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  1. Half-Life 2 Script
  3. Table Of contents
  4. 1. Introduction
  5. 2. Script
  6.  2a. Point Insertion
  7.  2b. A Red Letter Day
  8.  2c. Route Kanal
  9.  2d. Water Hazard
  10.  2e. Black Mesa East
  11.  2f. We Dont Go To Ravenholm
  12.  2g. Highway 17
  13.  2h. Sandtraps
  14.  2i. Nova Prospekt
  15.  2j. Entanglement
  16.  2k. Anti-citizen One
  17.  2l. Follow Freeman!
  18.  2m. Our Benefactors
  19.  2n. Dark Energy
  20. 3. Credits
  21. 4. Legal Stuff
  22. 5. Contact Info
  23. 6. Notes
  25. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  26. 1. Introduction
  27. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  28. Half-Life 2, possibly the greatest PC game ever made in my opinion.
  29. Half-Life 2 is the sequel to Half-Life (duh), in which Gordon Freeman (the
  30. character you play as), has to fight his way out of the black mesa research
  31. facility after a science experiment goes horribly wrong.  Half-Life 2 takes
  32. place an unspecified amount of years after Half-Life. This FAQ will list in
  33. detail the game script.
  35. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  36. 2. Script
  37. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  39. The script I list will only be the scripted (no pun intended) parts of the
  40. game, for example I wont list things that your squad mates say, like Here take
  41. this medkit. I will separate different conversations with simple empty lines.
  43. ==============================================================================
  44. 2a. Point Insertion
  45. ==============================================================================
  46. Gman-Rise and shine Mr. Freeman, rise and shine. Not that I wish to imply that
  47. you have been sleeping on the job. No one is more deserving of a rest than you.
  48. And all the effort in the world would have gone to waste until.... Well lets
  49. just say your hour has come again. The right man in the wrong place can make
  50. all the difference in the world. So wake up Mr. Freeman, wake up and smell the
  51. ashes.
  52. (The gman slowly fades away into the background and his image is replaced with
  53. the viewpoint of Gordon Freeman on a train pulling into a station)
  55. Citizen 1-I didnt see you get on.  This is my third transfer this year.
  56. Citizen 2-No matter how many times I get relocated I never get used to it.
  57. (the train pulls into the station and stops)
  58. Citizen 1-Well, end of the line.
  59. (as Gordon gets off the train he is scanned by a small flying device, a large
  60. monitor with a face on it begins to speak)
  62. Monitor/Breen-Welcome, welcome to city 17, you have chosen or been chosen to
  63. relocate to one of our finest remaining urban centers.  I thought so much of
  64. city 17 that I elected to establish my administration here, in the citadel so
  65. thoughtfully provided by our benefactors. I have been proud to call city 17 my
  66. home. So whether you are here to stay, or passing through on your way to parts
  67. unkown, welcome to city 17, it is safer here.
  69. Civil Patrol-First warning move away.
  70. Citizen 3-It, Its all I have left.
  71. (the civil patrolman shoves the citizen into his luggage)
  72. Civil Patrol-Move it.
  73. Citizen 3-Alright, alright I am moving, jeez.
  75. Citizen 4-Were you the only ones on that train? Overwatch stopped our train in
  76. the woods and took my husband for questioning.  They said he would be on the
  77. next train, I am not sure when that was.  They are being nice and letting me
  78. wait though.
  80. Citizen 5-Dont drink the water, they, they put something in it to make you
  81. forget, I dont even remember how I got here.
  83. Citizen 6-Dr. Breen again? I was hoping I had seen the last of him in city 14.
  84. Citizen 7- I wouldnt say that to loud, this is his base of operations.
  86. (Gordon looks down to the end of the checkpoint where he sees citizens
  87. being led through)
  88. Civil Patrol 2-You, Citizen come with me.
  89. Citizen 8-Wai, Wait a minute where are you...
  90. Civil Patrol 2-GET IN HERE!
  91. Civil Patrol 2- Go on!
  92. Citizen 8-ME?
  93. Civil Patrol 2-I SAID MOVE!
  95. (Gordon comes to a fenced in area, a civil patrolman blocks his path, he goes
  96. the other way and when he enters the caged area both doors shut and an alarm
  97. sounds, he is scanned by a camera)
  99. Civil Patrol 3-Dont move, hold it
  100. (the side door opens)
  101. Civil Patrol 4-You citizen, come with me.
  102. (Gordon follows him down a hallway, as he looks into a room he can see a
  103. citizen being intterogated)
  104. Citizen 9-This must be a mistake, I got a standard relocation coupon just like
  105. everyone else.
  106. (before Gordon can see anything more the civil patrol man in this room shuts
  107. the viewing slot on the door)
  109. (Gordon comes to the last door in the hall way, the civil patrolman knocks on
  110. the door and it opens to reveal another civil patrolman)
  111. Civil Patrol 4-Get in! Need any help with this one?
  112. Civil Patrol 5-No I am good
  113. (Civil Patrolman 4 leaves the room)
  114. Civil Patrol 5-Back up!
  115. Civil Patrol 5-Yeah I am gonna need me some privacy for this
  116. (civil patrolman 5 uses his console to turn off the 2 cameras in the room)
  117. Civil Patrol 5-Now...
  118. (the civil patrolman takes off his helmet and reveals himself to be barney)
  119. Barney-About that beer I owed ya. Its me Gordon, barney from black mesa.
  120. Sorry for the scare I had to put on a show for the cameras. I have been
  121. working undercover with civil protection, I cant take too long or they will
  122. get suspicious, I am way behind on my beating quota
  123. (a man in a lab coat appears on the screen on the console in front of barney)
  124. Dr. Kliener-Yes barney what is it? I am in the middle of a critical test.
  125. Barney-Sorry doc, but look whos here.
  126. Dr. Kliener-Great Scott! Gordon Freeman! I expected more warning.
  127. Barney-Yeah you and me both doc. He was about to board the express train to
  128. Nova Prospekt.
  129. Dr. Kliener-Well, Barney what do you intend to do?
  130. Barney-Im thinking, Im thinking.
  131. Dr. Kliener-Alyx is around here somewhere, she would have an idea of how to
  132. get him here.
  133. Barney-Well, as long as he stays away from checkpoints we should be okay.  
  134. Listen I gotta go doc, we are taking enough chances as it is.
  135. Dr. Kleiner-Very well. And eh Gordon? Its good to see you.
  136. (the monitor shuts off)
  137. Barney-Okay Gordon your going to have to make your way to Dr. Klieners lab.
  138. (there is a loud knocking at the door)
  139. Barney-Oh man! That is what I was afraid of! Get in here Gordon! Before you
  140. blow my cover!
  141. (barney releases the lock on the back door)
  142. Barney-Pile up some stuff to get to that window and keep going till your in
  143. the plaza. I will meet up with you later.
  145. (Gordon escapes out the window and arrives at another building, a civil
  146. patrolman blocks his only path, he knocks a can over)
  147. Civil Patrol 6-Pick up that can. Now put it in the trash can.
  148. (reluctantly Gordon puts it in the trash can)
  149. Civil Patrol 6-Alright you can go.
  152. (Gordon comes to a large plaza, with gates branching to different areas of the
  153. city, he continues past the plaza outside, beyond the plaza lies a extremely
  154. large building, he makes his way down the street to a area with 2 buildings,
  155. one of the entrances is guarded by civil patrolman)
  156. Citizen 10-This is how it always starts, first one building, then the entire
  157. block.
  158. Citizen 11-They have no reason to come to our place.
  159. Citizen 10-Dont worry, they will find one.
  160. (Gordon enters the entrance of the non-guarded building)
  162. (as he makes his way up the stairs he sees a group of 4 civil patrolmen knock
  163. down a door and rush in too a room, he enters the adjacent room)
  164. Citizen 12-Oh, I thought you were a cop.
  165. Citizen 13-Dont worry he is one of us.
  166. Citizen 12-Look at them down there.
  167. Citizen 13-I told you they would be coming for us next!
  168. Citizen 12-Just this once I hope you are wrong.
  170. (as he makes his way further up the building a voice sounds)
  171. Warning Voice-Attention residents, miscount detected in your sector
  172. Citizen 14-Psst! Hey you! In here! Head for the roof! There is no time to lose!
  173. Citizen 15-Run for your life!
  174. Citizen 16-Civil Protection!
  175. Citizen 17-CPs!
  176. Citizen 16-Here they come!
  177. (Civil protection starts raiding the building and Gordon runs for the roof
  178. along with other citizens)
  180. Citizen 18-Get in here quick!
  181. (the citizen shuts the door to the room and holds his body against it)
  182. Citizen 18-Head for the roof! I will keep them busy!
  183. (a chase ensues with Gordon running across a series of rooftops with civil
  184. protection chasing him)
  186. (Gordon reaches a open window and goes inside, he heads down a staircase which
  187. collapses behind him, civil protection close in on him)
  188. Alyx-Over Here! Ha! No you dont!
  189. (the screen goes white and Gordon is knocked unconscious)
  190. (as Gordon wakes up he sees alyx and the bodies of the CPs that were chasing
  191. him)
  192. Alyx-Dr. Freeman I presume? We better hurry, the combine can be slow to wake,
  193. but once they are up you will have a hard time taking them down.
  194. (alyx opens an elevator and Gordon heads down it along with her)
  195. Alyx-Dr. Kliener said you might be coming this way. I dont think it occurred to
  196. him that you might not have a map.
  197. Alyx-Im Alyx Vance, my father worked with you back in black mesa, but im sure
  198. you dont remember him.
  199. Alyx-Man of few words arent you?
  200. Alyx-Remember him from black mesa? Your old administrator?
  201. (alyx gestures to a picture of the same man that was on the large monitor)
  202. Aylx-Ha! Dont get my dad started on Dr. Breen.
  204. ==============================================================================
  205. 2b. A Red Letter Day
  206. ==============================================================================
  208. Aylx-Funny you showing up on this day in particular.
  209. Aylx-We have been helping people escape the city on foot. Its a dangerous route
  210. to my fathers lab through the old canals, today we are finally on the verge of
  211. having a better way.
  212. Alyx-Here lemme buy you a drink
  213. (alyx puts a coin into a vending machine, the machine opens like a door to
  214. reveal a passage behind it that leads to Dr. Klieners lab)
  215. Alyx-Oh and by the way, nice to finally meet you.
  217. (Gordon enters the lab and sees Dr. Kliener)
  218. Dr. Kliener-Blast that little.. where did she get to? Llamar? Come out of there.
  219. Aylx-Uh-oh, everything alright Dr. Kliener?
  220. Dr. Kliener-Oh, hello Alyx. Well almost alright, Llamar has gotten out of her
  221. crate again. If I didnt know better, I would suspect barney of trapping and..
  222. My goodness, Gordon Freeman, It really is you isnt it?
  223. Alyx-I found him wandering around outside, bit of a troublemaker isnt he?
  224. Dr. Kliener-We owe a great deal to Dr. Freeman, even if trouble does seem to
  225. follow in his wake.
  226. Dr. Kliener-I must say Gordon you have come at a very opportune time, Alyx has
  227. just installed the final piece in the resurrected teleport!
  228. Alyx-I cant take any credit for the breakthrough doctor.
  229. Dr. Kliener-Nonsense, your talents surpass your loveliness.
  230. Aylx-Lets just see if this thing works ok?
  232. (barney enters the lab)
  233. Barney-Well is he here? There you are! Man Gordon you stirred up the hive!
  234. Barney-We cant keep him here long doc, It will jeporadize everything we have
  235. worked for.
  236. Alyx-Dont worry he is coming with me.
  237. Dr. Kliener-Thats right Barney, this is a red letter day, we will inaugurate
  238. the new teleport with a double transmission.
  239. Barney-You mean its working? For real this time? Because I still have
  240. nightmares about that cat.
  241. Alyx-What cat?
  242. Dr. Kliener-Now now there is nothing to be worried about, we have made major
  243. strides since then. Major strides.
  244. Aylx-What cat?
  245. Barney-Doc, since he is not taking the streets you might as well get him out
  246. of his civvies.
  247. Dr. Kliener-What? Oh dear you are right, I almost forgot. Barney I will give
  248. you the honor.
  249. Barney-I have gotta get back on my shift but ok.
  251. (barney uses a keypad to open up a garage like door, inside this small room
  252. there is a glass case which contains the HEV suit)
  253. Barney-Here we go.. Awahh!
  254. (Dr. Klieners pet headcrab Llamar jumps on barney)
  255. Barney-Damn it! Get it off me!
  256. Dr. Kliener-Llamar! There you are!
  257. Barney-I though you got rid of that pest!
  258. Dr. Kliener-Certainly not. Never fear Gordon, she is de-beaked and completely
  259. harmless. The worst she might try to do is couple with your head. Fruitlessly.
  260. Llamar-Guwakkh!
  261. Barney-Get that thing away from me!
  262. Dr. Kliener-Here my pet. Hop up!
  263. (Llamar jumps up onto a shelf with some crates and computers)
  264. Dr. Kliener-No not up there!
  265. Dr. Kliener-No, No! Careful Llamar those are quite fragile.
  266. (Llamar jumps into a vent)
  267. Dr. Kliener-Oh fie! It will be another week before I can coax here out of
  268. there!
  269. Barney-Yeah. Longer if we are lucky.
  270. Alyx-Barney.. You are not an animal person?
  271. Barney-Ugh.
  272. Dr. Kliener-Well Gordon go ahead, slip into your suit now.
  274. (Gordon steps into the glass chamber and puts the HEV suit on)
  275. Dr. Kliener-Well Gordon I see your HEV suit still fits you like a glove, at
  276. least the glove parts do.
  277. Dr. Kliener-I have made a few modifications, but I will just acquaint you with
  278. the essentials, now lets see..
  279. (Dr. Kliener picks up a clipboard with a paper on it and begins reading from
  280. the paper)
  281. Dr. Kliener-The Mark V Hazardous Environment Suit has been redesigned for
  282. comfort and utility..
  284. (A loud alarm sounds in the background)
  285. Dr. Kliener-Oh dear!
  286. Barney-Doc we dont have time for this. At least get that suit juiced up Gordon.
  287. Dr. Kliener-Good idea, there is a charger on the wall. I have modified your
  288. suit to draw power from combine energy outlets, which are plentiful wherever
  289. they patrol.
  290. Aylx-Meanwhile, lets get this show on the road.
  292. (Dr. Kliener moves a picture frame around, this opens up a retinal scanner
  293. which he uses to open up a secret room behind the wall, Gordon enters the room
  294. along with everyone else, inside is a large mass of computers and wires along
  295. with a platform in the middle of the room, Alyx gets onto the platform and the
  296. guard rails close behind her)
  297. Dr. Kliener-Gordon, why dont you position yourself near the panel over there
  298. and wait for my word?
  300. (A man appears on a monitor behind barney)
  301. Eli-Issac are you there?
  302. Dr. Kiener-Yes, yes, Eli, a bit of a hold up on this end. You will never
  303. guess who found his way into our lab this morning.
  304. Eli-Thats not who I think it is, is it?
  305. Dr. Kliener-Indeed it is, and its our intention to send him packing straight
  306. away, in the company of your lovely daughter.
  307. Aylx-Are you ready for us dad?
  308. Eli-We are all set on this end.
  309. Aylx-Then lets do it
  310. (the platform Alyx is standing on begins to rise)
  311. Dr. Kliener-Lets see, the massless field flux should self-limit and I have
  312. clamped the manifold parameters to include CY Hilbert and GC orbitfold
  313. inclusive. Conditions could not be more ideal.
  314. Barney-Thats what you said last time.
  315. Aylx-Hey, uh, yeah, about that cat..
  316. Dr. Kliener-Initializing in three.. two.. one.. Oh fiddlesticks what now?
  317. (One of the plugs comes lose out of its outlet)
  318. Aylx-Uh, doctor the plug.
  319. Dr. Kliener-Dear me, you are right, Gordon would you mind plugging us in.
  320. (Gordon plugs the cord back in)
  321. Alyx-You gonna let Gordon throw the switch?
  322. Dr. Kliener-Gordon, go right ahead.
  323. (Gordon throws the switch)
  324. Dr. Kliener-Very good, final sequence
  325. Barney-I cant look.
  326. Alyx-Uh, ok, oh ah ohhh!
  328. (Aylx disappears from the teleporter)
  329. Dr. Kliener-Well, did it work?
  330. Eli-See for yourself
  331. Aylx-Hey doc!
  332. Dr. Kliener-Thank goodness, my relief is almost palpable
  333. Eli-Fantastic work Izzy
  334. Dr. Kliener-Well I cant take all the credit, Dr. Freeman proved an able
  335. assistant
  336. Eli-Lets go ahead and bring Gordon through now.
  337. Dr. Kliener-Right you are, speak to you again in a few moments.
  338. Barney-Good job Gordon, throwing that switch and all, I can see your M.I.T.
  339. education really pays off.
  340. Dr. Kliener-Alright Barney, your turn.
  341. Barney-Gee thanks
  342. Dr. Kliener-Gordon, as soon as you are in position we will send you to Eli.
  343. (The loud alarm sounds again)
  344. Barney-And not a moment too soon
  345. (Gordon steps into the teleporter, the guardrails close and it begins to rise)
  346. Dr. Kliener-Excellent, initializing, in three.. two.. one.., eh Barney if you
  347. would be so kind?
  348. Barney-Good luck out there Gordon
  349. Dr. Kliener-Yes indeed, we are ready to project you Gordon, best of luck in
  350. your future endeavors, and bon voyage, final sequence.
  352. (An alarm begins to sound)
  353. Barney-What the hell?
  354. (Llamar jumps out of a vent a breaks some wires connected to the teleporter)
  355. Dr. Kliener-What is it?
  356. Barney-Its your pet the freaking head humper!
  357. Dr. Kliener-Llamar? Hedy! No!
  358. Barney-Look out!
  359. (Llamar jumps onto the teleport as it begins to malfunction, Gordon is
  360. transported to a beach, then back to the lab)
  361. Barney-There he is!
  362. Dr. Kliener-Is Llamar with him?
  363. Barney-Forget about that thing!
  364. (Gordon is now transported to his intended destination)
  365. Alyx-He is coming through dad!
  366. Eli-What is going on Judith?
  367. Judith-Im not sure, it seems to be some kind of interference.
  368. Eli-Gordon stay put we will get ya out of there.
  369. Judith-Something is drawing him away.
  370. (Gordon is teleported into an unknown location, he sees the same man he saw on
  371. the monitor)
  372. Breen-What is the meaning of this? Who are you? How did you get in here?
  373. (Gordon is now teleported back to the lab)
  374. Barney-He is back, Im getting him outta there.
  375. Dr. Kliener-You cant just wade into the field! It will peel you apart!
  376. Alyx-We just lost Gordon what is going on?
  377. Dr. Kliener-I wish I knew, Im encountering unexpected interference
  378. Barney-Dont worry Gordon we will..
  379. (Gordon is transported back to his original destination)
  380. Aylx-There he is!
  381. Judith-Ah! We are losing him again!
  382. (Gordon is transported back to the unknown location)
  383. Breen-The man I saw, im all but certaint it was... Gordon Freeman
  384. (Gordon is transported underwater, A giant alien comes rushing at him but he
  385. is transported again at the last second, this time he is outside of the lab
  386. looking in through a window behind Dr. Kliener)
  387. Dr. Kliener-What do you mean he is not there?
  388. Eli-He didnt come through.
  389. Dr. Kliener-Then where is he?
  390. Eli-Behind you.
  391. Dr. Kliener-Ahh!
  392. Eli-Shut it down! Shut it down!
  393. Dr. Kliener-Gordon run! You must get out of here!
  394. Barney-Get down outta sight I will come find you!
  396. (Gordon makes his way through the area behind the lab until he sees barney on a
  397. ledge above)
  398. Barney-Gordon! I have never seen the citadel on full alert like that! Take the
  399. old canals out of city 17 to Eli, its dangerous but there is a whole network
  400. of resistance members who run the underground railroad. I would come with you
  401. but I have to look after Dr. Kliener. Oh and before I forget, I think you
  402. dropped this back at black mesa.
  403. (Barney throws down a crowbar)
  404. Barney-Good luck out there buddy, you are gonna need it.
  405. (Gordon makes his way away from the lab and through a train station while
  406. being chased by civil protection)
  408. ==============================================================================
  409. 2c. Route Kanal
  410. ==============================================================================
  412. (Gordon makes his way through the sewers of city 17 while being chased by civil
  413. protection, as he rounds a corner he comes upon the scene of yet another
  414. combine beating)
  416. Citizen 1-Help me! Stop we didnt do anything!
  417. (The combine soldiers are beating the husband of the woman, they notice
  418. freeman and come after him instead, he kills them with his crowbar)
  419. Citizen 1-They will be looking for you now. You should run there is nothing
  420. else you can do here.
  422. (Gordon continues his trek through the sewers while fighting civil protection,
  423. after passing over same train tracks Gordon finds a citizen and a vorigaunt)
  424. Citizen 2-Good god! Guess those sirens are for you huh? Good thing you found
  425. us, you are not the first to come through by a..
  426. Vorigaunt-This is the freeman, the reckoning of the combine has come.
  427. Citizen 2-Look we are just a lookout for the underground railroad. Main
  428. station is right around the corner. They will get you started on the right
  429. foot. Meanwhile let my vorigaunt friend here give you a jolt to get going.
  430. (The vorigaunt charges up the HEV suit)
  431. Vorigaunt-That is all we can spare.
  432. Citizen 2-Be careful now, we REALLY cant afford to get noticed.  Civil
  433. protection catches you down here, its bad news for the whole railroad.
  434. Vorigaunt-We serve the same mystery.
  435. Citizen 2-Get outta here.
  437. (Gordon continues to find his way through the sewers and slums of city 17, he
  438. comes upon a combine soldier killing a resistance member)
  439. Citizen 3-Wait. what are you.. no.. please.. dont shoot! Ahhh!
  440. (The radio in the underground railroad station is going)
  441. Woman on radio-Station 12 come in. Station 12 do you read?
  442. Man on radio-This is station 8! We heard 12 go down and out! Surgical strike
  443. units are targeting the railway stations! Repeat Civil Protection is coming
  444. down on the stations! We are already getting refuges from 9 and outlying,
  445. looks like..(static)
  446. Woman on radio-Station 8 do you copy? Station 8 are you there? We have
  447. confirmed reports of manhacks. Repeat they are filling the underground with
  448. manhacks.
  450. (Gordon continues to battle the combine and go through the sewers, he comes
  451. upon a resistance member hiding in a piece of concrete pipe)
  452. Citizen 4-Over here! Keep going friend that station was raided but there are
  453. still others up ahead. I am gonna stay here in case any others come through.  
  454. Gotta keep the railway alive.
  456. (Gordon continues to press on through the sewers, he finds a combine patrol
  457. standing on a grate above him)
  458. Civil Patrol 1-Anyone else get a 647-E reading?
  459. Civil Patrol 2-Check for miscount.
  460. Civil Patrol 1-Still getting that 647-E reading.
  461. (They see Gordon)
  462. Civil Patrol 3-There he is!
  464. (Gordon escapes through the sewer tunnel and heads on, he comes across another
  465. resistance station)
  466. Citizen 5-Get in here, hurry! Civil protection is on to us. We are tearing up
  467. the railroad, covering up our tracks. Looks like you are going to be the last
  468. one through. Be glad you are not the guy they are looking for. Poor bastard
  469. does not stand a chance. Sounds like they are calling in every CP unit in
  470. city 17. Now they are flooding the areas up ahead with manhacks. You better
  471. get going before they sweep through here
  472. (The citizen opens the viewing slot on the door and is greeted with the site
  473. of several manhacks flying towards him)
  474. Citizen 5-Oh shit!
  475. (The citizen grabs a pipe and tries to defend himself, Gordon and the citizen
  476. destroy all the manhacks)
  477. Citizen 5-Thanks for your help.  Look it isnt safe here, I will give you some
  478. supplies to get you going but then you have to leave.  Good luck out there!
  480. (Gordon continues to press on into the sewers, he comes to another resistance
  481. station)
  482. Citizen 6-Hey! You are Freeman arent you? We got word that you were coming.
  483. You got here at a bad time.
  484. (A voice comes over the radio)
  485. Aylx-Black Mesa East to station 6 do you read? Dr. Freeman is on his way
  486. downriver. Lend him the airboat and give him all the help you can. Repeat
  487. Gordon Freeman has returned, it is critical he reaches Black Mesa East.
  488. Citizen 6-You better get going now.
  490. (Gordon freeman heads on past the station, the area up ahead is being hit with
  491. artillery shells filled with headcrabs, he reached a small shelter with a
  492. airboat and another citizen)
  493. Citizen 7-Hey, Dr. Freeman I had been hoping you would show up, got this
  494. airboat all gassed up and ready to go. Its gonna be tough dodging civil
  495. protection out there in the open, but drive hard and you will make it. You will
  496. find more help at station 7, just up the river, its the red barn. Climb on in,
  497. and fire her up. You had better get going now!
  498. (Gordon drives the airboat out of the shelter and out of city 17 and into the
  499. river)
  501. ==============================================================================
  502. 2d. Water Hazard
  503. ==============================================================================
  505. (Gordon continues his way down the river and he comes upon a citizen on a
  506. bridge above him)
  507. Citizen 1-Hey! You down there! Supplies!
  508. (The citizen throws down some supply crates)
  509. Citizen 1-Look out below!
  511. (Gordon continues on, he reaches a closed floodgate, he goes inside the
  512. building and inside he sees Dr. Breen on a monitor)
  513. Dr. Breen-We now have direct confirmation of a disruptor in our midst, one who
  514. has acquired an almost meesianic reputation in the minds of certain citizens.
  515. His figure is synonymous with the darkest urges of instinct, ignorance, and
  516. decay. Some of the worst excesses of the Black Mesa incident have been laid
  517. directly at his feet. And yet unsophisticated minds continue to imbue him with
  518. romantic power. Giving him such labels as, the one free man, or the opener of
  519. the way. Let me remind all citizens of the dangers of magical thinking.  
  520. We have scarcely begun to climb from the dark pit of our the evolution of our
  521. species.  Let us not slide backward into oblivion, just as we have finally
  522. begun to see the light. If you see this so called free-man, report him.
  523. Civic deeds do not go un-rewarded and likewise complicity with his cause will
  524. not go un-punished. Be wise. Be safe. Be aware.
  526. (Gordon continues on and opens the flood gate, and passes further down the
  527. river, after eluding a chopper, he comes upon a resistance outpost with two
  528. citizens and a vorigaunt.)
  529. Citizen 2-Hey! You are freeman arent you?
  530. Citizen 3-Well! I wouldnt believe it if I couldnt see it with my own eyes.
  531. Dr. Gordon Freeman himself!
  532. Citizen 2-You are just in time doc, we have gotta move out before the combine
  533. picks us up, we are getting ready to pull out.
  534. Citizen 3-We better hurry, we have to tear down this camp before the combine
  535. gets here.
  536. Vorigaunt-Greetings to the Freeman.
  537. Citizen 3-Come on in, I will show you what you are up against.
  538. (The citizen leads Gordon into a room with a map and radio)
  539.  Citizen 3-Here take a look at this. This here is the dam just up ahead.
  540. (The citizen points to the map)
  541. Citizen 3-The hideout is here, a stones throw away from the apron and nestled
  542. in the old hydro plant. But getting there, with that hunter chopper on
  543. your ass, next to impossible.  Good news is, the vorigaunt is working his magic
  544. on your airboat, so you will have a little more firepower going forward. I
  545. think he is just finishing up now. Go on out.
  546. (Gordon goes back to the dock and checks on the airboat, it now has a gun
  547. mounted on it)
  548. Citizen 3-There we are. That gun came off of one of the same hunter choppers
  549. that you are up against. I always like to bring a little irony to a firefight.
  550. Voriagunt-The freeman will accept this weapon, or suffer greatly on the road
  551. ahead.
  552. Citizen 3-Farwell Dr. Freeman.
  553. Vorigaunt-For Freedom!
  554. Citizen 2-Give them hell doc.
  556. (Gordon leaves the outpost, just as he gets to the hideout the flood gate
  557. closes and he has to shoot down the chopper)
  559. ==============================================================================
  560. 2e. Black Mesa East
  561. ==============================================================================
  563. (Gordon passes through the dam and finally reaches the hideout, he enters a
  564. chamber but it is sealed and some alarms go off)
  565. Judith-We have got something. Okay, its human. Hello? Take it easy in there
  566. you are safe now.  You will have to forgive the scanning process we cant
  567. take any chances.
  568. (Some machines begin to run a series of scans on Gordon)
  569. Judith-Dr. Freeman? Gordon Freeman?! Is that you? You made it here this
  570. quickly? Well is Eli is going to be amazed, not to mention relieved.
  571. I am Dr. Mossman, Dr. Judith Mossman. I have been hearing about you since long
  572. before the Black Mesa incident. Oh! Black Mesa. I do so envy you working with
  573. Eli and Dr. Kliener when they were at the top of their field. Ah! There we go
  574. you can come through now.
  575. (The scanners stop and turn off and the door in front of Gordon opens)
  577. Judith-I will take you down to Eli right away. He would never forgive me if I
  578. kept you waiting.
  579. (Judith leads Gordon down through the facility)
  580. Judith-We could certainly use the extra help around here. We have covered a
  581. lot of ground in the last few months, but things would go much more faster if
  582. we had more people with your training. We are closing in on a reliable local
  583. teleport technology, something even the combine has not mastered. Eli thinks
  584. their portals are string based, similar to our Calabi-Yau model, but they have
  585. failed to factor in the dark energy equations. They can tunnel through from
  586. their universe, but once they are here they are dependent on local
  587. transportation. If they knew what we were doing with entanglement...
  588. (Judith gets into an elevator and Gordon follows)
  589. Judith-Oh listen to me, I sound like a post-doc. I am just so excited to think
  590. that we will finally get the chance to work together.
  591. (The elevator goes down)
  592. Judith-Were was I? Oh yes, Dr. Kliener compressed the xen relay far beyond
  593. anything he imagined at Black Mesa. We figured out how to use xen as an
  594. unexpressed axis, effectively a dimensional slingshot so we can swing around
  595. the borderworld and come back in local space without having to pass through.
  597. (The elevator reaches the bottom floor)
  598. Judith-Oh! Here is Eli now.
  599. (Eli is speaking to a vorigaunt)
  600. Eli-Alright good you keep right on it.
  601. Judith-Eli! Look who I found in the airlock.
  602. Eli-Gordon Freeman! Let me get a look at you man! My god man you havent
  603. changed one iota. How do you do it? Now lets see the last time I saw you,
  604. I sent you up for help after the resonance cascade. I never thought it
  605. would take you this long to get back to me. Welcome to the lab anyway,
  606. its not Black Mesa but it serves us well enough.
  607. Judith-Its going to be a lot more like Black Mesa with Gordon here to help.
  608. Eli-Right you are, M.I.T. graduates are few and far between these days.
  609. We will get you out of that hazard suit and back into your lab coat where you
  610. belong.
  611. Judith-Lemme just finish up some work and I will see what I can dig up.
  612. Dr. Freeman? It has been a real honor. I am looking forward to working
  613. together.
  614. Eli-Feel free to look around.
  616. (Eli goes back to his business, after a short while Alyx walks in)
  617. Alyx-Ah! Gordon, the vorigaunts said you were here. I cannot believe
  618. you made it so quickly on foot.
  619. Eli-I believe he broke your record honey.
  620. Alyx-Well he earned it. I guess you proved you can handle yourself out there.
  621. Eli-There is nothing Gordon cannot handle..with the possible exception of you.
  622. Alyx-Dad!
  623. Eli-Haaaa
  625. (Alyx goes and works on one of the machines while Eli activates a display
  626. for Gordon to look at)
  627. Eli-Take a look at this Gordon.
  629. (Judith comes out of the room she was working in)
  630. Judith-Alyx I though you were on watch?
  631. Alyx-The vorigaunts relieved me show I could come see Gordon.
  632. Anyway I should be in here working on the portal.
  633. Judith-I have the repairs well in hand. Someone misjudged the capacity
  634. of the combine thyristor..
  635. Alyx-Are you blaming me?
  636. Judith-No it was a calculation error not a mechanical problem.
  637. Alyx-Then maybe you should let me do the calculations next time, as well as
  638. the installing.
  639. Judith-Alyx really, sometimes I think you deliberately misunderstand me.
  640. Eli-Ahem. Alyx why dont you take Gordon and show him the gravity gun.
  641. Alyx-Sure, come on Gordon, lets go have some fun.
  642. Judith-The zero point field energy manipulator is not a toy Alyx
  643. Aylx-Lets get out of here.
  645. (Alyx opens up a door with keypad and leads Gordon down a hallway)
  646. Aylx-So I seen you met Dr. Mossman, she is one of the main reasons
  647. I spend so much time outside. You should hear her drone on about how it
  648. should have been her in the Black Mesa test chamber that day. I am sorry
  649. I shouldnt be talking behind her back, it just gets a bit cluastraphobic
  650. down here.
  651. (Alyx points down a hallway)
  652. Alyx-Thats the old passage to Ravenholm. We dont go there anymore.
  653. Come on.
  655. (Alyx leads Gordon through another airlock into an area outside)
  656. Alyx-So here we are, the scrapyard. This is the gravity gun my father was
  657. talking about, you can call it the zero point energy field manipulator if you
  658. really want to.
  659. (Alyx opens a glass case and hands Gordon the gravity gun)
  660. Alyx-Its designed for handling hazardous materials, but we mainly use it for
  661. heavy lifting. Give it a try. The primary trigger emits a charge, you can punt
  662. stuff and send it flying. I found it handy for clearing minefields. The
  663. secondary trigger lets you grab things, you can send them flying with the
  664. primary. Once you have picked something up, you can drop it gently by pressing
  665. your secondary trigger again. Pick up some stuff and toss it. You can also
  666. pull stuff over from a distance. Try grabbing those barrels from that ledge up
  667. there. All right.
  669. (Alyx leads Gordon into the scrapyard)
  670. Alyx-Now let me call dog, he loves to play fetch.
  671. Dog! Come!
  672. (A large robot comes out of a metal shack on the other side of the scrapyard)
  673. Alyx-Gordon this is dog, my dad built him to protect me when I was a kid.
  674. First model way about yay-high I have been adding to him ever since.
  675. Ok dog lets play catch with Gordon. You will need to use the gravity gun.
  676. Go ahead dog. Throw!
  678. (Dog throws a series of crates as Gordon catches them with the gravity gun)
  679. Alyx-Dog, go get your ball!
  680. (Dog runs over to a metal crate and removes a round glowing object, he throws
  681. this object back and forth with Gordon)
  682. Alyx-When I told you that you would be playing fetch, I didnt tell you who
  683. would be fetching did I.
  684. (This continues for a short while)
  685. Alyx-Ok Gordon lets try something else. Throw something bigger dog.
  686. (Dog runs over and picks up a dumpster)
  687. Alyx-No Dog! No boy put that down! What is it dog?
  688. (A explosion can be heard)
  689. Alyx-Oh my god what was that? Scanners! The combine is sweeping the area!
  690. We have to head back to the lab come on Gordon!
  692. (Gordon follows Alyx back to the airlock along with dog, Alyx contacts Eli
  693. over the monitor)
  694. Alyx-Dad its Alyx are you there?
  695. Eli-Alyx.. Honey
  696. Aylx-Whats going on in there?
  697. Eli-Where are you Alyx?
  698. Alyx-We are in the scrapyard airlock stuck in a full autocycle.
  699. Eli-Is Gordon still with you?
  700. Alyx-He is right here.
  701. Eli-Good, I want you two to..
  702. (The power shuts off)
  703. Alyx-Dad?
  704. (The power comes back on)
  705. Eli-Take Gordon out of here, head for the coast! Do not go through raven..
  706. (The monitor cuts off)
  707. Alyx-Dad? Dad! Damn it! Dog open the airlock get us out of here! Hurry now!
  708. Tear it apart if you have to, just get it open! Thats enough dog. Come on
  709. Gordon! Come on!
  711. (As Alyx and Gordon run back to the lab a pile of rocks collapses separating
  712. Gordon from Alyx, a firefight can be heard taking place, she speaks to him
  713. through a hole in the rubble)
  714. Alyx-Gordon you need to get out of here, I cant leave my father. Dog, take
  715. Gordon to the Ravenholm tunnel, then circle around and try to meet up with me.
  717. (Gordon follows dog down the hallway Alyx pointed out earlier, Dog opens up
  718. a tunnel door and Gordon continues on alone)
  720. ==============================================================================
  721. 2f. We Dont Go To Ravenholm
  722. ==============================================================================
  724. (Gordon fights his way through Ravenholm, a horrid abandoned town infested
  725. with headcrabs and zombies, after a short while he hears a mans voice)
  726. Father Gregori-For it was said that they had become like those peculiar demons
  727. which dwell in matter, but in which no light may be found.
  728. Father Gregori-For the days of my life have vanished like smoke, and my bones
  729. are parched like ash, and let all my impurities be as fuel for that fire
  730. until nothing remains but the light alone.
  731. Father Gregori-May they become like dust before the wind, may the angel of
  732. the lord pursue them.
  734. (Gordon comes upon a burning yard with several zombies coming at him on fire,
  735. a man kicks open the door at the top of the yard and kills the zombies with
  736. a shotgun)
  737. Father Gregori-But whos is this? Another life to save? I will keep my eye on
  738. you, more than that I cannot promise.
  739. (The man heads back into the door)
  741. (Gordon continues to fight his way through Ravenholm when he sees the man
  742. again)
  743. Father Gregori-Well done brother. Make free us of my traps. But take care
  744. not to fall in them yourself. Behind you!
  745. (Father Gregori shoots a zombie behind Gordon)
  746. Father Gregori-In Ravenholm, you do well to be vigilant.
  747. (Father Gregori walks away and Gordon continues to move forward)
  749. (After a short time Gordon sees him again)
  750. Father Gregori-Better and Better! I am Father Gregori, you have already met
  751. my, congregation, aha aha ahaaa!
  752. (Father Gregori walks away again and Gordon moves on)
  754. (After some time Gordon again sees Father Gregori shooting at some zombies)
  755. Father Gregori-Ah! It is you brother! I apologize, but no harm done. My
  756. bullets are the least of your concerns.
  758. (In the same area Gordon sees him again)
  759. Father Gregori-Although they call me crazy I care not, for thou art my helper
  760. my strength, and my savior.
  762. (Gordon sees the man soon again on a ledge above him)
  763. Father Gregori-Here brother! Come closer. You have stirred up hell!
  764. A man after my own heart! Here I have a more suitable gun for you. You will
  765. need it. Catch!
  766. (Father Gregori throws Gordon a shotgun)
  767. Father Gregori-Good, now keep it close. My advice to you is..aim for the head.
  768. Hush!
  769. (The sound of claws clinking on metal can be heard, the drain pipe in front of
  770. Gordon begins to shake)
  771. Father Gregori-They come! There is no rest in Ravenholm! Move on and I will
  772. meet you at the church.
  774. (After Gordon and Father Gregori fight off the aliens, Gordon moves on
  775. and sees him again)
  776. Father Gregori-How came you here brother? This is the wrong side of town
  777. for you! Did I not tell you to seek the church? Mend your ways before it is
  778. too late!
  780. (Gordon continues on, as he emerges from a roof hatch he sees Father Gregori
  781. on the other side of a fence, behind him is the church)
  782. Father Gregori-Ah, there you are! At last! I will send the cart for you
  783. brother! It will be but a moment! Patience brother! Guard yourself well!
  784. (Father Gregori goes and activates the tiny gondola to the church, while
  785. Gordon is waiting for it to arrive a swarm of aliens attacks him)
  786. Father Gregori-Almost there brother!
  787. (The gondola arrives)
  788. Father Gregori-Now brother step into the cart! The handbrake brother release
  789. it and come down!
  790. (Gordon rides the gondola across the fence and into the church area)
  791. Father Gregori-Greetings brother! And so we meet at last. You are to be
  792. commended for avoiding my traps. The work of a man who once had too much time
  793. on his hands, and now finds time for nothing but the work of salvation.
  794. I suspect you have little wish to remain in Ravenholm, so I will show you to
  795. the mines. As for me..A shepherd must tend to his flock... Especially when
  796. they have grown unruly. Follow me brother, and tread lightly, for this is
  797. hallowed ground.
  799. (Gordon and Father Gregori fight their way past the area behind the church,
  800. and past a graveyard to the mine entrance)
  801. Father Gregori-Farwell brother! I fear I deliver you to a darker place.
  802. May the light of lights be with you. Look to your own, salvation.
  804. (Father Gregori runs off to kill some zombies, and Gordon heads into the
  805. mines, Gordon finally makes his way out of the mines, and emerges onto some
  806. train tracks, there are combine snipers here, after killing them he finds a
  807. firefight going on between resistance members and the combine, he jumps in
  808. and helps, after this is over the citizens survey the damage)
  810. Citizen 1-Who is hurt?
  811. Citizen 2-Winston has been hit.
  812. Citizen 1-Patch him up and get him to the back as soon as he is stable.
  813. (He notices Gordon)
  814. Citizen 1-Gordon Freeman? Its incredible you made it! We have been getting
  815. communications from Alyx. I will see if I can reach her again. Follow me.
  816. (He leads Gordon to a door, then knocks on it)
  817. Citizen 1-Its Leon, we are all clear. And I have got Gordon Freeman!
  818. (The door opens)
  819. Citizen 3-Dr. Freeman you are kidding? I have been on the line with Alyx.
  820. Her father has been captured.
  821. Citizen 1-Over here Dr. Freeman.
  822. Vorigaunt-The Eli Vance is indispensable to the liberation.
  823. (The citizen leads Gordon to a monitor, he tunes it and Alyx appears)
  824. Citizen 1-Alyx its Leon, and I have got Gordon Freeman with me.
  825. Alyx-Gordon! You made it through Ravenholm? Thank god! I need your help!
  826. They have taken my father! He has been taken to Nova Prospekt. The vorigaunts
  827. tracked the ship that made off with him and Judith Mossman. While the trains
  828. are still running I am going to hitch a ride. Here is where you come in
  829. Gordon. I need you to make your way along the coast until you get to
  830. Nova Prospekt. It used to be a high security prison, its something much
  831. worse than that now. But I think it is still easier to sneak in than to
  832. break out.
  833. Citizen 1-You want him to take the coast road? He wont last five minutes on
  834. foot. Its antlion spawning season.
  835. Alyx-Thats why I called you Leon. I was hoping you still had the scout car we
  836. left with you last summer. The one my dad rigged with the tau cannon.
  837. Citizen 1-Yeah good idea, hold on a sec.
  838. (The citizen tunes the radio again)
  839. Citizen 1-Noriko? Bring the buggy out put it on the dock right now, Gordon
  840. Freeman will be driving it!
  841. Citizen on radio-Will do! I just finished mounting an ammo crate on the back.
  842. Citizen 1-Good timing. Ok Alyx we are all set.
  843. Alyx-Thanks Leon. Gordon I have not driven the coast in over a year, but I
  844. have no reason to think its gotten any safer. Meet me in the depot where the
  845. trains unload. Take care of yourself and I will see you in Nova Prospekt.
  846. Citizen 1-Bye Alyx. Ok doc, before you hit the road you might wanna grab some
  847. medkits, restock on ammo, maybe check the map see where you are headed. There
  848. is an ammo supply crate on the back of the car if that is any comfort. Stay
  849. with the car, make use of the thumpers, and you will stand a fair chance
  850. against the antlions. I will radio ahead to let the next base know you are
  851. coming.
  853. (Gordon heads out to the dock where the car is waiting)
  855. ==============================================================================
  856. 2g. Highway 17
  857. ==============================================================================
  859. (As Gordon comes out onto the dock he can see the car waiting for him,
  860. and a large crane with a magnet on it)
  862. Citizen in crane-Hello Dr. Freeman, the car is all ready for you. Hop in and
  863. I will lower you down to the beach! Good here we go!
  864. (The citizen in the crane begins to lower Gordon and the car down to the
  865. beach)
  866. Citizen in crane-Damn magnet is failing! Hold on!
  867. (The car falls to the beach upside down)
  868. Citizen in crane-Sorry doc!
  869. (Gordon rights the car with the gravity gun a drives off)
  871. (After a while Gordon comes to another resistance outpost)
  872. Citizen 1-Gordon Freeman! Hurry get in the basement! We are expecting
  873. gunships at any moment. Colonel Cubbage will be glad to see you made it.
  874. (Gordon heads down into the basement of the building where a man is
  875. speaking to some other resistance members)
  876. Colonel Cubbage-This steerable rocket launcher is our best bet for taking
  877. down a gunship. Ah! Hello, I will be right with you. Now.. where was I?
  878. Ah yes.. Using the laser guide, you can steer you rocket past the gunship
  879. defenses and prevent it from shooting down your rocket. This will only anger
  880. it at first. But if you can survive long enough to make several direct hits,
  881. you will be rewarded with a prize worthy of any mantle piece. Now? Who is
  882. going to be the lucky one to carry it into combat? Ah yes Gordon Freeman.
  883. I could not have asked for a finer volunteer.
  884. (Gordon takes the RPG)
  885. Colonel Cubbage-Colonel Odessa Cubbage at your service.
  887. (An alarm begins to sound)
  888. Citizen 2-Gunship!
  889. Colonel Cubbage-Damn! Let me just send a warning to lighthouse point, then I
  890. will come right up and lend a hand!
  891. (Gordon goes outside and shoots down the gunship, he goes back down to the
  892. basement)
  893. Colonel Cubbage-Well thats that. I gather you have disposed of that gunship
  894. Dr. Freeman, your reputation is well deserved. I will have someone open the
  895. gate for you immediately.
  896. (Gordon goes outside, a citizen opens the gate for him and he drives off)
  898. ==============================================================================
  899. 2h. Sandtraps
  900. ==============================================================================
  902. (After driving for a very long time, Gordon comes to a resistance outpost
  903. stationed at a lighthouse)
  904. Citizen 1-Hey over here! You made it! We are picking up radio chatter,
  905. they are looking for your car. Get you car in the garage.
  907. (Gordon drives his car into the garage and leaves it there, as this is
  908. his destination)
  909. Citizen 1-Ok doc you will have to go on foot from here. There is a secret
  910. path along the cliffside, but no one is going anywhere until we fight off
  911. this attack. Having you here to fight alongside us is going to make a big
  912. difference for morale. Oh crap! Here come the dropships!
  913. (Gordon fights off the combine along with the resistance members, after the
  914. battle one of them comes up and shows Gordon the way down the path)
  915. Citizen 2-This way Dr. Freeman, we will take the cliff path before the
  916. gunships find us. Right along there, and watch your step.
  917. (The secret door opens up and Gordon goes on foot down the path along
  918. the edge of the cliff)
  920. (After a short while Gordon comes to a citizen and his friend
  921. laying injured on a rock in the middle of the sand)
  922. Citizen 3-Hey you there! Dont move! Stay on the rocks! Stepping on the sand
  923. makes the antlions crazy!
  924. (The injured citizen begins to get up)
  925. Citizen 3-Lazlo dont move!
  926. (The antlions crawl up from the sand and kill the injured citizen)
  927. Citizen 3-Dear god! Poor Lazlo. The finest mind of his generation come to
  928. such an end. You go on. There is nothing else you can do here.
  930. (Gordon continues on across the beach when he comes upon a very large
  931. antlion he kills it, and a vorigaunt emerges from a nearby outpost)
  932. Vorigaunt-The freeman would be wise to heed out extraction of the
  933. myrmadonts aromatic pheropods, the process is not entirely hygienic so
  934. please, stand aside.
  935. (The vorigaunt harvests the bugbait from the corpse of the super antlion)
  936. Vorigaunt-The freeman will have need of these on the road ahead. Gather them
  937. now.
  938. (The vorigaunt leads Gordon back into the outpost and gives him some simple
  939. training on how to use the bugbait, he then raises a barrier and lets Gordon
  940. leave)
  942. (Gordon fights his way up the beach with the antlions helping him,
  943. after a while he finally reaches Nova Prospekt)
  945. ==============================================================================
  946. 2i. Nova Prospekt
  947. ==============================================================================
  949. (Gordon continues to fight his way on through Nova Prospekt with his army
  950. of antlions)
  952. No dialogue in this level
  954. ==============================================================================
  955. 2j. Entanglement
  956. ==============================================================================
  957. (Gordon finally meets up with Alyx after a short while, unfortunately he has
  958. lost control of the antlions and can no longer herd them)
  959. Alyx-I am glad you made it here in one piece. My dad is up there somewhere, in
  960. that holding area. Its gonna take some doing to get him out. Lets get out of
  961. here.
  963. (Gordon follows her down an elevator)
  964. Alyx-I am afraid that I am flying blind here. Every now and then a vorigaunt
  965. gets captured and sends back a little picture of this place. What we do know,
  966. is all bad.
  968. (Gordon fights his way along with Alyx and they come to a control room, she
  969. finds her dad and they go after him, they come to the holding room where he is)
  970. Alyx-There he is!
  971. Eli-Alyx! Gordon! Is that really you? I cant believe you found me!
  972. Alyx-Dad are you alright?!
  973. Eli-Im fine but you have to get out of here.
  974. Alyx-We are here to get you out dad!
  975. Eli-Nevermind me save yourselves!
  976. Aylx-No we are not leaving you! I think I can recalibrate the combine portal
  977. to get us out of here.
  978. Eli-But where will you go?
  979. Alyx-I talked to Dr. Kliener, his portal was almost working again. If he has
  980. managed to repair it then we will end up there. If he hasnt well... we would
  981. not be any worse off.
  982. Eli-Its not worth the risk honey! I cant lost you! Get out while you still
  983. can!
  984. Alyx-We are not leaving here without you, thats final!
  985. Eli-We cant leave without Judith either.
  986. Alyx-Dont worry dad we will find her. For now I am going to send you to the
  987. teleport room. I am not saying goodbye dad. We will meet you there.
  988. Eli-I know you will honey.
  989. (Alyx uses the controls to send the pod Eli is in to the teleport room)
  990. Aylx-Lets get out of here. I am going to head back to the security station
  991. and try to patch into your suit radio.
  992. (Alyx goes back while Gordon heads forward)
  994. (Alyx speaks through the suit)
  995. Alyx-Hey it worked, lets see what I can do to clear the way for you, keep an
  996. eye out for Mossman. I will get my dad through the prison as far as I can then
  997. I will catch up to you.
  998. (Gordon comes to a closed gate)
  999. Alyx-Hang on I will get that gate open.
  1000. (The gate opens)
  1001. (Gordon comes to another closed gate)
  1002. Alyx-Damn! It is jammed ok I have got an idea, head back to that office.
  1003. (Gordon goes back and finds a vent he goes through)
  1004. Alyx-Be careful Gordon I am picking up a lot of soldiers ahead.
  1005. (Gordon comes to another gate)
  1006. Alyx-I will start working on this gate, hang on.
  1007. (Gordon moves on)
  1008. Alyx-You are coming up to another control room, looks like it is still
  1009. occupied.
  1010. (Gordon clears the room)
  1011. Alyx-My guess is that there are a bunch more soldiers heading your way.
  1012. Quick search the room. There should be some combine turrets nearby. I can
  1013. reprogram these turrets to attack the enemy. You set them up to defend the
  1014. control room. I cant shut down those fields from here. I am going to have to
  1015. catch up with you to access them. I am picking up a lot of incoming soldiers,
  1016. hold the fort until I get there.
  1018. (Gordon defends the room until Alyx falls down out of a vent in the ceiling)
  1019. Alyx-Sorry it took me so long. Glad to see you are okay. Lets see if we can
  1020. find Mossman. It looks like this station might give me better access.
  1021. (Alyx scrolls through some cameras and finds her)
  1022. Alyx-There she is. Wait a minute. How did she..?
  1023. (Mossman is talking to Dr. Breen)
  1024. Breen-...from your area
  1025. Judith-I am not calling about that, you promised you were not going to touch
  1026. Eli
  1027. Alyx-What is she up to? Oh my god.
  1028. Breen-The soldiers were a bit overzealous I admit, but he was too tempting
  1029. a prize to turn loose, especially in the absence of Gordon Freeman.
  1030. Judith-You would have had Freeman if you had just been patient and waited
  1031. for my signal.
  1032. Breen-We were not entirely sure you were ever going to get around to that,
  1033. human loyalties being what they are.
  1034. Judith-Dr. Breen, as I have stated before you have to let Eli come around
  1035. on his own, you cannot just..
  1036. Breen-I have known Dr. Vance far longer than you my dear. I am afraid your
  1037. feelings for him might have blinded you.
  1038. Judith-Feelings?  This has nothing to do with feelings. It is a simple truth
  1039. that when Eli believes in our..
  1040. Breen-This is not open to debate Dr. Mossman.
  1041. Judith-Doctor please..
  1042. Breen-So sorry Judith I am all out of time.
  1043. (The monitor shuts off)
  1044. Alyx-Damn her! I dont believe this! Come on Gordon now we really have to
  1045. hurry. Go on ahead I will disrupt the next level of security and will catch
  1046. up to you when I can.
  1047. (Gordon goes on ahead)
  1049. (Gordon comes to a room with 3 turrets in it)
  1050. Alyx-Quick get these set up, I see soldiers coming in from all directions.
  1051. (Gordon sets up the turrets)
  1052. Alyx-Here they come!
  1053. (After a while of fighting of soldiers, Alyx talks to Gordon again)
  1054. Alyx-Ok Gordon I am going to leave off here and catch up with you. be there as
  1055. soon as I can.
  1056. (Alyx jumps down from a balcony above)
  1057. Alyx-Sorry to take so long Gordon, I wont leave you again, now, lets go
  1058. track down Mossman.
  1060. (Alyx and Gordon head off to find Mossman, after a short distance they come to
  1061. a hallway, all the lights are shut off one by one)
  1062. Alyx-uh-oh
  1063. (A horde of Combine soldiers pour in, Gordon and Alyx fight them off and head
  1064. on)
  1066. (They come to a control room)
  1067. Alyx-Great another security station.
  1068. (Alyx uses her hacking tool to hack the security station)
  1069. Alyx-Alright Mossman where are you...
  1070. (The monitor cycles to a image of Judith in a control room)
  1071. Alyx-Ha! There you are!
  1072. (Alyx inputs some commands and seals off the station that Judith is at)
  1073. Alyx-Ha! Got you now! Well come on Gordon we dont want to keep her waiting.
  1074. (They head to the next room, combine soldiers come out of a field gate)
  1075. Alyx-Come on Gordon! Let me seal this door. No turning back now.
  1077. (They run up to a window and see Judith inside)
  1078. Aylx-There she is. Leave the talking to me Gordon. We may need her to get
  1079. out of here.
  1080. (Alyx goes and bangs on the window)
  1081. Judith-Hello? Oh thank god.. Someone is here. Alyx? Gordon? How did you get in
  1082. here?
  1083. Aylx-We know all about you and Breen. You have been a spy for the combine the
  1084. whole time.
  1085. Judith-What? What are you talking about?
  1086. (The sealed door begins to give way under the combine battery)
  1087. Alyx-Dammit, move back Mossman we are coming in.
  1088. (Alyx opens the door to the room)
  1089. Judith-Alyx whatever you may think I assure you I am working to protect your
  1090. father.
  1091. Aylx-Shut up and be glad you are still of some use to us! We are going to
  1092. reconfigure this teleport and get the hell out of here.
  1093. Judith-You see we are working to the same end. I have already modulated the
  1094. teleporter to emulate a xen relay.
  1095. Aylx-That is my fathers work you stole!
  1096. Judith-Its my work to! And I had to prove to Dr. Breen that your father
  1097. would be the most valuable member of any research effort going forward from
  1098. here.
  1099. Alyx-Enough of your bullshit!
  1100. (The monitor shows Eli)
  1101. Alyx-Look Gordon there is my dad, I am going to bring him in.
  1102. Judith-You found Eli?
  1103. Alyx-No thanks to you! Just enter the coordinates for Dr. Klieners lab and
  1104. lets get moving.
  1105. Judith-But we need access to the teleport platform and we are locked out.
  1106. Alyx-I will take care of that.
  1107. (The door to the teleport room opens)
  1108. Alyx-Lets get going.
  1110. (They all head into the teleport room which contains a teleport similar to the
  1111. one in Dr. Klieners lab but it is much taller)
  1112. Aylx-Oh my god. And you have been working with this thing? For how long?
  1113. Judith-Never.. Until now. Though I did have a fairly good idea of what to
  1114. expect.
  1115. (Eli comes in on the prison pod)
  1116. Aylx-I bet you did. It looks like it is waiting for us.
  1117. Judith-The combine use a peculiar pulse-forming network with a very long
  1118. rise time, It takes quite a while to recharge.
  1119. Alyx-So you have warmed it up for us. Good. And just in time.
  1120. (The prison pod opens)
  1121. Alyx-Dad down here. Sorry we took so long I hope that was not too bad for you.
  1122. Eli-Do not worry about me sweetheart. Judith! I see they set you free!
  1123. Aylx-Not exactly.
  1124. Judith-Eli! I was so worried about you!
  1125. Alyx-The coordinates Dr. Mossman.
  1126. (A large bang is heard at the sealed door)
  1127. Eli-So this is the combine portal, It is smaller than I imagined.
  1128. (Eli is moved into the portal)
  1129. Alyx-Hurry up Mossman!
  1130. (Alyx contacts Dr. Kliener over the terminal)
  1131. Aylx-Dr. Kleiner!
  1132. Dr. Kliener-Yes Alyx where are you?
  1133. Alyx-We are in Nova Prospekt, and we are running the Xen emulation for the
  1134. first time. Are you ready for us?
  1135. Dr. Kliener-Ready! Willing! And fully enabled!
  1136. Alyx-Good we will send my dad through first, he is in position for...
  1137. (An alarm sounds)
  1138. Aylx-What was that? Hold on gotta bring this back down.
  1139. (Mossman sneaks into the portal and starts it)
  1140. Alyx-No! Stop! What are you doing!
  1141. Judith-I am sorry Alyx, it is the only way.
  1142. Alyx-No! Get back here!
  1143. Eli-Whats going on Alyx? Judith?
  1144. (The portal starts to rise, as Alyx tries to stop it, it activates)
  1145. Alyx-Dr. Kliener you have to stop them!
  1146. Dr. Kliener-Stop who my dear?
  1147. Alyx-Oh my god! What coordinates are these? Where did she take him!
  1148. (Another large bang is heard at the door)
  1149. Alyx-No.. Cover me Gordon I have to reset the portal. Use the turrets!
  1150. (A series of several bangs can be heard, the doors to the room finally
  1151.  are blown open by the combine, Gordon and alyx fight them off until the
  1152. portal is ready)
  1153. Alyx-Thank god it is done lets get the hell out of here!
  1154. (Alyx and Gordon run into the portal, as it begins to raise the remaining
  1155. doors to the room blow open and soldiers flood out, the building begins to
  1156. collapse, just as a large cement piece is about to fall on the portal
  1157. they are teleported and the screen goes white)
  1159. (The screen fades back in to reveal the room in Dr. Klieners lab with the
  1160. teleporter in it)
  1161. Alyx-My god we made it! But where is Dr. Kliener?
  1162. (Alyx bangs on the secret wall)
  1163. Alyx-Dr. Kliener let us out!
  1164. (Dr. Kliener pops in with a shotgun)
  1165. Dr. Kliener-Aylx? Gordon? My god how did you get here and when?
  1166. Alyx-What is wrong?
  1167. Dr. Kliener-My dear, I had given up hope of ever seeing you again.
  1168. Alyx-I was thinking the same. I think the teleport exploded just as we made
  1169. it out.
  1170. Dr. Kliener-Indeed it did. And the repercussions were felt far and wide..
  1171. but that was over a week ago.
  1172. Alyx-What do you mean? Gordon and I were just there a minute ago.
  1173. Dr. Kiener-Fascinating. We seem to have developed a slow teleport. This
  1174. suggests an entirely new line of investigation.
  1175. Alyx-A week..? Then what have we missed?
  1176. Dr. Kliener-A great deal my dear. The blow you struck at Nova Prospekt was
  1177. taken as a signal to start the uprising.
  1178. Alyx-But what about my father?
  1179. Dr. Kliener-Well.. that is most disturbing. According to the vorigaunts
  1180. he is a prisoner at the citadel.
  1181. Alyx-We have got to get my father out.
  1182. Dr. Kliener-Barney has been leading a push with that very aim in mind.
  1183. And another of your friends arrived several days ago.
  1184. (Dr. Kliener opens the room where the HEV suit used to be, inside is Dog)
  1185. Alyx-Dog! You made it!
  1186. Dr. Kliener-So there. You see? Its not all hopeless.
  1187. Alyx-I wish I shared your optimism doctor.
  1188. (Barney appears over a monitor)
  1189. Barney-Doc come in.. are you there?
  1190. Dr. Kliener-Yes barney and I am no longer alone. Alyx and Gordon have just
  1191. arrived.
  1192. Barney-Well man thats good news, I almost gave you guys up for lost.
  1193. We are going to set up a staging area for the attack on the citadel.
  1194. Alyx-Gordon and dog can head your way. I want to get Dr. Kliener somewhere
  1195. safer.
  1196. Barney-I will take all the help I can get. Oh crap! Incoming!
  1197. (A artillery shell flies by barney)
  1198. Barney-Get going!
  1200. (Gordon and Dog head out of the lab and onto the streets of City 17)
  1204. ==============================================================================
  1205. Anti-Citizen One
  1206. ==============================================================================
  1207. (As Gordon and Dog head out to the streets a combine tank drives up, Dog picks
  1208. it up and throws it into a building filled with soldiers, he then pries open a
  1209. barricade to let Gordon past, after Gordon is past he shuts it and jumps onto
  1210. a dropship, the dropship flies off with Dog on it)
  1212. (Gordon meets up with some resistance members)
  1213. Resistance 1-Well Gordon Freeman, and about time to
  1214. Resistance 2-Gordon you are here!
  1215. Resistance 3-Dr. Freeman we are coming with you
  1216. (They head off and continue on)
  1218. (Gordon comes to an area sealed off by twisted metal and concrete)
  1219. Resistance 4-Gordon Freeman? It is you isnt it! Give me a minute, Im gonna
  1220. plant some charges and blow this open.
  1221. (After holding off combine forces for some time the area is blow open)
  1222. Resistance 4-Looks nasty in there! Good thing you have that suit!
  1223. (Gordon makes it past the area and opens the locked door)
  1224. Resistance 4-I see you made it through okay, I figured you would.
  1226. (Gordon finds a resistance member through a fence)
  1227. Resistance 5-Dr. Freeman? It is not safe here anymore. They are shelling the
  1228. hell out of us. I will send word you are coming up ahead. Keep moving.
  1229. (Gordon continues on with his squad)
  1231. (He comes to a room with 2 turrets, after knocking them down the door blows
  1232. open and Alyx comes in)
  1233. Alyx-Gordon! I had a feeling I would find you here. I have got Dr. Kliener in
  1234. a safe spot. Now we can join up with Barney. There is a command center
  1235. downstairs, I am hoping to find information on generator locations. Ready?
  1236. Lets go.
  1237. (Gordon and Alyx go downstairs and reach the command center)
  1238. Alyx-Well we are in luck, there is a generator in the square outside. We are
  1239. trying to disable as many as we can to loosen the combines grip on the city.
  1240. It will take me a few minutes to expose the core, then I will need you to hit
  1241. it with a burst from the gravity gun. In the meantime watch my back.
  1242. (Gordon and Alyx head outside to the plaza, Alyx starts to disable the
  1243. generator)
  1244. Alyx-This should not take too long. As soon as it is down, I will open that
  1245. gate and we can get out of here.
  1246. (Gordon fights off the combine forces as Alyx tries to open the generator)
  1247. Alyx-Ok the core is exposed. Use the gravity gun Gordon!
  1248. (Gordon uses the gravity gun to push the energy source out of the core)
  1249. Alyx-All right, I am opening the gate.
  1251. (They both run through the gate and Alyx shuts it)
  1252. Alyx-Ok, Barney should be on the far side of that...canal. Well there used to
  1253. be a bridge here. Let me see if I can scout a new path. Ah! Wait for me here.
  1254. (Alyx climbs up a drain pipe to the top of a building)
  1255. Alyx-Hey! Looks like we might be able to get through down there! Lets head
  1256. that way!
  1257. (Bullets are fired at Alyx)
  1258. Alyx-Ah! No! Gordon! Run! Get out of here!
  1260. (Gordon runs off into the sewers)
  1262. ==============================================================================
  1263. 2l. Follow Freeman!
  1264. ==============================================================================
  1265. (After getting through the sewers Gordon finds another resistance member)
  1266. Resistance 1-Dr. Freeman! Barney said you were on your way. We got split up by
  1267. snipers, and he is pinned down in a warehouse up ahead. Go ahead, he is
  1268. relying on you.
  1270. (Gordon heads past the snipers and finds a wounded resistance member in the
  1271. basement of the warehouse)
  1272. Resistance 2-Help! Is somebody up there? Help! Help me! We thought we would be
  1273. safer down here. Little did we know the place was infested. The rest of them
  1274. headed upstairs, took their chances with the snipers. I guess they are still
  1275. up there.
  1277. (Gordon heads upstairs and sees Barney)
  1278. Barney-Over here! Gordon I cant move, these snipers have got me pinned down.
  1279. Gordon lob a couple grenades, that will clear them out.
  1280. (Gordon blows out the snipers with grenades)
  1281. Barney-Alright, thanks Gordon, now lets clear out of here.
  1283. (Gordon and Barney head out of the building and to a security gate)
  1284. Barney-Let me get this gate. My Civil Protection status still gives me limited
  1285. clearance. Did you hear a cat just now? That damn thing haunts me.
  1286. (Barney opens the gate and they both continue on)
  1288. (They come to a building and some resistance members join them)
  1289. Barney-There is an old building up ahead. A bank or museum or something like
  1290. that. Whatever the hell it used to be, now it is a nexus for Overwatch in
  1291. City 17. It is the main source of pain for this part of town, thanks to a huge
  1292. suppression device that rains down hell from the roof of the place.
  1293. (They come to a window)
  1294. Barney-There it is, the Overwatch nexus. Looks like they are mobilizing
  1295. big-time. You can sort of see the gate from here. I will show you when we get
  1296. to street level. We have to get into that building to open the gate. Even then
  1297. the suppression device will, suppress anyone who tries to come through unless
  1298. we shut it down.
  1299. (As Gordon goes into the next room a camera detects him and an alarm goes off)
  1300. Barney-So much for stealth. We have been spotted!
  1301. (They reach the street)
  1302. Barney-There is the gate I was telling you about. We have to come back here
  1303. after we get it open. If we get it open. First we gotta get into the nexus
  1304. building.
  1306. (Barney and Gordon fight past the combine and get into the building)
  1307. Barney-Uh-oh, turrets. You have the HEV suit, you deal with them. Then I will
  1308. open the door.
  1310. (Barney and Gordon fight past the combine into the building and come to a room
  1311. with lasers)
  1312. Barney-Wow, with that much security there must be something good in there.
  1313. Go for it doc. I will wait here until you shut I down.
  1314. (Gordon gets past the lasers and shuts it down)
  1316. (After disabling the final generator Barney and Gordon head for the roof)
  1317. Barney-Ah here it is, roof access. I am going to stay here and help other
  1318. resistance members come through.
  1320. (After fighting his way up to and down from the roof Gordon finds another
  1321. resistance member)
  1322. Resistance 3-Dr. Freeman! Since you shut off the suppressor and opened the
  1323. gate, we can really move people through now. The combine is really going to
  1324. feel the squeeze! We dropped a crate of rockets across the plaza. If you can
  1325. make it there you can take down the striders.
  1327. (After fighting his way through City 17 and past a whole mess of striders
  1328. Gordon finds Dog bursting through a barricade of cars with Barney running
  1329. behind him)
  1330. Barney-Dog! Here boy! Dog come back here! Damn it all! Gordon! Hey help me
  1331. out here!
  1332. (They run over to the citadel wall)
  1333. Barney-Dog came crashing through the plaza, knocking over walls, I think he
  1334. is looking for Alyx. He seems to have it set in his mind that she is in the
  1335. citadel. I figured Alyx would not want him getting into any deeper trouble but
  1336. hell, you try stopping him.
  1337. (Dog pulls  up the citadel wall)
  1338. Barney-Hey dog! Not there! You cannot get through that way!
  1339. (Dog lifts it all the way up)
  1340. Barney-Well I will be dammed. I think he wants you to go through Gordon,
  1341. you had better hurry.
  1342. (Gordon jumps into the hole)
  1343. Barney-And if you see Dr. Breen, tell him I said f--- -ou!*
  1345. (Gordon heads down into the citadel through the underground)
  1347. ==============================================================================
  1348. 2m. Our Benefactors
  1349. ==============================================================================
  1350. (Gordon rides along the prison pod conveyor system to get to the top of the
  1351. citadel, he gets the upgraded gravity gun and probably enjoys throwing some
  1352. combine fools around the building)
  1354. No dialogue in this level
  1356. ==============================================================================
  1357. 2n. Dark Energy
  1358. ==============================================================================
  1359. (Gordon reaches the top of the citadel in the prison pod, the guards take the
  1360. blue gravity gun from him and Judith comes in)
  1361. Judith-I will take him from here. Dont struggle, its no use. Until you are
  1362. where he wants you there is nothing you can do. I am sorry Gordon.
  1364. (Judith leads the pod into a room with Eli and Dr. Breen talking)
  1365. Dr. Breen-..ancient stars colonized by sentient fungi. Gas giants, inhabited
  1366. by vast meteorological intelligences. Worlds stretched thin across the
  1367. membranes where dimensions intersect...Impossible to describe with our limited
  1368. vocabulary!
  1369. Eli-What I have seen is also beyond words Breen. Genocide, indescribable
  1370. evil...Good god.
  1371. Dr. Breen-Well if it isnt Gordon Freeman at last.
  1372. (The guard shows Breen the gravity gun)
  1373. Dr. Breen-Oh what is this? Put it over there.
  1374. (The guard puts it on the desk)
  1375. Dr. Breen-You have my gratitude Dr. Freeman, first you lead me to the doorstep
  1376. of my oldest friend, then you deliver yourself. If I had known you were going
  1377. to come straight up to my office I would not have bothered hunting you in the
  1378. first place. Having both of you in my keeping ensures I can dictate the terms
  1379. of any bargain I care to make with the Combine.
  1380. Judith-Dr. Breen..Wallace..
  1381. Dr. Breen-Yes what is it Judith?
  1382. Judith-The bargain we should be making is for his life so he can continue his
  1383. research!
  1384. Dr. Breen-Thanks to you we have everything we need in that regard. You are
  1385. more than qualified to finish his research yourself. What neither you nor I
  1386. can do is convince that rabble in the streets to give up their senseless
  1387. struggle. Yet Eli refuses to speak the words that would save them all.
  1388. Eli-Save them?! For what?!
  1389. Dr. Breen-Eli.. If you will not do this for the good of all people, maybe
  1390. you will do it for one of them.
  1391. (The mechanical arm takes Alyx out of the prison pod)
  1392. Eli-Alyx..Honey..
  1393. Alyx-Dad! Huh.. Gordon? No..
  1394. Eli-God damn you Breen! You let her go!
  1395. Dr. Breen-That is all up to you my old friend. Will you let your stubborn
  1396. short sightedness doom the entire species? Or will you give your child the
  1397. chance her mother never had?
  1398. (Alyx spits in his face)
  1399. Alyx-How dare you even mention her!
  1400. Dr. Breen-Alyx my dear you have your mothers eyes. But your fathers
  1401. stubbornness.
  1402. Alyx-You have not seen a bit of it yet.
  1403. Dr. Breen-Really? Well lets see how it serves you, on the far side of a
  1404. combine portal.
  1405. Eli-Go ahead Breen! If that is the worst you can do, send us through your
  1406. portal.
  1407. Dr. Breen-Oh it is hardly the worst. But you might find that hard to believe
  1408. once you get there.
  1409. Judith-It isnt necessary!
  1410. Dr. Breen-I agree it is a total waste. Fortunately the resistance has shown
  1411. it is willing to accept a new leader. And this one has proven to be a fine
  1412. pawn for those who control him.
  1413. Eli-No!
  1414. Alyx-Dont listen to him Gordon!
  1415. Dr. Breen-How about it Dr. Freeman? Did you realize your contract was open to
  1416. the highest bidder?
  1417. Alyx-Gordon would never make any kind of deal with you!
  1418. Dr. Breen-I understand if you dont wish to discuss this in front of your
  1419. friends. I will send them on their way and then we can talk openly.
  1420. Eli-Dont struggle honey.
  1421. Alyx-Dad.. Im so sorry.
  1422. Eli-Alyx..sweetheart.
  1423. (Judith uses the hacking tool on the console)
  1424. Dr. Breen-Judith, what do you think you are doing?
  1425. Judith-We are doing what I could never do alone. We are stopping you.
  1426. Alyx-Yes!
  1427. (Breen uses the intercom)
  1428. Dr. Breen-Guards! Get in here!
  1429. (Judith uses the hacking tool on the intercom, the guards begin banging on the
  1430. door)
  1431. Dr. Breen-They know you betrayed them, they will turn on you, Judith..
  1432. Dr. Mossman please!
  1433. Judith-I am sorry Wallace, you are all out of time.
  1434. (Judith begins using the console, Breen tries to stop her)
  1435. Judith-Dont!
  1436. (As Judith is freeing Gordon Breen grabs the gravity gun)
  1437. Alyx-Hurry! Dad hang on!
  1438. Dr. Breen-You fool!
  1439. Alyx-Watch out he is gonna..
  1440. Dr. Breen-No!
  1441. (Breen fires the gun, Gordon gets up and he is free)
  1442. Alyx-Dad!
  1443. Eli-Oh no no no. Dont worry about me honey.
  1444. Judith-There is no time Alyx, he is on his way to the portal. You will need
  1445. this.
  1446. (Judith gives Alyx the hacking tool)
  1447. Alyx-Dr. Mossman..Judith.. Look after my father.
  1448. Judith-Dont you worry.
  1449. Alyx-Dad I am not saying goodbye.
  1450. Eli-Never.
  1451. Alyx-Come on Gordon, lets go.
  1453. (Alyx and Gordon get into the elevator)
  1454. Alyx-Gordon.. We have not known each other very long, but I know you did not
  1455. have to do this. I had to rescue my father, but you.. well.. thanks for coming
  1456. after me.
  1457. Alyx-Hey listen!
  1458. (Breen is talking to someone)
  1459. Dr. Breen-It is me you should be concerned about, I can still deliver earth
  1460. but not without your help.
  1461. Alyx-That is him!
  1462. Dr. Breen-The portal destination is untenable surely you can set the relay
  1463. destination elsewhere. There is no way I can survive in that environment.
  1464. A host body? You must be joking, there is no way I can possibly..
  1465. Alyx-There he is!
  1466. Dr. Breen-Oh alright dammit if that is what it takes. Just hurry! He is right
  1467. behind me!
  1468. (Alyx uses the hacking tool on the force shield)
  1469. Dr. Breen-Oh shit!
  1470. (Gordon picks up the gravity gun, and Breen gets into another elevator and
  1471. shuts the door before he can get in)
  1472. Alyx-Dammit! Not again! Huh! The gravity gun! He does not have a clue does he?
  1473. I wonder where he is going.
  1474. (The metal shield opens up to reveal the top of the citadel)
  1475. Alyx-Oh my god! This is the dark fusion reactor. It powers their tunneling
  1476. entanglement device. We will never have a chance like this again. We have to
  1477. stop him!
  1478. (Alyx uses the consoles)
  1479. Alyx-I cannot shut it down, looks like he has turned control over to the other
  1480. side. You will have to go into the core and do what you can. Get into the
  1481. elevator and I will let you in. Do not forget to charge up your suit.
  1483. (Gordon gets into the elevator and Alyx lets him down into the core, he sees
  1484. Dr. Breen in the tower in the center inside a glowing orb, as he goes up the
  1485. chamber Breen taunts him)
  1486. Alyx-Its Dr. Breen! There he is!
  1487. Dr. Breen-Dr. Freeman, you really should not be out there. At the moment of
  1488. synapse as I teleport this chamber will be bathed in deadly particles that
  1489. have yet to be named by human science. Perhaps when I have the leisure to do
  1490. the work myself, I will name one after you. That way you will not be
  1491. completely forgotten. When the singularity collapses, I will be far away from
  1492. here, in another universe in fact. You on the other hand will be destroyed in
  1493. every way possible, and even some essentially impossible.
  1494. Alyx-What the hell? Oh no, combine soldiers, where did they come from?
  1495. Dr. Breen-I do not know what you can possibly hope to achieve, apart from your
  1496. own annihilation.
  1497. Alyx-Do not listen to him Gordon!
  1498. Dr. Breen-I warned you this was futile.
  1499. Alyx-He is bluffing Gordon. Do not listen to him!
  1500. (Gordon reaches the center)
  1501. Alyx-Great! Oh no, Breen has started his ascent! Hurry Gordon before he
  1502. escapes!
  1503. Dr. Breen-I could have told you that was pointless Dr. Freeman.
  1504. Alyx-Go Gordon!
  1505. Dr. Breen-Are you still with us Dr. Freeman? Not for much longer I think.
  1506. (Gordon reaches the top)
  1507. Alyx-Oh my god, the portal is opening!
  1508. Dr. Breen-I hope you have said your farewells.
  1509. (Gordon uses the gravity gun to shoot the energy balls into the portal)
  1510. Dr. Breen-Go back Freeman, you have no idea what you are doing!
  1511. (Gordon continues to wreck the portal)
  1512. Dr. Breen-You do not know what you will unleash, you could bring down this
  1513. whole citadel. Think, man, think of the people below!
  1514. (Gordon blows up the portal)
  1515. Dr. Breen-NO! You need me!
  1516. Alyx-Yes!
  1517. (The shield covering the control room shuts off and Alyx steps out)
  1518. Alyx-Yeah! You did it! Come on Gordon we have got to get out of here, maybe
  1519. we still have...
  1521. (The portal collapses and explodes, time begins to slow down and the Gman
  1522. slowly appears)
  1523. Gman-Time? Dr. Freeman? Is it really that time again? It seems as if you only
  1524. just arrived. You have done a great deal in a small timespan. You have done
  1525. so well that I have received some interesting offers for your services.
  1526. Ordinarily I would not contemplate them, but these are extraordinary times.
  1527. Rather than offer you the illusion of free choice, I will take the liberty of
  1528. choosing for you. If and when the time comes again.
  1529. (The background begins to fade away into black, a greenish light appears)
  1530. Gman-I do apologize for what must seem to you an arbitrary imposition,
  1531. Dr. Freeman, I trust it will all make sense in the course of.. well.. I am
  1532. really not at liberty to say.
  1533. (The background becomes a black tunnel with white strands of light flying by)
  1534. Gman-In the meantime, this is where I get off.
  1535. (A door slides open in the air and the Gman steps in and the door shuts behind
  1536. him and the credits roll)
  1538. End of game
  1540. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1541. 3. Credits
  1542. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1543. I want to thank Valve for making this game, my brother for buying it,
  1544. and GameFAQS for hosting this guide.
  1546. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1547. 4. Legal Stuff
  1548. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1549. This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
  1550. private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
  1551. publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
  1552. site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
  1553. of copyright.
  1555. Site that have permission to host this guide
  1556. GameFAQS
  1559. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1560. 5. Contact Info
  1561. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1562. If you have any comments or suggestions about this guide, feel free to email
  1563. me at
  1565. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1566. 6. Notes
  1567. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1568. Since the only format that GameFAQs accepts guides in is ASCII, I mostly didnt
  1569. use contractions because the apostrophe is not in the ASCII formatting,
  1570. therefore instead of doing this I simply typed out the two words.
  1571. Also where the * is, I am not censoring the word, it actually appears like
  1572. this in the sub-titles.
  1573. A few people have e-mailed me asking about some of the speeches by Breen that I
  1574. left out of the script, this is because you dont actually HAVE to listen to them
  1575. the only reason I put the first one in is because at one point or another you
  1576. will most likely hear the entire thing, the others you can run right past.
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