  1954. [21:31:50] <Amaryllis> "We have to, if our goal is to bring forth a renaissance of the old legends. Of course, I was merely an understudy, and I did not learn quite as much before Lord Alwyn met an untimely end..." Ammy frowns and sighs.
  1955. [21:34:42] <Kain> Eiko: "Hmmm..."
  1956. [21:34:52] <Kain> Eiko: "Why does that name sound familiar..."
  1957. [21:36:23] <Amaryllis> "We are called 12GIL, if you have heard of it." Ammy rattles her necklace. "Twelve Gates of the Immortal Legend. Ah, Lord Alwyn Aitchison lived in the noble quarter in Lindblum. You may have seen the remains of the mansion." The last sentence is spoken more quietly.
  1958. [21:36:50] <Kain> Eiko: "Twelve Gates..."
  1959. [21:36:53] <Kain> Eiko: "Oh!"
  1960. [21:38:59] <Kain> Eiko: "Grandpa told me that long ago... there were twelve people that were tasked with guarding the twelve gates to the underworld. They were each given a key to guard, but they were afraid they"d be targeted! So they hid the keys around the world, each of them telling only the most trusted one the location. And they picked a different guy to guard the gates!"
  1961. [21:39:54] <Kain> Eiko: "And then... uhh... I don"t know? They died or something. I"m not good at telling stories, or remembering the ones I wasn"t interested in." :<
  1962. [21:40:35] <Amaryllis> "It is quite alright. I think all stories are valuable, but I am quickly learning not all think that way."
  1963. [21:40:41] <Kain> Eiko: "But I do know something!"
  1964. [21:40:53] <Kain> Eiko: "One of the gatekeepers was Father"s ancestor, Cid I, the Explorer King!"
  1965. [21:41:15] <Kain> She beams at remembering that tidbit.
  1966. [21:41:56] <Amaryllis> "We do have two, one meant to open the gates to the Underworld and one to maintain the seal. They..." Ammy pauses. "Ah, then that is why...I see. I believe Cid I was one of Nat's summoners once, or at least fought at her side in battle."
  1967. [21:42:14] <Kain> Eiko: "Hmm... I don"t think he was a summoner, no..."
  1968. [21:42:21] <Kain> Eiko: "But he was friends with people in our tribe."
  1969. [21:42:39] <Kain> Eiko: "That"s why he was given a piece of Alexander"s summoning jewel."
  1970. [21:43:06] <Kain> Eiko draws out two glittering stones from her clothes.
  1971. [21:43:13] <Amaryllis> "Then the latter, and one of our number if what you say is true." Ammy rattles the necklace again. "In any case, the ones we entrusted to the gates? They are dead now. We are..." Ammy bites her lip and pauses. "being hunted."
  1972. [21:43:40] <Kain> Eiko: "Oh no! That"s terrible..."
  1973. [21:43:42] : Amaryllis gets a good look at the jewels. It's kind of awe-inspiring to be so close to a piece of summoner history like this.
  1974. [21:44:44] <Kain> One of them appears to be the Falcon Claw, the symbol of Fabool"s lineage. The other is a simple, glittering jewel piece that even now is marked with grains of sand.
  1975. [21:45:17] <Kain> Eiko: "I had another one, but I exchanged jewels with Dagger a long time ago."
  1976. [21:45:19] <Amaryllis> "Beautiful and yet forboding..." Ammy mutters as she looks them over.
  1977. [21:46:23] <Kain> Eiko: "But... will you be okay?"
  1978. [21:49:05] <Amaryllis> "I believe so. I wholeheartedly trust the man who delivered this news, even as I worry for his own safety. I will simply have to keep a watchful eye open at all times. I have," Ammy pauses and when she speaks again it is with uncertainty "not yet told Natalie of this. It is possible she may be exempt from the hunt as she is not formally a member of our organization, nor does she know much of it."
  1979. [21:50:11] <Kain> She relaxes a little bit, then looks down at herself again.
  1980. [21:50:39] <Kain> Eiko: "It"s weird... I still don"t know why I"m in my trance form... this is the longest I"ve ever been in it, too. And I feel... calm! That"s really unusual..."
  1981. [21:51:25] <Amaryllis> "My very realm exudes a threatening, murderous aura. It could be an instinctive reaction."
  1982. [21:52:18] <Kain> Eiko: "Maybe..."
  1983. [21:53:46] <Kain> Eiko: "Hmm, we should probably get going..."
  1984. [21:54:05] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps we should, yes."
  1985. [21:55:11] <Amaryllis> "Thank you for listening to me. And even if you do not wish to give me your blessing in my endeavors, I very much value whatever input you do have to give."
  1986. [21:56:10] <Amaryllis> "Whatever form the new renaissance of summoner and eidolon takes, I believe it should pay homage to and give utmost respect to the tales of the old summoner tribe."
  1987. [21:57:35] : Amaryllis shuffles forward a few steps in the dark corridor and then stops to think. How did she usually exit and bring people out of this place again?
  1988. [22:01:19] <Kain> (However you like :3c)
  1989. [22:01:36] <Kain> Eiko nods. "Thank you, Lissy..."
  1990. [22:03:06] : Amaryllis holds her lantern up high, and the flame within it roars and grows, filling the entire cage and almost spilling out. Showered by this light, Ammy raises her knife up to meet the lantern. In a swift motion she cuts down, and for a second the world seems to split along the path of her blade before everything disappears.
  1991. [22:03:13] <Amaryllis> (like that? :D)
  1992. [22:04:53] <Kain> (Sure)
  1993. [22:05:01] <Kain> Aaand you"re back in the VIP lounge, with your unopened bottle of Mist.
  1994. [22:05:41] <Kain> Eiko still seems to be in Trance for a moment, but her body glows brightly for a moment and crackles with energy as the form fades, putting her back to normal.
  1995. [22:06:57] <Amaryllis> "Again, thank you." Ammy bows her head slightly.
  1996. [22:08:23] <Kain> Eiko: "Um, sure! Good luck out there, Lissy. If you ever need a friendly face, you know where I am!"
  1997. [22:08:42] <Amaryllis> "Of course." Ammy begins to stand, having packed her things. "One last question..."
  1998. [22:08:49] <Kain> Eiko leans forward. "Mhm?"
  1999. [22:08:58] <Amaryllis> "Bunce. Do you mind if I tell Nat, or...?"
  2000. [22:09:28] <Kain> Eiko: "...heehee. Oh, she already knows."
  2001. [22:09:34] <Amaryllis> "I mean, she might be able to help and you are very close, as summoner and eidolon..."
  2002. [22:09:42] <Amaryllis> "Oh. Very well then."
  2003. [22:11:29] <Amaryllis> "Then, until we meet again." Ammy gets up and starts heading to the exit and then frowns. "...Bloody hell, do you climb up here every day? There is not an easier way in and out is there?" She sighs and starts the slow arduous trip down with her 1 DEX and 0 athletics.
  2004. [22:11:47] <Kain> Eiko: "Oh, I just hop, skip, and jump~"
  2005. [22:12:05] <Kain> aaaand </mini>
  2006. [22:12:26] : Amaryllis grumbles and makes her way down. About halfway she gets tired and has to catch her breath, so she takes the moment to start scribbling in her Tonberry book.
  2007. [22:12:29] <Amaryllis> "There is a story I know. It's about a lost traveler and a glowing orb of light he or she follows. The story echoes throughout history, changing in small ways. The setting may change. The traveler may be alone or in a group."
  2008. [22:12:29] <Amaryllis> "But in all the versions of this story, the light never brings comfort, and the traveler never makes it home."
  2009. [22:12:29] <Amaryllis> "Today I tell this story again, but I have decided on different changes. The light brings the traveler warmth, and it brings with it a knife that cuts a path home..."
  2010. [22:12:42] <Amaryllis> (now /mini :>)
  2011. [22:13:14] <Kain> :>
  2013. ---
  2015. [20:15:14] <Amaryllis> Amaryllis had made her way to the airship docks. She tied her lantern to a chain that hangs from her wrist because both hands are busy carrying a warm stargazy pie, all wrapped up in foil. Her left hand, with the lantern hanging from it, is covered in a large oven mitt, and her right hand is blurred by the ambient heat she's calling up to keep the pie hot.
  2016. [20:16:28] <Amaryllis> She turns slowly in a circle, gazing upward at the fleet of airships docked there. Once in a while, she nervously twirls her hair with her unmitted hand or straightens her dress. She's wearing the outfit from the ball, but with a jacket over it and a few other touches to make it seem less formal and out of place at the docks.
  2017. [20:16:59] <Kain> In actuality it looks kind of goofy but no one bugs you about it
  2018. [20:18:34] <Amaryllis> It's just an evening gown, so it can't be THAT goofy! Ammy doesn't seem to care either way. She's rather cheerier than usual, with a small smile crossing her closed lips instead of the deadpan look, and as she paces between the docks she occasionally hums a small tune.
  2019. [20:22:13] <Kain> Eventually, you see a familiar airship pull in to the docks, a small-sized converted cargo skip, with a carved cat perched on the bow and a whimsical, almost comedic dragonfly motif. A chocobo weather vane rests on top of the cabvin, and on the side of the ship is painted the letters "Atheneum Stray"
  2020. [20:23:25] * Amaryllis shuffles over to the lift and jabs the button a few times, fidgeting in place as she waits for it to take her up to the level with that ship.
  2021. [20:24:47] <Kain> Once it settles into place, a minute goes by before a young gentleman exits the vehicle, dressed in a warm looking scholar's outfit and a lopsided scarf. Green eyes peek out behind thick-rimmed classes, and his messy brown hair compliments a cheerful smile, which only widens when he notices who's coming up the lift.
  2022. [20:26:45] * Amaryllis puts on a serious deadpan face as she approaches. "Greetings Librarian. I hope your travels have gone well." And then she cracks into a small giggle and a smile as she trots up. "I mean, hello Noah! It's been far too long."
  2023. [20:29:12] <Kain> "Amaryllis." his gentle voice calls towards you as he steps down to meet you. "It has been far too long indeed... The days just don't seem as bright anymore without you around..." he moves forward, almost embracing her in a friendly hug, before noticing the food in her hands. "Oh, is that..?"
  2024. [20:30:37] <Amaryllis> "Your favorite. With nary anyone around but Natalie I've gotten a lot of practice cooking it, with her love of fish. It is a way to pass the time in our long journey."
  2025. [20:40:52] <Kain> He nods. "Of course... you don't know how long I've been looking forward to seeing you again, and your cooking... well! That speaks for itself, doesn't it? Well then, let's not just stand here with you holding that! Come in, come in."
  2026. [20:41:33] <Kain> He'd offer his arm to escort you in like a gentleman, but you know, pie. He settles for heading back to the ship and opening the door for you.
  2027. [20:42:46] <Amaryllis> "Gladly." She begins scaling the ramp with a grin. "I was ecstatic when I heard some Moogles had begun to deliver letters again in spite of Mognet's fall. Letters make such a vast world feel smaller, and the long journeys apart shorter."
  2028. [20:48:08] <Kain> Noah: "Indeed. I do wonder what the trouble is..." he follows you inside. "Mognet seems terribly unreliable at times, does it not?"
  2029. [20:50:21] <Amaryllis> "It does, but that is a tale for another day, is it not? I have run into many a Moogle since meeting my present companions, so no doubt I will eventually run across the source of Mognet's troubles as well. I simply need wait for the story to take its natural course." Ammy quickly finds a table or counter and sets down the pie, oven mitt and all to cushion the table from the heat.
  2030. [20:51:10] <Amaryllis> "Ah, your scarf is lopsided Noah." She shuffles up and starts tugging at it, evening out the ends. "You should be more presentable when greeting a friend you have not seen for so long, should you not?" She grins teasingly.
  2031. [20:53:08] <Amaryllis> "But ah, anyway." Ammy withdraws her hands once she's satisfied with the state of the scarf, looking a little red in the face and stepping back to let Noah step onto his own ship properly. She clasps her hands behind her.
  2032. [20:54:00] <Kain> Noah: "Ah, thank you..." he blushes a bit embarassed.
  2033. [20:56:50] <Kain> Noah enters, smiling broadly. "This smells wonderful, you know. You always outdo yourself..." The first room of the ship is sort of an entryway where there's a small dining table meant for around four people, a few cabinets with silverware and china, a cabinet for drinks...
  2034. [20:58:15] <Amaryllis> "Thank you. Shall I set the table? Or..." Ammy glances all around, clearly looking happy just to be back aboard this ship.
  2035. [21:00:25] <Kain> "No, no, no, I couldn't ask more of you when you've already provided such a wonderful meal. Please, have a seat." Noah pulls out a seat for you.
  2036. [21:02:03] <Kain> Noah: "I'll set the table. Don't trouble yourself any further."
  2037. [21:02:35] <Amaryllis> "Mmm, if you say so." Ammy takes a seat, draping her jacket over the back of the chair and setting her bag aside.
  2038. [21:04:48] * Amaryllis drums her fingers on the table idly, turning to glance at Noah as he goes to fetch the plates and silverware. The gaze turns into a short stare, and Ammy shakes her head a bit as her eyes glaze over. She turns back to the table and resumes drumming her fingers, a bit faster this time. "...Did you hear the latest news in Lindblum before you arrived?"
  2039. [21:05:21] <Kain> Noah goes to fetch the silverware, the plates, cloth napkins, some glasses and something to drink. "The news?"
  2040. [21:05:28] <Kain> Noah shakes his head.
  2041. [21:06:18] <Kain> He takes off his jacket and scarf, draping them over a rack by the door as he rolls up his sleeves.
  2042. [21:10:10] <Kain> The foil comes off the pie, and he cuts it with a knife, before inserting a pie server into the goop. You can almost see the excitement in his eyes as he first places a piece on your plate, then one on his, following by filling your and his glasses with... what do you usually drink when you're here, anyway?
  2043. [21:10:45] <Amaryllis> "A villain unleashes a dastardly plot in the fair city of Lindblum. Her aim is the Regent, a drop of his blood!" Ammy stands up and gets into her theatrical storytelling pose, spinning lightly around as she speaks. "But, five heroes, travelers chasing the Crystal to the castle come! By their blades and their magic, she's..." Ammy jumps onto a chair and seems to lose her train of thought.
  2044. [21:11:16] <Amaryllis> "...defeated with a thud." She finishes kind of half-heartedly. "Ah bloody hell, I thought I had a good rhyme going. I suppose not." She sits back down, looking a bit embarassed.
  2045. [21:13:25] * Amaryllis clears her throat and speaks a tad more timidly now and looking away. "What I mean to say is my companions and I thwarted the plans of Ayane, the Kuja impersonator. I am almost positive her aim was to use Regent Cid's blood to somehow undo the seals upon the Underworld."
  2046. [21:13:27] <Kain> "She was swept by noble flood?" he muses, thinking.
  2047. [21:14:05] <Amaryllis> "Hm, perhaps!"
  2048. [21:14:32] <Kain> He seems amused at the antics, as he usually is, but his expression becomes more serious. "Really. That's troubling to hear..."
  2049. [21:16:24] <Kain> Noah: "Especially given recent events... mm." he digs into the crust of a nice, big piece with a fish head staring out, and pops a bite into his mouth. Not the head, mind you, the pie. His eyes look distant a moment as he savors the treat.
  2050. [21:16:45] <Amaryllis> "When last we parted, I had hoped we would continue to meet as we have in peaceful times, with only the occasional antic from Natalie to provide us worry. I am afraid such idyllic days are over."
  2051. [21:18:55] * Amaryllis starts to dig into the food herself, watching Noah between bites to judge his reaction to the pie.
  2052. [21:19:18] <Kain> Noah: "Delicious... absolutely.. mm. Sad as that is, there comes a time when heroes are born into this world, to unflinchingly take on the mantle of protagonist, and wear it proudly. The audacity of the act is sure to attract bloodshed, but should not be considered a detriment."
  2053. [21:21:02] <Kain> He seems to be in bliss every time he takes a bite, though he's clearly embarassed to show it during such a serious conversation.
  2054. [21:22:27] * Amaryllis beams at the compliment, but her expression settles into a somber neutral again. "I can only hope such bloodshed does not settle in around me. Any well-read person knows the true weakpoint of a hero lies in those he or she cares greatly about. And besides which I have quite enough bloodshed following me already..." The last line is muttered quietly, trailing off.
  2055. [21:24:11] <Kain> Noah: "You know I'm here for you, if we need to talk." he says with some concern, reaching out with his free hand.
  2056. [21:27:13] <Amaryllis> "Of course, of course. I know that. It..." Ammy's been a bit glazed over again. She takes a deep breath. "It happened again." She notices his hand and for a second seems half-doesn't-know-what-to-do, half-wants-to-reach-out-for-it. In the confusion of what to do, she ends up knocking over her glass of water over the table. "Sorry..." She mumbles as she stands up to grab a towel.
  2057. [21:31:16] <Kain> Noah withdraws his hand after a moment. "It's fine... I wish there was something more I could do for you. I admit I feel powerless in the face of these.. compulsions. Lord Alwyn left us many valuable pieces of knowledge, but very critical ones were missing as well."
  2058. [21:32:05] * Amaryllis embarassedly flails about with the towel until she manages to wipe up the spilled water.
  2059. [21:33:55] <Amaryllis> "Yes, well, on the other hand I have made some progress." Ammy takes a moment to compose herself.
  2060. [21:34:13] <Kain> "Have you?" he looks up, interested.
  2061. [21:34:38] <Amaryllis> She tilts her head to the side with a small smile and taps a finger against her chin. "Do you think the name 'Amaranthe' or 'Amaryllis' sounds better?"
  2062. [21:34:55] <Kain> Noah: "..."
  2063. [21:35:04] <Kain> He looks away, a moment.
  2064. [21:35:20] <Kain> Noah: "I must admit... I like Amaryllis better, myself."
  2065. [21:37:19] <Amaryllis> "Is that why you never told me then?" She smiles teasingly and reaches out to give a teasing pat to his hand too...then quickly withdraws it after barely brushing him. She kind of loses a beat for a second. "Ah, I mean, well..."
  2066. [21:37:38] * Amaryllis ducks under the table for a second and goes for her bag.
  2067. [21:37:56] <Kain> His hand closes on thin air at you touch.
  2068. [21:38:09] <Amaryllis> When she rises back up she's recomposed herself again. "I mean I recovered this book." She plops the Tonberry book on the table.
  2069. [21:38:22] <Kain> He looks over at you. " found it..." he says with realization.
  2070. [21:40:25] <Kain> Noah reaches over and opens the pages, until the blood-splattered one is face up.
  2071. [21:40:35] <Kain> Noah: "Hm, you've been writing in the margins, curious."
  2072. [21:40:40] <Amaryllis> "Along with a few others from Lord Alwyn's collection. I've added my own addendums to the Tonberry tale."
  2073. [21:41:27] <Amaryllis> "The stories in this tome hardly suit who I wish to be, after all." Ammy taps her fingers on the table, waiting eagerly for some further opinion on her additions.
  2074. [21:41:31] <Kain> Noah: "In an attempt to change your story? I see! You truly do read between the lines."
  2075. [21:41:43] <Kain> Noah: "Let's see what we have here..."
  2076. [21:42:13] <Kain> He seems to be intrigued as he goes over what you've written.
  2077. [21:42:48] * Amaryllis breathes in and out in that nervous way, like a musician awaiting judgment in a competition.
  2078. [21:43:19] <Kain> He finishes his slice of pie while reading, neatly sliding the plate aside and pulling the book over.
  2079. [21:45:16] <Kain> "A lantern that guides, a knife that protects..."
  2080. [21:45:19] <Kain> Noah smiles.
  2081. [21:46:31] <Kain> Noah: "Vengeance, truth, judgement... you know... this almost sounds like you're describing tonberries as paladins." he teases.
  2082. [21:47:46] <Amaryllis> "That isn't quite what I mean!" Ammy looks mock-distraught. "Oh sod it, it does sound that way doesn't it?"
  2083. [21:47:53] <Kain> Noah: "The seeker of the dark blade that casts away their demonhood for a sword of light... a solid story, if somewhat tired in its usual tone. But you may be on to something here, Amaryllis. I can almost feel the power these words contain."
  2084. [21:48:13] <Amaryllis> "I am not sure that is what I want to do."
  2085. [21:49:44] <Kain> Noah: "A twist, perhaps... not a dark knight, or a flawless hero of light, but perhaps a 'dark paladin'? Ascended above random murder and destruction, ruling the dark arts with an even temper, rather than be consumed by them?" he muses once more.
  2086. [21:49:46] <Amaryllis> "I am the Inquisitor for the Twelve Gates. I cast judgment and extract truth. When one cuts with a blade that represents that judgment, when one gives suffering to another with it, one must be willing to suffer themselves. It is a proof of conviction in one's beliefs. And when one interrogates, one must never do what they are not willing to perhaps one day face themselves..."
  2087. [21:49:59] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps! That does sound better."
  2088. [21:50:47] <Kain> Noah: "There is a story I know..."
  2089. [21:51:17] <Amaryllis> "But really, how does one write about the balance of suffering in this world, the beauty of tragedy, without walking a dangerously thin line when it comes to those particular tales?" Ammy nods at the book. "I would like to write of that, but I have not yet found the words." She shuts up to let Noah speak.
  2090. [21:55:20] <Kain> Noah: "A woman was born of two tribes. One human, one eidolon. The eidolons in this world were brought into being by a great source of the world's magic, similar to our crystal. And without it, they would fade away. One day, however, a great evil rose to take this power. Knowing that it might mean her death, and the end of all magic, the woman faced the evil and won. Magic vanished from
  2091. [21:55:20] <Kain> the world without a trace. But the woman remained, merely a human. She defied her fate, and lived, despite all accounts suggesting she would suffer. Her world would face a difficult time indeed from then on, but she took that burden upon herself, and faced it head on..."
  2092. [21:56:20] <Kain> Noah: "Life was no doubt harsh after that... but I believe in the end, she was happy."
  2093. [21:58:39] <Amaryllis> "A beautiful story. However, I am not entirely sure what to make of it when it comes to my situation." Ammy sits back. "I would not like to see the myths and stories of the world fade into obscurity. I cannot toss away that part of me which belongs among the Eidolons. The burden I shoulder...The fate I must face..." She sorta trails off.
  2094. [21:59:06] <Kain> Noah: "Ah, but you take it too literally."
  2095. [21:59:34] <Amaryllis> "Probably. A story takes time to sink in, as you know." She sits back up with a small smile.
  2096. [21:59:54] <Kain> Noah: "The point is that the woman defied her fate and won, though she had made things harder on herself, she was content."
  2097. [22:00:27] <Kain> Noah: "I'm not sure if what you're doing here will make things easier on you..."
  2098. [22:00:37] <Kain> Noah: "But you may just be able to turn yourself around."
  2099. [22:01:34] <Kain> Noah: "There is much more to the story, of course. It is woefully abridged in that form, but perhaps another time..."
  2100. [22:01:44] <Amaryllis> "If it means the end of the murders and the horrible lens through which I must see the world as I watch myself kill, well, that already makes things a good deal easier on myself. At least psychologically."
  2101. [22:03:42] <Amaryllis> "There is all the time in the world tonight Noah, at least for one story. We may not have the luxury of the carefree days of before, but..." Ammy shrugs, a bit disappointed that Noah doesn't seem up to telling stories at the moment. "Whatever you feel is best."
  2102. [22:04:50] * Amaryllis fidgets awkwardly with her fork. She's been eating a lot slower than Noah this whole meal, seeming kinda preoccupied.
  2103. [22:05:53] <Kain> Noah: "Oh, if you don't mind then I may recall the entire tale to you..."
  2104. [22:06:07] <Kain> Noah: "But... is something wrong?"
  2105. [22:07:58] <Amaryllis> "Huh?" Ammy is sort of jolted out of a reverie. "Nothing, nothing. It is just, well, it has been so long since I have been here, and the days have passed with much turmoil as of late. I was beginning to feel as if I just wanted to stay here instead. Oh but I know that cannot be. The tale is not written to peter off in such a way..."
  2106. [22:08:56] <Kain> Noah: "Would you that you could, I think I would not ever tire of your company."
  2107. [22:09:25] * Amaryllis tries her best not to look extraordinarily conflicted. "In any case, I think I understand now, that this story of mine is perhaps not meant to stay as it is. That I may be meant to change it to the best of my power, even if it brings more hardships upon me. Thank you." She smiles.
  2108. [22:09:35] <Kain> Noah: "But at the very least a short reprieve here should be fine, hm?"
  2109. [22:10:29] <Kain> Noah: "Fate is quite the fickle mistress, isn't she?" he laughs. "It may be that your fate was to change your story  all along."
  2110. [22:10:32] <Amaryllis> "Nor would I ever tire of yours, but..." Ammy returns to looking unsure. Noah isn't making this go off on a grand journey thing any easier! "Yes, perhaps."
  2111. [22:11:37] <Kain> Noah: "If you ever need a place to come back to... the Atheneum Stray will always be a home for you, Amaryllis."
  2112. [22:12:43] <Kain> He turns to look at the tonberry book again, having tucked into as much stargazy pie as he could.
  2113. [22:13:15] * Amaryllis nods, turning a little red. "Thank you." She pokes at her food silently for a few seconds, finishing the rest of it, and then. "Ah, shall I clean up then?"
  2114. [22:13:54] <Kain> Noah: "Oh! Yes, if you would. Thank you... just place the leftovers in the icebox, please."
  2115. [22:16:07] * Amaryllis grabs up the plates and takes them to the sink (there is running water, right?), dropping the leftovers off on the way. She starts washing the dishes, with an occasional gaze and stare back at Noah as he looks over the book.
  2116. [22:16:32] <Kain> Noah smiles, but kind of looks away once you stare. Not that he wasn't staring a moment ago.
  2117. [22:16:41] <Kain> Yeah, there's running water.
  2118. [22:18:21] <Amaryllis> The 'oops he caught me looking better turn away quickly' 'oops she caught me looking better turn away' dance probably happens a few times in the whole dish washing sequence before Ammy finally speaks up again. Sorta in that awkward break the silence way at first. "Ah, did I ever mention? We met Kujata, and he said that my companions and I had the potential to be Summoners."
  2119. [22:18:27] <Amaryllis> "Even Natalie."
  2120. [22:18:42] <Amaryllis> "Indeed one of them formed a pact with the bull, even without a horn."
  2121. [22:19:15] <Kain> Noah: "That was very delicious..." he says after a moment, fishing for something to say. But then, oh, she came up with something for him. "...really?"
  2122. [22:20:50] <Amaryllis> "Something about having the character of heroes, the inner will to become a summoner. However, this woman, Celina was her name, was deeply conflicted over the occurrence."
  2123. [22:21:11] * Amaryllis sets the last of the clean dishes aside on a drying rack with a clink and turns off the water. "She was from Cleyra, you see."
  2124. [22:21:26] <Kain> Noah: "Ahh. Odin. No wonder..."
  2125. [22:21:55] <Kain> Noah: "I imagine many have been scarred by the misuse of eidolons, ten years ago. It's no small wonder she would begin to fear herself."
  2126. [22:23:39] <Amaryllis> "I would try to make her understand, but I fear nothing I may say could sway her. 'Miss Amaryllis, not everything is about stories.' she would likely tell me." Ammy shrugs. "It is a tale not written to yet arrive at such a harmonious conclusion yet, I suppose."
  2127. [22:24:51] <Amaryllis> "But it is her trepidation, among other reasons, that has lead me not to speak of my task..." Ammy pauses. "Our task." she corrects. "to the others. Nat, however, well, she has already revealed to them all that she is Carbuncle. With Eiko around, I am not surprised she made that choice."
  2128. [22:25:09] <Kain> Noah: "What good tale is short of conflict between companions? Not a particularly interesting one, unfortunately. Thus the muses play."
  2129. [22:25:13] <Kain> Noah: "I see..."
  2130. [22:26:16] <Kain> Noah: "Let us hope it is the right decision, then. I needn't tell you how you must be cautious concerning yourself..." he says with a worried tone.
  2131. [22:26:30] <Amaryllis> "Oh conflict abounds between us. There is no shortage of it, I assure you. Theta, the Genome among us, wishes for a long and peaceful life for the new Black Mage Dolls Ayane has constructed. Celina wishes only to see them die, viewing them as weapons and nothing more."
  2132. [22:26:56] * Amaryllis nods. "Of course. But there is only so much I can do about a compulsion that so easily takes me out of nowhere."
  2133. [22:27:26] <Kain> He nods, as well. "Of course not..."
  2134. [22:27:36] <Amaryllis> "Can one forsee the plot twist in an upcoming page and prepare for it? Sometimes yes, but oftimes no. And even if one sees it, one can do nothing but read forward, passing through it and beyond it. Such is the same..."
  2135. [22:28:19] <Kain> Noah: "Amaryllis... I have often wondered..."
  2136. [22:28:28] <Kain> Noah: "Have you given much thought to the future?"
  2137. [22:28:29] <Amaryllis> "Yes?"
  2138. [22:30:10] <Amaryllis> "To the future? It is difficult. As...what I am, I should live until the Crystal itself dies and the planet with it now, am I right?" Her tone of voice starts getting unsure. "But I have no reference point by which to understand such a scale. Natalie has no recollection of her long life, and all the great stories are about mortal heroes, living mortal lifespans."
  2139. [22:30:50] <Amaryllis> "There is a great gulf I feel when speaking to other Eidolons, that their sense of time is so alien to my own."
  2140. [22:32:02] <Amaryllis> "Some of them live lives of solitude or are otherwise disconnected from civilization as we know it. I am not sure I understand or am ready for such a long and potentially lonesome story." She finishes speaking quietly, her voice trembling at the end.
  2141. [22:33:48] <Kain> Noah: "I..."
  2142. [22:34:02] <Kain> Noah: "That is to say I'd like..." he fumbles with his words a moment.
  2143. [22:34:52] <Kain> Noah: "I don't wish for you to be alone." he says finally, getting that out in a really roundabout and misinterpretable way.
  2144. [22:36:47] <Amaryllis> "Thank you. I appreciate that." Totally misinterpreted. "But one does not always get what they wish for. Some must live alone, so that others can understand what it means to find companionship or...more. Where will I be in the future? I do not believe I can read that far ahead to say..." She tries to smile as she shrugs.
  2145. [22:37:35] <Kain> Noah: "...What about your more immediate future? What then, after restoring Natalie's memories, and the crystal?"
  2146. [22:40:12] <Amaryllis> "There is, of course, our duty to the world. And perhaps I shall come out of it with a Summoner myself. Have you ever thought about that, by the way? Becoming a Summoner? We want to bring back the Summoning tradition, so I am sure it has crossed your mind at some point or another to seek out that kind of responsibility for yourself." Ammy's tone gets a bit teasing as she goes on her tangent.
  2147. [22:40:16] <Amaryllis> Totally unaware of IMPLICATIONS.
  2148. [22:40:58] <Kain> "You mean, the old fashioned way. Genetics...?" Oh boy. His face flushes.
  2149. [22:41:22] <Kain> At bringing back the tradition, he means.
  2150. [22:42:57] <Kain> "I-I... I don't know.."
  2151. [22:43:16] <Amaryllis> "Well...!" Ammy is caught off guard a bit too, as she'd been thinking about the recent events more than that method. "I mean to say, we know now there is a method to becoming a Summoner without being born into the tribe, so our goal is in easier reach now." Her voice quickens in nervousness. "But I suppose if that is inheritable, then it would mean..."
  2152. [22:43:23] * Amaryllis coughs.
  2153. [22:43:46] <Kain> Noah: "They did have to start somewhere." he remarks a bit uneasily.
  2154. [22:44:33] <Kain> "If even eidolons can become summoners, then that means..."
  2155. [22:45:02] <Amaryllis> "I know not if the kind of summoning potential I apparently have is of the same sort that can be passed through blood." Ammy turns away, her face turning a bit red. "Maybe the tendency toward that type of heroic character may be, or some other factor. O-or it could be totally unrelated."
  2156. [22:45:30] <Kain> Noah turns his face away a bit too. "I... I see."
  2157. [22:45:55] <Kain> Noah: "But it sounds like inspiring a heroic character in people might be harder..."
  2158. [22:46:21] <Amaryllis> "Ah, but what I suppose I mean then," Ammy latches onto a thought to bring things out of awkward territory, "is...well, do you think you could have the kind of will and character to become a Summoner on your own terms? That is what I meant when I asked, and...well..." Cough.
  2159. [22:47:14] <Amaryllis> "I think you would, for whatever my opinion counts for!"
  2160. [22:47:20] <Kain> Noah: "I... perhaps, I think. I know Cait isn't interested, however... but if that potential exists within me then it -is- my duty to seek it out."
  2161. [22:47:43] <Kain> Noah smiles a bit. "Thank you, for the compliment."
  2162. [22:49:31] <Amaryllis> "Merely telling the story as it should be told." Ammy smiles back. "Where is Cait, by the way? Has he wandered off again, or has he been off in some nearby unseen corner this whole time?" She glances around.
  2163. [22:50:01] <Kain> Noah: "He's likely napping, at this hour. It's no wonder the smell of your pie didn't attract him."
  2164. [22:50:10] <Kain> *It's a wonder
  2165. [22:51:31] * Amaryllis looks intensely relieved at Noah's answer. "Reminds me of a certain other cat we both know." She stops nervously searching.
  2166. [22:52:05] <Kain> Noah: "Sssh, speak of the devil, and you know the rest."
  2167. [22:52:15] * Amaryllis nodnods
  2168. [22:53:09] <Kain> He gets up from the dining room table, seemingly ready to move to a different room for now.
  2169. [22:53:39] <Amaryllis> "So, inspiring heroism...that is difficult. Perhaps a reverance for the myths and tales that make up Eidolons may substitute? In making new Summoners I mean. That may be far easier to inspire..." Ammy steps to follow Noah.
  2170. [22:54:57] <Kain> You follow him into his reading room, a small lounging area with a couch and a recliner in the midst of a sea of books, both stacked neatly on shelves and stacked into piles in the midst of the place.
  2171. [22:55:08] <Kain> Not so neatly in the latter case.
  2172. [22:55:30] <Kain> He has a seat on the couch.
  2173. [22:55:57] * Amaryllis instinctively goes to straighten up some of the piles as she enters. It's a practiced motion, and probably something Noah's used to seeing Ammy do each time she enters this room. She probably doesn't even notice herself doing it.
  2174. [22:56:10] <Kain> He stretches a bit, almost lazily after that meal, smiling as he watches her.
  2175. [22:58:04] <Kain> While she's looking away, he mouths something silently, his voice not finding the strength to speak, and he just buries his head in his hand a moment miserably.
  2176. [22:58:37] <Amaryllis> After a short stint of this, Ammy seems to realize what's come over her. She stares at the book in her hands in a when-did-I-even-pick-this-up sort of way, and then neatly stacks it on top of a pile. "Ah, my apologies, I sort of..." She turns just in time to see him bury his face in his hand. "Is something the matter?"
  2177. [22:58:54] <Kain> He's regained his composure only a moment after. "Oh, er, yes. Sorry."
  2178. [22:59:26] <Kain> Noah: "It's nothing, I'm just, er... a bit embarassed at the state of the room. Sorry."
  2179. [23:00:45] <Kain> "You've always been so helpful, Amaryllis... This place really is more lively with you and Natalie here..."
  2180. [23:00:46] <Amaryllis> "Ah, no, it is my fault. I always start tidying, even when it is already easy to find anything in here, and..." Ammy sort of trails off. Her hands are clasped behind her back, and she's sort of swaying back and forth. Cough. "Anyway, have you found anything new for your collection?"
  2181. [23:02:08] <Amaryllis> "Tomes of forbidden lore? Stories lost to the ages?" Ammy nods. "Thank you. I...Well, you must feel terribly lonesome at times now, especially when we have found such an involving and important task while you are preoccupied with your own..."
  2182. [23:02:26] <Amaryllis> Something sort of clicks in Ammy's head, and she speaks quietly after a moment. "...I don't wish for you to be alone either."
  2183. [23:03:59] <Amaryllis> Fidget. Sway. Cough.
  2184. [23:04:03] <Kain> Noah finds he's holding the Tonberry book from earlier, all of a sudden, as if he didn't realize he grabbed it. "Mm, 'The Citadel of Trials' by Aster. It's an adaptation of a segment of a larger story that's since been lost to time, but chronicles four heroes wishing to prove themselves courageous, and the lengths to which they go while they find out more about themselves than they ever
  2185. [23:04:04] <Kain> knew. A sort of simplistic story, but a good o-"
  2186. [23:04:59] <Amaryllis> "Sorry, I interrupted." Ammy adds quietly and quickly. "Go on."
  2187. [23:05:15] <Kain> Noah: "No, no. I was mostly done anyway..."
  2188. [23:08:21] <Amaryllis> After a moment. "Perhaps I shall read that sometime then." Ammy busies herself going through the piles and quickly locates the book.
  2189. [23:09:00] <Kain> Noah almost speaks up, but loses his train of thought as Ammy does something else.
  2190. [23:10:56] * Amaryllis plops down on a seat and cracks open the book. "Do you mind? It has been so long since I have had the luxury of relaxing and reading in this room, as I often have over the years."
  2191. [23:12:04] <Kain> After another awkward pause, he nods. "Please, go ahead..." though after a moment he bites his lip and speaks up. "Though after you're done, there is something I would very much like to speak with you about."
  2192. [23:14:04] <Amaryllis> "Of course, Noah. Let me know at any time. I am sure I can find a chapter's end or other stopping point." Ammy sort of sinks into the seat, finding a comfortable position, and begins to read.
  2193. [23:14:34] <Kain> Noah grabs a book himself, suddenly a lot less composed than usual.
  2194. [23:15:22] * Amaryllis is sadly by this point too immersed in bookworld to notice Noah's plight.
  2195. [23:15:50] <Kain> And what happens afterward...
  2196. [23:15:54] <Kain> Shall be a mystery for now.
  2197. [23:19:03] <Amaryllis> Thanks Kain~
  2199. ---
  2201. [04:23:56] <Kain> You're still aboard the Atheneum Stray, enjoying reading a book near Noah, who is trying to feign interest in one of his collection works as well.
  2202. [04:25:26] <Amaryllis> Presumably, some time has passed, with Ammy slipping into a lazier and more comfortable position as she reads, eventually going from sitting upright on a couch to lying over it, head resting on one armrest.
  2203. [04:25:53] <Amaryllis> Slipping a small bookmark into the book, she snaps it closed with an audible thud, then sets it aside and stretches.
  2204. [04:26:09] <Kain> Noah looks up, curiously.
  2205. [04:27:01] <Amaryllis> "Mm, I reached a cliffhanger in the story and thought it might be best to let my mind mull over it for some time. It is a good spot for a break." She stands up.
  2206. [04:28:32] <Amaryllis> "The mind is most open at these times, seeing the possibilities of story laid out before it, not knowing which path shall be the true one."
  2207. [04:30:44] <Kain> Noah gives a slight smile. "A good story can happen many ways, indeed."
  2208. [04:32:29] * Amaryllis begins pacing around the table, hands clasped behind her back. "Was there something you wished to talk about?" Her eyes flicker to the Tonberry book she now noticed Noah brought to the room with him, then back at him. She smiles warmly, feeling more well composed after the reading session.
  2209. [04:32:59] <Kain> Noah notices her gaze, and starts to speak. "Well I-" ...
  2210. [04:33:42] <Kain> What an awkward pause! Clearly he's getting cold feet after all.  He quickly decides to move the subject of her attention. "Did you notice anything... odd about the inscription in the book?"
  2211. [04:35:18] * Amaryllis sits down next to him. "Honest Noah, I had started to worry that you had not mentioned it yourself when I first brought you the book." Her expression turns a bit inquisitive.
  2212. [04:36:10] <Amaryllis> "It is portentous, to say the least."
  2213. [04:36:38] <Kain> Noah: "I don't know whether to be relieved at your reaction to that or not. The truth is, the matter of this is a subject I had specifically been sworn to secrecy against telling even you, until you found this book for yourself."
  2214. [04:37:00] <Kain> Noah looks a bit guilty.
  2215. [04:38:33] <Amaryllis> "It was also not a little vague. Fresh with...possibilities." Ammy enunciates the last word slowly, pecking at each syllable. Her smile fades slightly. "Unpleasant ones, potentially, I presume?"
  2216. [04:38:41] <Kain> Noah: "Potentially. I think this will be in the form of a tale... but first, the question."
  2217. [04:38:44] <Amaryllis> "...Tell me a story then Noah."
  2218. [04:39:15] <Kain> Noah: "That's good enough then, I suppose..."
  2219. [04:39:26] <Kain> Noah opens the book to the bloodsplatted page. "There is a story I know..."
  2220. [04:39:32] * Amaryllis looks slightly apprehensive, her hands crinkling a bunched up bit of fabric from the hem of her dress.
  2221. [04:42:17] <Kain> Noah: "There once was a man who was a collector of stories. To clean his immense library, he hired a maidservant most tidy. Daisy Middleton was her name. Dark of hair and bright of eye, she worked tirelessly into the days brushing many a weathered volume clean."
  2222. [04:44:27] <Kain> Noah: "But each night the maidservant would return to her home to be met by the stink of ale and cheap perfume, and most unkind word and touch from a man bound to her by shared rings."
  2223. [04:44:59] * Amaryllis unclenches her hands, one of them brushing up against the a floral imprint on her clothing as the name is spoken. She nods and listens intently.
  2224. [04:47:02] <Kain> Noah: "The maidservant prayed, and prayed for her husband's soul, never once wishing ill upon him. But still he abused her so, until one night, heaven sent an angel to her doorstep. An angel of death, bearing a soft light, and sharp vengeance."
  2225. [04:47:37] <Kain> Noah: "A life was ended that night. A cruel man dispatched. However..."
  2226. [04:47:54] <Amaryllis> "However...?" Ammy mirrors.
  2227. [04:47:58] <Kain> Noah: "You spoke of cliffhangers and possibilities before. How do you think the story turns here?"
  2228. [04:48:41] * Amaryllis closes her eyes in thought, breathing out slowly.
  2229. [04:51:14] <Amaryllis> "An angel of death may act indiscriminately, and more than one life found its end that night. Or else Daisy took her own out of despair in being unable to save her husband's soul." The distinct tragic sense of Ammy's intuition with this kind of question is probably not lost on Noah.
  2230. [04:52:46] <Kain> Noah: "Both lives were eventually lost, but not that night."
  2231. [04:53:30] <Amaryllis> "Was Daisy with child?" Ammy asks suddenly, opening her eyes slowly.
  2232. [04:56:23] <Kain> Noah: "She was indeed. But the twist is this. This child was sired not by the man who had been slain, but the lord that had watched over her. For even the purest hearts may fall to temptation. ...Amaryllis, to this day we do not know what exactly killed your mother's husband... it may have even been a sign of what was to come. But your father was not that man... you are... the last heir
  2233. [04:56:23] <Kain> of House Aitchison, and this inscription is written in Lord Alwyn's blood."
  2234. [04:57:56] <Kain> Noah: "To this day I cannot fathom why he did not tell you, or why he asked me not to... but I respected his wishes regardless of how I felt."
  2235. [04:58:57] <Kain> Noah closes the book quietly.
  2236. [04:59:23] * Amaryllis lifts her hands up, resting her elbows on her knees. She folds her hands and sets her head atop them, and then she remains very still and very silent for a time.
  2237. [05:01:01] <Amaryllis> Her face slips into a somber expression, then a frown, then back to a more neutral expression, then to a furrowed brow and confused look. She closes her eyes, breathes in deeply, then slowly exhales.
  2238. [05:01:16] <Kain> Noah: "I'm... I'm sorry..."
  2239. [05:01:37] <Kain> He shakes his head.
  2240. [05:02:45] <Kain> Noah: "I'm sorry you found out like this. I'm sorry for keeping this from you all these years, even on his own wishes..."
  2241. [05:04:03] <Amaryllis> Finally, she opens her mouth and it lets out a small sound, approximately a hollow laugh. She pauses, and the side of her mouth turns up, leaving her face looking much like it does when she's being teasing or snarky. "'My name is Amaryllis Middleton. You killed my father. Prepare to die.' Has a...nice ring to it, don't you think?" Her voice is quiet, and it's clear she's straining a tad to keep it sounding so lighthearted.
  2242. [05:04:59] <Kain> (Wait what)
  2243. [05:05:12] <Kain> (She doesn't think Noah did him in does she)
  2244. [05:05:17] <Amaryllis> (no)
  2245. [05:05:19] <Kain> (He lived past the tonberry thing)
  2246. [05:05:53] <Amaryllis> "I suppose I might say that to someone someday now."
  2247. [05:05:59] <Kain> Noah: "Are... you alright?"
  2248. [05:06:05] <Amaryllis> "It carries a heavier tone than 'you killed my mentor'."
  2249. [05:07:22] <Amaryllis> (she was just trying to add a little humor there, and I thought maybe there might be a Princess Bride analogue that exists in the setting ;o; sorry for it being confusing)
  2250. [05:08:19] <Kain> He gets that she's trying to lighten the mood but he's legitimately worried about her at the moment.
  2251. [05:08:39] <Giantree> (it's like you two are really even more awkward around each other than the characters portrayed)
  2252. [05:09:54] * Amaryllis leans to one side, leaning her head into her hand, thumb pressed into her cheek and finger tapping her temple. Her expression turns a bit morose at seeing Noah's reaction. "...I know not what to think. We are all bound by the stories of our lives, but I have none before I reawakened as I am now. I know nothing of what I may have lost by not learning this sooner. Lord Alwyn treated me as a precious daughter regardless..
  2253. [05:10:19] <Amaryllis> Her voice is intensely quiet, not quite a whisper, but as hard to pick up as one.
  2254. [05:11:17] <Kain> Noah tries to force a smile.
  2255. [05:11:56] <Amaryllis> "Titles...titles are important. Rituals too. Ceremony. They add color to a story. I have always thought that.  In that way, the titles of father, of daughter, they are important too."
  2256. [05:12:55] <Amaryllis> "But, I feel as if we had given each other those titles, not through words, but through action. Stories need not be merely words. And, so..." Ammy trails off and gives Noah an unsure look.
  2257. [05:14:54] <Kain> Noah: "You're still who you've always been. It just goes deeper now. But you've the right of it, I think."
  2258. [05:16:57] * Amaryllis takes the book and opens it to its bloodsplattered page. Her face looks half like she's trying to force herself to laugh again, half frowning. "Bloody time mages, I shall never understand, shall I?" She waves her hand over the page, and a switchblade drops onto the page with a thud.
  2259. [05:17:02] <Amaryllis> She stares at it and the inscription.
  2260. [05:17:35] <Kain> Noah: "I think neither of us will."
  2261. [05:17:53] <Kain> Noah: "Is that..."
  2262. [05:18:26] * Amaryllis carefully turns the switchblade up so the emblem is facing Noah. She then pulls her hand back again and continues staring.
  2263. [05:20:17] <Kain> The knife begins to turn on the page as the needle of a compass.
  2264. [05:21:03] * Amaryllis raises an eyebrow. She turns to Noah again with that uncertain gaze. Then back at the knife.
  2265. [05:21:15] <Kain> Noah: "What could this mean...?"
  2266. [05:21:29] <Kain> You feel your eyelids growing heavy, and suddenly you're back in Lord Aitchison's manor, listening to one of his lectures.
  2267. [05:22:39] <Amaryllis> (like watching a flashback in first person sorta thing? Or am I able to move and act independent from the events unfolding?)
  2268. [05:22:50] <Kain> (the former)
  2269. [05:23:06] <Kain> Lord Alwyn: "One thing you must keep in mind, Amaryllis, is that when seeking the truth, face value is almost entirely worthless. Think of your work as like... peeling an onion, shedding layer after layer until you find the naked skin underneath."
  2270. [05:23:21] <Kain> He places an onion on the table in front of you.
  2271. [05:24:49] <Kain> Alwyn: "Another thing they have in common..." he says a bit sadly. "Is that they both usually end in tears."
  2272. [05:25:02] <Kain> And suddenly you're back, sitting next to Noah.
  2273. [05:26:58] <Kain> The Blade of Memories' Past has become Tier 4 and has gained a new property of your choice.
  2274. [05:27:02] <Amaryllis> "I am sorry father," Ammy whispers after a moment, "but I do not think tears are befitting this truth. It is a fine tale you have woven for me, even if do not understand why."
  2275. [05:27:45] <Kain> (You were due for an upgrade anyway according to my houserules~)
  2276. [05:27:58] <Amaryllis> (oh? :D)
  2277. [05:28:11] <Kain> (Yeah, remember? It keeps current at half level+1)
  2278. [05:28:37] <Kain> (And tier 4 weapons have an extra property slot)
  2279. [05:28:45] <Kain> Noah: "Amaryllis...?"
  2280. [05:29:07] <Amaryllis> "A good story should celebrated." Ammy reaches down to the knife with a finger and slides it down the length of the blade. It disappears as she lifts her hand away at the end of the knife.
  2281. [05:31:18] <Kain> Noah reaches over, putting a hand on your shouldere.
  2282. [05:31:41] <Amaryllis> "I do not feel as if I would have been treated any differently if I had been told my lineage. I feel that if Lo- if my father wished me not to learn this until now, then that must have played some important role in my story, something important."
  2283. [05:32:12] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps it was all a big lesson. He would do that, wouldn't he?" She smiles wistfully as she closes the book.
  2284. [05:33:06] <Kain> Noah smiles gently. "Aye, he would."
  2285. [05:35:04] * Amaryllis closes her eyes again, then shakes her head. She opens them as she laughs, more genuine this time. "Oh bloody hell, I had just gotten done giving a whole speech to my companions about how I had planned to 'step out of the shadow of House Aitchison' and forge my own tale anew. What shall I do now?"
  2286. [05:36:11] <Amaryllis> "I thought I was meant to set his tale to rest and find peace in that. Instead, I shall always carry a piece of that tale with me now."
  2287. [05:37:58] <Kain> Noah chuckles a bit. "You could do it anyway. Didn't I say it before? You're still who you are. I believe he would be happy whatever direction you took your tale, as long as you had no regrets. You're free to choose how you honor Lord Aitchison. And he'd have it no other way."
  2288. [05:40:53] <Amaryllis> "I shall have to find my own answer, yes. And once again we find ourselves at a cliffhanger, do we not? What shall the heir do with her newfound knowledge?" Ammy sets down the book and then scoots back in place on the couch patting Noah's hand on her shoulder.
  2289. [05:41:26] <Amaryllis> "But as I said this should change nothing about how I see the stories that make up who I am."
  2290. [05:42:11] <Kain> Noah nods.
  2291. [05:42:13] <Amaryllis> "Thank you though, for bringing this to me. I do not put any blame on you for having been bound by my father's word. That part of the story was important too, I'm sure."
  2292. [05:43:40] <Kain> Noah: "For reasons we may never know." he sighs a bit, though still wearing a light smile. "Thank you, Amaryllis."
  2293. [05:45:01] <Amaryllis> "I shall endeavor to know someday. But my tale is yet too young. There is no fun to be found in reading ahead and skipping chapters, right?"
  2294. [05:45:34] <Kain> Noah: "Of course not! Until then I'll keep my mind open, and look forward to seeing how it all turns out."
  2295. [05:46:45] <Kain> Noah: "By the way, erm..."
  2296. [05:46:55] <Amaryllis> "I then was I able to be bound to the tales of Tonberry?"
  2297. [05:47:07] <Amaryllis> "For those events with my mother's husband so many years before?"
  2298. [05:47:21] <Amaryllis> "Oh, I'm sorry, I  am interrupting again."
  2299. [05:47:57] <Kain> Noah: "That is a mystery we may never solve. The catalyst was still the end of your life, and the circumstance surrounding..."
  2300. [05:48:10] <Amaryllis> "Which was...?"
  2301. [05:48:20] <Kain> Noah: "Oh, it's... well... it's something I meant to say earlier but slipped my mind. I just wanted to tell you I thought your dress was lovely."
  2302. [05:48:59] <Kain> Noah: "Were you not told that either? Mm."
  2303. [05:49:49] * Amaryllis grins. "Thank you. Do you like the design?" She runs a hand over the hem with the runic markings. "Quite reminiscent, isn't it? Though not too obvious. I found it in Tantalus's closet after all."
  2304. [05:49:59] <Kain> The chain of them interrupting each other SO AWKWARD but oh well.
  2305. [05:50:25] <Kain> Noah: "Remiscent, yes. Very much so... I am curious what costume it originated with then."
  2306. [05:50:32] * Amaryllis shuts up and lets Noah finish so there'll be some less awkward.
  2307. [05:50:35] <Kain> *reminiscent
  2308. [05:50:42] <Kain> Noah: "Er, either way..."
  2309. [05:53:34] <Kain> Noah: "Hm, how do I put this... we knew each other, even back then, though not well. I was studying under Lord Alwyn as part of my duties serving the Librarian of the time. One night, I caught you sneaking out after curfew..."
  2310. [05:54:45] * Amaryllis straightens up a bit subconsciously, not expecting this kind of development.
  2311. [05:55:08] <Kain> Noah frowns awkwardly. "There was a bit of an argument, and you left into the night. I was hesitant to follow, but I did... only to discover you laying in the alley with multiple stab wounds... and a small light in the darkness, drifting away."
  2312. [05:57:05] <Amaryllis> "I..." Ammy looks at Noah with a sorrowful expression. "I did not imagine...That must have been horrible to witness."
  2313. [05:57:55] <Kain> Noah: "I was shocked by the turn of events... hysterical, almost. Blaming myself for just about any reason. Not knowing what to do I took  you quickly back to Lord Alwyn, and my master, the latter of which gave his expertise after my inane babbling about what I witnessed... It was with utmost haste we retreated to a small, secret place once abandoned, and there Lord Aitchison used his
  2314. [05:57:55] <Kain> own blood in ritual."
  2315. [05:58:41] <Kain> Noah: "And as suddenly as you weren't, you were again."
  2316. [05:59:13] <Kain> Noah: "I don't know if you remembered, but I stayed with you following that time."
  2317. [06:00:18] <Kain> Noah: "I can't even imagine the trauma you underwent in those moments... but thankfully, everything turned out alright."
  2318. [06:00:35] <Amaryllis> "I do, in bits and pieces at least." Ammy says quietly. "The creation of an Eidolon is an auspicious event. All that to save the life of one girl. It is a very human tale."
  2319. [06:03:21] <Amaryllis> "I must say a lovelier tale than one of seeking to create Tonberry and then finding a vessel for it. The inverse, enacting the ritual in desperation and taking the grandiose gesture of bringing forth a new Eidolon to save one human life..."
  2320. [06:03:32] <Amaryllis> "There is more warmth and a sense of humanity in that story. I quite like it."
  2321. [06:03:48] <Kain> Noah: "I'm very glad you're here with us today to share in that tale."
  2322. [06:04:31] <Amaryllis> "And I have expressed time and again the gratitude I feel for my second chance at life."
  2323. [06:04:36] <Kain> He nods.
  2324. [06:06:58] <Amaryllis> "The road of trials, the meeting with the goddess, ...atonement with the father, the belly of the whale..." Ammy rattles off bits of the hero's journey to herself in a mumble. "I wonder where I stand now in those stages. Even if I say nothing has changed, I suddenly feel a renewed obligation to accomplish our goals."
  2325. [06:09:09] <Kain> Noah: "And I will do everything in my power to help you, even should my path not be alongside you at the moment."
  2326. [06:11:25] * Amaryllis nods. "I must seek the Crystal, and you must attend to your own duties and also find what others of our organization might yet remain. I worry, however. The two who watch and open the gates to the Underworld are killed, and soon after I discover Ayane may wish to open the Gates herself. Nothing in a tale is mere coincidence this way."
  2327. [06:12:55] <Kain> Noah: "Indeed, I'd wager not. If that is the case, they may be the only ones who were ever in danger."
  2328. [06:14:11] <Amaryllis> "Well," Ammy starts to grin a proud sort of grin. "Perhaps I shall take a look into Ayane's tale and see whether I can confirm more of her machinations. I've managed to Mark her, you see."
  2329. [06:14:28] <Kain> Noah: "Haaaaave you?" his expression changes into devilish amusement.
  2330. [06:15:08] <Amaryllis> "My very first Mark too."
  2331. [06:15:54] <Kain> Noah: "And what a first it is. You should be proud that your abilities have finally culminated in such an accomplishment." he beams at you.
  2332. [06:16:18] <Kain> Noah: "...not that I'm saying you weren't competant or anything, I just mean that particular one is hard to use."
  2333. [06:16:48] <Kain> Noah fumbles over his words dreadfully.
  2334. [06:17:36] <Amaryllis> "Oh I understood what you meant. There is no need for you to hem and haw in such a way. Shall I take a peek now then?"
  2335. [06:17:43] <Kain> Noah: "Certainly."
  2336. [06:17:53] <Kain> What time of day would you say it is?
  2337. [06:18:04] <Amaryllis> Hm. Evening?
  2338. [06:18:14] <Kain> Alrighty then.
  2339. [06:18:54] * Amaryllis stares off into infinity and concentrates!
  2340. [06:21:48] <Kain> Your mind snaps off hundreds of miles away, and you find yourself laying on your side in an absolutely luxurious, silken sheeted bed... sans any kind of modesty. Furthermore, you hear light snoring coming from behind. You're definitely in Ayane's body, though it doesn't feel strange at all. The situation is decidedly awkward, though.
  2341. [06:24:11] * Amaryllis nudges Ayane's body up. Why not fetch a glass of water to quench thirst before bed. As natural as she can manage that.
  2342. [06:24:27] <Amaryllis> Might as well get a good look around while we're at it. Quietly, quietly, if possible.
  2343. [06:27:43] <Kain> She gets up, parting the thick curtains hanging around her bed, and reaching to clothe herself in a light purple houserobe. The room is small, but full of expensive furniture and a few fixtures that suggest a magical laboratory of some sort. Back in the bed is a man with bright red hair, two earrings in one ear, and a sleep-blindfold over his eyes, bare chest exposed as his four arms
  2344. [06:27:44] <Kain> are splayed around. A photograph of the same man is on the nightstand next to the bed, seeming to depict him on an airship with a bunch of goblin pirates.
  2345. [06:28:41] <Kain> Ayane heads to go fetch herself a glass of water after a moment.
  2346. [06:30:24] * Amaryllis makes sure to direct Ayane's gaze all around as she goes to get water.
  2347. [06:30:40] <Kain> The Desert Palace is an elaborate sort of area with an expansive library, huge stained glass windows, with statues and candleabras everywhere. You/She has to light a few to even make the illusory walls vanish to get to the bathroom.
  2348. [06:33:14] <Kain> But the bathroom is pretty nice. Running water beneath a desert, can't complain. Ayane gets herself a glass.
  2349. [06:35:25] * Amaryllis sends another mental nudge. Drink some water.. It's not terribly late yet, but Gilgamesh is already sleeping. Might want to take a short stroll before bed. Or grab something to read or look over before sleeping. Ammy leaves the mental suggestion fairly open here, not wanting to push too far.
  2350. [06:38:49] <Kain> Siiiip. She takes a stroll through the palace, briefly passing by Chell.
  2351. [06:39:01] <Kain> Chell: "Can't sleep, my lady?"
  2352. [06:39:47] <Amaryllis> Nudge nudge. Make small talk about needing a stroll and thinking over upcoming plans.
  2353. [06:40:58] <Kain> Ayane: "Losing to that bunch at the castle's got me wound up, still. They totally robbed that from me, you know! The regent was supposed to be there... I think I just need a walk. Think about what we're doing next."
  2354. [06:42:34] <Kain> Chell: "We could travel with Lord Gilgamesh a bit, if it pleases our lady. Everything needn't happen at once, as long as the regent doesn't die. A bit of plunder does sound fun..."
  2355. [06:42:59] * Amaryllis sits back to let this conversation play out its course
  2356. [06:44:43] <Kain> Ayane: "I dunno... much as I want to spend more time with Gilgy, we've suffered some major setbacks. I don't know if we can AFFORD to just hang out with the pirates and do fuck all." Chell: "Affording it was exactly why I suggested it, my lady. You will need quite a few funds to replace your airship..." Ayane: "Augh! Don't remind me, k?"
  2357. [06:45:47] <Kain> Ayane: "I saved up for like, forever for that ship." ;_; "We even got someone interested in seeing me perform... And then poof, all up in smoke."
  2358. [06:46:27] <Kain> Ayane: "On top of that, some of the girls got left behind... you said they didn't want to come back, right? But they didn't say why?"
  2359. [06:46:35] <Kain> Chell: "That is indeed what they said, my lady."
  2360. [06:46:46] <Kain> Ayane: "Well... I hope they'll be okay."
  2361. [06:47:28] <Kain> Ayane: "Lindblum's a dangerous place for girls like them when I can't watch them..." siiiiip.
  2362. [06:48:15] <Kain> Ayane: "You know, being a pirate for a while doesn't sound like a half bad idea. We'll just obtain some of the regent's blood another time, when they're not on high alert anymore. And we won't preamble our announcement by a week either."
  2363. [06:48:48] <Kain> Chell: "I know my lady must be dishearted..."
  2364. [06:49:29] <Kain> Ayane: "Nah, it's okay... deep down, I know that one day we'll be able to create the perfect world. Elysium..."
  2365. [06:49:54] <Kain> Ayane: "Just take it easy, Chell. I'll be okay."
  2366. [06:50:03] <Kain> Chell: "As my lady wishes." she bows.
  2367. [06:50:11] <Kain> Ayane goes to move onward.
  2368. [06:50:24] <Kain> You seem to be nearing the end of your time limit.
  2369. [06:50:28] <Kain> What do?
  2370. [06:51:57] <Amaryllis> Hm, what seems to be around here that's of interest? Let's nudge her to stroll through the library and pass through before heading back to bed.
  2371. [06:52:23] <Amaryllis> And simply keep an eye peeled for open books on tables or books clearly stacked to be read later.
  2372. [06:54:41] <Kain> The library is just a rather tall room with moving bookshelves, and a moogle. The books available are about various topics concerning Terra, you think. It's possible, but difficult to read terran script through Ayane. A few written in conventional Gaian are stacked on a little table next to a reading chair.
  2373. [06:55:22] <Amaryllis> Greet the moogle in passing. It's only polite!
  2374. [06:55:37] <Kain> The moogle waves cheerfully.
  2375. [06:55:56] <Amaryllis> Does Ayane happen to use the moogle's name in greeting?
  2376. [06:56:41] <Kain> Ayane: "Sup, Mogsam."
  2377. [06:56:46] <Kain> Mogsam: "Hi, kupo!"
  2378. [06:57:18] <Kain> She seems inclined to have herself a seat at the chair and begins to look through the books nearby.
  2379. [06:57:55] <Amaryllis> Perfect. Then glancing through that with the dwindling time left.
  2380. [07:02:29] <Kain> Let's see. One's a lewd romance novel... there's a book on Carbuncle, there's one or two storybooks that Ammy would probably actually like, one on Odin, and there's one called "How to be Successful and Liked by Your Peers" that has a very worn spine.
  2381. [07:04:47] <Amaryllis> (I'm assuming there's probably no time to look through any of them, just recognize what they are, right?)
  2382. [07:04:57] <Kain> you might can flip through one.
  2383. [07:06:16] <Amaryllis> THE LEWD ROMANCE actually, the Carbuncle one. That's concerning to Ammy, even knowing that Ayane is likely targeting the dark Carbuncle.
  2384. [07:08:47] <Kain> Her bookmark is on a page concerning an ability learned by powerful mages called Reflect Null. White mages use this to heal their reflected allies and black mages use it to harm their foes, and it seems it's been used both ways concerning Carbuncle in the past. Looks like she's trying to make use of any info she can to try and prepare for battle against Carbuncle... or beside it.
  2385. [07:09:42] <Amaryllis> (oh fucks)
  2386. [07:09:51] <Giantree> (^)
  2387. [07:11:46] <Kain> You snap back into the Atheneum Stray.
  2388. [07:11:48] * Amaryllis takes in as much as she can before probably the scene fades back
  2389. [07:13:10] * Amaryllis sits back and scratches her head. "That felt quite strange."
  2390. [07:13:45] <Kain> Noah: "I can't imagine it feeling any other way, going from the descriptions I've heard..."
  2391. [07:14:01] <Kain> Noah: "You looked ill to begin with... are you feeling okay?"
  2392. [07:14:52] <Amaryllis> "I'm fine." Ammy smiles at Noah. "But thanks for the concern."
  2393. [07:15:20] <Kain> Noah nods. "Learn anything, then?"
  2394. [07:15:39] <Amaryllis> "...I do not think I shall soon forget the sensation of waking up naked next to the airship pirate Gilgamesh."
  2395. [07:16:24] <Kain> Noah: "You what."
  2396. [07:16:32] <Kain> Noah: D:
  2397. [07:16:54] <Amaryllis> "The good news is that Ayane seems to be preoccupied for the time, recouping lost resources. She plans to strike again once Cid lowers his guard, of course..." Ammy quickly moves on to her explanation.
  2398. [07:17:14] <Kain> Noah: "I... but..."
  2399. [07:17:46] <Kain> Noah struggles for a moment to regain his composure.
  2400. [07:17:58] <Amaryllis> "It is indeed his blood she seeks, and she needs him alive. Furthermore, she has a collection of books, including ones about Odin and Carbu- ..." She pauses. "Is something the matter?"
  2401. [07:18:11] <Kain> Noah: "That's... fortunate then. Um... n-nothing. No, don't worry about it."
  2402. [07:19:07] <Amaryllis> "The experience was quite horrifying, I assure you."
  2403. [07:20:26] <Kain> Noah isn't sure whether to be assured by that at all. D:
  2404. [07:21:03] <Amaryllis> "...In any case," moving along moving along, Ammy fills in the silence. "I had neglected to tell you..." her face turns somber.
  2405. [07:22:13] <Amaryllis> "A false Eidolon has taken residence in Nat's Aether Realm. A simulacrum or doppelganger, formed from some special Epitaph. It has been given false memories by the Glutton and appears to be a formidable foe..."
  2406. [07:23:37] <Amaryllis> "...Did I also neglect to mention the Glutton in my letters? He is a large Qu intent on...eating Eidolons. He attempted such with Leviathan, and..." Ammy's voice begins to tremble a little, and she shivers. "And I believe the weapon he wields inflicts unhealing wounds on Eidolons."
  2407. [07:24:18] * Amaryllis pauses to give Noah some time to take this in.
  2408. [07:24:35] <Kain> Noah is suddenly very srs, thinking about this quietly.
  2409. [07:24:57] <Kain> Noah: "This just raises all sorts of questions..."
  2410. [07:26:00] * Amaryllis nods shakily. Her hands are clutching bunched up fabric from her dress again, and her knuckles bleached white from the effort.
  2411. [07:30:21] <Kain> Noah: "As Librarian of the Twelve Gates, it is my duty to ensure that the stories of any new eidolon persist." he says hesitantly. "...but that duty be damned, I will see that eidolon obliterated before I let her or the Glutton lay a hand on you. This is a unique case, one that I probably should investigate once I leave Lindblum."
  2412. [07:30:58] <Kain> Noah: "A hand on you, OR Natalie." he adds.
  2413. [07:32:01] <Amaryllis> "Thank you, although yes it is Nat I worry about more. This simulacrum of a Carbuncle seems to be able to change freely between its human and non-human forms."
  2414. [07:32:43] <Kain> Noah: "If the difference between them is false memories, then that explains the condition Natalie suffers from."
  2415. [07:33:01] <Amaryllis> "What about what the Glutton is doing, or...the weapon he wields? That terrifies me as well." Her voice has gotten rather quiet.
  2416. [07:33:38] <Kain> Noah: "A weapon capable of unhealing wounds..."
  2417. [07:34:18] <Amaryllis> "I believe its purpose is to kill Eidolons. To heal Leviathan, we had to seek out dragon's mane underneath Daguerreo. His wounds would not heal normally without it."
  2418. [07:34:47] <Kain> Noah: "In that case, the story is likely tied in deeply with the Dragon's Mane itself."
  2419. [07:35:14] <Kain> Noah: "We will have to unravel this traveling backwards from end to beginning."
  2420. [07:36:33] <Amaryllis> Amaryllis shifts herself to better face Noah and listen. An expression of fear still crosses her face, though it's tempered by inquisitiveness now.
  2421. [07:38:20] <Kain> He's quiet a moment longer.
  2422. [07:39:17] <Amaryllis> "Are you alright, Noah? It is getting a little late, and you must be tired from your trip." Ammy's concern doesn't quite obliterate the fear from her face, but it wipes away a bit.
  2423. [07:40:44] <Kain> Noah: "Concerned. But otherwise..." he shakes his head. "It may do us well to get some rest..."
  2424. [07:41:31] <Amaryllis> "This story may well have to wait for another day then." Ammy takes a moment to compose herself and then rises from her seat, extending a hand to Noah.
  2425. [07:41:52] <Kain> He takes your hand and raises up. "Thank you."
  2426. [07:42:33] <Kain> He smiles. "I'll see you to your room then."
  2427. [07:43:31] * Amaryllis smiles back. "Ah, one last matter. My companions and I will be hosting a party tomorrow in celebration of saving the Regent. I am, well, not entirely sure of the details yet! But I shall be cooking for it, and you are welcome to attend."
  2428. [07:44:20] <Kain> Noah: "Then I shall have to! My thanks for your kindness. I look forward to meeting your companions."
  2429. [07:45:02] <Kain> Noah: "Cait's been looking forward to seeing Natalie again, but that will come in due time I suppose."
  2430. [07:46:13] <Amaryllis> "I see no reason why he could not come as well. But let's get some rest and discuss in the morning." Ammy takes a few steps and then turns, hands on her hips and a mock-serious expression. "You had better have kept up with watering my plants."
  2431. [07:47:51] <Kain> Noah laughs. "They are ever green as they always have been. In fact, you should be expecting new blooms soon. Perhaps even tomorrow."
  2432. [07:47:53] <Amaryllis> "Amaranthe expresses eternity, and Amaryllis radiant beauty. I expect both from the plants I keep in that room." She grins teasingly.
  2433. [07:49:23] <Kain> He escorts you to your room. "And Noah calls forth 'comfort', which I take pride in offering my esteemed guest." he teases back.
  2434. [07:51:33] <Amaryllis> "And you are doing a swell job of it. Thank you Noah, it really is great to see you once more." Ammy gives him a quickly friendly hug before entering her room.
  2435. [07:51:39] <Amaryllis> *quick
  2436. [07:52:26] <Kain> "Radiant beauty... your name truly does suit you." he says in a very quiet tone after bidding you goodnight. He lingers at your door a moment more, then heads off to his own room.
  2437. [07:52:56] <Kain> </mini>
  2439. ---
  2441. [20:33:38] <Amaryllis> This would be...the next day, early morning? Or what?
  2442. [20:33:43] <Kain> Probably, yeah!@
  2443. [20:35:59] <Kain> Your initiative.
  2444. [20:36:02] * Amaryllis has the lights on in her room earlier than most people would be waking up then! She's reading the novel from the other day, and she has her journal open to the side next to her with a pen laid over a page. Hasn't bothered to change out of her nightwear either just wake up and then BOOKS
  2445. [20:47:29] <Kain> A thick smell permeates the ship before long, the aroma of meaty sausage frying away. There are other noises, other sounds, other smells. and soon Noah knocks on your door. "Amaryllis? Breakfast."
  2446. [20:48:43] <Amaryllis> "In a minute. I am..." There's the sound of paper turning. "two pages from the end of this chapter."
  2447. [20:49:38] <Kain> You hear Noah's footsteps walking away, but you can almost see him smiling and hear him chuckling to himself.
  2448. [20:52:10] * Amaryllis takes a quick minute or two to finish reading, then gets up and stretches. She shuffles to her door and opens it a smidgen, sticking her head out to get a better whiff of the food cooking away before going back to get dressed.
  2449. [20:52:31] <Amaryllis> A few minutes later she's heading down the hall, journal tucked under one arm.
  2450. [20:56:34] <Kain> When you find yourself in the kitchen, Noah is tending to a large casserole dish, beginning to divide the contents up acoss plates. Cheesy, eggy, , bready, sausagey goodness.  A tiny black and white housecat with a little jaunty gold crown rests on top of the icebox, napping.
  2451. [20:57:47] <Kain> Noah: "Good morning! Did you sleep well?" he sets the table and begins peeling an orange and cutting it into slices.
  2452. [20:58:28] <Amaryllis> "Good morning, Noah. I did; it was soothing to be in a familiar room again." She takes a deep breath. "It smells delicious."
  2453. [20:58:35] <Kain> There's also an aromatic pot of coffee warm, too.
  2454. [20:59:41] <Kain> Noah: "Why, thank you. Please, help yourself." he smiles, and has a seat with his, taking the coffee to the table.
  2455. [21:02:11] * Amaryllis takes a seat, setting her journal to the side. It's as Noah might remember from before, a thick tome with heavy leather covers and an in-built locking mechanism, but with one notable difference - a bit of magicite embedded in the book strap. "Oh I shall, thank you. I see Cait is still napping, as usual."
  2456. [21:05:48] <Kain> Noah: "Unfortunately, yes. You know how it goes, sometimes. Sometimes he just retreats into a sopor." he sighs. "I don't believe anything is wrong, exactly, however."
  2457. [21:06:10] <Kain> Noah: "Made some modifications?" he asks, looking at the journal.
  2458. [21:08:40] <Amaryllis> "They say gemstones are magicite that has remembered the Eidolon it has come into contact with. Or I read it in an interesting book, rather. One written by an immortal man. Supposedly." Ammy smiles, flicking at the strap with a finger. "I wonder what this might one day turn into."
  2459. [21:16:00] <Kain> Noah: "What, indeed." he tucks into his breakfast quietly, but cheerful.
  2460. [21:16:13] <Kain> Noah: "An immortal man, you say? Hmm.."
  2461. [21:18:38] <Amaryllis> "Shall I show you my notes?" With a slow, patient motion Ammy unlocks her journal and slides it over, turning it around to face Noah. She stands up and leans over the table to flip through the pages. A sketch of the map of Gaia Ayane had, what look like recipes with a big warning label in all caps scribbled atop one, ah there we go, it's a rough summary of the 'life is memory and emotion' blurb.
  2462. [21:19:09] <Kain> He leans over to examine, putting his fork down for the moment.
  2463. [21:19:21] <Amaryllis> "It's a curious scientific theory. Or philosophy? It treads the line between the two, and I wondered how useful or correct it may be."
  2464. [21:19:47] <Amaryllis> With that Ammy sits back down and stabs a sausage with her knife, bringing it to her mouth to chomp down happily.
  2465. [21:21:09] <Kain> Noah: "I can't say for certain the notions are one hundred percent correct, but memory and emotion -are- supposedly rather important aspects of the crystal. Who knows what a man with so long to his life might believe, or have discovered?
  2466. [21:22:45] <Kain> Noah: "To me it seems like he's boiling down things to all-too simple ideas."
  2467. [21:23:59] <Amaryllis> "The Crystal is both memory and emotion then? And perhaps more than that?" Chomp chomp. "It has simply struck me as odd. When we reunite shards of the Crystal, they speak to us, in voices of souls long departed. But they profess to have no names now, and I wonder if something may be missing there."
  2468. [21:24:14] <Kain> Noah: "Curious..."
  2469. [21:24:42] <Kain> Noah: "Well, you would figure that if our souls are indeed recycled when we die, that our memories must be removed at some point."
  2470. [21:24:51] <Kain> Noah: "Kind of disconcerting when you think about it."
  2471. [21:26:47] <Amaryllis> "It sounds like dying again. perhaps that is too extreme. One does not die or become a different person without one's memories...right?"
  2472. [21:27:50] <Kain> Noah: "I do wonder..."
  2473. [21:28:42] <Amaryllis> "...I didn't, did I?"
  2474. [21:28:50] <Amaryllis> "Become a different person, I mean."
  2475. [21:29:07] <Kain> Noah: "..."
  2476. [21:29:17] * Amaryllis stabs at another part of her breakfest and eats intently, curious eyes fixated on Noah.
  2477. [21:29:35] <Kain> Noah: "You did act far different than you do now, but who's to say you're not the same person?"
  2478. [21:31:08] <Amaryllis> "People change. That much is true. What is a story without character development?" She chews her next few bites thoughtfully, swaying back and forth ever so slightly, as if caught in a decision. Finally, she swallows and asks. "...So how did I act?"
  2479. [21:35:51] <Kain> Noah: "An orphan of fifteen, your mother long dead. The other staff were your family. You were allowed to stay as long as you did your chores, but I had the feeling you resented it at times, that you wanted to break away from the shadow you stood in. You were rebellious at times, breaking curfew being a regular activity, and one of the least offensive. Like I said, I had barely known
  2480. [21:35:51] <Kain> you then, but you didn't particularly care for me."
  2481. [21:36:47] <Kain> Noah shrugs a bit. "Even the most responsible people can have been troublemakers in their youth. Like you said, people change."
  2482. [21:37:32] <Kain> Noah nomnomnom
  2483. [21:40:12] <Amaryllis> "I wonder what my father must have had planned, leaving me to simmer in possible resentment in such a way. Well, I am glad the last bit has changed. I hope I did not slight you when I was younger, and if I did I apologize. Life has been much more interesting since our travels began." Nomnomnom
  2484. [21:41:34] <Kain> Noah shakes his head. "You needn't apologize, it's far, far in the past."
  2485. [21:42:19] <Kain> Noah: "I'm very, very glad that you've enjoyed our time together." he smiles. "Hopefully we'll travel again together for quite some time to come. After your more pressing business, of course."
  2486. [21:43:04] <Amaryllis> "So there was something after all. I think ritual is important; you know that. So I apologize for whatever wrong I have done you in the past." She smiles, her eyes shining with the question 'so what was it?'
  2487. [21:43:39] <Kain> Noah: "Erm."
  2488. [21:44:20] <Kain> Noah: "You once implied that the reason Lord Alwyn saw me in private had nothing to do with the lessons I was supposedly taking."
  2489. [21:44:45] <Kain> Noah: "In less kind words."
  2490. [21:46:32] * Amaryllis looks a it shocked for a moment, stopping mid-chew. She swallows. "...You know, I am glad that people change."
  2491. [21:46:45] <Kain> Noah laughs a little. "I as well."
  2492. [21:49:21] <Amaryllis> "And yet, despite that, you chased after me when I ran, and you stayed by my side as I picked up the shattered pieces of my mind. You are a kind man, Noah."
  2493. [21:49:54] <Amaryllis> "I shall have to write about this later." She leans over again to pick up her journal. "This old tome needs more happy entries in these trying days."
  2494. [21:51:24] <Kain> Noah: "What can I say? I was dreadfully concerned about you. I was afraid our argument had been the cause of your death... and I realized, after you had been given your second chance... that I never wanted to see you hurt again."
  2495. [21:53:03] <Amaryllis> "That is quite touching." Ammy mumbles, staring down at her food intently now, her face a light shade of rose.
  2496. [21:53:52] <Kain> He's watching the steam rise out of his cup of coffee, a bit awkwardly.
  2497. [21:54:25] <Amaryllis> Stab. Chomp. Chew. Swallow. Stab. Chomp. Chew. Swallow.
  2498. [21:55:17] <Kain> After a moment, he sips his beverage, and changes the subject! "So, anything else intriguing you've discovered over your travels?"
  2499. [21:56:49] <Amaryllis> "Oh! Um, yes in fact. More disconcerting news, I am afraid. That has been the nature of all stories I've brought to you lately, hasn't it?" Ammy sighs with a shrug and a sad looking 'it can't be helped' sort of smile.
  2500. [21:57:57] <Amaryllis> "Nat's case may not be unique. Eiko has lost touch with some of her other Eidolons as well, their bonds severed as Nat's had been until recently."
  2501. [21:58:13] <Kain> Noah: "Oh dear."
  2502. [21:59:07] <Amaryllis> "Phoenix and Titan, to be specific."
  2503. [22:01:19] <Kain> Noah mutters something, and shakes his head. "Phoenix is no eidolon to be left out in the world as lost as Nat."
  2504. [22:01:53] <Amaryllis> "I would see neither lost if possible. But I see your point."
  2505. [22:06:22] <Kain> Noah: "Something must be done, then."
  2506. [22:07:36] <Kain> Noah: "We can't let a 'sickness' like this spread further."
  2507. [22:07:38] <Amaryllis> "Eiko said she had already investigated the Wall at Madain Sari and found nothing amiss. If their memories are lost as Nat's are, then there is little we can do but hope to run into them on our journeys."
  2508. [22:08:09] <Amaryllis> "The reunification of the Crystal seems to be the cure, or at least a partial remedy. So there is that much at least."
  2509. [22:08:45] <Kain> Noah: "If their cases are similar to Nat's, I wonder if they'll be in human form as well."
  2510. [22:10:09] * Amaryllis mock-groans. "Please, I have enough reason to hit the bottle already. They would be nigh impossible to find."
  2511. [22:11:06] <Kain> Noah laughs a bit. "No worries. I'll keep a lookout for them, myself. The atheneum should provide ample knowledge for me to begin the hunt."
  2512. [22:14:19] <Amaryllis> "On that note, could I ask a favor? I believe it would be helpful to learn what we can from Carbuncle's originating tales to help deal with the imposter that has appeared. I would ask simply to borrow some tomes for myself, but, well...tomes are tools as well, and you are far more knowledgeable than I and would make for a better researcher."
  2513. [22:17:10] <Kain> "You flatter me, Amaryllis... of course I'll do everything to help you and Natalie..." He thinks a moment.
  2514. [22:19:00] * Amaryllis takes Noah's pause to polish off the rest of her breakfast, leaning back with a satisfied sigh and dabbing at her lips with a napkin.
  2515. [22:22:56] <Kain> Noah: "Good?" he smiles. "Mm, the problem with that is that many of Carbuncle's stories have become lost to time, resulting in her power atrophying. The concept remains, of course, the mythical green beast with a ruby set in its forehead, whose shimmering light can turn back the tide of even the most powerful magic, but..."
  2516. [22:24:08] <Kain> Noah: " that I think on it, she was drawn to Ipsen's Castle, correct?"
  2517. [22:24:51] <Amaryllis> "Fantastic." Ammy beams. "Well, what do we know? She was used to seal Leviathan for some time - and yes she was. I do wonder why. One would think that would be my haunt. Ah, but I have a story to tell about that as well after this."
  2518. [22:25:58] <Kain> Noah: "There is a story I know, of four mirrors that guarded the gate to another world, that lay resting within that castle. Carbuncle herself is somewhat associated with mirrors, in a sense."
  2519. [22:26:05] <Kain> Noah: "I wonder if there's any connection..."
  2520. [22:26:41] <Amaryllis> "The four shrines? I recall reading about that, in a book about the history of the war ten years ago."
  2521. [22:27:22] <Kain> Noah nods. "I think that was it. I'm going to have to catch up with current history, myself. But each shrine had its own mirror, from what I remember reading."
  2522. [22:28:47] <Amaryllis> "The Earth Shrine is of interest to Ayane, according to her map. I shall have to talk to Nat later about this."
  2523. [22:30:31] <Kain> Noah nods.
  2524. [22:33:22] <Amaryllis> "It has been so long that I had nearly forgotten. I was tasked with bringing Carbuncle to the Architect. And yet, we have been out of contact with the latter for years now."
  2525. [22:35:10] <Kain> Noah: "Yes... the mysterious 'architect'.. While we don't have any idea who they are, I have it on good word they're a patient sort."
  2526. [22:36:04] <Amaryllis> "What...are we going to do? Yes, all I had been told was I would find them when I 'needed to' and nothing more. But the others, the two who seal and unseal the Gates to the Underworld. Does anyone else possess the knowledge of that place they once did?"
  2527. [22:36:36] <Kain> Noah: "Only the dead, as far as I know."
  2528. [22:37:03] <Amaryllis> "I fear we may have to become like the Summoners of today. Once, they were many and each took on Eidolon, as we each take one role ourselves. But now, it seems some may eventually have to learn to play multiple roles."
  2529. [22:37:10] <Amaryllis> *one
  2530. [22:40:01] <Kain> Noah: "If none already are."
  2531. [22:40:16] <Kain> Noah frowns, thinking.
  2532. [22:40:53] <Amaryllis> "I hope they have not presumed us dead as well then!" Ammy tries to keep her tone cheery, seeing Noah's obvious consternation.
  2533. [22:41:07] <Kain> Noah: "On another note, if this Ayane is indeed interested in the gates as the map would indicate..."
  2534. [22:41:22] <Kain> Noah: "Then it may be time for your companions to learn some of what we know."
  2535. [22:42:06] * Amaryllis takes a deep breath. "I was beginning to come to that conclusion myself, now that the Regent had been targeted specifically, likely for that purpose."
  2536. [22:42:16] <Kain> Noah: "At the very least I'd like to speak with Regent Cid. He is the ancestor of one of our organization's members, after all."
  2537. [22:42:24] <Kain> er
  2538. [22:42:26] <Amaryllis> (descendent?)
  2539. [22:42:26] <Kain> *descendent
  2540. [22:43:04] <Kain> Noah: "Cid I, the explorer king. It almost feels, looking at history, that he had his fingers in every pie."
  2541. [22:43:22] <Kain> Noah: "How could one man accomplish so much and not be reborn into legend, I wonder?"
  2542. [22:43:33] <Kain> Noah: "But I digress."
  2543. [22:44:15] <Amaryllis> "Mmm." Ammy stands up and begins putting the dishes aside to be cleaned. "It shall be, how to put it, a delicate dance to tell them what we know without revealing what...I am." She shifts, raising her hand as if to receive a waltz partner. "Have you memorized all the steps?" She says with a small giggle.
  2544. [22:44:39] <Amaryllis> And then she's back to cleaning again. "Perhaps his name is a form of that."
  2545. [22:45:24] <Amaryllis> "Every Regent since him has held it, and they have all done great things. Not an Eidolon, a legend taking physical form, but a legend taking the form of an invisible hand penning its own will into the story of the world even today."
  2546. [22:45:47] <Kain> Noah stands, almost a little disappointed you went back to cleaning, and slides his chair underneath the table. "Not -every- regent, actually. There are but nine Cids in five hundred years."
  2547. [22:46:14] <Amaryllis> "Oh." Ammy stares at her cleaning, embarassed at her mistake.
  2548. [22:48:00] <Kain> Noah: "Admittedly the ones that weren't Cids were rather glossed over... All except one, of course, who was so popular that people called him "King" instead of regent. The King Edgar Plains took their name from him." he muses. "You needn't worry about the mistake, however."
  2549. [22:48:19] <Amaryllis> (did he have a bitchin crossbow?)
  2550. [22:48:32] <Kain> (He totally had a bitching crossbow)
  2551. [22:49:24] <Kain> Noah: "It's entirely common to forget the Fabool hasn't been dominated with the name of Cid."
  2552. [22:50:24] <Amaryllis> "In a way that brings more credence to my theory, a name blessed by legend to do great things." Ammy tries to recover some of her SCHOLARLY DIGNITY.
  2553. [22:50:50] <Kain> *the fabool dynasty
  2554. [22:51:28] <Kain> Noah laughs. "Are you saying the name itself might be an egg of tales?"
  2555. [22:51:37] <Kain> Noah: "What an interesting theory..."
  2556. [22:52:28] <Amaryllis> "Or perhaps it has already been born. Not as an Eidolon, but a different species. As stories are varied as they are, is it not strange that when brought to life they are universally Eidolons? Perhaps that is only one form of life a story can take, and others are more invisible to us."
  2557. [22:52:46] <Kain> Noah: "Well said."
  2558. [22:53:15] <Kain> Noah: "By the way... there is something I would like to do before you go."
  2559. [22:53:27] <Amaryllis> "Thank you." Ammy sets some silverware on a drying rack and bows low, sweeping her hand in front of her.
  2560. [22:53:34] <Amaryllis> "Yes?" Ammy looks up.
  2561. [22:54:42] <Kain> Noah: "I would like to try to use hypnotherapy to bring out your inner self, to change your perceptions to those of Tonberry. There are a few things I would like to check... and among other things..."
  2562. [22:54:57] <Kain> Noah: "I believe I have successfully created a charm that will prevent you from turning on your allies." he says.
  2563. [22:55:40] * Amaryllis straightens up slowly. "...Are you sure? I mean, I do not doubt your competence in that, but..." Her voice is suddenly nervous.
  2564. [22:57:58] <Kain> Noah nods. "I think so... I've been researching variants of the Armistice spell. There have been attempts in the past, to alter its function ever so slightly. To be nonpermanent, to only work under certain conditions... or to block out violent thoughts altogether, as a complete counter of the Berserk status."
  2565. [22:59:05] * Amaryllis nods. "You have done your research, as always, I see." Her gaze shifts down and to the side, and she mumbles. "...But I do not like when you must see me in that state. I am such a horrible person then."
  2566. [22:59:12] <Kain> Noah: "I've attempted to create a charm - a minor spell mind you, not a physical object - that theoretically should keep you from targeting those close to you."
  2567. [22:59:16] <Kain> Noah: "Are you?"
  2568. [22:59:25] * Amaryllis nods slowly.
  2569. [23:00:35] <Amaryllis> "I kill without remorse those who do not deserve death. At some level, a pattern may exist in it to be gleaned from my tales, but I see it only as indiscriminate murder."
  2570. [23:01:48] * Amaryllis rubs her arm anxiously and sighs. "...You did always know best though, and I shall try this." She looks up again. "I trust you Noah. I really do. So I shall have to tell you a bit more about what direction my tale may take."
  2571. [23:02:24] <Kain> Noah nods.
  2572. [23:03:42] * Amaryllis sits down at the table again, beckoning at Noah to take his seat as well. She unlocks her journal and flips it open to her notes from K'ni...Knil?....YOU KNOW WHO I MEAN DAMN YOUR NAMES. That conversation. She pushes it to the middle of the table. "One moment."
  2573. [23:03:51] <Amaryllis> "I need to retrieve something from my room."
  2574. [23:04:01] <Kain> Noah: "Know that I care for you, though, no matter what state you're in. I want to help you, whatever it takes, whatever it costs." he nods again.
  2575. [23:04:12] * Amaryllis shuffles off to her room and returns with the engraved tablet from the tunnels.
  2576. [23:04:30] <Kain> Noah looks over it.
  2577. [23:07:37] <Amaryllis> "I spoke to a Tonberry. It seems they had avoided me out of what I thought was respectful deference when Nat ran to Ipsen's once more and we had to find her." She looks up at Noah. "Long story. She was fine." And then she's looking at the tablet and her notes again, tracing her fingers over the former.
  2578. [23:08:54] <Amaryllis> "He did not appreciate my lack of knowledge about his home, his people. He told me to seek out the Tonberry homeland, and to answer the questions of what the knife and the lantern mean. I believe I may have accidentally found the former, or some part of it, but I did not realize it until I had left."
  2579. [23:10:06] * Amaryllis pauses. "...Long story there too. I owe Terrato a favor now. That isn't going to be a problem for me later, is it?"
  2580. [23:11:20] <Kain> Noah: "Terrato? Mm... hard to say."
  2581. [23:12:09] <Kain> Noah: "Even I'm not sure from whence his stories begin, but serpents almost always have their own agenda in fables and such tales."
  2582. [23:12:26] <Kain> Noah: "Let's hope it'll turn out okay."
  2583. [23:13:16] <Kain> Noah: "Hm..." he points to the mural of the airship on the tablet. "Is that...? Yes, I think it is. Ark..."
  2584. [23:13:36] <Kain> Noah: "Lord Alwyn wrote about this eidolon."
  2585. [23:13:39] * Amaryllis nods. "And I apologize for skipping over such tales; it feels irreverent to do so. But I also feel I must get to the point. Yes, it is. And for that reason I am glad to have recovered my father's book on that Eidolon as well."
  2586. [23:14:05] <Amaryllis> Slowly over the past evening and morning, Ammy's use of "my father" has started sounding less and less awkward.
  2587. [23:14:19] <Kain> Noah seems to be glad to hear that.
  2588. [23:15:37] <Amaryllis> "The Tonberries made their homes underground, in tunnels near Ipsen's Castle. At least, that is where this tablet was, at the beginning of an undersea tunnel leading from the Forgotten Continent to this one."
  2589. [23:17:27] <Amaryllis> "I must visit it sometime, to understand the tales I am missing, to help fill the hole that makes me hollow now. But I fear if I leave to investigate now with no clear reason to revisit the Forgotten Continent, my companions will ask questions. Perhaps, if your travels permit, you could find these tunnels and bring artifacts from them to me when we meet again? I believe they may help with your hypnotherapy ideas as well..."
  2590. [23:19:22] <Kain> Noah thinks about that. "Sure, I could manage it. My flights have been perhaps a bit too regular as of late."
  2591. [23:20:47] <Amaryllis> "Thank you. I know not what you might find there," Ammy continues with a smile, "but they had a society, a civilization far more orderly than human tales have ever given them credit for. The one I spoke to, his name was Kni'lis. He was one who settled disputes and weighed karma in his community once. Perhaps that is the grain of truth at the core of human tales of Tonberry as karmic avengers."
  2592. [23:21:34] <Amaryllis> "But the point is, I feel great stories must heed the stories they have succeeded. They need not pay homage in more than passing reference, but they cannot be ignorant of what has come before them. And I have every intention of writing my own tale, but it shall not be one that does not respect the tales crafted before it."
  2593. [23:22:33] <Kain> Noah nods. "I certainly respect that."
  2594. [23:23:09] <Amaryllis> "Even the ones that plague me now and drive me to murder must be recognized in my retelling, even if only in spurning their conclusions or denouncing them. That they once existed is important." Christ does this girl ever shut up once you get her started? The answer is no, and Noah probably feels like a character out of a Dostoyevsky novel, forced to endure constant monologue.
  2595. [23:23:35] <Kain> A bit of movement in the corner of your eye briefly indicates Cait jumping from the icebox into Noah's coat hanging on the rack, and promptly going back to sleep, his tail hanging out of the pocket.
  2596. [23:24:05] <Amaryllis> The distraction breaks Ammy out of her monologue reverie, and she smiles at the playful antics.
  2597. [23:25:02] <Amaryllis> "So..." Her voice returns to the nervous tone again, though somewhat abated this time. "When did you want to try this?"
  2598. [23:25:48] <Kain> Noah: "Before you left, hopefully."
  2599. [23:25:56] <Kain> Noah: "But anytime before we part ways is fine."
  2600. [23:26:28] <Amaryllis> "As in before I left this morning?" Ammy tugs nervously at her sleeve.
  2601. [23:26:49] <Kain> Noah: "That's what I meant, yes, but we don't have to." he smiles reassuringly.
  2602. [23:28:10] <Giantree>
  2603. [23:30:51] <Amaryllis> After a few moments of squirming and thinking, Ammy finally nods. "Then we shall do this. I would like to ease into it, however, if possible."
  2604. [23:33:27] <Kain> Noah nods. "Okay, then. Perhaps the best place would be in here, then." he leads you to his study, a small room with yet more books and comfy chairs, the difference being an important looking desk that carries the honor of holding paper not bound by covers. Seriously why do these bookish types have to have a study AND a reading room?
  2605. [23:34:51] <Amaryllis> So that if the spaghetti falls out of their pockets and floods one room, they still have the other, of course! Ammy follows nervously, despite her familiarity with this room.
  2606. [23:37:39] <Kain> Noah draws the curtains in the room, and gestures for you to close the door, as he has a seat.
  2607. [23:39:13] * Amaryllis tugs the door shut and then has a seat herself.
  2608. [23:40:44] <Kain> Noah: "You're a bit on edge, right?"
  2609. [23:40:53] <Kain> Noah: "Why don't we talk about that, first?"
  2610. [23:40:56] <Amaryllis> "A little, yes."
  2611. [23:43:22] <Kain> There's a globe of gaia on a small table in one corner of the room, and a small, magical fountain featuring a disheveled looking man leaning over and 'vomitting' water into the basin, which is directed back up through the statuary again. Likely a gag gift from SOMEONE at some point.
  2612. [23:43:30] <Amaryllis> "Where should I start? If I am a being made of tales, then you are about to peer into the core of who I am. And I do not like what I have seen there. You have given me reassurances over and over again, but you can see why I still worry, right?"
  2613. [23:44:04] <Kain> Noah: "I understand, yes, but maybe it'd help to give your concerns further voice."
  2614. [23:44:05] <Amaryllis> (that is a rather funny mental image)
  2615. [23:44:39] <Amaryllis> "Whatever do you mean, Noah?" Ammy's doing the nervous crinkling her clothes thing again.
  2616. [23:45:38] <Kain> Noah shrugs. "If you have nothing further to say then I suppose I meant nothing." he keeps his gentle smiles.
  2617. [23:46:16] <Kain> Noah: "Could you take out your knife and lantern, and put them in front of you on the desk?"
  2618. [23:47:08] <Amaryllis> "I...I..." Ammy strains to speak for a moment. She takes a second to compose herself, and then speaks more quickly all in one breath. "I believe I shall become more nervous the longer we wait, so yes, let us begin."
  2619. [23:47:26] * Amaryllis waves her hand over the desk and calls for her knife. She sets the lantern next to it.
  2620. [23:48:04] <Kain> Noah nods, and begins chanting something softly. A warm sort of air fills the room. It feels rather gentle.
  2621. [23:48:32] <Kain> He then reaches over and lights the lantern, quietly, now the main source of light in the room.
  2622. [23:49:17] <Kain> Noah: "Sit back, and relax your posture. Try to sink into the chair. Notice how soft it is." he says in a soothing voice.
  2623. [23:50:59] * Amaryllis does so, loosening her shoulders and letting go of her crinkled clothing. One deep breath follows another, and her eyes go from dots filled with frantic fear to a sort of glazed over serenity.
  2624. [23:52:02] <Kain> The room around the lantern seems to darken, almost, leaving only the light source visible, as it slowly rises up into the air and begins to sway.
  2625. [23:53:35] <Kain> "Watch the light, and listen to the sound of my voice. The light is very familiar, isn't it? Comforting, omnipresent."
  2626. [23:54:44] * Amaryllis nods slowly, electing not to speak as she moves her eyes like pendulums to follow the sway of the lantern's light.
  2627. [23:54:50] <Kain> Noah: "Try to relax even further, now, as if floating in the caress of a gentle void."
  2628. [23:55:37] <Amaryllis> Every limb goes limp, and it almost looks as if Ammy's in danger of slipping off her chair.
  2629. [23:55:49] <Kain> Sway, sway, sway, your eyes start to move on their own, watching the flame. In the darkness, they begin to glow yellow.
  2630. [23:56:47] <Kain> "Now, close your eyes.... Let your conscious mind drift off into peaceful slumber..."
  2631. [23:57:34] <Amaryllis> If she's aware enough to do so, Ammy gives Noah one last nervous gaze before closing her eyes. Or just the latter if she isn't.
  2632. [23:59:08] <Kain> "You are wandering toward the familiar light... your knife is nearby, but not needed. This place is safe for you... so awaken, Tonberry, that I may speak with you."
  2633. [00:03:13] <Amaryllis> "The knife is always needed." Ammy's voice comes out hollow, distant. "It is one half of a whole. The light illuminates the world so that the knife may cut away from it. Always cutting. There is always that which can be trimmed away."
  2634. [00:03:45] <Kain> When you open your eyes, the study is back into focus. The lantern and knife lay before you on the desk.
  2635. [00:03:56] <Kain> You have no particular compulsion to stab Noah, however.
  2636. [00:04:54] <Kain> Noah: "Please describe your surroundings to me." he says, not responding to that.
  2637. [00:05:17] <Kain> His voice still quite soothing and pleasant.
  2638. [00:05:45] <Kain> You aren't restrained from moving around, and may do what you wish.
  2639. [00:09:49] * Amaryllis slowly reaches forward for the lantern and knife first, holding them in the traditional position. "What do I see? I ssssssee..." her voice is inconsistent, slipping here and there into different tones, occasionally taking on what she's heard of Tonberry hissing. "I see no outline about you, no guide for where to cut." She squints.
  2640. [00:11:11] <Kain> He waits, patiently, listening.
  2641. [00:11:35] <Amaryllis> "But at your feet liesssss one that had to be cut out. Bloody papers on your dessssk. It isssss dark in here, and the stench of death is about the air. Why have you called me...Noah?" It seemed for a second she was going to say 'human', but somehow the name came out instead, reluctantly.
  2642. [00:13:28] <Kain> Noah: "Relax..." he coos at you. "I have called you forth to learn."
  2643. [00:15:36] * Amaryllis gets up and begins slowly shuffling about the room. She stops at a book, and her gaze flows from it to a spot on the floor. "I see reasonssssss for death, threads spun by the musessss." She taps the spot of the book where the author is written with her knife. "This thread is called greed, this one jealousy." She jabs at seemingly empty air.
  2644. [00:16:14] <Amaryllis> "And then lead..." Her hand flows down, pointing her knife at the spot of the ground she had been staring at. "To that body there, marked with ssssstab wounds."
  2645. [00:16:50] <Kain> Noah: "Tell me of the act."
  2646. [00:19:45] <Amaryllis> "There are many things that must be cut from this world. Here, I also ssssssee, two scholarly brotherssss bound by greed. One cuts out the other. I see a lover cut out her unfaithful husband, who had doting on a ssssstudent. I ssssee all this, and I simply imitate it." She stabs at empty air.
  2647. [00:20:20] <Kain> Noah: "Does the knife merely cut?"
  2648. [00:20:35] <Amaryllis> "That is what a knife doessssss."
  2649. [00:20:56] <Kain> Noah: "May it not do something else? Does the light merely illuminate?"
  2650. [00:22:33] <Amaryllis> "It shows where to cut. It may also mislead. Bring one away in the darkness to be cut." She turns around again, shuffling to the other end of the room. Then turns to face the curtains. "That is quite the rainstorm this morning."
  2651. [00:23:13] <Kain> Noah: "A grim tale should always be marked with appropriate weather, should it not?"
  2652. [00:23:55] <Amaryllis> "Yessss."
  2653. [00:24:19] <Kain> Noah: "The clouds darken the sky. The shadows grow, easier to hide within. The falling water conceals the tears."
  2654. [00:24:34] <Amaryllis> "You underssstand."
  2655. [00:24:37] <Kain> Noah: "Tell me, Tonberry, what do you desire?"
  2656. [00:25:58] <Amaryllis> "To do my work. To cut, to cut, to cut. It makessss the world look nicer. There is always room to trim away."
  2657. [00:26:27] <Kain> Noah: "What of when nothing remains?"
  2658. [00:28:00] <Amaryllis> "There is always room to trim away." Ammy repeats as she turns from the curtains toward Noah, eyes glowing.
  2659. [00:28:14] <Kain> Noah: "And do you wish to trim me, as well?"
  2660. [00:29:24] <Amaryllis> "Sssssomeday, it may be time to trim you as well. I do not see the threadssss or the guidesssss right now." She turns away, and slowly shuffles to the other side of the room again.
  2661. [00:29:46] <Kain> Noah: "There is a story I know..."
  2662. [00:30:22] <Amaryllis> "Yesss...?" She turns again, walking toward the curtains this time, continuing to shuffle and turn, walking a boxed lap around the room.
  2663. [00:30:45] <Kain> Noah: "There is a light that may guide, and a knife that might protect. And what is trimmed away not be physical, but despair itself."
  2664. [00:31:00] <Kain> Noah: "Have you heard such a story?"
  2665. [00:32:46] <Amaryllis> "I have trimmed despair before." She continues shuffling, but waves a the knife toward where she had indicated the body before. "Despair of a wronged lover."
  2666. [00:34:12] <Kain> Noah: "A wound such as that may not be sealed by a knife. It will instead grow deeper."
  2667. [00:35:46] <Amaryllis> "And it makes the world look nicer. Then I sssssshall trim away those feelings altogether. And it will again look nicer sssssstill."
  2668. [00:37:04] <Kain> Noah: "What is your ideal world?"
  2669. [00:41:00] <Amaryllis> "I know what you asssssk, and my answer is not a constant one. A world where there is alwaysssss more to cut away, more room to trim and look nicer." She turns her knife over, examining it in the lantern light. "A world like this one." She approaches one of the study walls, shining her light on it. "Like this stone wall, sssssstained with blood. It will break down, trimmed away by itself over agessss. And then it returns to earth
  2670. [00:41:07] <Amaryllis> and is pressed into new stone. Splashed with new blood."
  2671. [00:41:56] <Kain> Noah: "Do you delight in your work?"
  2672. [00:43:48] <Amaryllis> "Yessss. I enjoy cutting away ugly things, things that do not belong, things that have overstayed their time." Ammy turns to stare at Noah. "And I look forward to cutting away new thingsssss and discovering where I might do the trimming with them."
  2673. [00:45:27] <Kain> Noah nods, and then directs his hand at the chair. "Would you please have a seat again? You things would look nice on the desk, as well." he insists, gently.
  2674. [00:45:30] <Kain> *Your
  2675. [00:46:07] * Amaryllis shuffles to the desk and sets the lantern and knife on top, with reluctance, and then sits down.
  2676. [00:47:04] <Kain> Noah: "One final question, then. You know my name. Thus you know who I am. Tell me how you perceive me. What know you of me?"
  2677. [00:49:32] <Amaryllis> "Sssssomething meaningful, something precious. The kind of thing with the mossssst intricately woven threads. The kind of thing that produces the most beautiful cutsssss. The kind of thing it is nicest to trim away."
  2678. [00:50:31] <Kain> Noah scratches his chin, trying to figure out that, for a moment, then nods. "Very well, then. Please, relax... become comfortable in your seat, and listen to the sound of my voice against the raindrops."
  2679. [00:50:59] * Amaryllis continues to stare up at Noah but leans back, loosens a bit.
  2680. [00:51:36] <Kain> The lantern on the desk begins to dim a bit. "You're getting awfully sleepy, aren't you? It would be nice to simply drift away..."
  2681. [00:52:07] * Amaryllis nods, and her eyelids grow heavy, slowly closing down on her vision.
  2682. [00:52:22] <Kain> "Now listen to my words, and heed them as truth they are."
  2683. [00:52:40] <Amaryllis> Another slow nod.
  2684. [00:55:46] <Kain> "I bind thee thy fate, egg of tales. There exist threads Lachesis spins that cannot be cut, their material turning away blade and scissor alike. This quality of thread is spun in the tales of those you consider your friends and comrades, and may never be severed by you. To this armistice, this geas, you shall heed, as integral to your story as any part of you."
  2685. [00:56:57] <Kain> "Let this charm bless your very being, in the name of the Crystal."
  2686. [00:57:16] <Amaryllis> "So it is written." Ammy mumbles in assent as she nods again, eyes nearly fully closed now.
  2687. [00:57:24] <Kain> "Now awaken as yourself, Amaryllis." he stands and throws open the curtains.
  2688. [00:58:21] * Amaryllis blinks. Blinks. Looks at the light of the morning light through the curtains. Then at Noah. And then she buries her face in her lap.
  2689. [00:58:39] <Kain> Noah sits down, his face full of worry.
  2690. [00:59:02] <Kain> Noah: "You've got a long way to go... but I don't believe it's hopeless. Are you okay, Amaryllis?"
  2691. [00:59:34] <Amaryllis> It is another two or three minutes before she looks up again, unless Noah does something.
  2692. [00:59:54] <Kain> Noah eventually does get up and kneels next to her chair, putting a hand on her shoulder.
  2693. [01:01:31] <Kain> Noah: "I wish I could do more, but that charm is literally at the full extent of my powers..." he looks exhausted, for the record.
  2694. [01:01:32] * Amaryllis looks up then after a time, the hem of her skirt wet and her face streaked with tears. "Noah, you know I wouldn't...wouldn't ever...right?"
  2695. [01:01:42] <Kain> Noah: "I know." he nods.
  2696. [01:01:50] <Amaryllis> "Even without the charm. I wouldn't."
  2697. [01:01:58] <Kain> He nods again.
  2698. [01:02:14] <Kain> "I have full faith in you, Amaryllis. It's not my safety I was concerned about at all."
  2699. [01:04:05] * Amaryllis reaches a hand up toward the desk and waves it roughly, her knife poofing as she does. "What it...what I said at the very end though." She brings her hands up and starts massaging her temples. "Thank you. For believing in my story."
  2700. [01:05:07] <Amaryllis> "I also...feel as if I have brought more disrespect to Kni'lis. I spoke in his manner but with words that corrupt and taint his story..."
  2701. [01:05:28] <Kain> Noah: "I'm sorry for those questions, I never doubted, you...  I just wanted to gauge the reaction. You are very precious to me, as well..." he starts to say, but he listens.
  2702. [01:07:08] <Kain> Noah: "The road to correct this was never to be an easy one. The fact you are trying should speak volumes more about the situation than what you said. I don't believe you're as disrespectful as you think."
  2703. [01:07:18] <Kain> he adds, after a hesitant moment.
  2704. [01:07:37] <Amaryllis> "There is a sanctuary now, deep in the recesses of my aether realm. It is lit by the warming glow of a lantern, and reliefs of tonberries are carved into an altar upon its floor. I feel as if I could draw your name from that sanctuary, even in the darkness of the tales I was enveloped in. But then I could do nothing more as those tales turned that name against what I stand for."
  2705. [01:08:27] <Kain> Noah: "One step at a time." he takes out a handerchief and goes to wipe your face. "One step at a time, okay?"
  2706. [01:09:43] * Amaryllis nods as she lets Noah wipe away her tears. "A penstroke becomes a letter. A letter becomes a word. A word becomes a sentence. A sentence becomes a chapter. And a chapter becomes a story."
  2707. [01:10:09] <Kain> Noah: "I tried to invoke the words you had written within the book, but no progress quite yet... Still, eventually..."
  2708. [01:10:48] <Amaryllis> "Those are the words of one, against the stories of many. Someday though..." She tries her best at a hopeful smile.
  2709. [01:11:02] <Kain> Noah smiles too and stands, offering you his hand.
  2710. [01:11:25] * Amaryllis takes it, rising out of her seat.
  2711. [01:11:37] <Kain> Noah: "The quality of a story is important, too. Let us write together, then..."
  2712. [01:12:18] * Amaryllis nods. "Yes. Let's."
  2713. [01:12:35] <Kain> aaand </mini>?
  2714. [01:12:45] <Amaryllis> Sure. Thanks. :>
  2716. ---
  2718. [20:03:32] <Kain> As I recall, you had departed Renegade's on a little errand...
  2719. [20:03:37] <Kain> What would that be?
  2720. [20:06:32] <Amaryllis> Actually, I didn't think about that at all. Uh, let's just say it's some grocery shopping.
  2721. [20:08:31] <Kain> So you've found a small, open-air farmer's market around the middle of town. The moons shine brightly down on the city, and various stands are selling produce and other things.
  2722. [20:10:35] <Kain> Cabbages, fruits, rice, dried seaweed, carrots, potatoes... lots of things fresh from Dali and other cities. The prices are a bit high, but what can you expect with imports?
  2723. [20:11:33] * Amaryllis approaches one of the stalls and runs a hand through one of the containers of rice, letting the grains fall between her fingers back into the container.
  2724. [20:11:58] <Amaryllis> "It is a good season for risotto, is it not?"
  2725. [20:14:08] <Kain> "Yes ma'am." comes the vendor's response. "Fairly popular among the nobility this time of year..."
  2726. [20:15:54] <Kain> "'course, it's also stew weather for the ones what can't afford anything too fancy.." he shrugs a big deeper into his jacket.
  2727. [20:17:11] * Amaryllis scoops some of it into a bag and hands it over for the vendor to weigh. "There is no need to relegate stews to that lower station. A good beef stew is always wonderful in the winter.""
  2728. [20:19:23] <Kain> He sets the bag on the scales, eyeing it a moment, and gives you the price. "I suppose so, but for some it's cabbage, no beef. Hard life for some folk around here..."
  2729. [20:21:07] <Kain> A wealthy looking nezumi in a a colorful outfit passes by, attending a nearby stall. A pair of gruff bodyguards behind him, nothing too noteworthy of him except it being slightly unusual for those in the money to do their shopping here in person.
  2730. [20:22:26] * Amaryllis nods. "It is the city that never sleeps, after all. Some kept up by their revelry, others by their struggle simply to live." She hands over the gil.
  2731. [20:24:04] <Kain> And he thanks you as he hands you your things. Your bag of rice in hand, you find yourself leaving the market while thinking about the various food you'll be preparing.
  2732. [20:24:48] <Kain> It's only after a few minutes that you realize that you seem to be following the nezumi noble, unable to change your path of your own will.
  2733. [20:26:00] <Kain> Unable to speak, unable to move, you find yourself merely moving quietly behind, stalking this person and his entourage.
  2734. [20:28:30] <Kain> Your last victim was a member of the nobility too, weren't they? Perhaps your other self has begun to develop a taste for the affluent. Your thoughts however, are your own even now.
  2735. [20:30:27] <Amaryllis> Ammy's mind races, her thoughts probing and reaching within her own head for that shadowy corner where Tonberry's tales reside. To be clear on what's established, is this the norm, or are Ammy's thoughts usually less clear during these episodes?
  2736. [20:30:42] <Kain> You're more lucid now than is usual, for certain.
  2737. [20:30:57] <Kain> The Burmecian directs his bodyguards - each carrying a bag of fine cheeses and cabbages, through one of the many side streets in the Treno area, and you shuffle behind into the near-alleyway, the streetlights dimming as you hear yourself whisper the incantation for Twilight.
  2738. [20:31:39] <Kain> You feel a very strong force resist your probes, pushing you back into your own corner.
  2739. [20:33:03] <Kain> Your left hand moves, hanging your lantern at your waist, and with a twitch of your finger, the light snuffs out as you literally seem to melt into the shadows.
  2740. [20:33:33] <Kain> The bodyguards glance around as the lights dim, but see nothing out of the ordinary. The Burmecian too hesitates, but urges his men onward.
  2741. [20:34:34] <Kain> You continue gliding along unseen in the dark nooks and crannies of the street, a sensation you've certainly never felt before as your body is not unlike that of a specter.
  2742. [20:35:35] <Kain> And after a moment, you emerge behind the guards, regaining your corporeal form. Your right hand raises up, the switchblade called to your grip. ...You left hand raises up, and an identical knife appears, called from a different point in time.
  2743. [20:35:49] <Kain> And wordlessly you plunge one blade each into the necks of the bodyguards.
  2744. [20:36:33] <Amaryllis> After a few more attempts to push back and reach through to the other parts of her mind, Ammy simply begins to think to herself 'There is a story I know, of refugees brought to new world. With their lanterns they found their way, and their knives guarded them. But never was murder their way. There is a story I know, of a lost band of summoners. With sharp blades they carved legends into the cave walls, and by the flame of the
  2745. [20:36:34] <Amaryllis> lantern they told stories. There is a story I k-..." Her mental narrative pauses sharply at the stabbing.
  2746. [20:37:16] <Kain> Their cries are gurgles of urgency, blood running everywhere as their bodies drop into the filthy streets and begin to lose their life force. The Burmecian turns around sharply, alarmed as you dismiss one of the knives and shuffle in for the kill. Inside your head, your mental voice sounds like the cry of a child against the deafening silence within the eye of a storm.
  2747. [20:38:19] <Kain> You hear yourself speak thus: "The fatesss have deemed your thread be cut next. So it is written."
  2748. [20:39:35] <Kain> You lunge forward with the knife, but there's a quick blur of movement as the man draws a shortsword of his own, hidden in his sleeve, and parries your blow to the side. After his initial shock, he seems to just have a look of disapproval on his face.
  2749. [20:42:33] <Kain> "First Albert, and now on to me... hm? I see..." the Burmecian leaps backwards, beginning to chant something under his breath. A ripple of violet waves seem to emanate from your body, and you can feel a blinding pain as the spell attempts to confuse you. Your own powers, however, allow you to resist the enchantment's effects.
  2750. [20:44:23] <Kain> You lunge forward again, shadows covering your blade as your lash out with as much power as you're capable of, all at once. The attack digs deep into the nezumi, a gash opening across his chest, but he seems determined to actually fight you.
  2751. [20:44:45] <Amaryllis> In her own head, Ammy mentally cries out from the pain, interrupting another llitany of Tonberry tales. Her focus wavering, she simply tries her best to focus on the events unfolding before her - and in particular what the Nezumi is saying.
  2752. [20:46:12] <Kain> "Now is not yet time for my death, I'm afraid." he rolls forward and under you, positioning his legs for an incredibly powerful kick that launches you upwards - past the safety of the shadows, above the rooftops of the nearby buildings.
  2753. [20:47:37] <Kain> You feel pain travel in waves through your body, preventing you from even moving for the moment. And it seems he's leaping up the side of the buildings to follow you into the air.
  2754. [20:49:45] <Kain> Once he's in the air, he unleashes a startling bright light that explodes outwards from his fist, the waves rocking into you and sending you hurtling back to the streets below.
  2755. [20:50:15] <Kain> You land hard, and despite a desperate attempt on your part, cannot force yourself to rise.
  2756. [20:51:06] <Kain> He tumbles down nearby, landing and out of breath. He just stares at you a moment, and shakes his head. "I must leave... if my location is known, then..."
  2757. [20:52:25] <Kain> You feel a sudden and startling emotion well up in your body. Hatred for this Nezumi. You hate him, with every fiber of your being. Your hand open and closes around your knife, trying to will yourself to crawl forward and end his life, but you simply can't summon the strength. You hear yourself groaning, "I must.... I mussst...."
  2758. [20:53:20] <Kain> The nezumi approaches you and steps on your knife arm, then lifts your head by the hair, positioning his short blade on your neck. "Apologies, but I can't have you follow me."
  2759. [20:53:33] <Kain> But... he pauses, as he sees the knife you still cling to.
  2760. [20:53:59] <Kain> Nezumi: "Wait a moment, you're..."
  2761. [20:54:41] <Amaryllis> With all the willpower she can summon at this moment, through the pain and being pushed back by Tonberry, Ammy is going to try to activate the Golden Gaze if possible.
  2762. [20:55:11] <Kain> Footsteps, you hear the sound of heavily armored footsteps as treno guards rush towards the scene. The Nezumi bites his lip, then picks up your mostly limp form and stuffs you into a barrel despite your attempts to stab him even then. As you lock eyes with him a moment, you feel his mind link to yours.
  2763. [20:57:43] <Kain> "Child, I know not what's happened to you, but we shall meet again. I trust you have been taking good care of her... Good, continue to do so. Our paths will cross once more not too long from now."
  2764. [20:58:41] <Kain> The nezumi glances over his shoulder, and slams down the barrel of the lid as the footsteps grow closer. You feel yourself lose consciousness as the pain finally gets to you.
  2765. [20:59:54] <Kain> When you regain your senses, your body is again your own.
  2766. [21:01:32] <Kain> *lid of the barrel
  2767. [21:01:33] <Kain> whoops.
  2768. [21:02:41] <Amaryllis> "urghhhh..." Ammy groans in pain, but it takes only a second for her training to kick in, and for her to focus on the immediacy of her situation. If there's room enough to move at all, she pokes a small hole in the side of the barrel with her knife and peers out, listening as well. How bad off is she feeling right now anyway?
  2769. [21:03:12] <Kain> You feel like you're at 1 HP.
  2770. [21:03:30] <Kain> Which is to say you're exhausted, beaten, not bruised, but certainly not 100%.
  2771. [21:03:55] <Amaryllis> Nothing feels like it's broken though?
  2772. [21:03:56] <Kain> The street... seems to be empty. A little time has passed. No one bothered cleaning up the bloodstains, but the bodies are gone.
  2773. [21:04:04] <Kain> Everything seems to move, yes.
  2774. [21:05:51] <Amaryllis> Ammy mentally commends herself for her surprising physical fortitude here given what she just went through, and she mutters the incantation for twilight, focusing on the street outside through the hole in the barrel.
  2775. [21:06:27] <Amaryllis> Then she tries to pop the lid and crawl out of the barrel.
  2776. [21:10:57] <Kain> You tumble out of the barrel into the streets, managing to compose yourself. Everything seems to be as deserted as before, though nearby you can hear some guys talking.
  2777. [21:11:37] <Kain> "So it was a chick with green hair that knifed them? Where is she now then, genius?" "Like I know. I got out of there as soon as they started slinging magic around."
  2778. [21:12:32] <Kain> "Think we should tell the city guard?" "Ehh, it's just a couple of knifings, they happen." "Yeah, but she was going after someone with cash, maybe we can get a reward for it."
  2779. [21:13:33] <Kain> You don't see anyone... guess they're around one of the corners nearby or something.
  2780. [21:14:04] <Amaryllis> In her head, every bit of Ammy wants to scream - from anguish as her eyes sweet over the bloodstains, from pain as she stretches her battered limbs, from panic as she overhears the conversation nearby - but she dips into her reserves of willpower and remains coldly pragmatic. A quick check of the barrel to make sure none of her clothing caught on it, or bloodstains or any other remnants.
  2781. [21:14:29] <Amaryllis> And then if there's nothing, she slinks into the shadow and starts shuffling off away from the direction of the voices.
  2782. [21:14:58] <Kain> You slink off, unseen. No one's still skulking about in this particular spot. Jesus, what just happened?
  2783. [21:15:44] <Amaryllis> As she passes the bloodstains, she slows and mouthes a silent prayer to the muses before continuing, not daring to speak aloud, even in a whisper.
  2784. [21:16:23] <Kain> The odd lucidity, the things that nezumi said... And on top of all this... it seems like a manhunt may start in the name of a couple of bystanders' greed.
  2785. [21:16:24] <Kain> Great.
  2786. [21:18:37] <Amaryllis> Thoughts and analysis are for a later time. Ammy sloughs off her cloak and begins to burn away the fabric with her magic, leaving nothing but ash behind as she goes. Another muttering of intuitive magic, and her hair turns a deep black, and marks not dissimilar to burn scars appear on her face.
  2787. [21:19:09] <Kain> At least your rice didn't spill!
  2788. [21:19:42] <Kain> There's SOME bright point in all of this, right...?
  2789. [21:20:27] <Kain> Okay, so maybe not.
  2790. [21:20:45] <Amaryllis> The bright point is in the shine of the whiskey bottle in the moon's light as Ammy pulls it from her bag, of course. She will have to think about how to deal with all this later, of course, but for now all she wants is to drink and forget as she finds a quiet and deserted alley or corner.
  2791. [21:21:01] <Kain> Fair enough.
  2792. [21:21:08] <Kain> And so that is that.
  2793. [21:21:12] <Kain> For now, at least.
  2795. [21:27:45] <Natalie> If Ammy doesn't come back Nat actually has every reason to go into town alone looking for her
  2796. [21:29:18] <~Amaryllis> Ammy has always come back to where the pair are staying each night when this happens.
  2797. [21:30:42] <Natalie> All right, then presumably it's past midnight so the others wouldn't notice?  Or... better idea, Nat's outside because she's been being silly and trying to teach Ambrosia how to fight all evening.  Hey Kain this okay?
  2798. [21:31:13] <~Amaryllis> Let's just assume it's inside. Ammy would want to get inside after this.
  2799. [21:31:44] <Natalie> Well it's more like, Nat's outside and sees her coming, then they GO inside.
  2800. [21:32:05] <~Amaryllis> Sure.
  2801. [21:34:09] <Natalie> It's like she has some sort of Ammysense or something, because she's running off from whatever silliness she was doing to see what's up as soon as the inevitable shuffling toward Thetaland happens, Ruby acting like a flashlight in the middle of the night.
  2802. [21:34:11] <Natalie> 4!!
  2803. [21:36:39] * Natalie actually gives Ammy a tackle-hug and stares into her eyes to assure that it's Ammy, what with her hair color being different and all. "Hey, what happened? You look..."
  2804. [21:36:40] * ~Amaryllis is still making her way back in the shadows of Treno if possible, but as Nat approaches, she allows her twilight spell to fade as she comes into view. Though her appearance is still altered, and she probably looks like shit from the beating, she's still (hopefully) recognizably Ammy to Nat.
  2805. [21:37:10] <~Amaryllis> The smell of whiskey probably hits Nat's nose if she's hugging.
  2806. [21:37:31] <Natalie> "... That's not alright."  Nat steps back and the tiara glows a bright red.  "4Ruby Healing!!"
  2807. [21:38:21] * Natalie does an animu pose and wisps of red seep into the Ton- I mean the serv- I mean the- ... Ammy's wounds, easing the bruises a bit. Worried, the smaller girl takes her hand.
  2808. [21:38:45] * ~Amaryllis mutters a half-comprehensible "thanks" and starts to shuffle on inside.
  2809. [21:39:15] <Natalie> "If Amby doesn't say anything I think we can get in quiet.  C'mon."
  2810. [21:40:20] * ~Amaryllis nods.
  2811. [21:40:46] * Natalie abuses her goofy stealth score without rolling it to- wait a second there are TWO clients in here.
  2812. [21:41:05] <Natalie> 2d6+6 just because
  2813. [21:41:05] <Giantree> Natalie, 2d6+6: 1 5 + 6 [12]
  2814. [21:41:20] <~Amaryllis> 2d6+4
  2815. [21:41:20] <Giantree> Amaryllis, 2d6+4: 5 4 + 4 [13]
  2816. [21:41:21] <Natalie> Amaryllis, 2d6+4: 6 6 + 4 [16]
  2817. [21:41:24] <Kain> Sorrid snock
  2818. [21:41:48] * Natalie sneaks in averagely and closes the door behind, leading Ammy off to an unoccupied room. Which is saying a lot with ALL the residents here.
  2819. [21:42:15] <~Amaryllis> Probably the room the two have been staying in, right?
  2820. [21:42:40] <Natalie> Yep!  Does Ammy have any of her usual alcohol lying around in the room?
  2821. [21:43:05] <Natalie> ... Well we'll get there later.
  2822. [21:43:28] * Natalie leads her friend in and shuts the door, standing in place as it closes. "Okay, what happened?"
  2823. [21:43:29] <~Amaryllis> Yeah, but as she enters she's just dragging out the whiskey bottle she just opened tonight and taking a drag from it.
  2824. [21:43:37] <Natalie> "Was it... that?"
  2825. [21:44:26] * ~Amaryllis nods as she glugs down a mouthful of booze, some of it dripping sloppily down her front. She wipes at her mouth with a sleeve, then slumps down against the wall.
  2826. [21:46:00] * Natalie looks at Ammy with a stern expression, like trying to come off as though she remembers having experienced this before, and walks over to grab the bottle, wiggling it a little bit. If there's anything left she just takes the bottle and glugs the rest herself.
  2827. [21:46:17] <Natalie> Without even wiping it clean.  1,1Indirect kissu~
  2828. [21:46:37] * ~Amaryllis holds onto the bottle tight, not letting Nat take it.
  2829. [21:46:37] * Kain leaves lesbian porn on the tv with a note
  2830. [21:47:09] <Natalie> Then she does it with a DIFFERENT bottle.  Clearly Ammy just leaves them lyin' around.
  2831. [21:47:15] <Natalie> ... Only it's not the whole thing because whoa.
  2832. [21:47:26] <Natalie> "... 'Kay.  Tell me about it."
  2833. [21:48:52] * Natalie knows what the inevitable response is going to be but stares hard, with universes of worry twinkling in her eyes.
  2834. [21:48:53] * ~Amaryllis takes a deep breath, frowning as Nat grabs one of the whiskey pottion bottles and drinks from it.
  2835. [21:49:55] * Natalie wears a soft, futile smile and takes another glug of her own. In fact she gives it a 'hey, this stuff's not bad' face after but wipes it off after a moment. "... It still hurts, huh?"
  2836. [21:49:56] <~Amaryllis> "It...well...the usual. We have to leave. Or I do anyway..." she mumbles morosely. "Bloody hell, I'm a monster."
  2837. [21:50:10] * ~Amaryllis nods.
  2838. [21:50:30] <Natalie> "Stop that.  You're not a monster, Ammy!  You're... you."
  2839. [21:50:57] <Natalie> "Well, Mr. Prickles is a monster and he's okay... nonono that's beside the point."
  2840. [21:51:08] * Natalie sets the bottle down. "How'd you get hurt?"
  2841. [21:51:41] <Natalie> "A little more... 4Ruby Heal~"  It's kind of silly when she whispers it instead of shouting, because the red wisps themselves seem to hesitate before pouring into the wounds.
  2842. [21:52:32] <~Amaryllis> "I got lucky. He knew how to fight back. His guards...suffered the fate of a different story." She takes another drag and buries her face in her knees, muttering another thanks as Nat heals.
  2843. [21:53:59] * Natalie sits down next to Ammy and pats her head despite being much shorter- it's probably something they can only do while sitting down. "It's okay... they've just gone back to the crystal. (I'm pretty sure this is how I always did it... I hope.)"
  2844. [21:54:15] <Natalie> "It's over now, 'kay?"
  2845. [21:54:38] <Natalie> "I think we're gonna leave soon..."
  2846. [21:54:57] <~Amaryllis> "In the morning. Immediately."
  2847. [21:55:27] <Natalie> "Yeah.  I'll make sure the others know, but..."
  2848. [21:56:06] <~Amaryllis> "How cruel," Ammy clumsily reaches up and brushes Nat's tiara. "your first night with Renegade's gift, and this is what you must remember of me with it."
  2849. [21:56:16] * Natalie stands up and frowns. "... Even if it feels like the first time, I don't wanna see my friend like this."
  2850. [21:56:36] <Natalie> "So um... hmm... Well."
  2851. [21:56:47] <Natalie> "I'm not a Summoner or anything, but, I have an order for you!"
  2852. [21:57:12] * Natalie shrinks down. "I guess 'cause I'm not a summoner you could say no if you wanted... (even if it'd make me sad)."
  2853. [21:57:22] <Natalie> "But!"
  2854. [21:57:34] * ~Amaryllis gives Nat a weird look. She knows how she feels about the summoner's pact.
  2855. [21:57:56] * ~Amaryllis takes another gulp. "Mhm?"
  2856. [21:58:30] * Natalie feels about the summoner's pact like it's just a part of life, not even noticing how weird that came off. "Even when you're sad... I order you to smile!"
  2857. [21:58:47] <Natalie> "It's not like we can go outside so I can't say 'let's do something fun together,' but I wanna see you happy, okay?"
  2858. [21:59:08] * ~Amaryllis tries. It's awful and forced.
  2859. [21:59:19] <Natalie> "And like me... I'm happy just because I want to be, even when I'm worried, or scared... I guess it's just my Ruby remembering on its-"
  2860. [21:59:22] <Natalie> "..."
  2861. [21:59:31] * Natalie shuts up. "... Pff."
  2862. [21:59:45] <Natalie> ... And starts to crack a grin.  "Pffffehehehe."
  2863. [21:59:57] <Natalie> "Hahaha!  That is so SILLY-looking!"
  2864. [22:00:19] * ~Amaryllis takes another drink, mumbling. It's hard to catch the words until the last two. "...not funny."
  2865. [22:00:46] * Natalie dives for another hug, then takes her own glug again. "Ahaha... well, you have me, don't you?"
  2866. [22:00:59] <Natalie> "If you can't smile for real, then I'll just have to be happy for both of us!"
  2867. [22:01:52] <Natalie> "Maybe I said this to you before, but... whenever you're sad you can just rely on me to be happy for you.  Okay?"
  2868. [22:01:58] <Natalie> "That'll work, right?"
  2869. [22:02:43] <~Amaryllis> "...Thanks." Ammy sets down the bottle, the whiskey left in it sloshing back and forth inside. With a pained groan, she crawls forward and grabs a small hunk of wood from the table before retreating to her spot against the wall. "That isn't fair to you. It isn't fair to Noah either. Or anyone." She mumbles as she flicks her wrist, switchblade flashing out.
  2870. [22:03:48] <Natalie> "... Maybe."  Nat looks at her own bottle that's half-full still and sets it to the side.  "But it's not like you can help it, right?  And you're still my friend, either way."
  2871. [22:04:12] <Natalie> "Come on!"  Her ruby makes some silly-looking sparkles.  "You have the blessing of a great Eidolon behind everything you do!"
  2872. [22:05:28] * Natalie giggles playfully a bit more, before softening into a solemn smile. "... You hate it, don't you, Ammy? Do you want it to stop?"
  2873. [22:05:29] * ~Amaryllis starts to carve at the piece of wood, shaving off large slices from it in a clumsy fashion. She winces as she predictably nicks herself trying this drunk. "What about me? Am I a great Eidolon? Is this what a great Eidolon does?" She mutters darkly.
  2874. [22:06:11] <~Amaryllis> "I do. Of course I bloody do." It sounds rather pained instead of aggravated or frustrated with Nat.
  2875. [22:06:39] <Natalie> "... Yeah."  Nat just watches the woodcarving, still wearing that same sad smile.  "It's... duty.  Honesty to yourself.  That kind of thing.  An Eidolon lives by their stories."
  2876. [22:07:25] <Natalie> "I said I'd pay you back for helping me earlier, right?"  She looks curious and childlike.  "If you want, I can find out a way to do that for you!  To make it stop."
  2877. [22:08:12] <Natalie> "If Renny was right and I'll be able to actually really remember from now on.  And I'll never forget this again.  And... that stuff."
  2878. [22:10:30] <~Amaryllis> "We live by our stories, yes, but they are the chains that bind us to a particular fate." She's trying to carve again, and it's not going especially well. She nicks herself again. "Thank you, Nat. But...I have already caused so much trouble to others already by being who I am. It is not right..."
  2879. [22:12:18] <Natalie> Wearing a :<, Nat stands up and walks over, flicking Ammy on the forehead.  "Who cares about that!  It's not like you cause ME trouble.  And I, the great 3Carb4u3ncle of the somethingsomething (Is it Glittering?  Shining?  ... Whatever) Ruby, am the one who wants to help you, got it?"
  2880. [22:12:20] <~Amaryllis> "I want you to remember happy memories Nat."
  2881. [22:13:17] <Natalie> "Soon enough I'll be able to get ALL my memories back.  Maybe I'll remember everything that's happened in Gaia since I was born... and that's a lot of stuff if you think about it.  I've probably helped people like this before, and even without knowing their names or faces I know without a single doubt I'd always do the same thing!"
  2882. [22:14:33] <Natalie> "So if you don't wanna be an Eidolon, you don't have to.  I'll find whatever's making you turn into one and SMASH it!  ... If that's really what'd make you happy.  Being us isn't for everyone, you know!"
  2883. [22:14:47] * ~Amaryllis rubs her forehead as she listens. "I am not convinced it will be so easy, I'm afraid. I have to go to Mt. Gulug. I have to see what it is the Tonberry civilization was truly like, or these stories will continue to take hold."
  2884. [22:15:38] <~Amaryllis> "Nat. I..."
  2885. [22:16:08] * Natalie sits back on her bed and droops down a bit. "... Well, yeah, it's probably not easy. But getting my memories back isn't either, right? Look how far on the track we are to that!"
  2886. [22:16:25] <~Amaryllis> "I would rather live as a monstrous Eidolon, a magnificent myth, than die having nothing but the most feeble of stories to leave to the Crystal and the rest of the world."
  2887. [22:16:47] <Natalie> "Both of those things sound bad.  Who says you have to do one of them?"
  2888. [22:17:18] * Natalie pulls out the plushie, tangling it with a goofy look on her face. "Why don't you just be a ~cute, lovable~ Eidolon like me?"
  2889. [22:17:24] <~Amaryllis> "I will not give up what I am. Even if it hurts like this. That is not to be part of my story."
  2890. [22:17:46] <Natalie> "With my powers, I probably COULD be a 'monster' if I wanted, you know?  My little sis too."
  2891. [22:17:57] <Natalie> "But am I?  Are we?"
  2892. [22:18:20] <Natalie> "Nah," she swipes her hand over the air, "I just decided not to be."
  2893. [22:18:41] <Natalie> "Monstering is too much work for me.  I wanna do fun things, I wanna take naps, I wanna make friends and help people..."
  2894. [22:19:24] <Natalie> "So if you work at it, and I work at it too, we can change your story to something we're all okay with, right?"
  2895. [22:19:25] <~Amaryllis> "It is not so easy for an Eidolon to change forms..." Ammy mutters, head buried in her knees again. "Nat." She takes a deep breath.
  2896. [22:19:48] * Natalie walks over and pats Ammy's head again, listening silently this time.
  2897. [22:19:57] <~Amaryllis> "It's killing them. Me. It. Tonberry. I'm killing the very people who would help you the most, the ones by whom I was charged to find and protect you."
  2898. [22:21:08] <Natalie> "... Like I said, it's just 'going back to the crystal.'  I can't really think of it as that extreme as a thing.  And besides, it's not your fault, you know?  We can beat it together."
  2899. [22:21:22] <~Amaryllis> "I am targeting them, and I do not understand why. I felt such hatred tonight, and even as he took my beaten body to hide from the guards, I was trying to kill him."
  2900. [22:22:05] <Natalie> "Fight it."  Nat stands up, a more determined expression than ever, and puts her hands at her hips.  "If you don't like it, fight it.  You're you, and you decide who you are."
  2901. [22:22:20] <~Amaryllis> "Can you imagine though? That maybe, maybe you would have had your memories back, if these people had not been killed. They cannot help you back in the Crystal, Nat. They can only do so here, on the stage of the world where stories happen."
  2902. [22:22:44] <~Amaryllis> "I am trying. I am bloody trying. But it is still stronger than I am."
  2903. [22:23:20] <Natalie> "Stop it!  I don't care about that!  My memories can come back later.  I don't care when I get them... actually, as long as I have this thing," she taps the tiara, "It doesn't matter if I ever do, right?  I'd be happy just making new memories and living totally off those."
  2904. [22:23:31] <Natalie> "But you..."  She shakes her head.  "Maybe it is."
  2905. [22:23:45] <Natalie> "But is it stronger than both of us?  Than all our friends?  Than the whole crystal?"
  2906. [22:23:58] <~Amaryllis> "It could break, and then you would be worse off than ever."
  2907. [22:24:01] <Natalie> She makes a minor stomp on the ground, not enough to wake the others up or anything.  "No way!"
  2908. [22:24:29] * Natalie scoffs a little. "That's not the point either (and it's not like I'm THAT reckless... am I?)."
  2909. [22:24:44] <~Amaryllis> "You are." Ammy murmurs.
  2910. [22:25:01] <Natalie> "... Oh.  Well um... I guess I'll just have to try harder then, huh?  Ahahaha~"
  2911. [22:25:18] <~Amaryllis> It's the first thing she's said all night that's had any hint of humor to it.
  2912. [22:25:23] * Natalie twirls around and sits next to Ammy again, sternfaced. "But."
  2913. [22:26:14] <~Amaryllis> "Listen, Nat, I never said I would not fight this sodding thing. They are not even great stories, merely tales of boogeymen meant to scare children, and I resent being composed of such an infantile narrative."
  2914. [22:26:55] <Natalie> "Yeah... I know.  At least I think I know.  I'm pretty sure I know.  And I'm saying I'm gonna do everything I can to help."
  2915. [22:27:05] <~Amaryllis> "But there is a story that is laid out before us, and we are all bound by its chains. I know not how mine shall lead me, but I can see the chains in the here and now."
  2916. [22:27:40] <Natalie> "What was the place the crystal mentioned earlier?  Mada... Mad... Madaisomething.  There's something important there, right?  I feel it inside me even though I can't really remember what it is."
  2917. [22:27:50] <~Amaryllis> "So, I what I can. Tell the stories I have learned. Create new ones. But I also," Ammy picks up the bottle again, "just really want some bloody whiskey right now, alright? It hurts, and I cannot stop that."
  2918. [22:27:50] <Natalie> "A... hunch I guess."
  2919. [22:28:21] * Natalie stops herself and picks her own bottle back up. "Yeah, well, you're not allowed to drink it all by yourself. That's just TOO lonely."
  2920. [22:29:20] <~Amaryllis> "Madain Sari, old home of the Summoners." With another pained gasp, Ammy stands up and limps to the other side of the room, grabbing a small hourglass of sand from her bag. "...I cannot face the place as I am now. Knowing so little. It would be shameful."
  2921. [22:31:05] <Natalie> "... I'm a little worried about what's there.  And I have a mission... so how about this," glug.  "Aahh... okay, I'll go there for you, alright?  For both of us.  If I went with you... well, I'm a little scared I don't know enough either."
  2922. [22:31:38] <Natalie> "But I'm with you, even when I'm not with you!  That's how 3Carb4u3ncle's blessing works, you know?  You just FEEL it."
  2923. [22:32:03] <~Amaryllis> "On your own?" Ammy clumsily tosses Nat the hourglass before collapsing onto the bed with a groan. She glugs down a bit more whiskey.
  2924. [22:33:19] <Natalie> "Nuh-uh.  I've been teaching Amby stuff... or uh, trying to."  Cough.  "And I could probably bug some of the others since the crystal told us to, right?  But I don't wanna see you go off on your own either... at LEAST take Mr. Prickles with you."
  2925. [22:33:44] * Natalie catches the hourglass in a foot, by the way. Yes, she's not wearing shoes.
  2926. [22:33:47] <Natalie> Maybe both feet.
  2927. [22:34:20] <~Amaryllis> "Whatever I find in the home of the Tonberries, I shall want time to myself to absorb and understand it."
  2928. [22:35:18] <Natalie> "But what if it's dangerous?  ... Well I guess that's where it's like 'why don't I just come too,' but, I have to do something about the crystal too."
  2929. [22:36:04] <~Amaryllis> "I am not so weak as to be incapable of caring for myself."
  2930. [22:36:12] <Natalie> :<
  2931. [22:36:57] <Natalie> "I dunno, whaddaya think THESE say?"  Nat makes a cat-dash over and points out not only Ammy's recent mostly-healed bruises, but all the scars she has.  Or at least the arm bearing them.
  2932. [22:37:17] <Natalie> "You're tough, but, still."
  2933. [22:37:51] * Natalie jolts a few red wisps of rubyheal in, after observing the bruises. They still look like they hurt a bit.
  2934. [22:39:01] <~Amaryllis> "I have gone through worse. I have been trained for worse. I do not think it is so surprising, however, that a veteran of 12GIL would best one who was thrust into their position suddenly, by the death of their mentor." She frowns, looking pretty hurt at Nat questioning her capability to take care of herself here.
  2935. [22:39:25] <~Amaryllis> "Nat, I threw a bloody dragon at someone to get us here more quickly."
  2936. [22:39:50] <Natalie> "Well uh... yeah, okay.  But still, if there's any kind of excuse for someone to go with you, don't be stubborn, 'kay?"  Nat looks back with fierce determination, though it's clear most of it is just over-the-top worry.
  2937. [22:40:30] <Natalie> "Even I don't know how I'll be able to handle stuff if there's a real threat to the Crystal.  Definitely not alone."
  2938. [22:40:39] <~Amaryllis> "I will have to find time alone in the ruins regardless. Apotheosis is a rather personal matter, you know."
  2939. [22:41:40] <~Amaryllis> "I shall meet you in Madain Sari as soon as I find out what I need to know from Mt. Gulug. Don't worry."
  2940. [22:41:40] * Natalie stands back up and folds her arms, hmphing. "Well... okay. I guess you probably win, maybe."
  2941. [22:41:59] <Natalie> "... Okay.  And I'll find out whatever I can to help you."
  2942. [22:42:50] * ~Amaryllis just nods, taking another big gulg of whiskey.
  2943. [22:42:52] <Natalie> "And then when you're an Eidolon like me we'll watch Gaia together and there won't be sad things and we'll be best friends all the time..."
  2944. [22:43:07] <Natalie> "... Somethin' like that."  Nat takes another glug on cue.
  2945. [22:43:26] <~Amaryllis> "Can you enjoy happy things without the sad? Nevermind."
  2946. [22:44:06] <Natalie> "Sometimes sad things happen... but what does it help when you want to be sad instead of happy?"
  2947. [22:44:34] <Natalie> "I said it earlier- even when you're sad, I'll be happy for you.  Even when bad things happen, I just want to smile!"
  2948. [22:44:44] <Natalie> "Because I always look forward to the good things."
  2949. [22:45:36] <~Amaryllis> "The world would be so dull with only happy things. You do not wish for sadness, but you cannot refuse it altogether either." Ammy's clearly getting more drunk and tired and a little delirious as she rolls on the bed and mumbles half into a pillow.
  2950. [22:46:31] <Natalie> "... Either way I'm happy you're my friend, Ammy."  Nat says with a sad half-smile, setting her own bottle down and standing up.
  2951. [22:46:46] <~Amaryllis> "As am I."
  2952. [22:47:20] <Natalie> "I'm gonna.. whoaaa" wobble wobble.  PAUSE.  Nat takes a second to straighten her posture.  "I'm gonna finish what I was doing- Don't make yourself sick before tomorrow, 'kay?"
  2953. [22:48:28] * ~Amaryllis nods as she takes one last gulp, setting the emptied bottle on the nightstand. "...Do me a favor, and bring a pitcher of water into the room before you sleep, Nat."
  2954. [22:48:58] * Natalie opens the door, falls on the floor, and suddenly a tyrannosaurus rex bursts through the wall and- okay just kidding she only opens the door. "Okay."
  2955. [22:49:02] <Natalie> "I'll remember it!"
  2956. [22:49:23] <Natalie> Aaaaaand slips out.
  2957. [22:49:43] <Kain> ~~~~~
  2958. [22:49:45] <Natalie> Will she actually?  Unlike the previous times, the answer today is a nice, fuzzy, warm, 'maybe!'
  2959. [22:49:47] <~Amaryllis> "Thank you. Good night." Ammy fumbles into her sleepwear once Nat's gone and collapses on the bed again.
  2960. [22:49:52] <Natalie> AND
  2961. [22:49:52] <Natalie> SO
  2962. [22:49:52] <Natalie> THE
  2963. [22:49:53] <Natalie> ADVENTURE
  2964. [22:49:54] <Natalie> OF
  2965. [22:49:57] <Kain> LEWD
  2966. [22:49:59] <Kain> GOES
  2967. [22:49:59] <Kain> ON
  2968. [22:50:02] <Natalie> ~FIN~
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