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chara x anon cuddling

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Aug 15th, 2020
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  1. "Anon, when are you going to get done on that computer?" My beautiful husband asked, head cocked to the side with his piercing red eyes fixated right on the left side of my head. He was standing in the middle of our oak doorway, the one leading to our dimly lit study, walls covered in bookshelves loaded with old manuscripts and strange curiosities from our adventures. Smells of leather and old pages flooded the room, overpowering the cedar shelves and my lovely Charas iris and amber perfume. "I swear partner, you spend more time at work than you need, then you come home and work more. When does work stop and rest begin with you?" Chara stammered out, flustered and tired.
  3. "And done." I responded as I hit the save work shortcut and the shutdown button. "I think that may be a wrap, I'll send it to the publisher tomorrow." I said, turning to face Chara. His skin was as bright as the moon, and his eyes as deep as cinnabar. I had known him for all these years, and he's not changed one bit, hell, I don't think he can change. His beauty, never dying, lies eternal as sure as the sun will rise. He was clearly ready to lie down, dressed in rich purple silk robes that almost appeared transparent. Whether that meant sleep or staying up for hours in each others arms, simply just resting there comforting each other, was yet to be determined.
  5. "But anon, tomorrow's our day off, can't it wait until Monday?" Chara pleaded, never once averting his gaze.
  7. "It's a single email, and I don't have to send it in first thing. Please?" I pleaded.
  9. "Fine, so long as it doesn't take too long." Chara begrudgingly agreed.
  11. I stood up from my small leather chair and stretched out a bit. Twisting back and forth a bit, I relived the tension of an hour of working on a computer and a day of working elsewhere. As I approached Chara, I reached my arms out, and simply picked him up just as always he was as light as a feather. He wrapped his arms around my neck, and I carried him to bed. We passed the living room where the tv was still cooling down and the fireplace had just been extinguished. The windows outside displayed mountains and snow as far as the eye could see. We passed the kitchen, where the knives had just been washed and dried, though, the other dishes remain soaking in dish detergent. I could still smell the mole enchiladas and the chocolate flan over everything. Only the light from the bedroom, being a TV left on illuminated our way through the house and to our bedroom.
  13. Being careful to not hurt him, I lifted the sheets and placed my beautiful husband on the bed before saying "I'll be back in a minuite."
  15. "But Anon, you just got here." Chara said impatiently.
  17. "But these clothes" I said, pointing to my blue company polo and black khakis "they wouldn't be too comfortable in bed now will they? Also I need a shower." I explained.
  19. "Ok, but make it fast partner. I'm getting tired of waiting." Chara responded as he pulled the sheets over himself, picking up the remote shortly after.
  21. I opened our bathroom door and carefully removed my clothes, placing them gently on the pile of Charas clothes he haphazardly has strewn about. Our shower water was still warm, however, it appears the majority of our hot water heater was just emptied, I wonder just who might have done that. Either way, I rushed to clean myself as fast as I possibly could have, without slacking on the job that is. After drying off, I dawned my matching robes, brushed my teeth, and climbed in bed next to my beautiful.
  23. "Hey, anon, look what I found on netflix." Chara smugly proclaimed, turning his head to face me.
  25. Turning to face him, I asked "Oh, and what might that be?"
  27. "It's that show we like so much but can't find anywhere, see?" Chara cheerful proclaimed, pointing at the TV.
  29. "Maybe we should watch it then." I said, reaching out to touch his face.
  31. "One step ahead of you." Chara responded, having already pressed the play button, he moved in for a full embrace.
  33. I reciprocated the favor, warping my arms and legs around him as he did me. His warmth could heat a house for two decades, and his gentle breathing could put a baby lamb to sleep. Every heart beat, every rise and fall of our chests were in sync in that moment as the tv played one of our favorite shows. We, however, were solely focused on each other, and just being there locked in an embrace as time melted around us and we dissolved into each other.
  35. "I love you Chara." I whispered in his ear.
  37. "I love you too, Anon." he whispered back.
  39. I eventually fell asleep, still stuck together like glue. I'm sure he followed soon after.
  44. I awoke in the morning to find his smile beautiful red eyes staring back at me. The sun was pouring through the house, reflected off every patch of snow outside. Songbirds sung beautiful melodies and the dust blew in the breeze around our room.
  46. "Good morning partner." Chara gently spoke.
  48. "Good morning, looks like we sort of lost our place watching that show huh?" I responded.
  50. "Not that we can't find it again, we don't need to get up right this second do we?" Chara asked.
  52. "Not that I see love." I said, picking up the remote and navigating to the last thing I remember hearing, then returning to our embrace.
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