The classroom chair

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  1. SCP: XXXX
  3. Object class: Safe
  5. Special containment procedures:
  6. SCP will be kept in a standard object containment unit on site 5. D-class testing on SCP should be performed once a year in case of any changes. Any additional testing must be reviewed by one level tree researcher with knowledge of the effects of SCP XXXX before proceeding. In light of recent events, D-class should no longer be exposed to SCP for more than 3 experiments for risk of permanent brain damage and psychosis.
  8. Description:
  9. SCP XXXX is a standard steel and plastic chair, resembling chairs commonly found in primary schools in Australia. SCP XXXX was found after ——— primary school in Queensland, Australia reported multiple cases of sudden psychosis and Dementia. Foundation webcrawlers flagged the incident and agent ——— recovered the anomaly. Structurally, SCP XXXX is no different from a standard steel chair, with standard w40 home grade steel and blow casted plastic seats. SCP XXXX effects manifest when a person sits in SCP XXXX. The effects of SCP XXXX seem to increase per exposure to XXXX, with subjects who have sat on it more often being affected the most.  For the first exposure subjects will mostly immediately get off SCP XXXX and pronounce dealings of intense discomfort or despair. After a couple of sittings, usually 2-3, subjects will begin to display signs of brain damage. Symptoms caused by SCP XXXX include psychosis, cognitive decay, disassociation and schizophrenia. Bipolarity seems to be the most common symptom, with subjects creating characters or personality’s that they converse with. Testing on D-class has found that subjects will display intense, primal fear when shown SCP XXXX even after one exposure, not enough to cause any lasting effects. After many repeated exposures, D-class personnel have deteriorated into a mental state much like hibernation, where the brain is function enough to control vital life functions, but high order thinking is completely suppressed. All attempts to wake these affected personnel have been unsuccessful including use of torture and brain-wave interference.
  11. Addendum 18/6/19:
  12. All further testing on non D-class personnel shall be halted immediately pending review of event XXXX-1
  14. Addendum 25/6/19:
  15. Per orders of the SCP ethics committee all regular testing of D-Class will be put on hold indefinitely, bar once a year testing. See event XXXX-2
  17. EVENT-XXXX-1:
  18. Date: 17/6/19
  19. Description: by Dr ——-
  20. During standard testing of SCP XXXX as per foundation protocols junior memetics researcher Dr —— requested permission to test SCP XXXX on herself. The request was granted as Dr —— has never been exposed to SCP XXXX before and it was deemed the effects were minor enough to allow it. When Dr ——- sat in SCP XXXX, she immediately stood up, however rather than pronounce a feeling of despair or discomfort, Dr —— immediately grabbed Dr ——- by the arms and shook him. She was crying and her speech was incoherent, however she mainly seemed to be trying to convey a sense of relief of being off SCP XXXX and information about her experience with SCP XXXX. When Dr ——- had calmed down enough to communicate effectively, she told the researchers on hand that she believed she had been sitting on SCP XXXX for a lengthy time, estimated to around “A couple months, maybe a year”.  This was different to any previous reaction to SCP XXXX. It was determined that this difference was because Dr —- was taking class c anti-memetic medication at the time of exposure and was not susceptible to the memetic effect SCP XXXX produces. Re-evaluation of SCP XXXX should be considered a high priority
  22. EVENT-XXXX-2
  23. By Dr ———
  24. Description:
  25. It has been determined that the relative time spent on SCP XXXX roughly increases by a factor of ten every exposure, however subjects immediately forget the experience once they are able to leave SCP XXXX. Subjects will remember previous experiences of SCP XXXX once trapped in the SCP XXXX time dilation again.
  27. “Those D-class, we tested some of them up to 10 times, until they broke. That’s almost 1000000000 years... oh god”
  28. Dr ———
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