Sep 11th, 2017
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  1. What is a TAS?
  2. ‘A tool-assisted speedrun or tool-assisted superplay is a controller input sequence constituting a performance of a video game. Said input sequence is usually created by emulating the game, with "tools" such as slow motion, frame-by-frame advance, memory watch, and re-recording (save states) of gameplay used to aid in the input sequence's creation. The idea is not to make gameplay easy with such "tools", but rather to produce a demonstration of gameplay pushed to the limit that would be theoretically possible were human limitations in skill, reflex and consistency not an issue. Tool-assisted speedruns often feature gameplay that would otherwise be impossible or prohibitively difficult to perform in real time.’ (
  5. Why is the game in Japanese?
  6. The v1.0 Japanese ROM was used for this run not only for the time saved over English text, but also due to the fact that several glitches vital for the possibility of the route exist only on the 1.0 version (
  9. What do you mean by ‘no doors’?
  10. The lone restriction of this movie can be best defined as ‘no opening doors’, where ‘opening’ refers to multiple different in-game events. The first and most obvious of these is opening a door by standing in front of it and pressing A. Additionally, doors that are opened by actions other than an A press, such as the Door of Time, which normally requires 3 child dungeon stones and an ocarina song to open, are also disallowed. This initially seems to greatly limit the possible progress of any playthrough with this goal in mind, but due to some decisions made by the game developers, it is often possible to accomplish the same practical effect that you would get by opening a door by instead making Link touch the loading zone just behind it. As this often involves hovering or clipping out of bounds, not every door/loading zone combination can be skipped in this way. Because of the tiny crack in between Door of Time and the wall of the temple, we can force Link into the corner with enough speed and at the right angle to clip out of bounds and skip it, and can also utilize a void warp from the tower collapse scene to skip the door (twice) as adult.
  13. Why were some rooms invisible?
  14. Dungeons offer an interesting challenge here, as opening doors is often the only way to load the actors and object textures in different parts of the dungeon. Luckily, every dungeon has all of the object collision loaded for every one of its rooms on the same map, no matter what room(s) Link is loaded in from when we entered the dungeon. This means that it is possible to reach and move around in rooms that are not fully loaded, again, usually by clipping out of bounds and/or hovering through large stretches of the map; other times, however, this is accomplished with a wrong warp. Optimizing these sections would have been nearly impossible without SceneNavi, a program myself and the No Doors Collective used to view map collision and learn our exact location by plugging in Link’s X/Y/Z coordinates. If you’d like to watch the out of bounds segments of this TAS with collision hacked in to be visible, go here:
  17. What’s with all the bug/bottle stuff? How did you get X item/song/medallion?
  19. This glitch allowed us to give ourselves many different quest items relatively early. Getting bottle on B used to be a more significant challenge, but now can be performed anywhere with a wall and a correctly spaced damage source/explosion. This essentially gives us the ability to, with a Poe in Bottle on C-Right, restore our bombchu ammo count to 29 almost whenever we want. This is also how we got the Shadow/Spirit medallions and some warp songs early on.
  22. Why do you keep dying/getting a Game Over?
  23. We die in boss rooms with very specific timing to skip watching any of the medallion cutscenes that usually follow after entering a blue warp. However, because the trade quest item RBA gives us some medallions, the death warp isn’t necessary for Spirit or Shadow Temple, as the game believes we have already watched the cutscene. In the overworld, deaths are used after we put bottle on B to get blank B, a glitch required for the Epona hookshot jump that is performed several times.
  26. Why did you die and warp away during the Ganon fight?
  27. Losing the Master Sword during the Ganon cutscene is the only known way of getting blank B without altering a temporary memory value needed for a wrong warp later on.
  30. Why does the screen freeze for a few seconds sometimes?
  31. In certain instances, when the screen is completely black, an emulator glitch makes the visual frame before it stick until the next colored frame. This is why the video appears to 'freeze' during the Nocturne cutscene, however, the small freeze during the Twinrova fight was instead an encode error. If this makes you question the authenticity of the run, feel free to download the input file from the TASVideos submission page here and play it back on Bizhawk:
  34. What is the significance of this category? Why no doors?
  35. All the categories are made up, and the doors only matter because we will them to.
  38. Is this run possible on console?
  39. Technically yes, but probably not, unless setups can be found for some of the more precise tricks and you have robot fingers for the A-slides.
  42. Is this run perfect?
  43. No, there are numerous mistakes throughout the run. For example, I forgot to re-catch bugs in my bottle while doing RBA in Jabu, resulting in a slight detour for bugs later on in a Lost Woods grotto. The HESS from Forest Temple pedestal -> Lost Woods was suboptimal the first time around, and there are a few other minor errors that are harder to catch. Although speed was obviously a top priority for this run, there were instances where I chose suboptimal movement in favor of a more entertaining viewing experience. These were rare though, and we consider this run to be of superior quality to previous No Doors TAS, largely thanks to feedback from the No Doors Collective.
  46. Who created this?
  47. This movie was created and edited by Taylor, and encoded/uploaded by benstephens56. The idea for this run, as well as the route that it follows, was created and refined by the No Doors Collective, who are named in the description.
  49. animation loop used in intro - @Protobacillus
  50. song -
  51. camera man - David
  54. In addition to the small team mainly responsible for this run, countless others passively contributed to its progress by documenting glitches, preserving other useful information online, or just being a general inspiration with their own creations. To all of you, our sincerest thanks:
  56. Bloobiebla
  57. MrGrunz
  58. Oblivious B
  59. Nathanisbored
  60. Thewayfaringfox
  61. Sva161620
  62. Zas
  63. Skater
  64. Jaddo
  65. Pokeypummel
  66. Acryte
  67. MTA
  68. Bakeneko
  69. Sockfolder
  70. Toxicparrot
  71. Kaztalek
  72. AlarisVillain
  73. Ikswozol
  74. Homerfunky
  75. ZFG
  76. YadraSpeedruns
  77. Stryder7x
  78. Doctor Kill
  79. MoronicTAS
  80. GCTK24
  81. Really_Tall
  82. Pannenkoek
  83. Adrian
  84. glank
  85. gaby
  86. Slowking
  87. Andzura
  88. not greg
  89. You! Thanks for watching- now go and create your own impossibilities :)
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