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  1. tyuytrqertywqquyuioiiuytyuytrqertyw
  2. qquytretreepoi
  3. uiuyutyuuiuyyut
  4. treepoiuiuyu
  5. tyuuiu
  6. iuioiu uuyuuuioiuuyu pppopppasassa
  8. ty[ue] yt[rw] q[qe]rtyw
  9. qq u y ui[ow]iiuy
  10. ty[ue] yt [rw] q[qe]rtyw
  11. qq u y tr[eq] | tre
  12. e[ep] oi[uw] iuy[ue]
  13. ty[uw] ui[ue] yyu[tw]
  14. tr[eq] e[pe] oi[wu]iuyu
  15. ty[uw] ui[ue]
  16. uu i[ue]ioi[uw]
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