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Anonfilly, feat. Abusive Twilight

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  1. >Be Anonfilly
  2. >Try to draw a Pepe with these stupid hooves
  3. >Comes out bad because a.) you're a non-drawfag without fingers and b.) You're slowly forgetting your old memories
  4. >Twilight comes in, holding a clipboard with her magic
  5. >"Oh, what did you draw there Anon?"
  6. >"A Pepe"
  7. >She gives you a quizzical look
  8. >"He's a sad frog"
  9. >She scribbles something on her clipboard
  10. 14/2/854
  11. Anon drew a sad frog
  12. Depression???
  13. >"Is he always sad?"
  14. >"He's smug sometimes too."
  16. >"And why is he sad?"
  17. >"Because he has no GF" (you pronounce it gi-ef)
  18. >"What's that?"
  19. >"Somebody who loves you" you halfheartedly answer, busy trying to figure out what these hooves are made of. Probably the same stuff as fingernails
  20. >More scribbling; Twilight ignored your use of -body
  21. Frog is sad because nopony loves him; Abandonment issues?
  22. >"And why would, um, 'Pepe' be smug?
  23. >"Like when he gets tendies."
  24. >Another quizzical look
  25. >"It's food" you answer, not wanting to explain eating meat to a pony
  26. >"And does her get enough... tendies?"
  27. >"He never has enough"
  28. >More scribbling; probably some stupid letter to sunbutt
  29. Frog doesn't have enough food
  30. Malnourishment? Anon seems skinny
  31. Note: Go to doctor, get BMI check
  33. >"Anon, what is this "meme magic" you keep talking about?
  34. >You glance at her, wondering where this conversation could go
  35. >"Meme magic is the... manifestion of a united idea", not really knowing how to explain it
  36. >"Is it like pony magic?"
  37. >"No, it's more... abstract"
  38. >"How long have you known how to cast... "meem magick"?
  39. >"Well, it's existed for about 5 years where I used to live. People began... rolling dice when they made statements, and the less probable the roll, the more likely it would come true"
  40. >"So... it was chaotic magic"
  41. >"I guess. So people found out about an ancient god called Kek, who was a frog who ancient people would summon by numerical invocation. Like the dice. So we began trying to summon Kek, with mixed success"
  42. >"So you worshipped a... Chaos God?"
  43. >"Yeah, I guess." Your stomach growls. "I'm hungry"
  44. >So far, your diet in this world has consisted mainly of nachos and cheese pizza, although the hay is starting to grow on you.
  45. >"Sure thing.." Twilight says, distracted. She made a mental note to ask Discord about this. She was just a tiny bit angry. Also, she needed to add this to his file. Apparently Anonfilly was worse off than she realized.
  46. >Worshipping Discord, how unbelievable.
  51. >Be Anonfilly
  52. >Roll out of bed, still groggy
  53. >You never got a good night's sleep. Except that one time you and Twicunt shared.
  54. >You eventually run into bookmare on the way downstairs
  55. >"Good morning Anon. Any more nightmares?"
  56. "No."
  57. >"Well if you ever get scar-"
  58. "That was a one-time thing. I'm a big filly."
  59. >No. You're a big guy. An adult HUMAN male, who graduated-
  60. >Shoot, what was the name of your high school?
  65. >Be Twilight
  66. >Get out pancake mix; Anon seems to enjoy those
  67. >You decide to take this opportunity to probe a bit further, although you worry about a possible reaction
  68. "So, Anon... do you... miss your family"
  69. >"No, they were a bunch of bastards"
  70. You scowl. "Language, anon. Don't make me bring out the soap again."
  71. >Her eyes widen for a second, before drooping back down
  72. >"But I... can;t really remember them. The only face I can remember is my sister's... but she's fading too.
  73. >She looks like she's about to cry. You go in for a hug, which Anon does not always seem to like
  74. >She nuzzles into your chestfluff.
  76. >Later
  77. >As Anon is eating the pancakes quietly, you jot down more notes
  78. 14/3/854
  79. Likes pancakes; obsessed with circular objects?
  80. Anon had a poor relationship with caregivers; reaction to comfort, physical contact ranges from positive to extremely negative. Possible attachment disorder?
  81. >Look over at Anon
  82. Definitely autistic
  88. >Be Anonfilly
  89. >Reading a book about pony anatomy
  90. >Told Twilight that you were curious
  91. >You just wanted to see the lewd illustrations
  92. >Twilight comes in
  93. >"H-hey Anon."
  94. "Hey"
  95. >You finally notice a jar in her hand
  96. "What's that for?"
  97. >"Well... I need a urine sample. I need to test it for mana poisoning, checking to make sure your endocrine-"
  98. "Blah blah blah. Do I have to?"
  99. >"Yes, young filly, you HAVE to"
  100. >Grumble as you take the jar into the bathroom
  101. >Pissing on demand ain't easy
  106. >Be Twilight
  107. >Anon comes out of the bathroom, holding a quarter-full jar
  108. >You had hoped for more, but w/e
  109. "Thank you Anon. I'll let you know the results when I'm done"
  110. >She mutters something about aiming without a penis
  111. >You pop a lid on the jar, and walk down the hall
  112. >Instead of taking it to the lab, you head into your room
  113. >Place the jar within your hidden , 'personal' safe
  114. "I'll save this for later", you say with a dirty look in your eyes
  118. >Be Anonfilly
  119. >Twilight making you "socialize with other fillies your age"
  120. >You tried to derail the conversation by explaining why socialism is bad
  121. >She didn't take the bait
  122. >Probably bluepilled by Glimmer
  124. >Sit in Carousel Boutique
  125. >CMC blabbing on and on about stupid shit
  126. >Worst crusaders ever; don't even want to retake Jerusalem
  127. >"When are you going to come to school Anon?" Sweetie ask in that squeky voice
  128. "Never. I graduated school a long time ago."
  129. >"Really?" Applebloom asks
  130. >"Naw, he's tricking us" Scootaloo answered
  131. >Tricking us? Is lying a bad word in this candy-colored dystopia?
  132. "Did too" You replied. Not your best comeback
  133. >"Oh yeah? Then what's... 12 times 12?". Scootaloo has challenged your honor. Where's a gauntlet when you needed one?
  134. >Basic times tables
  135. "144. Although the question is better phrased as 12 squared, although that messes with order of operations, as exponents precede multiplication"
  136. >You're hoping they don't ask you a history question
  137. >Thankfully, the subject changes
  138. >"Anon, that eye shadow really brings out your eyes".
  139. >You look in the mirror; pink was DEFINITELY your color
  140. "Meh. I guess"
  141. >More chatter and self-congratulation; 'No, YOU look pretty' and so on
  142. >Fucking circlejerk
  143. >Your hoof polish had finally dried
  144. >Politely exit, citing a prior engagement.
  147. >Be Twilight
  148. >Reading a book on child development
  149. >Anon enters, closing the door behind her
  150. >Good, no more slamming doors
  151. "D'aww, you look so cute!" You start, wishing you had a camera
  152. >"Well, pink is- no, I hate this." she answered
  153. >Probably trying to convince herself more than you
  154. >"Twilight, when can you change me back?"
  155. >You just need to stall a little more
  156. "Well, I found a rune that can undo transformations; Pegasus to Earth, and so on. But it won't apply to humans, so I need to retrofit the invocations."
  157. >"Just hurry please. I'm gonna go take a bath. This stuff is disgusting"
  158. "Remember to wash behind your ears!"
  159. >Just a few more days, and it would be permanent
  160. >Nothing was going to take your little filly away
  165. >Be anonfilly
  166. >Talking to Twilight
  167. >You've started to enjoy spending time with her
  168. >She still talks down to you; she sees you as a foal, not an adult temporarily trapped in a filly's body.
  169. "And so then Wash was like, 'You think you're the only one good with knives?', and-"
  170. >Odd how you can only remember the fictional parts of your past life
  171. >"Anon, why don't we talk about something more wholesome. Such violent and... extremely crass entertainment isn't good for a young mind.
  172. "Well, A.) I watched it back when I was an adult. And human. And B.) it was fucking badass."
  173. >She gives you her punishment look
  174. >ohShit.jpeg
  176. >Drags you into the bathrom, pulling you by the ear with her magic
  177. "Ow ow ow! I'm sorry! I didn't mean-"
  178. >"Anon, you still haven't learned your lesson. What if you had said that in front of someone else?"
  179. >She puts the soap in your mouth; you quietly accept your punishment.
  180. >You tried resisting once
  181. >It only made things worse
  182. >You hold back tears as the soap burns your tongue
  184. >Eventually the punishment ends
  185. >Twilight hugs you; you put your head under her chin
  186. >"I'm only doing this because I love you, and want you to grow up into a respectable mare."
  187. "B-but it won't matter once I'm back into my old body. R-right?"
  188. >"Of course not"
  189. >You never see her smirk at your ignorance
  196. >Be Twilight
  197. >After a long day of inspecting local flora, you've nearly finished dinner
  198. >Just need to let the pasta sauce thicken
  199. >Anonfilly comes in, covered in mud
  200. >Applebloom had invited her, as well as the other CMC's, to some family hike
  201. "Hello, Anon. Dinner's almost ready, so go take a bath before I finish-"
  202. >"No."
  203. "...Excuse me?"
  204. >"I don't wanna take a bath, so I won't"
  205. >You're confused for a moment; usually Anon was a neat-freak
  206. >Then it hits you
  207. Oh, I see; you think you can disobey me.'"
  208. >"I can do whatever I want!" she yells angrily
  209. >Time for another lesson
  210. >Carry her with your magic into the bathroom
  211. >You actually had the water ready; still warm
  212. >Anon started autisticly screeching
  213. >What was wrong with this filly?
  214. >You drop her into the tub, a little more forcefully than necessary
  215. >Pour some shampoo into your hooves, start scrubbing
  216. >"'Glub -stop!"
  217. >Oh no, she wasn't getting out of this one
  219. >After you were done scrubbing her down, you picked her up with your magic
  220. >Wrap her in a towel
  221. >hammerofjustice.png
  222. "Anon, you will not be having dessert tonight, and I expect you a the table in five minutes"
  223. >Leave without saying another word
  227. >Be Anonfilly
  228. >After a short, quiet dinner of spaghetti, you head to your room
  229. >Forced to take a bath; how embarrassing
  230. >You wanted independence
  231. >Although not as much as you used to
  232. >Living as a NEET in a castle was actually pretty comfy
  233. >But now you wanted vengeance
  234. >Twilight had ruined your life; now you would ruin HERS
  235. >Head over to the art-and-crafts table she had put in your room
  236. >Start writing a letter in crayon; intentionally misspell words for authenticity
  237. >Your terrible hoofwriting is actually an advantage here
  238. help
  239. princes twilite has me in her kastl
  240. she touchs my no no place and i dont lik it
  241. plees help
  242. >Tape it to a rock
  243. >Wait about twenty minutes
  244. >See a pair of stallions walking back into town
  245. >Throw your rock with all your might out the window
  247. >Neither of them notice it
  248. >You watch it from out the window, waiting
  250. >Eventually you see someone head toward it, pick it up
  251. >It's Twilight
  252. >She reads it, turns around, and walks rapidly back to the castle
  253. >shitshitshit.gif
  254. >shitshitshit
  255. >Maybe you should fake a suicide attempt to get pity points
  256. >norope.mp3
  257. >Settle for hiding under your bed
  258. >Begin praying to God, Kek, Celestia, ANYONE
  259. >Door slams open
  260. >Here comes the end
  265. >Be Twilight
  266. >How dare- I mean- the nerve...
  267. >It was time for more... dire measures
  268. >Practically break down her door
  269. >The filly wasn't in sight
  270. >Check the closet
  271. >No dice
  272. >Check under the bed
  273. >Bingo
  274. >Pull her out by the tail
  275. >Silence
  276. >As she comes out, she looks at you, fear in her eyes
  277. >Good. Little filly needed to learn a lesson
  278. >Levitate her, her floating body following your hoofsteps
  279. >No protest, no screeching
  280. >She knew that her punishment was unavoidable
  286. >Be anonfilly
  287. >Starting to rethink your plan
  288. >Getting caught was not part of it
  289. >All you wanted to do was be taken by Foal Services and destroy Twilight's reputation
  290. >You realize she's heading down the steps to the basement
  291. >You'd never been down there
  292. >Is she taking you to her sex dungeon?
  293. >At least you wouldn't die a virgin
  299. >Be Twilight
  300. "And what if somepony else had found it first?! Do you KNOW what would happen to you? To me?!?!"
  301. >You wish Anon would say anything
  302. >But yelling at her feels good
  303. "...SO ungrateful, why, many foals would KILL to have what you have..."
  304. >Finally reach the basement
  305. >A small prison that was never used
  306. >Common criminals would be put in a municipal jail, and high-tier villains would be able to escape easily
  307. >So you just kinda used it as a storage closet
  308. >Place Anon behind bars, setting the lock
  309. "I'll be back soon"
  311. >Be Anonfilly
  312. >Wondering if you'll die by incineration or guillotine
  313. >A bit cold down here
  314. >Your growling stomach isn't helping; you didn't eat much pasta
  315. >You take some time to think about your choices
  316. >Twilight didn't deserve what you nearly did to her
  317. >Sure, she turned you into a filly, but you don't mind as much anymore
  318. >Eventually she returns
  319. >Slides a blanket and a small dog bowl of water through the bottom slot
  320. >"Now Anon, I'm VERY angry at you. we'll talk more in the morning, but I want you to think about what you did."
  321. >She turns to leave, but looks back and says one more thing
  322. >"Just remember that I love you."
  326. >Be anonfilly
  327. >Morning eventually comes, although you wouldn't see the dawn
  328. >Sit in your cell for a bit
  329. >Think about Twilight
  330. >Turned you into a fuckin' science experiment
  331. >But she doesn't treat you like one
  332. >Pull your blanket closer to your face
  333. >Smells nice, but you can't describe how
  334. >Eventually you hear hoofsteps
  335. >Twilight unlocks your cell, gives you a short hug, and walks upstairs
  336. >You trot after her
  341. >Be Twilight
  342. >You had carefully planned every move this morning, with contingencies upon backup plans
  343. >Eventually the two of you sit down at the dining table
  344. >Pull out the note
  345. "Is there anything you want to say Anon?"
  346. >...
  347. >"I'm sorry. What I did was wrong."
  348. >Good, but not enough. You gesture with your hoof to continue
  349. >"a-and I could have seriously hurt you."
  350. "And they would have taken you away. Do you want that?"
  351. >"N-no m- Twilight"
  352. "Good filly. You won' have any more dessert for the rest of the week, but I think you've learned your lesson."
  353. >Turn to leave, then half-turn your head towards her
  354. "And don't EVER forget it"
  355. >You head downstairs and start breakfast.
  356. >Once again Twilight
  357. >Open a box of cereal for Anon's breakfast
  358. >Anon enters the kitchen, head hung low
  359. >She sits on her stool, looking down at the counter
  360. >Place the bowl in front of her, as well as a glass of milk
  361. "Only good fillies get pancakes."
  362. >Knock her down, then hug it out
  363. >Pretty soon she would be emotionally dependent on you
  365. >Eventually Anon finished, muttering a quit 'Thank you' before downing the last of her milk.
  366. "Now Anon, today we're going to go to Sweet Apple Acres. Are you going to be a good filly?"
  367. >"Yes Twilight"
  368. >You weren't gonna let Anon out of your sight
  369. >Not until she was trustworthy
  370. >As the two of you head out, you put on a saddlebag
  371. >A little surprise if Anon behaves herself
  377. >Be anonfilly
  378. >Arrive at Sweet Apple Acres
  379. >Sun was bright and sky beatiful; apparently Pegasi controlled the weather
  380. >And yet natural disasters still happened
  381. >Lazy fucks
  382. >Thankfully, you didn't say that out loud
  384. >Twilight goes and talks to Applejack
  385. >You hang back a few paces
  386. >Blah Blah Blah
  387. >"And who's that feller?"
  388. >"Oh, this is Anon. Poor girl's parents were addicts" the pair look at you with those pity eyes.
  389. >You don't want to be pitied
  390. "Actually..." you start
  391. >Twilight gives you the evil eye
  392. "...they also hit me too" you lie in a quiet voice.
  393. >Twilight smiles at you as a gesture of approval
  394. >Now you've got a double-tragic backstory. Yay.
  395. >"Why don't you go play Anon? Just stay where I can SEE YOU" Twilight recommends, putting emphasis on the last two words.
  401. >Twilight-time
  402. >Having a pleasant conversation with Applejack
  403. >See anon heading towards a tree out of the corner of your eye
  404. >"So Big Mac's been acting kind of funny lately. Hasn't visited Cherilee in quite a while."
  405. "Well, he's probably-"
  406. >Anon starts move erraticly, almost like she's hump-
  408. >Anon turns around, fear in her eyes
  409. >"T-trying to climb it" she says quietly
  410. >Not only do you feel like a jerk, but now you've embarrassed yourself
  411. "I'm sorry Anon, I didn't mean to yell."
  412. >Probably the only time you've apologized to Anon
  413. >She starts to walk around, kicking leaves
  414. "And how's Apple Bloom?"
  415. >"Well, she' havin' a hard time in school...
  419. >Be anonfilly
  420. >Trying to remember your old life
  421. >Lots of vidya and shitposting
  422. >As you muck about in the leaves, you look at the barn
  423. >Begin to wonder what's inside
  424. >Check to see where Twilight is
  425. >Yep, definitely in her field of vision
  427. >Head over to the barn doors
  428. >Open them slowly, take a peek inside
  429. >Big Mac working on something
  430. >Lots of rope involved.
  431. >He quickly turns to see who entered
  432. >"Hey Anon. Want to see my... invention?"
  433. >Shut the door rapidly, immediately head closer to Twilight
  434. >He was giving creepy vibes. And it wasn't just because you were a little filly and he was a big guy
  435. >Like, REALLY big
  436. >What steroids was he on?
  437. >Probably browses /fit/
  438. >At least you managed to remember your old, now-nonexistent board
  442. >Be Twilight
  443. >Finally finished your conversation with Applejack
  444. >Always good to catch up with a friend
  445. >You WERE the Princess of Friendship, after all
  446. >Anon starts trotting toward you
  447. "Well, Applejack, it looks like my little filly is ready to go!"
  448. >The two of you split ways, and you regroup with Anon
  449. "Did you have fun?" you ask
  450. >"S-sure..." she answered, moving a bit closer to you than she usually did
  451. >"Where are we going?" Anon asked. The two of you were headed to the plains outside Ponyville "Oh, just a little surprise"
  452. >Eventually you wind up on a hill, with a tree providing shade
  456. >Be anonfilly
  457. >Twilight's taken you to a really pretty hill
  458. >You can see a lake in the distance
  459. >Twilight lays out a blanket, pulls out some wrapped packages out of her saddlebag
  460. >"Time for a picnic!"
  466. >Be Twilight
  467. >Finally finished your daisy sandwich
  468. >Anon had finished minutes ago
  469. >The filly was absolutely famished
  470. >Laying in the sun, a contented smile on her face
  471. >Time for a little mother-daughter bonding time
  472. "Whooo waaants upsies?"
  473. >You grab Anon under her forward hooves, and lift her above your head
  474. >After reaching your zenith and 1/4 second of airtime, you drop her back to chest level
  475. >Anon starts laughing hysterically
  476. >Repeat about five times before setting her down
  477. >"Again! Again!"
  478. >No Anon... I'm too tired"
  479. >'Always leave them wanting more', your mother always said
  480. >Be Twilight
  481. >Comfy in bed
  482. >Storm blowing, lightning flashing, thunder booming
  483. >Good thing Anon was already asleep
  484. >She really was sweet, when she wasn't disobedient or screeching autisticly
  485. >Roll onto your side when you hear you door slowly creak
  486. >Sit up, horn glowing, wondering what monstrosity had invaded your home
  487. >Oh, it's Anon
  488. >You were only a little right
  489. >"Tw-twilight? Um, is it okay-"
  490. >You had half-expected this. You lift the covers of your bed and nod approval
  491. >Anon practically dives in, still clutching the blanket you gave her during her 'prison stint'
  492. >She always took that thing to bed. It was REALLY cute.
  493. >Eventually she snuggles in next to your barrel, her head resting against your chest
  494. >She could probably hear your heartbeat
  495. >Every time thunder booms, she clutches a little tighter to your forehoof
  496. >Make shushing noises to calm her down
  497. >Eventually she falls asleep, and you soon after
  501. >Be Twilight
  502. "Now Fluttershy, Anon had a rough upbringing, so she can sometimes be vulgar."
  503. >Fluttershy quietly nods
  504. "She tends to lie a lot as well, with delusions of being an 'interdimensional being'. If she gets into one of these... fits, just give her the blue potion I packed."
  505. >"What about the green one?"
  506. "Sleeping potion. Her bedtime is eight, but I brokered an agreement. If she's a good filly, she can stay up 'til nine"
  507. >You pause
  508. "And DO NOT let her near any alcohol. Under ANY circumstances."
  510. >Anon pops her head out the door
  511. >"Okay, I've got my stuff in the guest room. Are you SURE you don't want me to go with you?"
  512. "Yes, Anon"
  513. >You rub her head affectionately
  514. >"I'll be back before you know it"
  515. >"And I'm sure we'll have a great time" says Fluttershy
  517. >As you leave to catch your train to Canterlot, you wonder once again why you chose Fluttershy
  518. >Anon might be able to strong-arm her
  519. >Then you remember how incompetent the rest of your friends are with children
  520. >Rarity would probably forget she existed, or try to isolate her in a locked room
  521. >Pinkie was irresponsible in general, although she sometimes watched the Cake twins, and they're not disfigured
  522. >Yet
  523. >Applejack was pretty good, but you didn't trust her brother
  524. >Creepy vibe these past couple of weeks
  525. >And Rainbow...
  526. >Anon would be lucky to last the night
  531. >Be Anon
  532. >Now Anon, want do you want to do before dinner? Play a game?". Butter had a quiet voice, that's for sure
  533. >You would recommend strip poker, but then you remembered that ponies don't wear clothes
  534. >So the two of you settle for a simple board game
  535. "And now that I control the Waterworks, I raise the price of water to 100,000 bits a gallon
  536. >"I don't think that's in the rules Anon."
  537. "This is anarcho-capitalism. There ARE no rules, except for the NAP."
  542. >Be Fluttershy
  543. >Fixing a simple dinner of Mac n' cheese for Anon
  544. >Foals love the stuff
  545. >And Angel
  546. >Eventually serve a hot bowl to Anon
  547. >After taking one bite, she grimaces
  548. "What's wrong?"
  549. >"This tastes weird. Can't you make it the way Twilight does?"
  550. "...And how does she make it?"
  551. >Anon pauses
  552. >"I don't know. But it tastes different."
  555. >Be Anon
  556. >Bedtime at 9:00, what an embarrassment
  557. >You used to shitpost until the sun came up
  558. >"Now Anon, would you like to hear a story?"
  559. "How about I tell YOU a story? Once upon a time there was a human man who was turned into a filly-"
  560. >"Oh! I just forgot to bring your sleeping potion. Let me get that."
  565. >Be Fluttershy
  566. >More delusions Twilight had warned her about
  567. >Take out the potions
  568. >Mix them together in a glass
  569. >Mixing medications was perfectly fine, right?
  570. >Return to the guest bedroom
  571. "Now Twilight told me about your insomnia, so she wants you to drink this"
  572. >Anon obeys without question, chugging down the concoction
  573. >Good filly
  574. "Now I thought I'd read you "The Fountain of Fair Fortune"
  580. >Be Anon
  581. >Story sucked; absolutely ZERO character development
  582. >At least you got to stay up another ten minutes
  583. >Starting to feel drowsy though
  584. >You'd just rest your head on your pillow
  585. >Hold your blankie close
  586. >'Blanket', you correct yourself
  587. >Fluttershy closes the door
  588. >You hear a quiet 'goodnight'
  589. >Fall asleep soundly
  594. >Be Luna
  595. >Just doing your usual Orwellian surveillance
  596. >No dreams of revolution yet
  597. >Embarrassed in front of class, flying, some lewd shit, the usual
  598. >Find a dream that's... unusual
  599. >Some creatures that walk on two legs, in some sort of city
  600. >You recognize them from Lyra's dreams
  601. >They appear to mostly have brown coats, but without fur
  602. >Suddenly a great rumbling can be heard
  603. >Another "hominid" in shining armor points forward with a dazzling sword as metal machines advance
  604. >"For the God-Emperor!" hominids with metal sticks yell
  605. >Random objects shatter and explode, some of the brown hominids fall down and bleed
  606. >A green filly with a black mane leads the attack
  607. >Randomly morphs into a hominid at times
  609. >The dream changes
  610. >Filly is sitting at a diner
  611. >Bites into a hayburger
  612. >Seems pretty normal
  613. >...
  614. >Wait, that's not hay...
  615. >You want to vomit, but dream bodies don't need to
  617. >The rest of the visions were equally disturbing
  618. >Still switching between filly and hominid
  619. >Being chased by some sort of monster
  620. >Feminine-looking homs with unusual 'equipment'
  621. >Visions reminiscent of your acid trips when you were banished on the moon
  622. >Being breastfed by Princess Twilight
  623. >Transforming into a demon and going on a killing spree
  624. >A giant red eye in the sky, watching everypony
  625. >Lots of pornography that actually moved, not a static magazine
  627. >You're done for the night.
  631. >Be anonfilly
  632. >Wake up, birds chirping
  633. >Feel a little loopy
  634. >Probably because you just woke up
  635. >Head out of your guest room, blanket in hand
  636. >Fluttershy's making pancakes
  637. >hellyeah.zip
  638. >Sit down at the table
  639. >A minute later, Fluttershy puts a plate in front of you
  640. >Smiley face made of whipped cream
  641. >She was alright
  642. >30 minutes later
  643. >Suitcase packed up, waiting by the door
  644. >You get the sense that Fluttershy wants you out of her house
  645. >Hear a knocking
  651. >Be Twilight
  652. >As you finish knocking, the door blows open
  653. >"Twilight!" Anon yells as she goes in for a hug
  654. >You hug her back as Fluttershy comes to the door
  655. "Did everything go well Fluttershy?"
  656. >"Yes, although I had to use both potions."
  657. >Thankfully Anon didn't seem to hear that
  658. "Your foal also has some... odd ideas. Like a world without government, and that someponies called 'Them' are running a conspiracy."
  659. "She's an imaginative filly."
  660. >"Can we go home now?" Anon asks
  661. >That's the first time she's called the castle home
  662. >Warm up a little on the inside
  663. "Well, we should be going. Busy day! Goodbye, Fluttershy."
  664. >"Goodbye, Twilight
  665. "And what do YOU say, Anon?"
  666. >...
  667. >"Thank you, Miss Fluttershy"
  668. >"Well you're very welcome. And if you need help again, I'm always here" Fluttershy say happily
  669. >"But next time I want to be paid. Up front." She adds a little sharply
  673. >Be Twilight
  674. >Walking back to the castle
  675. >Can't wait to get home; you had a lot of reading to catch up on
  676. >You hear Anon whimper
  677. >Turn to her
  678. "Are you okay?"
  679. >"I'm not feeling good. Can you- carry me?"
  680. >You get down on your haunches, and Anon climbs onto your back
  681. >On one hand, this is really cute
  682. >On the OTHER hand, you're pissed at Fluttershy
  683. >This is definitely her fault
  684. >Probably all those animals she lets roam about her house, spreading pestilence
  685. >While carrying Anon was definently an improvement, she still groaned regularly
  686. >Eventually you get home
  687. >Unlock the door
  688. >Head toward the staircase, when you suddenly hear a terrible phrase
  689. >"Twi? I think I'm gonna barf-"
  690. >gottagofast.doc
  691. >Rush to the kitchen sink, holding Anon over it with your forehooves
  692. >After a second, Anon begins puking up chunks of food. Quite a bit of it.
  693. >Dammit Fluttershy, your portions are too big
  694. >This is why your rabbit is so fat.
  695. >Be Twilight
  696. >Anon's laying in bed; you're at her side, holding her hoof
  697. >Can't bring her to the hospital; they might find out
  698. >Can't let anyone take your baby away
  699. >"Twilight? Shouldn't we call a doctor?"
  700. "I don't trust doctors" you lie
  701. >Lying was all you seemed to do nowadays
  702. >"Fucking antivaxxer" Anon coughs out
  703. >Normally you'd spank her for such vulgarity
  704. >But right now she needed love and attention
  705. "Don't worry, Anon. Soon you'll feel better"
  706. >More coughing
  707. "Do you want to hear a story?"
  708. >Anon shakes her head
  709. >Make sure the pot was nearby in case of any more 'accidents'
  710. >Next time you saw Fluttershy you'd give her a piece of-
  711. >Wait. Did you forget to warn her...?
  712. >Nah, it was totally her fault
  713. >So you just stroke Anon's mane, sitting there quietly
  716. >Be Anon
  717. >Comfy in bed, uncomfy in body
  718. >Headaches and vomit, oy vey
  719. >Worse than that time you got REALLY hungover
  720. >From someone's party. You'll remember it.
  721. >But right now, you just want to die
  722. >Coughing keeps you from sleeping
  723. >At least Twilight was here
  724. >But why couldn't you see a doctor?
  725. >Start closing your eyes again
  726. >You can see her start to leave when she thinks that you've fallen asleep
  727. >Want to tell her to stay but can't
  728. >Hold your blankie tighter
  733. >Be Twilight
  734. >Go downstairs to make some tea and soup
  735. >Poor little filly
  736. >At least you were here for her
  737. >...
  738. >Anon would DEFINITELY love you after this
  739. >And the blanket was helping on the biological side
  740. >Magically attaching your natural scent to it was establishing a subconscious bond
  741. >Snapping out of your thoughts, you finish your cooking and head back to Anon's room
  743. >Anon was still asleep
  744. >Lay down the soup and tea on her bedside table
  745. >What was that noise? It sounded like a gurgling-
  746. >You rush over to her mouth, and your fears were realized
  747. >You quickly tip her to the side as barf pours into the pot
  748. >She had nearly choked on her own vomit, not even waking up
  749. >You sit back next to her; her breathing had returned to normal, although more bile was probably in her throat
  750. >You loved hearing her breathe, watching her little chest rise up and contract
  752. >This wasn't normal
  753. >Did you mess up the potion? A side effect of transformation?
  754. >You REALLY wanted to take her to the hospital
  755. >But you couldn't. If they found out, they would perform Celestia-knows-what kinds of experiments on her
  756. >And they would take her away
  757. >You were all she had
  761. >Be Anon
  762. >Wake up in bed, hot as hell
  763. >Feebly kick off your bedcovers
  764. >Twilight rises from her chair, striding over to you
  765. >"Are you alright?" she asks
  766. >Of course I'm not alright you dumb bitch; your head hurts, you have a fever, and the taste of vomit fills your mouth
  767. "Water please" you stutter out
  768. >She hands you a glass of water; you take it in your hooves and down about half of the lukewarm liquid
  769. >"I made you some soup, and if you want tea..."
  770. "Can I have some soup?"
  771. >Twilight gives that sad smile bedridden ponies often see
  772. >"Sure thing, sweetie" she says as she sits you up
  773. >"Do you think you could..." Purple asks, holding a spoon up
  774. "You do it..."
  775. >And so the next five minutes was filled with Twilight spoonfeeding you soup
  776. >Noodles but no chicken. Damn vegetarians.
  777. "Th-that's enough Twilight."
  778. >She sets the spoon down and pulls out the book
  779. >"I was thinking I could read to you"
  781. >It wound up basically being YA fiction
  782. >/lit/ would have torn it apart, but you don't care
  783. >You just liked listening to Twilight
  784. >Hold your blankie as the heroes go through the Cave of a Hundred Perils
  785. >You've only counted five so far; blatant false advertising.
  786. >Take another drink of water
  787. "Twilight, can I go back to sleep now?"
  788. >"Of course." she responds kindly.
  789. >Twilight tucked you in using a thinner sheet than before
  790. >Sits back down, pulling out another book
  791. >Get a new hobby purple
  792. >You fall back asleep, grateful for her presence
  796. >Be Twilight, late evening
  797. >Anon had been sleeping peacefully for several hours now
  798. >The snorting noises indicated a buildup of snot in her nose
  799. >At least it was better than vomit; the pot was already half-full
  800. >You'd give her some tissues when she woke up
  801. >You probably wouldn't need to take her to the hospital
  802. >An open letter from Spike sat on the dresser
  803. >Apparently his internship with Ember was going well, but you still miss him. Just a few more weeks.
  805. >"Twi?" you hear Anon croak; she sounds much better
  806. "What is it baby?" you ask as you pull a tissue and hold it to her nose
  807. >The little blowing sound she made was adorable
  808. >As you throw the tissue in the trash bin, you hear a mumbling
  809. "What was that dear?"
  810. >"...I said thank you. I'm sorry if I acted like a bi- jerk. Jerk."
  811. >She was learning
  812. "Is there anything else you want?"
  813. >"Can we... snuggle?" Anon asks, red tinging her cheeks
  814. "Of course Anon"
  815. >Climb in and wrap your wing around her; she pushes into your chestfluff
  816. >She fell asleep soon after, her little chest expanding and shrinking as she breathed
  817. >You loved being her mom. Most of the time. >Be Anon
  818. >Wake up with moonlight shining on your face, twilight's wings surrounding you
  819. >You lean back against her barrel and hear the gentle 'lub-dub' of her heart
  820. >While you'd love to stay here, you really need to pee
  821. >Hop out of bead and head to do your business
  823. >When finished, you wonder what to do next
  824. >There's no way you're getting back to sleep, and you've been in bed all day
  825. >Not enough light to read or draw
  826. >Head over to the toy chest you still hadn't used
  827. >Some action figures, balls, the normal things
  828. >See a rather large quantity of wooden blocks at the bottom; reach for them immediately
  830. >10 minutes later and you had constructed a magnificent tower
  831. >'Magnificent' being three feet tall.
  832. >As you turn around to place some action figures, your back hoof spreads, felling the tower with quite a racket
  833. >Twilight zips up in bed, looking for you
  834. >You were about to say something, but then you realize that she can't see you
  835. >So let's see where this goes
  840. >Be Twilight
  841. >Wake up from a bumping sound
  842. >Was it that damn chair again?
  843. >Whatever. You'll fix it in the morning
  844. >Hug Anon tighter, but you only got air
  845. >Look under your wings
  846. >Anon is missing
  847. >Bolt up, a thousand possibilities going through your head
  848. >Check the side of the bed to see if she had fallen off
  849. >Nope
  850. >Dash out of bed, horn illuminating your path
  851. >Is she in the bathroom?
  852. >Open up the door; safety > privacy
  853. >She wasn't there either
  854. >What if she fell down the stairs and got a concussion??
  855. >Rush down the stairs; nothing there.
  856. >What if she had run away?? What if she had gone to the authorities??
  857. >Practically slam into the front door; it was still locked
  858. >Unless Anon had snuck out a window, she was still in the house
  859. >What if she was having a seizure?? She could be ANYWHERE
  860. "Calm down, Twilight. Where would she LOGICALLY be?"
  861. >Maybe she went for a drink of water and got lost
  862. >Maybe she was dead.
  863. >Teleport back upstairs in a panic
  864. >Start running through rooms frantically
  865. >Eventually you come back to the bedroom
  866. >If you didn't find her soon, you'd have to file a missing ponies report
  867. >As you check for a hint, something, ANYTHING, you hear a voice
  868. >"Mommy?"
  869. >Anon sitting dejectedly on the floor
  870. >Immediately rush in, start hugging (you nearly cried a bit)
  871. >"What's wrong?"
  872. "I thought you were gone Anon"
  873. >"I thought YOU were gone" she sniffed
  874. >This made you a little happy, coupled with her first use of the m-word
  876. "Let's go back to bed."
  877. >"I'm not tired" Anon insisted
  878. >Oh boy
  880. >Twilight once again
  881. >Holding Anon by the armpits, trying to get her into the bed
  882. >She's flailing her hooves, making that quiet screeching sound she does
  883. >"REEE!"
  884. "Anon! You're very sick, you need your rest!"
  885. >"I slept all day! Lemme go!"
  886. >Why did she go from loving to angry so quickly?
  887. >Might have to do with the transformation; her mind was split between human and pony, male and female
  888. "Anon, honey, I need you to be a big filly and lay down."
  889. >More squirming; Anon still attempting to wriggle out of your grasp
  890. "You don't have to go to sleep! Just lay down on your bed-"
  891. >"No!"
  892. >You grimace. You didn't want to do this, but you had no choice
  893. >If she didn't get more sleep, her immune system might fail
  894. >You pin her down to the mattress, your superior mass and weight negating possible resistance
  895. >Use your magic to open a bedside drawer, pulling out a beaker of sleeping potion
  896. >"Hey! Stop! I won't-"
  897. >You pop off the cork, forcing the opening in he rmouth
  898. >At first she tried to resist, but eventually she was forced to down it all
  899. >As soon as you get off her, she bolts for the door
  900. >You grab her with your magic, and she begins violently kicking
  901. >This was NOT a normal reaction to bedtime
  902. >"You can't do this to me Twilight! I'm an adult-"
  903. "No, you're a filly, and you're going to be treated like one until you grow into a mare, so get used to it!"
  904. >Tears well up in Anon's eyes
  905. >Realize you gave away the permanence of her situation
  906. >Anon lays quietly on her bed, turning on her side, face away from you
  907. >You leave the room without saying a word, making sure to lock the door behind you
  908. >Just in case
  912. >Be Anon
  913. >You thought you'd have a bit of fun at Twilight's expense, scared child routine
  914. >But then she dropped a bomb on you
  915. >Was changing back even possible? Could she have been lying?
  916. >You were trapped in another world with a demigod watching your every move
  917. >Cry yourself to sleep
  922. >Be Twilight
  923. >Morning had come, and you had prepared a sizable breakfast
  924. >Made those pancakes Anon loves
  925. >You decide to go check on her
  926. >Knock on her door quietly, opening and poking your head inside
  927. >Anon laying on her bed, but obviously awake
  928. "Anon..? I thought we could talk over breakfast..."
  929. >"I'm not hungry" she says without emotion
  930. >Bullshit, she puked two meals out yesterday with only a bit of soup to make up the difference
  931. "Anon, you can either come down and eat like a mature filly, or I can forcefeed you. It's your choice."
  932. >After a moment, she gets up and walks out of the room with you
  933. "Good girl" you say, but you can feel the anger radiating off of her
  935. >Set a plate of warm pancakes in front of her
  936. >Orange juice, fruit, the works
  937. "Now Anon, I can explain what's going-"
  938. >"You always knew, didn't you?" she asks in an accusatory tone
  939. "Well, I had thought that maybe-"
  940. >"You knew this would happen from the start,w hen you first cast that stupid spell.:
  941. "Magic can be very unpredictable, I assumed-"
  942. >"You never asked for MY opinion, you just do WHATEVER you want, because you're so used to getting your way all the time!"
  943. "Anon, you are treading on very thin ice."
  944. >"Fuck off"
  945. >That was the last straw.
  946. "Anon, I am going to be back in a few hours. While I'm gone, you should think about what exactly you want."
  947. "I'm only doing this because I love you."
  948. >As you leave, you lock the door behind you
  949. >You had previously ensured that every window and door was secured, lest she attempt escape
  950. >Every instrument that could possibly be used for suicide out of her reach
  951. >Just in case
  952. >Take the earliest train to Canterlot
  953. >You had to retrieve something from your external lab
  954. >As the train pulled in, you rushed out as soon as it came to a stop
  955. >You had to hurry to your secondary lab
  956. >You kept some odd pet projects, hidden devices, and whatnot
  957. >Of course you had to bump into Dad on the way there
  958. >"Oh! Twilight! It's so good to see you, why,"
  959. "GottaRushDadIllcomebythisFridayMaybeStaytheNight bye!"
  960. >You had no time to waste
  963. >Be Anon
  964. >Looking for an instrument of death
  965. >This was probably Inception, and you'd wake up when you died
  966. >Can't find anything, and all windows and doors have been magically sealed
  967. >You tried to throw a chair and break a window, but your pitiful filly strength was no match for hardened glass
  968. >Wish you had a gun, but then you remember your hooves wouldn't be able to pull the trigger
  970. >So you pace around, trying to think of ways to make Purple miserable
  971. >You had thought about burning her library, but no lighters to be found
  972. >Maybe pee on her bed?
  973. >As you look outside a window, you see self-booper heading up to the Castle doors
  974. >Start banging rapidly on the glass; maybe she could help
  975. "GLIMMER! *bang bang* GLIMMER! HELP!"
  976. >She can't hear you
  977. >Knocks again, waits for a moment, and decides to leave
  979. >An hour later and Twilight was back, holding some metal circle
  980. >"Anon, you're going to put this on"
  981. "Make me."
  982. >She raises her eyebrow; you both knew that it was inevitable. But you weren't gonna make it easy for her
  985. >After a short struggle, the metal collar was wrapped around your neck
  986. >Pink runes glowing from its sides
  987. "I'm not into chokers, TWILIGHT", emphasizing the last word
  988. >"This is a shock collar designed for behavior adjustment, which you desperately need"
  989. >Fold your hooves across your barrel
  990. "So what, you're gonna shock me?"
  991. >"No. I'm going to tell ponies that you need this collar to keep your unfortunate seizures under control."
  992. "Nopony would believe that"
  993. >"Really? I *may* have published a paper to the Equestrian Medical Review under an alias. The scientific community actually believes this works,although the treatment is not applied on individuals"
  994. "I'm gonna tell them. About you."
  996. >"That's the funny thing, Anon. I've tied this collar to your thoughts. You even think about revealing yourself, or making up a story about me, and you get 1500 volts. And don't try to take it off- it'd be a waste of time."
  997. "You're... you're insane!"
  998. >"Now that's no way to talk to your mother. Don't make me use the manual shock. Now let's go for a friendly walk, okay dear?"
  1001. >Be Anon
  1002. >Twilight's managed to drag you out of the castle for a "neighborhood stroll"
  1003. >You hang back about five paces
  1004. >She could force you to go, but nothing would make you enjoy it
  1005. >Walk through the town square, your collar attracting mild attention
  1006. >Twilight eventually stops in front of a quill store
  1007. >You try to hang back and avoid notice; shopping had never interested you, and MAYBE you could get away
  1008. >Twilight repositions behind you, nudging you into the store with her muzzle
  1009. >"C'mon Anon, don't drag your feet"
  1010. >You grumble as you enter the shop
  1012. >After ten excruciating minutes, you finally leave
  1013. >Jesus purple, just pick a pen already
  1014. >The rest of the afternoon was filled with equally-meaningless tasks
  1015. >As you head home, the two of you bump into Glimmer
  1016. >"Oh! Twilight! What a coincidence, I stopped by the castle earlier today and nobody was home!"
  1017. >You try to ask for help, but you feel your neck burn, thoughts frazzled by the shock
  1018. >Every time you think about rebellion, you're shut down again and again
  1019. >"Oh, well we were doing errands today! Lots to do!" Twilight laughs
  1020. >Glimmer turns her head to you, wondering what the device around your neck was, and why you were twitching incessantly
  1021. >"Is she.. okay?" Glimmer asks with concern
  1022. >'I've been kidnapped!' you internally scream
  1023. >Oh, she has severe epilepsy. The collar helps prevent seizures."
  1024. >"Oh, I remember hearing about that. Something to do with electrical imbalances?"
  1025. >"Exactly" Twilight clarifies with a nod
  1026. >Glimmer looks over to you, muttering a hushed "Poor little thing".
  1027. >You try to scream, but all that gets out are a few tears
  1028. >"It's okay Anon, we'll make you better. I promise." Twilight bluffs, hugging you in the process
  1029. >Her promises were worth jack shit
  1030. >Glimmer glanced towards the sun. "Well, I'd better get going. If there's anything you need-"
  1031. >"That's very gracious. We'll be sure to let you know. But right now we need to go home." Twilight answers
  1033. >Glimmer never realized that you were crying at your existential nightmare
  1038. >Be Twilight
  1039. >Anon had been quiet lately
  1040. "How do you feel now, Anon?"
  1041. "N- not well Mom, can I just take a bath and... go to bed with you?"
  1042. >You pause. She had FINALLY accepted her place, although you'd keep the collar on for another couple of weeks
  1043. >You lead her to her bathroom, and guide her in.
  1044. >Every door and window in here was magically sealed
  1045. >You twist a nozzle, and the tub starts to fill with warm water
  1046. "Do you want me to wash you?"
  1047. >"I can do it alone Mommy."
  1048. "Alright, well I'll start dinner. Oh, I almost forget."
  1049. >You pop off her collar so she wasn't electrocuted. You doubted it was strong enough to do such a thing, but better safe than sorry.
  1050. "Now when you're done you're goin got have to put this on again."
  1051. >"Okay" she whispers
  1052. "Don't worry, soon you won't have to wear it anymore, as soon as I can trust you. Just remember that I love you."
  1055. (Alternate Anonfilly Ending 1)
  1056. >Come back upstairs twenty minutes later
  1057. "Anoon, are you done? Dinner's ready!"
  1058. >Silence; no splashing, no answer, not even the sounds of hooves on tile
  1059. "Anon? I'm coming in!" you declare, shock collar ready
  1060. >The sight before you would scar you forever
  1061. >Anon floating motionless in the bathtub, with something writen on the surrounding tile.
  1062. >You rush to Anon, pulling her still form out
  1063. >Her limp body makes you want to cry
  1064. >You try mouth-to-mouth, chest compressions, every CPR tactic you can. but nothing's working
  1065. >You rush her to Ponyville Hospital, but not before reading the note written in mascara on the wall
  1068. >1 week later
  1069. >You're sitting on Anon's grave, looking at her tombstone
  1070. >Everypony had left, leaving you alone to grieve.
  1071. >As you popped open your third bottle of strong wine, raindrops start to fall from the sky
  1072. >You consider suicide, but you pass out before you do yourself in
  1073. >This was all your fault
  1074. >You ruined a man's life and killed a filly
  1075. >You were a monster; you didn't deserve to live
  1076. (Alternate AF Ending complete)
  1079. >You had contemplated suicide, but decided you were too much of a coward. Plus, what if Catholics were right? Better play it safe.
  1080. >As you climb onto the floor mat and reach for the towel, Twilight bursts in
  1081. >"Anon! Let me get that for you".
  1082. >She swaddles you in the towel and carries you to her bed
  1083. "I can dry meyself Twiiiii"
  1084. >Your protest was cut short by the most wonderful feeling in the world; a brush moving through your mane. Every strok from Twilight was a new sense of pleasure, and for a minute the two of you just sat there.
  1086. >As she finished, the shock collar snapped back onto you, pink runes lighting up oncemore.
  1087. "Do I haaave to, Twilight?"
  1088. >"Yes dear, don't you remember what would happen if you let our secret.. slip?"
  1089. >They would take her away from you. And you didn't want that
  1090. >But you also wanted to make her pay, and transform back into a human, and-
  1091. >"Now let's go downstairs; I have more noodle soup ready
  1093. >"So, Anon, did you enjoy our walk?"
  1094. "...no."
  1095. >"Well that's a shame. I'm sure you'll love them EVENTUALLY."
  1096. "Twilight, you took everything from me... my past... my FUTURE, even MY BODY!! And now you're forcing me to live a lie with a play from the book of 40-volt Pence!"
  1097. >Twilight scowls, partially because she does not understand the last reference
  1098. >"No, Anon, your past life wasn't healthy or happy. SO I'm gonna give you-"
  1099. "My past life was fine! You didn't ask me what I wanted, and"
  1100. >"Mother. Knows. Best." she said sharply
  1101. >You were confused now
  1102. >"Why don't you go to your room and think about what will make you happy."
  1103. >So you trudge up the stairs, wondering what other punishment Purple could have in store for you
  1107. >Be Twilight, confused and worried
  1108. >Were you doing the right thing? Would Anon be happier, here with you?
  1109. >Of course she would; in her old life she was alone, unloved, without fulfillment or friends
  1110. >Once she settled in, Anon would love her new life (and you)
  1111. >Time for a bit of pre-bedtime bonding
  1113. "Anon? May I come in?"
  1114. >"We both know you could blow the door down whenever you wanted". You open her door at that
  1115. "I just said that so you could have your privacy"
  1116. >"What do you want?"
  1117. "Anon... I just want you to be happy."
  1118. >"Then turn me back."
  1119. "I... I can't. I was too slow, too dumb, and now the metamorphosis has stabilized. I'm- I'm sorry Anon." you hang your head in shame "I understand if you can't forgive me."
  1120. >...
  1121. >"Just leave me alone."
  1122. >You turn and head out the door.
  1123. >"But Twilight, besides the ruining-my-life stuff... you did a good job. Thank you for looking after me."
  1124. You smile back at her "What are mothers for?"
  1126. >Late at night
  1127. >A brown-cloaked figure dashes between dark alleyways, until finally reaching the rendevous
  1128. >A minute passes, and the figure checks a watch
  1129. >"Where IS she?"
  1130. >Another figure, this one in a black cloak, enters, tossing a medium-sized bag of bits in front between them
  1131. "Here's the down payment"
  1132. >The brown-cloaked one roughly counted the pieces, and assuring it was about the same as promised, attached it to his saddle
  1133. "And remember, it's Saturday, 12th and 1400
  1134. >"I got it miss, no screw-ups"
  1135. "And remember: DO NOT harm your cargo, or I will ensure you all die"
  1136. >"Y-yes ma'am"
  1139. >Be Anon, 2 in the afternoon on a beautiful Saturday
  1140. >Staring groggily out a window of the Friendship Express
  1141. >Soooo bored; the book Twilight gave you was a generic romance novel, whose weak premise was hindered by lackluster writing
  1142. >As the train pulled into Canterlot, you eagerly hopped out of your seat
  1143. >"Woah, somepony's excited to meet Grandma and Grandpa!"
  1144. >Twi had really been upping the mommy talk recently
  1145. 'I just want to get off this outdated transport. What was our max, 30? They got to 88 in Back to the Future 3.'
  1146. >"Oh Anon, you and your stories. Help me with the luggage, will you?"
  1148. >The "Luggage" wound up being two suitcases; one for you, and one for Twilight. Twilight's was large, colored to match her coat with her cutie mark sewn in center. Yours was small, pink, with "Anon" hastily sharpied next to the handle, along with your home address, contact info for all known relatives, allergies, and blood type.
  1149. >You pulled this suitcase onto the platform, as it moved on wheels and followed you around by a rope tied around your neck
  1150. >You looked absolutely adorable
  1152. >"Do you see them Anon?" Purple asks as she dives into her suitcase, ensuring nothing was left behind
  1153. >I have no fucking clue what they look like Twi
  1154. >Eventually, a pair of somewhat-elderly looking ponies came your way
  1155. >"Now I want you on your BEST behavior Anon, first impressions are-" Twilight was cut off by a rapping on her shoulder from Night Light
  1156. >"Daddy!" she turned and hugged the stallion, with Velvet joining in. You stood back, hoping to avoid the inevitable cheek-pinching
  1157. >"And where's my granddaughter??" Night Light asked as the hug dispersed
  1158. >"Oh, Anon should be... -there!" Twi points to you
  1159. >Naturally, Velvet came over and gave a hug that would make Pinkie jealous
  1160. >"SO cute... that little suitcase... so small!" she mutters along with the pinching and squeezing
  1163. >You think about pleading for help, but a shock from your collar disrupts that line of thinking
  1164. >Velvet leaned back towards Twilight, asking her a question she thought you wouldn't be able to hear
  1165. >"What's the shock collar for?"
  1166. >Night Light actually answered; "I forgot to tell you about the letter, dear. Anon is epileptic, the collar prevents her seizures."
  1167. >Twilight simply nodded her head with that, eyes closed
  1168. >"Poor little thing...?\" Velvet comments, and the trio just give you a sad look, like you're completely oblivious
  1169. "I don't do tricks, if that's what you're waiting for"
  1170. >The three of them pause, realize they had been outed, before letting out the fakest laughter you'd ever heard
  1171. >"Twilight, why didn't you tell us Anon was such a jokester?!" Night Light guffawed
  1173. >The four of you walked down the streets towards your "grandparent's" house
  1174. "and I like Power Ponies and hayburgers and-"
  1175. >Suddenly, a brown scarf behind a store display catches your eye; you subtly glance back at your 'grandparents', smirk on your face.
  1177. >5 minutes later and you strut out of the shop like a prince, scarf swinging off your neck and into the wind
  1178. > "Mom, Dad, it was very generous of you, but please don't-" Twilight started
  1179. >"Nonsense, Twilight, Anon's coat was getting cold. And besides, now it can hide that collar of hers." Grandma retorted
  1180. "I look like a superhero!" you declare, partially to make Twi feel guilty and cement gramps' opinions, and also because it was sorta true
  1182. >30 minutes later and the group had finally arrived at their destination
  1183. >It was hard to fit so many comic books and action figures in the leftover room in your suitcase
  1184. >"We really appreciate the gifts, but please don't spoil Anon anymore, she's-" heh, Purple was still arguing with Gramps on their home turf. She had no power here
  1185. >"Twilight, it's our job. And besides, we've got to catch up for, what, eight years of birthdays and Hearthswarmings'." Night Light sure was a nice guy
  1186. >"Just don't let her get her hands on a mail-order catalog, or she'll bankrupt you" Twi whispered
  1189. >Be Anon
  1190. >Actually enjoying yourself; grandad and grandma were pretty fun
  1191. >Velvet and Night Light, you correct yourself
  1192. >After a potato stew for an early dinner, the four of you were playing
  1193. "Oh, you landed on my property. You owe me 20,000 bits"
  1194. > "What?! You don't even have any cottages, there's no way" M- Twicunt was peeved
  1195. "Well, YOU invaded my private property, and according to the NAP..."
  1196. >"Heh, our little businesspony" Night Light was actually supporting you; maybe he wasn't a socialist like the angry Purple
  1198. >"Now Twi, just pay Anon the fee. Rules are rules" Velvet had your back; you WOULDN'T use your McDrones™  on her
  1199. >Twilight simply fumed at that, handing over her entire stash of paper money
  1201. >An hour later and you were wearing a frilly dress
  1202. >"Are you sure you don't want a coat? It's a long way to the theater!" Velvet asked the pair of you
  1203. >I already have a coat Velvet, you stupid horse. I ALWAYS have this coat
  1204. >Wait, was horse a racial slur here?
  1205. >"We're fine Mom, we'll be back around 11:30"
  1206. >The two of you set out, darkness filling the corners far from streetlamps
  1207. >"Stay close Anon, I don't want us to be seperated"
  1208. "Hey Twilight, what's the play about?"
  1209. >"I don't want to spoil it, but the premise is that two nations-"
  1210. >You hear the rumble of a pebble skipping across the cobblestone, and spin to check it out. When you turn back around, Twi was gone
  1211. "Twilight.....?"
  1212. >You voice echoed through the empty streets. Shouldn't somepony else be out? Granted, it was getting pretty dark
  1213. "It's not funny Purple!" you yell indignantly, peering through alleys
  1214. >You hear movement behind you; thank god, you could-
  1215. >A hoof pressed a damp cloth to your muzzle, and for a quarter of a second you were paralyzed with fear before passing out
  1216. >Wake up as Anon, tied to a chair
  1217. >You'd think it was cliche if you weren't terrified
  1218. >Sitting in some sort of small warehouse
  1219. "H-hello?"
  1220. >"Shaddup you little brat" a feminine voice calls out
  1221. >You can see a purple-coated mare with a black mane by the candlelight, drinking something you doubt Twilight woul dlet you touch
  1222. "H-hey, I don't know what you want, but if-"
  1223. >"If I wanted to *hic* rape a filly, I wouldn't pick one as ugly as you"
  1224. >That one hurt a bit
  1225. "Well with a face like that I can see why you'd need to resort to rape."
  1226. >She gets up and starts walking to you
  1227. >maybeIshouldnthavesaidthat.sln
  1228. >She comes over, and punches you in the jaw
  1229. >Don't cry Anon, you're a big guy
  1230. >She unties you; maybe you weren't worth her trouble?
  1231. >As you fall out of the chair, the mare begins kicking you in the ribs. Hard.
  1232. >"Hey! What are you doing in there?!" a voice calls
  1233. "HELP! HELP! I'VE BEEN KI-" another kick cut you off
  1234. >A blue-coated, black-maned stallion entered; you just realized that you couldn't see either of their cutie marks. Makeup?
  1235. >"This fucker just called me ugly!" said the mare, giving you another kick for good measure
  1236. >"Well, all we were told was to not cripple her" the stallion picks you up by the neck, and punches you across the cheek twice before dropping you back on the ground
  1237. >"I swear she'd better be worth it; the Saddle Arabian government has been cracking down on pony trafficking" the mare responded
  1239. >Several hours later
  1240. >You were hungry, thirsty, and scared
  1241. >Every time you asked for food or water you got another beating
  1242. >And this cage they had locked you in was cramped, but the pain from your wounds was worse
  1243. >You had hoped Mom would find you; you didn't want to be a sex slave for some sandmule
  1244. >But at this point you had lost hope; she probably didn't want you back
  1245. >At least your collar hadn't zapped you in a while
  1246. >Eventually your ears perked up at a banging noise
  1247. >"Should we be worried?" the mare asked
  1248. >Another loud bang, followed by a screech
  1250. >"Should we be leaving?" the mare asked, saddlebags filled with stolen goods from various boxes
  1251. >Another bang; this one sounded like a door being blasted off its hinges
  1252. >"...Let's skedaddle" the stallion answered "out the hidden door, go go go!"
  1253. >The two ran off, only slowed slightly by their plunder
  1254. >You sat cramped in your cage, trying to see anything through your bars
  1255. >Eventually a pair of magenta hooves came into sight
  1256. "Twilight! O-over here!"
  1257. >Twilight crouched low, her eyes meeting yours
  1258. >"My poor baby, what did they do to you??" she asked, magically picking the lock
  1259. "T-they grabbed me with a cloth, and took me here, and beat me, a-and-"
  1260. >Twilight picks you up in her hooves, gently rocking you and making shushing noises
  1261. >"Shhh, shhh, momma's here, momma's here, you're safe now"
  1262. >You start crying, tears a combination of sorrow and relief
  1263. "Don't... don't leave me. I need you Twilight"
  1264. >She smiled at that, looking down into your face.
  1265. >"Let's get you to the hospital; we can file a police report there too"
  1266. >You missed that last part, as you had fallen unconscious in her hooves, a little smile plastered on your face
  1271. >Be Twilight
  1272. >Anon sitting in a hospital bed, being treated by nurses while you sat in the hall
  1273. >"Miss Twilight?"
  1274. >You stood up from your chair "Yes, doctor?"
  1275. >"We've alerted the police, they're sending an officer on their way. Have you finished your forms?"
  1276. "Yes" you respond; paperwork was always a specialty of yours. You had been very happy to fill in the "Parent/Legal Guardian Box""
  1277. "Can I run an errand real quick? I need to get Anon some things for when she wakes up"
  1278. >"Of course, Princess Twilight. Anon probably won't wake up for several hours. We'll take good care of your filly while you're gone"
  1280. >You stopped by the mail office on your way to the 24-hour supermarket
  1281. "Yes, I'd like to wire a fund transfer to an offshore account" you ask the teller, making sure to add the 'good performance' tip to your payment.
  1284. >Be Anon
  1285. >Wake up in a white, sterile room
  1286. >You can hear a heart monitor beeping, feel the bandages pressed against your coat, taste the blood in your mouth
  1287. >As you open your eyes, you see Twilight, holding your hoof and giving that sad smile again
  1288. >No words between you, just a quiet understanding
  1289. >You lean back into your pillow, awkwardly aware of the IV in your foreleg
  1290. >How is it these ponies have modern medical equipment but no television?
  1291. >After a moment, Twilight spoke up
  1292. >The sound of her voice made you feel warmer, safer
  1293. >"Anon, I just want to say that I am. SO. Sorry. If I had paid more attention, this- this never would have happened." she choked out
  1294. >You just lay there, smiling smugly internally. Purple could use a lesson in humility
  1295. >"A-and I know it doesn't make up for it, but I brought your blankie."
  1296. >You grab your brown blanket from her grasp, hugging it closely to your form
  1297. >The heart monitor flatlines as your sensor was disconnected
  1298. >Twilight gently pushes your down on your pack, re-attaching the sensor and whispering into your ear
  1299. >"Now why don't you lay down and get a little more sleep, baby? I'll take care of everything else." she nuzzles you, and you nuzzle back
  1300. >And so you slip back into dreamland, never noticing the "Get Well Soon" balloon attached to your gurney.
  1302. >Once again Anon
  1303. >Wake up with a scared "Yelp!" after reliving the last day of your life
  1304. >Although you're pretty sure the real version didn't have giant Snakes
  1305. >Somebody's holding your hoof, you look up and it's Velvet
  1306. "O-oh, hi M-missus Velvet." you manage to stutter out
  1307. >"Oh, call me Grandma please" she smiles at you
  1308. "Where's Twilight?"
  1309. >"Well, she's currently heading the... investigation of your kidnappers. And Grandpa has a lecture at Canterlot University, although his thoughts and prayers are with you too."
  1310. >You simply stay quiet, mulling over the past few days of your hooven existence. You used to be human, right?
  1311. >"I'm sure they'll catch them, sweetie. Although they're going to ask you some questions later, there's nothing to be afraid of. We even have a guard for you."
  1312. >A white-coated, black-maned mare popped her head in at that sentence, blue cap sitting tightly on her head "Meter Maid at your service", smiling in an obvious attempt to put you at ease
  1313. "Do you have a gun?" you blurt out
  1314. >The two mares simply look at each other
  1315. >]"I'm sorry, gun?" the officer asked
  1316. "Never mind"
  1317. >"Well... I'm just going to go back to my chair in the hall. Lots of crosswords to fill, with such a small vocabulary."
  1318. >She quietly leaves, nearly bumping into a nurse on the way out
  1319. >"Well, would you like anything to eat Anon? We can get you a sandwich, hay fries, ice cream, pudding-" Of course Grandma wants you to eat more
  1320. "Did you say... ice cream?"
  1322. >40 minutes later
  1323. >Partially-filled coloring book on your bedtable
  1324. >Dozens of styrofoam cups surrounding your gurney, filled with small vestiges of melted chocolate and vanilla
  1325. "I regret... nothing"
  1326. >Velvet just shakes her head
  1328. >Still Anon, an hour or so after your ice cream binge
  1329. >Twilight Velvet went to buy a book, leaving you in "Meter Maid's capable hooves"
  1330. >What was it with this family and books?
  1331. >Guess there's not much do do without electricity
  1332. >Suddenly you feel a familiar pressure, but you can't get yourself out of bed
  1333. >Ring the bell on your bedside table
  1334. >Meter Maid rushes in, with a nurse not far behind
  1335. "I need to use the potty" you bashfully answer, cheeks blushing
  1337. >The nurse quickly unplugged your IV and helped you out of bed
  1338. >The three of you walked down a couple of halls (the nurse pushing you in a tiny wheelchair) before reaching the bathroom; one of those personal ones for patients, with plenty of maeuvering room
  1339. >Unfortunately for you, some plumber screwed up, with an out of order sign blocking the handle
  1340. > "Where's the closest bathroom?" Meter Maid asked in a rushed tone; you were visibly 'upset', crossed legs and all
  1341. >"Upstairs" the nurse answered, and the three of you rushed to the end of the hall, coming to a stairwell with ramps instead of stairs
  1342. >Clever substitute for an elevator
  1343. >Eventually you reached the bathroom, with the nurse placing you on the toilet
  1348. >Be Twilight Velvet
  1349. >Fresh coffee, warm cinnamon roll and a new paperback
  1350. >Life was good
  1351. >As you reach your hall, you notice that Meter Maid wasn't standing guard over your precious angel, but there was surely a logical explanation
  1353. >A minute later and your logic had been stabbed to death by panic
  1355. >Be Velvet
  1356. >Anon was missing, possibly dead
  1357. >If Twilight found out, YOU were dead
  1358. >So now you had a half-dozen hospital staff searching the place for your Angelmuffin
  1359. >Where was Meter Maid?? How had NOPONY noticed a patient leaving?
  1360. >Maybe yelling at a receptionist would make you feel better
  1361. >As you approach the front desk, one question made your blood freeze
  1362. >"Mom? Why aren't you with Anon?"
  1363. >run deception.exe
  1364. "Well, Anon fell asleep, so I went to go pick up those comics we bought here"
  1365. >"Oh, well I wanted to see-"
  1366. "No no, you just finish your princess work, by the time Anon wakes up I'm sure you'll be here
  1367. >"Well, just make sure she takes her medicine, and gets enough to eat- she likes noodle soup, and-"
  1371. >Be Anon
  1372. >Using the bathroom took forever; you always took your time while human, but the tail and filly parts made the process even more time-consuming
  1373. >"Finish your graduate thesis yet?" Meter Maid remarked, with a smirk plastered on that dumb face
  1374. >You just stick your tongue at her, and follow her down the stairwell
  1375. >As you reach your hall, a visibly shaken Twilight Velvet is pacing around, back to you
  1376. >You try to sneak up on her and spook her, but she turned around when you were about 2m away
  1377. >She just stares dumbfounded, before running and picking you up in a hug, squeezing the air out of your lungs
  1379. >Be Fillified Anon
  1380. >Sitting in the Canterlot Police Station with Twilight
  1381. >Tug at your shock collar; it was actually a pretty comfortable fit, you rarely noticed it
  1382. >"And can you describe these ponies?" Magnifying Glass asked
  1383. "Well, one was a mare with a purple coat, the other was a stallion with a blue one. They both had black manes."
  1384. >More jotting in his notepad
  1385. >All throughout this interview Twilight has been rubbing your back with her hoof
  1386. >"What about cutie marks?"
  1387. "I didn't see any; maybe they used makeup?"
  1388. >Glass took another swig of coffee while you scratched at one of your torso bandages
  1389. >"What about age? Size?"
  1390. "They were both normal-sized... but old.
  1391. ...Like you."
  1392. >He scowled at that one
  1393. >"Anything else that could identify them? Scars, accents?"
  1394. ...
  1395. "They were both very mean."
  1399. >Two hours later and you were at the train station, getting ready to board
  1400. >After such a traumatizing weekend you were heady to head home
  1401. >"-I'm not gonna do your taxes again this year, you know how to use an abacus" Night Light finished
  1402. >"but you're so goooood at it Dad~" Twilight tried to pull out the charm, but only rolled a 4
  1403. >"Your brother has done his own taxes since he was eighteen, hell, when he was fifteen-"
  1404. >"Oh, Shiny was so responsible, that's probably why he was promoted." Velvet gushed
  1405. >"iwaspromotedtoo" Twilight muttered under he breath
  1406. >"Besides, I'm very busy with my new paper. Why, this may push the field of summoning from theory to practical. Maybe by next year we'll have invoked something." Night Light added
  1407. >"Maybe something bipedal?" Twilight asked innocently. Your collar gave a little shock with that
  1408. >"Possibly, but I need to finish my thesis first."
  1410. >You just sit and watch, hoping they'll reveal some dirt on Purple you can use to blackmail here.
  1411. >But alas, the horn of the outbound train dashed your hopes
  1412. >"Oh! We have to go!" Twilight burst out, picking up both your suitcases in your magic
  1413. >" Remember to feed Anon more! She's too skinny!". Typical Grandma
  1414. >And so the two of you hopped on the train home, your short legs struggling to make the jump
  1415. >Twi helped by putting her head under your torso and lifting you up
  1418. >Be Twilight
  1419. >Sitting in your train compartment, putting your suitcases on the overhead
  1420. >Anon staring dejectedly out the window
  1421. >Scoot over closer to her, but don't make a move
  1422. >You found that trying too hard would just push Anon away
  1423. >Start thinking about your dad's research; apparently he had figured out summoning too
  1424. >If he managed to open a portal (opposed to runic conjuration), Anon may find out and try to go back
  1425. >Although the odds of Dad finding the exact same universe were extremely small, you worried a tad
  1426. >Thought about sabotaging his work, but you just couldn't. He had worked hard for this, and besides, this worst-case scenario was very unlikely to happen
  1427. >Anon's collar had activated less and less as time went on; either she had realized resistance was futile, or was adapting to her new life
  1428. ...
  1429. >Maybe you would order Neighponese for dinner
  1430. >As you start thinking about noodles, you feel a slight pressure on your torso
  1431. >Anon was leaning on your barrel, half-asleep
  1432. >"How much longer?" she manages to croak out
  1433. >You've been on the train for MAYBE ten minutes
  1434. "It'll be awhile, why don't you just try to sleep."
  1435. >"I'm not tired, I just need... to rest... my eyes"
  1436. >You smile at this, and cover her with your wing
  1437. >You felt a little guilty orchestrating a kidnapping, but it was for her own good, in the long run
  1438. >Anon would be much happier as a pony
  1439. >She just didn't know it yet
  1440. >And every time she let out a ragged little breath, your heart melted
  1441. >Feeling her little body expanding and contracting with each one of these breaths made you so happy
  1443. >Be Anon
  1444. >Wake up as the train comes to a slow stop, eyes slowly blinking
  1445. >Let out a high-pitched yawn, stretch your hooves out against Twilight's wing
  1446. >A small jolt of pain hits you as you stretch a bruised muscle
  1447. >You were still kinda pissed at Twilight, but it was better living with her than in some mudslime pehophile ring
  1448. >Shit, was there even religion here?
  1449. >As twilight gets up, you slump to the side and rest on the train seat; you can hear her giggle at that
  1450. "Joke's on you purple- I'm gonna be up... all... all night" you manage to whisper out
  1451. >"Sure thing Anon. Can you get up?"
  1452. >You thought about making a joke about getting it up and your lack of penis, but too tired
  1453. >Instead Twi just puts you on her back, walking out with your levitated suitcases
  1454. >Her mane smelt nice, like strawberries
  1456. >20 minutes later and you were sitting in front of a bowl of noodles, steam rising to your nostrils
  1457. >In the battle between hunger and fatigue, hunger always wins
  1458. >Thankfully horses never invented chopsticks, since they had no fingers
  1459. >So the two of you ate quietly, evening sun casting an orange glow over the dining table
  1460. >Even though there was no chicken or beef, dinner was actually good; maybe horse taste-buds were adapted to a vegetarian diet?
  1461. >Life didn't suck TOO much dick, at the moment
  1466. >Be Twilight
  1467. >Not a good morning so far
  1468. "Now Anon, let's be reasonable-"
  1469. >"NO!"
  1470. >She still had her hooves pressed against the door frame, resisting all of your efforts to push her out
  1471. >Getting the backpack on her was hard enough
  1472. "You'll like school, you'll make SO many friends, and-"
  1473. >"NO!"
  1474. >You needed to convince Anon to go; if you just magicked her to school she'd run off or make disturbances, likely of a sexual nature
  1475. "Anon, you need to go to school, why-"
  1476. >"I don't needa! I already graduated!"
  1477. >You decide to try a different approach, and stop trying to push her through the doorframe
  1478. "Alright, I guess if you want to act like a FOAL, you can. A BIG filly would know that an education is impo- don't sulk back into your room!"
  1479. >More pushing
  1480. "I'll- I'll pay you!"
  1481. >Suddenly she stops squirming
  1482. >...
  1483. >"How much?"
  1484. "Uh, a bit a day!"
  1485. >"Make it two" Anon said, trying to make a hardball face. Unfortunately for her, scrunching her muzzle only made it cuter
  1486. "One bit, and bonuses for your grades."
  1488. >10 minutes later
  1489. "Okay, so 1.2 bits per day, to be paid in sums of six bits per five days. Sick days are not counted, and performance will be based on a accrued-sum point system for total grades...
  1490. ...
  1491. ...and contract can be renegotiated at the start of every school year. Happy?"
  1492. >"...what about inflation?"
  1493. "Just sign the stupid contract"
  1494. >And so Anon scribbled a messy signature, placed her hoof on an inkpad, and added a hoofprint next to her name. You then sealed the scroll with a ribbon, placing a gold sticker on the front for good measure
  1495. >"Wait, are you an authorized notary? Who are we filing-"
  1496. "Just come with me" you motion with your hoof, and the two of you left fifteen minutes later than planned.
  1497. >Of course you had expected a delay, so hopefully you'd be a couple of minutes early.
  1499. >Be Anon
  1500. >Still trying to figure out the exchange rate from bits to dollars
  1501. >Did you get Jewed?
  1502. >Eventually you see a little red schoolhouse in the distance, some purple mare ringing a bell in her mouth
  1503. >Welcome to Little House on the Prairie
  1504. >"Look, Anon, there's Miss Cherilee! Let's go introduce ourselves!"
  1507. >"Miss Cherilee! How are you?"
  1508. >"Oh, wonderful! It's surprising what a new blend of coffee can do for your morning!" The pair laughed at that, while you just quietly stared at the grass.
  1509. >"I am so excited to teach your child, although she's going to have to work a little harder to catch up with the class. Now, I read your letter, and made sure to prepare for her... special needs."
  1510. >"Thank you, Cherilee. It means a lot to me, and I wouldn't pick anyone else for the job" Twilight responded, casually pulling you in for a hug with her hoof
  1511. >Maybe you could tell Cherilee about your situation; teachers were supposed to watch out for child abuse, right?
  1512. >As soon as you think about spilling, your collar gave you another zap
  1513. >Cherilee gave you a sad look, before brightening into one of those false smiles adults use. "It's okay, Anon. Twilight told me about your conditions, so I've made sure to make special accommodations your needs. Why, my cousin is epileptic-"
  1514. "Wait, accommodations?"
  1515. >"Nothing serious" Cherilee answered, avoiding direct eye contact.
  1516. >Great, she thinks you're retarded. Plus, she was probably told to never take your collar off, because seizures
  1517. >"Now I'll be back to walk you home from school Anon, so be a good filly for Mommy until then." Purple explains, giving you one last hug before flying off
  1518. >"Let's get you settled in, Anon. I'm sure you want to meet your new friends."
  1519. "Yeah, right" you mutter under your breath. You had always hated kids, and that was before their heads constituted 30% of their mass
  1521. >Be Anon, standing in front of class
  1522. >Why'd Cherilee make you do this? You didn't want to introduce yourself to these fuckfaces.
  1523. "Uh, I'm Anon."
  1524. >Cherilee gestures for you to continue with her hoof
  1525. "And I don't want to be here."
  1526. >That one got you some laughter; maybe you could play the class clown bit?
  1527. >Cherilee frowned, before deciding to move things along
  1528. >"Does anypony have a question?"
  1529. >Scootaloo managed to raise her hoof first
  1530. >"What's the collar for?"
  1531. "To make sure I don't go Postal on your flanks"
  1532. >Confusion
  1533. >"Maybe we could discuss that another day" Cherilee deflected. "Any other questions."
  1534. >Nothing. Good, you were sick of standing up here
  1535. >"Alright, why don't you sit down Anon. We should get class started"
  1537. >Of course your desk was in the middle of the first row
  1538. >Taped the the front of the desk was your name written on one of those papers with the dashed line in the middle, the borders covered in flowers and butterflies
  1539. >Also one on the back of your seat, probably for the other foals
  1540. >"Alright class, let's open to Chapter 5 of your History Workbook"
  1541. >Shuffling noises as everypony opens up their desk and pulls out a blue workbook, titled "Equestrian History, lvl 2"
  1542. >You raise the lid of yours to find a red one, subtitled "Primer Edition"; you flip through it and realize it's definitely below your level
  1543. >You open to Chapter 5 and compare it to Featherweight's, who was sitting on your right. His had less pictures and a smaller font
  1544. >Yep, you definitely got the retard book
  1545. >As you check through the desk, you find that all four of your workbooks are red
  1546. >You also find a pair of earmuffs, oddly enough.
  1547. >Be Anon
  1548. >Just finished the Writing part of class
  1549. >Spelling was pointless, but at least you had improved your hoofwriting
  1550. >Cherilee kept giving you weird glances, and you're fairly certain those notes she was writing on her clipboard were related to you
  1551. >"Alright class, it's lunchtime. Be sure to stay close to the schoolhouse"
  1552. >Everypony- no, EVERYONE got out boxes and bags, heading outside to eat
  1553. >"And don't play with that beehive!"
  1554. >You fumbled in your backpack, pulling out a paper bag Twilight had packed for you
  1555. >Though as you looked up, you realized Cherilee was standing next to you, wearing yet another one of those artificial smiles that kids would fall for
  1556. >"How has class been, Anon? Is everything okay?"
  1557. "No, I've been t-"
  1558. >zap.midi
  1559. >She puts her hoof on your shoulder
  1560. >"It's okay, Anon. I'll do whatever it takes to help you succeed."
  1561. "Why do you think I'm retarded?"
  1562. >"Anon! That is a very mean word, and I do not think-"
  1563. "You clearly gave me remedial books"
  1564. >"You just need a little help catching up is all."
  1565. "And what's with the earmuffs?"
  1566. >"Oh, well, a student a few years ago who was also epileptic had sensory overload issues. So if the class ever gets too loud, just put those on. Okay, dear?"
  1567. "Mm-hmm."
  1568. >"Go outside and make some friends. And I don't want to hear you say the r-word again. You're just.. special."
  1569. >You saw the way she looked at you, like a charity case.
  1570. >Still Anon
  1571. >Sitting out on the grass, next to a few foals
  1572. >Snips, Snails, Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon
  1573. >They were closest to the door, and yo had to pretend to be well-adjusted
  1574. >Based on her possessions, DT was rich, so always a good friend to have. Plsu you could go golddigger when you were older, assuming she swung that way
  1575. >You open up your sack, pulling out your food. Daisy sandwich, potato chips, juice box, cookies.
  1576. >How did this world have packaged juice boxes but no electricity? Zero consistency.
  1577. >Cookies had obviously been bought; who did Twilight think she was kidding?
  1578. >Plus a folded piece of paper, which you promptly opened
  1579. >"Have a good day at school Anon, I miss you so much XOXO" -Twilight
  1580. >Thoughtful, but a touch creepy
  1582. >After finishing eating, you just wandered away from the group
  1583. >All their conversations were so dumb; you were probably like that at their age, but being an adult in a kid's body alienated you
  1584. >So know you were poking a hole in the dirt with a stick
  1585. >Look up and see Cherilee watching you from a window
  1586. >Did she watch all of her students?
  1587. >Princess Pissy probably put her up to this
  1589. >The next twenty minutes were pretty boring, until you started throwing rocks at a beehive with no response.
  1590. >Eventually you heard Cherilee ringing that bell with her mouth again and trudged backed in
  1591. >The rest of the day was Math and Science, so you just drew on some paper you found in your backpack
  1592. >*Someone* had bought you a 64-pack of crayons, so you had many shades of blood to work with
  1594. >Be Twilight
  1595. >Finished a relaxing spa day with Fluttershy and Rarity; it was nice of them to invite you
  1596. >Now it was time to pick Anon up
  1597. >Teleport in front of the schoolhouse
  1598. >Grounds are empty
  1599. >Oh shit, you were late
  1601. >Anon sitting dejectedly by the door, staring at the dirt
  1602. >Looks up happily when you appear, then gives you a dirty look
  1603. >Cherilee pops her head out the door
  1604. >"Oh, Twilight, can I talk to you?"
  1606. >"Now Twilight, about-"
  1607. "I just want to say that I'm SO sorry, I meant to be early."
  1608. >"Well, it's not about that, Miss Twilight, although Anon seemed disappointed when you didn't arrive."
  1609. "Then what's the problem?"
  1610. >"Anon has been showing tendencies I thought you should know about."
  1611. "Did she try to seduce somepony? Because I told her-"
  1612. >"No, no. She didn't try to socialize; barely talked to anypony besides me."
  1613. "She tends to avoid others"
  1614. >"And she indirectly referred to herself as 'retarded', a word I do not allow in my classroom"
  1615. "Did she cuss?"
  1616. >"No, that was the extent of her crassness. Also, I kept count, and" Cherilee glanced down at a clipboard, "her collar activated eleven times. Is this a normal amount?"
  1617. "A bit more than average, but at least it's working. Is that everything?"
  1619. >"No. Lastly, I wanted to talk about this" she answered, pulling out a piece of paper covered with drawings. Upon closer inspection, about sixty percent of them were humans and ponies being stabbed, decapitated, and shot with some kind of arrow. Some of the deaths were quite... creative.
  1620. >"This is obviously quite inappropriate for a filly her age, and I don't understand what these two-legged creatures are. How do you imagine she was exposed to this?" Cherilee asked, giving you a suspicious stare
  1621. "Well, I adopted Anon after Foal Services took custody. I'll ask her about this" you answer, shuffling the paper into your saddlebag. In one corner of the paper, Anon had attempted to write something, but every time she tried to write anything after 'I' the writing became completely illegible
  1622. >"And I'd like to finish by saying that Anon was mostly attentive and well-behaved. She just needs... a little help"
  1624. >You step outside into the bright sun, not directly looking at Anon
  1625. "Come Anon, we're going for a walk"
  1627. >Be Anon
  1628. >You had hoped that you could just teleport home, or at least fly, but it looked like Purple wanted to have another "talk"
  1629. >"How was your day Anon?" she starts in a neutral tone, undoubtedly probing
  1630. "Okay. Just boring."
  1631. >"Did you learn anything?" she asked, still not looking at you
  1632. "A bit about the War of Griffon Independence"
  1633. >"Oh, that's good. What about math?"
  1634. "Uh, nothing really. It was just times tables mostly, so I didn't pay attention"
  1635. >"I figured. So you decided to draw THIS instead" she turned to you, an expression of anger on her face as she waved a crumpled sheet of paper in front of you
  1636. >You'd thrown that away; were they going through your trash?
  1637. >"You don't have anything to say??"
  1638. "I don't see the problem" you said, not stopping to chat
  1639. >"Don't walk away from me!" Twi grabbed your shoulder, stopping you in your tracks
  1640. >"THIS- this isn't okay. I don't know where you learned to be so violent-"
  1641. "In case you'd forgotten, I'm a grown man, not some undersized horse. I can do what I want
  1642. >"No, you're not, and no, you can't. The sooner you get that through your stubborn head, the sooner you can be happy here!"
  1643. >The two of you walked in silence; as you approached the castle, Twi hit from a different angle
  1644. >"And what is this?" she pointed her hoof at the spastic marks in the corner
  1645. "I-I was trying to draw a missile, but it kept coming out wrong"
  1646. >"How dumb do you think I am?" she asked rhetorically, poison dripping through her words
  1647. "I-"
  1648. >"You were trying to tip Cherilee off, weren't you?"
  1649. >You remembered the shocks burning you when you tried to write for help
  1650. >"I thought of EVERYTHING. Don't think you can outsmart me."
  1651. >You had turned your head away, avoiding her gaze as she tore you a new one
  1652. >"I think we're going to have to try some old-fashioned punishment
  1653. >She grabs you by the ear and drags you inside
  1654. >ohshit.png
  1657. >Be Twilight
  1658. >Pulling Anon into the living room
  1659. >Just when it seemed like she was assimilating, she'd pull a stunt like this
  1660. >You sit down upright on the couch, and bend Anon over your metaphorical knee
  1661. >She starts squirming, anticipating what was coming next
  1662. >*SLAP* You hit her across her buttocks with your hoof, putting significant force behind it
  1663. >She lets out a muffled cry
  1664. "You are a bad filly, Anon! Disobeying me"
  1665. >*SLAP*
  1666. "You could have ruined your life! Our lives!"
  1667. >*SLAP*
  1668. "Don't ever try to undermine this family!"
  1669. >*SLAP*
  1670. Bad filly! Bad filly!
  1671. >*SLAP* *SLAP*
  1672. >Anon was crying now, but this was a lesson she needed to learn
  1673. >You give her a few more whacks for good measure
  1674. >You sit there for a moment, letting her choke out a few more tears.
  1675. >You grab Anon under her front hooves and lift her on your lap, facing you
  1676. >She just stares and sniffles into your chestfluff
  1677. >You place your hoof under her chin and point her face up to look at yours
  1679. "What did you do wrong?"
  1680. >Anon mumbles something under her breath
  1681. "What was that?". If it was more backtalk, her behind would get that much redder
  1682. >"I tried to tattle on you."
  1683. "And why is that bad?"
  1684. >...
  1685. "Do you want another spanking Anon?"
  1686. >"B-because they'd take me away."
  1687. "And I don't know what they'd do with you afterwards. Do you want to be dissected on a laboratory table? Or forcibly impregnated by a dragon?"
  1688. >You were exaggerating heavily, but she seemed to believe you
  1689. >Besides, anything was possible
  1690. "...I'm only doing this, ALL of this, because I love you. I love you very much."
  1691. >She hugs you tightly, and you return the embrace for a moment before breaking it off and placing her on the ground
  1692. >You gesture to the stairs with your hoof
  1693. "Now go to your room and think about what you did"
  1695. >Be Anon several days later
  1696. >"Now, I think that's everything. Let see, sleeping bag, flashlight, water bottle
  1697. >Rainbow Dash was taking you and Scootaloo camping
  1698. >Surprisingly, Twi was letting you go
  1699. >Possibly because of, or in spite of, the fact that she seemed dumb as a brick
  1700. >"...and your blankie. Is there anything else you need?
  1701. "No, Twi." you said with a bit of exasperation. She was on her third list now.
  1702. >You hear a knocking and head for the door with just a wee bit of excitement
  1703. >You fling open the door and see Dash and Scoots standing out in the afternoon sun
  1704. >Scootaloo was wearing some ridiculous Girl Scout-esque garb; it was hard suppressing your laughter
  1705. >"You ready squirt?" Dash asked in that obnoxious voice of hers
  1706. "Don't worry about me, just try to keep up."
  1707. >Twilight came up to the door behind you, smiling at her old friend
  1708. >"Rainbow! So good to see you, thank you for taking Anon blah blah blah blah"
  1709. >You look over at Scootaloo, but neither of you say anything. You didn't know each other that well.
  1710. >"...and don't even THINK about playing any pranks, she's already scared of the dark-"
  1711. "Am not!" I mean, this world had dragons and shit, who knows what monsters could be lurking in the shadows?
  1712. >"Haha, I'll tone it down, but no promises. You girls ready to go?" Rainbow asked
  1713. >The two of you just nodded, Scoots more enthusiastically
  1714. >"Well let's go~oo~oo already!"
  1715. >You get a flashback to Bender Bending Rodriguez
  1716. >Huh, you hadn't remembered anything from your old life in a while
  1717. >"Have fun Nonny, I can't wait to hear all about it when you get home!" Twilight waved as the three of you set off
  1718. >Did she put Rainbow up to this?
  1719. >It was always hard to tell with her, she was like a spider weaving 4D webs
  1721. >So there you were, hiking through some woods with Dyslexic Dash and Slutty Scootaloo
  1722. >Maybe not now, but by college-age she'd be a cumslut
  1723. >You had asked if you'd be camping in the Everfree, but the two of them just laughed
  1724. "How much longer until the campsite?" you moaned for the eighth time
  1725. >"Like a quarter-mile, I swear" Rainbow answered, completely unfazed by the trek
  1726. >"So what's that one?" Scoot asked, pointing to another tree
  1727. >"*Pinus Neolithicus" Dash answered in her most official voice
  1728. >Bitch you were making this shit up
  1729. >Scoots didn't suspect a thing, she worshiped the mare
  1730. >But you were too tired to call her out
  1731. >One hoof in front of the other
  1732. >"Oh that one? *Bushus Equatorial*"
  1733. >That's it. You just dropped to your knees and rolled onto your side
  1734. >They'd just have to drag you there; if you died out here Purple would kill them
  1735. >"Hey! We're here!" Scootaloo exclaimed, already running to clear a spot for her tent
  1737. >Twenty minutes later and you had crawled over to the campsite
  1738. >"Jeez kid, that was like four miles" Dash mocked you, but you didn't care
  1740. >Eventually you managed to get your tent up
  1741. >Fairly room for a one-pony setup
  1742. >Twilight claimed it was just an old thing she had kept in the basement, but you were pretty sure you saw a receipt in a trash bin
  1743. >As you exited the flap after dropping off your stuff, you noticed that there was only one other tent
  1744. "Rainbow? Where's your tent?"
  1745. >"Oh, I didn't bring one. Me and Scooter here are gonna share."
  1746. >That lazy-ass bitch, she just wanted to shave ten pounds off her pack, no wonder the hike was so easy for her
  1747. >Plus she was an athlete and you were a basement dweller, but that was irrelevant
  1749. >It was already pretty late by the time you had finished setting up camp; the orange sun was getting pre-tty close to those mountains
  1750. >Rainbow had INSISTED on spending an hour knocking on people's doors and watching them answer from the bushes before you left
  1753. >Couldn't roast hot dogs because vegetarianism
  1754. >You were starting to get desperate; Scootaloo was looking pretty tasty right now
  1755. >You shook your head, disgusted by your imagination. You were just delirious with exhaustion, that was all.
  1756. >"As a recipient of the Fireside Fillies Camping Merit Badge, *I* will light the fire!" Scootaloo announced
  1757. >Rainbow just looked content to lean against her log and do nothing; you were fine to just lay there and stare at the trees
  1758. >Not even a little bit spooky
  1760. >10 minutes later and you were all sitting around a pleasant fire
  1761. >Scoots had done a pretty good job
  1762. >You finished your second s'more, famished after your long day and the unsatisfactory taste of vegetarian dogs
  1763. >"Say, who wants to hear a story?" Rainbow asked. So of course Scootaloo's hoof flew into the air
  1764. >"ME! ME!"
  1765. >"Well, on a night like tonight, my cousin Windcutter was finishing his patrol at the Cloudsdale Weather Factory-"
  1767. >"-and the next morning the dress was in his closet!"
  1768. >You and Scoots had been hugging each other at the end, but only because it was getting cold. No other reason.
  1769. >Rainbow just laughed at the two of you, her hoof covering her eyes "Your faces, you should have seen them! Ha ha ha!"
  1770. >She then proceeded to kick dirt on the fire, choking it down to a few embers
  1771. >"Well, time for bed. C'mon Scoots, let's get setlled in."
  1772. "Shouldn't we brush our teeth?"
  1773. >"Kid, you have a LOT to learn"
  1775. >You sat in your little tent, staring out at the night. The stars were really pretty; you saw more of them than you ever did on Earth
  1776. >You looked over at Rainbow and Scootaloo, sleeping in their snug little tent, Rainbow's wing draped over the orange filly
  1777. >You wish Twilight were here, doing that to you
  1778. >As you watch the duo an equally funny and dark thought came to you
  1779. >Was Dash... GROOMING Scootaloo?
  1780. >She had seemingly no love interest, and spent a little TOO much time with the filly
  1781. >You just shake your head and drift to sleep, tightly hugging your blanket
  1784. >Wake up as Anon
  1785. >Groggily realize that's it's still dark out
  1786. >And your bladder was full
  1787. >Shit.png
  1788. >No, wait, Piss.mp3
  1789. >You half-scoot out of your sleeping bag and grope for the flashlight Purple packed you
  1790. >You turn it on and hold it in your mouth
  1791. >As you open the door on your tent, you realize just how dark it was
  1792. >You freeze, scared of the unknown
  1793. >Look over to Dash and Scoot's tent
  1794. >You'd just drag Dash out of bed and make her watch you
  1795. >It was like 3 yards, don't be a baby
  1796. >You trot a bit quickly to her tent, not paying attention to the fact that the door was already open
  1797. "Dash! Dash! I need to pee, take me-"
  1798. >They were gone. Both of them
  1799. >You jump into their tent, afraid of what might be sneaking up behind you
  1801. >Were they playing some kind of prank on you?
  1802. >Maybe, but how would they know you would need to piss?
  1803. >Maybe a bear dragged them out and mauled them
  1804. >You scooted a bit further away from the door with that idea
  1805. >Logic had abandoned you; fear had consumed your waking thoughts
  1806. >You wish Twilight were here
  1807. >She would make everything better
  1808. >Suddenly, you heard hoofsteps
  1809. >Murderers and/or rapists?
  1810. >Then your rationality kicks in and you realize it's just your camping 'buddies'
  1811. >So you rush out, eager to be close to anypony else
  1812. >"Anon, what were you doing-?" Dash starts
  1813. "Where were you?!"
  1814. >"Scootaloo needed to use the loo" she chuckled at her joke. How many times had she used THAT one?
  1815. "Well, I need to pee too. C'mon" you said, promptly dragging her with you
  1816. >"What is it with you fillies and tiny bladders?"
  1819. >Relief flowed through you as a stream exited your body and watered the bush
  1820. >At least you were somewhat used to peeing with girl parts
  1821. >After using some TP and throwing it in a trash bag (both of which Dash had brought), you rejoined her
  1822. >"Sweet Celestia, I take back what I said about the small bladder"
  1824. >It was a short walk back
  1825. >You felt kinda bad leaving Scootaloo alone, but you had managed
  1826. >"Can we go back to sleep?" she had asked from inside her tent, clearly referring to herself and Dash
  1827. "No. I want in too."
  1828. >Confusion marked their faces, then comprehension soon after
  1829. >"I dunno shorty, it'll be a tight fit." Dash half-answered
  1830. >Too late, you were already inside
  1831. >She just sighed and settled in between you and Scoots, draping her wings over the both of you
  1832. "Wait, I forgot my blanket!"
  1833. >"Luna, give me strength" Dash grunted out
  1835. >The next morning, and you were almost home
  1836. >Packing up was easy, especially as you just threw you trash bags in one of those big campsite bins with the lids
  1837. >Who emptied those anyway?
  1838. >All had agreed to skip breakfast, as Ponyville was so close
  1839. >So Dash was dropping you off before she and Scoots went to a local diner
  1840. >"You sure you don't want to come Anon?" Scootaloo asked. She seemed to like you, but you would wager she'd prefer the alone time with her 'big sister' more
  1841. "Naw, I just want to take a shower and go to bed".
  1842. >Plus you liked Twilight's pancakes, and you were sure she'd have 'em sizzling on the pan moments after your glorious return
  1843. >So you knocked on the door
  1844. >After a half-minute the door swung open
  1845. >You tried to contain your disappointment as Glimmer answered
  1846. >"Anon! Twilight told me you'd be coming."
  1847. "Where is she?" you asked, trying to peer past her and see Twi at the stove
  1848. >"Well, she had to do something important, so I'm just staying here and watching the map, lots of weird activity going on"
  1849. >"Well, me and Scootaloo are in a rush, so bye. Good to see you Glimmer." Dash spoke for both herself and Scoots
  1850. >"Bye Rainbow! Good to see you too!" as she waved them off
  1851. >You just trudged past her and toward the stairs
  1852. >"Anon? Do you want anything to eat? I can make toast, or-"
  1853. "No, I just want to take a bath, and get more sleep" you answered slowly as you marched up the stairs
  1855. >Sitting in the bath, enjoying the warm water easing your knotted muscles
  1856. >4 miles was a lot worse than it sounded
  1857. >Although heating the water was a huge pain without a "Hot" faucet
  1858. >For a moment you wished Twilight were hear, rubbing shampoo through your mane, gently massaging your scalp with her-
  1859. >No. No. No. She turned you into a filly against your will. She was the bad guy here, or at least morally bankrupt antagonist.
  1860. >But you still missed her
  1861. >Eventually you got out of the tub, dried yourself off with a towel, and crawled into bed
  1863. >A couple of hours later you woke up under a slightly brighter sun, probably around nine or ten
  1864. >You scampered out of bed and down the stairs, persuaded by your growling stomach
  1865. >As you reached the main floor you heard a humming. Could it be-
  1866. >Your eyes lit up as you turned the corner and saw Twilight poring over a cookbook, holding a mixer of batter
  1867. >Took all of your willpower to not yelp out her name, or run and hug her
  1868. "Oh. 'Sup, Purple?"
  1869. >You were pretty sure she saw your grin
  1870. >And she smiled back
  1872. >Be Twilight
  1873. >Just listening to Anon's story
  1874. >"-and then I forgot my blanket, so I had to go out and get it. Of course, I wasn't scared or anything, I just didn't want to get up."
  1875. >She sure liked that blanket. Perfect.
  1876. >"The rest was pretty boring and- why are you paying so much attention to my plate? You want some?"
  1877. "No, sweetie, I was just thinking. Please go on."
  1878. >You were worried about Anon
  1879. >She had only lost weight since coming here; she either hadn't adapted to pony caloric needs or was intentionally undereating
  1880. >It was possible, if unlikely, that she was trying to starve herself in order to get Foal Services involved, which would only create problems for the both of you
  1881. >So you just watched and made sure she ate every pancake.
  1882. >Also, this apron was starting to come loose
  1883. >Dammit Rarity, use better fabrics
  1884. >As she approached her last one, you walked over to the stove and poured in a couple more puddles of batter
  1885. >"And I told Scootaloo that issue #34 was a mistake and the writers should ki-"
  1886. "What was that, honey?"
  1887. >"They should give up." Anon meekishly finished
  1888. "So what was wrong with issue #34?"
  1889. >You didn't really understand those comics of hers, but it was important to show interest in your child's hobbies
  1890. >"Well, the artwork sucked, for one, and the writing..."
  1892. >"...in conclusion, just skip it."
  1893. "That sounds like good advice" you spouted off, placing another platter of pancakes in front of her
  1894. >"More? I dunno, I already ate four. /fit/ would kill me if they found out."
  1895. "Oh, you're not eating enough. Growing fillies need their strength." you patted her on the head with that one
  1896. >"Well, I guess I'm still a little hungry"
  1897. "Good girl. Once you've finished I was thinking we could go do something fun"
  1898. >You weren't sure what 'fun' would constitute, but you'd think of something. You always did.
  1899. >Be Twilight
  1900. >Anon's sitting on your back, blindfold over her eyes
  1901. >She was gonna LOVE this
  1902. >"Are we there yet?"
  1903. "For the fourth time, no. Besides, you're not the one who's walking."
  1904. >Eventually you arrive at your destination: a local park
  1905. >Swingset, slides, the works
  1906. >You sit down, sliding Anon off your back in the process
  1907. >You turn around and start to untie the blindfold
  1908. >Anon looked out with excitement, but then her face dropped
  1909. "...Is something wrong?"
  1910. >"...What made you think I'd like this, Purple?"
  1911. >Her tone hurt you a little
  1912. "I thought you'd enjoy having a little playtime."
  1913. >"Playtime? You seem to forgotten that I'm a-"
  1914. >Anon's collar shocked her to the point of falling to her knees
  1915. >You reached out with your hoof and rubbed her shoulder.
  1916. >A masculine voice sounded out behind you. "Is everything alright, Miss?"
  1917. >You turn to the stallion and flash your saddest smile
  1918. "Oh, yes, she's just having an epileptic fit. This is pretty normal, happens once or twice a day. It breaks my heart, seeing her like this."
  1919. >"Oh, okay. Uh... good luck" He turned and left on that awkward note. You had counted on these types of reactions when deciding on the collar. Ponies always felt awkward around the disabled, and would actively avoid them when possible, and minimize contact since there was little they could do to help. Simple Psychology 101.
  1920. >Eventually the shocks stopped and Anon just laid on her side in the sand
  1921. "Are you feeling better, honey?"
  1922. >Anon just mumbled with that one. Probably cursing.
  1923. "Well, what would you rather do today?"
  1924. >She inched up to you, putting her muzzle next to your ear, and whispered her idea to you
  1926. >Be Anon
  1927. >Apparently there was a bowling alley in the nearby city of Hooveston
  1928. >Goddamn you were getting sick of these horse puns
  1929. >At least you didn't have to wear bowling shoes
  1930. >You stand in front of the lane, five-pound ball in hoof
  1931. >Having to use a kiddy ball, how embarrassing
  1932. >The ball had one slot for your hoof; you didn't quite understand how it worked, but it did
  1933. >You launched the ball forward; after your first attempt this round, you were eager to NOT get a gutter ball
  1934. >It started breaking right, and, surprise, it managed to knock over the 7 pin
  1935. >You turned, blaming your defeat on your shitty team
  1936. >"Good job Anon!" Twilight tried to encourage you, giving another one of those fake smiles
  1937. >Bitch quit trying to raise my self-esteem, we both know I'm shit
  1938. >Her score was a mere ten points higher than yours; you were pretty sure she was intentionally missing just so you'd feel better
  1939. >At least you didn't have to do the writing or math
  1940. >You pull a tortilla chip coated with greasy cheese from the paper bowl; it was pretty much what you'd expect from bowling-alley food
  1941. >You loved bitching but this was actually kinda nice
  1943. >Be Twilight
  1944. >Anon seemed happier after bowling
  1945. >In hindsight, she was a little too old for the park
  1946. >Her mind was still semi-human. Probably not much you could do about that but try to appeal to her filly instincts
  1947. >So the two of you walked back to the train station for a short ride, although your train wasn't due for another hour
  1948. >You could just teleport, but Anon seemed to like riding trains
  1949. >Plus, seeing their Princess on public transportation [s]humanized[/s] ponified you
  1950. >You hear a grumbling, and an embarrassed Anon tried to hide her discomfort
  1951. >Her face was so cute when her cheeks got red like that
  1952. "Sounds like somepony's hungry."
  1953. >"Maybe a little."
  1954. >You just gigged at that. Anon hated asking for help or relying on others in general
  1955. "There's a diner around here that's really good. It's a bit of a detour, but we should have time if we don't dally"
  1957. >You just smiled as Anon dove into her hayburger. Vegetarianism wasn't so far out of reach.
  1958. >Apparently her previous race ate meat, how barbaric
  1959. >It was your duty to civilize her
  1960. >You ate more gently, keeping an eye on her plate
  1961. >Good, she was eating it all
  1963. >Still Twilight
  1964. >Just reading a newspaper, listening to the click-clack of the moving train
  1965. >Oh no, a grease fire had burned down a restaurant in Fillydelphia
  1966. >You look over at Anon, leaning on her back legs, her front hooves pressed against the window, watching the scenery move by
  1967. >At the bottom of your current page, you see an article about a disappearance in the Crystal Empire
  1968. >Well, you were sure your brother would crack the case soon
  1969. >You look over at Anon again, once again trying to decipher her cutie mark
  1970. >A question mark, what could her talent be?
  1971. >Previous rumination only came up with ideas on becoming a spy, or private investigator
  1972. >Haha, maybe she could help your BBBFF
  1973. >You make another mental note to visit soon
  1975. >You sigh and put the paper away
  1976. >Why was it always so negative?
  1977. "No news is good news"
  1978. >"You say something Purple?"
  1979. >You kinda wished she's stop calling you that; it was cute at first, but now it seemed somewhat derogatory
  1980. "No dear, just thinking to myself"
  1981. >"Huh, you don't seem to do much of that."
  1982. "You've got a lot of sass for a little filly."
  1983. >"Twilight, you have NO idea."
  1984. >Just use the m-word dammit!
  1985. >You just smirk at her, a knowing look in your eyes
  1986. "Oh, you'll be singing a different tune when it's bedtime and you want 5 more minutes."
  1988. "NO!"
  1989. >"Anon, struggling will only make it worse"
  1990. >Press your hooves firmly against the tiles, lean back into Twilight's chestfluff
  1991. >Makes no difference, the mass differential is too great
  1992. >She picks you up in her magic, tries to force you in
  1993. >You press your hooves against the edges of the bathtub, avoiding the water like it was water
  1994. >Flashback to that scene from Temple of Doom
  1995. >Purple would DEFINITELY not approve of that movie
  1996. >Might honestly give most of her friends heart attacks
  1997. >"Just be a good filly and obey your mother!"
  1998. "NO!" you screech, continuing your resistance. You might not be able to win, but you'd make Twilight's victory as difficult as possible
  1999. >But you soon are forced under the bubbles
  2000. >Normally you were okay with her giving you a bath, but her extra-commanding tone tonight pushed you to resist, even if futile
  2001. >You wriggle under the water until she pulls you up
  2002. >You gasp for air, not because you need it, but so she'd feel guilty for drowning you
  2003. >She pours shampoo into your mane and gets to work kneading your scalp. You liked it, but Purple didn't need to know that
  2004. >She eventually did the same for your tail, lifting it above the waterline with her mouth
  2005. "H-hey, I'm not that kind of filly!"
  2006. >"You make that joke every time Anon, and it's never funny"
  2007. >Yes it was. Prude.
  2009. >Eventually she pulled you out of the bath, wrapping you in a baby towel (you know the type) and just holding you in her lap
  2010. >Sorry lady, I don't do lapdances
  2011. >Well, maybe for enough bits
  2012. >She rubbed you down, laughing as your mane came out in a frizz
  2013. >She then brushed it out, using her hooves rather than magic
  2014. >For such a powerful mage, she tended to use physical touch a lot
  2015. >"Now I think it's time for you to go to bed"
  2017. "NO!"
  2018. >"Do we have to go through this AGAIN??"
  2020. >Be Twilight
  2021. >After a grand struggle, Anon was tucked in, but unfortunately not tuckered out
  2022. >You had just the cure for that
  2023. >Anon leaned back against her pillow, Hooves folded behind her head "I hope this is better than last night's story"
  2024. >You pulled a book out from inside a bedside drawer, pulling it onto your lap
  2025. "This one is called 'Saddle Arabian Nights'. I thought we could start with the first chapter."
  2026. >You had considered a Daring Do book until you remembered that Rainbow Dash liked them, so therefore they must be shit
  2027. >"Now, once there were two nobles, the brothers, Shah Rein and Shah Zebra..."
  2029. >"And then Stablerazade began her tale."
  2030. >You had censored a LOT; apparently there was a very descriptive orgy in the first chapter
  2031. >Although Anon had seemingly been exposed to much of that in her previous life, you would do her better
  2032. >Poor little thing, corrupted by a degenerate world of carnivores
  2033. >She was always meant to be a filly, you just knew it
  2034. "So what'd you think?"
  2035. >"I... I don't wanna listen to... sandnig... sandni... stori... ..."
  2036. >You smile at her sleepiness; she'd had a long day
  2037. >You double-check and make sure she had a glass of water by her bed
  2038. >Nice and cold, good
  2039. >You leave and look at her one last time while closing the door
  2040. >You were really quite lucky
  2041. >Be Anon
  2042. >Sitting in class once more
  2043. >Blah blah blah, order of operations
  2044. >God, this used to be HARD for you?
  2045. >Little did they realize Modulus would screw up the PEMDAS acronym
  2046. >You had thought about bringing it up, but Cherilee would just sidestep the question like every other teacher
  2047. >She was nice, no reason to screw with her too much
  2048. >Just drawing to relieve the boredom
  2049. >You had given up on trying to pass a message, shock collar OP, pls nerf
  2050. >You had also tried drawing pictures of Twilight beating you, etc.
  2051. >You got a long talk about defamation that afternoon
  2052. >EVERYPONY loved her, what a Mary Sue
  2053. >Everybody. You meant everyBODY.
  2054. >After realizing they were going through your trash (like seriously wtf) you just went for normal everyday sketches
  2055. >Today was a beachhouse overlooking the ocean
  2056. >You had always enjoyed landscapes
  2057. >Still looked like shit, hooves sucked
  2058. >End of day
  2059. >Just sitting out in the grass, enjoying the breeze
  2060. >Why wasn't Twilight here? She insisted on walking you home, now she just ditches you?
  2061. >Bitch, how did SHE become Princess of Friendship?
  2062. >Hear a boom, blue explosion in the distance
  2063. >That was probably why
  2064. >Might be hours until she was finished, and Miss Cherilee was looking impatient
  2065. >Probably had plans, looking forward to being pounded by Big Mac
  2066. >You trot up to your teacher
  2067. "Y'know, Miss Cherilee, I just remembered that Twilight told me to walk home alone today"
  2068. >"You sure? I can walk you home-"
  2069. "No no, I can handle it, it's not too far"
  2070. >She gives you a suspicious stare, but eventually agrees
  2071. >"Well, if you need help, don't be afraid to ask somepony"
  2073. >You were free
  2074. >Well, what now?
  2076. >Be Anon
  2077. >Just kind of wandering
  2078. >Purple would be busy for hours, of course
  2079. >Eventually you ran across that Sweet Apple Acres place
  2080. >Pssh, probably weren't even paying any property taxes
  2081. >Peek into the barn
  2082. >Well, nobody seemed to be home. YOu knew the little one, Apple-whatever was with her friends. Probably 'experimenting'
  2083. >You remember hearing something about these guys brewing cider
  2084. >HAD to be hard cider, no way could a civilization grow without alcohol
  2085. >See a staircase leading to some sort of basement
  2086. >Either they had booze down there, or a rape dungeon
  2087. >After a brief pause, you decided the risk was worth it
  2089. >Damn, it's dark down here
  2090. >Somebody invent lightbulbs already, jesus
  2091. >Maybe you could, get a patent and make a fortune
  2092. >Plus Twilight would be proud of you
  2093. >But that was irrelevant, you didn't care what she thought
  2094. >After poking around you found barrels labeled 'cider'. One of the lead ones had a little nozzle, probably for testing
  2095. >You were gonna test the hell out of it
  2096. >Lay on your back, scoot up onder it, and let the waters of life flow into your gaping maw
  2098. >2 minutes later
  2099. >Well, you'd had your fill
  2100. >Spilled more than a little, hopefully nobody would notice
  2101. >Break the spigot so they'd think it was some sort of accident or animal
  2102. >Damn, you could feel your tummy sloshing with the fermented brew sloshing in your stomach
  2103. >No, STOMACH
  2104. >Gut
  2105. >Crap Factory
  2107. >Eventually shamble out of the barn, carelessly closing the door behind you
  2109. >As you're walking, you realized Twi would figure out what you'd done
  2110. >shitshitshit.gif
  2111. >Spanking for sure. Unfortunately, you didn't derive erotic pleasure from the act
  2112. >Maybe... no, it just...
  2114. >Tumble into the woods
  2115. >You were still coherent, but it was obvious your filly body had ZERO alcohol tolerance
  2116. >You had maybe fifteen minutes
  2117. >So you started smearing dirt all over yourself
  2118. >Oh look, mud. That'll help
  2119. >You run into trees and rocks, getting a few abrasions
  2120. >Thankfully, the alcohol had also dulled your self-preservation tendencies
  2121. >Doesn't matter, booze was worth it
  2122. >Smear more dirt, mud on your body. The stuff will fade, so you'd best pile it on now.
  2123. >Fill your mane and tail with leaves, sticks
  2124. >Cover your body with a bit more mud, focusing on the cuts and bruises
  2125. >Good thing this slow-moving stream was here
  2127. >Eventually find a little hollow log behind some bushes
  2128. >Nopony, you mean nobody, would realistically find you here.
  2129. >So you squeezed in. Time for a nap.
  2131. >Be Twilight
  2132. >About ten o'clock, and you were PANICKING
  2133. >Where was Anon?
  2134. >At first you were furious, especially after Cherilee's testimony
  2135. >But as the hours dragged on, your anger faded to fear
  2136. >What if she had been kidnapped? What if somepony had found out?
  2137. >You, your friends, and your friends' friends had been searching for hours
  2138. >Quite an impressive search effort, to be honest. But eventually the dozens of ponies were forced to return to their lives, many vowing to help again in the morrow
  2139. >So now you just flew over the streets of Ponyville, keeping lookout, hoping Anon would find her way home
  2140. >Hoping she wanted to be home
  2142. >Be Anon
  2143. >Just trotting through the dark
  2144. >Kinda scary desu
  2145. >At least you weren't stumbling like a drunkard
  2146. >Well, not too much
  2147. >At least you knew the forests were pretty safe
  2148. >Except for those ominous-looking woods to the south. Only an IDIOT would go there alone.
  2149. >Kinda feeling dizzy, must be leftover from the booze
  2150. >Goddamn that shit was good
  2151. >You'd have to do this again. And bring bottles.
  2152. >You start running towards Ponyville a bit faster.
  2153. >Not that you were scared or anything. Just a bit chilly, was all.
  2155. >Eventually you managed to make it to town
  2156. >Having a bit harder time walking
  2157. >Probably just tired
  2158. >As you approach the center of town, you are practically tackled by a purple missile
  2160. "M-mom..."
  2161. >"Oh, ah, yes sweetie?"
  2162. "I'm gonna-"
  2163. >She just barely managed to twist you around before a half-gallon of puke shot out of your throat and across the street
  2164. >Another, smaller upheaval follows up, making your throat taste awful
  2165. >She just holds you, gently patting you on the back and humming
  2167. >Be Twilight
  2168. >Just carrying Anon on your back; the castle was practically down the street
  2169. >Eventually you pop inside, and hold Anon over the sink
  2170. >A little bit more vomit dribbles out, but she seems to be done
  2171. >Eventually you get a good look at your filly
  2172. >Covered in dirt, mane ruffled and filled with twigs, some scratches and abrasions
  2173. >Poor thing, must've been so scared
  2174. >After a quick bath, you set her down on the bathroom counter and start pulling out a wide variety of first-aid tools
  2175. >Anon was kind of sagging, seemed disoriented
  2176. >You just hold her still and slowly work on her wounds
  2177. >She cringed every time you applied antibacterial liquids on her cuts and bruises
  2178. >Might already be too late, infection could have set in
  2179. >You just bandaged over everything small, wrapping gauze around the larger wounds on her forehead, midsection, hindquarters, and three of her legs
  2180. >Must've fallen off a ridge or something; at least she hadn't gone into the Everfree. You honestly should've burned that place down, but Zecore liked living there, and Friendship forbids arson. Most of the time.
  2181. >Was this your fault? Guilt had been creeping in for hours now.
  2182. "Do you want to sleep with mama Anon?"
  2183. >She just lets out a gurgle
  2184. "I'll take that as a yes"
  2185. >Levitate her into bed, keeping a pot nearby in case of another 'emergency'
  2186. >Snuggle up next to her, making sure to keep her pointed away from you
  2188. >Be Anon
  2189. >Wake up as sunlight creeps across your room
  2190. >Wait, not YOUR room. Twilight's.
  2191. >Even through your mane you can feel her chestfluff, softer than any pillow
  2192. >Ugh, your head hurt like hell
  2193. >Talk about a delayed hangover
  2194. >Had Twilight fallen for it? Well, you'd find out soon enough. Too comfy to get out of bed.
  2195. >Then your bladder decided to be an ass
  2196. >Blitz out of bed and toward the little fillies' room
  2197. >After an extensive bout of piss, you return to Purple's quarters
  2198. >But she wasn't there.
  2199. >Decide to settle back in when you hear a clattering downstairs
  2200. >Yay, pancakes!
  2201. >You got out of bed, mostly to tell her off for making such a racket while you suffered a 'headache'
  2202. >As you reach the kitchen you hear mumbling
  2203. "Twilight?"
  2204. >"Oh! Anon! I was just wondering where you went! Heh heh..."
  2205. "So you decided to look... in the cupboards?"
  2206. >"they're surprisingly roomy..." she said under her breath
  2207. >"But you're here now!" and with that, she raised you up in the air above her head
  2208. "Ow ow ow!" Dammit Purple, now was not the time for upsies
  2209. >Be Twilight
  2210. "Oh, I'm sorry Anon, I was just so happy to see you."
  2211. >Poor Anon was just holding her head
  2212. >She looked unwell, despite your best efforts.
  2213. "Would you like to eat, or go back to bed?" you whispered. Seemed like she had a headache.
  2214. >"Eat. " she croaked out
  2215. >You pick up one of the discarded pans and gently place it on the stove. You pull out the pancake mix and mix it with water in a large bowl.
  2216. >Anon just watched, swaying a bit on the stool
  2217. >Eventually you finish and set the plate before her, opting for simple toast for yourself. You typically didn't eat until later in the morning.
  2218. >You just watched her eating; she managed to get about 3/4th down before giving up
  2219. >You just pick her up and take her to her room
  2221. >Looking at it with fresh eyes, you notice a lack of decorations, or any sort of individuality to the room
  2222. >You'd fix that later, maybe with the help of Rarity
  2223. >Setting down Anon on her bed was the easy part, filly weighed like a feather
  2224. >Shock collar was probably a tenth of her weight
  2225. >Good thing pony necks are so strong to support their disproportionately large heads
  2226. >After checking to make sure none of her dressings needed replacing, you tucked her in, planting a light kiss on her forehead
  2227. "Okay Anon, there's a pot for you to barf in right here, and that glass of water over on your bedside table." you whisper out
  2228. >"Mmhmm."
  2229. "Now, I'm going to be gone for a little bit Anon. You just stay in bed until I come back, okay?", your voice nearly inaudible
  2230. >You just heard a grunting, and she rolled onto her side. You *gently* pat her on the head and leave, closing the door as quietly as ponily possible
  2232. >Be Twilight
  2233. >Just finished spreading the word that your daughter was okay, no further searching needed.
  2234. >Still kinda peeved she lied to Cherilee and ran off on her own.
  2235. >But sick foals needed love first, according to Cadance.
  2236. >But love was her answer to everything. Well, whatever works.
  2237. >Well, you promised you'd show up to Rarity's tea party, even though her stupid mint brew tasted like shit.
  2238. >And friendship meant keeping promises.
  2239. >Anon would be FINE, you were sure. Probably would still be sleeping when you got home.
  2243. >Be Anon
  2244. >Still sick in bed, alone.
  2245. >At least your headache was a lot better, though now the itchiness was worse
  2246. >While scratching at one of the larger bandages, you hear a knocking
  2247. >You crawl out of bed and trot downstairs fairly quickly
  2248. >You look out the eyepiece(Twilight had one installed at your height for such situations
  2249. >You see a strange mint-colored mare standing outside
  2250. >What did Twilight say to you?
  2251. >'Don't open the door for ponies you don't know'
  2252. >You smile to yourself
  2253. >Twilight wasn't here anymore
  2254. >You poke open the door; it still stayed mostly-closed, as you couldn't reach the chain-lock
  2255. "Hello?"
  2257. >"Oh, hello, are your parents home?" she asked, apparently something prepared. Probably a routine, likely connected to those flyers she had
  2258. >You just gesture at your surroundings
  2259. "Uh, do you know where you are?"
  2260. >"Oh, right, well, could you give this to Princess Twilight?" she asked, handing over a flyer
  2261. >You just take it without looking. Probably wanted to sell you a time-share. And while buying stuff in Twilight's name (mostly dildos and adult diapers) would be hilarious, credit card's didn't exist yet
  2262. "Oh, yeah. Sure. Who are you again?"
  2263. >"I'm Lyra Heartstrings. I'm a Jenova's Witness"
  2264. "Wha-"
  2265. >"Haven't you heard the good news?
  2266. "Kingdom Hearts 3 is never coming out, just accept-"
  2267. >She just gives you a confused look. Oh, right
  2268. >"No, but humans will soon walk amongst us oncemore!"
  2269. >Wait, what?
  2270. "Tell me more"
  2272. >"Well, long ago, a human came to Equestria, and taught us farming, irrigation, gave us the wheel" she seemed happy that someone was actually listening to her, and pointed to some drawings on her flyer. "These pre-Celestine hieroglyphs PROVE it."
  2273. "Mm-hmm." you responded nonchalantly; you could feel your collar warming up
  2274. >"And soon, humans will return, and our worlds will work together for a brighter future! The Reunion is soon!"
  2275. >At this point your collar was hurting you badly, sending slightly-painful tingles through your body
  2276. >"So be sure to invite Princess Twilight, too. I know she hasn't shown interest in the past, but somepony as smart as her will inevitably see the truth." And with that, she turned and left
  2277. >As soon as she was gone, you thought about imitating soccer players and flopping around
  2278. >Didn't matter, she'd just take you to the hospital, and they'd confirm the lies Twilight had spread about the collar, and she'd just be pissed
  2279. >You look down at the flyer and realize that there was a meeting in a few days
  2280. >You smirk devilishly to yourself and head back to your room, hiding the flyer at the bottom of a dresser before taking a swig of water and just laying there
  2281. >But no matter how tired you were, you couldn't get back to sleep
  2285. >Be Twilight
  2286. >What a nice day
  2287. >Hopefully Anon was still asleep
  2288. >Just teleport down the hall from her room, you left the chain lock on anyway.
  2289. >As you walk down the hall you notice her door is open.
  2290. >You could have sworn you left it closed.
  2291. >You creep in, but Anon's eyes are open.
  2292. "Everything okay sweetie?"
  2293. >She pauses before answering. "I'm itchy."
  2295. >After giving her a potion-addled bath to help with the itching, you carried her back to bed
  2296. "Do you think you can sleep now?".
  2297. >"No" she , pulling the covers to her neck and sitting there comfy, but eyes wide open.
  2298. >You levitate the book you had mailed from home.
  2299. >'The Three Kingdoms', historical fiction during the time when the three pony races lived separately.
  2300. >She seemed to like it, more than any other book you had tried to push on her.
  2301. >You felt compelled to advocate books designed for fillies her age, but the adult part of her mind rejected them.
  2302. "I'll be back in a few minutes, just sit tight, okay dear? Oh, do you need to use the potty?"
  2303. >"No, I just went". Did she just blush? She looked so cute when she did that.
  2304. >You head downstairs and begin boiling water for some noodle soup.
  2308. >Be Anon
  2309. >Just sitting, reading
  2310. >This was probably the pony equivalent of Lord of the Rings
  2311. >Or you guessed, you only watched the movies
  2312. >But goddamn they were great movies
  2313. >A few minutes later and Purple brought up a bowl of soup
  2314. >"Now Anon, here, I brought in soup for you-"
  2315. "Chicken noodle soup?"
  2316. >As soon as the words were out of your mouth you regretted them.
  2317. >Twilight leaned in close, not uncomfortably so, but just enough to emphasize her point.
  2318. >"Now Anon, I know that these... behaviors have been ingrained in you by your old society. But CIVILIZED animals don't feast on the flesh of the dead. And you want to be a good pony, right?" she explained, planting a kiss on your forehead.
  2319. "Mm-hmm." you just nodded.
  2320. >"Can you feed yourself?" she said, holding a spoon out to you.
  2321. >It seemed like she wanted you to say no. Plus it meant less work for you; may as well throw her a bone.
  2322. "I-I don't think so."
  2323. >So she spent the next minutes spoonfeeding you soup, opting not to use her magic. You could tell she was enjoying this. The soup warmed you up from the inside, and tasted great.
  2325. >Also, she just admitted that some animals were better than others. Did she share her powerlevel?
  2329. >Be Twilight
  2330. >Well, at least Anon wasn't getting into any trouble
  2331. >Missing a tiny bit of school, but it didn't matter much
  2332. >She was quite attached to the blanket you gave her; attaching some of your pheromones to it was definitely a good idea
  2333. >The shock collar was working as well; as the days went on it seemed to go off less
  2334. >But she might just be waiting for the proper moment to lash out
  2335. >The window of transforming back to human had passed several days ago, but now may not be the best time to tell her that
  2336. >She needed to assimilate a bit more
  2337. >Eventually she'd thank you for this; but right now, being her mother was joy enough
  2338. >You missed Spike; but he was more of a younger brother
  2339. >Once he got home in a few months he'd be so surprised to have a niece; telling him in letter didn't seem suitable
  2340. >Life was good right now
  2344. >Be Anon
  2345. >Notice your bandages are getting a little red
  2346. "Twiiilight??"
  2347. >She rushes into your room practically immediately
  2348. >gottagofast.exe
  2349. "My blood is too big." you explain, quite possibly the dumbest sentence you ever uttered
  2350. >She looks over you and understands
  2351. >"Okay, let's go to the bathroom and change your dressings"
  2353. >She gently took of the gauze and bandages
  2354. >Some parts had healed over, but others were still bloodied
  2355. >Definitely an improvement
  2356. >"Now Anon, this is going to hurt a little"
  2357. >Tears well up as disinfectant is poured over the remaining cuts
  2358. >Nearly cursed, but you noticed the soap sitting on a shelf
  2359. >Eventually the pain stop, and she begins applying new bandages
  2360. >"Y'know Anon, you're looking really better."
  2361. "Mmmm" you grumble
  2362. >"I think it's time for a change of scene. Would you like to visit the Crystal Empire?"
  2365. >Be Anon
  2366. >Sitting in that stupid boutique the CMC had a slumber party at
  2367. >Standing there as a dress is adjusted, pins holding the pieces together
  2368. >"This would be a lot easier if you'd stand more still!"
  2369. >Twilight's friend Rarity was making the dress; nepotism at its finest. Apparently Purple had even modeled for her, using her position of power to support her business
  2370. >Not sure if you were proud or disappointed of her
  2371. "Well, stop using pins! You keep poking me!"
  2372. >"They wouldn't POKE you if you'd stand still!" Rarity shot back
  2373. >Rarity, as if. She'd probably been nailed more times than a... very-used piece of wood
  2374. >The dress was pink at its base, with red ribbon-like extensions toward your rump
  2375. >Some diamond-like jewels adorning your dress
  2376. >Pfft, probably cubic zirconia
  2377. >At this point she was just droning on about HER life, just like your old hairdresser
  2378. >"-going back to my Canterlot branch on Fridays, although next week those Crusaders have another sleepover, but Applejack hosted the last one, so fair is fair. It's not like Rainbow could host one, most of them would fall through the floor!" She laughed at that one
  2379. "Did you take my idea into consideration?"
  2380. >"Yes, but unfortunately, combat boots and army fatigues are NOT couture"
  2382. >5 minutes later and she was done
  2383. >As you stepped back into the main room, Twilight looked up from the magazine and gave a little "D'aww"
  2384. "I am NOT wearing this outside." you stomped your hoof in rebellion.
  2385. >"Of course not, dear, you'd get it all dirty. Rarity, do you have a carrier?"
  2386. >"Naturally." she answered, pulling out a coat hanger-like object with some sort of folded paper-esque covering
  2387. >As you take off the dress, you notice Twicunt handing over some bits to her 'friend'
  2388. >5 bits of materials and 20 minutes of labor, and still charging her best friend an undoubtedly exorbitant rate
  2389. >Full name was probably Rarity Shekelstein
  2391. >Be Twilight
  2392. >Dress-shopping had gone well
  2393. >At least she hadn't peed on anything
  2394. >You'd never be able to replace that rug
  2395. >Now Anon was just walking like a retard, legs swinging, her tongue poking out
  2396. "Stop that!" you hiss. Why couldn't she act like a NORMAL pony?
  2397. >"I have epilepsy, remember?"
  2398. >Shit, maybe you should've prepared a better lie
  2399. >So you quietly utter the manual activation spell on the collar to give her a good shock, its pink runes lighting
  2400. >After falling to her knees, she got up and mumbled something
  2401. >At least she wasn't acting like an invalid anymore
  2403. >Be Anon
  2404. >God, shopping was terrible
  2405. >Why was there even a Quills and Sofas store? What kind of community can support such a niche market fusion?
  2406. >Well, the free market has spoken
  2409. >The next morning
  2410. >"Wakey wakey Anon!" Twilight practically yelled into your ear, causing you to fall off the edge of your bed
  2411. "Dammit!"
  2412. >"I'll let that one slide.", the disapproval in her voice apparent "But we have to get going, the train leaves in an hour!"
  2413. >She had spent all night packing your suitcases and filling those checklists of hers
  2414. >You had managed to slip the bits you had earned from your twicunt-mandated school attendance in your suitcase
  2415. "Can't you just TELEPORT us everywhere?"
  2416. >"Well, no, you see, it's not so much 'teleportation' but 'mass rotation, which is to day..."
  2418. >10 minutes later
  2419. >"...so, in conclusion, it is difficult to transport solid objects besides myself and some possessions, and that difficulty is magnified by your sentience and the distance"
  2420. >At this point you had just finished your cereal
  2421. "I'm just gonna assume we can't."
  2422. >Then again, she was one manipulative bitch, who just happened to be nice about it
  2424. >Be Twilight
  2425. >Friendship Express pulling into the Crystal Empire station
  2426. >Good thing Celestia had nixed the community-voted name, 'Hoofler Did Nothing Wrong', and its runner-up, 'Gas the Yaks'
  2427. >Nudge Anon from her nap, replacing her blanket into the appropriate suitcase
  2428. >She just mumbles something about 'kings'
  2429. "Get up, Anon, we're here"
  2430. >"we was"
  2431. "No, we ARE, silly"
  2432. >You try to be gentle, but she wasn't moving. So you pushed her off the seat with your muzzle
  2433. >She lands on her hooves like a cat, surprise evident on your face
  2434. "Oh, Anon, you fell off your seat!"
  2435. >"I... I did?"
  2436. "Yes, but way to stick the landing. Just be more careful next time."
  2437. >You grab the suitcases and exit the train onto the platform; it was practically a jump for her. So cute.
  2440. >Be Anon
  2441. >Jesus, was this place ENTIRELY crystal?
  2442. >Guess they didn't call it the Crystal EMpire for nothing
  2443. >Pfft, some empire. A medium-sized town at best.
  2444. >Also, its reappearance must've devalued gemstones immensely, causing economic collapse. And yet very little poverty and no recession to speak of. Either these ponies don't understand economics, or have mastered it
  2445. >You see a statue of some kind of lizard holding some kind of crystal gem. What a surprise.
  2446. "Hey, Purple, who's that?" you ask, not particularly interested
  2447. >"That's Spike, the dragon who saved the Crystal Empire." she said, her voice cracking a little bit
  2448. >You think back on your library of fantasy fiction
  2449. "So, what, did he hoard all these crystals and given them one, or eat the bourgeoisie and steal it, or...? "
  2450. >"Excuse me??" she asked in that tone you recognized.
  2451. "I mean, dragons are supposed to be greedy, right? So he must've stolen it in the first place-"
  2452. >Twilight nearly slapped you before refraining her hoof. Instead she put her head close to yours, which meant either love or anger. This time, it was the latter
  2453. >"Don't EVER badmouth Spike again. He's a hero, and the best friend I could ever ask for."
  2454. >Apparently this was personal.
  2455. "I'm sorry, I didn't know." you look down at the ground and paw your hoof. It was about 60% acting, but you didn't mean to insult a friend of Twilight's
  2456. >"Well, you shouldn't assume anything about somepony based on their race."
  2457. >Oh, if Twilight ever saw your old posts on /pol/, she'd go into conniptions
  2459. >Be Twilight
  2460. >Guards had let you in the palace, now you were waiting in the entrance hall, as good manners dictated
  2461. >10 minutes later and still nothing
  2462. >20 minutes and nothing
  2463. >At this point Anon was just making faces at one of the guards, and posing VERY suggestively
  2464. "Anon, knock that off! It's not even heat season!" you whisper
  2465. >A maid passes by and you manage to intercept her
  2466. "Hey, do you know if they're coming?"
  2467. >Confusion crossed her face. "Weren't you told? Princess Twilight and Grand Admiral First Class Supreme Commander-of-State Generallissimo High Lord Shining Armor are out
  2468. >Goddammit Shiny, quit adding stupid names to your Title
  2469. "Well, at least we know now. C'mon Anon."
  2470. >She stops shaking her rump and follows you
  2471. >Once you were home you'd have a LOT of spankings to give
  2473. >Be Anon
  2474. >Turns out you were sharing a two-bedder with Purple
  2475. >Giant castle, but they couldn't give you individual guest bedrooms
  2476. >Probably used the tax dollars to build an indoor Olympic Swimming pool (royalty only)
  2477. >Not only is Twi a princess, but apparently she's the Lich-king's sister. Maybe they hated each other, like you and your old siblings
  2478. >What were their names again?
  2480. >Eventually the two of you are summoned to the Throne Room to meet your hosts
  2481. >Turns out the two were the final boss
  2482. >thelastbattle.mp3
  2483. >Twicunt making you wear the stupid dress
  2484. >So what if it looked good on you, you hated it
  2485. >Twilight doesn't even bother with decorum, just rushes and hugs her brother
  2486. >A dozen incest jokes flow through your mind
  2487. >"Shiny! It's been so long! I heard you were promoted to Grand Admiral First Class?
  2488. "Easy when you're in charge" you say to yourself
  2489. >"And Cadance, I haven't seen you since the Border Summit!
  2490. >Hopefully they had plans to retake Jerusalem
  2491. >"Well, I heard about the new addition" Cadance looks over at you, giving a smile
  2492. >You just frown, invoking your inner Wojak
  2493. >"Is there anything you'd like to say Anon?" Twi asks, giving you her pleading face. If she didn't like what you said, she'd give you the angry face.
  2494. "What's the square footage on this castle?" you ask like an autist
  2495. >The two new 'friends' look at each other, before Cadance answers awkwardly
  2496. >"Umm... a lot"
  2497. >What a bunch of idiots
  2498. >"Well, it looks like she's too big to play with Flurry Heart!" Shining joked. They'd probably make you do it anyway
  2499. >God, if you had to meet one more princess you'd go Columbine on these faggots
  2500. >"Oh, how's Flurry?" Twi continues. You were just content to keep your mouth shut.
  2501. >"Well, her sleep schedule is normal now, so..." Cadance's voice brimmed with love. Her element was Love, right? Or was she a Psychic-type?
  2503. >Be Anon
  2504. >They sent you to *watch* Flurry Heart
  2505. >Like she doesn't have a contingent of armed guards
  2506. >Pssh, probably wanted you out of the way so they could throw an orgy
  2507. >You just salute the guard and enter; apparently they had been told about their new visitor
  2508. >Crep up to her crib and look down at the Princess
  2509. >Of course she's a fucking alicorn, talk about winning the genetic lottery
  2510. "Hey. Wake up."
  2511. >Nothing. You start shaking her
  2512. "Wake up you huge sack of shit"
  2513. >Well that got her attention; so now she's screaming
  2514. >You quickly cover her mouth with a hoof, hoping she doesn't try any magick hax
  2515. >Thankfully nothing; you just keep your hoof there until she calms down
  2516. "Let's have some fun."
  2518. >You point to your drawing of donkeys mass-immigrating to Inner Equestria
  2519. "Good or bad?"
  2520. >"Ba."
  2521. "Close enough."
  2522. >You pull out your second drawing of, a picture of a white-coated, yellow-maned, blue eyed family
  2523. "Good or bad?"
  2524. >"Goo."
  2525. >You thought about doing one about the degeneracy of homosexuality, but the mare-to-stallion population was 3-to-1, so lesbians were abundant, as there seemed to be no polygamy or herd systems.
  2526. >Yet.
  2528. "Now Flurry, do the salute
  2529. >She just looks at you in confusion
  2530. "You know, the one?" you elevate your right forehoof
  2531. >She copies you
  2532. "Good. But don't show your mommy or daddy, we want to surprise them."
  2533. >She gives a very slow nod. She understood you pretty well.
  2534. >Good thing you got to her before that communist unicorn
  2536. >Be Twilight
  2537. >Just having a pleasant chat with your BBBFF and his totally non-bossy wife
  2538. >"and I caught the kidnapper, and was awarded this medal for my valiant service"
  2539. >And he points to one of his two weekly awards he gave himself
  2540. "Well, that's very nice-"
  2541. >"I wanna see the prison!" Anon shouts, dragging her suitcase behind her
  2542. "Now, Anon, there's- shouldn't you be with Flurry?"
  2543. >"Naw, once I gave her that bottle of window cleaner she shut right up. I think she's sleeping now."
  2544. >Cadance just rushes out of the room with that revelation
  2545. "Tell me you were joking. Please."
  2547. >She just nods in affirmation
  2548. >"Can I? Can I"?
  2549. "Well, if Uncle Shiny goes with you-"
  2550. >"Yaaaay!". Anon didn't even ask is he'd come.
  2551. >"Well, looks like I don't have a choice!" Shining joked as Anon pulled him by the hoof
  2552. >Let's see if he gives himself a medal for this
  2553. >You didn't even ask about the suitcase
  2555. >Be Anon
  2556. >Follow Shining Armor through hallways and staircases
  2557. >Eventually you reach the basement, with the stereotypical crackling torches and pair of underpaid guards sitting at a table, cards out
  2558. >Knowing this G-rated wasteland, they were probably playing Go Fish
  2559. >They stand at attention, hooves raised
  2560. >"At ease. We're just doing a routine inspection"
  2561. >So you walk down the halls, dragging your suitcase while Shining Armor explains the various offenses of the imprisoned
  2562. >"That one's in for Grand Theft Carriage, that one was quite good at tax evasion, and Miss Harvest tried her hand at arson."
  2563. "What about that one?" you ask, pointing to a fairly jovial prisoner
  2564. >"...Jaywalking."
  2566. >Eventually you reach the end of the line
  2567. >"Well, guess we'd better head back." Clearly Shining was getting sick of your never-ending questions.
  2568. "Wait, what about that last cell?" you ask, pointing to a corner slightly darker than the rest
  2569. >"Oh, yeah, she's a new prisoner. Kidnapping charges, trial's in a week."
  2570. >He turns, and you followed. This next part relied on a bit of luck
  2571. >About halfway back to the entrance you hold your stomach and lean against a wall
  2572. "Wait.."
  2573. >"Huh? What is it?"
  2574. "I need a... bucket... now." You slump back a bit lower against the wall
  2575. >"Oh! Right!" he dashes off and you were alone, at least for a minute "Guards! I need a bucket, NOW!"
  2576. >You pull a bottle out of your pack and rush back to that last cell
  2579. >Be Anon
  2580. >Follow Shining Armor through hallways and staircases
  2581. >Eventually you reach the basement, with the stereotypical crackling torches and pair of underpaid guards sitting at a table, cards out
  2582. >Knowing this G-rated wasteland, they were probably playing Go Fish
  2583. >They stand at attention, hooves raised
  2584. >"At ease. We're just doing a routine inspection"
  2585. >So you walk down the halls, dragging your suitcase while Shining Armor explains the various offenses of the imprisoned
  2586. >"That one's in for Grand Theft Carriage, that one was quite good at tax evasion, and Miss Harvest tried her hand at arson."
  2587. "What about that one?" you ask, pointing to a fairly jovial prisoner
  2588. >"...Jaywalking."
  2590. >Eventually you reach the end of the line
  2591. >"Well, guess we'd better head back." Clearly Shining was getting sick of your never-ending questions.
  2592. "Wait, what about that last cell?" you ask, pointing to a corner slightly darker than the rest
  2593. >"Oh, yeah, she's a new prisoner. Kidnapping charges, trial's in a week."
  2594. >He turns, and you followed. This next part relied on a bit of luck
  2595. >About halfway back to the entrance you hold your stomach and lean against a wall
  2596. "Wait.."
  2597. >"Huh? What is it?"
  2598. "I need a... bucket... now." You slump back a bit lower against the wall
  2599. >"Oh! Right!" he dashes off and you were alone, at least for a minute "Guards! I need a bucket, NOW!"
  2600. >You pull a bottle out of your pack and rush back to that last cell
  2603. >Be Twilight
  2604. >Having an enjoyable conversation with your sister-in-law
  2605. >You hear the sound of hoofsteps, paired with a light *thump* every second
  2606. >You turn around and see your BBBFF and Anon who was... jumping across every other tile
  2607. >Dammit, this wasn't time for The Floor is Lava.
  2608. "Oh... did you have a good time, Anon?"
  2609. >She smiles to herself. "Yep."
  2610. "Did she behave herself Shiny?"
  2611. >"Yeah... yeah. Kind of exhausting."
  2612. >"Aren't all kids?" Cadance quipped, covering her mouth with her hoof
  2613. >Laugh at her shitty joke.
  2614. >...
  2615. >"I wanna eat." Anon blurts out
  2617. >So, ten minutes later and you were sitting at the table
  2618. >You loved your family, but all this conversation was killing you
  2619. >So you just pretended to be VERY interested in this breadstick while they chatted with the rich and nobles
  2620. >Good thing you got to avoid this bullshit with your "friendship studies"
  2621. >Anon just sitting there, drawing on her napkin. Nice of them to supply crayons, they probably dealt with similar situations alot.
  2622. "Here Anon, let's pour you a glass of water-"
  2623. >"I want choccy milk."
  2624. "What was that?"
  2625. >"I WANT CHOCCY MILK!" Anon banged her hooves against the table, the clatter of moving cutlery breaking conversations
  2626. >"I'm sorry... what?" Cadance asked
  2627. "She wants chocolate milk." you whisper "Please tell me you have some before she screeches again."
  2629. >15 minutes later and Anon was drinking her fifth glass. Good thing they left the pitcher out
  2630. "Anon, why don't you eat more broccoli?" you whisper
  2631. >"No." Another breath, another swig
  2632. "You're gonna be hungry later, and I'm not gonna make you anymore midnight ramen"
  2633. >"We'll see."
  2636. >Be Anon
  2637. >"No Anon, I warned you at dinner."
  2638. >You lean back on the edge of your bed, looking up at the carpet
  2639. "If I die, I don't want a funeral. Just throw me in a ditch."
  2640. >"You're not gonna die." Twilight answered, not even looking up from her newspaper
  2641. >Why was she wearing reading glasses? Her vision was fine.
  2642. >Maybe she just wanted to look smarter
  2643. "C'mon, I wore the dress, gimme a break."
  2644. >She looks at you with pity in her eyes, but they quickly harden
  2645. >"No Anon, you didn't listen and now you have to pay the price."
  2646. >Price, huh?
  2647. "Let's make a deal."
  2648. >You had read The Art of the Deal, so this should be easy, right?
  2650. >"No Anon, I will not accept hugs as currency, nor any other exchange."
  2651. "I thought friendship and niceness were your whole schtick!"
  2652. >"You need to learn responsibility. I told you to take care of yourself, and you didn't. Maybe you'll learn a lesson from this.
  2654. >Well, time for Plan C
  2655. >You take in a deep breath, and hold it in. And in
  2656. >"What are you doing? Cut that out!"
  2657. >Your face was reddening and oxygen running low, but maybe she'd just give in
  2658. >"I'm not falling for it Anon. You pretend that you're an adult, but you're acting rather CHILDISHLY, aren't you?"
  2659. >A moment later and you crumbled, form splayed on the floor, lungs taking in copious amounts of air
  2660. >"So what's the next part of your plan? Screaming? Bashing your head into walls?"
  2661. >Dammit, she was always one step ahead of you.
  2662. "Uh... may I PLEASE have some food?"
  2663. >She smiles at that, and for a brief moment you feel a flicker of hope
  2664. >"No. Now hop in bed, it's getting late."
  2665. >You just give up. You'd eventually get your revenge. It was just a matter of patience.
  2666. >Well, MORE revenge. You were still pissed about the filly part.
  2669. >Be Twilight
  2670. >Wake up at 7-ish
  2671. >You had always been a light sleeper, but you enjoyed laying there, comfy in bed
  2672. >Roll over and notice Anon is gone
  2673. >Panic for a moment before remembering that you're guests
  2674. >"She's their problem now."
  2675. >Eventually you walk into the main kitchen and see Anon furiously downing waffles
  2676. >She had always hated waffles, but desperate times yadda yadda yadda
  2677. >You sit next to her and ask for eggs and orange juice
  2678. >The chef was pretty snappy, faster than Spike ever was
  2679. >You open up this morning's paper and scan through the headlines
  2680. >Reading about the problems in your sibling's kingdom made you feel better
  2681. "Did you learn your lesson Anon?". You don't look away from the paper for dramatic effect.
  2682. >"Mm-hmm." she mumbles out through a mouthful of waffle
  2683. "Good."
  2685. >Shiny entered the kitchen, obviously to see you of
  2686. >"Twi! Anon!" he ruffled Anon's mane with the usage of her name, "how's your morning so far?"
  2687. "Pretty good, thanks to your staff. How's yours?"
  2688. >"Very... interesting. One of the mares in the dungeon went psycho sometime this morning."
  2689. "Really?"
  2690. >"Yeah, the guards found her mumbling and crying, covered in her own urine. There was also some glass across the floor, so we think she smuggled some alcohol in her mane.
  2691. "Oh?"
  2692. >"Yeah, we're probably gonna skip the criminal trial and have her placed in an asylum."
  2693. "That's too bad. I wish she could have become a... functional member of society"
  2694. >"Yeah, well, maybe she'll return to sanity. But that's not all."
  2697. "What, did you get promoted again?"
  2698. >He gives you a glare with that jab. "NO, Flurry's been acting weird lately."
  2699. "Is she teething? I have a book-"
  2700. >"No, no. Well, for one, she used to love this one zebra doll, but now she refuses acknowledge it. Also, she keeps asking for upsies, but she only uses her right hoof"
  2701. "That is odd." You decide to try and pull your 'daughter' into the conversation. "Anon, what do you think?"
  2702. >Anon only looks up a little. "She's a baby, and babies are stupid."
  2703. "Now Anon, that's not very nice. You should NEVER call a pony stupid."
  2705. "Well, I don't think we can help much. I hate to leave so soon, but the map's been acting crazy" You get up from your seat "Come Anon, you need to pack your suitcase. You can have more chocolate milk later."
  2706. >As she hops off her stool, she looks up at Shining Armor. At that moment, Anon's collar began activating wildly, her body slowly convulsing at the floor.
  2707. >"Oh, that's right. I forgot about the epilepsy." Shiny asks in a noncommittal way. Ponies never knew how to properly respond to disability; they felt guilty just looking at it.
  2708. >After the movement stopped, you pick up Anon off the floor and place her perpendicularly on your back
  2709. >"It's okay, we've become a little more accustomed to it. Thank you for having us, it's always great to visit. Mom and Dad wanted me to tell you that they want to see you soon."
  2710. >"Well, we'll try to stop by soon. Give them our best!"
  2711. "Come on Anon, we don't want to miss our train. We can talk on the way home."
  2713. >Be Anon, a few days after redpilling Flurry
  2714. >An orange glow permeates the land as the sun shrinks into the horizon
  2715. >Good, time for Luna to get off her lazy ass
  2716. >Wait, was 'ass' a slur here too?
  2717. >You walk downstairs as Twilight deals with another citizen
  2718. >Apparently the castle was still operating as a library, despite the previous one blowing up, probably by a suicide bomber
  2719. >Eventually the fucker leaves
  2720. "Uh... Twilight?"
  2721. >She turns to you, obviously tired
  2722. >Long day doing absolutely nothing but staring at that map
  2723. >Apparently it was acting odd, problems showing up but no cutie marks lighting up.
  2724. >She should have gotten the extended warranty
  2725. >So now her cabal of friends were monitoring it 14/7 (Don't ask about the other 8 hours) and just guessing who to send with mixed results
  2726. >"What is it, Anon?"
  2727. "Oh, um, the Cutie Mark Crusaders are having a sleepover at Rarity's. Can I go?"
  2728. >She looks out the window, still plenty of light left
  2729. >"Sure, sure. Are you okay walking there yourself? I promised to stay here."
  2730. >You just nod your head
  2731. >"I'll pick you up at 9 tomorrow, okay? And get there soon, I don't want you walking around in the dark and getting lost again"
  2732. >You ran upstairs and grabbed your pillowcase and sleeping bag
  2733. >The pillowcase held your toothbrush and a certain pamphlet
  2735. >Be Anon
  2736. >Well, no sense delaying this. You knock on the door to a local candy shop and wait
  2737. >The mint colored pony opens the door, and upon seeing you, rapidly scans to your left and right. Quickly after, a bit of her exuberance fades.
  2738. >"Oh, Princess Twilight couldn't make it?" she stayed cheery, but you knew she was dissapointed
  2739. "Sorry, she doesn't like talking about humans."
  2740. >"Well, we're glad to have you Anon!" she looks at your stuff, "but this isn't an overnighter, just so you know."
  2741. "Oh no, I'm going somewhere else later."
  2742. >Her qt3.14 marefriend pops her head out."Oh, well, maybe we could walk you there? It's getting dark-"
  2743. "No no no. I'll be fine." Why did everypo- everyONE insist on escorting you everywhere? Just because you're < 3 feet tall?
  2744. >Also, how long had Bon-Bon been there?
  2745. >"Lyra, I asked you to keep kids out of your... religion."
  2746. >"It's not a religion, it's a historical society!"
  2747. >Seemed like they had argued about this earlier, so they just walk you in.
  2748. >You enter the center of this normally-busy business, and see one mare and one stallion already sitting at a table.
  2749. >"Well, let's get started." Lyra began, "Secretary, please read the minutes of our last meeting."
  2750. >Bon-bon just sighed and turned a paper over on her clipboard."7:30, meeting commences. Review of prior meeting commences. 7:45, discussion on what seperates a 'hominid' from a 'human'. 7:55, alternate hieroglyphs analyzed; no decisive findings. Theories include methods of transportation, some sort of memetic sorcery. 8:15, Pizza bites served as snacks. 8:20, Semantic argument over what constitutes a 'snack'. 8:30, weekly assignments assigned Cinder to send letters to Canterlot University for a new Jenovian program, Stargazer to analyze night sky to calculate the time of The Reunion, Lyra assigned to spread the good news, Bon-Bon to manage logistics (again).
  2751. >"Excellent work, secretary! Now, on our first order of business, we have a scheduled discussion on human culture!" -Lyra
  2754. >Be Anon
  2755. >Lyra's begun her ranting
  2756. >"-humans created superior technological marvels, likely due to their sub-hooves, or 'fingers'.
  2757. >Bon-Bon didn't seem happy to be here; the sex with Lyra must be AMAZING for her to put up with this.
  2758. >"Furthermore, Humans live in a herd society, where an alpha stalli- male would have a contingent of wives-"
  2759. "That's not true." you blurt out.
  2760. >They all look at you
  2761. >Cinder decides to pop the obvious question. "Well, how would YOU know?"
  2762. "Well, uh... Princess Twilight's done a lot of research on humans."
  2763. >Stargazer pushed the question further. "Then why won't she come?"
  2764. "...because she's trying to cover it up. If ponies found out about humans and the... the Reunion, they'd stop worshiping the alicorns.
  2765. >"I KNEW IT!" Lyra shouted to the heavens.
  2766. >Bon-Bon decided to add some sanity to the discussion. "Now, Lyra, be reasonable, Anon may be-"
  2767. >"Don't you see? It all makes sense now!"
  2768. >Cinder and Stargazer just watch, their eyes moving between the two like a tennis match
  2769. >"Lyra, there is NO conspiracy to undermine your beliefs-"
  2770. >"C'mon Bon-Bon, you REALLY think the alicorns aren't controlling society? Putting chemicals in the cloudwater?"
  2771. "I think we should stop calling them alicorns. That legitimizes their power. We should call the Princesses (((They))) and (((Them))), with triple parenthesis when in writing."
  2772. >"That's a good idea". Cinder agreed.
  2773. >"Lyra..." Bon-Bon was the only one who dared speak against you
  2774. >"THAT'S why they won't teach Reunionism in schools, or legitimize a Human Studies degree! They control the education systems! And the Equestria Reserve..."
  2775. >Bon-Bon was pissed now. "Everyone, I'm AFRAID that this meeting is over. Lyra and I need to have a discussion now."
  2776. >The three of you slowly migrate out the door, while the lesbians argued in hushed whispers
  2777. >Good, now nobody needed to babysit you. You head to the CMC sleepover, since you needed some space away from Purple.
  2779. >Be Anon, once again embroiled with the CMC
  2780. >You were even here last time
  2781. >Why couldn't you spend time with the rich one, maybe you could've pocketed some stuff from her house
  2782. >You weren't paying attention, but now there was a lull in the conversation
  2783. >lightbulb.gif
  2784. "Hey guys... wanna wrestle?"
  2786. "Oof... you win again, Bloom! You really know how to wrestle!"
  2787. >"Well, ya just gotta get on top, then it's easy."
  2788. >Unfortunately for you, while you found the experience enjoyable, your body didn't react
  2789. >You had tried to masturbate many times before, with no success
  2790. >But surely it would work when you were older, right? No society could stay sane without it, right?
  2791. >"What do we do now?" Sweetie asked
  2792. "Y'know, I have a story to tell. Sweetie, get me a flashlight."
  2793. >How did they have flashlights but no cars?
  2794. >By the time you got to the end of your story, it would be pretty dark.
  2795. "Did Twilight ever tell you about the SCP Foundation?"
  2797. "'My buddy measured the banks once and compared them to the photos from its first discovery. You know what he found?'
  2798. "It's growing! The pool is growing! It gets bigger and stronger every day and now we've made it angry!".
  2799. >Dramatic Pause
  2800. "The rest of the file had all been redacted and blotted out, but only two words remained: 'six months'.
  2801. >...
  2802. >...
  2803. >"I wanna go home."
  2804. >Scootaloo was such a baby.
  2806. >Be Anon
  2807. >Enjoying one more hour of freedom before you have to return to Fuckface Castle
  2808. >Just sitting on a bench, enjoying the sun, the mild breeze, and smells of early summer
  2809. >Wish you had brought some of your money, ice cream sounded good right now
  2810. >Watching ponies pass by, most seemed pretty happy
  2811. >Eventually you see the secretary from your cult meeting last night, some groceries hooked onto her saddlebag
  2812. >You had meant to try and pass on your origin to the crazies, but the meeting ended rather rapidly
  2813. >dontseemedontseeme.png
  2814. >Once again Lady Luck had forsaken you. You used to get dubs all the time.
  2815. >"Oh, Anon! What a surprise!"
  2816. >If it wasn't for the groceries you'd have thought she had been following you
  2817. >"I was hoping we could talk.". Maybe you could leverage this.
  2818. "I'll do it if you buy me ice cream."
  2820. >Sitting at the Canter Creamery
  2821. >Min-chocolate-chip waffle cone, with two scoops of course
  2822. >What other free stuff could you get out of this? Maybe you could play the lesbians against each other
  2823. >"Now, Anon, I can understand your participation. You may have felt left out, or you wanted to impress us, but spreading misinformation is bad."
  2824. "I wasn't lying. Twilight reads a lot of heiroglyphics."
  2825. >"Well, I've met Princess Twilight, and I don't think she's the type to run a conspiracy"
  2826. "I live with her, so I would think I'd know more."
  2827. >She raises her hoof, but realizes you have a point. "Is there any way you could be mistaken? Sometimes things are... misconstrued."
  2828. "I'll ask Twilight about her research. Maybe I was wrong about it."
  2829. >She ruffles your mane. "That's a good filly."
  2833. >Be Twilight
  2834. >You and Glimmer had tried to solve a friendship problem in Hooveston, but it turned out it was an argument over linguistics that only Applejack could solve.
  2835. >In this case, both parties could agree that she had the dumbest accent of all
  2836. >Hopefully Anon never found out about the strip club there. Not that you would know anything about it, of course. Or that for 100 bits they'd pee-
  2838. >"Hello, Comrade."
  2839. "Anon, I told you to stop calling her that."
  2840. >She just huffs her chest and performs a salute
  2841. >"It's fine, Twilight. I was finished anyway." Glimmer was gracious enough to ignore Anon's antics and leave
  2842. >The two of you hug before leaving.
  2844. >After a short speech on the usage of derogatory terms, you believe that Anon had learned her lesson.
  2845. "So did you have fun with your friends?"
  2846. >"Yep." she answered, nodding her head up and down
  2847. >Good, maybe she would start acting like a normal filly.
  2850. >Be Anon
  2851. >Twilight had left VERY specific instructions
  2852. >Be here when the mailmare arrived (also, call her 'Derpy', not 'Cross-Eyes')
  2853. >And do not open the box under any circumstances
  2854. >"I'll be back in a couple of hours, so stay put. If you're good we can have pizza for dinner."
  2855. >So you sat on the counter, eating cake and working on your drawing of a happy merchant rubbing his hooves
  2856. >Eventually a knocking comes from the door
  2857. >It's Derpy. She doesn't look too happy to see you, so you just get to signing the sheet with your mouth and take the box inside. It's quite light for its dimensions, roughly the size of a shoebox. It feels even lighter than empty, like the contents have negative mass. Probably magic bullshit.
  2858. >A few minutes later and another knocking came. What, did Cross-Eyes need you to sign the blue copy now?
  2859. >You peer through your personal eye-glass, which stood about 30 inches above the bottom of the door. Mirrors gave it roughly the same view as the adult one.
  2860. >It was mint pone, holding more flyers and looking quite excited to be here.
  2862. >"Anon! I noticed that Twilight left, so I thought I'd check up on you!
  2863. "Oh, yeah. You and Bon-Bon still together?"
  2864. >"Well, yes, but we're having a bit or a rough patch, so I'm staying with my sister right now while we re-evaluate our priorities. But I saw YOU with Bon-Bon yesterday!" she says playfully, booping your nose.
  2865. "She bought me ice cream." you remind her
  2866. >"Yes, well, I brought YOU something fun too!"
  2867. >She pulls out an inch-thick stack of comic books from behind her pamphlets; she must have stopped here while slipping those under carriage window-wipers or whatever
  2868. >She hands them to you, and from your quick skim of the titles, they were all from different series.
  2869. >Comics were surprisingly cheap here; at least they had invented the printing press
  2870. "One second." You drop the comics on the counter, grabbing your paper and pencil
  2871. >"So I was wondering if you could tell me more about Twilight's... research."
  2872. "Well, you can't tell Twilight ANYTHING about me knowing. If you meet her, I've never met you before."
  2873. >Your collar was warming up, but you had to press on
  2874. "Lyra, you HAVE to believe me. I'm gonna try to draw-"
  2875. >Your head begins rapidly twitching as electricity shoots through your body
  2876. you drop the paper to the floor and put your pencil to your mouth
  2877. >You manage to scraggle out a drawing of a pony with a question mark on its ass
  2878. >Lyra stays quiet, watching
  2879. >You had a theory that not THINKING about describing your situation would bypass the thought-analyzer
  2880. >Just imagine drawing an pony on two legs, not a human
  2881. >You kind of manage, but the electricity is close to causing full-on spasms
  2882. >"You alright kid?"
  2883. >You manage to hold it in and just nod. As you try to draw an arrow from the pony to the human, you collapse to the floor, your collar nearly making you black out.Your eyes flutter open and closed, your hairs stand on head, and your legs jerk erratically.
  2884. >Goddammit Purple thinks of everything
  2886. >"Anon? I'm gonna go get hel-"
  2887. "I'm fine! I'm fine!" you yell out a bit louder than necessary. You manage to slide up onto your hindquarters, looking up at her
  2888. >"Well, I think I can figure out what you need from this." she magics the paper into her saddlebag
  2889. >Would Lyra be the key to escape? Maybe you'd be able to transform back after all; Twicunt had lied to you in the past
  2890. >You shakily rise to your hooves, intent on remaining some dignity
  2891. >"Is there anything else you can tell your old friend Lyra?"
  2892. "Starlight Glimmer's in on it too. The two of them keep working in a room I'm not allowed in." This was only PARTIALLY a lie. Twilight didn't like you around the map; she probably suspected you were the reason it was acting screwy. "She's also sending a lot more letters to Princess Celestia now."
  2893. >You decide to try to draw attention away from yourself.
  2894. "So does Stargazer have any idea when the Reunion is coming?"
  2895. >"Well, she thinks that a recent meteor across the Southern hemisphere may place it within the next five years, based on her studies in Astronomy and Hominid Linguistics." She ruffles your mane similar to how her (ex?)-marefriend did.
  2896. >Your face freezes and your blood turns cold, shock nearly paralyzing you.
  2897. >"Well, if you need anything, you can talk to-". She notices your reaction and rotates her head to look behind her.
  2898. >She turned to the sight of a VERY angry Twilight landing behind her
  2900. >Just stare at the two, waiting to see who'd go first
  2901. >Shit, was Twilight able to detect when the collar went off from a distance? Did it have a Shock History report?
  2902. >Apparently Purple successfully rolled for initiative
  2903. >"Lyra, I told you that I didn't want to discuss your cult!"
  2904. >You move quietly back and hide the comics in an obscure corner of a rarely-used kitchen cabinet. You then sneak back to the still-arguing mares, absence unknown.
  2905. >"You specifically said 'around me', so I'm not breaking your rules. Plus, it's not a cult, it's a historical society!"
  2906. >"Your abuse of the term 'historical' is disgusting. I don't want you filling Anon's head with crazy ideas of humans!"
  2907. >"Humans are REAL and you know it!"
  2908. >Lyra turns to leave, but decides to drop a bombshell. "I know you're up to something, and the truth will come out eventually."
  2909. >Twilight gets visibly flustered as Lyra passes her on the way out.
  2910. >"Don't talk to me or my daughter EVER again!"
  2913. >Be Twilight
  2914. >The nerve of that Lyra, trying to get off on a technicality and corrupt your daughter
  2915. >Don't know how Bon-Bon put up with her, the sex must be amazing
  2916. >Now you had to interrogate Anon
  2917. >Walk in and she's already sitting on a counter stool. You pull out another and sit down next to her.
  2918. "Anon, what did she say to you?" you try to be as gentle as possible; Anon didn't react well if you were too forceful
  2919. >You casually hug her, but mostly to feel her collar. Still warm, pink runes bright.
  2920. >"Well, she started talking about humans, and my collar started hurting me."
  2921. >You hated the idea of Anon being hurt, but it was for her own good
  2922. "What else did she talk about?"
  2923. >"She mentioned a Reunion, but never really explained. I- I thought about telling her, and the collar starting shocking me more."
  2924. >Well, she seemed to be mostly honest, but she had been deceptive in the past. You'd definitely need to get a restraining order against Lyra.
  2925. >Her last warning had you off-balance
  2926. >How much did she know? Her statement implied she had little idea, only that SOMETHING was up.
  2927. "Okay Anon, I'm gonna go get that pizza. It'll only be a couple of minutes; don't open the door for anypony, and stay away from the box."
  2929. >Be Anon
  2930. >Twilight's teleported out with a *pop*, so you're all alone and unsupervised
  2931. >Okay, now you REALLY wanted to know what was in the box
  2932. >Pacing back and forth in front of it, debating
  2933. >On one hand, could be cool shit
  2934. >On the other hand, could blow your face off
  2935. >You compromise and shake it a few times
  2936. >No sound, no shaking; it felt empty, but it was a fraction too light to be empty
  2937. >Put it down and just wait for the undoubtedly cheese pizza
  2938. >Without pepperoni, ham or sausage, you options were limited to cheese. It was that or pineapple pizza, and you weren't THAT retarded
  2939. >A couple of minutes and she *popped* back with a box
  2940. >Smelled nice; at least these pizzerias used those spices on the cheese. Oregano and shiiet.
  2941. >She places the box on the table and pulls out some paper plates. Purple HATED washing dishes, and you weren't about to contribute to the housework.
  2943. "Hey, Twilight? What's in the box?"
  2944. >"Oh! Well, it'd be easier to show you
  2945. >She slowly opens the box, ripping off the tape. You lean in closer to see
  2946. >A blue gas floats up to to the ceiling; you dive to your hooves, trying to cover your mouth.
  2947. >What kind of chemical weapon had she just unleashed???
  2948. >She just starts laughing.
  2949. "What's your problem Purple? I could have DIED!"
  2950. >Eventually she manages to stop laughing long enough to explain. "Anon, it's just harmless colored gas."
  2951. "Then why did you need it?" you ask while you slowly rise to your hooves
  2952. >"I didn't. I just wanted to see if you were trustworthy, and you passed the test."
  2953. >Damn that manipulative bitch
  2956. >Be Twilight
  2957. >Anon was enjoying her pizza
  2958. >You just picked the slices with the least cheese; you had ordered that 1/2 of the pizza use minimal amounts of cheese
  2959. >After two slices you gave up; Anon managed three before being fully sated
  2960. >You threw the rest in your enchanted ice box
  2961. >So you took Anon to the couch and just rested by her
  2962. >It lasted about a minute
  2963. >"Twilight- I forgot I have a history report due tomorrow."
  2965. "Why did you save it until the last minute?!"
  2966. >"Well, I needed your help on it, but you're always gone." Anon sniffled a little at that
  2967. >Your heart melted at that
  2968. >But you were a good mother; you always made time for Anon
  2969. >Right?... Right?
  2970. "Okay Anon, I'll help. What's the report on?"
  2972. >1 hour later
  2973. >A tri-folded posterboard sat finished on the counter
  2974. >Several pages worth of content plastered on its front, all backgrounded with colored pieces of paper to make them visually distinct
  2975. >You would've preferred to make a more extensive overview of Yakistan history with reliable citations, but Cherilee would realize you did all the work; you merely did MOST of it
  2976. >Anon just stood behind you, contributing as much as she could
  2977. >Which was practically nothing
  2978. >You just sit back and admire your handiwork
  2979. "Now Anon, I know you have a lot of catching up to do, but please try to remember assignments in the future. I won't always be able to bail you out."
  2980. >She just nods with a small smile
  2981. "Now about my payment..."
  2982. >Anon just looks confused at you, before you wrap her in a tight hug
  2983. "Snuggle time!"
  2985. >Be Anon
  2986. >Just got Twilight to do the entirety of your history project
  2987. >All you had to do was snuggle
  2988. >Now she was just holding you in her bed; you DID like it when she wrapped your wing around you, her hooves holding you softly
  2989. >You were just happy because you got out of work, r-right?
  2991. >Next morning
  2992. >Purple had taken you to the mayor's office
  2993. >She needed some sort of legal document or whatever
  2994. >You were just left in the foyer, to your own devices
  2995. >Some mare clacking away at an oversized typewriter; probably needed all that space to make hoof-sized keys
  2996. >They probably used a QWERTY-style keyset (or similar), unless they had fixed the jamming problem
  2997. "I'm boooored."
  2998. >Back when you were a human kid, they would let you... let you... let you use a paper shredder, yeah.
  2999. >You had tried annoying the secretary, but she just ignored you for the most part.
  3000. >So now you just sat on a bench, twiddling your hooves
  3001. >Twilight came out pretty happy, holding a scroll in her magic
  3002. >"Thanks again, Mayor Mare, this means a lot."
  3003. >"Oh, no problem. I know how irritating some of those Jenova's Witnesses can be."
  3004. >"Thank you again. Say goodbye, Anon."
  3005. "Wait, your name is MAYOR mare?"
  3006. >"Well, yes."
  3007. "So what, your parents decided to name you mayor without knowing what you'd be? Or did they try to-"
  3008. >"That's enough Anon! Heh, heh..." Purple begins scratching behind her head "We'd... we'd better get going"
  3009. >She leads you out the door; 'leads' being 'gently shoving you out by pushing the back of your head'
  3010. >It was going to be a long day
  3012. >Be Twilight
  3013. >Anon being a pain in the flank, as usual
  3014. >You were carrying her posterboard to school in addition to the restraining order
  3015. "Can you set this up by yourself?"
  3016. >"Yep!" she takes the posterboard in her mouth and skips inside
  3017. >You take a moment to smile and watch her go inside before heading out to complete your tasks for the day
  3018. >Now you just had to hand this restraining order to Lyra
  3020. >How did Bon-Bon runa candy store and NOT get fat? She must have more self-control than you. But that was not the question you came to ask
  3021. >"I'm sorry, me and Lyra aren't living together right now"
  3022. "Do you know where she lives?"
  3023. >"...No, why?"
  3024. >It was going to be a long day
  3026. >Be Cherilee
  3027. >You loved report days, getting to put a big sticker on everypony's hard work
  3028. >Just finished grading a few papers, with liberal use of small stickers
  3029. >Stickers and smiley faces were core to giving foals a sense of achievement
  3030. >When in walks in the Princess herself
  3031. >"Hello Miss Cherilee, I'm here to pick up Anon's report?"
  3032. "Actually Miss Sparkle, I'd like to talk to you about your child"
  3034. >"What did she do now? Did you need to use carpet cleaner?"
  3035. "Uh... no."
  3036. >"Praise Luna. So what was it?"
  3037. "You helped her on the report, didn't you?"
  3038. >"Well, yes. I mean, ALL the parents do that."
  3039. "Of course, but this is a different situation. You should look at her last history test."
  3040. >You slide her the piece of paper, marked with a 0 and a frowny face
  3041. >You HATED giving out frowny faces
  3042. "She's acing all her other subjects- Math, Science, Reading and Writing. But she REFUSES to learn history."
  3043. >"Oh believe me, I'll have a good talk to her about this."
  3044. "I thought as much". You knew that Miss Sparkle was a scholar, and she probably wouldn't let her foal have less than a B.
  3045. >"Thank you. Is there anything else I need to know about?"
  3046. "Well, she spends an awful lot of time with that Aryanne filly."
  3047. >"So...?"
  3048. "Aryanne has some... unusual beliefs. I'm trying to work her through them, with little success. I fear she's a bad influence on Anon."
  3049. >"Alright, we'll be having a long discussion tonight."
  3050. "Alright, I'm glad to hear it" You just smile at her, and get back to your work.
  3051. >You loved your job, as infuriating as it could be sometimes.
  3053. >Be Twilight
  3054. >Dragging Anon home by the ear
  3055. >"Hey, stop, what did I do?!"
  3056. >You unlock the door and push her inside; she knowingly sits down on the couch
  3057. >Just stand there a minute to inspire some fear; subsequently pull out the test from your saddlebag
  3058. "What is this?"
  3059. >She tilts her head and looks over. "Well, it looks like a sheet of paper."
  3060. >Now she was just trying to make you angry
  3061. >You wave the paper in her face, the 0 making her face fall a bit; she now understood your ire.
  3062. "Look, Question 6, who was Khalif Horseshoe? You wrote 'A Peaceful Muslim'. What even is that??"
  3063. >"Exactly. They don't exist."
  3064. >What was from with this child?
  3065. "Okay, we're going to start working through your history homework together until your grades get better. And if they don't..."
  3066. >You figured her imagination would do a better job than any threat you could make
  3068. >You just had Anon read from her history workbook while you wrote a checklist for tomorrow. You hear Anon close her book rather quickly, so you decide to test her knowledge.
  3069. "Okay, what was this chapter about?"
  3070. >"I can't read it, the words get all jumbled/"
  3074. >Be Anon
  3075. >Just sat through your second history lesson today
  3076. >Twilight just enjoyed exerting her power over you
  3077. >Now you had to go to bed with no dessert, practically a pony rights violation
  3078. >No, human. Human.
  3079. >Hug your blanket tighter and fall asleep
  3080. >At least tomorrow was the weekend
  3082. >Be Anon
  3083. >Wake up at about 11
  3084. >Mope your way downstairs, eventually noticing Twilight making
  3085. >"There you are Anon, I need to talk to you."
  3086. >ohshitwhatdidIdonow.jpeg
  3087. >"I have a party I have to go to tonight, very formal, you'd hate it. So I've got a foalsitter coming at six."
  3089. >Be Anon
  3090. >You heard someone at the door, and Twilight answering, but you didn't bother to look. You were too busy playing with your fire t̶r̶u̶c̶k̶ carriage
  3091. >"...And her bedtime is nine, assuming she behaves herself. She likes grilled cheese and plays board games, typically with VASTLY different rules. The collar prevents seizures; if it goes off, just don't do anything, that means it's working. Well, unless she hurts herself in an indirect way unrelated to the collar, such as falling off a counter. I'll be back at ten."
  3092. >You hear an adolescent-sounding mare answer back
  3093. >"Don't worry Miss Sparkle, I'm sure we'll have a great time! Go enjoy yourself, I've got things under control here."
  3094. >"Goodbye, Anon!"
  3095. >You turn and see Twilight waving goodbye; you make a small wave back. You felt just a TINY bit sad to see her go
  3096. >"And Anon? Please be nicer than you were to Fluttershy."
  3097. "It's not MY fault her mac n' cheese tastes weird!"
  3098. >You turn back to your firecarriage and hear the door shut close. Your foalsitter eventually rested in front of you, her yellow coat and wings contrasting nicely against her pink mane, which desperately needed a haircut.
  3099. >"Hello Anon, I'm Parasol.". Giving you that condescending smile children always see. How old was she, like 17? YOU should be watching HER. Damn age regression.
  3100. "Like an umbrella?" you ask flatly. You weren't here to make friends. Even though this was the Friendship Castle.
  3101. >"Um, well, yes."
  3102. "Don't Pegasi control the weather? Why should you be named after something designed to negate your purpose in life?"
  3103. >...
  3104. >"Do you want to play a game?"
  3107. >Be Parasol
  3108. >It's been an... interesting evening
  3109. >"...and I fire my McMissile™ at Park Place, destroying your hotel."
  3110. "... is that because I broke the... en-ay-pi?"
  3111. >"Yep!" She just knocks over the plastic figure on your last remaining property
  3112. >She had also 'freed the banks from Das Juden' and was now emptying their coffers into her wallet
  3113. "Wow Anon! You won!"
  3114. >She's hiding a smile while you pack up the Monopony box
  3116. >You set out a glass of chocolate milk for Anon while you grill her sandwich
  3117. >She had been VERY specific on not giving her regular milk.
  3118. >After only a few moments you hear a *clunk* and an 'Oops'
  3119. >Turn around and see a puddle of chocolate milk
  3120. "It's okay Anon, we all make mistakes". You managed to quickly wipe up the mess and replace the cup before the grilled cheese burnt
  3121. >Place it on a plate in front of Anon
  3122. >"You cut it wrong."
  3123. "I'm sorry?"
  3124. >"You cut it wrong. I can't eat it now." She pushes the plate away from herself
  3125. "...How do you like it cut?"
  3126. >"Diagonally."
  3127. >You take a knife and carefully cut the sandwich from one corner to another
  3128. "Is this better?"
  3129. >"No. I want a new one."
  3131. >15 minutes later
  3132. >You had finished her third sandwich (too little cheese on the second one) and cleaned up a third chocolate milk spill
  3133. >You pour another glass of chocolate milk into a sippy cup, not questioning why Twilight even had one
  3134. >Anon just stares at it, almost confused by the lid's presence
  3135. >"I want my Choccy milk in a big-filly cup."
  3136. "Well, maybe when you stop spilling your drink you can have one"
  3137. >For a moment you thought she was about to throw a hissy fit
  3138. >She just accepted it and started drinking from the sippy cup
  3140. >30 minutes later
  3141. >Anon had bathed herself quietly and without incident
  3142. >So you set her in bed and left to check all the doors
  3143. >"Parasol?"
  3144. >Sweet Celestia, if she complained about you tucking her in worng, you'd-
  3145. >"Can you read me a story?"
  3146. "Sure thing. What do you like?"
  3147. >She pulled out a thick book from under the covers
  3148. "The Three Kingdoms? Some ponies at my school read this, are you sure-"
  3149. >She just nods her head. "I'm at Chapter 22."
  3152. >Be Twilight
  3153. >Finally got out of that party, what a bore
  3154. >Just socializing with rich ponies, why were you even there? You just made friends and blasted whatever villain attacking and/or subverting Equestria this s̶e̶a̶s̶o̶n̶ year
  3155. >Plus the party food wasn't doing any good for your figure
  3156. >Unlock the door, see Parasol cleaning some dishes
  3157. >Why had they used five cups?
  3158. "Don't worry Parasol, I'll take care of those."
  3159. >"Oh! Miss Twilight! I just finished, actually."
  3160. "I'm afraid to ask, but... how was Anon?"
  3161. >"Well, she needed three grilled cheese sandwiches after I messed up the first two, and she spilled three cups of milk, but aside from that she was fine." she pauses. "Do you know what an 'en-ay-pi' is?"
  3162. >...
  3163. "You played Monopony, didn't you?"
  3165. >You walked (or rather flew) Parasol home and handed her a bag of bits, filled with a very generous wage for a foalsitter
  3166. >"If you ever need to get out of the house again, my schedule is pretty open."
  3167. "Of course, thank you again for helping on such notice."
  3168. >You'd probably hire her again in the future
  3169. >Good, the walk to her house was shorter than the one to Fluttershy's, and she didn't screw up the potions UNLIKE SOME PONIES
  3171. >You pop your head into Anon's room, watching the covers rise and fall with her little snores, hugging her blankie tight
  3172. >You'd call her a sleeping angel, but she acted rather demonic at times
  3174. >Be Anon
  3175. >Getting dressed for some party that night
  3176. >Jesus, do any of these people ever work?`
  3177. >It was the same dress from your visit to the Crystal Empire
  3178. >There was a meth joke there, you knew it
  3179. >"Anoooon, we have to leave soon"
  3180. >Finish brushing your mane and head downstairs
  3181. >"D'aaaaw" Twilight got a new dress, why couldn't you? Cheapskate.
  3182. "I refuse to enjoy this."
  3183. >"Of course you do, now hurry. I don't want to be late for the Sun Celebration"
  3184. >Pathetic ponies, they still worship the sun like savages, instead of the One True God.
  3185. >PonyChristChan.png
  3187. "So who's going to be there again? You boss or something?"
  3188. >"Well, Princesses Celestia, obviously, and Luna will be there."
  3189. "Can't I just stay home? I promise to be good to Umbrella or whatever her name is."
  3190. >"No, Anon. You need to get out more, and my friends could always use an extra worker."
  3191. >Free labor, that's basically communism. Quit working with Comrade Glimmer, Purple.
  3192. >"There'll be food and music there, you'll love it."
  3193. "Can they play metal? What about /v/ soundtracks, Uematsu is-"
  3194. >"Anon, I don't know what half of those words are, so I'm just gonna say no."
  3195. >Pfft, if you can even CALL that music.
  3196. >And the food probably wouldn't include pancakes, ice cream, mac n' cheese, cake, pizza, or grilled cheese, so you'd have to complain louder than usual
  3197. >"And don't embarrass me.". She emphasized the point by poking you with her hoof.
  3198. >You hadn't thought of doing that until now.
  3200. >Be Twilight
  3201. >The town plaza looked nice, banners and balloons everywhere; they had really outdone themselves this year
  3202. >Assortment of cakes, fruits and veggies, some cider, even an open bar run by Berry Punch
  3204. "Applejack!"
  3205. >"Well hello there Twilight!"
  3206. "Oh how are you, it's been so long!". This wasn't just chatter; you hadn't seen her in a while.
  3207. >"Pretty good o'erall. The town bought quite a bit of cider for this festival."
  3208. "I can see, I'm glad the farm's doing well."
  3209. >" 'Cept for our barn, Big Mac figures there's some sort of leak. Found a barrel of our fermented cider mostly-empty, with its spout just broken off. We figure the wood was rotted by moisture and the nozzle just broke off."
  3210. "Well, I'm sure you'll have that fixed in no time."
  3211. >"Ah hope so. It's good to see ya, but ah've gotta go move some more wagons."
  3213. >Be Anon
  3214. >Just drifting behind Twilight, hoping nopo- nobody sees you in this dress
  3215. >Oh look, two more überpöne see the pair of you
  3216. >"So good to see you, how's Glimmer doing, blah blah blah."
  3217. >"Oh! And this is Anon, I don't think you've met her yet."
  3218. >The white one extends a hoof, which you shake
  3219. >"Hello my little pony, how are you."
  3220. "You're the Princesses Twilight always talks about?" The black one has said nothing yet. She's just kinda looking at you, like she knows you from somewhere.
  3221. >"Well, yes, I suppose so.".
  3222. "Huh, you don't look like stuck-up pricks to me."
  3223. >"ANON!!!!!". Twilight probably snapped a capillary or something, you'd pay for that later
  3224. >The black one just laughed
  3225. >The white devil just stood flabbergasted
  3226. "Can I go eat now?"
  3228. >Be Twilight
  3229. >God, why did Anon try to make your life SO DIFFICULT?
  3230. >You'd have to do something about her. While you weren't looking, she had wandered away, probably to go screech autisticly at somepony.
  3231. "I'm so sorry, she's been acting up, and I've never-"
  3232. >"Oh, I know, Twilight. Foals can be quite rebellious. Now, you mentioned she had 'delusions' in your letter, what did you mean by that?"
  3233. "Well, she believes she's a bipedal monkey-like creature..."
  3235. >Be Anon
  3236. >Drifting through the party, avoiding purple; maybe if she didn't run into you she'd forget about your comment
  3237. >You had already tried the cider, no alcohol there
  3238. >Apparently they had it at a standing bar, and the mare behind the counter didn't fall for your fake ID.
  3239. >So now you just sat in a corner, eating your third slice of cake
  3240. >God, sugar must be 40% of these people's diets
  3241. >Dentists must make bank here
  3242. >See Bon-Bon across the square and manage to avoid her
  3243. >If you talked to her now, you wouldn't be able to extort more stuff out of her later, as all the shops were closed
  3244. >Mint pony wasn't here, good. If she were, she'd probably throw a bucket of paint at the cosmic goddesses and start rambling about (((Their))) conspiracy
  3245. >You still needed one more act of vengeance against Purple, at least for tonight
  3246. >Anything to make her look inept, incapable,
  3247. >lightbulb.gif
  3249. >Stuff yourself to the point where you almost feel like choking
  3250. >Fill your mouth with some ketchup
  3251. >Lurch over to Twilight, talking to moonbutt
  3252. "Twilight..."
  3253. >She just sighs. "What is it now Anon?"
  3254. "I- I'm"
  3255. >"Anon, I don't have time for this right now"
  3256. >You take one shaky, carefully planned step forward
  3257. >You vomit on the ground next to her, the ketchup adding a blood-looking substance to the bile
  3258. >Fall next to the puddle and start sobbing, your crying drawing attention
  3259. >Now everypony was looking at you, and by extension, Twilight, their disapproving glares cutting into her
  3261. >Be Twilight
  3262. >shitshit.flac
  3263. >What to do, what to do? Shit, everypony was watching
  3264. >Anon probably planned this, little shit. Well, 50/50.
  3265. >You needed to do something, so you nudged her with your hoof, before realizing that made you look retarded
  3266. >So you just start rubbing her back, pretending that everypony wasn't silently judging you
  3267. >It *kinda* worked, at least now they weren't all looking at you
  3268. >God, this was so embarrassing
  3269. >Put your muzzle under her torso and slide her down your neck and onto your back, getting a little of the bloodied vomit on yourself
  3270. "I'm sorry Luna, we'll have to finish this conversation later, I've got to get Anon home."
  3271. >You didn't know what ponies would think of you after this. But hey, you'll always be more popular than that arsonist who burned down the match factory.
  3273. >Be Anon
  3274. >Thinking as Twicunt walked you inside
  3275. >Even if ponies thought she was a good mother, you had still ruined her night by forcing her home for the entire evening
  3276. >She locks the door behind the pair of you and lowers you to the ground
  3277. >The two of you just look at each other before she starts
  3278. >"Anon, I don't know if tonight was an accident or not, so I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt."
  3280. >"You're happier here. I saw your old life, alone in a world of carnivorous savages. I've turned you into a civilized pony as part of a non-degenerate society.
  3281. "I don't WANT to be a pony. You can't just screw with people because you think you know better! Turn me back."
  3282. >"I can't, we've been over this. I've given you a good life here, because I saw some good in you."
  3283. "Well, just leave me alone! Why do you insist on lording over my life??"
  3284. >"Because you're a foal, and it's my duty-"
  3285. "YOU'RE NOT MY MOM!"
  3287. >Be Twilight
  3288. >Oh, Anon was in for it now
  3289. >run OrpStrat.exe
  3290. "Are you sure about that Anon?"
  3291. >"uhh... yes. Definitely yes."
  3292. "Alright, I'll see you in the morning to discuss your new arrangements."
  3293. >There was work to be done. Thank god you could teleport.
  3295. >Be Anon
  3296. >Storm off to your room; shit, what did she mean by 'new arrangements'? Maybe some sort of stipend system?
  3297. >That sounded nice, although you'd kinda miss her. She had always been kind to you.
  3298. >No, no. She was a controlling, manipulative bitch who just happened to pretend to love you so she could keep up her science experiment.
  3299. >You just lie on your bed, staring up at the ceiling until you fell asleep
  3301. >You wake up when the floor started shaking. You look around and realize that it wasn't your room that was shaking, but rather a small, confined place.
  3302. >A stagecoach
  3303. >You look to your right and see Twilight sitting there, not acknowledging you
  3304. >The two of you sit there in an awkward silence until the coach comes to a steady stop.
  3305. >"Well Anon, here's your new home. If you don't want to live with me, you can stay with the other foals.
  3306. >You look outside the window, and see a solitary building.
  3307. >The Manehatten Orphanage.
  3309. >Be Anon
  3310. >Waiting to see if Twilight would escort you inside
  3311. >"I thought you wanted to be an adult Anon. Or do you want your MOMMY to walk you in?
  3312. >You just hop out of the stagecoach, which quickly sped away
  3313. >You manage to avoid the dust and consider what to do
  3314. >You couldn't report Twilight to FPS or anyone, she had technically handed you off to the system
  3315. >Collar was still on; maybe you could wait it out?
  3316. >Knowing Purple, it would probably grow with you. And she'd have told everypony about your 'epilepsy' in advance
  3317. >You just walk inside, maybe you could think of a better plan later.
  3318. >A bored but kind-looking mare sat behind a counter, filing through some paperwork
  3319. "Uh, hello?"
  3320. >She turns to you, giving her fakest smile."Oh, you must Anon."
  3321. "...Yeah." you look at your hooves. Maybe this wouldn't be TOO bad.
  3322. >"Well, I promise you'll find it pleasant here. Let me give you a tour."
  3324. >Healing Heart took you through the gray-carpeted hallways of the orphanage, giving curt explanations of the rules
  3325. >"...And bedtime is a solid 8:30. Have I made myself clear?" she finished strictly
  3326. "Yes, ma'am" you answered robotically
  3327. >She was cold; not mean, but emotionally distant
  3328. >No opportunity for hugs, snuggles, and/or cuddles here
  3329. >"Why don't- why don't you go talk with the other children. I have a lot of work to do." Healing Heart said, obviously sick of you
  3330. >She turned and left in the direction of the administrative room
  3331. >You reached the door to the common room, turning the knob with a hoof
  3332. >There were a few card tables with assorted art supplies, a bookshelf that was pathetic in comparison to Twilight's library, and some board games pushed against a wall
  3333. >After a moment, you shuffled off towards the corner table, where a group of fillies were playing Monopony
  3335. >You kicked at the ground with a hoof, not sure how to start
  3336. >Three fillies, of blue, purple, and gray coats, all about your age were playong, talking about god-knows-what
  3337. >You didn't REALLY want to talk to them, or befriend them in any way
  3338. >But you had to, you'd need friends in here.
  3339. >You needed SOMEBODY to be friends with, be able to shit on the place with
  3340. >Perhaps literally, depending on how the relationship went
  3341. >Well, may as well get this over with
  3342. "Uh... h-hey guys."
  3343. >They turned to you with looks of disgust and annoyance
  3344. >"What do YOU want?" Gray asked, her cutie mark that of a cloud
  3345. "W-well, I just thought... we... could be friends." you answered, your voice getting quieter and quieter
  3346. >The fillies looked at each other and giggled
  3347. >"Why would we want to be friends with YOU???" Green asked
  3348. "...I'm pretty funny..." you sadly added
  3349. "Funny-LOOKING!!" Purple jabbed, the three of them laughing hysterically
  3350. >You slouched off, disappointed
  3351. >You weren't gonna have any friends here
  3352. >Just like your old life
  3353. >Well, old-old life
  3356. >Be Anon
  3357. >Three days in the Manehatten Orphanage had taken their toll.
  3358. >You were lonely and miserable
  3359. >At least in your old life you could drown out these emotions in vidya, cartoons, and shitposting
  3360. >Now you just huddled within the confines of your depressing schedule
  3361. >Wake up, go to school, come back to the orphanage, do homework, avoid the other foals until dinner, eat, go to bed early
  3362. >You weren't sure what you'd do on the weekend, but you doubted it'd be any better
  3363. >You hated this place
  3364. >And of course that trio of fillies, and their bevy of insults
  3365. >'Oh look, Anon's all alone. Of course she wouldn't socialize, she HATES other ponies. Good luck getting adopted.' Cue forced laughter.
  3366. >Yeah, everyone knew that was never gonna happen
  3367. >Who the hell would want you?
  3368. >"Fucking autist, go kill yourself." the blue one often suggested
  3369. >Damn, these kids were mean.
  3370. >The only people who had been this cruel to you in your past were mostly anonymous people online
  3371. >Why did the fillies even hate you?
  3372. >Maybe because you were extra competition?
  3373. >Which made no sense, again, nobody would ever want you
  3374. >You COULD tell Healing Heart about this, but that'd just probably make things worse. Whatever punishment she could hand out would just enrage them.
  3376. >You just hid in the dormitory with a pencil and paper, trying to play games with yourself.
  3377. >Tic-Tac-Toe was boring without a second player, and oftentimes the Sudoku puzzles would have no solution.
  3378. >The dorms were kinda nice, drawings hung up on the walls, happy stuff made by your fellows.
  3379. >A lot of work had been put into this place.
  3380. >But it still felt like a place, not a home.
  3382. >Dinner was alright, carrot soup and french bread.
  3383. >Far from your favorite, but it was well-made and filling.
  3384. >Healing Heart was going around, asking how everybody was doing, making sure nobody needed anything. Eventually she reached you.
  3385. >"And how was your day, Anon?".
  3386. >You just stare into the soup, avoiding eye contact.
  3387. "Okay."
  3388. >She gives you an unsatisfying hug. "I know it's rough at first, but I think you'll be happy here. If you ever need anything or want to talk, I'm here for you."
  3389. >She moved on to the next foal with similar dialogue. It was kind but impersonal.
  3390. >Things were okay here, but you missed your room, the pancakes, even Purple a little bit
  3393. >Thankfully, bedtime came early, as tomorrow was a school day.
  3394. >You wished you had your blanket- these new sheets just weren't the same. You always slept better with the one at home.
  3395. >No. No. The one at the CASTLE.
  3396. >Well, it was kinda home
  3397. >You rolled over onto your side, pulling the sheets closer
  3398. >They were adequate, but you still didn't feel quite warm
  3399. >You swore that the rest of the room was warmer. Maybe a draft?
  3400. >Why was only YOUR bed cold?
  3401.  >You felt like crying, but you were a big fill- guy. Plus it'd just make you look like an easy target for more bullying.
  3402. >Maybe you'd feel better in the morning.
  3403. >Deep down, you doubted that.
  3405. >Be Twilight
  3406. >Five days since you pretended to abandon Anon; long enough for her to feel abandoned, not long enough for her to adapt to her situation or attempt an alternative solution
  3407. >She'd probably learned her lesson by now
  3408. >Stand outside the orphanage, checking the time on a clock attached to the front of a nearby bank
  3409. >Healing Heart should have initiated the meeting in the foyer; you'd discussed this with her before you'd even dropped Anon off
  3410. >It was amazing what the promise of a few donations could do
  3411. >An excuse about Anon needing to fill out a survey
  3412. >After a minute, you enter the building silently, having casted a NullSound barrier
  3413. >You had planned this down to your posture
  3414. >Anon was focusing on a sheet of paper, filling in some checkboxes
  3415. >Stop exactly 2.5 meters away from her.
  3416. "Anon?"
  3417. >She turns around incredulously, as if she didn't believe it was really you
  3418. >She rushes in for a hug, crying just a little bit.
  3419. >"I'msorryI'msosorryPleasetakemebackI'llbeagoodfillyIpromise"
  3420. "Shhh, shh..." you wave Healing Heart away. "It's okay, I just needed to teach you a lesson. Mama's not gonna let anything happen to you. You know why?"
  3421. >"*Sniffle* Because you love me?"
  3422. "That's right baby. Let's go home."
  3424. >Sitting on the train to Ponyville
  3425. >As Anon loved trains, you chose this option as it would associate a positive experience to your return
  3426. >Anon had fallen asleep, never letting go of your leg. She'd occasionally sniff you and smile.
  3427. >Good, the scent imprint was still in effect.
  3429. >Be Anon a couple of weeks later
  3430. >Sitting out in the plaza, waiting for Diamond Tiara to show up
  3431. >Apparently she used to be a bitch
  3432. >When that candy shop owner walks toward you. Wait, was she-
  3433. >"Hello Anon!" she smiled and sat down next to you."
  3434. "Uh, hi."
  3435. >"Do you remember me?" Still smiling. It seemed like everyone here had a permanent smile on their face. Except for Pinky's sister, Mog or whatever her name was.
  3436. "Your marefriend runs the cult, right?"
  3437. >"Well, yes, but she uses different names
  3438. "You two back to living together?"
  3439. >"Well, yes, we've mended some fences."
  3440. >Why the fuck? No way could they be the only lesbians in town. Maybe Minty had some blackmail material. Or she was just REALLY good at the lewd.
  3441. >Anon, Lyra's been acting crazier than us-"
  3442. >You just point to the novelties shop
  3444. >8 minutes later and you were carrying a bundle of fireworks
  3445. >"Now, Anon, I really think you could help defuse the situation before it gets out of hand."
  3446. "What do you want me to do?"
  3447. >"She's going to try to invite you to another meeting, she thinks you can help with some sort of a ritual."
  3448. "Their 'historical society' is practicing Satanism now?"
  3449. >"...I don't know what that is, but they think it's astronomy. Just don't go, okay?"
  3450. "...Of course. I'd hate to be involved in anything questionable." You smirked internally; maybe you could get a bit more free stuff out of this.
  3452. >Be Anon
  3453. >Wearing a brown cloak, holding a candle in the darkness
  3454. >It wasn't even dark out, like 6:30~ish, but Stargazer INSISTED this was the proper time for divination
  3455. >This was astrology, not astronomy. Learn the difference you fuckwits.
  3456. >You were standing on the southern tip of a diamond, drawn in red chalk. Lyra was now making a four-point star in white within the diamond.
  3457. >On the west and east were Cinder and Stargazer, with the same apparel and candle
  3458. "...Why are you doing that? What are the runes for?" you asked Lyra
  3459. >"Well, the diamond is symbolic of the four humors that make up the human body. The star is for the four leg-like appendages humans have. We need this to calculate the time and place of The Reunion"
  3460. >What had you gotten yourself into? At least Minty had paid you in bits, up front. Mostly because you'd made up more bullshit about Celestia and Luna conspiring to hide the meteor with their cosmic powers. Also, apparently they needed somepony else for the last cardinal point.
  3462. >After a couple of minutes of Gregorian chanting, Lyra finally began her witchcraft, shaking something in her hooves
  3463. >"Ego sum plena stercore, quare sunt legis huius!"
  3464. >She cast out an array of colored stones into the center of her rune, spending a half-minute staring into it
  3465. >"Cinder! Get this down! 8-7-859!". The stallion pulls out a scroll and quill and begins writing this date down. "Northern... Fillydelphia! Slightly before sunset!"
  3466. >God, they actually believe this isn't a cult?
  3467. >At least you could go home now.
  3469. >Be Anon, at your biweekly role-playing (not that kind you sicko) meeting
  3470. >Ponyfinder 3rd Edition rules; which was NOTHING like Pathfinder. Oddly enough, there had never been Dungeons and Dragons in this candy-colored utopia, despite the actual existence of dragons. Political correctness at its finest.
  3472. >Twilight was the GM, because she loved reading and memorizing books
  3473. >Shining Armor was the Paladin, and Cadance was the White Unicorn (Both of them Lawful Good, how SICKENING)
  3474. >Of course the White Unicorns fix and heal while the Black Unicorns chimp out and destroy everything
  3475. >Discord was a Chaotic Evil Druid (The two of you were competing do be as despicable as possible.)
  3476. >You chose to be a Lawful Evil Rogue
  3477. >You had poured everything into the Charisma and Dexterity stats, and the Bluff and Steal skills
  3478. >Your quest was to become the richest thief in the world, jacking off as your teammates did the actual fighting
  3480. "I use Check to detect the beggar's inventory"
  3481. >"Well, she holds two bronze pieces in her tin cup."
  3482. "I'll take those. And the cup."
  3483. >"Anon, no." Twilight lectured in that I-know-better voice
  3484. "She should have thought of that before being poor."
  3486. >10 minutes later
  3487. >You had managed to take every pony's possessions except their virginity (Due to the GM's intervention.)
  3488. >"No, I refuse to carry your plunder." Shining insisted. He was the only one with a high enough Str stat to carry all this jewelry
  3489. "C'mon it's just to the next town." You didn't mention your plans to steal it back, then sell it again and buy real estate so your pack mule Shiny wouldn't collapse under the weight of 2,000 Silver Necklaces
  3490. >"You should have thought of that before stealing them." Cadance quipped with a smug smile on her face. Oh, so she thought she could teach you a lesson, huh?
  3491. "Alright, I'd like to take all my possessions and arrange them in a big pile in the middle of the town square."
  3493. "Discord, could you do me a favor?"
  3494. >"Why, ANYTHING for my ol' buddy. As long as it's not unethical." he answered, putting his hand-things in a praying position with a little halo above his head.
  3495. "Cast Create Bonfire on the pile"
  3497. >All the townspeople had to watch as their lives went up in smoke, their precious metals melting into the earth and jewels cracking into worthlessness
  3498. >You decided to let the buildings live; it made it more pathetic somehow.
  3499. "You know this mean's I'm winning now?" Discord asked, holding a trophy he had conjured from nothing.
  3500. >"Don't worry, there's a church in the next town, in which I shall commit unspeakable horrors."
  3501. >The non-chaos gods just look at you, wondering how much of this you were roleplaying.
  3503. >Be Anon
  3504. >Sitting in a Manehatten "supermarket", although by Earth standards it'd be little more than a small-town grocer
  3505. >You sat in the main basket of the wooden shopping cart, squeezed between bread and eggs
  3506. >Twilight pretended to be oh-so-ethical with her vegetarianism, but she was still willing to eat unfertilized fetuses
  3507. "Faster! Faster!" you said, pointing the way forward
  3508. >Twilight stopped at an aisle packed with other ponies and their purchases, forehooves resting on the handlebars of the cart.
  3509. >"You stay here, Anon. I'll be right back." She maneuvered between the carts to go pick up some orange juice.
  3510. >You looked over and realized you were by the wines. Leaning over, you grabbed a carton, trying to hide it underneath a bag of what Equestria pretended were potato chips (made with vegetable oil, ofc).
  3511. >Ofc she noticed immediately and put it back. "Nice try, little filly."
  3513. >By the checkout aisle you noticed a rack of B&W magazine-newspaper hybrids that looked like they came out of the 1930's.
  3514. >The most prominent among them was the Equestria Enquirer, on whose front was a low-quality picture of a mildly-surprised Cadance holding the recently-redpilled Flurry.
  3516. >Princess Cadance's SHOCKING secret revealed!
  3517. >A subheading at the bottom read: "Celestia's cake addiction; castle maids tell ALL.
  3518. >You tug on Twilight's ass-coat and point at the periodical
  3519. "I want that."
  3520. >She just looks and sighs. "No, Anon, you don't. And don't think a tantrum will get you anything."
  3522. >Be Anon
  3523. >A tough climb awaited you, the mountain staring down at you as if challenging you. You screwed your courage to the sticking-place, for atop the peak lay a treasure of unspeakable pleasure
  3524. >You scurried atop a chair and reached the counter, but the most difficult battle lay ahead
  3525. >You carefully climbed up a series of stairs created by stacks of heavy books pressed against one another. You dared not look down, for the distance would freeze you with fear
  3526. >Eventually you reached the summit, beholding the Jar of Infinite Joy
  3527. >Reaching forward, you pulled it close to your breast, its cool surface tingling across your chestfluff
  3528. >One day yours would be as big as Fluttershy's
  3529. >Carefully laying the lid next to the container, you reached inside and plucked a piece of freshly-baked ambrosia from its resting place, stuffing it into your mouth
  3530. "Pffft!" You spat out your reward, feeling betrayed. Raisins???? What foul injustice had you committed to earn this punishment?
  3531. >No Mountain Dew™ or mint ice cream bars to wash out the revolting taste, so you settled for water, before cleaning up the partially-chewed mess on the kitchen floor, covering the cookie jar with its lid, and returning your climbing gear to their appropriate locations.
  3533. >Be Anon
  3534. >Watching Cherilee's a̶s̶s̶ flank in action
  3535. >C'mon, turn to the chalkboard already. At least walk around a bit, you wanted to see that flank move.
  3536. >How did she not have an (undoubtedly Chad) BF? Did she spend her Fridays at home, eating ice cream and crying at the world's unfairness?
  3537. >Her age was pretty ambiguous, but she was probably approaching MILF territory, if not already. You'd better hurry lady, and have pony children before the zebras outbreed us.
  3538. >Maybe that was why she was a teacher, so she could pretend you were all her broodlings to fill the gaping hole in her life
  3539. >"Alright class, time for art!"
  3541. >You held a glue bottle in your mouth, spraying its white cream across the top of a pile of macaroni
  3542. >This can't be sanitary, sharing spit-covered appliances with other people
  3543. >You began placing the hard pasta across the surface, making a mini-you
  3545. >After applying more glue to your magnum opus, you grab one of the glitter jars, whose lid held many holes
  3546. >You were gonna use so much glitter, they'd all think you were a faggot
  3547. >Cherilee was just frowning at Aryanne's work, a crayon-heavy venture
  3548. >"Why don't you try something else." she said, casually taking the paper
  3549. >Damn liberal education system, censoring free speech
  3550. "What'd you draw?" you whisper to your desk-neighbor.
  3551. >"Me poisoning a river while yaks died drinking it"
  3552. "Someday, Aryanne. Someday."
  3554. >Be Anon, rushing home from school
  3555. >Open the door to the castle, and rush up to the Map Room, bursting in
  3556. >Before you, Twilight sat yawning, hovered over a cup of coffee, a plate housing the remains of a daisy sandwich, and an empty 3D map
  3557. >Oh sure, SHE could have coffee, but you were only allowed hot chocolate.
  3558. "M- ...Twilight! Twilight!"
  3559. >She snapped up at that. "Wha- is the house on fire???"
  3560. "No, no. Look!" you said, waving your masterpiece before her "Look at what I made in school today!"
  3561. >She picked up the white construction and held it close to her face, trying to wipe away her grogginess. "Oh, it's LOVELY Anon... but what is it?"
  3562. "That's me!" You point to the macaroni figure coated in green glitter
  3563. >She looks down at the paper and smiles. "And the big purple one is me?"
  3564. "Yep!" you nod your head up and down, eyes closed.
  3565. >"Aww, that's sweet Anon. I'll hang it up right now." She managed to drag herself downstairs and tape your 30 minutes of work up on a cabinet "I love it Anon... *yawn* I really do."
  3566. "Hey, Twi? Is it okay if I go play with a friend, and have a sleepover afterward?"
  3567. >"Hmm? Oh, sure. Just be back before sundown... and don't bring ALL of the Crusaders, just one." She headed back upstairs without asking for any specifics; perfect.
  3568. >You grabbed a couple of things and headed your way to the meeting place outside of town.
  3569. >Aryanne eventually met you, dragging behind her a bucket of black paint and one of those brushes used to paint walls
  3570. "You got all the stuff?"
  3571. >"Ja, mein freund."
  3572. >You sling your forehoof over her neck
  3573. "Then we are in for a VERY productive night."
  3575. >Be Aryanne
  3576. >Following Anon through the Everfree, guiding you with her map
  3577. "Are you sure she isn't home?". You didn't want to run into a subpony w/o any adults watching you
  3578. >"Relax, she's gone around now. Twilight runs into her in town, and she ALWAYS strikes a conversation which lasts for like 5 minutes. The rhyming doesn't help."
  3579. "How long until she is back?"
  3580. >"We probably have an hour-long window. Let's make the most of it"
  3581. >You climb up on the rock with Anon and see a glorified hut in the middle of the forest. Zebras couldn't even invent floor-based construction. How pathetic.
  3582. >"C'mon, let's get the stuff out."
  3583. >You pull out the bucket and brush you had brought along. Anon had brought a bottle of... was that pee?
  3584. "How about wir start with the basics? I will paint the door, you use your... peepee to sully her home."
  3585. >Anon just took her bottle of pee and ran inside, undoubtedly spraying as much stuff as possible with it.
  3586. >You began painting her door, an image of a strong traditional pony family lording above pathetic zebras stealing and looting
  3587. >It was kinda hard with only black
  3588. >Anon comes out with an empty bottle.
  3589. >"I poured it all in this cauldron in the middle of the room; I'm sure it was important."
  3590. "Erm... why do you use your pee like that?"
  3591. >She scratches her chin. "It's a message; these savages are only equal to our excrement."
  3592. "Zat makes sense. Do you want more?" you ask, holding you hoof out.
  3593. >Anon hands you the bottle, pointing to a bush
  3595. >You slowly release a stream of piss into the bottle, relief washing your face
  3596. >You knew Anon was watching; what a good friend she was, making sure you were safe.
  3598. >You rush into Zecora's hut and add your pee into the central cauldron, it having no effect in regards to color or smell.
  3599. >You walk outside and see Anon had added a subtitle under your drawing
  3600. >"HORSENIGGERS GET OUT". You weren't sure what that first word was, but the message was clear.
  3601. >The two of you giggle off and run, leaving no trace
  3603. >Be Anon
  3604. >After walking through many shops and talking to employees and customers (to create an alibi), the two of you head home.
  3605. >The two of you now sat in your room, poring over a map on your floor
  3606. "Yakistan is our first target, but we can't open an offensive against the Griffons until we've secured the northern front."
  3607. >"Vat about them?" Aryanne asked, pointing to the far-eastern portion of the map
  3608. "The Neighponese are honorary Equis. They might actually help us."
  3609. >She nods. "So what can we do now?"
  3610. "Practice for war."
  3612. >You stood atop the mound, weapon held at your side.
  3613. "It's over Aryanne, I have the high ground!"
  3614. >"You underestimate my pillow!" She lunged at you, which you avoided by jumping off your bed.
  3615. >The two of you began vicious hand-to-hand combat, thine faces suffering much pillowy punishment
  3616. >Twilight peered through the door, making sure you weren't having a 'seizure'. She was visibly relieved that the runes on your collar were not lighting up
  3617. >"Girls, it's time for be-" her face dropped slightly oncemore. "Oh. Hello, Aryanne."
  3618. >"Hello Miss Sparkle!" the two of you were still giggling from your bloody duel
  3619. >"Well, get some sleep, it's already late. I'm heading to bed."
  3620. "Okay, Twilight, we'll settle down."
  3622. >The two of you sat on sleeping bags on your floor, still chatting away with a candle
  3623. "I like your cutie mark."
  3624. >Oh, thanks. I was told the middle part, the swastika, was a Neighponese symbol for prosperity, and the heart is love, obviously. What's yours, the question mark?"
  3625. "It's anonymity, it resembles free speech."
  3626. >...
  3627. >"...I'm glad we're friends."
  3628. "Me too."
  3629. >...
  3630. >"Should we sleep?"
  3631. "I'm not tired. I'm not tired one bit!"
  3632. >"Me neither!"
  3634. >5 minutes later
  3635. >The two of you were asleep, holding each other's hooves
  3638. >Be Anon
  3639. >Twilight was going to take you to get ice cream, although the route she was taking was rather circuitous
  3640. >You see Zecora walking out of City Hall in a tizzy, undoubtedly angry at your shenanigans
  3641. >She got the message, now go back to Africa
  3642. >Thankfully she didn't stop to talk to you or Twilight, Purple might've put two and two together. But your alibi was rock-solid.
  3643. >"I just want to say how happy I am at how well-behaved you've been recently. You're making me proud."
  3644. >You just look down at the earth; you didn't want her to see you blushing, or maybe just a LITTLE bit of guilt in your eyes
  3645. "Y-you too thanks."
  3646. >"I hope you keep it up, my little filly." she stops, and you look up, expecting to see the Canter Creamery
  3647. >Instead a hanging sign with a tooth painted on a light-blue background greets you
  3648. "Hey, this isn't-"
  3649. >Twilight pushes you inside and slams the door behind you
  3651. >Another day in the life of Twilight
  3652. >God, why did Anon have to make everything so DIFFICULT?
  3653. "Anon, just calm down..."
  3654. >"REE! REE!" she screeched out, scratching against the door futilely
  3655. >You pick her up in your magic, holding her in a waiting-room chair while you went to talk to the receptionist
  3656. "Yes, I have an appointment for a Twilight Sparkle?"
  3658. >You sit down against the now-silent Anon and leaf through the magazines
  3659. >Greeeeat, the Equestia Enquirer
  3661. Bighoof spotted in Chineigh!
  3662. >You'd just skip that one, as much as you wanted to ironically read it.
  3663. Highlights for Foals
  3664. "Look, you'll like this one! See, here's a quill!"
  3666. >Be Anon
  3667. >Pfft, that Gallop was a total goody two-hooves. Goofoal had the right idea.
  3668. >You had given up on finding the fifth difference between the two pictures.
  3669. >Also the fourth and third ones.
  3670. >"Anon?" the receptionist called
  3671. "Uh, she had to go to a wedding."
  3672. >Twilight nudges you forward. "C'mon Anon, it'll be fine."
  3674. >The dentist was a blue-coated mare, her white-and-blue mane matching her tail; which did NOTHING to hide her flat ass.
  3675. >"Hello, I'm Doctor Colgate". Why wasn't her mane red, now she only looked like 2/3rd of a tube of toothpaste "It's nice to meet you Anon. Now, it's normal for you to be frightened. I'm just gonna explain the procedure..."
  3677. >"...see, it isn't scary at all." You weren't paying attention, just wondering how advanced oral science was in Horselandia. Everyone here had decent teeth, but then again you practically never saw 'em. Also, was there a stock market? Living with a princess might be a prime method of insider trading.
  3678. >"Now we're going to give you this blue potion to help you sleep, ok sweetie? When you wake up it'll all be over." Colgate handed the beaker over to Twilight, who tilted your head back and poured its contents into your mouth.
  3679. >Like all dental solutions, it had a sharp minty taste.
  3680. >"Do you want me to hold your hoof?" Twilight asked, looking hopeful
  3681. "Pfft, I'm a big filly. I don't need your help" you cross your hooves as her face fell a bit. You didn't care, this wasn't scary at all. Nope, not all.
  3682. "... ...But if you really want to, I GUESS I can let you."
  3683. >Your vision started darkening, and the last thing you remembered was Twilight smiling at you
  3684. >Wait, wasn't there a Seinfeld skit about this-
  3686. >Be Twilight
  3687. >You'd promised you'd be there for Anon when she woke up, but you had to argue with the receptionist
  3688. "This deductible is WRONG! I have the Royal Insurance Package, I demand you redact this bill-"
  3689. >"Miss, I just schedule appointments. You''ll have to file a complaint to the insurer-"
  3690. "I just want to yell at somepony!"
  3692. >Colgate and Anon walked into the lobby, the latter walking a little wobbly. Great, she was gonna be up all night.
  3693. >"I didn't have any cavities!" Anon beamed. Was that another one of her made-up words, like "Zanarkand" or "democracy"?
  3694. >Colgate turns to you. "I was hoping you could elaborate, what's a cavity?"
  3695. "... I dunno. Anon, could you explain what that word means?"
  3696. >"What?? Your guys' diets are like 40% sugar! The hell kind of dentist are you??"
  3697. >Colgate got just a little bit pissy at that. "Well, I had a very extensive 12-week education at Unaccredited University, in the Discount Dentistry Department, and that wasn't in any of the off-brand textbooks I borrowed from my roommate."
  3698. >Maybe you should get a new dentist.
  3699. >But you'd read multiple books on tooth care, and nopony had mentioned cavities. Maybe it was just a human thing.
  3701. >Be Anon
  3702. >Twilight had dragging you along while she did more errands, rather than letting you just kill yourself
  3703. >You were nearly slapped when you made this joke; thank god you had been in public
  3704. >Now she was gonna keep a closer eye on you, like the humorless bitch she was
  3705. >She was doing it because she cared, but still
  3706. >You were reading a comic book of yours she had 'conveniently' remembered to bring
  3707. >Purple had also recently confiscated the health textbook you had borrowed from her library; She'd figured out that you stared at the lewd diagrams, rather than read the deep explanations of the endocrine system
  3708. >"Just a couple more stops Anon, then we can get your ice cream."
  3710. >You'd just finished your four-scoop sundae, after complaining about the minimal amounts of whipped cream until you got what you wanted. Twilight glared at you a bit but decided to let it slide.
  3711. >"You were a brave little filly today.". She was undoubtedly trying to trick you into thinking you were a filly, undoubtedly using some psycho- wait, did she know you were gonna think that? What if she planned on it and was playing 4D mindgames; if she knew that you knew, she could know what you'd know, then react to what she'd know what you'd do, drawing you into her trap.
  3712. >She was truly a master of manipulation.
  3713. "No I wasn't, I was drugged out of consciousness"
  3714. >"Maybe I should try that more often." Quit giggling purple, that sounds kinda rape-y.
  3715. "I don't need my teeth cleaned, I'm already perfect in every way. Besides, (((They))) invented dentistry so that we'd have to pay dental insurance. In conclusion, I'm hate it and you're not tricking me into another glorified vet visit."
  3716. >"Well, I hope you do better at your doctor's appointment next week!" she laughed
  3717. >wut.png
  3718. >Wait, she was kidding, right? You hoped so.
  3720. >Be Twilight, in the Map Room
  3721. >Looking over your previous findings on Anon, almost all of it bad.
  3723. 14/2/854
  3724. Anon drew a sad frog
  3725. Depression???
  3726. Frog is sad because nopony loves him; Abandonment issues?
  3727. Frog doesn't have enough food
  3728. Malnourishment? Anon seems skinny
  3729. Note: Go to doctor, get BMI check
  3730. Humans worshiped a Chaos Deity, likely Discord
  3733. 14/3/854
  3734. Likes pancakes; obsessed with circular objects?
  3735. Anon had a poor relationship with caregivers; reaction to comfort, physical contact ranges from positive to extremely negative. Possible attachment disorder?
  3736. Definitely autistic
  3738. >You both loved and hated doing this. The allure of paperwork and data, but the knowledge that your foal was hurting.
  3739. >But it was time to add new data
  3742. 15/5/854
  3743. Anon casually mentioned committing suicide; recent change or long-term illness?
  3744. Cavorting with Aryanne filly, possible bad influence. Possibly related to her antisocial tendencies
  3745. Enjoys being evil in fictitious games; schizophrenic disorder???
  3746. Hates the dentist, may have a history of painful surgery or cruel doctors
  3748. >You could find a way to turn these developments to your advantage.
  3749. >Either way, she definitely needed you, and you'd be there for her. You just needed to make her WANT it.
  3751. Plan: More hugging/kissing/cuddling, talking about feelings, psychiatrist visits (with a one-way mirror), possibly Op FB-DS
  3753. >Be Anon
  3754. >Helping Glimmer with a 'friendship problem' in Canterlot, which you were having a hard time locating, just wandering the streets and looking for clues
  3755. "Are we there yet?"
  3756. >"For the fourth time, NO. I'm just having a hard time finding any problems. I hope I'm the right pony, Map's been acting weird."
  3757. "Why do I have to be here?"
  3758. >"Because I thought we could get to know each other. What do you like Anon?"
  3759. >Great, another interrogation.
  3760. "...I like reading."
  3761. >"Haha, Twilight will do that to you. Anything else?"
  3762. "I like my friend."
  3763. >"You only have ONE friend?" Starlight seemed flabbergasted, but she had six just GIVEN to her, ungrateful bitch
  3764. "I'm different from other fillies, they don't get me.". Fucking horsenigger-lovers.
  3765. >The two of you walked in silence for a couple of streets.
  3766. >"Anon, do you feel sad a lot?"
  3767. >Oh, Purple put her up to this. You were the real 'problem' all along. How dumb did they think you were?? Well, you did enjoy screwing with everybody.
  3768. "...sometimes."
  3769. >"What makes you sad Anon?" she asked, both of you trying to seem neutral
  3770. "W-well, Twilight's always gone, and when she's there she's always so MEAN, telling me how bad I am."
  3771. >"I'm sorry, but maybe you should talk to her about this?"
  3772. "She doesn't want to talk to me when I ask, just when SHE wants to." Man, this was too easy.
  3773. >"Anything else?" She thought you couldn't see her making notes behind her barrel.
  3775. >"Maybe you should try being more social. To make more friends, that is."
  3776. "That didn't exactly work for you."
  3777. >"...How so?"
  3778. "Didn't you spam time travel hax just to screw over your 'new friends'? You basically got them for free after trying to ruin their lives"
  3779. >"Well...I... I'm a changed pony. I understand my mistakes, and they forgave me, which only a friend would."
  3780. "I mean, maybe they're just doing this to keep an eye on you, like with Discord. How do you know you can trust them, maybe they've been lying to you this whole time."
  3781. >She was awfully quiet after that.
  3783. >Be Twilight
  3784. >Rain pouring, winds roaring, lightning flashing, thunder crashing
  3785. >You knew tonight would be like this, a dark and dismal evening. Not that you had messed with the weather schedule or anything, no siree.
  3786. >You had a fire in the fireplace (with a sofa sitting nearby), water boiling on the stove, and Anon playing with custom toys you had ordered with her very specific designs. She referred to them as 'Hot Wheels', making vigorous "vroom-vroom" noises while she played.
  3787. >You walked over and finished the cocoa
  3788. >"Where's the marshmallows? I wa-"
  3789. "One second Anon, I'll get them right away!" You also added some whipped cream and ground cinnamon, foals loved the stuff
  3790. >You pulled open a latch, and a window swung open, blasting cold air; Anon began visibly shivering.
  3791. >You carried the mugs in you magic while you closed the window manually, taking a few extra seconds to let the chill set in.
  3792. "Come here Anon, sit on the couch with Mama."
  3793. >For once she came quietly, glad to obey
  3794. >You laid down on the couch, pulling Anon's body next to yours and handing her cocoa into her undersized hooves. She held the cup up, and, leaning it backwards, began drinking it with little gulps
  3795. >You covered her with your wings, Anon cuddling into them like a blanket. You made small up-and-down movements back, the slow rhythm soothing her.
  3797. "Did you get enough?"
  3798. >She nodded her little head at that. The two of you sat there for several minutes, enjoying the warmth of the fire and each other's company.
  3799. "Let me tell you a story Anon."
  3800. >"O-okay."
  3801. "Once upon a time, there was a princess who lived in a castle. She had a lot of friends, great parents, and a loving brother. But she had a hole in her life that took a long time for her to realize." Anon's eyes were drooping, her tongue lazily licking her bottom lip. "She wanted a foal. But recent... changes in her biology made her infertile. She decided to go looking for somepony else's child, and before long found one who was very sad. So she decided to invite the foal into her life, and the two lived happily ever after... eventually."
  3802. >At this point, Anon was practically asleep
  3803. "I love you Anon."
  3804. >As her eyes slowly closed, you kissed Anon on the forehead, and pulled her tighter against your barrel.
  3805. >THESE were the moments you lived for.
  3807. >Be Anon
  3808. >The Cakes had some big order to fill, so Twilight volunteered your services as a temp
  3809. >St least you were getting paid, the work primarily involved frosting the tops of cupcakes. They didn't trust you with an oven, but they worded it nicely. "Grown-ups only".
  3810. >Tbf you spent about 30% of your time 'quality-checking' the frosting
  3811. >Pinkie Parkinson's head popped in through a door, and in a flash she was just a liiiitle to close for comfort
  3812. "Aren't you supposed to be helping?" You didn't look up from your work, you were tying to make the flowers subtly loo like penises.
  3813. >"Say, new friend, I need to throw you a party!"
  3814. "Uh, I don't like parties, can't I just-"
  3815. >"Nope!" she pulled a pad and pen from seemingly nowhere. "Now, what do you want?"
  3816. "Uh, five people max, a small cake, just quiet."
  3817. >"Okay frienderino, I'll add this to your file!"
  3818. "You have files? On everybody?"
  3819. >"Mm-hmm!" she nodded her head like her spine was broken.
  3820. >"Can I see them? I want to, uh, throw a party for Twilight."
  3821. >"Sure! But I'm gonna help, it's my-"
  3822. "No, no, this is a personal thing, just between us."
  3823. >"Okie-Doki!" she pranced off, practically jumping. What an autist, and that was coming from YOU.
  3824. >Let's see, what was in here... mostly shit about balloons and frosting. Was any of this gonna be usef-
  3825. >-Afraid of Cheese Quesadillas
  3826. >Perfect.
  3828. >Be Twilight
  3829. >Modifying the map oncemore
  3830. >You still hadn't fixed it, but the problem seemed to be a degraded enchantment in the base layer.
  3831. >And the extra 'enhancements' were coming along nicely
  3832. >You'd order dinner and spend quality bonding time with Anon, trying to compliment her as much as possible. You'd be the nicest mom EVER.
  3833. >God, you hated cooking. Mostly because you sucked at it.
  3834. >You were halfway across the foyer and to the door before you noticed Anon, sitting at the stove and wearing a little chef hat.
  3835. "Anon? You're not supposed to play with the stove sweetie."
  3836. >"I- I made us dinner."
  3837. "Aw, that's wonderful Nonny. I love it, let's eat it right now."
  3838. >You shuffled over next to her, pride blooming your chest. She was finally applying herself. Anon was flipping a little pan and grilling a-
  3839. >Oh no. Oh no oh no please.
  3840. >She cut the tortilla into six slices with a pizza slicer, and gave you an equal portion on an oversized plate. Some sour cream and salsa rested on the table, prepared for your arrival.
  3841. >You took the plate and sat down, drenching its contents in sour cream, hoping you could drown out the cheesiness. Anon stood up against the table with her forehooves, watching and undoubtedly waiting for your approval
  3842. >You grabbed one of three slices and forced the triangle down, your left eye twitching and body shuddering.
  3843. >"...You don't like it, do you?"
  3844. "No, Nonny-"
  3845. >It's okay, I didn't really want to be a chef anyway." she said looking down, tossing her little hat in a nearby bin.
  3846. >You rapidly shoved the rest of the cream-drenched quesadilla down your throat, trying to blot out the experience
  3847. "Oh my, that was soooo good, that's the best food I've had in weeks."
  3848. >Anon seemed a little happier after that. "...do you want another?"
  3849. "Oh no, I'm far too full. Why don't you go eat your half?"
  3850. >She scampered off to eat the fruits of her labor while you tried to forget the experience.
  3854. >Be Anon
  3855. >Sitting in a doctor's office
  3856. >Master Mind, P.h.D. in psychology
  3857. >"Anon, why don't you go pick a doll?"
  3858. "I don't want to. Don't you have an old VHS player or something, like at my old psyche center?
  3859. >That's odd, purple usually played her own mindgames, now she was paying someone else to try. Maybe she had given up.
  3862. >A door opens and a patient is wheeled out
  3863. >It was Lyra, dark rings forming around her eyes due to lack of sleep, speaking near-incoherently. Shit. If Twilight learned about the meetings, she'd spank you so hard-
  3864. >"Hey, hey friend." she starts, her head focusing on you. Twilight placed her hoof between her foal and the lunatic protectively. "The state's trying to shut us down, I said this would happen. They think I'm crazy, but that's because I know the truth. Humans are real, and they're coming soon!"
  3865. >"Don't worry Miss Bon-Bon, we'll give Lyra the help she needs.".
  3866. >"C'mon honey, let's get home safe." Bob-bon started pushing her out double-doors
  3867. >"Yes! Safe! We have tinfoil, we-" The doors swung shut, muffling the last of that sentence.
  3869. >"Miss Sparkle and child?"
  3871. >Be Anon
  3872. >Sitting on the floor in front of some jerk with a pair of glasses and a clipboard. The canary coat pale-blue mane made him look like a faggot, much like almost every other pony.
  3873. >There was a large mirror on your left, 95% chance it was a one-way and Twilight was watching from behind it
  3874. >A few random toys were scattered against the walls haphazardly, a table with paper and crayons in one corner
  3875. >"Hello Anon, I'm Armchair. I'm your new friend."
  3876. >Bullshit, you were here for a big fat check. You would do the same, of course, but still.
  3877. >Hey, he was a psychologist, maybe you could quietly pass information on your capture, get-
  3878. >The collar woke up and started shocking you to your core, and you fell on your back, your little legs twitching a bit.
  3879. >Armchair didn't move, undoubtedly told about your 'condition'. Maybe he knew everything, and was in on the twisted science experiment
  3880. >"I want you to pick a toy."
  3881. >You knew a little bit of psychology reading some posts on /sci/
  3882. >You walked over over and pulled out a bin of painted wooden blocks
  3883. >He wrote something down
  3884. >You were going to play along and make Purple stew in her own guilt
  3885. >You stood afore your grand creation, a castle about two feet tall at its peak, and three feet across.
  3886. >Now you were being interrogated, as planned
  3887. >"Who's this pony in front?"
  3888. "That's me"
  3889. >"Hmm. Are you the only pony in this castle?"
  3890. "Mmhmm."
  3891. >"What else is there in the castle?"
  3892. "There's a kitchen over there" you point to a corner on the first floor of your 'castle' "but we never use it."
  3893. >More scribbling
  3894. You point to a small box with an opening on one side. "That's the dungeon"
  3895. >Armchair wrote something else on his clipboard. "And, uh, who goes to the dungeon?"
  3896. "...bad fillies."
  3897. >"...are you a bad filly?"
  3898. "Yes." you sniffle a bit for dramatic effect "...sometimes."
  3899. >Armchair points to a large barrier you had constructed around the castle. "What's this?"
  3900. "It's a wall, to make Equestria great again."
  3901. >He just looks a tad confused.
  3902. "It makes me safe."
  3903. >"...Do you feel unsafe, very often?"
  3904. >You just nod your head
  3907. >Be Twilight
  3908. >Watching Anon through the 'mirror'
  3909. >SheDidntSuspectAThing.exe
  3910. >You listened to her explanation of the castle, undoubtedly fashioned after your Friendship castle.
  3911. >Maybe locking her in the dungeon for a night wasn't a good idea.
  3912. >No, no, you did it for her own good. Once she settled down she'd be much happier with you than her former existence
  3913. >Armchair came in through a door on your left, while Anon sat patiently in the therapy room.
  3914. "What's the prognosis?"
  3915. >He handed you a copy of his notes. You skimmed them quickly, planning on deeper research later.
  3916. >"Short answer? Anon seems to have negative attachments to her home. If you read through my notes, you'll notice of loneliness and lack of self-esteem derived from this. Additionally, she feels unsafe, trying to erect barriers to protect herself- it's my belief that she's trying to do this mentally as well."
  3917. "What can I- or we- do at the moment?"
  3918. >"Well, Miss Twilight, not much can be gleaned from a single visit. You should definitely bring her back in a couple of weeks. For now, I'd say try to create a more positive home atmosphere. You'll probably know exactly what to do than I- and from what I've heard, you're pretty smart." he smiled a bit at that.
  3919. >You look back out at Anon, her dejected posture breaking your heart.
  3920. >I'll make you happy Anon. I promise.
  3922. >Be Anon, in a vicious struggle between the earth and heavens, locked between gravity and thrust
  3923. "Weeeee!"
  3924. >Twilight let you fall oncemore before swinging you up above her head
  3925. >A couple more passes and a lungful of giggling, and she set you down on the ground
  3926. "Again! Again!"
  3927. >"No Anon, I'm too tired for more upsies."
  3928. >You hop on her back and begin bouncing up and down to send the message
  3929. >"Alright, alright, Anon."
  3930. >You stand in front of her in a pouncing position, ready to go airborne
  3931. >"I'm too tired... but I know someone who isn't." Wait, this wasn't-
  3932. >"The Tickle Monster!" Purple tackles you and begins ticking your underbelly while your legs flail about in the merciless onslaught
  3933. >"St-stop! Haha! I do not consen-""
  3934. >She pushes her face into your tummy and begins blowing. Oddly enough, raspberries still worked despite the presence of fur.
  3935. >"I give up! I give up!" you manage to get out, giggling all the while.
  3936. You lean against her supine body, catching your breath.
  3938. >Be Anon
  3939. >Working on a class project with Sweetie Belle
  3940. >She was doing 90% of the work while you did 'research' reading the textbook. You stared at the pages blankly, trying to think of more ways to screw with Purple.
  3941. >She had one of the glossy posterboards, using a quill like a chump. If Twilight saw this she'd go into conniptions, inevitably fixing it.
  3942. >Cherilee was going around the classroom, checking over everybody's projects, eventually reaching you two.
  3943. >"How are you doing, girls?" Cherilee asked, smiling.
  3944. >didyoujustassumemygender.docx
  3945. >"Uh, we need some markers from the top shelf." Sweetie Belle answered
  3946. >She leaned against the cupboard and opened the door. GOD, you loved that flank.
  3947. >"Oh Sweetie Belle, markers are in the BOTTOM cupboard."
  3948. >Speaking of bottoms, she crouched on her forehooves, her thicc ass raised in the air.
  3949. >"Here you go, you two."
  3951. >Sweetie had finished the posterboard, a mediocre job at best. "Have you found anything else Anon?"
  3952. >Shit, what was the project about anyway?
  3953. "Uh... nope, but plenty of citations."
  3954. >"...What's a citation?"
  3955. "...sources, y'know, like evidence."
  3956. >She just tuned away, assuming you had been helpful. "Well, I'm pretty sure we're done. Let's just sign it and throw it on the pile."
  3957. >In a corner of the room sat a stack of similar posterboards, with half the class being finished already. Cherilee would grade them over the weekend. Was she being paid overtime?
  3958. >She'd probably respond with 'Seeing your smiles is the real compensation' or something like that.
  3960. >Be Anon
  3961. >Sitting in Canterlot Castle in the Throne Room, standing by the door per Twilight's instruction
  3962. >You would steal so much stuff if you had any way of hiding it
  3963. >You could hear Purple and the white demigods having a discussion which you couldn't hear, lots of whispering and the occasional glance
  3964. >She was a manlet by comparison
  3965. >Eventually the whispering stops and the duo come to you, Twilight speaking first.
  3966. >"Okay Anon, I have to go someplace else." Hopefully she would die on the way to her home planet. "Your aunties are going to watch you this afternoon. Around sunset Grandad and Grandma will come pick you up, okay?"
  3967. "Can't I just supervise myself? I used to be-" At that point the collar kicked in, shocking you until you writhed on your back.
  3968. >The two mares sat close, Twilight running her hoof through your mane when you stopped spasming
  3969. >"...Be more careful, Anon. I don't want you having another SEIZURE." Her voice sounded kind, but you could hear the small tinge of venom in the words
  3970. >"Don't worry, Anon and I will have a most wonderous afternoon." Celestia reassured her.
  3972. >"No Anon, you can't touch THAT vase either. It's from the Mane dynasty-"
  3973. >'CRASH!'
  3974. >"What did I just-"
  3975. "Huh? I didn't do it, must be a breeze in here."
  3976. >"*Sigh* I'll call a maid, but next time you'll be in BIG trouble."
  3977. >Oh no, they'll send you to time-out. Boo-hoo.
  3978. >Celestia had been giving you a tour through the castle, the early afternoon sun shining off the armor your two armed escorts
  3979. >Like they would be any help, probably just there for Celestia's reverse-harem. Where was the 1000-year-old colt, or the bitchy guard?
  3980. >Speaking of bitches...
  3981. "Where's the black one?"
  3982. >"Huh?"
  3983. "Your sister, Mirana."
  3984. >"Mir- what? You mean Lulu? She's sleeping right now, she's up during the night."
  3985. "Can't she watch ponies' dreams?"
  3986. >"Of course, she keeps everypony safe."
  3987. "Isn't that an invasion of privacy?"
  3988. >"...Let's keep walking."
  3990. >Be Anon
  3991. >Sunbutt had finally gotten sick of your shit, 'accidentally' locking you outside.
  3992. >You had just been roaming around, trying to get a guard fired by tempting them with your filly sexual. So far none of them had done more than scowl at your shaking. The sun was coming down, where were-
  3993. >"Oh, Anon, there you are!". Grandma's voice echoed behind you. Not that you thought of her as your grandmother, it was just easier than 'Twilight Velvet.'. Yep, that was it.
  3994. >But seriously, what was with these two-word names?
  3995. >She came in for a hug, which you permitted. "We've been looking all over for you, Celestia said you were supposed to stay by the front door."
  3996. "I got lost."
  3997. >A look of confusion crossed her face, a common expression from those who dared converse with you. "You got... you got lost when you were standing still?"
  3998. "I'm not very smart."
  3999. >"Oh, don't say that." She waved her hoof dismissively.
  4000. "Where's Grandpa?" That guy was loaded, and you needed a new scarf. The last one had an unfortunate incident with a hand-cranked paper shredder.
  4001. >"He's taking Twilight out to a fancy dinner. Which means we get to spend the night together!"
  4002. >yay.png.
  4003. "I'll only eat at establishments with a playplace and well-reviewed kid's meals."
  4007. (Alternate Ending 2)
  4008. >You were walking down a dark corridor, its exit seemingly 20 feet away, but perpetually out of reach, no matter how far you walked. It was the same behind you, so you sat down on your haunches, leaning against a stone wall..
  4009. >A black figure descended next to you, sitting against the wall to your left
  4010. >She was Moonbutt, but you weren't sure if you'd ever talked to her before.
  4011. "This is a dream, right?"
  4012. >"Yes, young one. And one of your more... normal ones."
  4013. "You've been spying on me?"
  4014. >"I've been watching over my little ponies for years now, Anon. But yours are very... unusual for a filly. Many tend to be sexual, sometimes with two-legged creatures."
  4015. "Fuck off Big Brother." You can feel your collar warming up, and you tried to avoid thinking about people.
  4016. >She came closer, wrapping a wing around you and looking you in the face with a solemn smile. "I want to know if everything's okay, Is anypony... touching you?"
  4017. >For a moment you tried to tell her, but the collar immediately shocked you down; you couldn't even escape it in your dreams
  4018. "Gah! Fuck, I can't escape it even here."
  4019. >" 'Tis a dream, Anon. If thou wishes to remove the collar, you may do so."
  4020. >You took a breath, trying your best with no result.
  4021. "...Any pointers?"
  4022. >"You have to imagine yourself free from its clutches. Imagine yourself without it, rather than directly removing it."
  4023. >You'd had the thing on forever, it practically felt like a part of you. But you focused on yourself, and the collar dissipated into smoke.
  4024. >"Is there anything thou wishes to tell us?"
  4025. "Okay, this is going to sound ridiculous, but please believe me. I'm an adult human from a place called Earth. Twilight summoned me or something, and is now holding me against my will-"
  4028. >Be Anon, two weeks after spilling your guts
  4029. >You had been immediately separated from Twilight by the Alicorn sisters; despite much protesting from Purple. You were pretty sure she was crying by the end.
  4031. >Now you sat in a courtroom during the trial of the century
  4032. >Luna was representing you, rather than a traditional lawyer. Apparently courtroom regulation was laxer in the land of horses
  4033. >On the defendant side sat Twilight and her representative, Fine Print
  4034. >Funny, you figured she'd represent herself, as she was insisted on being the smartest. She had refused any sort of plea bargain; if she wasn't exonerated, her reputation would be destroyed.
  4035. >Your testimony would probably be enough, although some witnesses had been called from both sides
  4036. >Twilight looked neutral, staring forward, occasionally shuffling a few papers. She'd spent the last few days locked in a magically-nullified prison. You could tell she was hurting on the inside, however. Good.
  4037. >The jury was giving her looks from suspicion to disgust; for such a monumental case, jury selection had not been allowed of either side.
  4038. >The judge, Justice Civil, banged her gavel twice, and the hushed conversations in the courtroom ceased. "The trial will now commence. Prosecution, you may begin your opening statement."
  4041. >Luna walked up to the podium, before turning to the audience.
  4042. >"Miss Twilight Sparkle has not only cast forbidden magic, but enslaved, psychologically damaged, and abused this foal." She gestured to you with her hoof, and you made the saddest pout you could. "Her prior heroics do not excuse these crimes, and I implore thee to ignore her position or previous actions in this ruling."
  4044. >"The defendant make make their opening statement"
  4045. >Fine Print took the same position Luna had and addressed the court. C'mon man, nobody likes a copycat.
  4046. >"Fine members of the court, the primary argument of the prosecutions are simply heresay, completely without evidence and based purely on a single mentally-defunct filly's testimony. Additionally, the prosecution's 'smoking gun', a medical collar, was necessary for Anon's health due to her crippling seizures. As any scholar will tell you, interdimensional summoning is impossible even by alicorns, as proven by Starswirl's Third Law of Invocation."
  4047. >Many witnesses had already been called and examined; Miss Cherilee, Twilight's various relatives, Master Mind, all the other Elements of Harmony, but none of them really had anything to say other than Mind's psychological evaluation, a few drawings you made in school, and observations on how you weren't malnourished or visibly beaten or anything.
  4048. >Now you sat on the stand, ready for Luna's direct questioning. Her testimony had already been cross-examined by Fine Print and a sub-attorney working under her.
  4049. "I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me Celestia". You lowered your hoof, preparing yourself.
  4050. >"Now Anon, can you confirm the facts in my testimony regarding your, and if not, will you please elaborate how so?"
  4051. "No, that was all true, I told you it all."
  4052. >"Could you describe how the collar's shocks hurt you, and how often?"
  4053. "Sometimes when I tried to tell somepony" you made sure to use pony words as much as possible, "the collar would start zapping me, and I'd fall down to the ground because it hurt so much. Sometimes it would only happen a couple of times a week, sometimes ten times a day."
  4054. >"Anon, did Twilight ever mistreat you in any other ways?". You'd actually been prepared for this question, having practiced your examination in the days prior.
  4055. "She... she put me in the dungeon. I got hungry, b-but she didn't give me any food." You might have been stretching the truth a little bit, but you refused to lie. You wanted Twicunt to hang for the injustices she did, rather than offenses you'd made up.
  4058. >"Did Twilight take good care of you when you were sick, Anon?"
  4059. "One time I got really sick and she didn't take me to the hospital, even though I begged he too."
  4060. >Twilight seemed to shake a little, as if she wanted to protest your answer. You could imagine it now; "That's a lie, I took good care of my baby, I gave her soup and read stories-". It'd certainly make the trial more dramatic.
  4061. >"Could you elaborate on your sickness?"
  4062. "I was throwing up, and my head hurt, and my skin was on fire, and I kept coughing really bad. When she tried to make me go to sleep she held me down and forced me to drink some blue liquid."
  4063. >Mumbling from the jury, definitely suspicious
  4064. >"Was Miss Sparkle ever dishonest with you?"
  4065. "She lied and sent me to an orphanage for a couple days, but I don't think she ever registered me, she just wanted to scare me into loving her."
  4066. >"Did she ever molest or sexually harm you? We have a doll if it makes you don't understand, or it makes uncomfortable."
  4067. "No, I'm fine. She never did." You kept up your sad face for pity points. The jury seemed to be swaying on your side, despite Fine Print's strong opening statement.
  4068. >"So besides taking you away from your home and transforming you without consent, she also psychologically, mentally, and indirectly physically abused you?"
  4069. "...Mm-hmm."
  4070. >"Additionally, you lost most of your pre-transformation memories, due to Miss Sparkle's interference?"
  4071. "Mm-hmm." You nod your head a little, but you could still name every Final Fantasy character, at least. But not your family or friends (not like you ever had the latter).
  4072. >"Jury, this testimony is undeniable proof that not only should Anon be removed from Twilight Sparkle's custody, but that Miss Sparkle should be indicted for the crimes of foal abuse and unethical sorcery."
  4074. >Be Twilight
  4075. >Fuck Luna and her stupid dream invasions. No regard for privacy, and YOU were the unethical one?
  4076. >Time for cross-examination, this should destroy their case.
  4077. >Anon looked at you from the witness stand; you smiled at her. Once the case was thrown out the two of you would be back home soon. This wasn't Anon's fault, it was Luna's. Probably forced your poor baby to testify against her will.
  4078. >Fine Print had discussed this with you earlier, and you had decided to make a declarative statement before cross-examination, rather than doing it himself. You knew all the legal proceedings, and your clout as an Element of Harmony would help immensely.
  4079. "The "Electric Shock Treatment Study" by Edgar Hoover in the Canterlot Journal of Medicine clearly defines shock therapy as an optimal form of seizure control, which was additionally peer reviewed by "An Analysis of of Shock Therapy and its Applications" by Nicker Tesla et al., and the collar, while not developed for mass application, it is considered viable treatment and was recommended by Anon's Doctor Small Incision, as noted in her testimony and medical folder which outlines Anon's history of seizures. The collar was necessary for Anon's health, and as noted in these studies, removal of the collar would likely trigger an instant, potentially fatal seizure."
  4080. "Additionally, summoning magic would rip a interdimensional hole as determined by Starswirl's FOURTH Law of Invocation, and no such anomaly exists within Friendship Castle as determined by forensics. As there is absolutely no evidence for any sort of summoning ritual, which was deemed impossible by our greatest minds, and even if it were, it would be easily traceable, of which there has been no such tear found.."
  4081. >You could hear the audience agreeing, slowly swaying to your side. Good, Anon needed you, and taking her away would just make her sad. Why, after a few nights she'd be crying for Mommy, you were sure of it.
  4082. "The Prosecution's attorney also confirmed that Anon's dreams were oftentimes of a very sexual nature, but Anon swore that I never sexually abused her. Therefore, it is likely that she was raped by her birth parents, who are currently unknown, and the trauma from her caused her to unconsciously blot out her memories while retaining a massive amount of information regarding sex."
  4083. "And now for cross-examination."
  4084. >Be Anon
  4085. >Twifag was now interviewing you; the look in her eyes was loving yet slightly deranged. Two steps away from crazy, but then again, she always had been.
  4086. >"Now, could you describe your mentioned illness oncemore?"
  4087. "I was vomiting a lot, and coughing, and my head hurt."
  4088. >"Why, that sounds like a common case of the flu. Why would that require a hospital visit?"
  4089. "..."
  4090. >"Anon, you have to answer the question."
  4091. "...I dunno, it hurt a lot."
  4092. >"Mmhmm, general practice for the flu would be little more than to lie you in a bed and give you water, which was exactly what I did, with extra tender love. Additionally, the hospital was practically overflowing at the time due to a outbreak of Cushing's Syndrome; Emergency Room treatment time was around two hours, according to Ponyville hospital records. As flu treatment is essentially identical to the love and care I gave you, do you think a hospital visit would be necessary?"
  4093. "Yes, I was very sick, I kept vomiting."
  4094. >Okay, she had you there, but it didn't matter, she'd lose anyway. Right?
  4096. >"Anon, sweetie, you had been fed dinner before being put in time-out in the dungeon, correct?"
  4097. "Yes." Bitch, it was a more than a time-out. Also, don't call me sweetie, especially in a coutroom
  4098. >"And you were given water, a mattress, blankets, and attention, correct?"
  4099. "W-well, I mean, it was still dark down there."
  4100. >"Darker than your room at night?"
  4101. "...No."
  4102. "You said you were hungry, but you never asked for food, and had eaten a full meal of spaghetti less than a half-hour earlier. Is it fair to say I intentionally denied you food?"
  4103. "No, but it was still mean." Luna was practically facehooving, Twilight kept trapping you into the answers she wanted, and you kept falling for it.
  4105. >"Now Anon, you said I didn't molest you, correct?"
  4106. "...Yes."
  4107. >"Well, you threw this note out a window while you were in time-out, taped to a rock. Baliff, could you expand?"
  4108. >The baliff took the note and put in on some kind of overhead projector, which shined on an empty wall likely designed for the purpose
  4109. >Shit, it was that note you had written that sent you to the dungeon
  4110. help
  4111. princes twilite has me in her kastl
  4112. she touchs my no no place and i dont lik it
  4113. plees help
  4114. >Wha- you couldn't present evidence in the middle of a case! The hell was wrong with the pony justice system?
  4115. >"Forensics has confirmed the legitimacy of this note. So Anon, were you lying then?"
  4116. "Y-yes."
  4117. >"So, in the past, you've lied in attempts to discredit me and/or harm my reputation?"
  4118. "...back then I was.". Shit, she'd practically annihilated your testimony.
  4120. >Be Anon
  4121. >shitshitshit.png
  4122. >Twilight had already returned to her seat, looking significantly happier then before. She smiled at you. She made a little air-heart with her hoof, which apparently only you noticed
  4123. >Wait, hadn't Luna forgotten something? Oh shit, you had a trump card. Jesus Moonbutt, do your job.
  4124. "Um... can I say something?"
  4125. >"I'll allow it."
  4126. "Well, whenever I tried to tell somepony about being a human, the collar would hurt me. Twilight made me put it on to keep me from telling anypony."
  4127. >Twilight stood up at that, pointing her hoof at you "Slander! You said it would shock you up to ten times a day, there's no way to quantify-"
  4128. >"Order in the court!" Justice Civil banged her gavel on the podium, which was probably the most fun part of her job.
  4129. >Luna got up too; "If this is true-"
  4130. >"It's NOT true, Anon has already confirmed her previous attempts to defame me, her words are without merit!"
  4131. >"I demand a full investigation on the collar's magical properties!"
  4132. >"That collar is a default model licensed from the Equestrian Medical Board! But you'd know ALL about reading minds, you-"
  4133. >Justice Civil banged her gavel, shutting the two up, which was probably for the best.
  4134. >You had always wanted two girls fighting over you, but not like this
  4135. >"I'm declaring a recess while a short-term investigation attempts to search for tampering; if none exists, the trial will be rescheduled for further analysis. Elsewise, the trial will proceed."
  4138. >You sat in between Cadance and Shining Armor down the street from the courtyard; the press had been given VERY clear instructions on staying away, although yo could practically hear them polishing their camera lenses a mile away, waiting for the verdict. Flurry was asleep in the Cadance's hands, despite the prior shouting match in the courtroom.
  4139. >Shining had bought you some ice cream, but you barely touched it.
  4140. >Twilight wasn't allowed anywhere near you, but everyone was sticking close, just in case; she was powerless without her magic anyway. You knew that Celestia, Luna, and the other Elements were with Twiggles, but no idea what they were doing.
  4141. "Hey, what do you guys think?" you blurted out of the blue.
  4142. >"...Well, if what you say is true, Twilight's done a lot of bad things." Cadance started, rocking Flurry a bit. "But we'll support you either way.". Pssh, still treating you like a kid.
  4143. "You don't believe me."
  4144. >"Oh, that's not it. We just really hope you're.... confused, is all". Well, at least she knew how to cushion the blow.
  4145. "...If Twilight is cleared, can I live with you guys? I don't feel safe around her."
  4146. >'Don't feel safe' was a golden phrase when you were a kid, got you out of tight spots (but never away from Purple, no matter how many times you tried.)
  4147. >The two just looked at each other.
  4148. >"We'll just talk and see, find out as much as possible about your... situation." Cadance consoled, patting you on the head.
  4149. >...
  4150. "Where's Grandad and Grandma? Do they not believe me either?"
  4151. >Cadance was about to correct you with 'how supportive' they were, but Shining spoke first. "Mom and Dad are with Twilight, we decided to split up for both your sakes. We have no idea what they think, none of us have really discussed it."
  4152. >...
  4153. >You wished Aryanne was here; although you could use help redpilling Flurry, you just wished you had a friend to talk to.
  4154. >Although the plan was going well, Flurry would scrunch her nose in disgust at yaks.
  4156. >Back in the courtroom, sitting next to Luna. When asked, she refused to detail her conversations with Purple
  4158. >You look over at Twilight. She looked up at you and held up a piece of paper she had been writing on; drawn on was cartoonish caricature of grilled cheese and a glass of choccy milk.
  4159. >She was already making plans for dinner. Greeeeeeeeaaaaaaat.
  4160. >Justice Civil stood up at the judge's bench, banging her gavel. "*Ahem* Court is now in session, and will hear testimony from forensic mage Arcane Analyst."
  4162. >Luna was now back to asking questions, slowly pacing like she was on CourtTV.
  4163. >"And what enchantments did you find on the collar?"
  4164. >"Well, it had for such medical equipment; near-invulnerability, sealing charms, neural links to check brain impulses. All of these were within the original designs for the Shock Collar under the Equestria Medical Board.
  4165. >"Was there anything else, anything abnormal about the collar's magical properties?"
  4166. >"Well, the neural link enchantment was vastly different from the board-certified spell, scanning for brainwaves rather than brain activity; this was likely a modification made by Miss Sparkle."
  4167. >"Could any of the spells been used to detect thoughts?"
  4168. >The forensics magician just laughed. "Don't be absurd, that's impossible, and I've seen everything."
  4169. >Luna paused, as if trying to pose another question and failing.
  4170. >"The prosecution has no further questions."
  4172. >Purple was up, once again neglecting to use her attorney.
  4173. >"Mister Analyst, you can confirm that the collar had no malicious properties or unethical alterations?"
  4174. >"No, all of its enchantments were suited for seizure control, and within the Health Board's safety standards; they were merely unusual."
  4175. >"So you would describe the collar as healthy and adaquete treatment for a seizure disorder, such as the one described in the medical report?"
  4176. >"Well, yes."
  4177. >"The defense has no further questioning."
  4178. >Twilight's reputation as a genius was coming in handy here, the jury probably thought she had found a way to improve it
  4180. >You lean over to Luna, who bowed her head closer to you to listen
  4181. "Psst, hey, can I put it on and try to trigger it?"
  4182. >"No, such a display would be deemed inconclusive, and would be considered tampering with evidence anyway. Believe me, we considered it, but it wouldn't work"
  4183. >You could hear the door behind you creak open; wasn't that a breach of sanctity?
  4184. >A mare with a light-brown coat, black mane, and dollar-sign cutie mark (obviously a Jew) holding a file in her hooves walked down the aisle and handled a file to Luna, whispering a message to her. The only word you heard was 'transfer'.
  4185. >Luna flipped through the file, looking over the post-it notes taped to the papers, her smile slowly growing as she reached the end of the dossiere
  4186. >She leans over to you, waves the folder, and whispers in a nearly-excited tone
  4187. >"This is a game-changer."
  4190. >Be Twilight
  4191. >Luna was grilling you oncemore, citing 'recent evidence'.
  4192. >You really needed to reform the ridiculous legal system
  4193. >"So, Twilight Sparkle, you testified that you foiled a foalnapping attempt on Anon on the 27th of Mars, correct?"
  4194. "Yes, at great personal risk."
  4195. >"And the foalnappers escaped?"
  4196. "Yes, and all investigation has failed to discern their identities or locations."
  4197. >"But here on this bank statement, one of your tertiary accounts wired a transfer of over 10,000 bits to an offshore account later that evening. Did you transfer the funds?"
  4199. >You'd been so careful, how'd they find this? You hadn't even used your real name!
  4200. "Yes." No point in lying, the evidence was there.
  4201. >"Who did you transfer the funds to?"
  4202. >You'd been prepared for this one, but still.
  4203. "A village in Saddle Arabia needed funds for new water treatment equipment."
  4204. >"And you decided to wire the funds anonymously, not using your personal account, and never going through official channels?"
  4205. "A legal procedure would have taken too long, and my personal account is to be used for acts of goodwill."
  4206. >"Why not your primary account?"
  4207. "That would decrease the taxes I pay, and I always make sure to contribute my fair share to Equestria."
  4208. >"Why a wired payment?"
  4209. "A payment in bits would take too long to arrive by mail, and would take even longer to clear in an inter-bank transfer."
  4210. >"You don't find the timing a little too convenient?"
  4211. "The transfer had been prepared days in advance, my signature was simply needed. I left Anon with my mother in the hospital, as the funds were required immediately to prevent illness."
  4212. >"What about the name on the account? It's not yours, why use an alias?"
  4213. "The name clearly reads 'Twobright Sparks', an obvious typographical error. I merely continued using it, as a name-change would be too time-consuming"
  4214. >"...No further questions."
  4216. >Justice Civil stood up, banging her gavel once.
  4217. >"We shall now here closing statements; Prosecution, you shall open."
  4218. >Luna got up, and you peeked at Anon while pretending to watch Moonbutt speak. Nonny looked so confused, so alone. You'd fix that one way or the other.
  4219. >"Members of the court, I have definitively proven that Twilight had forced Anon to wear a collar that provided no benefit and was clearly altered from the Medical Board's specifications. She has denied necessary medical service, and punished the filly in mentally damaging ways, such as a short stint in an orphanage. Twilight has also been connected to events designed to torment this innocent filly, such as a foalnapping, which alone warrants many years in jail. Twilight Sparkle has stolen this filly's life, having forcibly changed her species and gender, causing her to lose her memories.
  4222. >You stand up and take a breath. If you did well here, you and Nonny could go home again.
  4223. "Ladies and Gentlecolts of the court, I have nullified the opposition's arguments, as their primary foundation is a testimony from a mentally-instable filly who has attempted to defame me in the past. While she is not entirely responsible for her actions," you smile at Anon, "her sworn statements do not hold up in court. Additionally, the prosecution has not answered to the fact that such summoning is impossible, which alone negates their argument. Furthermore, the collar was deemed necessary by two doctors, and the only modifications detected on the collar were simply improvements to neural detection. The prosecution also pretends that a simple case of the flu warrants a hospital visit, whereas any parent could provide adequate treatment, which I did. I have no visible connections to any sort of wrongdoing or cruel and/or unusual punishment, and thus have been proven of absolutely no crime. The prosecution has provided no damning evidence, thereby presenting no legitimate case."
  4226. >Be Anon
  4227. >The jury had been in the deliberation room for fifteen minutes, while you settled in and enjoyed the summer breeze coming in from an ajar window
  4228. >Flurry started crying about ten minutes ago, so Cadance carried the broodling over her shoulder, down the aisle and out the oversized door.
  4229. >Probably went to go breastfeed her, you wish you got to suck crotchtits.
  4230. >Shining had been talking to his parents ever since, the three of them occasionally glancing to Twicunt or you.
  4231. >Luna had tried to talk with you after the jury left, but she said little of import, Your lack of interest certainly put her off, and she went back through her papers, double-checking to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything, her starry mane flowing in the slight wind.
  4232. >You looked over at purple, and her head turned away from you, pretending as if she hadn't been watching you. You got a decent look from your short glance; her mane slightly frazzled, and eyes a bit too big for comfort.
  4233. >tbf every pony's eyes were huge, but still.
  4234. >What was going through her head? Was she planning on a victory? Was she planning some sort of diabolical punishment in order to force your love? At this point, you'd believe anything.
  4235. >If- no no no, WHEN you won, you'd enjoy rubbing it in. Especially since you were incapable of rubbing one out as a prepubescent filly.
  4236. >You looked over the crowd one more time.
  4237. >Cherilee looked guilty; good, she probably should have actually double-checked Twilight's never-ending deluge of lies
  4238. >Most of Twilight's friends, the Elements and Comrade Glimmer, looked as if they supported her, their faces awash with hope. You briefly wondered how many of them were on your side; it didn't really matter, only the jury did.
  4240. >You heard a door squeak, and turned to see a slow procession of ponies slowly heading back to the jury box and taking their seats, with the lead juror remaining standing, holding a single sheet of paper.
  4241. >"The jury has decided."
  4243. >Wait in bated breath, the moment lasting for an eternity
  4244. >...
  4245. >...
  4246. >...
  4247. >...
  4248. >...
  4249. >"We find the defendant, Twilight Sparkle... guilty of all charges."
  4250. >You exuberantly smile and start hugging Luna. She shares your joy in a more subtle way, quietly returning the hug and sighing in relief. The rest of the auditorium sat in silence, never moving.
  4251. >You turned to Twilight, watching her in joy. She sat silently, her mane slowly turning into a ratty, frizzled mess.
  4252. >"B-b-b but that's wrong. I d-did nothing wrong!"
  4253. >She turns and looks directly at you, her eyes full-on crazy, her mane that of a mental-hospital patient, her hooves slowly clacking together. Thank god for the magic-nullification rune, otherwise she might go berserk and teleport the both of you to some cave where they'd never find you.
  4254. >"Anon, sweetie, tell them how much you love me. How much you loved living with me."
  4255. >The bailiff, escorted by a pair of guards, unlocked a pair of hoofcuffs and attached them to Twilight's front hooves. Now that Twicunt was without magic, she was powerless to resist.
  4256. >Twilight was full-on crying now, her sobbing audible throughout the hall. She wriggled in the hoofcuffs, staring at you with pleading eyes.
  4257. >"Anon, tell them! You swore an oath, don't lie! Tell them you love me!"
  4258. "Hey Purple."
  4259. >You put on the smuggest grin possible, one smugger than any Pepe ever drawn.
  4260. "You were never my mother. Enjoy prison you psychotic bitch."
  4261. >Twilight looked absolutely broken, her mind irreparably scarred. Her face was the picture of sadness, eyes downcast, her hair partially covering her face. She just started making incoherent mumbling noises, never looking up or resisting.
  4262. >The guards dragged Twilight off towards the penal hallway, her sentence 50 years. Too short in your opinion, but they couldn't give lifetime to an immortal demigod.
  4263. >The entire world sat still and silent for a full minute.
  4264. >Cadance slowly entered from the rear doors, holding a sleeping Flurry.
  4265. >"Did I miss anything?"
  4268. (Alternate Ending 2: Epilogue 1)
  4269. >Be Anon, one month after the trial
  4270. >Equestria's greatest minds were either figuring out how to transform you back, or how to open a portal back to Earth
  4271. >Twilight had left no notes or diagrams, and had refused to help as part of a plea bargain
  4272. >Comrade Glimmer had replaced Purple as the Element of Magic, and since Twilight pretty much got nothing important done anyway, there was no power vacuum.
  4274. >In the meantime, Shining Armor and Cadance had custody of you. They were pretty cool, they gave you your space, which was probably easy since they lived in a giant motherfucking castle
  4275. >But they'd invite you into their lives, orchestral symphonies, plays, death metal concerts, which you'd often participate in.
  4277. >The four of you (yes, even the baby gremlin) were eating dinner; vegetarian tacos, pretty nice. The dining hall was quiet with your small party all sitting at one end of a massive table. You could've eaten in one of the smaller kitchens, but nooooo, they liked the carpet in here more.
  4278. >WTF, how does that even make sense?
  4280. >The tacos filled you up pretty well,but you still weren't satisfied. You wanted Twicunt to suffer more. You had a plan, but it would require finesse, skill, maybe a few crocodile tears.
  4281. >So you decided to throw a curveball into formerly-pleasant dinner conversation
  4282. "Hey, I was wondering if maybe... maybe I could go see Twilight?"
  4283. >...
  4284. >"Uh... well..." Cadance started, before Shining popped in
  4285. >"Could you watch Flurry for a moment?" He casually draped his hoof over his wife's shoulder, leading themselves out the main entrance
  4286. >You tried to eavesdrop on their quiet, civil discussion while watching Flurry bang her spoon against her high-chair's table, spilling some applesauce onto their precious carpet. Whatever, as long as she didn't die you had done your job.
  4287. >'unhealthy', 'potential', 'Stockholm Syndrome'
  4288. >Wait, Equestria didn't have Swedistan, why would they name it Stockholm Syndrome?
  4290. (Alternate Ending 2: Epilogue 2)
  4291. >Walking down a torch-lit corridor, Cadance at your side, two guards 'escorting' you
  4292. >All of your hooves clopping against the stone floor with every step taken
  4293. >You reach the end of the hallway, and a guard unlocks the wrought-iron door, a slow creaking echoing throughout the passageway
  4295. >You enter first, eager to revel in your victory
  4296. >Twilight stood away from you, her coat matted with little bits of dirt, her mane messier than you had ever seen it. Light poured in from a barred window; there was a little door that lead outside, likely to a small courtyard with tall concrete walls, some exercise equipment, and a barred ceiling. A large pile of books sat next to her, a small table stocked with paper, quills and art supplies sitting against the left wall. Her bed seemed comfortable enough, but not to the quality she was used to. She was gonna be in solitary for a VERY long time.
  4297. >You turned over and looked at Cadance; she was giving the '3/4 stare', not looking at either of you but always having you in eyesight
  4298. "Twilight?"
  4300. >Twilight's head slowly rose, as if she was hopeful but didn't believe you were talking to her. Had she been hallucinating about you in here? Hopefully nothing lewd.
  4301. >She slowly rotated her head, and upon making eye contact, got up and rushed to the bars, and she reached out to stroke your face.
  4302. >"Nonny! I knew you'd come back! Do you miss your mama?"
  4303. "Mm-hmm." You put on a sad front, a pouting face and dejected posture. You could feel Cadance tensing up behind you, fearing the worst. If cell phones existed here she might start calling Shining Armor.
  4304. >"Good filly, you're a good filly aren't you?" Twilight's eyes were full of hope, shining brighter than they undoubtedly had in a month.
  4305. "Of course I'm a good filly.
  4306. >"Well Anon, I have a plan. If you go to the newspapers, and tell everypony you lied and how Luna FORCED you to testify, we can declare a mistrial. Then everything can go back to the way it was before, and we can go home." She looked desperate, or crazy; but you had already confirmed the latter.
  4307. "Yeah, I'll tell them what really happened"
  4309. >"That makes me so happy Anon! I knew they had you under a spell, and that you'd come to your senses eventually. Now give your mommy a hug." She reached her hooves out through the bars, the arms extended out to receive your embrace.
  4310. "It HAS been a while since I've done that." You take a step forward, then turn to your left and wrap your hooves around Cadance, nuzzling into her chestfluff. She let out a surprised gasp; you'd never called her mom before, and she'd only kissed you goodnight TWICE, so you were basically an outcast. But hey, anything to screw over Twilight.
  4311. >"Nonny, I'm over here, silly."
  4312. >"...Nonny? Nonny?"
  4313. >She started crying again, slowly growing from sniffles to sobbing, tears crawling down her face, her eyes growing puffy and lightly reddened
  4314. >"No...no..." She falls to her knees, looking down at the concrete tile in despair. Funny, she had tried to make YOU emotionally dependent on HER, while in reality the opposite happened.
  4315. >You turn your head away from Cadance's chest to give a condescending look at Twicunt.
  4316. "Did you say something Purple?"
  4317. >She snapped her head up and violently pointed her hoof at her sister-in-law
  4319. >Cadance leads you back out the door while your captor edges closer to insanity
  4320. >The guard shuts the door behind you with a quiet *boom* while Twilight's cries went from chest-racking to hysterical
  4321. >You only heard five coherent words from behind the door.
  4322. >"...what did I do wrong...?"
  4324. >>30365579
  4325. >Be Twilight
  4326. >Entering Sugarcube Corner to pick up a cake you had ordered a week ago. You approached the counter, manned by a cheerful-looking Carrot Cake.
  4327. "Hello Carrot, it's so good to see you. I can to pick up my order?"
  4328. >"Oh! Twilight! It's so good to see you too, we have your cake ready in the back. I'll go get it."
  4329. >You take a wide look at your surroundings; the bakery looked as clean as ever; but it seemed more... unsafe than usual.
  4330. >No door on the oven in the back, what if Anon got curious and crouched inside, and somepony turned it on, and-
  4331. >You grip her shoulder tighter, making sure she didn't run behind the counter. She moved her shoulders a bit, trying to loosen your grip
  4332. >The glass display was okay, unless it cracked open and showered your little filly in sharp glass
  4333. >Wait, was that couple sitting at the table by the front window using a KNIFE to cut that extra-large muffin? How could you trust a mere customer with a sharp object?
  4334. >The gray floor tiles were too hard, Anon might trip and break her nose
  4335. >Look at the corners on that table, the edges might mark her forehead if she bumped into them
  4336. >"Here's your order, Miss Sparkle- oh! Customers!"
  4337. >A small group of ponies entered in behind you, the bell attached to the door making a small *ding*
  4338. "I'll see you later!" You give a quick wave before moving away from the counter.
  4339. >You picked up your order with your magic and tried to lead Anon outside, guiding her with your hoof.
  4340. "C'mon Anon, it's too dangerous in here". She wasn't paying attention (the most dangerous state of all), so you were forced to pick her up by the scruff with your mouth and carry her back out the door and into the warm summer sun, all the while she wriggled in your grasp. Thankfully the collar didn't get in the way.
  4341. >"Hey, Purple, put me down- ooh, uh...."
  4342. >Anon went limp, realizing the futlity of her actions; she also seemed to be enjoying herself.
  4343. >The sensation of being completely powerless, and in the hooves of somepony you trusted was comforting to little foals.
  4346. >Be Anon
  4347. >Purple had now found out about your last class project; so you sat on the edge of the Cutie Map, your tail lazily flicking around while you awaited another tirade.
  4348. >She stood in front of you, another letter from Cherilee floating in her purple aura; you assumed Sweetie Belle had one as well. She took a moment to collect her thoughts; she didn't seem pissed, just exasperated.
  4349. >She had her hair up in a bun today; a few stray hairs had found their escape and hung around her face; Twilight either didn't notice, didn't care, or it was intentional. She eventually took a step towards you and began another nagging session
  4350. >"Now Anon, I know you're having a hard time catching up in class, but you need to work harder." Damn, why did Purple expect so much from you? First you needed to socialize, now this.
  4351. "Have you ever considered I'm trying my hardest?"
  4352. >She raises her eyebrow at that. "Anon, I've seen the lengths you go to screw with others. Try again."
  4353. "Maybe I got a learning disability when you transformed me." you add, a bit of fire in that statement.
  4354. >"Now that's not true, and you know it. Let's talk about what we can do about this, hmm?" She set the letter down on the table next to you.
  4355. >TBF it was Sweetie's fault you got a double-frowny face, she did all the work.
  4356. >"Anon, you can't act this way forever, you need to learn work ethic."
  4357. >Pssh, you're rich, why can't you fund my NEETlyfe?
  4358. >She squeezed your shoulder, moving her head a bit closer, her voice a bit softer. "I know you can do better Anon, you just need to apply yourself." She nuzzled you, the tip of her muzzle rubbing yours. You pretended to not enjoy it, but you could feel your left hind leg reflexively twitch.
  4360. >Now Twilight was going to read over ALL your history homework, and 'work on it with you'.
  4361. >Joke's on her, now you could just phone it in and she would fix everything. Easy PERFECT! stickers on every assignment
  4362. >At least that's what you thought it was gonna be.
  4364. >So now you're sitting at the dining room table, forehooves behind your head while Twilight *checks* your work with a quill, her tongue sticking out the side of her mouth.
  4365. >"There! All done."
  4366. "Thank you Twilight, your proofreading is really-" you glance down at the worksheet and see it's just a bunch of markings in red ink
  4367. "Wha- what's this?"
  4368. >"Notes on mistakes you made, and I expect you to fix them all, young filly." Your mouth just sits agape, realizing the horror of having to fill out a third-grade worksheet. Some of the questions even asked for a full 3-5 sentence paragraph, so basically slave labor
  4369. >"What, you expected me to do the work FOR you?" she scoffed, turning to go work on god-knows what.
  4370. >Dammit, she'd figured out your strategy
  4372. >Be Twilight, sitting across the table from a very indignant Anon
  4373. >"No!"
  4374. >She sat before an untouched plate of Caeser salad, her hooves crossed and nose upturned
  4375. "Anon, you need to eat more greens. Look, since you did such a good job on your homework, you can have a bowl of ice cream if you finish your salad."
  4376. >She just shook her head at that, her black mane flapping a bit with the movement
  4377. >"Mm-nmm." You could see her slouch a bit lower in her seat, never looking you in the eye.
  4378. "C'mon Anon, just add a bit more ranch dressing, you won't even be able to taste the lettuce."
  4379. >"You already covered the whole plate in ranch, I can't even SEE anything else."
  4380. >It was true, you'd already hit the maximum of ranch possible trying to convince her.
  4381. >Shit, her BMI was still too low, you didn't want your filly to be so underweight.
  4382. "Well, you can't leave the table until you finish your plate." You stomped your hoof a little to add some weight to the threat.
  4383. >"...Okay." She just scooched a bit in her wooden chair, getting into a more comfortable position. Her tail flowed through a couple of gaps between the oak bars of the chair's back, the hair tips just a few inches above the ground.
  4384. "Well, I hope you're comfy. Because I'm not giving in." You turned and went to work on your checklist for the next day.
  4385. >Anon would give up eventually. She had to.
  4387. >Be Anon
  4388. >You had stood your ground for an hour and a half now
  4389. >Honestly, you probably would have given in if not for the principle of the matter. If you caved in to Twilight now, she would tighten her grip on your life.
  4390. >As the night grew darker, moonlight illuminating the table, you started to think of bed. You weren't sleepy, but your eyes were drooping a bit.
  4391. >Twilight walked back into the dining room, the candle in her magic illuminating her surroundings
  4392. >Maybe she had decided to surrender; it was a bit past your bedtime, after all
  4393. >"Anon?"
  4394. "You come to admit defeat and cut your losses?"
  4395. >She got a bit uppity at that
  4396. >"Don't talk back to me like that. And no, I haven't, but I'm willing to cut you a deal. If you eat four bites of your dinner, you can go to bed."
  4397. "Pssh, I can sleep down here. I fell asleep at my computer dozens of times."
  4398. >She moves up next to you and rubs her cheek against yours; you could FEEL your cheeks reddening. She sat on her haunches next to you, her head about equal to yours.
  4399. >"But do you WANT to?"
  4400. >The filly in you wanted to crawl under the covers, snuggling into Twilight's chestfluff and listening to her breathe.
  4401. >But the human refused to be subdued, quietly rebelling against your warden. But maybe you could cut a bargain. You had read the Art of the Deal, should be a cinch
  4402. "Two bites."
  4403. >"Three bites."
  4404. "Three bites, AND I get a bowl of ice cream"
  4405. >"Three BIG bites, one scoop of ice cream, but you have to sleep with me tonight."
  4406. "Deal." You extended your hoof, and she shook it.
  4407. >You looked down at your plate, steeling yourself for the task ahead
  4410. >"Get cracking Anon, it's not getting any smaller."
  4411. >Three bites, you could do this.
  4412. >You pick up your fork and spear a single ranch-drenched piece of lettuce
  4413. >"Uh-uh-uh, I said BIG bites."
  4414. >You reluctantly add another couple of pieces before lifting it next to your mouth
  4415. >You decide to get it over with fast. You shove the dressing-heavy compound into your mouth, chewing and swallowing it with great speed.
  4416. >You immediately fork more and shove it in, imagining your mouth as a garbage dispenser. The sooner you get it over with, the better. You forced the concoction down, then your third bite, soon grimacing and shaking from your terrible ordeal.
  4417. "Blegh... ugh....... there, three big bites.
  4418. >"That wasn't so bad, was it?" She tousles your mane, and you edged away a bit. It didn't even compare to a nice brushing.
  4419. >She just giggled and went to grab a plate for your measly one scoop. You should have bargained for two.
  4420. >"Now hurry up so we can go to bed."
  4423. >Finishing your ice cream and brushing your teeth had been a quick affair
  4424. >Now Twilight was sitting up in her bed, holding her cover up for you with a small smile on her face.
  4425. >"C'mon Anon, it's bedtime."
  4426. >You walked to the bedside, looking up at the mattress' edge high above you. Damn, you were short
  4427. >You shook your little rump and attempted a jump, managing to grab the top, with your forelegs, the back hooves dangling in the air. Your head poked above the edge of the mattress, looking up at Purple
  4428. >"Oh no, Daring Do is hanging off the edge of a cliff, how will our hero escape?"
  4429. "Just get me up already."
  4430. >Instead of simply pulling you up with a hoof, she jumps to the floor and puts her snout in between her legs
  4431. >Not on the first date Twilight, I'm not that kind of filly
  4432. >She pushes you up with her head, and you eventually scrambled onto the bed. Needing help getting up there was embarrassing
  4433. >She hops in next to you, drawing the covers above you both. Flicking off the lights was easy with magic, why couldn't you have that?
  4434. >Twilight leaned back a bit, exposing her snuggly parts to you
  4435. >"Alright, now get in there. Momma's getting lonely."
  4436. >lewd.gif
  4437. >You inched forward and plowed your face straight into her soft, warm chestfluff, your snout penetrating the fuzzy fur
  4438. >Twilight lowered her head and nuzzled your mane, the sensation causing you to quietly moan.
  4439. >She extended her wings around you, the snuggling reaching new heights of pleasure Surrounded on all sides by Twilight's body, your world was small, dark, and comforting.
  4440. >You pushed your head deeper until her heaving frame softly pounded against yours
  4441. >Twilight began rubbing your back in soothing circles, the cuddling reaching a climax
  4442. >She pulled you into a hug, and the maternal affection became too much, an eruption of passionate nurturing connecting both of you.
  4443. >Eventually you both calmed down enough to fall asleep, your breathing becoming synchronized
  4445. >Be Anon
  4446. >You lazily roll over, feeling the warmth of the bedsheets above you
  4447. >...
  4448. >Wait, blankets don't have feathers
  4449. >You were cuddled next to Twilight, her light snores indicating she was asleep
  4450. >You peeked out from under her wing and looked out the window. The day was still dark, barely dawn by your best guess. Well, better get comfy.
  4451. >You scooted closer to Twilight, the top of your head touching the crook of her chin. She mumbles something and reaches out, holding you close and tightening the wings surrounding you.
  4453. >Be Twilight
  4454. >Anon was attempting to escape the castle, off to congregate with the devil on her shoulder.
  4455. >You wouldn't let some supremacist corrupt your innocent daughter.
  4456. "Anon, you shouldn't be spending so much time with this Aryanne filly. Her parents are rather... extreme, and I'm afraid some of that has rubbed off on her"
  4457. >"Yeah, well, I pick my own friends." She snapped her head away, walking towards the door.
  4458. >Maybe you could gently encourage her into a better decision. Manipulating foals was easy.
  4459. "Well, I guess that's true. Hey, maybe you could pick Sweetie Belle. She lives so close, and the two of you would have so much fun together, why-"
  4460. >"No, I don't want to be plugged into some arranged friendship like a shitskin. Just let me be." Damn, she didn't fall into your trap. You also didn't like the tone of her voice, or her word choice, but you could deal with that later.
  4461. >Anon cracked the door open, a ray of light shining in through the opening
  4462. "Well, you shouldn't go alone, she lives at the edge of town. What if you got lost? I could-"
  4463. >She turned her head to you, just to roll her eyes with an exasperated sigh
  4464. >"God, Twilight, I don't NEED you. Buzz off.."
  4465. >Anon shut the door behind her a little too hard, the noise echoing through the halls. Why, the nerve!
  4466. >Of course she needed you, what would she do without you? Maybe it was time for a little 'reminder'
  4467. >Anon would learn her lesson soon enough.
  4468. >Time to prepare Op. FB: DS
  4470. >Be Anon
  4471. >You had put Purple in her place. She was just a snuggle call, you didn't actually want a relationship.
  4472. >R-right?
  4473. >"Anon? Are you listening?"
  4474. "Huh? Oh, sorry, I zoned out for a bit. Could you repeat that?"
  4475. >Aryanne looked adorable in the oversized military cap she'd borrowed from her dad. Every couple of minutes she'd adjust it back, so that it wouldn't fall over her eyes, which had already happened twice.
  4476. >"I was zhinking we could go try to make other friends, ja?
  4477. "What? I mean, why do we need anybody else?".
  4478. >Having one friend was already more than the ones in your pre-pony life.
  4479. >Aryanne didn't even blink at your use of -body, pretty much everyone you knew had gotten used to it
  4480. >"We need to get ozzer ponies to join our cause, otherwise they will let degeneracy spread. Without popular support, we vill be powerless. "
  4481. >God, her accent was so cute.
  4482. "Definitely. But we can't show off our powerlevel until the other fillies trust us."
  4483. >"So now we just need to make more frienden."
  4486. >So now the pair of you were walking around town, looking for potential friends
  4487. >You pass by Diamond Tiara, both of you giving an amicable 'hello' while passing. You just kept walking while Aryanne looked back at her
  4488. >"Why not Diamond? She's a good filly."
  4489. "Yeah, but she's rich, so she might be with (((Them)))."
  4490. >"Hmm, you're right, we'll need to do some research
  4491. "Well, her nose isn't big enough" you whisper over.
  4492. >The two of you just started giggling like schoolfillies, which you were.
  4493. >Eventually you run into Pipsqueak, holding a rock
  4494. >If he was a zebra you'd assume he was about to chimp out
  4495. "Uhhh, watcha doing Pipsqueak?"
  4496. >"Blimey Anon, you gave me a right fright. Well, me and Featherweight were gonn aplay some hopscotch, but he's still not here.
  4497. >"Do you have chalk?" Aryanne asked him
  4498. >"Sure mate, right on the ground over there."
  4500. >With only one piece of chalk, you were forced to do it yourself
  4501. >Heh, from the side it kinda looked like a penis
  4502. >"You sure it's 0 and not 10?" Aryanne asked.
  4503. >Quit trying to undermine me, I'm in charge here.
  4504. "Pretty sure, here, let me go first."
  4505. >You gave a tiny little toss and landed the rock on 1, beginning your long odyssey
  4506. >You hopped over to the number of genders, skipping on one hoof at a time through Greece's GDP, a Malaysian basket-weaving board, the best Star Wars, the Elements of Harmony, current_year[3], the average IQ of a nigger, the recommended bridal age in Islam, and eventually to what Hitler did wrong.
  4507. >As you tried to turn around, your hooves crossed, and you landed on the dirt on your ass, and the others started laughing at you.
  4508. >Thankfully your thicc-ness cushioned the fall
  4509. "It's not funny!"
  4510. >"Oi! It's my turn!" Pipsquek declared
  4512. >After a couple of hours the three of you laid in a sweaty pile
  4513. >Hopscotch had become MUCH more intense after a unanimous decision to allow the non-hoppers to throw rocks at the current player
  4514. >You'd also invented and attempted hardcore versions of jump rope, tetherball, four-square, wall ball and pat-a-cake, most incorporating rocks or physical combat in some way
  4515. >Pipsqueak and Aryanne had vetoed your pat-a-flank idea.
  4516. >Maybe when they were older.
  4518. >Be Twilight
  4519. >You'd come to City Hall to magically make copies of some old maps
  4520. >It was a little tricky, but nothing above your level. Certainly easier than doing it by hand.
  4521. >All the while, a stallion behind you wearing a safety inspection uniform was explaining a construction stability problem to Mayor Mare, one you were already aware of.
  4522. >"-more fractures in the dam concrete on the North Side, we usually get a few every year. Normally we'd just go ahead and fix it, but we'd figure we'd check in with you."
  4523. >"Yes, yes. Go ahead, and thank you for letting me know." Out of the corner of your eye, you saw her make a dismissive gesture.
  4524. >Mayor Mare was pretty good at her job, dealing with minutia and citizen complaints on a regular basis. If she ran for governor, she could probably steal a few delegates from Legal Lease.
  4525. >As you approached the door, she spun to speak with you
  4526. >"Oh! Twilight! I'd forgotten you were here!"
  4527. "It's fine, I'm usually pretty quiet."
  4528. >"Do you have everything you need?"
  4529. "Yes, I was hoping to use these to map out potential scenic routes."
  4530. >"Well, I can't wait to see your proposals! Just make sure the folders aren't TOO thick. Hahaha."
  4531. "Haha, well-"
  4532. >"Seriously, no more than 20 pages."
  4533. "R-right, sorry."
  4534. >You pack your things and teleport home, eager to begin your 'project'..
  4535. >There was much work to be done
  4536. >Be Anon
  4537. >After a long day of consensual playtime, you'd finally come home. You open the door to the Faggotry Castle and slouch inside, upon whence you heard Twilight yelling.
  4538. >"Glimmer?! Are you going somewhere?! Can you pick up some eggs?!"
  4539. >A feminine voice responded, echoing through the halls
  4540. >"No, I'm still here! I think that was Anon!!"
  4541. >"Could you make sure she's okay?!"
  4542. >"Sure thing!!"
  4543. >You could hear Comrade Glimmer walk down a staircase and eventually into the foyer, her hoofbeats regular and relaxed. When she saw you, she brightened her expression. Whether this was intentional or not was difficult to tell
  4544. >"Nonny! Did you have fun today?"
  4545. "Meh. I guess."
  4546. >Glimmer closed the distance between you in a few paces, standing a few inches in front of you. God, you were short. Starlight gave you a sad smile, and proceeded to ruffle your mane. You push your head into it, enjoying the sensation.
  4547. >"Well, I'm sure tomorrow will be better."
  4548. >A look of remembrance crosses GlimGlam's face, her eyebrows raised and mouth perky
  4549. >"Oh! I think Twilight wanted to ask you something! She's in the secondary library!"
  4550. >Great, what now??
  4551. >You managed to hop up a staircase to the sub-library, in an obscure corner of the castle. It was as if the architects realized they had a bunch of empty space on the second floor and drew in a little 16x20 room in.
  4552. >It mostly held diagrams, county histories, permits ranging from business to housing, maps, nothing nopo- nobody would want to read, except for purple autism.
  4553. >Only a small table in the center of the room stood, with every wall crammed with filing cabinets arranged by subject, then alphabetically. A little light came through a small multicolored window near the top of the exterior wall.
  4554. >You'd already gone looking through it all, searching for some hint to removing the collar or returning home.
  4555. >But there was nothing of use in those filing cabinets.
  4556. >You see Twilight fussing over an opened bottom drawer on one of the filing cabinets
  4557. "Uh..."
  4558. >Twilight popped up in surprise and put a hoof on her chest
  4559. >"Anon! Oh, you scared me!"
  4560. >Quit playing, Twilight, I'm too cute to be scary
  4561. "Uh, you wanted something?"
  4562. >"Oh, yes, neither me nor Starlight have made anything for dinner, would cheese pizza be okay?"
  4563. >Fuck yeah, pizza was the best.
  4564. >Only good thing to ever come out of Italy.
  4565. >Well, pasta was okay too
  4566. "Yep!" You closed your eyes and gave a smile, like the girls in one of your animes.
  4567. >"Okay sweetie, I'm gonna 'pop'-"
  4568. >You didn't laugh at the joke
  4569. >"- in and grab a couple of boxes. I'll be gone for about ten minutes. If you need anything, just call Starlight, okay?"
  4570. >You nod, and she teleports out.
  4571. >The room was quiet, the colored light cascading down on your face
  4572. >So what was she doing in that cabinet?
  4574. >Still Anon
  4575. >You head over to the still-open cabinet and sit your rump down next to it, peering over its contents
  4576. >Your time was limited, hopefully Twilight would teleport back to the kitchen or living room with the pizza rather than surprising you
  4577. >You notice some papers that were slightly higher than the others, the one in front far more prominent than the rest, rising above the others by a full inch
  4578. >You excitedly pull it out and look at it, only to be disappointed with a building permit for some random house. How anticlimactic
  4579. >You check the next one; some wedding license dated about six months old
  4580. >The third ruffled document was just a city map from 20 years ago; you flipped through the remaining pages in the filing cabinet and realized there was only one more new addition
  4581. >The last document was a map detailing the greater Ponyville area. It was pretty large, about 3 feet by 3 feet
  4582. >This wasn't some kiddy map, it was topological, contained concentric circles for elevation and shaded regions n shieet
  4583. >It also seemed to be very old; the edges were frayed, the paper was yellowed, and the script seemed to be written in the pony equivalent of Latin
  4584. >You notice a red square in the middle of the river that eventually fed into the Everfree
  4585. >The name for this one caught your eye, then grabbed your attention
  4586. >'Occutatum Aurum'
  4587. >You were pretty sure 'Aurum' meant 'gold'
  4588. >gold = money, money = power, power = escape
  4589. >You could feel the collar around your neck start to feel ticklish, but you ignored it fairly easily
  4590. >You rolled the map up and trotted up the stairs to hide it in your room
  4591. >Lady Luck was finally gonna give you a blowjob
  4594. >Be Anon, the next morning
  4595. >Sitting at the kitchen table, eating some buttere toast while the low sun
  4596. "Anon, I'm heading out to Faron Woods for the day, I need to test soil acidity . Are you okay staying here at home?"
  4597. >Wait, wasn't Faron Woods pretty close to the gold? Maybe you could tag along.
  4598. "Wait, lemme come with you!" you blurt out
  4599. >"...
  4600. "I, uh, thought we could spend more time together. I don't really know a lot about you, and I thought this'd be a good chance to."
  4601. >She seemed to like that answer a lot, smiling happily at your suggestion
  4602. >"I'd love to Anon, why don't you pack your saddlebags and we can head out."
  4603. >You hop off your chair and rush upstairs
  4604. >When you get inside your room, you quickly throw a water bottle, a bag of graham crackers, and the map into a saddlebag.
  4605. >You eagerly meet up with Twilight downstairs as fast as you can, before Twilight changed her mind
  4606. >"Do you have everything? Plenty of water?" she asks with concern.
  4607. "Yep!"
  4608. >"Well, be ready, I'm gonna teleport us there, okay?"
  4609. >You just nod your head in understanding, and stand close to her.
  4610. >You feel a tugging at your center, and you're suddenly surrounded by trees
  4612. >You follow Twilight up a steep incline, your short legs struggling to keep up. Why couldn't she just fly you up there?
  4613. >"...but when I left for Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, I lost touch with my old friends-"
  4614. >You paid attention, partially to distract you from the climbing, and also to try and discern any way out of your situation
  4615. >Eventually the path narrowed into a pretty little grove. Now you needed to break off and find your treasure
  4616. "...Twilight?"
  4617. >She turns to look at you
  4618. "Can I rest for a minute? I'm really tired."
  4619. >"Sure Nonny. I have a lot to do, and this forest is extremely safe, so I'm gonna go on ahead. Is that okay?"
  4620. "Mmmhmm. See you later."
  4621. >Twilight flew off, undoubtedly to count the squirrel population or whatever.
  4622. >That was odd, she was usually so narcotic about these things. Maybe she'd decided to loosen your leash.
  4624. >You check your map again, trying to get your bearings
  4625. >The red marker was in the middle of a river, and you had no scuba gear. Maybe there was an island or something
  4626. >You trek onward through the trees, enjoying the cool breeze and the warm sunlight streaming through the leaves.
  4627. >Equestria wasn't so bad, really.
  4628. >As you walk in a loop towards your target, you notice the trees growing thinner and shorter, the dirt becoming finer
  4629. >Eventually you reach the river, standing on a ridge. The water had was only a foot or so deep, while the ravine's walls stretched about ten.
  4630. >Comrade Glimmer would undoubtedly writhe at your use of freedom units
  4631. >Considering it was spring, you'd figure that the water level would be higher. Maybe the thaw hadn't set in.
  4632. >There was no island in sight, just a moderately-paced stream. You calibrated with your map and began making your way north
  4634. >After about a quarter-mile of trekking, you saw it
  4635. >A small outcropping of rocks sat in the middle of the river, blocking out the water, with wet sand sitting in a pool in the center with a 1' radius
  4636. >You hoped the treasure wasn't too large, you didn't want to make multiple trips
  4637. >Heh, trips
  4638. >You slowly climb down the side of the ravine, dropping the last two feet. You doggy-paddle five feet toward the rock and heave yourself up
  4640. >Still Anon
  4641. >You stood above the sandy pit in the middle of the rocky outcropping. This was DEFINITELY it
  4642. >With little grace, you fall to your knees and start viciously clawing away the sand
  4643. >It was just a few
  4644. >You heard a quiet noise, but pay no attention to it. Sounded like a tree creaking, not your problem.
  4645. >You claw and claw and claw until you reach more rock
  4646. >...
  4647. >You turn back to the pile of sand you had created while excavating, and begin furiously tearing it apart, searching
  4648. >Where was the gold? Where was it???
  4649. >You'd combed through the entire depository, and nothing but stupid dirt.
  4650. >You rest on your haunches and sigh, disappointment filling your soul
  4651. >Of course there was nothing there, the treasure map was old and possibly fake. Any treasure here had been pillaged a century ago
  4652. >...
  4653. >Was the sound getting louder?
  4654. >You stand up and turn north; wait, that roaring-
  4655. >A wall of water that filled up to the top of the ravine burst out of a bend in the ravine, its contents rapidly spinning. The flood approached you at about 15 mph, the large mass about to consume you.
  4656. >Oh... shit.
  4658. >The flood pushed you off your hooves in an instant, and you were sucked under the surface, the pressure emptying your lungs of any air. Your eyes closed instinctually, with no intention of ever opening
  4659. >You TRIED to flail your limbs, attempt to reach for the surface, but the pressure was too great, and all you could do was flop around and try to survive
  4660. >You felt yourself hit a rock on the bottom with your back and rebounded off the hard surface. At least it wasn't your head.
  4661. >The relentless water pounded you, and your lungs screamed out for oxygen. Your mouth reflexively sucked in a bit of water, some entering your lungs
  4662. >No matter how hard you tried to kick, the surface was forever out of your reach. You could barely tell which direction was up, let alone reach it.
  4663. >You wanted to cry but couldn't, the flood continually pushing you downriver.
  4664. >You didn't want to drown. You didn't want to drown.
  4665. >...
  4666. >You were gonna die here.
  4668. >As you started fading, you felt something tug at you
  4669. >The force pulled you to the side of the wave, and your head breached the surface
  4670. >You sucked in as much air as possible, not caring for explanations, just the taste of sweet, sweet, oxygen
  4671. >You felt yourself hit the river bed while arms tugged at you, lying you down on your back
  4672. >As you took your second breath, you looked up and saw Twilight looking down at you, visible concern in her eyes
  4673. >"Anon! Anon, are you alright!"
  4674. >You just cough a bit of water up out of your lungs, no words to say
  4675. >Twilight had saved you. It was lucky she'd gotten here in time, otherwise you would've died
  4676. >She then proceeded to pull you up in a tight hug, the pressure nearly equal to that of the furious torrent
  4677. >That was hyperbole, but still.
  4678. >"Oh Nonny, I was so scared, I thought you'd drown!"
  4679. "*Hack*! *Cough*!"
  4680. "...M-me too."
  4681. >You hug her back in gratitude, and start to whimper pathetically.
  4682. >"Shh, shh, it's alright, you're safe with mommy."
  4683. >You just wanted to be held, and Twilight was happy to oblige
  4685. >Be Twilight
  4686. >You sat on the river's small beach, just holding your daughter tightly while she cried into your fur, the sobs wracking her body
  4687. "Mama won't let anything bad happen to you. That's why you need Mama, to keep you safe."
  4688. >The bawling only grew louder, with the occasional whimper mixed in. A touch of guilt crept in before you remembered that it would be good for her in the end.
  4689. >It was Anon's fault for being so defiant, you never wanted to actually use Operation Forced Bonding: Drowning Salvation
  4690. >I mean, the dam was dangerously full already, practically overflowing, and this prevented long-term coastal flooding.
  4691. >The name was pretty cool though, you were proud of it.
  4692. >Anon seemed to be deeply affected by her experience; she wasn't pushing you away like normal. Maybe now she'd be a good filly and get her act together, and be happy with her life. Happy with you.
  4693. >You slowly rub circles into Anon's back, trembling in your gentle grasp. All the while you whispered soothing tones in her ear
  4694. "Let it all out, sweetie, you're okay now, because mama is here."
  4695. >You would occasionally kiss her on the forehead, or rub your cheek against hers. The motions seemed to help her calm down.
  4696. >As time went on, the shaking slowed and her cries became quieter and quieter, until Anon was merely sniffling and mewling.
  4697. "Do you want to go home?"
  4698. >She silently nodded, he head still under your chin, and you nuzzled her a bit before teleporting
  4699. >With a *crack*, the two of you were gone, as if you were never there.
  4702. >Be Twilight
  4703. >You pop into the living room, and with a quick burst of magic the fireplace was roaring
  4704. >You carry Anon close to it while levitating a 'convienently'-placed' towel over to you
  4705. >Setting the shaking little filly down onto the rug, you wrap her up in the towel and start drying her off, while she just sat quietly, leaning into your gentle rubbing.
  4706. >She starts and you lay her head down on a little pillow, and trot upstairs to grab her blankie. You grab it and rush downstairs, carefully rolling Anon into it like a burrito
  4707. >"I-I'm sorry Twilight."
  4708. "...For what?"
  4709. >"I went off exploring instead of finding you, and- ...it's my fault"
  4710. >You hug Nonny close, the blanket not masking her heaving little body pressed against yours
  4711. "It's okay, sweetie, it wasn't your fault. I'm just happy you're okay."
  4712. >You give her a boop on the nose and she breathes out a single giggle.
  4713. "Do you want to eat now?"
  4714. >...
  4715. >"Mnn-mmm."
  4716. "Do you want anything to drink?"
  4717. >...
  4718. >"No water."
  4719. "I'll get you some cocoa. Is that okay?"
  4720. >She nods her little head, looking up at you with those gigantic eyes, your heart melting under her gaze.
  4721. "Okay baby, I'll be right back."
  4723. >After a couple of mugs Anon was acting... much like her former self
  4724. >Which wasn't horrible, at least
  4725. >"-I'm just saying, two nukes weren't enough."
  4726. "That's nice dearie. Would you like some soup now, It'll only take-"
  4727. >You hear a door open, some clopping sounds, and eventually Starlight poked her head in
  4728. >"Hey Twi, hey Nonny. How's your day going?"
  4729. >The two of you look at each other, forming a silent agreement
  4730. "It's been fine."
  4733. >Be Anon
  4734. >You were drowning again, caught in a tumultuous wave of water
  4735. >You paddle up towards the light, your body tiring with every stroke
  4736. >But you could never break the surface, no matter how hard you tried
  4737. >You'd run out of oxygen long ago, and you knew you'd die soon
  4738. >You opened you eyes long enough to look up through the water
  4739. >Twilight was standing above the waves, gazing down at you without emotion
  4740. >"Well, I guess I'll have to find a new daughter. Maybe I should transform a dragon this time."
  4741. >You tried to call out, ask her to save you, but nothing came out, and your mouth filled with water
  4742. >You could feel the water tugging you down into its dark depths, cold and unforgiving
  4744. >You jolted up, your head bolting up. For a panicked second, you thought you were at the bottom of the ocean, so dark were your surroundings
  4745. >You look up, peering through the darkness. It was nighttime with little light from the moon. This was your room, your bed, and you weren't alone.
  4746. >You were laying on Twilight. That is, you lay atop her, your legs splayed out on either side of her barrell while she slept on her back
  4747. >Your movement apparently woke her up
  4748. >"...Hmm? Nonny?"
  4749. "I-it was the dream again."
  4750. >"Shh, shh, it's okay. I'm here." She started rubbing your back and nuzzled your cheek affectionately.
  4751. >You lay back down and snuggle into her fluff, your body rising and falling a bit as she breathed, the rocking movement soothing in its regularity. Her heartbeat was as strong as always, the regular wub-wub noise calming you down and helping you fall asleep
  4752. >Even if Purple was a bitch, she was always there for you
  4753. >Maybe you'd cut her some slack.
  4754. >Maybe.
  4755. >Be Anon
  4756. >Sitting in a large room in Master Mind's practice, the velvet chair feeling static to touch.
  4757. >The other ponies seem normal enough, but then again they were all probably as retarded as you
  4758. >Master Mind himself decided to open the floor
  4759. >"You are all here today because you have internal difficulties; we believe that group discussion will help your growth. Now let's go around and introduce ourselves. Lyra, would you like to go first?"
  4760. >Lyra seemed a bit twitchier than usual, but otherwise she looked like she had it together
  4761. >"...My name is Lyra, and I have bipedal-delusion Syndrome.
  4762. >"Hello Lyra" the group muttered in unison
  4763. >That was odd, she was so devout earlier. Maybe they put her on some meds, or she was playing along.
  4764. >"Good, admitting you have a problem is the first step." Master Mind noted
  4765. >A male zebra stood up next
  4766. >My name is Deshaun, and I'm a kleptomaniac
  4767. >"Hello, Shawn".
  4768. >God, was this what Alchoholics Anonymous was like?
  4769. >"Would you like to go next, Strongarm?"
  4770. >A large, gray stallion stood up, a muscular arm for a cutie mark
  4771. >"I'm not Strongarm, I'm Cherry Blossom." he insisted in an obviously-forced feminine voice , stamping his hoof
  4772. >"We've been over this, using that name only attaches you further."
  4773. >"If I identify as a -" Strongarm was cut off by Master Mind
  4774. >"Alright, we'll try more electroshock next week, Strongarm."
  4775. "You should ask Purple for tips" you mumble under your breath, tugging at your collar
  4776. >"And now we come to... Anon".
  4777. >All of the group's eyes were on you, and you choked up a bit. Public speaking had never been your strong suit
  4778. >You hop out of your little chair and land unsteadily on your hooves
  4779. "Uh... m-my name is Anon, and I feel unsafe, and I have trust issues, and now I'm afraid of water."
  4780. >"Hello Anon." It was weird how they all did that.
  4781. >You wriggled back up on your chair.
  4782. >This was a waste of time, why did Purple make you do this?
  4784. >It was Lyra's turn to talk now, while Master Mind just wrote things down on a clipboard
  4785. >"And some of the humans worship a big black rock. At least I think it said rock, Olde Equestrian is tough to translate. Also, humans-"
  4786. >"Lyra, how do you start a sentence?" Master Mind interrupted
  4787. >"Well, I THINK that humans always wear clothes instead of just walking around in their coats, including a type of horseshoe made out of some kind of thick fabric and rubber. I THINK it's because they don't have hooves"
  4788. >"Is there anything else you'd like to say Lyra?"
  4789. >"The Reunion is coming."
  4790. >Master Mind just sighed at that, but Deshaun got curious
  4791. >"Ayo, what's dis Reunion?"
  4792. >Lyra was too happy to answer
  4793. >"Well, the humans will be coming back"
  4794. >"Oo-kay, it's Anon's turn now" Master Mind butted in, trying to keep the insanity contained. He turned to you with clipboard in hand, watching you like a fish in an aquarium.
  4795. >"Just speak your mind honestly, Anon, you won't be judged"
  4796. >You're entire job is judging people you huge sack of shit.
  4797. "Well, life's not good right now. I nearly drowned recently, so I stay away from water, I only drink milk now. There's a conspiracy to keep me quiet, and I can't trust anypony because I don't know if they're in on it, so I can't tell any of them anything. Every moment of every day is being watched-"
  4798. >Master Mind scribbled something down
  4799. "and I miss being-"
  4800. >The collar immediately bursts out an electrical shock, the pain and surprise knocking you to the floor, your legs making little twitching movements
  4801. >Deshaun and Strongarm get up to help you, but Master Mind waves them off.
  4802. >"It's for her seizures, the best thing to do is not interfere."
  4803. >After a moment, you slowly rise to your hooves, climb back onto your chair, and quietly sit down.
  4804. >Fuck this
  4805. >Master Mind decided to end the silence
  4806. >"I think that's enough today. We'll go back to individual meetings, so please schedule with the secretary.
  4807. >You shuffled out of the room, head hung low
  4809. >Be Anon
  4810. >Twilight had said she had an urgent mission for you, which only you could complete
  4811. >Like a sucker you fell for the bait
  4813. "Why me?"
  4814. >Rarity was doing the last alterations for your dress for her 'Fillies' Line' of clothing, with a fashion show to launch the series.
  4815. >"Why darling, none of my other 'models' could pull off orange, and Twilight thought you'd enjoy trying something new."
  4816. >Of course she had a hoof in this
  4817. >Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom were all dressed up in fancy dresses, colored sky blue, pink, and maroon, respectively. Lots of frills and sequins, all quite girly
  4818. >Yours was a little more simple, with a short neckline and a little hole in the back for your tail to poke out of. Your green coat and black mane did synergize with the orange fabric and yellow underlining, though
  4819. >"C'mon Anon, it'll be fun!" Scootaloo said. Odd, you figured her of all people would hate this
  4820. >"Ya! Ya gotta try new things if ya want to have fun!"
  4821. >God, Apple Bloom's accent was annoying, she didn't even live 10 miles from Ponyville, why did she sound like a hick?
  4823. >Scootaloo and Apple Bloom had gone on ahead of you, both performed wonderfully and returning from their tour confident and perky
  4824. >Lots of 'oohs' and 'aahs' from the audience, probably from a bunch of snooty rich mares and gay stallions
  4825. >If the crusaders without a god could do this, so could you. R-right?
  4826. >God, you hated public speaking.
  4827. >There was no speech, but same principle
  4828. >Maybe you could vomit on yourself and get out of this
  4829. >Before you could shove your hoof down your throat, Rarity came out from behind a curtain and pointed at you
  4830. >"Anon! You're up! Go strut your stuff!"
  4831. >You, each step feeling a minute long. You paused right before the curtain opened, steeling yourself for the exhibition
  4832. >You just had to force yourself out there, like jumping in a cold lake.
  4833. >You stumble out onto the runway, freezing in the gaze of the audience.
  4834. >They were silent, did you do something wrong?
  4835. >Did you piss yourself? No, your crotch felt dry. Were you too ugly?
  4836. >No, Twilight said you were a cute, she wouldn't lie
  4837. >Well, best to get this over with
  4838. >You just plod to the end of the floor, trying to ignore the flashing cameras and blank stares.
  4839. >You shuffled around a few times to give the audience a couple of angles to judge you by, and awkwardly turned around and rushed back behind the curtain, wishing you would die
  4840. >So like every other day
  4841. >wojak.png
  4842. >Rarity never slowed, trying to keep the show on schedule
  4843. >"Okay, Sweetie Belle, get out there! And remember the poses!"
  4844. >Poses? Nobody taught you any POSES. But you WERE a last minute addition.
  4845. >Sweetie was all to eager to oblige, prancing out into the public eye. You could FEEL the audience liking her more.
  4846. "I blew it, didn't I?
  4847. >"No, you did... fine. Perfectly fine." Rarity answered, biting her lip
  4848. >At least she wouldn't ask you to do this again.
  4849. "Wait, I'm getting paid, right?"
  4855. >Be Twilight
  4856. >Just getting ready for a date tonight with Thunderlane
  4857. >For once Rainbow Dash had been helpful, hooking you up with the Wonderbolts recruit
  4858. >You knew that thunder moved at the speed of sound, but hopefully he wouldn't finish fast
  4859. >It wasn't for another four hours, but you liked to be prepared
  4860. >Also, 'getting ready' meant preparing a 50-item list of casual conversation topics
  4861. >You heard a knocking on the door, maybe Anon was home
  4862. >You'd told her to be home by 6:30, but maybe she got bored, or scraped her leg
  4863. >You teleport downstairs and pull the door open, expecting a potentially-crying little filly, instead seeing a cross-eyed pegasi on your porch, holding out a sealed envelope
  4864. "Oh, hi Derpy. You already brought the mail, is something wrong?"
  4865. >She hung her head in shame
  4866. >"Well, yes. ... I'm sorry Twilight, apparently a week or so ago a bit of my bag ripped and a letter addressed to you slipped between the felt interior and the outer cotton bag. I'm so sorry."
  4867. >You wave her apology with a hoof, then take the letter
  4868. "It's fine Derpy, everypony makes mistakes. How's Dinky?"
  4869. >"Oh, she's great, drawing a lot of pictures, she's got a real knack for art. Having a hard time with math though."
  4870. "Oh, well maybe Anon could tutor her? She's EXCELLENT at math."
  4871. >"That'd be nice, maybe we could discuss it later? I have to get home, I've got muffins in the oven."
  4872. "Sure thing, thank you for bringing this letter to me. It was nice seeing you!"
  4873. >You open up the letter immediately; even though it was probably spam
  4874. >'Dear Miss Sparkle, your appointment for the astrolabe patent has been moved from the 7:00 on the fifteenth to 4:00 on the twelfth by the Unified Patent Bureau. We apologize for this inconvenience, but it was a necessary change due to unforeseen circumstances.'
  4875. >'With Great Regret, Pencil Pusher'
  4876. >You look at the clock frantically
  4877. >3:22
  4878. >Fuck
  4880. >shitshitshitshitshit.png
  4881. >You teleported through the castle, collecting diagrams, charts, and your working model and throwing them all in a briefcase
  4882. >You weren't ready for this, you hadn't even made any flashcards!
  4883. >Shit, you needed Anon here right now, and you didn't know where she was
  4884. >Where would Anon logically be? Where did she spend her time alone?
  4885. >Aryanne's house? Sugarcube Corner?
  4886. >Wait...
  4888. >You teleport into the Mare's Restroom at the General Store
  4889. >Anon was at the sink 'washing her hooves' (for Celestia knows how long), but you were 99% sure she just came to listen to the mares pee
  4890. >You'd have to talk to her about that later
  4891. >As soon as you blinked in, Anon fell back on her rump, quickly recovering and looking at you in anger
  4892. >"What the fuck Purple, you can't just teleport into a bathroom, that's fucked up!"
  4893. >You'd have to add cussing to that discussion
  4894. "It's an emergency, you need to come home right now."
  4895. >"Uh-uh, you said I could stay out until 6:30."
  4896. "Well, now I'm saying come home now."
  4897. >She just sighed in defeat, knowing she had no way of stopping this
  4898. >"I'm expecting a lot of Good Filly Points for this"
  4899. >With a *pop*, the two of you were in your living room
  4900. "Illberightbackdontmove!"
  4902. >In a moment you were standing on the porch to Parasol's house
  4903. >You knock furiously on the door until Parasol's dad answered, a yellow-maned guy with a blue mane in a buzzcut
  4904. >His expression of annoyance turned to surprise rather quickly
  4905. >"Princess Twilight? Wha- Parasol's not supposed to foalsit 'til 7-"
  4906. >Parasol poked her head out from around the hallway corner, walking up next to her dad with a confused look. He decided to let the two of you talk while he went back to drinking or building ships in a bottle or whatever
  4907. >"Twilight, you told me I wasn't supposed to foalsit until 7. Did something happen?"
  4908. "It's an emergency, I was hoping you could come early to watch Anon?"
  4909. >"Well, I already have plans..."
  4910. "I'll pay you double."
  4911. >"Lemme grab my homework."
  4913. >Be Parasol
  4914. >Twilight had offered no explanation as to the schedule change, she'd just told you she'd be back at the regular time
  4915. >So now you were going through a closet, trying to find a game for the two of you to play for 3 hours while Anon moped on the floor, her head between the her forehooves
  4916. "Do you want to play Chutes and Ladders?
  4917. >"Pfft, as if, that game is pure RNG."
  4918. >You didn't understand a quarter of the words Anon said
  4919. >"Also, why are the bad decisions chutes? The slide is the fun part, it's like the game is advocating hedonism"
  4920. "How about Canterlot Checkers?"
  4921. >"...No, I want something actually GOOD."
  4922. >This was becoming infuriating
  4923. "Okay, what DO you want to play?"
  4925. >You stared at the board, trying to figure out what you could write with six vowels and a 'K'
  4926. >Anon's word choices were... unconventional, but you knew better than to get in an argument with the little filly
  4927. >So far she'd placed sage, noctis, cuck, anon, and weeb
  4928. >You'd never even asked for a definition, that probably wasn't a rabbit hole you wanted to go down
  4929. >You sigh in resignation and gently place an 'O' underneath the 'S' in Noctis
  4930. "So, two points"
  4931. >Anon giggles to herself, writing two notches underneath your score
  4932. >Saddle was hard
  4934. >Uneigh and Stallions of Catan had all gone smoothly, with Anon haphazardly adding new rules midgame that typically helped her win.
  4935. >It was getting a little dark, so you'd best get a move on
  4936. "That was fun Anon, but now it's time for dinner. What would you like?"
  4937. >Anon paused for a moment, hoof to her chin
  4938. >"Alfredo-topped fettucine and smoked hay, paired with a red wine, followed by brownies a la mode."
  4939. "Haha, good one, how about mac and cheese?"
  4941. >5 minutes later
  4942. "Okay, so I found the page in this cookbook. Will you eat it if I follow the instructions mom uses?"
  4943. >"It's Twilight, and yes. Unless I don't like it."
  4944. >You sigh. No wonder Princess Twilight was paying you so much, nopony would put up with this for 10 bits an hour.
  4946. >10 minutes of careful cooking later
  4947. >You sat a bowl of Mac n' Cheese in front of Anon, anxiously awaiting her review
  4948. >The filly speared a trio of macaroni on her fork, looking at it inquisitively, then holding it close to her snout and sniffing
  4949. >She plunged the fork into her mouth and chewed once
  4950. >ohpleaseohpleasedont
  4951. >...
  4952. >"This is... acceptable."
  4953. >Oh thank Celestia
  4954. >She resumed eating, loudly munching down the cheesy pasta
  4956. >You check the temperature of the bath water with your hoof
  4957. >Ah, perfect. You wished you could bathe in hot water right now, but work comes first
  4958. >You trot back downstairs, where Anon had laid her head against the table, her third bowl of mac n' cheese finished
  4959. >So much for 'acceptable'
  4960. "C'mon Anon, time to get ready for bed."
  4961. >She mumbled something incoherent. A full stomach made for tired eyes, your dad always said.
  4962. >You manage to sling her on your back and make your way upstairs
  4963. >Eventually you open the door to the bathroom
  4964. >It was at this point Anon decided to be rebellious
  4965. >"No no no!"
  4966. >She was always like this at bathtime
  4969. >Be Twilight
  4970. >Get out of the patent office, fuming
  4971. >'Three to four weeks to review your proposal', what a load of bullshit
  4972. >Well, at least you had your date to look forward too
  4973. >But you still felt like you haad forgotten something you meant to do...
  4976. >Parasol once again
  4977. "C'mon Anon, be a big filly. Look, you're dirty and smelly and Twilight won't like it if you go to bed like this"
  4978. >She clings to you tightly, looking down at the water with... fear?
  4979. "Why- do you- always have to make this so difficult??" you ask, trying to pull her off your body
  4980. >Eventually you manage to prod her off your chest and into the bath
  4981. >"REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!" she yells, thrashing about in the water
  4982. >This... this wasn't normal
  4983. >Anon quickly jumped out of the water, landing on the bath mat. She curled up into a ball, breathing slowly
  4984. >You lower your head to talk to her
  4985. "Is something wrong Anon?"
  4986. >"I- I can't go in the water"
  4987. "...Why not?"
  4988. >"I'll drown."
  4989. >You try not to laugh at her naivete
  4990. "Oh Anon, you can't drown in the bathtub, it's barely a foot deep!"
  4991. >"Well I..." she looks away from you
  4992. "It's all right Anon, you can tell me."
  4993. >"I'm afraid of water. Like big pools of it, not rain or cups or anything like that."
  4994. "Is there any reason why?"
  4995. >"A few days ago I nearly drowned, and I'm still scared."
  4996. >Well, that explained it
  4997. "... How about I get in first? Would that help?"
  4998. >Anon just nodded her head slowly
  4999. >You stepped into the bathtub gently, sitting down on your yellow-coated rump, enjoying the warmth seeping into your body
  5000. "See? The water can't hurt you. Besides, I'm here, and if you drown I won't get paid." You smile with your joke to make sure Anon didn't take it seriously
  5001. >She came to the edge of the bathtub, looking down at the water one last time
  5002. >"...O-okay."
  5003. >You pick her up under the shoulders and slowly lower her into the bath, noticing her eye twitching a bit at first
  5004. "Not so bad, huh?"
  5005. >Anon just let out a humming sound; well, not point sitting around
  5006. >You take some shampoo and gently massage her scalp, Anon cooing at the sensation
  5007. >Next you grab a cup of water and pour it over her head, making sure that none of the shampoo remained in her mane
  5008. >You poured a bit of body wash into a washcloth you had placed nearby, rubbing the fabric together until it was coated in soap
  5009. "Anon, could you stand up for a bit?"
  5010. >She obliged, and you gently rubbed her down with the cleansing rag, the filly shuddering a bit at your touch
  5011. >Her rump was quite dirty from sitting on the ground, so you spent extra attention making sure it was clean, with broad circular wiping motions
  5012. >You poured a bit more shampoo into your hooves and massaged it throughout her tail, being careful not to pull on it
  5013. >"Can I sit down now?" Anon asked in a bored tone
  5014. "Sure, I'm all done. I'll go get some towels."
  5015. >You put the hygeine products back on the shelf and grudgingly step out of the tub. You open a cupboard under the sink, reaching in and pulling out a pair of towels
  5016. >You dry yourself off quickly, your wings being the most difficult part, followed closely by your pink mane. You finish up by rubbing the water off of your snout
  5017. >After removing the towel from your face, you see Anon already out of the tub and drying herself off
  5018. "Well, you must be excited for bedtime"
  5019. >The look on her face said no.
  5021. >A couple of hours later, and you had finished your history essay; you'd have your dad proofread it later.
  5022. >You hear a door creak open, and see Twilight entering through the double doors
  5023. "Hello Princess Twilight, how was your night?"
  5024. >"Well, the patent bureau are a bunch of idiotic bureaucrats, but the date went wonderfully. How was Anon?"
  5025. "We had a lot of fun and she actually enjoyed my Mac and Cheese. She had a little trouble at bathtime, but we managed to get past that. Did you know about-?"
  5026. >"Wait, you got her to bathe? I've been trying for days, how'd you do it?"
  5027. "Well, I stepped into the bath first to prove it was safe, and she was okay following me in."
  5028. >"Well thank you, that was a huge help. Oh, here's your payment."
  5029. >She levitated over to you a rather hefty bag of bits; you didn't even bother counting them
  5030. "Thanks, it's always a pleasure. Say, could you teleport me home? It's a long walk."
  5031. >"Sure thing." she answered with a smile
  5034. >Be Anon
  5035. >Enjoying some group roleplay with a MILF and two hairy dudes
  5036. >"Your party is still 2000 gold short for the boat passage."
  5037. >Twilight sat behind the GM board oncemore, conniving new ways to screw your Rogue over
  5038. >So, just like in real life
  5039. >"Well, what do we do now?" Shining asked to no one in particular
  5040. >Discord decided to propose the first idea
  5041. >"Can we pimp out Cadance? Her market value must be quite high."
  5042. >"Discord!" Cadance yelled, clearly not amused
  5043. >"It's a COMPLIMENT, my dear. Your loveliness is literally golden."
  5044. >Shining was just glaring at the draconequis
  5045. "Actually, I second this idea. We're trying to save the country, so it's for the greater good. Also, the more graphic the descriptions, the better."
  5046. >"Oh, don't you start." Cadance replied
  5047. >The prostitution racket collapsed before it begun
  5050. >Eventually the group decided to search for treasure in a nearby cave the locals happened to know of
  5051. "I'm just saying, that seems suspicious. If it was easy, somepony would have taken it by now."
  5052. >"Maybe it's guarded by a dragon." Shinng answered
  5053. >Cadance was taking the front, leading the party through an ominous forest of dark trees with white light excuding from her horn. Which in your opinion was a bad idea, she was the squishiest and the light would attract attention.
  5054. >You decide to try and derail the quest
  5055. "Hey Shining, aren't dragons sentient?"
  5056. >"Yeah." he answered, "their Int scores are usually pretty high
  5057. "So we're killing a living being just so we can steal its possessions? And I'M the evil one?"
  5058. >"Well...." Cadance started, but was cut in by Discord
  5059. >"Well, I find this affair absolutely MORBID. As you all know, I'm 1/5 dragon on my mother's side. This is essentially a hate crime, and you're forcing me to murder my kin."
  5060. >"Discord, please." Cadance begged him, losing her patience rather quickly
  5061. "Yeah, we should contact a Dragon Advocacy group and-
  5065. >"As you enter the rocky lair, Cadance's horn fizzles out, its light quickly fading" Twilight said from behind her GM board "as the stones are imbued with crytalline mana, nullifying magic"
  5066. >"Okay, looks like we're gonna need to re-strategize a bit." Shining said positively
  5067. "Does this mean Discord and Cadance don't get a cut of the treasure? Because they aren't gonna be much help"
  5068. >With enough gold, you could free a plantation of slaves
  5069. >Then laugh as you forced them to work harder in a coal mine
  5070. >"I still have a +1 sling" Cadance quietly mumbled
  5071. "Oh, GREAT, you can throw rocks, that'll be super useful."
  5072. >"Well, I'm staying outside, magic is my whole schtick. Enjoy fighting all the battles for me." Discord conceded, waving a little French flag.
  5073. >He spent the next few minutes devouring pretzels from the blue bowl in the middle of the table
  5075. >So now the three of you were stuck wandering a damp cave, water dripping from stalacites,  blue lines criscrossing the basalt walls
  5076. >Your imagination was pretty vivid
  5077. >"Hey Anon, why don't you scout ahead" Shining proposed.
  5078. >He insisted on being the leader, and you weren't gonna argue while he had 150 pounds on you
  5079. "Okay, I Step Into Shadows and take the lead."
  5080. >Twilight rolled a dice.
  5081. >"As you sneak forward, a hoofstep causes a rock to compress, and with a hissing noise, a dart shoots out of the cave wall, plunging itself into your neck. As the venom enters your veins, your legs become numb."
  5082. >"Anon, why didn't you use Find Traps??" Shining asked in exasperation
  5083. "I forgot I could do that."
  5084. >You could feel him screaming internally
  5085. "Can I walk?" you ask Twilight
  5086. >"No, and it'll take six hours to wear off."
  5087. >"I guess I'll have to carry her, since all I can do is throw rocks." Cadance said sarcastically
  5088. >This session was getting worse and worse
  5089. >Traps were fucking gay
  5092. >Be Cadance
  5093. >This was fun, at first you didn't think you'd like it and just came to support your husband, but it had grown on you
  5094. >Anon joining had made things more... interesting
  5095. >At least it was important for her to have a loving family environment, as opposed to the abuse of her old one.
  5096. >"As you reach the darkest region of the cave, you are greeted by six Fallen Changlings, guarding a pile of bones and skulls. They quickly move in to attack" Twilight announced
  5099. >The six-minute battle consisted of Shining just hitting them with his sword while you constantly threw potions at him, with Anon piping in to complain, with the occasional jab about how bad you were
  5100. >I don't control the dice, little one
  5101. >Although Discord might, I'm not really sure
  5103. >"The corpses lay dead, clustered around a large pile of bones." Twilight explained
  5104. "Nonny, could you use Find Traps, please?" You knew she responded better to a gentle touch.
  5105. >"Uh, okay, I do that."
  5106. >"The pile houses no magical or physical trap or enchantment" Twilight answered from behind the board.
  5107. >"Well, I take a look through the pile." Shining offered
  5108. >"After many minutes of scouring, you find that the pile of bones is merely that- a pile of bones."
  5109. >"What? We came all this way for NOTHING??" Anon exclaimed
  5110. "Please stay calm Anon. This is just for fun."
  5111. "...So what do we do?"
  5112. >"...We leave the cave, and try to find another way to find the gold we need." Shining said, "Also, I use Lay on Hooves on Anon"
  5113. >Twilight rolled a die. "As Lay on Hooves is not technically a magical spell, it is successful and Anon's paralysis is expelled"
  5114. >"You could have cured me THE WHOLE TIME??" Anon practically screeched
  5115. >"I forgot I could do that." your husband said with a smirk
  5116. >Anon's cheeks were reddening, the way Flurry's did before a tantrum
  5117. "...I think that's enough for tonight. We have some pumpkin pie, let's eat."
  5118. >It was at this point Discord decided to interject
  5119. >"Pi? Well, I am feeling rather well-rounded." he said, balloning in size to go with the joke
  5120. >Fucking draqon and his shitty puns
  5126. >Be Anon
  5127. >Glimmer was going to teach you a friendship lesson tonight, but she wasn't here yet
  5128. >So you were sitting on the couch, twiddling your hooves and waiting for her to arrive
  5129. >Comrade Glimmer was okay, despite your differences
  5130. "When is she supposed to be here again??" you yelled through the castle
  5131. >"About ten minutes!" Twilight answered
  5132. >You heard a door slam open, then shut
  5133. "Glimmer! About time you- oh."
  5134. >Standing in front of you was some stallion with a black coat, teal-ish mane, and ripped body. In conclusion, a total Chad. Must be the stallion from that date. Now was your chance to cock-block. Or pussy-block, whatever.
  5135. "Uh.."
  5136. >He turns and sees you
  5137. >"Oh! Hey, I'm Thunderlane."
  5138. "...Who?"
  5139. >"Thunderlane, man... legendary Wonderbolt?"
  5140. >You shrug noncommitely
  5141. >"So, uh, you here to check out a book? Kinda late for that." he laughed nervously
  5142. "No, I'm Twilight's daughter."
  5143. >"I, uh, didn't know she had one."
  5144. "Mom doesn't talk about me much." You sit back down on the couch, "Y'know, there's no shame in raising your wife's filly". you pause, "although her last coltfriend didn't seem to okay with it"
  5145. >He sat down next to you, seemingly curious about Purple's past
  5146. "Yeah, I remember him- what was his name? Crimson Blitz? Anyway, he also said she was too controlling, like how mom wouldn't let him talk to any other mares or be out past 9. She also made him buy her lots of expensive jewelry and dresses. I got some presents too!" you giggled
  5147. >"Uh, anything else he said? Or Twilight made him do?"
  5148. "I remember him telling some friends that mom wasn't good in bed, but I don't know what that means. Does mom have a sleeping problem? I think they have medicine for that."
  5149. >Every sentence made his expression fall
  5150. >Twilight appeared on the banister, wearing a fancy dress and giving sexy eyes
  5151. >"Oh! Thunderlane! I'm all ready, do you want to leave now?"
  5152. >"S-sure." he said uncertainly
  5153. >Twilight gave you a little wave as she escorted her date out the door.
  5156. >Be Twilight
  5157. >Tonight had been AWFUL
  5158. >At first Thunderlane hadn't been responding to anything you said, but you assumed he had been focusing on the play
  5159. >Afterwards, he said that the two of you were 'incompatible' and that you should stop dating
  5160. >Now you laid on the living-room sofa, eating cookie dough ice cream and crying
  5161. >Did your rank intimidate stallions? What if your egghead sensibilities made you boring? Were you just too ugly?
  5162. >Your wings were small, your crotchtits tinier, and your eyes too big
  5163. >You had no coltfriend, Anon didn't love you unconditionally (...yet), and your parents spent way more time with Shining than you
  5164. >Why didn't anypony love you?
  5165. >You hear a door open, and Anon walked in cheerfully
  5166. >Where was Starlight?
  5167. >Probably getting plowed because she wasn't ugly like you
  5168. >"Heeey, that's my ice cream!"
  5169. "...Huh?"
  5170. >"That's my ice cream! You bought it especially for me, you said it was all mine!"
  5172. >You were eating VANILLA ice cream and crying, while Anon stood on the floor eating hers
  5173. >She didn't even use a spoon, she just shoved her snout into the carton and started happily eating
  5174. >Ice cream was more important to her than your feelings
  5175. >You sobbed a little bit more with that thought
  5176. >After a while, you took both cartons and put them back in the freezer, Anon slightly annoyed.
  5177. >"I wasn't finished!"
  5178. >You just pick her up with your left hoof and carry her upstairs
  5179. >"Hey- where're we going?" she asked indignantly, her hooves kicking just a little
  5180. "To bed. We're gonna snuggle all night long, and there's nothing you can do about it."
  5184. >Be Anon
  5185. >Today was a class field trip to the Fillydelphia Zoo
  5186. >You managed to get your permission slip signed while Twilight was dashing around getting things ready for some sort of expedition
  5187. >So now you were standing at the train station at seven in the morning, while Cherilee paired the class into buddies
  5188. >"...Scootaloo, you're with Apple Bloom, and Diamond Tiara is with Anon. Are there any problems?"
  5189. >The class was silent, waiting a moment before finding their buddies and beginning conversations. Diamond Tiara wound up finding you, walking to you cheerfully, and shaking your hoof in a friendly manner
  5190. >"Hi Anon, it's nice to meet you, I really don't know you that well, we never talk. Maybe now would be a good time to start?"
  5191. "Sure, sure. Hey, do you know if the zoo is big?"
  5192. >"Oh, I've been there plenty of times, it's really big. There's like a gazillion exhibits, and they're all big too."
  5193. >The two of you started discussing animals; you wanted to see the lions, while Tiara was fond of the exotic birds
  5194. >Eventually the train started pulling in, Cherilee nervously glancing around while the doors opened and the front of the class slowly migrated into the car
  5195. >"Oh! Class! Our chaperones are here!"
  5196. >...Wait, chaperones? Nobody ever said anything about-
  5197. >Oh god.
  5199. >You sat in the back of the car with Tiara, trying to slouch as far as ponily possible
  5200. >Twilight and Fluttershy were standing in the front of the car, facing the class behind Cherille, who
  5201. >"Class, this is Mrs Twilight and-"
  5202. >"Miss." Twilight corrected her
  5203. >Dammit Twilight, you're not gonna find any suitors here, ya damn coltcuddler
  5204. >Knowing Purple though, nothing would surprise you
  5205. >"Well, Miss Twilight and Miss Fluttershy. They're going to be chaperoning you, so if you can't find me, come to them, okay?"
  5206. >Thank god, they took seats in the front by Cherilee instead of sitting back here with you
  5207. >The three of them started a friendly chat, and you eventually loosened up and did the same with your classmates
  5208. >"Alright, does everypnoy have their buddy?"
  5209. >The entire class nodded while Cherilee turned to speak with the entrance booth
  5210. >You stood in the opening area of the Fillydelphia Zoo, Cherilee having handled handled the tickets, which were only 6 bits apiece because of their 'school group discount'
  5211. >Twilight was shuffling a pack of notecards she had prepared for the day, while trying to start a conversation with you
  5212. >"Y'know Anon, I actually captured some of the animals here, I can point them out to you."
  5213. >Kidnapping other creatures seemed to be her specialty
  5214. >"Alright class!" Cherilee announced, the entire class giving her their full attention, "We're going to split up into two groups!
  5215. >"This half of the class-" She pointed to your left, "will go with Twilight, while this half", she pointed to your vicinity, "goes with Fluttershy."
  5216. >Thank god
  5217. >"Chaperones, you both know the plan? Meeting places, times?"
  5218. >Both of the mares just nodded
  5219. >"Alright, I'll see you all when we meet back here at 4."
  5220. "Wait, what are you gonna do?" you asked rebelliously
  5221. >"I, uh, have to get next week's classes ready"
  5222. >Suuuuuuure
  5223. >The class broke up, circling in around their assigned adults while Cherilee sneaked off to go get drunk
  5224. >You glanced over at Purple; she looked dissapointed that you weren't going with her. She gave a sad little goodbye wave, before ushering her group forward
  5225. >"Alright kids, let's get going..." she said sombrely, leading them down the path to the Jungle Habitat
  5227. >Fluttershy knew a ton about animals, and genuinely enjoyed teaching you guys about them
  5228. >Plus she was really nice and considerate, making sure everyone was there and asking if anypony needed a break or to use the potty
  5229. >Her public speaking wasn't great, but y'know
  5230. >You came to a big, glass-domed savannah area, where several monsters of the same species roamed about
  5231. >"Well, these are manticores. They have the body of a lion, the wings of a bat, and two stomachs to-
  5232. >"Iths pooping!" Twist yelled out, pointed to a manticore crouching in a corner of the exhibit, brown logs exiting its posterior.
  5233. >The class began giggling hysterically like schoolchildren. You joined in, this was hilarious
  5234. >Dumb manticore, learn how to poo in loo
  5235. >Fluttershy grew indignant at this immaturity
  5236. >"Well, that's not very nice, the poor animal wants its privacy. How would you feel if-"
  5237. >"Now it's peeing!" Snips added, pointing oncemore
  5238. >It was minutes before the class stopped laughing
  5240. >The two groups had converged together at the Critter Cafeteria for lunch
  5241. >The pizza you had bought was okay, nothing spectacular
  5242. >Now you and Diamond Tiara were sitting at a table, chatting about which animal you'd be while Scoots and Bloom were off doing god-knows-what
  5243. >They said they'd be back in a minute, probably to go use the bathroom or masturbate together or whatever
  5244. >The two were inseperable, really taking the buddy thing seriously
  5245. "I'm just saying, timberwolves are a lot cooler than rabbits."
  5246. >"It's not about who's cooler, which would you rather live as? Rabbits are far comfier."
  5247. "Good point."
  5248. >Then She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named scooched in next to you, sliding her tray on the table
  5249. >"Hey girls. Y'know it's funny that there's not enough tables here, you'd think they would have planned for lots of ponies."
  5250. >There were three empty tables RIGHT OVER THERE purple, we're not retarded
  5251. >"So how are the two of you doing? Everything okay?"
  5252. >"Yes Miss Twilight, we're doing great, we were just talking about which animal we'd be."
  5253. >We'll, I'd be an owl." She glances down at your plate, seeing the pizza, choccy milk, hay fries, and large ice cream sundae you had purchased.
  5254. >"Anon, you know that much ice cream will give you a tummyache."
  5255. >You instantly glance around; thankfully nobody had heard that, except for Diamond
  5256. "These are my bits Purple, I can buy what I want." you glared a bit to cement your point
  5257. >"Y'know, you two are always welcome in my group." she offered, looking to both you and Tiara with a smile
  5258. "Uh... thanks, but we want the teams to be even."
  5259. >...
  5260. >Thankfully, Snips and Snails got into a VERY heated argument at that moment about whether or not spiders were bugs
  5261. >Twilight was all too eager to exert her chaperone authority
  5262. >"Hey! Snips, Snails, I told you to cut it out! I can send you to the lobby, you'd have to sit there all day while the rest of us got to look at all the animals!"
  5263. >Power really got to her head, no matter how small
  5265. >After a long day of walking and listening, you were beat
  5266. >You stood at the front of the train station, talking to a couple of other fillies while Twilight and Fluttershy made sure none of them tried to escape
  5267. >The warm afternoon sun warmed your back, not quite uncomfortable but still detectable
  5268. >Eventually Cherilee returned, stumbling onto the platform, her canter a bit off and her tail looking ruffled
  5269. >Guess you weren't the only one who liked her MILF ass
  5270. >She took her position in front of her pupils, waiting for them to quit chatting and pay attention
  5271. >"Alright, class, the train should be here in ten-ish minutes. Do you all have your buddies?" She didn't sound drunk, at least
  5272. >Heads pivoted, every classmate checking to make sure the one other foal they were in charge of hadn't dissapeared
  5273. >Twist raised her hand, and Cherilee's expression visibly darkened
  5274. >"Mish Cherilee, I don't know where Shilver Shpoon is."
  5276. >Cherilee and Twilight immediately went into panic mode, recounting the class twice before running back into the zoo at top speed as if hounded by death
  5277. >"FluttershyWatchtheKidswe'llFindSilverbye!"
  5278. >The class began theorizing what had happened to her
  5279. >You had tried to start a pot, with odds set for using the shitter, lost, kidnapped, dead, and turned into a bug
  5280. >But none of these thinskins wanted in, and Fluttershy gently shut you down.
  5281. >"Anon, please don't make a joke about this. Why, if anything happened to Silver Spoon, I would be devastated." she said in her dulcet tone
  5282. >It only took five minutes for Silver Spoon to be found, apparently she had gotten lost and was too dumb to read a map
  5284. >The train ride home had been nice; Twilight sat at the table with you to 'keep an eye on all the foals', but she didn't do anything embarassing like try to nuzzle you. Nobody really talked; the walking had been pretty tiring, and sitting down while the landscape passed by was so relaxing
  5285. >You almost nodded off a couple of times
  5286. >You were SO ready for a nap
  5288. >Be Anon, sitting comfy in bed, moon illuminating your bed, the darkness expelled by a single candle
  5289. >"and both groups decided to play together every day. The End." Twilight finished, closing the book with a gentle thud
  5290. "Meh, the prose was nice but the subject matter was dull. 5/10."
  5291. >Twilight just shook her head at that, mane swinging a bit
  5292. >"Is there anything else you need?"
  5293. >You had your bedtime story, your glass of water, bedsheets firmly tucked in, the works.
  5294. "Nothing right now"
  5295. >You decided to broach the subject you'd been thinking about for a while, before she got up and left
  5296. "Hey Twilight?"
  5297. >"Yes, sweetie?"
  5298. "I think I should learn how to swim again. I mean, I don't know how to use these hooves very well, and I'd probably feel better in water if I knew how to swim."
  5299. >She kissed you on the forehead, eliciting an instinctive giggle
  5300. >"Sure thing Nonny, I'll schedule something for you." she said, heading toward the door and blowing out the candle
  5301. >"I love you Anon. Sweet dreams."
  5302. >You rubbed into your pillow and fell asleep quickly
  5305. >This wasn't what you had in mind
  5306. >You sat in a public pool early in the morning, oversized floaties hugging your forelegs while you clung to Twilight's back, the water's warm surface reaching up to your knees
  5307. >Five other ponies had come to the with their foals, the children ranging from two to three years old, all in life vests
  5308. >A couple of the mares had given you weird looks; 'What the hell is she doing here?" was written all over their faces
  5309. >After a couple fo minutes, you heard a whistle blow, and turned to see a lifeguard , her sky-blue coat blending into the water, while her orange mane did the opposite. She looked strict but not mean, like a sports trainer
  5310. >"Alright, let's form a line!" The group hastily formed one near the pool's edge, the water about two and a half feet deep.
  5311. >"I'm Riptide, and I'll be teaching this class. Since this is your first lesson, the main objective will be helping your children feel more comfortable in water". She gave you a confused look before continuing, "So let's start with raising!"
  5313. >'Raising' had consisted of the parent holding the foal up slightly above the water.
  5314. >Twilight held you by your belly, and you held your head up, water reaching your chin. You heard splashing noises from the other foals, who were probably much easier to lift
  5315. >As part of themovement exercise, she'd put you on her forleg and bounced you up and down for a few minutes. Someone else's filly started crying halfway, the mare excusing herself and leaving the pool for a bit
  5316. >To distract you from this infantilizing experience, you imagined her breastfeeding in the family changing room, the filly quietly suckling while the mare sighed in relief, eager to empty the pressure in her tits
  5317. >Good thing you couldn't get boners
  5318. >The semiaquatic upsies were definitely the highlight of the morning, although they weren't nearly as good as the normal kind
  5320. >"Alright, let's finish with short paddling! We can't teach foals form at this age, so we're gonna instinct take over. Now, let your foal sit at arm's reach away from you Don't worry, the vest will keep them from drowning. Now let's try this out!" She blew her whistle again
  5321. >Twilight pushed you off about two feet away, before extending her arms as if she were about to hug you and smiling
  5322. >"Okay Anon, swim to mommy! Swim to mommy!"
  5323. >Pretty much all the other mares were saying the exact same thing
  5324. >'C'mon sport, you can do it!" said the only stallion to his colt
  5325. >You waggled your back hooves through the calm water, a mere six inches above the pool floor. You didn't really know what to do with the forehooves, as scooping motions didn't work without hands. So you just kinda swung them in and out, like a long flurry of slow hooks. Pretty soon you were practically touching her barrel with your snout
  5326. >Twilight scooped you up and pulled you in, cradling you like a baby
  5327. >"Good job Nonny! That's a good filly!"
  5329. >Midmorning light blared through the windows of the locker room after you'd finished your swimming lesson. Twilgiht dried you off with a towel in the locker room, rubbing down your coat and mussing your mane before taking care of herself
  5330. >It was pretty quiet, none of the other mares really wanted to talk. Eventually Twilight led you outside, towels draped over her back, your floaties still snug around your legs
  5331. >A few other mares had come in before you left, actually here to swim and not stand in the kiddie part of the pool like a bunch of morons
  5333. >"So, what did you think? she asked as the two of you stepped onto the cobblestone road
  5334. "I'm not coming back until you get me a class that isn't for babies."
  5335. >"Oh, I'm sorry, I thought we should start from the beginning, y'know, begin with the fundamentals.
  5336. >Fucking bitch, she'd probably done this on purpose
  5338. >Be Anon
  5339. >Drawing penises with red crayon on white paper
  5340. >They'd slowly gotten more detailed
  5341. >Twicunt was gonna flip when she saw these
  5342. >When you hear a knocking at the door
  5343. >You slowly edge up to it and look through the peering-hole Twilight had installed at your height
  5344. >You saw a quarter of hooves, with a large object surrounded by bubble wrap
  5345. >You open the door eagerly, curious as to its contents
  5346. >Maybe it was a present
  5347. >AS you open the door, you see a gray stallion with a hat and a clipboard
  5348. >"Is this the Sparkle residence?"
  5349. "Uh, this is the only giant castle in town."
  5350. >"Company policy. I work for Quills and Sofas, and this is the sofa she ordered. If you could sign here I can deliver this inside."
  5351. >He hands you a pen and the clipboard. You hold the latter in your hooves and write your signature with your mouth
  5352. >"Thank you, I'll get this inside"
  5354. >Inside, 2 minutes later
  5355. >The couch sat in your living room, next to the old one.
  5356. >Mr Deliveryman already left; you never got his name
  5357. >A couch covered in bubble wrap only elicited one response
  5359. "Hah ha ha ha!"
  5360. >You jump on the bed of the couch on all fours, little popping noises signifying the collapse of a bubble
  5361. >Bubble wrap was the best.
  5363. >Soon the bubbles on the cushions were all popped
  5364. >You sat on your hindquarters and tried to pop some with your hooves
  5365. >No dice, your filly muscles were to week
  5366. >What you needed was leverage
  5368. >After a couple of minutes you found the scissors
  5369. >You sat down on the cushions, facing the back
  5370. >You poked the first bubble you saw, and a little *pop* came out
  5371. Hee! *pop!* Heehee! *pop!* Ha!*
  5372. >This continued for several minutes
  5373. >You were working on the back when you head a door slam
  5374. >"ANON! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?"
  5377. >She stormed over to you, fury in her eyes
  5378. >She saw the scissors and the bubble wrap and put two and two together
  5379. "Why are you mad Purple? I was just having fun, I didn't do anything wrong."
  5380. >She raised her eyebrow.
  5381. >"Oh really?" she said, voice dripping with poison
  5382. >You saw her magically unveil the couch from its bubble wrap
  5383. >Apparently your scissors had penetrated the bubble wrap AND the couch fabric
  5384. >Little holes permeated the latter, ruining it
  5385. "...Fuck."
  5386. >That comment didn't help your situation
  5387. >As you were looking at your handiwork, Purple grabbed you by the scruff with her mouth, the damp sensation both comfortable and calming somehow
  5388. >You could hear disgruntled groans as you were lifted up, your legs dangling several inches above the ground
  5389. >"Stop squirming" she murmured through your fur coat
  5390. >She'd probably seen the penises too
  5391. >In hindsight, maybe not one of your best ideas
  5393. >Twilight carried you upstairs to your room, every step swinging you a bit
  5394. >She dumped you unceremoniously on your floor, and you rubbed your rump
  5395. >"I don't know what I'm gonna do. I'll probably wait until Glimmer gets home to decide, and when that happens you're in BIG trouble missy. So for now, why don't you think about what you did today."
  5396. >She slammed the door behind her, and you could hear a faint clicking noise
  5397. >"And don't try any of that rock-throwing business, I'm the only one who'll ever find it." she said through the door
  5399. >Be Starlight
  5400. >Slam the Friendship Castle's main door behind you, exhaustion seeping throughout your body
  5401. >You hadn't taken another step before Twilight was upon you
  5402. >"Starlight! Heh, you're home! How was the friendship lesson?"
  5403. "I just went out for coff-"
  5404. >She wrapped her hoof around your neck and lead you toward the staircase
  5405. >"Well, now I have something even more important. Today you're going to learn about the importance of discipline."
  5406. "Wait, do you mean internal discipline, or-?"
  5407. >"Well, Anon vandalized my new couch and drew vulgar images today. She's thinking about what she did in her room, but I believe this requires... corporeal punishment."
  5408. >You just shrug.
  5409. "Alright, you're the mentor."
  5411. >You peered into Anon's room; she was laying on her back facing away from you
  5412. >You entered, closing the door behind you, and Anon just sighed
  5413. >"Whatever diabolical scheme you've planned Twilight, it's not gonna work."
  5414. "Well, you're wrong on two accounts."
  5415. >Anon rolls over to look at you, obviously surprised at your voice
  5416. "Anon, do you know what you have here?"
  5417. >She frowned. "I've been kidnapped and forced to stay here against my will."
  5418. >What an ungrateful little twat. She came from abusive parents, but this somehow wasn't good enough?
  5419. "Anon, you've got everything. A loving family, comfy house, access to the medical equipment you need- why is it not enough?"
  5420. >...
  5421. "...Nothing?"
  5422. >"Go fuck yourself"
  5423. >This fucking filly
  5424. >You knew she didn't like you, but this?
  5425. "I think it's time you learned a lesson"
  5427. >You sat down on the bed hard, and Anon shirked away
  5428. >You pulled her by the hips onto your lap, where she started kicking violently
  5429. >"No! No!"
  5430. >You held her down with your left hoof and swung your right hoof against her thick ass
  5431. >*SMACK*!
  5432. >"St-stop!"
  5433. >*SMACK*!
  5434. >"I-I'm sorry!"
  5435. >You hoof slaps into her round ass oncemore, the flesh bouncing a bit with the swing
  5436. >"I-I promise I'll be a good girl!"
  5437. >*SMACK*!
  5438. >*SMACK*!
  5439. "Bad filly! You're a bad filly, you need to be grateful!"
  5440. >*SMACK*!
  5441. >Anon started crying, the pitch rising with every spank
  5442. >Tears ran down her face, a few having dripped onto the carpet.
  5443. >He soft, plushy rump was a bright red, and the crying hadn't stopped so far
  5444. "Bad! *SMACK* Filly!"
  5445. "Bad! *SMACK* Filly!"
  5446. >You gave her a few more slaps for good measure. You give her a short hug, and laid her back down on the bed.
  5447. >She was still crying as you left the room
  5448. >You felt a little guilty
  5449. >But Anon needed this. Twilight said so.
  5451. >Be Twilight
  5452. >On your way up to Anon's room, you encountered Starlight on the stairs
  5453. >"Um, Twilight... do you think I was too hard on her?
  5454. "I heard everything, I think you did fine. But next time, do a better job explaining what she did wrong, and why it was bad."
  5455. >Her head lowers an infinitesimal degree
  5456. "Relax, you did fine. I'm going up to talk to her anyway, this IS my job after all."
  5458. >You knock on the door, and failing a response (other than the sound of crying) you enter
  5459. >Anon was curled up in a ball at the center of her bed, her body wracked by sobs
  5460. >You sat on the bed next to Anon, and started rubbing her back in little circles with your hoof
  5461. "You're not a bad filly Anon." you said, creating a contrast between you and Starlight; you were the loving one in her eyes.
  5462. >Then you pulled her onto your lap in an upright position, holding her steady with your wings and making little shushing noises
  5463. "Shhh, shhh... you're not a bad filly. You just make bad choices...
  5464. ...practically all the time."
  5465. >"I-I didn't MEAN to break the couch, I was just having fun."
  5466. "That's right, but you just didn't think it through. What's the lesson to be learned here?"
  5467. >More sniffling
  5468. >"...be more careful."
  5469. "That's right. But we still need to talk about the drawings."
  5471. >You opened your wings out and held Anon at arms' length
  5472. "Do you think it's funny Anon? Drawing vulgar images for everypony to see?"
  5473. >"Yes." she slipped out before covering her mouth with her hooves
  5474. >You loved Anon, but goddamn something was wrong with her
  5475. "Hmmph. Well, I think we need to do something about that. Because I'm angrier about the drawings and your cussing, than I am about the couch."
  5476. >"I'm sorry, Twilight."
  5477. >Her eyes were red and face matted with tears, but you doubted this
  5478. "No you're not. You've been pulling this kind of crap for as long as you've been here. I don't know what I'm going to do with you." you sighed.
  5479. >Anon sniffled again, pulling a droplet of snot back into her nose. Her shoulders couldn't drop any lower than they currently sat
  5480. "I'm disappointed in you Anon. You're going to bed early- right now- without dinner."
  5481. >You got up and walked out the door, but you poked your head into the room one last time
  5482. "I love you Anon. Don't forget that."
  5483. >You closed the door, nothing more to say to her
  5485. >Be Anon
  5486. >Adjusting your plaid skirt for the third time now, the tail-hole always twisting to the left
  5487. >Twilight had sent you to some kind of quasi-boarding school for the weekend
  5488. >You stared down at the wooden floor in front of you. This was such a waste of time
  5489. >Suddenly a yardstick (meters were for Comrade Glimglam) slaps you in the rear
  5490. >"A PROPER mare always holds herself high." said your headmistress, Upper Crust
  5491. >Gray mane contrasting her copper coat, the eyeglasses perched atop her snout only completed the egotistical look
  5492. >She peered over the rest of the fillies, four in total, only one known to you
  5493. >Oddly enough, Sweetie Belle was among them
  5494. >Hmm, you figured out of all the Crusaders, she'd be the best-behaved
  5495. >Maybe she'd developed a rebellious streak
  5496. >"Alright, it's dinnertime. Which means you'll learn some table manners." she said in her posh accent
  5498. >You sat next to Sweetie Belle, trying to figure out which spoon to use with your soup
  5499. >This little one looked right
  5500. >You dipped it into the cream of spinach (yuk) and managed to suck it all down
  5501. >"A lady never slurps, avoid making sucking motions with your mouth."
  5502. >Seemed like you were the only one getting all this flak
  5503. >Meh, the soup sucked anyway. You'd just fill up on garlic bread
  5504. >As you reached across the table to pull a slice from a basket, Upper Crust practically gasped in shock
  5505. >"Your elbows are never supposed to go above the table, missy!"
  5506. "Look, I just wanna eat. Can't you just correct my mistakes afterwards?"
  5507. >"No, now put the bread back and retrieve it the proper way, as I taught you."
  5508. >The other fillies were watching, neither judgmental nor sympathetic
  5509. >You slowly placed the bread back, retracting your hoof carefully
  5510. "Sweetie Belle, could you please pass the bread basket to me?"
  5511. >"Why, it'd be my pleasure Anon."
  5512. >You took the basket from her hooves and placed it in front of you, grabbing a slice so daintily that Upper Crust would be proud, that is if she wasn't an arrogant bitch
  5513. >So she turned her attention on a different filly
  5514. >"Ruby, your bites are too large, you look like a pig!"
  5515. >Grateful of the respite, you leaned over to your only friend here and tried to start conversation
  5516. "Psst, hey Sweetie, why're you here? Did you light a trashcan on fire?"
  5517. >She just giggled at that quietly, covering her mouth with a hoof
  5518. >"No, my parents do this just 'cuz. Rarity did it when she was my age, and of course she gushed about how great it was, you know how she likes this stuff. So now I learn this stuff biannually. Why're you here?
  5519. "Twilight sent me so I'd stop drawing penises"
  5520. >"...Oh, that's... interesting."
  5522. >Be Anon
  5523. >You walked through the streets of Ponyville, Twilight guiding you home
  5524. >And Twilight wouldn't stop calling you a cute
  5525. >"I'm sorry, but that schoolfilly outfit is so adorable on you! I should make you wear it more often!"
  5526. >God no
  5527. >You had a feeling the outfit was going to mysteriously disappear sometime soon
  5528. >"Why, when you get older the colts are gonna be ALL over you, why, during heat season you'll get-"
  5529. >Her cheeks got very red as she cut herself off
  5530. "Hey Twilight?"
  5531. >"Yes, my little cupcake?"
  5532. "Uh, Sweetie Belle invited me to a sleepover while we were 'bonding' Y'know, because it's a four-day weekend. Can I go?"
  5533. >She just smiled at that, a proud look in her eyes
  5534. >"See, I knew you could make more friends! Of course you can go." She tousled your mane, and you had to admit it felt nice
  5535. >In a flash, you skeddadled upstairs to pack your saddlebags before she changed her mind
  5537. "F5"
  5538. >"Miss"
  5539. >Fucking BattleCarriage, such bullshit
  5540. "When's Apple Bloom getting here?"
  5541. >"I dunno, maybe Applejack gave her extra chores?"
  5542. >You had gotten used to her squeaky voice
  5543. "Well, let's hope she hurries"
  5544. >Scootaloo was off with Rainbow Dash in Cloudsdale visiting family or something
  5545. >"C3"
  5546. "Hit" you grumble, marking the carriage with a red pillar
  5547. >You stared at the board in contemplation. The game was almost over, you only had one carriage left
  5548. >"D'ya like living with Twilight?" Sweetie asked out of the blue."
  5549. "Hehheh... suuuure."
  5550. >"Can I ask you something?"
  5551. "You just did."
  5552. >She scowled. "You know what I meant."
  5553. "Shoot."
  5554. >"Is it different? Because she isn't your REAL mom?"
  5555. "...What the hell does that mean? It's not like pushing a foal out of your vagina gives you both some sort of mystical connection."
  5556. >"...You're right, that was a dumb question. But, uh, does she still treat you like her own foal?"
  5557. >...
  5558. "...WAY too much."
  5559. >...
  5560. >"Y'know, me and the Crusaders have this thing called Twilight Time; we haven't done it in forever though"
  5561. "You've all been busy, and I typically burn through every ounce of patience Purple has.". You pause. "E4."
  5562. >"Miss. C4."
  5563. "*sigh* You sank my battleship."
  5565. >Be Anon
  5566. >'Supervising' dinnertime preparations
  5567. >Rarity had offered to cook, but Sweetie Belle insisted you were big fillies
  5568. >Rarity looked relieved at that
  5569. >Daddy's little princess had probably never cooked before
  5570. >She was the secret sixth princess, her wings just hadn't grown in yet
  5571. "Okay, Apple Bloom, get two cups of 2% milk."
  5572. >"Ahn it!" she dashed to the fridge
  5573. >Apparently those fridges were lined with some sort of magic rock from the north that was always freezing
  5574. "Sweetie, go find some macaroni!"
  5575. >Whew, reading instructions off a box was hard.
  5576. >Apple Bloom held a milk carton in her mouth, dropping it on the counter
  5577. >Were cows sentient here? You thought you remembered somebody mentioning it
  5578. >For a moment of horror you wondered if it was pony milk
  5579. >But of course not, that was ridiculous
  5580. >Apple Bloom opened the carton and filled a black one-cup of milk by holding the container in her mouth and pouring
  5581. >She placed the carton back on the counter and picked up the cup with her mouth as well, pouring it into the large pot you had set up
  5582. >That filly was good with her mouth
  5583. >lewdsmile.png
  5584. >She repeated the process oncemore, and having finished her task she looked to you for direction
  5585. "Grab a stick of butter Bloom. Sweetie, where's that macaroni?!"
  5586. >Sweetie peeked out of the pantry, holding a plastic bag of foreign noodles
  5587. >"I couldn't find any macaroni, only these Orecchiette noodles!"
  5588. "They'll have to do."
  5589. >Apple Bloom popped out of the fridge holding a plastic container
  5590. >"Where's ya butter Sweetie? All ya've got is is Mar-ga-rine stuff."
  5591. >"Oh, right, Rarity doesn't use butter, she's afraid of getting fat."
  5592. "Doesn't she eat like a five-pound bowl of ice cream every other day?"
  5593. >Sweetie Belle just shrugged
  5595. >"Mahybe it tastes better than it looks?" Apple Bloom asked
  5596. >The noodles had practically fallen apart when you tried to boil them
  5597. >The sauce was split into two parts, one a thick paste and the other practically pure milk
  5598. >And the margarine had given the whole thing a greasy finish
  5599. >In conclusion, nothing like the way Twilight made it
  5600. >"I'm not eating it first." Sweetie insisted
  5601. "Why not? It's just Mac n' Cheese."
  5602. >"What if we accidentally used, I dunno, cyanide or something?"
  5603. "Cyanide? Really? As if, you can't make poisonous pasta. Not without trying." you paused. "Apple Bloom, you eat it first."
  5604. >"Why me? Sweetie should do it, she's tha hostess"
  5605. >"Oh no, it would be rude to eat before the guests."
  5607. >10 minutes later
  5608. >The three of you had finally come to an agreement
  5609. >You all sat in front of a bowl of yellow mush
  5610. "On three."
  5611. >Both fillies nodded their heads
  5612. "One... two... three!"
  5613. >All of you took in a spoonful
  5614. >It was terrible, mushy and somewhat bland, the taste reminiscent of cheddar instead of...... yellow?
  5615. >What kind of cheese was Mac n' Cheese supposed to taste like anyway?
  5616. "...This is honestly disgusting."
  5617. >"Ahgreed."
  5618. >"Mm-hmm" Sweetie piped in
  5619. >"Well, what nauw?".
  5620. >You were finally getting used to Bloom's stupid Southern accent
  5621. >"Don't worry girls, I have a back up plan." Sweetie said vaguely, then aimed her head toward the stairs
  5625. >Be Anon
  5626. >Doing your nails with your BFFs
  5627. >Well, relatively
  5628. >Sleeping bags had been set up on the floor in Sweetie Belle's room
  5629. >Apparently she spent so much time here with her sister she had her own room
  5630. >She laid on a  personal sleeping bag with you and Bloom, even though there was a PERFECTLY GOOD bed right there
  5631. >The hoof polish was still drying as the sunset began to fade
  5632. >"C'mon Anon, tell us another one of yer scary stories!" Bloom asked
  5633. "Naw, I don't have one."
  5634. >"Oh, c'mon, puh-lease?" she pressed on
  5635. "Nope, I'm serious, I don't have any more"
  5636. >...
  5637. "Although..."
  5638. >"What?" Sweetie asked, her head popping up in anticipation
  5639. "Well... I DID find this weird thing in one of Twilight's filing cabinets."
  5640. >You pulled a sheaf of papers out of your saddlebags, essentially an SCP entry. You had written them with a typewriter, making sure that the contents were official-sounding, with word choice that was technical, but not so arcane the fillies wouldn't understand it.
  5641. "I think it's some sort of scientific report to Celestia. It's pretty creepy, and I don't fully understand it. Can you guys help?"
  5642. >"Sure!" Sweetie squeaked out, eager to read the forbidden knowledge
  5643. >You held the papers back and twisted a bit, as if you were about to return them to their holding-place
  5644. "Actually, no. I don't know what could happen if you read this. I shouldn't have gotten you involved."
  5645. >The two fillies looked at each other
  5646. >"Naw we hafta see it." Bloom declared
  5647. "Well- I- ... all right." You handed the papers to Sweetie, who began to read them aloud
  5651. Item #: SCP-132
  5652. Object Class: Euclid
  5653. Special Containment Procedures: SCP-132, hereby to be referred to as 'The Stable', is an anomalous building located  [REDACTED].  Area 132 was built around the structure, a wall of pure concrete twenty meters tall and five across, forming a perimeter of four kilometers perfectly square around the structure. The wall is to be manned by at least [X] D-class personnel and supervised by [X] Agents at all times. Entry into the Stable is only permitted by order of at least two Princesses; attempts to enter illegitimately are grounds for instant termination.
  5655. Description: The Stableis an upright barn-like structure composed of wooden planks painted red and white, roughly twenty meter by thirty meters. The only entrance is a set of double-doors comprising the front of the barn. The building is spotted with windows, each pointing toward a cardinal direction; although the windows are always open, it is impossible to see inside as within the window frames is only an inky blackness. Dark shapes, hereby classified as SCP-132-2, can be seen moving within, but have no identifiable features (ADDENDUM: One description of SCP-132-2 has been provided by [REDACTED]. See Document D-132-1). The Stable contains an unknown number of instances of SCP-132-2. The doors only open, or rather are opened, upon pony contact; trial runs with yaks, zebras, griffons, cows, and other animals have proven uneventful. Attempts to damage The Stable with long-range magic and ballistic artillery have proved inneffectual.
  5657. The Stable was initially discovered by [||||||||||]  on [REDACTED], who was investigating a Missing Pony Report. After backup arrived, three officers attempted to enter the structure, and all three were dragged within and presumed dead. Upon arrival, SCP personnel attempted to breach the building armed with Magitek gear, only to be dragged within as well; no rescue attempts have been made. Several experiments with animals and non-pony creatures were made before the project was shut down by Princess [REDACTED] , who enacted the construction of the wall. No further incidents followed.
  5659. Document D-132-1:
  5660. Dr. Thunder Cloud: Could you elaborate on what happened, after the other officers arrived?
  5661. [||||||||||]: We started talking, strategizing what to do. We decided that [REDACTED] should go in. We didn't know what was in there, so we were just going on a hunch. If we had any idea we never would've tried.
  5662. Dr. Thunder Cloud: What happened when they reached the door?
  5663. [||||||||||]: They never made it to the door. They were, I dunno, a few hoofsteps away, and it just swung open. Something pulled them in, but I barely saw it- or they? I dunno, but they pulled them in with things like hooves, but these didn't have fur, and some fleshy appendage-things extended out of the end They grabbed them by the legs and dragged them in. They also spoke- I heard words in some foreign tongue like nothing I've ever heard.
  5664. Dr Thunder Cloud: Could you repeat anything you heard?
  5665.  [||||||||||]: : I heard... I heard 'waifoo.' and 'Brï d'
  5666. Dr. Thunder Cloud: Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?
  5667.  [||||||||||]: : Don't- don't go in there. Don't try.
  5668. Dr. Thunder Cloud: Alright, thank you for you help. We know this has been a traumatic experience, so we've prepared an amnesiac
  5669.  [||||||||||]: Wait, you didn't say- hey!
  5671.  >Be Anon
  5672. >After Sweetie had finished there had been a moment of silence
  5673. >Then the other two fillies looked at each other and giggled
  5674. >"Tha' was a good one Anon! You had us going for a second!" Bloom said
  5675. "Wha- no. It's legit! See, it has Twilight's stamp at the bottom!"
  5676. >"We all know how good you are at forging documents Anon. She probably left her stamper lying around somewhere."
  5677. >"Yeah! And you used it on like a hundred blank pages."
  5678. "No, I- wait, who else thinks I'm good at forging?"
  5679. >The two just looked at each other, before Bloom answered
  5680. >"Ah'm pretty sure Cherilee knows."
  5681. >Rarity popped in, one of those sleeping masks tied around her head and over her horn
  5682. >"Girls, you need to go to sleep."
  5683. "...We're not tired." you meekly answered
  5684. >"Well, *I* am, and I can't go to bed until you're all tucked in. So hurry up, I need my beauty sleep."
  5685. "You need a hell of a lot more." you mumbled under your breath
  5686. >Thankfully nobody heard
  5688. >You and your friends were now whispering in the dark
  5689. "So if Cherilee knows, why hasn't she confronted me about it?"
  5690. >"She's probably just waiting for the next Parent-Teacher Conference" Sweetie answered, her voice noticeably drowsier
  5691. >Wait, Parent-Teacher Conferences?
  5692. >Turns out you were the only one going to bed scared shitless
  5694. >Be Twilight
  5695. >Anon rode atop your back as you passed shops and businesses in Canterlot's Merchant Square
  5696. >Anon had given off an 'oy vey' sound upon seeing the sign
  5697. >You honestly didn't understand your little pumpkin sometimes
  5698. >You felt Anon adjust herself so that her hindquarters sat atop your rump, her tail mixing with yours
  5699. "Alright Anon, what are you going to do today?"
  5700. >"I'm going to behave myself."
  5701. "I need you to promise it."
  5702. >"...I PROMISE I'll behave today."
  5703. "Very good." you said with satisfaction
  5704. >Anon could be deceptive and manipulative at times, but her promises were typically worth something
  5706. >Eventually the two of you stood in front of the crown jewel of the capital, the Canterlot Castle
  5707. >The guards let you in without a word, knowing you by sight.
  5708. >As you neared the main doors, a mare with a copper coat, brown mane, and reading glasses covering her green eyes came up to you, looking eager to please
  5709. >"Your majesty, I am Paper Pusher, assistant to Princess Celestia, who instructed me on your arrival. She's waiting for you in the Day Court, and asked me to prepare this for you." She handed you a manila folder. "Here's a dossier of relevant information for your meeting"
  5710. "Thank you, your service here has been invaluable. But could you do me one more favor?"
  5711. >"Well, most certainly, Princess." Paper Pusher stood a bit more upright, eager for whatever important mission she was to be assigned
  5712. >You sat down on her haunches, sliding Anon off your back
  5713. >She landed on your rump with a little *bump*, and you immediately stood up
  5714. "Could you watch my filly for me?"
  5715. >"W-well of course."
  5716. "Thanks. It won't be for long, and she promised to behave herself."
  5720. >Be Anon
  5721. >Sitting in a medium-sized office, light streaming in through a large window behind a mahogany desk
  5722. >Paper Pushed sat behind the desk, filling out endless hordes of paperwork
  5723. >You'd already eaten half a bowl of those peppermints secretaries always had
  5724. "I'm bored."
  5725. >No response
  5726. "I said I'm bored."
  5727. >Paper shredders hadn't been invented yet, so they couldn't try to distract you with one
  5728. "I'm bo-ored."
  5729. >Paper Pusher set down her quill loudly, and answered in a venomous tone
  5730. >"Well, what would you like to do?"
  5731. >You stroked your chin for a moment
  5732. "Can I go exploring?"
  5734. >"And you'll notice this hallway is lined with tapestries depicting the early history of Equestria and the surrounding lands. Some of these date back to the Mane Dynasty-"
  5735. "Mmhmm, hey, are there any secret passages behind them?"
  5736. >You pulled one away from the hall with your hoof, but you only saw stone behind it
  5737. >Almost instantly Paper Pusher was on you, pulling you away from the glorified rug
  5738. >"Do you- why- these artifacts are HUNDREDS of years old!"
  5739. "Wow, that's almost as old as you!"
  5740. >Okay, that was kinda mean.
  5742. >Paper Pusher guided you through several more wings of the castle, obviously less enthused than before
  5743. >"...and afterwards this wing had to be rebuilt, which took nearly three years. Any questions?"
  5744. "... ...I need to use the potty."
  5745. >"WHAT? You just went, I stood outside! I listened to you pee!"
  5746. >What a degenerate, fetishizing a helpless foal
  5747. >disgust-safe.png
  5748. You smiled at her. "We little fillies have small bladders."
  5751. >After a refreshing urination, you head out with a slightly-pissed Pencil Pusher
  5752. "-the original stone was mined from quarries just north of here, but modifications using Saddle Arabian ore..."
  5753. >She sounded far less enthused than before
  5754. >You weren't attention, you were staring at the floor, trying to avoid breaking yo momma's back
  5755. >Although Purple could probably use some physical pain
  5756. >"...masons... ... ... years..."
  5757. >You look up, wondering why Pencil Pusher was getting so quiet
  5758. >Only to realize she was nowhere in sight
  5759. >Wait, where'd she go?
  5760. >She had headed down that hallway to the left, right?
  5761. >You pursued; surely you'd catch up in no time
  5762. >The hallway turned to your left, and you wound up in some kind of kitchen, with servant ponies idly making a cake
  5763. >You tugged at a baker's coat, hoping she could help
  5764. "Uh, I'm lost did you see a stuck-up mare head down here by any chance?"
  5765. >"Oh, I think I saw her go down that way" she said, pointing down the hallway perpendicular with your entrance
  5766. "Thanks!
  5767. >You bursted down the corridor, passing a balcony with the most beautiful garden you'd ever seen
  5768. >Pencil Pusher was nowhere to be seen
  5769. >You were totally gonna get blamed for this
  5770. >'Anon, you promised you'd behave yourself, then you run away from your blah blah blah.'
  5771. >Well, if you were already gonna get in trouble...
  5772. >Maybe you could
  5773. >You had a funny feeling. Like there was an imperceptibly small draft coming in
  5774. >You trot over to a tapestry depicting Discord running rampant, towns burning and clouds dispelling some kind of... rust? Dried blood?
  5775. >Maybe he should try that in your next Ponyfinder game
  5776. >You poked your hoof behind it and lifted, peering towards where the tapestry SHOULD meet the wall
  5777. >But behind it lay a small corridor of a dark stone, with a clockwise staircase visible towards the end
  5778. "I fuckin knew it."
  5779. >Paintings were always hiding secret passages
  5782. >After a few round staircases the passage stopped in a dead end
  5783. >Either somebody had sealed off the passage, or there was a hidden button
  5784. >You scramble around on your knees, the darkness of obscuring your vision.
  5785. >You began pressing stone blocks down and in, hoping one was some sort of a switch
  5786. >But not like those ones that shot poison darts in Raiders
  5787. >After several moments of searching, you found nothing
  5788. >What a disappointment. Just like everything else in your life
  5789. >You punch the barricade with your hoof in anger
  5790. >And hear a tiny *crick*
  5791. >You punch it again, harder
  5792. >The blocks cave in a bit, and you could see a room behind it
  5793. >Whoever sealed this passage did a really shitty job
  5794. >You kick another time, and manage to shimmy through the little hole you made
  5795. >Inside was a dark room, with some sort of luminescent diamonds sprinkled across the black roof. No windows existed here, likely to keep out the sun. Out of the corner of your eye you saw a wardrobe and a desk. In the center of the room sat a large four-poster bed
  5796. >Then you saw the bed get up
  5799. >A mare's head popped out from under the sheets
  5800. >Her head swiveled around sharply, as if she had just risen from a pleasant nap
  5801. >Thankfully, you were so short that the bed hid you from her view
  5802. >"Who goes there?"
  5803. >The pony hopped out of bed, her horn emitting a bright beam of light. You recognized her as Princess Luna, the one you nearly vomited on at that one party
  5804. >She eventually saw you, and turned, the bright light nearly blinding you
  5805. >"Who- wa- oh, a filly." she sighed in relief, turning down the headlights. Eventually you managed to open your eyes and stare a bit
  5806. >You never noticed before, but damn, she was thicc AF
  5807. >You should mention it, girls like compliments
  5808. >"Is something the matter?"
  5809. >...
  5810. "You have a big butt."
  5811. >She just looked aghast at that, then turned to look back at her ass, then back at you
  5812. >"Well, t'as been a while since my last voyage to the gymnasium, but- that comment is uncalled for! Where art thou manners?"
  5813. >You stayed quiet
  5814. >"Wait, I know thou! You're Princess Twilight's charge! But what art thou doing here?"
  5815. "...I swear it was an accident."
  5817. >Luna guided you through the halls of Canterlot Castle
  5818. >Like with Pencil Pusher, but without the history
  5819. >Haha, she must be going into conniptions
  5820. >"So, where art thy mother?"
  5821. "TWILIGHT's supposed to be with Celestia. In the Day Court I think."
  5822. >"Hmm, well, I suppose they don't want to be interrupted."
  5823. "Yeah, she hates it when I do that."
  5824. >You didn't mention that you loved doing that
  5825. >"Well, I suppose we'd better find a way to entertain ourselves."
  5826. "Don't you wanna go back to sleep?"
  5827. >"I cannot return to my realm after I've woken up."
  5828. >You scratched the back of your head in embarrassment
  5829. "Heh... sorry."
  5831. "So you sleep in the day because you're nocturnal?"
  5832. >"Aye."
  5833. "Do you like your job?"
  5834. >" 'Tis my purpose in life, and I find it most rewarding. I cherish helping my little ponies, as repentance for mine mistakes."
  5835. "Why do you talk like Lady Macbeth?"
  5836. >She didn't even acknowledge your foreign reference
  5837. >"I spent a millenium on the moon alone. I'm not up-to-date on the 'lingo' the kids are using at present."
  5838. "Why?"
  5839. >"Thou hast an inquisitive mind."
  5840. >You scrunch your face up at her
  5841. "That's not an answer."
  5842. >"...Well, my sister banished me to the moon after I... misbehaved. Honestly, I deserved it."
  5843. >...
  5844. "Yeah, I had a rebellious phase once. Back when I was-"
  5845. >Instantly the collar shocked you, worse than it had in recent memory. You collapsed on the floor, legs twitching as too many volts coursed through your body
  5846. >Your eyes were mostly shut in pain, but you saw Luna looking down at you with a miserable expression
  5847. >Eventually the electricity faded down to a warm sensation on your neck
  5848. >Luna pulled you up by your hoof, and you managed to get to your feet steadily
  5849. >"Is there anything I can do? Fetch a glass of water? I could put you on my back-"
  5850. "No, no. I'm okay."
  5851. >tfw you really weren't
  5854. >The two of you just kept walking
  5855. >Luna seemed like she wanted to talk, but couldn't screw up the courage to start
  5856. "...So, where are we going?"
  5857. >"...We're almost there."
  5858. >Yay for cryptic answers
  5859. >Eventually you rounded a corner, and stepped out into the bright sun, shielding your eyes for a moment
  5860. >The lawn was grassy, with patches of flowers grown on dirt mounds, separated from the grass with concrete rings
  5861. >Without either of you speaking, you head up to a tall hill at the edge of the courtyard
  5862. >Looking over the iron-wrought balcony, you can see all of Canterlot, ponies looking like little ants from up here
  5863. >Well, the half that wasn't behind you
  5864. >You turned, and Luna was resting in the shade of a large maple tree
  5865. >You walked over to join her, a nap sounded great right now
  5866. >Not that you needed one, naps were for babies
  5867. >You rested your head against the strong wooden trunk and closed your eyes, enjoying the warm breeze grazing your face and blowing through your mane
  5868. >You dug your hooves deep into the ground, feeling the grass touching up nearly to your ankles
  5869. >You opened your eyes slightly and saw a pair of butterflies hovering around a patch of flowers in the distance, occasionally dipping down to suck some nectar
  5870. >All in all, a paradise
  5871. >"This is a good place to talk." Luna said in a somber tone
  5872. >Wait, did she mean it like 'talk' or 'Talk'?
  5874. >"Anon, thou hast some... unusual dreams."
  5875. >Was this your salvation? Had somebody finally put two and two together?
  5876. >"They are of a nature not appropriate to fillies. I note that many of them are of a... sexual end."
  5877. >Welp, guess not. Shit
  5878. >"Now, Twilight has made me aware of your situation, and I deeply apologize for what your former family did to you. "
  5879. >Your collar was warming up
  5880. >"And I was thinking we could discuss the possibility of dream-based therapy?"
  5881. "...no thanks, Big Brother, I don't want any more ponies trying to screw around with my head."
  5882. >"Oh."
  5883. >A moment of silence.
  5884. >"Well, I have also perceived many regarding... hominids. I know for many foals the idea can be embarrassing, but such thoughts are perfectly normal; many ponies have si,ilar... fantasies. Why, one mare in your village dreams of them every night!"
  5885. >You already knew which one, she tried to recruit you into her cult
  5886. >"So just... don't be afraid to talk about thy problems with others. THere are lots of ponies that care about thou."
  5887. >Be Rolling, Head chef for the Castle Kitchens
  5888. >Your team had just finished Celestia's last order for a dozen cakes
  5889. >Maybe when she had a heart attack you could retire
  5890. >You hear some bumps and a few 'excuse me's behind you, and turn to check who was disturbing your kitchen
  5891. >A little green filly with a black mane and a question mark for a cutie mark stood before you, holding a square of paper and looking for whoever was in charge
  5892. >Which would be you
  5893. "Is zer something you needed?"
  5894. >She looked up at you with an expression of pride
  5895. >"Princess Luna wanted a cake, and she sent ME down to order it."
  5896. >You'd get these requests every couple of days, but usually from a mare-in-waiting or something
  5897. "Odd zat Luna would send a little filly. Do you even work here?
  5898. >"Yessir, I'm an intern."
  5899. >God, this place was overstaffed
  5900. "Alright, tell me the order."
  5901. >She looked down at her scrap of paper, her face scrunching as she tried to make out the handwriting
  5902. >"She wants an eight-by-eight- that's INCHES- chocolate base with raspberry interior cream and vanilla frosting, with a message inscribed on the top"
  5903. >...
  5904. "Vell, vat is ze message?"
  5905. >She cleared her throat
  5906. "I am a booger-eating poopy-face and I'm stupid." she giggled a bit
  5907. >Fuckin pranksters, who let these foals in?
  5908. >You shoved out through the door she came in
  5909. "Out! out! I have no time for your shenanigans!
  5910. >"No-no, really! She needs it!" she said, still giggling
  5911. "Don't come back!"
  5912. >You shoved her out the door
  5913. >Damn punks
  5915. >30 minutes later
  5916. >You had just been checking the day's timetable, ensuring that the schedule was being met
  5917. >Which of course it was, your staff was impeccably efficient
  5918. >Then you realized the kitchen was quiet. Too quiet.
  5919. >Out in the main kitchen stood Princess Luna, looking... displeased
  5920. "Oh! Princess Luna! Eet has been a while since you 'av graced us with your presence. What is the occassion?"
  5921. >"I was wondering where mine cake was."
  5922. "I- vat cake?"
  5923. >"I sent an order down with a green filly over a half-hour ago, and heard that thou hadn't even begun. Did the courier arrive?"
  5924. >She didn't look angry so much as vexed.
  5925. >It was little consolation.
  5926. "Vell, yes-"
  5927. "Did an accident happen? Equipment malufunction?"
  5928. "Vell, no-"
  5929. >"Then why did thou ignore me? Surely thou would respondeth faster if my SISTER were to request one."
  5930. >You wanted to tell her that the order was batshit stupid, but you'd have to be even stupider to say so
  5931. "I apologize, Princess. We assumed the order wasn't yours."
  5932. >She turned to leave, with only one last statement
  5933. >"Hmm. Well, it would be in your best interest to hurry."
  5934. >...
  5935. "Vell, everypony get to work!"
  5939. >Be Anon
  5940. >Standing in a narrow alleyway with Luna
  5941. >She was WAY cooler than her sister, and leagues above Twicunt.
  5942. >She wore a brown cloak, disguising her from passerby's perhiperal vision, but there was no way of masking her height
  5943. >She was no manlet, that's for sure
  5944. >Sneaking here without being noticed had been QUITE a challenge, mostly scouring through in the gaps between buildings, occassionally partaking in small bouts of flight to hop over barriers
  5945. >Would've been way easier if she hadn't adamantly refused to go through the sewers
  5946. >'Such places are not befitting a princess'
  5948. >You poked your head out, looking at the square beyond
  5949. >A fountain sat in the middle of the courtyard, which held about 20 ponies at any time, many of them moving this way and that to get to their destinations
  5950. >You checked the bag one more time, making sure a hole hadn't emptied the cargo out onto the streets or anything
  5951. >Inside were about three hundred iron coins painted gold, each one looking very similar to a bit; Only close inspection would reveal they were fake
  5952. "Okay, start the plan... NOW"
  5953. >Luna levitated the bag into the fountain, quickly emptying the bag's contents with a jangling noise before dropping it near the fountain; pulling it back would increase the chances of being spotted
  5954. >Either nobody had noticed the bag, or nobody cared
  5955. >"This seemeth a bit cruel. Why can't we use MY ideas?"
  5956. "We will, we will."
  5957. >She looked at you funny
  5958. "We just need to save the best ones for last!"
  5959. >That perked her up, and the two of you watched the fountain, waiting
  5961. >You didn't have to wait long, as a mare passed near the fountain, and noticed the pile of fake money
  5962. >She practically dove in, scooping as much as she could between her hooves and dropping it on the ledge surrounding the pool. Hooves really couldn't hold many coins at once, though.
  5963. >A couple of nearby stallions noticed this, and quickly ran up to join in, practically pushing the mare out the way
  5964. >Soon a small crowd had gathered around the fountain, fighting tooth and hoove for the bounty while water doused their coats and clothes
  5965. >"I FOUND IT FIRST!"
  5966. >"THAT WAS MY PILE!"
  5967. >"LEGGO!"
  5968. >One stallion was elbowed in the gut hard, and one mare had knocked another into the deepest portion of the fountain so she could grab three 'bits'
  5969. >You couldn't stop laughing, and Luna giggled hesitantly as well
  5970. >They'd figure it out soon, right? They couldn't arrest you for introducing forgeries into the market, you had a Princess here.
  5971. >"WAIT A MINUTE, THESE ARE FAKE!" a mare yelled, holding a coin up above the group's heads
  5972. >...
  5973. >...
  5974. >After an awkward silence, all the ponies began brshing themselves off, picking back up discarded hats and scarves, pretending as if a few hundred bits hadn't turned them into a pack of zebras chimping out
  5977. >Be Paper Pusher
  5978. >Running around the castle like your life depended on it, when in reality it was only your job
  5979. >Shit, why did you always get the hard work?
  5980. >Suddenly you heard a loud thumping noise towards your right, like something heavy fell down a flight of stairs
  5981. >delayed_shock.gif
  5983. >You bursted out into a massive chamber, typically used for the Grand Galloping Gala. An exquisite (and expensive) chandelier hung overhead, with beautiful and intricately-crafted windows letting light shine throughout the empty room. A grand staircase two floors in height stood below you, and you peeked over its edge
  5984. >At the bottom of the stairs lay Anon, her legs spread out in an unnatural angle, and her head pressed on its side against the marble floor. Her body was completely still, without the expansion and contraction that came with breathing. Drool poured out the side of her mouth and onto the ground, and her eyes were closed, the filly undoubtedly unconscious- or worse.
  5985. >You weren't getting that raise.
  5987. >What were you going to do?
  5988. >You slowly stepped down the staircase, checking to make sure the ballroom was empty
  5989. >No witnesses
  5990. >Maybe you could hide her body, make it look like a custodian did it
  5991. >No, that wouldn't work
  5992. >Hmmm... how to blame it on the filly?
  5993. >' *Sniff*... I'm sorry Princess Twilight, she *sniff* ran off after I warned her about the staircase, she wouldn't *sniff* wouldn't LISTEN.'
  5994. >It was your only hope
  5995. >You reached Anon's body, and after a moment of hesitation, prodded it with your hoof
  5996. >At that moment the corpse came to life, rolling onto its back and laughing uncontrollably, crossing its front hooves over its barrel
  5998. >From behind a dresser you heard softer laughter, and saw Princess Luna leaning over its top, pointing and giggling
  5999. >"Th-thine face!"
  6000. >Relief and anger flooded into your brain, the former overwhelming the latter
  6001. >At least you probably weren't gonna lose your job
  6002. >It was several moments before they calmed down enough to talk
  6003. >"I told thee mine would be peerless!"
  6004. >"And you said MY pranks were mean?? Hypocrite!"
  6005. >Cue another round of laughter
  6006. "I- I-"
  6007. >Eventually they stopped for real, Princess Luna wiping a stray tear from her eye
  6008. >"'Tis time for me to go Anon, I have very important matters to attend."
  6009. >"Heh, well, let's do this again sometime, Moonbutt."
  6010. >Shit, you'd never heard anypony talk to a Princess this way. Not in front of them, at least
  6011. >"Verily and farewell, Mint-Chocolate-Chip"
  6012. >The Princess flew off, probably to masturbate
  6013. >After she was gone, the filly got all uppity and whined at you, like she hadn't just run away
  6014. >"I'm bored now. Hey Paper Pusher, you never finished giving me that tour. You're not very good at your job, are you?"
  6016. >Still Paper Pusher
  6017. >You'dalmost finished the tour, thank god
  6018. >Anon wouldn't stop ASKING QUESTIONS, and of course they were all annoying and/or obnoxious
  6019. >You led her through a storehouse, sharing greetings with ponies you passed. The walls were stacked with shelves of various foods, canned and bagged and boxed. There were also gallons and gallons of water, and a locked room that supposedly held metric tons of cake
  6020. "And this is the primary Pantry. This is where we store our emergency food supplies, they were used a few years ago during a famine to feed the citizens of Canterlot- what are you doing??"
  6021. >Anon was pushing aside containers, peering through plastic and glass, and reading the names on boxes
  6022. >"Looking for food."
  6023. "If you want food, let's just go back to the kitchen!"
  6024. >She visibly paused, as if recollecting a memory
  6025. >"No, I don't want to." she said flatly, and went back to searching
  6026. >What a spoiled brat
  6027. "You're not supposed to do that!"
  6028. >"Bingo!"
  6029. >She pulled out a plastic box filled with chocolate-chip cookies, and worked on opening the sealed lid
  6030. >You pulled the box out of her hooves and held it high above your head; Anon may be higher on the totem pole, but you were still taller
  6031. >"Hey! Give it back!"
  6032. "Mm-nmm young filly, dinnertime is soon and I'm not letting you gorge yourself on these sweets and grow a chubby tubby"
  6033. >Her ears drooped and defeat and face fell
  6034. >Then they perked right up
  6035. >"If you don't give me the cookies I'll tell Mom you were mean to me."
  6036. "I'm sorry, WHAT?"
  6037. >"If I'm not biting into delicious chocolate chips in the next minute I'll tell Twilight that you yelled at me and said I was dumb and dragged me around by my ear."
  6038. >...
  6039. >...
  6041. >Two boxes lay empty on the floor, a container of snickerdoodles having caught her eye.
  6042. >Anon lay on her back, crumbs splattered across her muzzle and tummy enlarged by the feast
  6043. "Are you done?"
  6044. >Little shithead
  6045. >"Mmm-hmm. ...Now carry me back upstairs."
  6046. >At least this torture was almost done
  6050. >Be Anon, sitting comfy on Paper Pusher's back as she climbed another flight of stairs
  6051. >It had been an okay day
  6052. >But your new slave wasn't meeting expectations
  6053. "Hey, can you quit shaking so much down there? I can't relax if you keep wobbling like a paraplegic"
  6054. >You could hear her snort and mumble something under her breath
  6055. "What was that?"
  6056. >"Nothing, Anon."
  6057. "Call me Princess. PRINCESS Anon." you corrected her, putting emphasis on your title.
  6058. >"Yes, PRINCESS" she answered, her voice venomous
  6059. >Was there a word for being daughter of a princess? Grand-princess?
  6060. >You'd just make one up, after you had finished suffering through this bumpy ride
  6061. >Twilight was way better at this piggyback thing, she knew how to relax her shoulders and keep her hoofsteps regular
  6062. "How much are you getting paid? Either way it's too much."
  6063. >More grumbling from the peasant. You should petition to bring back whippings
  6064. >It was so hard to get good help these days
  6066. >You eventually ran into Twilight near the entrance
  6067. >She was finally done, thank god. How did she manage to sit through so many boring meetings?
  6068. >Paper Pusher unceremoniously dumped you onto the floor, barely even looking at Purple before trudging off
  6069. >"She's all yours."
  6070. >Twilight glanced back at her, clearly suspicious of you
  6071. >You got up onto your hooves, wiping the crumbs off your face before Purple could notice them
  6072. >"Anon, what did you do?"
  6073. "Nothing, she just said she didn't like foals, they were too loud and messy."
  6074. >That answer satisfied her, and she walked over and put her head under your rump, sliding your down her neck and onto her back
  6075. >Maybe you'd never have to use your legs ever again
  6076. >The ultimate level of NEET
  6077. >"Did you have fun Anon?"
  6078. "Eh... a little."
  6082. >Be Twilight
  6083. >Anon was complaining more than usual
  6084. >"I'm huuungry, I wanna eat!"
  6085. "Anon, I told you, we're eating with Granddad and Grandma tonight, we're almost to the resturaunt, just wait fifteen minutes. Please."
  6086. >"I can't wait that long! I'll die, and then you'll be SO sad, and FPS will come and arrest you forever." she said in her whiny voice
  6087. >You loved Anon, but she could be a real prick sometimes
  6089. >You entered the Le Coq Au Vin, hoping you weren't late.
  6090. >You approached the host directly, his moustache obnocious-looking
  6091. "Hello, I'm with the Night Light party?"
  6092. >His expression was professionally blank, and he gestured to your left with his hoof
  6093. >"Right this way, Madame Sparkle."
  6095. >He led you down to a table where your parents sat, Mom laughing at some sort of story or joke Dad had told her. His face lit up as he saw you around Mom's head
  6096. >"Twilight! Anon! Glad you're here, we were afraid we'd have to drink the whole bottle by ourselves!"
  6097. >Mom nudged him with her elbow, as if mentioning alcohol in front of a foal was taboo
  6098. >Not that you wanted Nonny drinking
  6099. >You climbed onto the high-backed chair, opening the large leather-bound menu
  6100. >Anon had to shake a bit to build enough momentum to climb onto her chair
  6101. >She was such a cute
  6104. >Be Anon
  6105. >Those cookies had not been filling
  6106. >You should've eaten THREE cases
  6107. >After managing to climb up to you seat, you opened up your menu, forced to stare down at it on the table as you couldn't reasonably hold it between your small legs
  6108. >The table was all fancy, shiny cutlery on napkins and those little glasses of water you get before ordering
  6109. >They probably didn't serve hayburgers or nachos
  6110. >The adults were talking about boring adult things, like work. You just kept staring at the menu, trying to find something edible
  6111. >You had thought about ordering the most expensive thing possible, but then you realized all the high-priced stuff was disgusting, with nasty mushrooms and shit
  6112. >Eventually you found a fifteen-bit plate of spaghetti, a dish you actually recognized
  6113. >You poked Twilight in the side until she looked down at you
  6114. "Hey. Hey."
  6115. >"Yes, Anon?" she asked, obviously annoyed at the interruption
  6116. "I want this." you said, pointing down at your selection
  6117. >"... ...that's wonderful Nonny. But I'm in the middle of a discussion right now, can you wait until we're done, sweetie?"
  6118. >Fucking bitch, when you're a parent your kids are supposed to come first.
  6120. >Still Anon, staring down at the tablecloth
  6121. >You wish they had crayons and a sheet of those little puzzles restaurants would sometimes hand out
  6122. >You'd make that maze your bitch
  6123. >"So Anon, how do you like living with Twilight?" you heard Night Light ask
  6124. >You pop your head up, and realize that you hadn't directly talked to your 'grandparents' yet
  6125. >You look to your left and see Twilight giving you a smile
  6126. >She was trying to bait out an answer she wanted, but you weren't sure if she was trying to be reassuring, or if there was a threat implied in her expression
  6127. >Probably both
  6128. >You felt your collar warming up a bit, and you tugged at it. There was no point, as it fit around your neck perfectly
  6129. "Uhh... I like it a lot. She's very nice to me."
  6130. >Velvet smiled gently at you
  6131. >"Well, that's what we like to hear. I know you've had a... difficult time in the past."
  6132. >Wait, what was that other lie Twicunt was telling other ponies? Not the seizure one.
  6133. >Oh yeah, something about your old family beating and sexually abusing you
  6134. >The latter was actually genius; if you were going around cussing and making lewd comments, it would reflect on her parenting
  6135. >This way she wouldn't be judged for your vast assortment of hooker jokes, it was your 'old family''s fault
  6136. >Twilight put her arm around your tiny shoulders
  6137. >"Well, she definitely deserves it."
  6138. >She was in nuzzling range, and for a moment you thought she would go in.
  6139. >You were both relieved and disappointed
  6141. >Be Anon
  6142. >Sitting at a table in the too-fancy Le Coq Au Vin
  6143. >"No, Mom, I don't have a coltfriend."
  6144. >"Well, you should hurry up and find one, I don't want you becoming an old maid!" Velvet laughed a bit at that
  6145. >"Why do you care so much? You already have a grandfoal, just spoil HER."
  6146. >Being spoiled sounded good
  6147. >After all, nobody was allowed to leave your REAL grandma's house on an empty stomach
  6148. >...
  6149. >... What did she look like, again?
  6151. >The waiter was finally here, thank god. You were gonna die soon.
  6152. >"'Av' you made your decizions?" he said in a fake-sounding French accent
  6153. >"Yes, we'll take the Mushroom Risotto, Baked Ziti, Greek Pasta, and the Spaghetti." Night Light answered
  6154. >"Very good. Would you like a wine with that?"
  6155. >"Yes, we'll take a bottle of Chardonneigh." He closed his menu at that.
  6157. >854
  6158. >Pairing a white wine with pasta dishes
  6159. ISHYGDDT
  6161. >The waiter set your respective dishes in front of each of you, the plates composed of fine china
  6162. >That's weird, you don't remember Night Light specifying who wanted what
  6163. >Did he just assume your order?
  6164. >In the middle of the table he placed a metal tin, filled with ice and a fancy-looking bottle
  6165. >You had only drunk wine from a box, maybe this was your chance to live the high life.
  6166. >You decided to play dumb and hope for the best
  6167. >Maybe Equestria was like Ireland and the kids were drunkards too
  6168. "What's that?" you asked with your cutest face
  6169. >"Wine." Night Light answered, grabbing the bottle and popping off the cork
  6170. "Can I have some?"
  6171. >"Ah... when you're older."
  6172. >You turned to the waiter indignantly
  6173. "Well, what else is there to drink?"
  6174. >You weren't gonna have water, that was for suckers
  6177. >You took another swig from your juice box, the taste of apples flowing through the bendy straw and onto your tongue
  6178. >Damn that was some good juice
  6179. >You picked up a fork and poked at your entree, sifting through the sauce
  6180. >It was all chunky, cut tomatoes everywhere in the sauce
  6181. >You grabbed a breadstick while everyone else dug into their meals happily
  6182. >After a minute Purple realized you weren't touching your spaghetti
  6183. >"Is something wrong Anon?" Twilight asked, sensing your disdain
  6184. >She looked down at the plate and back to you, her eyebrows furrowing a bit
  6185. >She quickly replaced her expression with a happier one, and raised her tone to just below jovial
  6186. >"Oh, I know that look. You need to use the potty."
  6187. "Wha- No I don't!"
  6188. >Your bladder was pretty much empty, what was she- oh
  6189. >"Well, why don't you just try?"
  6190. >Knowing it was inevitable, you hopped out of your seat
  6191. >She nudged you towards the lobby for a little 'talk'
  6194. >Somehow the lobby was empty; the host was likely ushering tha last group to their table. The quiet was a little disconcerting.
  6195. >Twilight didn't seem angry, just exasperated
  6196. >Well, a TEENSY bit angry too
  6197. >"What's wrong now Anon? Why won't you eat?"
  6198. "It tastes terrible, the sauce is all weird with little tomato bits. Why can't they just make it out of a can like normal people?"
  6199. >"Normal PONIES, Anon. Ponies." she corrected, "And that food wasn't cheap, it would be very rude to not eat it."
  6200. >Joke's on her you don't care about manners
  6201. "No. It's gross."
  6202. >"Well, you can't just eat breadsticks all night."
  6203. "Watch me."
  6204. >Purple narrowed her eyes a bit and deepened her tone
  6205. >"Oh-hoh, you're giving me attitude now?"
  6206. "No, I just- I don't wanna eat it, just ask for a refund."
  6207. >"There's no refunds and you know that. Now you march out there and eat the whole plate, young lady"
  6208. "Mmm-nmmm" you shook your head
  6209. >No way were you eating that garbage
  6210. >"Anon, I can make your life VERY difficult if you don't obey me."
  6211. >Rebellious thoughts flew through your head, and you felt a tingling sensation around your neck.
  6212. >Fucking collar. One day you'd get your revenge.
  6213. >But for now, it was best to play along, or at least not piss Twicunt off too much
  6214. "...Three bites."
  6215. >"No Anon, I'm not bargaining, go out there and eat your dinner.". she said, pointing back into the dining room
  6219. >You sat down in the plushy high-backed chair, Twilight pulling hers back out from under the table and resting on it as well
  6220. >You could feel her watching you out of the corner of her eye
  6221. >You slowly plunge your fork in and spin until you had a small bite speared onto it
  6222. >You slowly slip into into your mouth and close
  6223. >The little bits were disgusting. At least it didn't taste like piss, only the texture was wron. Horribly wrong
  6224. >You force yourself to swallow, not even trying to hide your discomfort
  6225. >The adults had struck up a conversation about an upcoming music festival, and you started to spread the spaghetti around your plate
  6226. >If you made the meal more shallow, it would look like you had eaten more than you really had
  6227. >You grabbed a breadstick from the cloth-covered basket an dbegan munching
  6229. >After a half-hour the plates (well, not yours) and the wine bottle had been emptied
  6230. >You had given up on your third breadstick, the flavor blended together after a few and it began tasting like cardboard
  6231. >A half-dozen juice boxes sat littered on the table
  6232. >The waiter eventually got sick of bringing you a new one every two minutes and just gave you six
  6233. >You forced yourself to finish them all, otherwise the resturaunt would win
  6234. >Wait, were they complimentary, or did they charge you for them?
  6235. >Eh, not your money
  6236. >The table had gone quiet, everyone else satisfied by the food and wine
  6237. >You saw Night Light lazily bend his head close to Velvet's
  6238. >"A fifteen-bit plate of spaghetti and she only eats the breadsticks." you managed to hear him whisper
  6240. >The door slammed behind you as you entered your 'grandparents'' home
  6241. >After deciding to stay the night, Twilight had quickly teleported home and back, carrying a suitcase undoubtedly prepared hours ago
  6242. >Twilight whisked you away upstairs with a token 'I'll be right back' to her parents, carrying you over her shoulder
  6243. >"Alright Nonny, let's get ready for bed."
  6244. >It's 7:00 Purple, there's still light out
  6245. >You wriggled meekly in her grasp
  6246. "I don't wanna."
  6247. >She didn't pay attention to your pathetic resistance, toting you down a hall and into a medium-sized room
  6248. >Judging from all the books on the shelves, this was HER old room, but the bed was queen-sized, pretty large for a foal
  6249. >Heh, they should have bought a princess-sized one.
  6250. >She popped open the suitcase and pulled out clothes with her magic
  6251. >Red flannel pants and shirt floated in front of you
  6252. >Red flannel pants and a shirt floated in front of you, the plaid pattern aesthetically pleasing
  6253. >"Alright, let's get your jammies on!" she said with great enthusiasm
  6254. "...I don't need pajamas, I'm a friggen horse!."
  6255. >"It's going to be very cold tonight Anon, you're gonna be glad to have them on."
  6256. "That's a risk I'm willing to take."
  6257. >"Well, I'm not, what if my little filly got a cold?"
  6258. "We both know colds aren't caused by-"
  6259. >You didn't finish get to your sentence, as you were picked up into the air by her purple aura
  6260. >She sat you down on the bed sitting up, your rump sinking into the fluffy sheets a bit
  6261. >She lifted up your forelegs and pulled the shirt over you, your head popping through the large central hole while your legs sank through the ones in the front
  6262. >It was pretty comfy actually, even around your metallic collar it wasn't too snug
  6263. >She leaned you onto your back and lifted your rear up with her magic, sliding the pants on you with special attention on fitting your tail through the relevant hole
  6264. >She picked you up and held you out in her outstreched hooves, admiring you
  6265. >"Oh, you're so cute I wanna die!"
  6266. "Do it faggot."
  6268. >You regretted the words as soon as they had instinctually came out of your mouth
  6269. >Twilight pulled you onto her lap, and you realized what was coming
  6270. "No- wait!"
  6271. >She pulled your pants down, exposing your heinie
  6272. >You saw a twinkling bubble around the two of you, undoubtedly soundproof
  6273. >Her hoof came down in a sweeping motion
  6274. >*SLAP*!
  6275. >The sharp blow stung your bottom, and you squealed a little bit. You could feel your ass reddening
  6276. >"I- have- told- you- never- use- that- kind- of- language!" she yelled, every word accented with another spank
  6277. >You weren't gonna say sorry, you still had some dignity left
  6278. >Eventually the spanking stopped, and you just lay there in her lap, feeling the dull stinging of your buttocks and trying not to cry
  6279. >Twilight was rubbing your back with her hoof in little circles while you tried in vain to stop sniffling
  6280. >Damn those spankings stung
  6281. >"...Anon, what did you do wrong?"
  6282. "*Sniff* I said a bad word."
  6283. >You felt pathetic, laying there across her lap and trying not to cry
  6284. >This was your life now?
  6286. >Twilight eventually pulled your pajama bottoms back up and laid you down on the bed as if nothing had happened
  6287. >She pulled back the sheets, then firmly placed you with your head on the pillow
  6288. >Purple pulled the thin sheets back over you, tucking you in tightly with her hooves
  6289. >"I'm going to get you a glass of water, so stay right here" she said in a loving tone
  6290. >0-60 in 3.5 minutes
  6291. >You heard her walk downstairs, then incomprehensible chatter for several minutes
  6292. >Apparently 'getting a glass of water' meant 'having a boring-ass conversation for ten minutes while your filly is dying of dehydration"
  6293. >Odd, those juice boxes should've kicked in. Weird.
  6294. >Eventually Purple came back up with a cold one, laying it by the bedside table
  6295. >"Now lie down, sweetie. Would you like a bedtime story?"
  6296. "No, I'm good." Her bedtime stories were typically the kind shared with little foals, not big fillies like you
  6297. >Big GUYS, you reminded yourself
  6298. >You looked out the window and saw the sun still a couple of hours from setting, beams of light shining through the... the...
  6299. >The tree leaves
  6300. >A plan formed in your mind, poorly devised but appealing nonetheless
  6301. "Could you lock the door? I'll feel safer that way."
  6302. >"Sure thing honey."
  6303. >Twilight only acquiesed because she could easily unlock it, but it would buy you a couple of hours before she checked in on you
  6304. >She stroked your face with her hoof
  6305. >"I'll be downstairs if you need anything Nonny."
  6306. >She gave you a peck on the forehead, and exited the room
  6307. >You heard a *click* noise as a key turned in the keyhole
  6308. >Now was your chance
  6309. >You hopped out from under the sheets, grabbing a swig from the cup of water
  6310. >You tiptoed to the window, slowly raising it up
  6311. >A large, gnarled tree branch sat outside, and you stretched out and pulled onto it, slowly shimmying to the trunk
  6312. >You paid careful attention to the windows; being spotted would be tremendously bad
  6313. >You managed to slide down the side of the tree opposite the house, and poked your head out from behind it, trying to peer into the house
  6314. >You couldn't see THEM, so they couldn't see YOU
  6315. >You burst out toward the iron gate on the side of the house, fumbling with the little latch before swinging it open and taking a tentative step outside
  6316. >You were free, but what now?
  6318. >You quickly trotted down the streets of Canterlot, occasionally looking over your back
  6319. >Maybe you could get the collar off if you hurried
  6320. >You headed north, towards Canterlot University
  6321. >You'd need somebody smart to be able to safely cut through this magically-enhanced ring of metal
  6322. >Universities had smart people
  6323. >Well, except for Gender Studies majors
  6325. >You passed ponies walking through the streets, quietly heading home or just beginning a night on the town
  6326. >There was even a bard lazily strumming a tune on his lyre, a hat sitting on the ground by his hooves filled with a copious number of bits
  6327. >+5 attack bonus
  6328. >You wished you had the bits you'd been saving for several weeks now, he deserved one
  6330. >After twenty minutes of walking (and asking for directions many times), you finally stood at the gates of an entrance to the college, grassy knolls and trees sprinkled between the buildings
  6331. >After a minute of pulling, wriggling, and cursing, you managed to tear the shirt off, exposing yourself in public
  6332. >You discarded the garment on the ground and began your quest
  6333. >You had barely entered when you ran into a studious-looking pegasus stallion walking out of some sort of classroom building
  6334. >Black mane and white coat, his cutie mark that of a rope
  6335. >tfw cant tie the noose together
  6336. >You decided to ask him for help, or at least directions to somebody who could
  6337. "Hey."
  6338. >"...Hey" he responded, looking you over
  6339. >Probably just curious what a filly was doing alone out here
  6340. "Uh... I have a problem."
  6341. >"Don't we all?" he laughed
  6342. "Well, you see this collar I have?"
  6343. >"It's hard to miss." he answered, staring intently at it. Or at least its general direction
  6344. >A few ponies of different ages crossed the quad, none of them paying attention to you
  6345. "Well, I need some help getting it off. Do you know where I could go to get it sawed off or something?"
  6346. >"You ran into the right pony, I've been practicing metallurgy for months, I could have it cut apart in a few minutes."
  6347. "...Really?"
  6348. >"Yep."
  6349. >This was it. Your big break.
  6350. >Hopefully this would work, god knows what enchantments this thing had.
  6351. >You tugged at the dark-green collar uncomfortably, its pink runes still dimly lit
  6352. "What's your name?"
  6353. >"I'm Whiplash. And you?"
  6354. "Anon."
  6355. >...
  6356. "Well, where do we go to get it done? Is there a workshop around here, or..?"
  6357. >"The university blacksmithy would be the best choice, but it closed at 5. Luckily for you, I own all the tools I should need at home. Since they combined weigh about 200 pounds, we should head over there."
  6358. "Lead the way."
  6361. >Neither of you spoke during the long walk through winding streets and between large brick buildings
  6362. >You hoped this would be as fast as he said, you only had a little over an hour of daylight left
  6363. >Eventually you stopped in front of a small but well-maintained house in a less-urban part of the city
  6364. >Wooden patio, shingle walls, the works
  6365. >Rent must be a bitch here
  6366. >"Here, I keep the stuff in my workshop" he said, walking down a set of concrete steps into a basement
  6367. >After wriggling off your pajama pants and leaving them at the top of the staircase, you followed him inside, hoping he had a bathroom down there
  6368. >You needed to pee pretty badly
  6370. >You entered into a well-lit changer, composed of concrete in floor, walls, and ceiling, about fifty  by fifty feet
  6371. >Along the walls sat workbenches, carboard boxes, wooden cabinets, and tool storage chests five feet tall, undoubtedly holding plenty of scewdrivers and hammers
  6372. >In the middle of the room sat a padded table, standing at hip-height and roughly the size of a quieen-sized bed
  6373. >You saw a circular saw on the opposite wall; you hoped he wouldn't need to use that, I mean, what if he missed?
  6374. "Hey, mister, do you have a toi-"
  6375. >You heard the metal door slam behind you, and turned to see Whiplash locking a rubber-sealed door shut
  6376. "Uh..."
  6377. >"Finaaally I get to use my 'playroom', I was afraid I'd never get to try it out." he said in a lewd tone
  6379. >You stuttered a bit, still trying to assess the situation
  6380. "S-so wait... you want me... for sexual?" you asked with anticipation
  6381. >"Oh, you know it, sex on hooves. Don't even think about screaming, these walls-"
  6382. >You turned and lowered on your forehooves, raising your rump in the air with tail up, looking back at him over your shoulder
  6383. >You wanted sex, right? You were still a virgin, and you felt pressure in your vagina, which meant you were horny, right?
  6384. >Although your body hadn't reacted to your attempts at 'stimulating' it, filly physique was innocent
  6385. >"Wait... you're not gonna cry or yell?" Whiplash asked with a confused expression
  6386. "Nope. Breed me." you said lustily, but without much conviction
  6387. >"No... this is wrong!"
  6388. "Obviously you fucking pedo."
  6389. >You didn't want to lose your virginity in a concrete bunker.
  6390. >You liked mares, with their thicc childbearing hips and plump nurturing teats; Miss Cherilee being a prime example, watching her made school almost bearable-
  6391. >You were shocked out of your stupor by more yelling
  6392. >"No, you're not supposed to ENJOY it! Plead with me, try to run, do SOMETHING frightened!"
  6393. >You sat back on your rump and turned to him, just curious
  6394. >God your bladder was getting full
  6395. >"...Whatever. If you want the D, I'll give it to you."
  6396. "A-actually I changed my mind, my tiny pussy wouldn't be able to fit it in. I don't want my first time to be like this, plus it would be 50% gay."
  6397. >Your collar warmed up for a moment at that last bit, and for that fraction of a second WHiplash  just looked confused, then quickly shifted to pleased
  6398. >"That's more like it."
  6399. >He picked you up under your forelegs, trying to carry you to the >rape table
  6400. >You wished Purple was here, she always kept you safe at least
  6401. "No! I retract consent! I retract consent!"
  6402. >You desperately tried to wiggle out of his grasp, limbs flailing. To counter this, he held you over his head to prevent your hooves from making contact with anything
  6403. "Stop! Put me down, I-"
  6404. >You couldn't hold it in anymore
  6405. >You released a thick torrent  of yellow piss from your urethra, splattering across the stallion's face, barrel, chest, EVERYWHERE.  Quite a bit of it even got in his mouth
  6406. >He dropped you in disgust and desperately spat out the urine in his mouth, then wiping most of the foul liquid off of his face. Well, piss not absorbed by his fur at least
  6407. >You landed on the floor, pee still pulsing out of you and onto the floor about a foot away from your body
  6408. >He looked down at himself and back to you in shock
  6409. >"WHAT the BUCK is wrong with you?!"
  6412. >Be Twilight
  6413. >You flew low through the streets of Canterlot, asking if ponies had seen a green filly, where she had gone, but nopony had seen her
  6414. >Anon was SO dead; when you found her she'd be in for a world of hurt
  6415. >...But where was your little filly? Could she have gone to find a resturaunt and gotten lost?
  6416. >Anon had obviously left intentionally, but how far had she meant to go? Was she trying to run away?
  6417. >She loved you enough to stay, right? Right?
  6418. >Mom and Dad were roaming the south side, searching for her desperately
  6419. >If you hadn't found her in the hour they'd file a Missing Ponies report
  6420. >All throughout the search you were nagged by a single somber thought
  6421. >What if the last thing Anon remembered of you would be punishing her?
  6423. >Eventually you saw some musician on a corner, strumming out a folk song
  6424. >You landed next to him; he'd probably been here for hours, he might've seen her
  6425. "Have you seen a green filly come by?? Black mane, question mark on her flank??"
  6426. >He stopped playing his lyre and placed his right hoof on his chin, looking thoughtful
  6427. >"...yeah, she passed by maybe twenty minutes ago, she went that way." he answered, pointing down the north street
  6428. >That led to Canterlot University
  6429. >You didn't even thank him, you had to get there NOW
  6430. >She was attempting to have the collar removed
  6431. >It was futile to try, but you still hurried
  6433. >You soared above the buildings of Canterlot, scanning the streets below you; there was a good chance she hadn't reached the campus yet
  6434. >No little fillies, you'd just-
  6435. >But then you saw a bundle of red cloth out of the corner of your eye, and stopped in midair
  6436. >Were those...?
  6437. >You blitzed down next to them, instantly recognizing the pajama bottoms you had put on her earlier
  6438. >Next to the pajama bottoms lay a residential house, with a staircase descending into some kind of basement
  6439. >The horror grasped your heart quickly, and you rushed down there, ready for a violent one-sided fight
  6440. >Your baby needed you
  6442. >Be Anon
  6443. >You took your moment of freedom and rushed to hide under the table with the saw, crouching toward the corner hidden by a large cardboard box
  6444. >He slowly got up from the floor and advanced towards you
  6445. >At least he wasn't a pee fetishist
  6446. >You flattened your body against the wall, trying to buy yourself a minute
  6447. >"Get here, you-"
  6448. >His threat was interupted by a loud BANG, an dhe turned around to look at the door
  6449. >You poked your head up, peering through the tiny slit between the cardboard box and the tabletop
  6450. >The door had been blasted down by a VERY angry Twilight, her eyes practically aflame and hair almost floating with power. Her legs were spread out in a combat position, and her eyes held no mercy.
  6451. >"WHERE THE BUCK IS MY BABY!?!?"
  6453. >"I'll only ask one more time. My little filly is scared and helpless, but Momma's coming to the rescue. I know Anon's around here somewhere, I know it's your fault, so make your life a lot less painless. WHERE IS SHE?!?"
  6454. >"I-I-I know my rights!" Whiplash said futiley, even though the evidence was clearly stacked against him
  6455. >Without pause he was lifted in a purple aura, then launched into the ceiling. Hard.
  6456. >Following that he was slammed into a wall at the same speed, the flung back onto the ground in front of Twilight
  6457. >"I'll ask again, WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY DAUGHTER?"
  6458. >"Th-this is torture! I'll win a lawsuit, you can't-!"
  6459. >"Is it?". Her flat, emotionless tone was somehow far scarier than raving-lunatic mode
  6460. >You could feel the ground begin rumbling in response to Twilight's silent rage
  6461. >One of the tall red storage boxes began shaking and fell over onto Whiplash's prone body, the weight of the metal container pinning him down to the floor with a sickening crunch
  6462. >The top of the box jutted out, so a lot of the force landed on his neck
  6463. >"Oh my, what an unfortunate accident. Let's hope there isn't another eartquake." she said in a cold voice, barely hiding the threat
  6464. >She crouched down with her head close to his, speaking in a loud whisper
  6465. >"Listen here you little pile of horseshit, you can tell me where Anon is NOW, or go to the glue factory."
  6466. >You knew that last bit was a figure of speech, but damn Purple
  6467. >Whiplash was silent, but not in the dead way
  6468. >Well, he sure had guts. And by 'guts', you meant overwhelming stupidity
  6469. >But what would you do? There was no way you wouldn't be found
  6470. >You needed to play the victim card hard, otherwise she might assume the collar-removal theory
  6471. >"Well, I guess you can live with only ONE wing.."
  6472. >You poked your head out from behind the box, raising your eyebrows high
  6473. "Mommy?" you said in your scaredest voice
  6475. >In an instant Twilight had flown over to you, putting you in her hooves tenderly
  6476. >She picked you up and wrapped her wings around you, hugging you like she wanted to break your ribs
  6477. >She pushed you away a bit, looking deep into your eyes with a lovingly scared expression
  6478. >"Did he do anything? Did he touch your no-no place?"
  6479. >We both know I'm well-versed in sex Twilight
  6480. >Well, theoretically
  6481. "No, but he almost did."
  6482. >She looked back to glare at the recently-crippled stallion some more while he moaned in pain. Then she noticed the puddle of pee on the floor
  6483. >"What's that?"
  6484. "...My self-defense mechanism."
  6487. >You sat on a hospital bed, taken after your little ordeal while cops swarmed the scene. Not much for them to do, you guessed
  6488. >Even though you weren't hurt, this was standard procedure and they had rape kits they needed to use.
  6489. >Bed was comfy AF though
  6490. >Twilight stood next to it, speaking to a unicorn stallion in a police uniform with sunglassed, who was holding a little notepad and quill in his magical aura
  6491. >"Well Princess Twilight, we've got the crime scene cleared out and evidence collected. We just need the post-crime interview; would you like to testify together or seperately?"
  6492. >"Together" she answered immediately, stepping closer to you
  6495. >"And how did you find your daughter?
  6496. >"I managed to track my baby down by flying north, and noticed the discarded clothing by the house" Twilight answered, her hoof lovingly rubbing your shoulder. "I confronted the foalnapper and tried to arrest him. Unfortunately, that earthquake hit at the wrong moment, and an improperly-mounted toolchest- the one at the scene- fell on him and gravely injured his body, especially the legs and around vocal cords. I also think the tendons in his hoof were severed. He'll never write or draw again, I'm sure"
  6497. >"Oh yeah, I tried to interview him, guy's basically a paraplegic. All we can get are yes/no answers by having him wink. So, why was the filly unattended?"
  6498. >"Anon climbed out the window of her room and into the backyard, and went exploring on her own, it seems. Now Nonny, why did you leave?" Twilight asked in her 'bad filly' voice
  6499. >You'd been preparing for this question since you narrowly avoided >rape.
  6500. >Ironically, you would've been screwed if not for this stallion
  6501. >Although you nearly got screwed
  6502. "W-well, I was hungry, so I went to get food, b-but I didn't have any bits so I was gonna beg or wash dishes or something. I ran into him and we talked. He said he'd buy me some food, and I  went to a resturaunt with him, but it was a long walk, he said it was better. I think he drugged my soda when we got there."
  6503. >Twilight seemed somewhat happy with this answer. At least her eyes weren't throwing daggers anymore.
  6504. >Maybe you'd only get a little punished
  6505. >"Can you remember the resturaunt?" the officer asked, jotting notes down on the pad
  6506. "...No, but I think it sold... it sold... I dunno."
  6507. >"Yeah, we get that alot with date-rape drugs. A shame, an witnesses would've helped, but I guess we don't need 'em. We'll have a trial, but I wouldn't worry about it. He looked back at the door. "Jail's honestly not much of a punishment, sap's already paralyzed."
  6508. >"Is there anything else you want to ask officer?" Twilight asked, giving a small smile
  6509. >"No, I've got everything I need. Nurses use the kit yet?"
  6510. >"Yes, but nothing useful. They've been SO kind-"
  6511. >"Yeah, yeah, they always are. I've got
  6512. "Wait, aren't you gonna ask about the pee?"
  6513. >"...Kid, I see a LOT of weird stuff on duty."
  6516. >Twilight stood outside your room, door *mostly*  closed, talking with her parents, catching them up to speed on your situation
  6517. >"...and thanks for coming, you've been SO supportive and helpful during this trying time."
  6518. >"Of course dear." Velvet answered,  "Y'know, that receptionist said only one visitor per trauma patient, so I had to give him a piece of my mind."
  6519. >"Can you watch Anon for a bit?" Twilight asked, " I have to... check up on something."
  6520. >You wish you could see them talking right now
  6521. >"Of course, it'd be our pleasure." Night Light answered,  "You just focus on the task at hand."
  6522. >"Thanks." you head her walk off, hoofsteps echoing through the crack in the door
  6523. >Velvet then berated her husband, obviously unknowing that you could hear everything
  6524. >"Dear! Why'd you bring that thing? We're supposed to be supporting our granddaughter, not reading!"
  6525. >He laughed. "Trust me, you'll wish you had brought one."
  6526. >"Ohhh, you can be so insensitive sometimes!"
  6527. >"She won't mind, she'll probably ask for a book too. Twilight's undoubtedly rubbed off on her by now."
  6528. >Heh, rubbed off
  6529. >lewd.jpg
  6530. >"Well, you go in there and be a good grandfather, y'know, you might have never seen her again!"
  6531. >"I know, believe me, I KNOW.". He paused, "Don't worry, you'll be smothering her, so really, I'll just be averaging us out."
  6532. >Velvet decided to open the door, masking her displeasure with a cheery grin
  6533. >"Nonny! We came as soon as we could, we hope you're doing okay."
  6534. >She sat down on the edge of your bed, while Night Light plopped down in the chair next to you
  6535. >"You holding up, champ? It's okay if you need to cry, I know I would be. You've had a VERY hard day."
  6536. "Y-yeah, I'm fine. Well, not too bad."
  6537. >"Well, we want to be here for you." Velvet said "So if there's anything you need, just ask."
  6540. >You were still sitting on your bed, eating your fifth little plastic bowl of ice cream
  6541. >The little ones with the wooden spoons you'd occasionally get in elementary school when it was some kid's birthday. You'd happily remembered hospitals kept these on hold.
  6542. >Night Light and Velvet watching you, the former glancing between you and 'Murder on the Frienship Express', the latter watching you like a griffon
  6543. >Like mother, like daughter
  6544. >Speaking of which, Twilight 'had to check up on something'
  6545. >Undoubtedly threatening your paraplegic almost-rapist
  6546. >She was pretty scary when she was angry
  6547. >That's why the guy was permanently disabled after all
  6548. >You scrounged up the last bit of frozen dessert before placing the spoon within the bowl and onto your bed
  6549. >The ice cream was pretty good, but you still hadn't eaten a decent dinner
  6550. >Time to unleash the four most powerful words known to pony- man. Man.
  6551. "Grandma, I'm hungry."
  6552. >Her face visibly dropped, as if this was somehow worse than sexual assault
  6553. >She popped her head out the door, and you heard a muffled shout
  6554. >"Nurse?? Nurse!??"
  6555. >Night Light just kept reading his book, as if he'd been through this before
  6556. >Velvet turned back to you with a kind expression
  6557. >"What would you like, sweetie?"
  6558. >You pondered for a moment.
  6559. "A cheese quesadilla."
  6562. >A couple of minutes later
  6563. >You were just digging into your quesadilla, when you heard a creaking noise
  6564. >Purple was edging the door open slowly and tiptoed inside, as if you were sleeping
  6565. >"How's Anon?" she asked her parents in a little whisper
  6566. >"Oh, she's fine" Night Light whispered back, "but I think she's getting a bit antsy sitting in bed. I might go get something to entertain her until she's cleared to leave"
  6567. >I can still walk, why won't you let me out of bed?
  6568. >You tugged at the IV in your right forehoof, scratching at the little tape attaching it to your skin; the fur had to be shaven off prior
  6569. >You didn't know what was in it, maybe some sort of painkiller to deal with emotional trauma or just saline. They'd probably plug in some sleeping potion later
  6570. >"I'll come with you." Velvet added, "I'm not sure I trust your judgment."
  6571. >He just shrugged and got up, moving closer to the door and leaving the book on his chair
  6572. >"Well, I'm gonna stay with Anon" Twilight declared. "We can't leave Nonny alone for even a moment. She doesn't look like it, but she's quite fragile, she might-"
  6573. "You know I can hear you, right??"
  6574. >The trio just rotated to look at you, before turning toward the corner and lowering their voices even further. Occasionally one would look over their shoulder to you before returning to the hushed conversation.
  6576. >Night Light and Velvet left out the door discreetly, and Twilight walked up next to you, hoof raised to brush your mane before stopping in midair
  6577. >"How are you doing An-an-" she stuttered, going from comforting to flabbergasted at the sight of your first lunch today
  6578. "Is something wrong?" you asked innocently, feeding off of her fear
  6579. >"O-of course not!" she answered, trying not to look at the quesadilla directly
  6580. "Are you hungry too? Here, have some of mine!" you offered, holding the plate up to her, its cheesy goodness exposed like a stripper with daddy issues
  6581. >She edged back a bit further, repulsed by your generous gift
  6582. "What's so disgusting Twilight? Don't you like these, I know you loved the one I made a lot!"
  6583. >"W-well I don't-, I mean, uh, there's just no way it can be as good as yours!"
  6584. >Maybe you could take this further
  6585. >Make her doubt her parenting, doubt everything she'd done to you, doubt HERSELF
  6586. >The greatest victory was a psychological one
  6588. >You dropped your face and looked down at your sheets, as if resigned to a cruel fate
  6589. "...It's me, isn't it?"
  6590. >"Nooo, of course not! I just filled up is all!" she answered obliviously, rubbing her tummy with a hoof
  6591. "This is all my fault. I'm a bad, dirty filly- I probably held my tail too high-"
  6592. >Her eyes widened, finally understanding your meaning
  6593. >Purple hugged you with the force of a feminist falling off a ladder, your body pressed against hers tightly, surrounded by fluffy wings on all sides. Your head was pressed against her soft chest, heartbeat audible through the fur. You tilted your head up to see her distraught face looking down at you, her eyes on the verge of breaking out into tears
  6594. >"Don't you EVER think that! It wasn't your fault Anon, you were a victim of a bad, bad pony. You should know that Nonny, you're such a big filly." she insisted, not giving you a chance to pipe in. "You did NOTHING wrong. You are a good, sweet filly that I love so, so, SO much, and I will cuddle you until you realize that!"
  6595. >She wasn't bluffing
  6596. >Twilight had a crippling snuggling addiction, like another princess with cake
  6597. >But goddamn that last sentence gave you some feels
  6600. >Be Anon
  6601. >Reading your third 'Choose your Own Adventure' book, out of the 20-pack Night Light had bought you
  6602. >"That's not REAL literature!", m- Twilight had protested, to no avail
  6603. >Your grandparents had gone back to their home, promising to return and see you off in the morning.
  6604. >You were ready to go home, this was getting old quick
  6605. >A bowl of noodle soup sat on a legged tray above your lap, a faint plume of steam rising from it
  6606. >Twilight was playing Saddleoku, pen in hoof and staring at the booklet in deep silence
  6607. >You'd just finished 'The Golden Bridle', whose endings varied from catching a museum burglar to helping interdimensional aliens get home
  6608. >Still not as good as the CYOAs of 4chan, in these books all the choices were binary
  6609. >triggeredfeminist.png
  6610. >You grabbed another spoonful of soup, the delicious brew filling your fuzzy little tummy with warmth
  6612. >"Alright Nonny, it's time for bed."
  6613. "I'm not even tired." you moaned, hooves crossed atop your blankie, which Purple had easily retrieved from your room with her teleportation hax
  6614. >twilight is op pls nerf
  6615. >You looked out the window; It WAS getting pretty dark, though
  6616. >Purple lifted up the right guard rail on your well-sized bed, levitating the tray and half-eaten bowl of soup onto a counter
  6617. "I mean, I've been in bed for the past few hours, so that technically counts as sleeping, right?"
  6618. >"DEFINITELY not." she laughed, pulling up the left rail
  6619. >She extended her hooves above the rails and managed to climb into your bed
  6620. "Woah, hey, what are you-"
  6621. >"Anon, it's obvious what you need."
  6622. >With her magic she flipped off the lights, and began positioning herself next to you, sinking slightly into the matress
  6623. >"Come to Mama." she said, extending her wings around you, subtly pulling you closer
  6624. >You inched forward a bit; there was room for both of you, but it was a bit snug
  6625. >But not too snug to snuggle
  6629. >Be Anon, the next morning
  6630. >Breakfast had been a drab affair, buttered toast and a small bowl of cereal
  6631. >Purple wouldn't let you drink any coffee, the tyrant
  6632. >You weren't even cleared to leave until 12:30, and actually getting out was another time-consuming ordeal
  6633. >A small band-aid covered the spot where the IV had been plugged in
  6634. >You MAY have held Twilight's hoof while they pulled it out
  6635. >tbf it was a pretty long needle
  6636. >You were wheeled out of the hospital in a foal-sized wheelchair that screamed 'leukemia patient'
  6637. >It was a formality for insurance reasons, don't wanna be held liable if somepo- somebody is hit by a carriage
  6638. "Hey, weren't Night Light and Velvet supposed to be here?"
  6639. >"They said something had suddenly come up, and wished they could be here"
  6640. >Probably having old-people sex
  6641. >Stupid octogenarians, lewd is for young people
  6646. >You widened your eyes down at the firm, erect staff, awed by its length and girth
  6647. >For a moment you paused, not sure if you would be able to bring it to finish
  6648. >Eager to please, you enveloped the shaft in your mouth, your lips only reaching halfway across
  6649. >With gusto you began suckling deeply, bobbing your head up and down with nearly-inaudible moans
  6650. >You grunted as you pulled it in deeper, the tip reaching the back of your tongue
  6651. >The pressure within was growing, and you slurped faster and harder.
  6652. >The rod eventually climaxed, bursting its load deep into your waiting maw.
  6653. >You were rewarded with thick globs of white cream shooting deep into your mouth, which you swallowed greedily
  6654. >You massaged the pole a bit more with your tongue to squeeze out every last drop, savoring the sweet taste
  6655. >"Do you like your milkshake Anon?" Twilight asked, munching on a french fry
  6656. "Mmm-hmm." you answered, sucking the extra-large straw to get more vanilla goodness
  6659. >Be Anon
  6660. >Hanging out with your best friend, walking from one shop to another
  6661. >At this point you were sitting on a pretty sizable pile of bits, Twilight bribing you to go to school every day
  6662. >She also probably figured that this way you wouldn't steal from her purse, which you probably would have
  6663. >"... Es ist a good thing your are putting your money in the community, that way der happy merchants at the bank can't take it."
  6664. >Aryanne was looking cyoot as always, wearing a black skirt over her flanks with a tail-hole
  6665. >Almost as cute as you
  6666. >You passed Zecora entering a store, the stripenigger looking suspicious as always
  6667. >Probably looking for something to steal
  6668. >As you entered the last vestige of her peripheral vision, you turned your head and stuck your tongue out at her, the pink flesh poking out from between your lips
  6669. >Aryanne watched what you did and emulated you, scrunching her face in disgust at the ünterpony
  6670. >Even though you were little fillies, you tried your best to make the community a safer place
  6672. >You entered Bon-bon's candy shop, glancing around nervously
  6673. >Aryanne had practically pulled you in, and you were worried Lyra might be here
  6674. >Although the last time you'd seen her she had been assigned to a 'mental hostel'
  6675. >We all know that means loony-bin, quit mincing words
  6676. >You'd given up on trying to teach her you were human, she was full-on crazy, and you didn't want to learn any more about 'The Reunion'
  6677. >"Hello Girls, what'll it be? Bon-Bon asked, leaning over the counter. She wasn't aware of any 'cult connections' you had with her GF
  6679. >The two of you sat on a bench next to each other, flanks pressed together as you shared a small bag of minted chocolates, taking turns pulling one out, enjoying the sun, the breeze, and each other's companionship
  6680. >When suddenly, a wild HAMPLANET appeared!
  6681. >Morbidly obese with flabby limbs and fat hanging off her yellow-coated barrel, her face like poorly-sculpted clay. The smell wasn't much better, rank sweat with a hint of cheeto dust. The red mane, with a single electric-blue stripe, was shortly cropped
  6682. >She decided to sit down next to you. Unfortunately.
  6683. >She forcibly wedged herself on the rmaining half of the bench, pushing you and Aryanne against the left side
  6684. >You could FEEL her presence being a bad influence on foals
  6685. >Won't somebody PLEASE think of the children?!
  6686. >"Hello." she mumbled out, her vocal chords obviously restricted by blubber, "I'm just passing through, and I heard this shop was really good. So I stockpiled while I was here." she explained, holding several large bags of confectionary goods
  6687. >Bitch those won't last the train ride home
  6688. >Aryanne held no mercy or tact for her, pointing at her gut with a tiny hoof
  6689. >"Gluttony is degeneracy. You should habt more self-control, learn some discipline."
  6690. >Ms. Feminist audibly sighed, as if she'd had this conversation before
  6691. >"I have PLENTY of willpower, it's just that have a medical condishun."
  6692. "Oh yeah?"
  6693. >"My genetics keep me from losing weight. I'm a trained nutritionist, I-"
  6694. "Nutritionist isn't a real medical profession, dipshit."
  6695. >"Why- I never- I'll have you know I'm a VERY influential mare, I write for THREE newspapers-"
  6696. "The only influence you have is your gravitational pull"
  6697. >You heard Aryanne giggling behind you, and you felt a surge of prude at your roast
  6698. "Don't you have a train to catch? You'd better leave now, waddling there will take a while."
  6699. >She paused and pointed, as if she had a point to make but couldn't articulate it
  6700. >"You are eine disgrace to your race. Do our people a favor and never procreate."
  6701. "It's never gonna happen anyway." you loudly whispered to her, and the two of you giggled
  6702. >You could feel her rage boiling over, but she couldn't just scream at foals.
  6703. >She just stormed off at a slow pace, hopefully ashamed of her body and herself
  6704. "GO BACK TO TUMBLR!" you yelled at her shrinking form, but you quickly realized nobody else would know about that hive of scum and villainy
  6708. >You quietly closed the door behind you, hoping not to disturb anyp- anybody. Anybody.
  6709. >Your efforts were for naught, as Aryanne's yelling echoed through the halls of her home
  6710. >"Mama! Papa! I'm home!"
  6711. >"Wonderful!" you heard a male voice declare, "I'm in my study, come on in!"
  6712. >You followed her as she walked down the corridor a bit and turned left into a small office
  6713. >Evening light cascaded through a large window with open blinds, shining over a mahogony desk
  6714. >Bookcases lined several walls, and a filing cabinet sat in the corner, the entire room well-organized
  6715. >A kind-looking Earth Pony stallion with mane and fur matching Aryanne's was sitting behind the bureau, his cutie mark hidden from you by the furniture
  6716. >You just stood in the door frame awkwardly, watching the pair silently
  6717. >"Is mama home?" Aryanne asked
  6718. >"What am I? Chopped pumpkin?" he asked indignantly
  6719. >She rushed to him and gave a big hug, eyes closed in a fashion kawaii enough to satisfy the most demanding weeb
  6720. >She pulled back from him, giving him quizzical eyes
  6721. >"No, she went to go make sure our neighborhood stays safe, if you know what I mean." he glanced at you suspiciously  "She won't be back until late."
  6722. >"Dies ist mein freund, Anon. You remember all the things I told you about her!"
  6723. >"Oh? This is the famous Anon?" he asked, his expression lightening
  6724. >He walked over to you and extended a hoof in greeting; you grabbed it and shook it gently
  6725. "Hello, sir."
  6726. >"Well Anon, I'm Master Racer. It's nice to meet you.". His grip was firm but not rough
  6727. "...Lemme guess, you did track in high school?"
  6728. >He gestured to a couple of trophies on a stand in a corner of his office
  6729. >"First place in State, two years in a row."
  6730. >You managed to catch a look at his cutie mark
  6731. >A small black swastika sat within a electric-blue lightning bolt
  6732. >"Can she stay for dinner?" Aryanne asked hopefully
  6737. >Dinner had been nice, pasta primavera
  6738. >You had been the center of conversation, with Master Racer asking about your life, school, what you and Aryanne did today
  6739. >Nice guy, pretty funny and full of wit
  6740. >He'd refused your offer to do the dishes, since 'you were a guest'
  6741. >Hmm, how to trick Purple into the same thinking...?
  6743. >You and Aryanne were in her room, drawing pictures of yourselves as Power Ponies on the wooden floor
  6744. >It was very cozy; a nice twin-sized bed with white sheets and a pink comforter, an oaken desk in the corner. A poster hung up of Countess Coloratura, some sort of pop star.
  6745. >Nice and comfy
  6746. >You just drew yourself with a red cape, your powers incoherently thrown-together copies of every Avenger because you couldn't pick your favorite
  6747. >Like 50% of Deviantart OCs
  6748. >Aryanne was Columbridle, Defender of the West, Bane of Degenceracy
  6749. >Future-her was a very big mare
  6750. >But not where it counted
  6751. >nocrotchtits.png
  6752. >You leaned back to observe your work
  6753. >Drawing had never been your forte and hooves were shit, but you'd gotten better recently
  6754. >...
  6755. >It was still pretty quiet in Aryanne's, not uncomfortably, but still surprising
  6756. >Weird how the house was empty
  6757. >You'd figure Aryanne's family would have at least three children (to make sure the zebras didn't outbreed us.)
  6758. >Them. You weren't REALLY a pony. Just a visitor is all. Yeah...
  6759. >...
  6760. "So, uh, where are your brothers and sisters?"
  6761. >"...I do not habe siblings."
  6762. "...You're an only child?"
  6763. >"Yeah, My mama has a hard time having children." she looked down at her sheet for a moment before brightening up. "That's why she calls me her little miracle!"
  6764. >tbh Little Miracle sounded like a legit name here in Candyland
  6765. >"But I hear them trying hard every night!"
  6766. "-W-wait, do you know how... babies are made?"
  6767. >"Nein... I once asked how you make a baby and how I could help... they just laughed and told me not to worry aboout it."
  6768. "Oh... well, that really sucks. Y'know, I am VERY close to a mare who's infertile. Way too close, in my opinion."
  6769. >You doubted Purple would like her sterility becoming public knowledge.
  6770. >And spankings weren't your fetish
  6775. >Be Twilight
  6776. >Washing dishes in the sink, wearing yellow gloves
  6777. >Modern dish soaps weren't irritating on the skin anymore, but at this point wearing them was a habit
  6778. >The assorted plates, cups and silverware had been piling up for weeks, and you'd only remembered to clean them when you'd smelt rotting food
  6779. >You were rubbing a glass plate on its top side when you heard a door slam
  6780. "Glimmer?? Is that you?? Glimmer?? Did you remember to buy more milk??"
  6781. >A certain green filly popped from behind a wall into the kitchen
  6782. >"Sorry to disappoint."
  6783. "Oh, no, I was just wondering if she was back."
  6784. "...So, I suppose you DID eat dinner with your... friend?"
  6785. >Anon had mentioned it might happen when she asked to go with Aryanne
  6786. >Although 'asked' was hardly the word. More like declared.
  6787. >If she had asked, you likely would have said no, coming up with a bullshit excuse
  6788. >You didn't like your innocent little filly spending time with the Aryanne filly
  6789. >Cherilee had shown you some of Anon's classroom drawings, comparing pictures drawn when she was isolated to times she was allowed to talk to her desk-neighbor
  6790. >Many of the latter drawings had been crumpled up, obviously dug out of a trash can
  6791. >You would've been ticked off about this breach of privacy, but you had told Cherilee to be... overly inquisitive
  6792. >It was for Anon's own good
  6794. >You decided to do a little probing
  6795. >Maybe you'd learn about some sort of illegal activity and have Aryanne seized from her parents and... rehabilitated
  6796. "Sooo..." you continued, scrubbing the dish to appear casual, "What was her house like?"
  6797. >Anon had poked into the pantry looking for something undoubtedly unhealthy, but the two of you could still talk just fine
  6798. >"Well, it wasn't too big, but not too small. ...It was warm and clean, it felt like a REAL home."
  6799. "...Hm."
  6801. >You ruminated on the state of the Friendship Castle
  6802. >The floors were still dirty, the kitchen's coated with stray crumbs and dried spills
  6803. >Mysterious stains from years of potion-making and experimentation littered the carpets, discoloring the rugs and causing strands to stick together
  6804. >Many pieces of furniture had never been dusted or cleaned, heck, the same could be said for entire ROOMS
  6805. >Speaking of which, heat didn't spread evenly in here. Oftenimes you'd leave a toasty room to go to the bathroom, and it would be cold in there. You'd have to check that out... someday
  6806. >And you'd have to pull out some pots every time it rained because some crystal had dissolved somewhere, the dripping noises echoing throughout the halls
  6807. >The window upstairs by Anon's room still hadn't been fixed
  6808. >That tape wouldn't last forever
  6809. >Everything was perfect besides that, though
  6810. >...Wonderfully perfect
  6811. "Did you meet her parents?"
  6812. >"Well, her dad was home, and he was nice."
  6813. "I bet he was. Was there anything... unusual about her dad? Or her mom?"
  6814. >Anon left the pantry, unable to find anything with a sugar content percentage of 95
  6815. >"Well... it seemed like one of Aryanne's parents is always home, instead of her being alone all the time. It was weird."
  6816. >She couldn't be comparing- no, you were always here.
  6817. >Except for Princess business, of course. And being an Element of Harmony WAS rather time-consuming...
  6818. >Gosh, when was the last time the two of you had sat down for dinner?
  6821. >Be Anon
  6822. >Sitting in class
  6823. >You had put on the 'Sensory Overload' earmuffs that you had been given on your first day
  6824. >Now you could ignore everyone and just think
  6825. >Pretending to be retarded had some perks
  6826. >You leaned back in your chair, eyes closed, desperately trying to recall the name of your hometown
  6827. >M...Mid... Mid-something
  6828. >Middleton?
  6829. >No, that wasn't right
  6830. >Collar was warming up, but thinking about your old life in a non-human context only gave you mild shocks
  6831. >You sensed a presence behind you
  6832. >You edged your right eye open a millimeter, the eyelashes obscuring your vision in a haze of gray
  6833. >Cherilee was standing there, not sure if she should try to talk or touch your shoulder or what
  6834. >You pulled one of the earmuffs off and higher on your head, bottom resting atop of your earlobe
  6835. >You only heard faint scribbling noises
  6836. "...Need something?" you asked quietly
  6837. >"O-oh, well, yes" Flower-ass whispered, "you see Anon, the rest of the class is working on the worksheets I handed out-"
  6838. >You glanced around the room and back down at your des,k and see a spelling packet there.
  6839. >The answer fields had a dashed line halfway through to help with penmanship
  6840. >"-and I thought you might want to do them? But if you don't think you're up to it right now, we can send them home-"
  6841. "No, no, it's fine." you whispered back
  6842.  >You pulled open the top of your desk and ignored the red 'Primer'  (read: handicapped) textbooks, retrieving a pencil and lowering the lid of the desk back down
  6843. >This should be easy.
  6846. >You are Anon
  6847. >Ever since Twilight started dating some jerk she's been paying less attention to you
  6848. >thiswillnotstand.png
  6850. >You sat on your bed, waiting for her to pass your room
  6851. >She ALWAYS came down to eat lunch at this time
  6852. >She was very strict on her scheduling
  6853. >You hear hoofsteps and unleash a torrent of crocodile tears, not too loud to seem fake or overdramatic, but not too quiet as to be inaudible
  6854. >You were really good at these
  6855. >The crying continued as you heard the hoofsteps grow louder, then stopped
  6856. >The door to your room creaked open, and you reduced your tears to strong sniffling
  6857. >Twilight walked in and sat down on the bed next to you, and started rubbing your back with her hoof
  6858. >"What's wrong Nonny?"
  6859. *sniff* "I can't tell you."
  6860. >"You can tell me anything Anon, you know that."
  6861. "Well- well I-"
  6862. >She just looks at you with a face of concern
  6863. "Y-your coltfriend said if I didn't... I didn't stay out of h-his way he'd hit me."
  6864. >Concern turned to hatred in a flash
  6865. >"...He said that?" she asked in an icy tone
  6866. >You just nodded sombrely
  6867. >"That son of of a bi-" she cut herself off. "Well, when I see him-"
  6868. >Twilight pulled you in a gentle hug, back to being tender
  6869. >"I'm glad you told me this Anon. I'll break up with him right away, don't you worry. I'd never let ANYPONY hurt you, even if they were close. You know you're more important to me than any stallion."
  6870. "Mm-hmm." you affirmed
  6871. >"Are you hungry?"
  6872. "Mm-hmm."
  6873. >"Alright, I'll make you some Mac n' Cheese, your favorite."
  6874. >She slung you over her back and started carrying you downstairs
  6876. >tfw you destroyed your surrogate mother's relationship just so you'd get extra hugs
  6884. >Be Fluttershy
  6885. >When you asked Twilight if she had any friends who'd volunteer to help with the animal index, you didn't think she'd send Anon
  6886. >You wish you hadn't asked
  6887. >So far, Anon had demanded four potty breaks, cried timberwolf three times, and stolen your clipboard 'for a game of hide and seek'
  6888. >Her new purpose was jumping on every stray twig and kicking every rock imaginable, making more noise than you thought possible
  6889. "Anon, you're scaring away all the animals. Could you please be quiet?"
  6890. >"I AM being quiet." she answered, stomping on another stick
  6891. >What was loud for her?
  6892. >Undoubtedly some type of angry screeching
  6893. "Say, um, what if we split up? Then we could cover more ground."
  6894. >You turned to double-check your map and heard her run off, excited to explore the bright world around her
  6895. >Now you could get some real work done
  6896. >Wait, maybe you shouldn't leave Anon unsupervised...
  6897. >...
  6898. >Eh, she'd be fine. How much trouble could a little filly get into?
  6901. >Be Anon
  6902. >Quietly stalking throgh the woods, pretending you were a Ranger. Or a Predator.
  6903. >Not like a catholic priest, the cool kind
  6904. >As you stepped from shadow to shadow, an orange blob appeared out of the corner of your eye, showing up as the trees shifted in your moving vision
  6905. >You spotted an adorably miniature fox sniffing at a bush, probably for berries
  6906. >Time to teach her that there could only be one cutie in these woods
  6907. >assumedgendertriggeredfeminist.png
  6908. >You had always wanted to torment small animals, but you lived in a suburban area and all the neighbors' dogs were German Shepards ands Great Danes
  6909. >You picked up a nice, heavy stick and held it forward of you in an 'En Garde' position, or as close as possible now that you were a horse
  6910. >You sneaked up quietly behind it, imagining your body wound up so you could spring forward and strike
  6911. >You tiptoed the laste few steps until you were about a meter away, and violently stabbed the stick in the fox's direction, poking it deeply in its flank, not penetrating but still somewhat painful for the animal
  6912. >It leapt forward with a terrified 'yip!', fleeing away with its tail tucked between its legs like a pussy
  6913. >This was fun, you should do this more often
  6914. >Maybe when you were a mare you could attack big animals, like d eer
  6915. >...Well, you would never actually BE a mare. You'd be home before that, of course.
  6916. >You turned to find a new animal to torture when you heard a rustling
  6917. >The baby fox was back, but she brought a big friend with her. Probably her dad, who was VERY pissed off at you
  6918. >The look screamed, 'Don't talk to me or my wife's cub ever again."
  6919. >But more violent.
  6920. >Maybe he'd be cool about it
  6921. "I-it was just a prank bro."
  6922. >It didn't work.
  6923. >He gave an angry snarl, his canines all-too visible.
  6924. >You imagined them sinking into your soft (and undoubtedly delicious) body
  6925. >Vore was NOT your fetish
  6926. "So- uh, anyway Mr. Fox, nice weather huh? Can you believe it's such a fantastic day? The breeze is just right, and-"
  6927. >Big fox took a cautious step forward. You recognized that posture; he was getting ready to pounce
  6928. >You managed to turn and began running
  6930. >You weaved between trees, clipping and clopping as much as you could
  6931. >You'd forgotten how fast horses could go
  6932. >Thankfully years of online video games had honed your reflexes to an absurdly-
  6933. >While treflecting on how overpowered Bastion was (disgustingly so), you ran into a tree from an angle, the trunk ramming into your shoulder
  6934. >You spun out a bit, landing on your side while a dull pain echoed throughout your body
  6935. >This was Blizzard's fault, really
  6936. >report pls
  6937. >But you weren't ready to die, you just wanted to get horribly maimed, file a ton of lawsuits and live comfy as the ultimate NEET
  6938. >You fumbled up to your hooves and spun around, ready to fight and/or offer sexual services in exchange for survival
  6939. >...There was nobody there
  6940. >How far ago had you lost him?
  6941. >In hindsight, that fox looked pretty chubby. Probably because there seemed to be no natural predators here in Happy-Happy Land
  6942. >Something something Darwin
  6943. >Wait, would a fox even be able to seriously hurt you? Didn't horses have thick coats?
  6944. >Foxes were pussies anyway
  6945. >Once he realized what a badass you were, he probably followed his kid and ran back to Bestiality Bitch
  6946. >He got lucky this time, but if you saw his ugly mug again he'd be dead
  6947. >...Damn,you were hungry
  6948. >You could go find Fluttershy, but her Mac n' Cheese was shit.
  6949. >Tasted nothing like Twilight's.
  6950. >Even Parasol did a better job than her, and she couldn't even give proper upsies
  6953. >Be Fluttershy
  6954. >You entered the clearing to see Anon holding down... one of your wood-weaved baskets, turned upside-down as if to trap something inside
  6955. >A forked stick attached to four meters of string sat abandoned nerby, the latter feeding into a thicket of bushes
  6956. >Your voice gently echoed throughout the woods, quiet but audibly frustrated
  6957. "Anon! WHAT are you doing?"
  6958. >She turned to you with a playful grin
  6959. >"...Catching lunch"
  6960. >What the buck? This foal...
  6961. "Anon! That's not a funny joke to make! Let Angel out right now and apologize."
  6962. >She shrugged and jumped off the basket, tilting it back on its side and releasing the little rabbit, who rushed to your side holding a barely-eaten carrot undoubtedly used as some kind of bait.
  6963. >Anon just stood dejecectedly, kicking at the ground with a hoof
  6964. "Anon, aren't you gonna say sorry?"
  6965. >She mumbled something at a volume even you thought was low
  6966. "What was that?"
  6967. >"...No. Animals are stupid, it's his fault for getting trapped. He was asking for it."
  6968. "Now none of that is true Anon, animals are no different from us."
  6969. >"Then how come we've learned how to use a toilet and they haven't?" she asked indignantly
  6970. "Well-, uh, ...well, it's their culture."
  6971. >"Then it's a shitty culture."
  6973. >The two of you were walking home, littlepony skipping happily
  6974. >How could one foal be so draining?
  6975. >...
  6976. "...You weren't REALLY gonna eat Angel, right?"
  6977. >...
  6978. >"Well, not RAW."
  6979. >Where was she learning this?
  6980. >Maybe Twilight wasn't as gentle and kind as you thought
  6984. >Be Anonfilly
  6985. >Tummy was rumbly, you needed a eat
  6986. >All you had eaten since breakfast were some mushrooms Fluttershy had told you were edible
  6987. >Fuck her and her no-meat diet
  6988. >Probably a vegan
  6989. >No protein = nogainz
  6990. >tfw_you_forget_to_activate_your_almonds.png
  6992. >Time to utilize your filly charm
  6993. >This would require skill, grace, finesse
  6994. "I'm huuuuuuuuuuuuuuungry!"
  6995. >No response.
  6996. " ...I said I'm HUUUUUUUNGRY!"
  6997. >Fluttershy was a rock, not even slowing down
  6998. >Maybe she earned her money playing poker
  6999. >It would explain how she owned a house with no job
  7000. "I know you can hear me!" you yelled, startling the bunny riding on her haunches
  7001. >When you asked her if YOU could have a horsie ride back she just looked offended at you
  7002. >"Hmmm?" she asked, pretending to be surprised
  7003. >Now you were mad
  7004. >You stopped and turned your body, facing her in a perpendicular fashion, screwing your autism to the sticking-place
  7005. "Tendies, tendies I shall hath, or face my tummy's fearsome wrath!!"
  7006. >She stopped to look at you, with a quizzical expression painted on her face
  7007. >"...What does that mean? Do you want food?"
  7008. >You can fucking talk to animals but not an (admittedly arcane) filly?
  7009. "Take me to thine abode, or drink my bladder's pungent load!"
  7010. >Wait a second, you were starting to sound like that zigger
  7011. >"My cottage? Oh, we already passed it a ways away. We'' just go straight home." sh answered in that timid rasp, obviously referring to your home
  7012. >Bitch, that was maybe a minute ago
  7013. >You could just turn around you know, it's 1/3 the distance to the castle
  7014. >Fuck, I don't want your shitty Mac n' Cheese anyway Butterbutt
  7017. >Be Twilight
  7018. >Filling out forms about the small modifications to the Friendship Castle, since it was technically government property
  7019. >when_you_hate_writing_thank_you_cards_so_you_fire_a_mcmissile(TM)_at_your_grandmothers_house_but_its_okay_since_her_present_entered_your_private_property_violating_the_nap_memeball.jpg
  7020. >Nopony said that being a princess would require you to do actual WORK
  7021. >You were supposed to be in charge, why did YOU have to do this?
  7022. >You hear a knocking, and get up, thankful for an excuse to leave
  7023. >Hopefully it was Derpy with a response from the ad you'd put out in several newspapers' personals sections; you were getting desperate for attention after you'd been dumped multiple times and the last stallion had threatened your filly
  7024. >You had proceeded to threaten his genitals
  7025. >You hoped that the ad would work; maybe you weren't specific enough?
  7026. >"Unicorn mare looking for young stallion or mare, ideally near Ponyville." with your address added via proxy you'd arranged to redirect to your castle; nopony would figure out it was you
  7027. >"No fatties." you'd added in small print
  7028. >You didn't want to give away your status, might scare some away
  7029. >You wanted the D.
  7030. >And/or V
  7031. >After fumbling with the doorknob for a bit, you manage to swing the door open to see...
  7032. >Anon and Fluttershy, the former looking a bit woozy
  7033. "...oh. You're back already?" you asked, trying to keep the disappointment out of your voice
  7034. >"Yes, we had a... pleasant time. She's a very clever filly." Fluttershy answered in her soft tone
  7035. "...But was she a GOOD filly?"
  7036. >"Well, uh, I wanted to talk to you about that."
  7037. "*sigh*. Was anypony hurt?"
  7038. >"...Almost."
  7039. >That was never a good sign
  7042. >Be Twilight
  7043. >You had fixed Anon a healthy lunch; hay sandwich, potato chips, and a glass of apple juice
  7044. >You'd doubled the servings after her complaints
  7045. >She was grumpy on her empty stomach, she'd perk up once she was full
  7046. >While she was eating, Fluttershy regaled her tale of Anon's shenanigans ,and briskly left citing 'other plans'
  7047. >Probably to go 'service' her animals
  7048. >So now you had to confront Nonny about her recent actions
  7049. >You stood in the doorway of the kitchen, took a breath, and entered
  7050. >Anon was sitting happily (but a bit off-balance) on her stool by the kitchen counter, halfway through the second sandwich, the number of chips dwindling
  7051. >She held out the sandwich toward you
  7052. >"Mr. Hay Sandwich wants to say something to you"
  7053. "Uh.... what does he want to tell me?"
  7054. >"Hay, I'm a sandwich" she answered, giggling deeply
  7055. >Anon was pretty happy today; the fresh air must have done her some good
  7056. "That's wonderful Nonny, but I wanted to talk to you about something else."
  7057. >"Who's Something Else?" she responded, followed by another bout of laughter
  7058. "Haha" you faked laughing,  "But this is serious. Would you say you were a bad filly today?"
  7059. >"Of course not, I'm a good filly." she answered, taking another bite of her sandwich
  7060. "Oh? Well, Fluttershy told me something else."
  7061. >Anon's face fell. Good, she feared you.
  7062. >In a parental way, you weren't an abuser or anything
  7063. >"It-it's not my fault, I swear! She refused to feed me!"
  7064. "So you THREATENED TO PEE ON HER???"
  7065. >"I was joking!"
  7066. "Yeah, well, no more threats of aggressive urination."
  7067. >"What about when it stopped me from being raped?"
  7068. "..."
  7069. "...That was in self-defense. Just- just don't do it on normal ponies."
  7070. >"Fine."
  7071. "But I what I really wanted to ask you was if you really said you were going to eat Angel."
  7072. >"Of course I did, animals are stupid and exist to serve man-man- ah!!!!"
  7073. >She fell from her stool, blue light emitting from the collar as rapid spasms englufed her body
  7074. >You just watched sadly
  7075. >Why couldn't she learn to be a pony? Why did she cling to delusions of her old self?
  7076. >The shaking stopped quickly, and you sat down next to her
  7077. "Anon, I know you're having a hard time adjusting, but I need you to learn this."
  7078. "You can't eat meat. You can't talk about eating meat. You can't THINK about eating meat. You embarrassed me in front of Fluttershy today, and if ponies find out about your 'desires' they'll think bad of me. Kapische?"
  7079. >...
  7080. "...Anon?"
  7081. >"Yeah, I was just thinking."
  7082. >She usually reacted more... aggresively after a shocking.
  7083. "...About what?"
  7084. >"Have you ever, like, LOOKED at your hooves? They're weird as fuck."
  7085. >wut.png
  7086. "...Anon, are you okay?"
  7087. >"Well, I barely had anything to eat this morning."
  7088. "I know, I should've made you more than toast, I was just a bit distracted earlier-."
  7089. >"And those mushrooms weren't filling AT ALL, so I've been running on empty."
  7090. "W-wait... mushrooms?"
  7091. >"Yeah, I found a couple of mushrooms in the forest. Fluttershy said they were edible, so I had a little snack on the way home. Hey, is it just me, or is the world getting more colorful?"
  7092. >Bucking Fluttershy
  7093. >Every time she was watching Anon something went wrong
  7094. >She should've been the Element of Stupid
  7096. >Be Anon
  7097. >You traipsed upstairs, followed by Murasakino Jiheisho-chan
  7098. >Today had kinda sucked, walking around a forest, tummy rumbling for sweet tendies
  7099. >But everything was okay now. It'd be okay forever, you were sure
  7100. >You were feeling way better now, must be the full stomach.
  7101. >Man, the room was spinning, but not in a dizzy way. Like you saw the whole world rotating at once
  7102. >Flat Earthers BTFO
  7103. >"Alright, let's get you in bed."
  7104. "But I'm not tiiiiired." you weakly protested as her magic lifted you on your bed, setting you down on the mattress in an upright position
  7105. >Twilight pulled out a bottle filled with a green liquid from inside the bedside table
  7106. >"Here, just drink this, it'll make you feel better"
  7107. "...I know this is a sleeping potion Purple."
  7108. >"Just be a good filly for Mommy please."
  7109. >She still thought namedropping 'Mommy' constantly would work
  7110. >Whatever
  7111. >You grabbed the plastic cup with two hooves and chugged it down, wave after wave of fluid streaming down your throat and into your stomach
  7112. >It had a pleasant spearmint flavor
  7113. >You slapped the cup down on the table like it was a shot of whiskey
  7114. "Gimme another bartender."
  7115. >Twilight just sighed, fluffing up a pillow for you and placing it by the headrest
  7116. >Whew, the paint on your walls and ceiling was pretty deep. Like looking into a white ocean.
  7117. "...Say, how do parents here know how to name their kids? Like, what if your talent was in geology? The name Twilight Sparkle would be pretty stupid then."
  7118. >"Well, they-"
  7119. "And what if their role in life is stripping? Or injecting heroin? I want to see THAT cutie mark." you continued drunkedly
  7120. >Twilight pulled the blankets back, and you laid back on the bedsheet
  7121. >Not because you were sleepy, it was just comfy was all. Yep.
  7122. >"Anon, I don't know what 'heroin' is, but I've never seen anything innapropriate for a cutie mark."
  7123. "So you DO visit strip clubs!"
  7124. >"I didn't say that. And to answer your question, the mother has a 'naming dream' about two weeks before their foal's birth, which gives them a good idea of their child's potential."
  7125. "But what about free will?"
  7126. >"Anon, just shut up and go to sleep." she answered in an exasperated tone, pulling the covers over you
  7127. >She tucked you in, her hooves planting the blankets around you, followed by a kiss on your foreheas
  7128. >She headed out into the hall and turned back, closing the door halfway and peering at you with a small smile
  7129. >"...I love you Anon."
  7130. >After a moment, she shut the door all the way, and you heard the *click* of a lock.
  7133. >Be Twilight
  7134. >Walking down the staircase, clipping and clopping noises echoing through the chamber hall
  7135. >You had hoped Anon would say 'I love you too.' back
  7136. >Maybe it was too much to hope for
  7137. >She still mostly had the mind of an adult, and would therefore take time to adjust
  7138. >You'd try to speed up the process some more, prior treatments had some results, although they often seemed temporary
  7139. >At least the filly instincts were in effect; she would shuffle next to you when scared, curl up next to you in her sleep during the rare nights you would sleep together
  7140. >You sat down at the dining room table and sighed
  7141. >Why couldn't your life be easy?
  7142. >You steeled yourself for more housing paperwork, and grabbed a quill
  7146. >Be Anon
  7147. >Sitting in class while Miss Cherilee taught more math; the both of you knew that you were way above this shit, so she was fine with you reading
  7148. >Unfortunately, you'd left the second book of the Three Kingdoms series at home
  7149. >twilightscreeching.png
  7150. >Rain splattered against the wooden roof and the glass panes; Twilight had read the day's forecast in the newspaper and equipped you with a (very cute) bright-yellow raincoat
  7151. >The (((Pegasi))) were behind this, you just knew it
  7152. >If you thought school was boring before, it was 10x worse now that you had nothing to do
  7153. >Today's topic was long multiplication
  7154. >"...And carry the two, since 4 times five is twenty..."
  7155. >Half the kids here bore looks of confusion on their faces
  7156. >Retards
  7157. >When you were their age, you had solved quantum physics and reversed the aging process
  7158. >You were writing a short story on the back of your problem worksheet
  7159. >Your brother, Josh, was an immortal being who got a life sentence
  7160. >Ripoff of a Twiligh Zone episode, essentially
  7161. >It didn't matter, you just wanted to see the asshole suffer
  7162. >...That was your brother's name, right? Wait, was it Jake...?
  7163. >Eh, who the fuck cared
  7164. >You were about to add in a VERY detailed gangrape sequence until you remembered that Cherilee was going through your trash (on Purple's command)
  7165. >Halfway through the police brutality bit a knocking came from the doors of the one-room classroom
  7166. >She looked at the entrance with a look of dread, subtle enough that only you would notice
  7167. >"Just a moment class, let me get that."
  7168. >She sauntered down the aisle towards the door, and you took the opportunity to stare at her thicc ass swaying
  7169. >Every head in the class swiveled to see who was at the door, rather than your refined appreciation for the aesthetics of the female form
  7170. >The door swung open smoothly, a unicorn mare with a teal coat and pink mane looking serious
  7171. >"It's happened." she said vaguely and dramatically
  7172. >You heard Cherilee queitly gasp; whatever 'it' was, it was serious
  7173. >She turned away from the door and mysterious intruder, and tried to remain poised
  7174. >"Class, an emergency
  7175. >"...So we hafta go home early?" Apple Bloom asked
  7176. >"Well, no, we're already behind- but I can't stay- um..."
  7177. >She glanced nervously at the mare
  7178. >"Anon, you teach it!" she yelled, blitzing outside with her friend, shutting the door behind her loudly
  7179. >There was a moment of silence as the lone authority figure had left the building
  7180. >Then every head rotated to you, wondering what had happened, and what would be next
  7181. >After a moment of silence, you scooted out of your chair and wandered lazily to the front of the classroom
  7182. >You hopped up to grab the chalk, and realized this wouuldn't work
  7183. >So you pulled the teacher's chair away from her desk and towards the podium
  7184. >Maybe some fun was in order
  7185. "Hello, class" you said deviously, evil smirk plastered on your face, "Hmm...according to this, the next section is on limit functions"
  7187. "And you'll notice that , as f(x) = ((|x|)^3 + 1)/(x-2), there exists  a vertical asymptote at 2, since division by 0 does not compute" you said, jotting down a crude graph on the blackboard
  7188. >Scootaloo raised her hoof high, and you acknowledged it with your pointer
  7189. >"Uh, Anon-"
  7190. "Ak-hem."
  7191. >"Professor Anon, this isn't in any of our books." she answered, with mumbles of agreement echoing through the room
  7192. >You pretended to look down at the Teacher's Edition
  7193. "Well, here it says we learn this now. Cherilee actually scribbled some stuff down regarding examples. Which version of the workbook do you guys have?"
  7194. >"It-it doesn't say." answered Diamond Tiara
  7195. "Wait, you guys aren't using the fourth edition? That's what Miss Cherilee is teaching with."
  7196. >"Ahhh... nope." Apple Bloom added
  7197. "Well, she must have purchased the wrong books. Don't worry, this stuff is easier than it looks."
  7198. >You wish Equestria had whiteboards
  7199. >After all, white > black
  7200. "So, how you adjust the function with a subfunction? Well, you start by calculating the limit as x -> 2.  Can anyone find that value?
  7201. >...
  7202. >...
  7203. "If nopony answers I'm docking you all five points."
  7204. >"Can she do that?" you heard Silver Spoon whisper to Diamond
  7205. >Snips tenatively raised his hoof, taking a bullet for the team
  7206. >You pointed at him with the pool cue-like rod
  7207. >"Uh... zero?"
  7208. "No, it's f(2) = infinity!" you heckled him, eager to continue flaunting your mathematical superiority
  7209. >At this moment the door swung open, a chill breeze flowing in from the storm, and you saw a scuffed-up Cherilee enter, tired but not hurt at least
  7210. >"Was...was anypony hurt?" she asked in desperation
  7211. >"Uh... no." Sweetie Belle squeaked out
  7212. >"Good... good.. well, class, you're all dismissed!" she said tiredly "I'm sorry I was gone so long! If you don't tell your parents we won't have a quiz on Friday!"
  7213. >The students muttered enthusiastically amongst themselves and rolled out of the cairs, Aryanne leading the mass towards the cubbys holding the various raincoats and saddlebags
  7214. >Cherille trampled up to the lectern you were standing behind, looking pleased but a little bit exasperated
  7215. >"...Anon, why are you teaching Trigonometry?"
  7216. "...It's actually Calculus."
  7217. >"You know Cal-? ..Well, I guess living with Twilight- Well, next time follow the lesson plan. But hey, I guess I won't get fired for a little 'advanced placement'." she laughed, "Thank you for watching the class Anon. Go and play with your friend." she said, nudging her head towards the only foal left in the classroom
  7218. >You headed towards the door, Aryanne standing alone but eager to speak, too impatient to wait for you to reach her
  7219. >"I  zought what you taught made sense." Aryanne said across the room, "but I didn't quite get it"
  7220. >You sauntered towards her, eager to grab your stuff and leave
  7221. "It's okay Aryanne, I was just messing with them, that's big-filly math. You're smarter than these other foals. They're almost as dumb as ziggers."
  7222. >bloodfrozen.jpeg
  7223. >"EXCUSE ME????" rang Cherilee's voice
  7225. >Be Anon
  7226. >Cherilee verbally raping you
  7227. >"...That sort of language is absoulutely unacceptable. You're such a little filly, where did you learn that word?"
  7228. "I heard a couple of stallions use it in Fillydelphia. What does it mean? I just thought it sounded funny." you  lied, putting on your most innocent face
  7229. >"...Anon, I don't want to seem rude, but I don't believe you."
  7230. "....It was worth a shot." you shrugged
  7231. >"Why would you say that ponies with different skin are dumber than others? You know that's not true."
  7232. >Ignoring biological differences between ponies and zebras
  7233. >She didn't mention yaks or griffons either
  7234. >...
  7235. >"Do you know why the word itself is bad?"
  7236. "Because it's mean."
  7237. >"That's right. Somepony's feelings could be seriously hurt- and other ponies will think you're bad if they hear you say it. Do you want to be a bad filly?"
  7238. >'Yes yes yes!' said the devil on the shoulder
  7239. "Uh..."
  7240. >"Anon?"
  7241. "No. I want to be a good filly."
  7242. >"That's good to hear. Well, I don't want you to say such a foul word ever again- there's no room for hate in my classroom."
  7243. "Yes Miss Cherilee" you said guiltily
  7244. >She began scribbling something down on a piece of paper, using her mouth of course
  7245. >After a moment she handed the slip of paper to you, and you glanced down to its contents
  7246. >"Dear Miss Sparkle, I overheard your daughter using the z-word after class. Thankfully, the only other foal nearby was Aryanne, with whom I have had similar conversations.. I would like to discuss with you Anon's behavior and possible correctional action. -Miss Cherilee"
  7247. >Fuck
  7248. "I'm not her daughter." you corrected autistically
  7249. >"*Sigh* Anon, now isn't the time for semantics."
  7250. "Can't you just write a new one?"
  7251. >"Pushing your luck, are we?""
  7252. "I just don't want anyb- anypony getting the wrong idea. I'm sure it would embarrass Twilight greatly. Maybe call me a charge? Or dependent?"
  7253. >"*Sigh* Alright, lemme get another slip."
  7256. >"Was happened?" asked Aryanne as you exited the schoolhouse, wearing a cute blue raincoat that went well with her white coat
  7257. "I got reprimanded, pretty much what you'd expect. It's not like she can use corporeal punishment, it's 854."
  7258. >"And der paper?" she asked, glsncing at the slip in your hoof.
  7259. "It's a note for a paarent-teacher meeting for Twilight." you answered, holding it underneath your coat to shield it
  7260. >"That's not gut."
  7261. "It's raining, right? It's be a shame if the raindrops bled the ink and make it illegible. Of course, I'm a good filly, and will leave it on the table. Twilight is off doing errands right now; when she sees the paper she'll assume it's trash and throw it away, and I have plausible deniability."
  7262. >...
  7263. >"Anon, you are so smart."
  7264. >The two of you walked off giggling, your rubber yellow boots making satsfying 'squish' noises as you trampled through the mud.
  7267. >Be Anon
  7268. >Sitting at the Canter Creamery, digging into a Mint-chocolate chip waffle cup
  7269. >You didn't even bother with spoons, you just shoved your muzzle inside and started eating
  7270. >Some ponies gave you weird looks but fuck them
  7271. >You were cute, you could get away with gluttony
  7272. >You'd bought the sugary dish with your weeks' wages as an unwilling, well-bribed student
  7273. >You couldn't drown you sorrow in booze anymore, now you could only blot out the misery of your lonely existence by consuming vast amounts of cake and ice cream, like a feminist
  7274. >...Wait a second
  7276. >You stood outside the general store, try to make eye contact with passing ponies
  7277. >Surely there was one of shaky moral fiber
  7278. >Evntually a stallion with an hourglass cutie mark made the mistake of looking at you directly.
  7279. >Finally, a brown person you didn't hate
  7280. >It was that guy Time Turner
  7281. >You saw him around a lot, often with your mailmare Dandy or Dainty or whatever her name was
  7282. >They were definitely fuckbuddies
  7283. "Hey, mister, will you buy me some booze?" you asked, batting your eyelashes with what you hoped was a lewd expression
  7284. >He just looked down at you with a confused expression
  7285. >"Uhh... no. Of course not. Where are your parents?" he asked looking sided to side, obviously in some sort of rush
  7286. "They're very busy at work". It wasn't a lie, Twilight was always running off and leaving you high and dry.
  7287. "C'mon," you brushed against his side, purring, "a little alcohol won't hurt."
  7288. >"I'm in a hurry, but don't drink! It's bad for you!" he shouted, practically galloping away  
  7289. "Okay, how about- how about cigarettes?!?" you yelled at his shrinking form
  7290. >For a guy with a clock for an ass tattoo, he certainly didn't manage his time well
  7293. >1 hour later
  7294. >Nopon- NOBODY would buy you any booze
  7295. >You wish there were a town drunk you could share with
  7298. >Twilight was leaning against the sink, hooves bound in yellow rubber gloves and humming happily
  7299. >She must've had someone over for lunch
  7300. >Maybe that skank Rarity
  7301. >She didn't put out rarely, that's for sure
  7302. "Why are you so chipper?" you asked in annoyance
  7303. >She booped you on the nose, some sudsy water leaking onto your snootle
  7304. >"I have a DATE this Saturday."
  7305. >Who'd be horny enough to put up with her insanity?
  7306. >NEVER stick your dick in crazy
  7310. >Be Twilight
  7311. >Shopping at the Galloping Grocery
  7312. >Loading up on Caeser dressing, you hadn't made a salad in forever and Anon would only eat it drenched in the sauce
  7313. >She'd gotten a little better about eating since living with you, she'd only throw tantrums when somepony else cooked, or if it the dish had broccoli
  7314. >While glancing down at your color-coded shopping list, you saw Miss Cherilee out of the corner of your eye
  7315. >You looked up and waved, eager to talk to a friend
  7316. >She pushed her cart towards you, a pleasant but neutral expression on her face
  7317. >"Hello, Twilight. How are you?"
  7318. "Great! But I haven't seen you in forever! How's it going?"
  7319. >"Oh, fine. Lots of papers to grade." she let out a short, insincere laugh, "but I'm surprised you haven't stopped by for a meeting yet."
  7320. "...Why would we need to meet?" you asked
  7321. >To talk about Anon's recent... behavior."
  7322. >Your stomach dropped
  7323. "What behavior? Did she start another argument on libertarianism?"
  7324. >"...You didn't get my note?"
  7325. >The unpleasant feeling in your gut doubled
  7326. "...What note?"
  7327. >"I sent a note addressed to you with Anon, she was supposed to deliver it to you. You don't know what she did?"
  7328. >Miraculously, the sensation in your gut doubled oncemore, a black creature eating you from the inside
  7329. "...No. I'm not gonna like it, am I?"
  7332. >Be Anon
  7333. >Playing with your custom made Hot Wheels (they weren't quite like the earth ones, but you were at least still capable of making vroom-vroom noises)
  7334. >The light was shining through the purple-tinted window above your bed, a pinkish hue shadowing over your body
  7335. >A fast and furious chase between the Yakuza and the Triads was underway, the two organizations fighting over domination in the underground waifu-trafficking
  7336. "Pew! Pew! Brarararararara!".
  7337. >Both groups were armed to the teeth.
  7338. >Especially Sharkface and his cybernetically-enhanced teeth
  7339. >It was a very extensive dental plan
  7340. >Just as Ching-chong Ping-pong was readying his sushi-seeking rocket launcher, your playtime was interrupted by something equally dangerous
  7343. >Be Anon
  7344. >Being butt-blasted verbally by Twicunt
  7345. >You'd only seen her this mad once before, when you'd thrown a rock out a window in an attempt to get her jailed for statutory >rape
  7346. >"-I was MORTIFIFED, what must Cherilee think of me? You're lucky no other foals were there, I would've DIED from embarrassment."
  7347. >thatwouldntbesobad.jpg
  7348. >I would drag you to Miss Cherilee's house RIGHT NOW, but I'm too mad to have a decent conversation, and don't want to look like a bad mother!"
  7349. >You didn't contest the mother part, you didn't want Purple to go nuclear
  7350. >Were her eyes glowing?
  7351. >'Well, you ARE one' would've been another way to piss her off, but at this point she was nearing a rage-induced seizure
  7352. >"Why would you try to hide this from me? Everything you do will catch up with you someday."
  7353. >...
  7354. >"Don't you have anything to say for yourself?!" she spat out, eager to yell some more
  7355. >You choked up a little; being yelled at by somepo- someone you lived with still hit you hard
  7357. "I didn't get rid of the note, I left it out on the table, and went to play with my friends. When I came back I saw it was gone and assumed you read it. M-maybe you threw it out by mistake?"
  7358. >She paused, likely searching through her memory for such an event, then discarded that train of thought
  7359. >"Well, even if that DID happen- which I don't believe, you're very cunning- I still can't imagine you'd say such a thing! Where'd you learn that kind of language?!?"
  7360. >Recognition dawned upon her face
  7361. >"It was Aryanne, wasn't it?"
  7364. >Be Anon
  7365. >Sitting outside the school building, worry knawing at you
  7366. >Twilight was inside, speaking with Miss Cerilee about your 'slip-up'
  7367. >The suspense was killing you; what cruel punishment would she enact THIS time?
  7368. >Probably something involving whips
  7369. >God, did she get off to this?
  7371. >Eventually Twilight opened the door, turning her head for a moment a offering a short 'goodbye' to your teacher
  7372. >There was a moment of silence
  7373. >"Well, you're not going to be seeing Aryanne anymore, that's for sure."
  7374. "What? She's my best friend, you can't do this! I thought you were the Princess of Friendship!?"
  7375. >"She a bad influence on you Anon, and it's my job as a mother to make sure you grow up into a respectable mare. From now on, *I* get to choose which friends you have.
  7376. >"Also, Miss Cherilee will be seperating you and Aryanne in class. We're moving you apart, no more chatting, no more group projects, -zip-"
  7377. "This isn't fair! You're being a dam- darn tyrant!"
  7378. >"Don't give me lip! I can make your life MUCH harder, little one."
  7379. "You've been doing that since day one!"
  7380. >She scowled at that, but decided to ignore your response
  7381. >"Also, you're going to spend some time associating with zebra culture, and afterwards you  write a two-page paper about how you were wrong."
  7382. >Two pages? That wasn't so bad.
  7383. "Alright, what do I need to do? Read three books, listen to a few records?
  7384. >"No, no; You're GOING to Afetlocka"
  7386. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" you screeched in your high-pitched voice, banging on the porthole of the caboose door of the Friendship Express
  7387. >Twilight stood straight outside, giving you a comforting yet eerie smile
  7388. >"You'll only be gone a few days. You'll love it, and when you get back you'll be much more tolerant."
  7389. >You didn't want to be tolerant, look what happened to Swedistan
  7390. "I promise to be good! Just let me out!" you yelled through the door, desperately jiggling the knob
  7391. >A horn blared, and Twilight turned to look over her shoulder
  7392. >"Oh, the train is pulling out! I'll see you soon Anon! Be a good filly!" she said, hopping onto the platform
  7396. >You stood on the foreign platform, the train pulling away while you waited for your 'chaperone'
  7397. >You had thought about leaving on a different stop and running away, but at Fillydelphia you were pretty sure you saw Purple in a trenchcoat and sunglasses, pretending to read a newspaper
  7398. >She was probably watching you right now, waiting to see you to be culturally enriched
  7399. >An earth pony with a bronze coat and mane made of several shades of black seemed to recognize you, trotting towards you with purpose
  7400. >Oh thank god, she's not a zebra
  7401. >Wait a second...
  7402. "Hey, are you Daring Do??" you asked excitedly, eager to finally meet a celebrity
  7403. >She looked disappointed and resigned, as if she was used to this question
  7404. >"No, I'm her sister, Daring Don't."
  7405. "..."
  7406. >"My mother was not a creative mare."
  7407. >You noticed her cutie mark was that of a fluffy pillow with a heart in the middle
  7408. >You looked around at the desolate plains surrounding the stations, full of grass, monkeys, and probably superAIDS
  7409. >Her special talent probably wouldn't come in handy here
  7410. >You'd have to survive on your wits alone
  7411. >And possibly feeding her to a manticore to give you time to escape
  7414. >Be Anon
  7415. >Daring Don't was giving you a safari tout from inside a zebra-pulled carriage
  7416. >Good, they were in their place
  7417. >You gaze across the dismal landscape
  7418. >Not much to look at, really.
  7419. >"And here you see... even more drygrass." she said, obviously running out of commentary, "Yeah, it's the dry season right now, so not a whole lot to see..."
  7420. >OFC Ziggerland held nothing of value
  7421. "Hey, does Afetlocka have any terrain that isn't a dry, desolate plain not fit for ma-ma- PONYkind?" you asked, little ripples of pain radiating from your neck.
  7422. >"South of here you have some jungles." she answered, looking at the horizon
  7423. "Are there any wild animals to see? Like manticores?" you asked hopefully
  7424. >"No, not really. Those are very rare here."
  7425. "Are there any Afetlockan dragons?"
  7426. >"No, there isn't any gold or anything to draw them here."
  7427. "Chimera?"
  7428. >"Nope."
  7429. "Is there ANYTHING cool here?"
  7430. >"...We have antelope."
  7431. >What a dissapointment. And your expectations for this place were dismally low
  7432. "I'm bored. When can we go to the hotel? You had better rented a good one, I'm basically a princess and deserve the best. They'd better have a swimming pool, or at least cable."
  7433. >"...We're not staying in a hotel."
  7435. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" you screeched from the middle of an Afetlockan village, the  carriage long gone
  7436. >"C'mon Anon, it won't be so bad. What's the worst that can happen?"
  7438. >You sat with your back against a glorified mud hut, giving the eye to any zebra that tried to get close
  7439. >These people actually spoke in 'ooga's and 'booga's
  7440. >/pol/ hadn't been kidding
  7441. >Daring Don't spoke their language, and was talking to who seemed to be the village chief
  7442. >You had no idea what she was saying
  7443. >You tried tugging at her tail, but she would just ignore you and keep talking
  7444. >At least Twilight sometimes explained what was going on, or at least gave you an annoyed look and a  curt 'not now Anon'
  7445. >Being scolded was better than being ignored
  7447. >Eventually the conversation finished, with Daring saying some shit with a tone of gratitude, almost reverance
  7448. >Suckup
  7449. >But these savages might go nuclear at the smallest slight
  7450. >Kek, they'd probably wind up looting themselves
  7451. >That chieftain was giving you funny looks though
  7452. >Damn zebras were probably pedos
  7453. >And you were NOT for sexual
  7455. "What if we just go and spend the weekend at a nice hotel in Fillydelphia? Twilight gave you a ton of bits, right? And when we went home, we could tell Twilight about all the good times we had."
  7456. >Daring was a reasonable mare, surely an überpone would wish to seperate herself from these barbarians
  7457. >"No Anon, you're going to experience local culture. You haven't even eaten any of their cuisine, and dinner is only a few hours away"
  7458. "...Or, even better, we can eat room-service hayburgers and watch old movies like queens." you reply, raising and lowering your eyebrows
  7459. >"No, Anon, I'm not gonna let you weasel out of the punishment Twilight gave you"
  7460. "Ha! You just admitted coming here is a punishment!" you shouted, pointing at her in victory
  7461. >"You're taking that out of context"
  7462. "You actually hate it here."
  7463. >The pieces were fititng together, why she seemed so disinterested and moody
  7464. >"No, Afetlocka has a lot of beautiful scenery, and wonderful people-"
  7465. "Why did you come here? Why did you decide on this career path?"
  7466. >"I- I like being here in the wild."
  7467. >Bullshit, nobody likes the wild, that's why we invented houses and indoor plumbing
  7468. "You cutie mark is a pillow with a heart in the middle. It has nothing to do with your safari schtick. Your heart isn't in your work, ironically enough."
  7469. >...
  7470. "What would you REALLY rather do? Sell beds? Make sleeping potions?"
  7471. >"Well, I sometimes think about other work opportunities." she answered sadly
  7472. "Face it, you only decided to be a safari guide so that your parents would look at you with the same prideful joy they do with your adventurer sister, but you realize now that you will always be second-best in their eyes."
  7473. >"Th-that's not true..."
  7474. "And the only reason you stay here is so you can can compare yourself to lesser creaturres to feel better about yourself and drown out your inferiority complex."
  7475. >"St-stop. P-please"
  7476. "Face it, Daring Don't, you hate yourself. You hate living this life"
  7477. >"Th-that's..."
  7478. "How often do you think about suicide? Three times a week? Four?"
  7479. >...
  7480. "What's your plan gonna be Daring? Noose? Overdose? There's a lot of predators nearby, maybe you could pretend you died heroically fighting a rampaging monster- then people would at least admire you in death."
  7481. >"Okay. I need to g-go now. I need to call my therapist." she said shakily, turning away from you
  7482. >Daring tapped a passing zebra on the shoulder, asking a question in their tongue
  7483. >The zebra pointed back in the direction of the train station
  7484. >Daring gave a tearful 'thank you'- you assumed she said that- and ran off towards the station in tears
  7485. >That was like eight miles away, have fun walking
  7486. >You watched her for a minute, her form slowly shrinking
  7487. >Wait. Now you were alone.
  7488. >Surrounded by ziggers.
  7490. >It was approaching nightfall and you were getting worried
  7491. >Fuck it Daring, why would you leave a filly unattended
  7492. >You're SO giving her a one-star review
  7493. >You could feel their eyes subtly turning toward you, sensing an unattended filly ready to be bred
  7494. >Typical, these degeneratess prefered white women to their own.
  7495. >Oddly enough they didn't like Asians
  7496. >They were slowly surrounding you; not in a ring-of-bodies way, but you could see them standing around and talking, giving you wierd looks, nudging a bit closer every minute
  7497. >Daring Don't never seemed worried about these people. Maybe you were being paranoid, and they weren't sexual predators?
  7498. >Or maybw she was STRIPED and trying to draw you into her fetish
  7499. >Was Twilight in on this? You were starting to think she was masturbating to all the cruel punishment she gave you
  7500. >You'd just quietly leave and head to the train station
  7501. >You could get there before the darkness set in
  7502. >You slowly trot in the wake of Daring Don't, keeping an eye on the zebras
  7503. >They were getting closer
  7504. >Oh no, you weren't getting culturally enriched tonight
  7505. >You backed up slowly, eyes never leaving
  7506. >Maybe they were like Weeping Angels and couldn't advance as long as you were looking at them
  7507. >Nope, a zebra was approaching with a look of... interest? In his eyes
  7508. >"Het jy hulp nodig jong?" he asked, probably asking if you were ready for breeding
  7509. "St-stay back!" you pointed, slowly backing up into the village outskirts
  7510. >"Sy was by die vrou" another zebra advanced
  7511. >"Listen here you savages, you can never defeat me as I am a WHITE MALE, superior- aaaaaah!" you squeled, and began writhing on the ground, your collar stinging intensely like a cattle brand
  7512.  >"Ek dink sy het 'n mediese toestand" you managed to hear the first zebra say through the pain
  7513. >Out of the corner of your vision you saw a small crowd forming, waiting for their turn to rape the spastic
  7514. >"Moet ons haar aanraak?" the second grunted out
  7515. >"Nee ons moet vir die dokter wag"
  7516. >"Demoon! Demoon!" one screeched, with the majority screeching in approval
  7517. >The crowd began jeering in approval, the other two seemingly ignored
  7518. >"DEEMON! DEEMON!"
  7519. >"Brand haar op die spel!" one shouted out, and the began advancing on you with both determination and fear
  7520. >Oh no, you weren't ready for a gangbang
  7521. >The pain quickly fades, and you manage to get back on your hooves
  7522. >One of the closer rational zebras reaches a hoof to touch you, and you rear back on your hind legs, rotating to your left
  7523. "Don't! I'll- I'll" you saw a torch resting on a sconce on the building wall
  7524. >You grab it in a hoof and wave it at the approaching ziggers
  7525. "Stay Back!" you yelled, waving your weapon in a fiery arc
  7526. "Yeah, I'm sure you guys are real scared of fire, you only invented it two weeks ago!"
  7527. >The ziggers were beginning to say something in calming voices. Probably something involving watermelon.
  7528. >You backed up until you felt your legs brushing against the dry prarie grass
  7529. >Say, there's an idea
  7530. >You walk back another twent meters, never taking your eyes off of the zebras
  7531. >They were seemingly calling for somebody, probably ZeChad, who would have first run on your body
  7532. "Burn in hell you subhumans!" you yelled, dramatically pitching the toch into the arid flora  
  7533. >The blaze caught on instantly, a column of fire rising up to your head
  7534. >You took a moment's pause to watch it spread outward, forming a wall between the savages and yourself
  7535. >Then you saw the wall start to approach you, like that time in Final Fantasy IV
  7536. >You realized you were standing in a field of the drygrass
  7537. >Fuck.
  7539. >You ran from the village, hoping this was the way Daring Don't went (you were 80% sure)
  7540. >You could hear the 'ooga's and 'booga's of the tribesmen as they rushed to handle the ponymade disaster, you having been momentarily forgotten
  7541. >You could feel the heat lapping against your back
  7542. >You dared not turn your head around, the last thing you needed was to trip
  7543. >A cool breeze was blowing from the west, angling the growth of the fire forward and right of you
  7544. >Over in the distance you saw a smudge that looked like a building
  7545. >Must be the train station, praise Kek
  7546. >After a moment your hooves began clopping on a dirt road
  7547. >You were getting tired and didn't hear any sounds of pursuit, so you turned around to look at your handiwork and sat down on your rump.
  7548. >Fields of crops were alight, and it was pretty close to harvest season, so that was gonna be a famine
  7549. >The village was in flames, the straw roofs quickly spreading the fire
  7550. >Zebras were rushing around, trying to save their possessions and put out the flames
  7551. >The problem was that the dumb ziggers build their village a quarter-mile from the nearest river
  7552. >You sat and watched the orange light, lives burning into smoke
  7553. >The zebras would be forced back deeper into Afetlocka, far away from pony civilization
  7554. >You couldn't wait to tell Aryanne of your heroics.
  7555. >...Fuck you Twilight.
  7559. >Eventually you reach the train platform
  7560. >You see Daring Don't sitting against a pillar, forelegs hugging her hindlegs, eyes reddened from crying
  7561. >"T-twilight told me what a bad filly you are. She'd never believe you."
  7562. "Of course not. I would be punished - you'd likely get a significant bonus, nice bag of bits. But it's not Twilight you should be afraid of."
  7563. >She gave you a quizzical expression
  7564. "What if I start telling peop- ponies that you abandoned a filly because you were sad? How many clients would you get then?"
  7565. >She didn't respond
  7566. "And what about your family? They'd wind up hearing it sooner or later. They'd be so embarrased, and ashamed of you. That'd make Hearthswarming awkward.
  7567. >...
  7568. "Or, you do what I say and we can have a decent weekend, and never see each other again."
  7569. >"O-ok. You win." she admitted
  7570. >Good.
  7571. >You always win.
  7572. >You were basically Batman.
  7575. >Be Anon, Saturday afternoon
  7576. >Laying on a queen-sized bed in a very fancy, very expensive hotel room, an old-timey projector playing black-and white (and barely color) movies
  7577. >An empty pizza box sat on the floor, surrounded by hayburger wrappers and empty fry containers
  7578. >Having a rich m- caretker had its perks
  7579. >Daring Don't only came to sleep and make sure you weren't dead
  7580. >80% chance she was drowning her sorrows in cheap booze
  7581. >She'd left you with 60% of the significant sum of money Twilight had sent with her
  7582. >So you just watched movies and ate fatty foods
  7583. >Purple would go into conniptions if she saw your gluttony and sloth
  7584. >Which is weird, she was always trying to get your to eat more
  7585. >Of course she meant healthy food
  7586. >It was a waste, your BMI had always been very low
  7587. >You would think that turning into a cartoon underage female pony would change that
  7588. >Wait a second
  7589. >The movie was wrapping up and your mouth demanded sugar
  7590. >You weren't 100% perfectly satisfied at this moment, and this was somebody else's problem
  7591. >You pulled on a rope next to your bed, connected to a hole the ceiling
  7592. >This hotel had a rope-based system where pulling it would ring a bell, one of a dozen by the concierge's desk
  7593. >After a minute, a mare in a french maid outfit (top waifu material) entered
  7594. >"How can I serve you, honored guest?" she asked in the tone of an employee practically reciting it off a cue card
  7595. >She had already asked this a dozen times today
  7596. "This movie's almost over. Can you get another reel? I want a mystery movie this time."
  7597. >"Yes ma'am."
  7598. >You knew that the nearest video store (There were only four in Fillydelphia, movies weren't exactly cheap in PastelLand) was quite a walk away, but you didn't care. The employees lived to serve you.
  7599. "And bring up another hot fudge sundae. But this time I want caramel, not chocolate. Charge it all to my account."
  7600. "Y-yes Miss Anon" the maid replied with a bit of fear and a bow
  7601. "Ac-HEM". you pretended to cough
  7602. "Yes, Princess Anonymous" she corrected herself, bowing further
  7603. >Did she just roll her eyes?
  7604. >You'd let her live, you were a gracious ruler
  7605. >Plus Twilight would spank you if you had anyone executed
  7606. >Here you were, sitting in bed all day and watching movies, living the high life on government money with poni-people waiting on you hoof and f- HAND and foot.
  7607. >You were beyond NEET, you were Anti-Wage(cuck)
  7608. >Twilight was probably just sitting at home, reading a book and plotting new ways to make you suffer
  7609. >For once, you had it better than her
  7611. >Be Twilight
  7612. >It was Saturday night, the night of your date
  7613. >Somepony had responded to the ad you put in the newspapers' Personals sections
  7614. >You were excited for this one; you had a good feeling about tonight. Maybe things would go your way for once
  7615. >extremelylewdthoughts.png
  7616. >After a bit of back-and-forth messaging, you and 'Booping Beauty' had decided to eat at Bridleau's, the fancy French resturaunt
  7617. >You'd put on eye shadow and eyeliner, and had your hair done up into a braided bun. You wore a shimmering teal dress recommended by Rarity; she said you looked gorgeous in it, but she was a friend, how honest would she be?
  7618. >You should've asked Anon, she tended to be an asshole about these things, but at least she was honest
  7619. >You wondered how she was doing in Afetlocka. Did she make any friends yet? What had she eaten, would she finally eat more than five foods? Was she giving Daring Don't trouble?
  7620. >The last one was certain
  7621. >So you stood in the restuaraunt lobby, waiting for your date, on the lookout for a "sexy young mare with childbearing hips"
  7622. >She'd better not have lied in her letters
  7623. >You had specified 'no fatties' in your ad
  7624. >Across the lobby you saw Glimmer; it was always great meeting a friend unexpectedly
  7625. "Glimmer!"
  7626. >She turned and saw you, smiling in recognition
  7627. >"Oh, Twilight! What a surprise!" the two of you embraced in a short hug
  7628. "Are you on a date too?" you asked. Maybe the two of you could double-date.
  7629. >"Yes, I'm just waiting for them" she answered, looking around nervously, as if her partner was going to come out from behind a curtain
  7630. "Me too!" you laughed, "I always show up early, I'm terrified of being late."
  7631. >...
  7632. >...
  7633. >"W-wait a second..." Glimmer asked, and in that moment your heart fluttered and dropped at the same time
  7634. >"...Are you Lonely Mare??" Glimmer asked incredulously
  7635. "Booping Beauty??"
  7636. >"Y-yeah..."
  7637. >The two of you stood awkwardly, not sure which step to take, and whom should start
  7638. "W-well, we still have a reservation, a-and I have no other plans" you awkwardly proposed, only making partial eye contact
  7639. >"S-sure, sounds like fun." You weren't sure what to make of her facial expression. Embarassment? Anticipation? Disappointment?
  7640. >Why couldn't your life be easy?
  7642. >"I just expected to look... different."
  7643. >Oh Celestia, did she think you were ugly?
  7644. >You knew it, you were ugly
  7645. >This was going terribly, you should've just followed Celestia's example and eat cake to fill the void-
  7646. >"Older, I mean. Your ad mentioned rich, and I was expecting a..."
  7647. "M-milf?" you proposed, hoping for the affirmative
  7648. >"Yeah, I just never thought of that word." she answered sheepishly
  7649. "I mean, I AM a mother." you laughed
  7650. >Fuck yeah, you were a MILF!
  7651. >You had a fantasy about putting Anon to bed, then walking down the hall and having wild, kinky sex
  7652. >Maybe you were prettier than you thought
  7653. >Wait, was she just saying that because you were her boss?
  7655. >Be Anon
  7656. >Sitting on the Friendship Express
  7657. >You sat on a window seat, with Daring Don't reading a book (obviously not a DD one) across from you, its cover featuring a swooning mare and a jacked stallion
  7658. >You had finished your last one () a half-hour ago, so you just watched the landscape roll by, growing more and more familiar
  7659. >She closed it with a *whiff* and shoved it back into her carryon, pulling your bag out of the and handing it to you
  7660. >You wheeled it out of the compartment, and at the door you stared down at the steps
  7661. >They looked pretty big from up here
  7662. >Plus your stubby little legs meant you'd need to hop
  7663. >As you tensed up to jump, you heard a jubilant voice
  7664. >"Anon!"
  7665. >You were gripped in a familiar aura, your suitcase strung along as well
  7666. >Twilight pulled you into a very fierce hug, your body pressed against hers
  7667. >You missed your two days of freedom
  7669. >You could feel Twilight looking over your shoulder
  7670. >"Daring! Was Anon good for you?" she asked with a combinattion of joy, fear, and implicit threat
  7671. >You waited to see- well, hear- whether or not she would renge on your agreement
  7672. >...
  7673. >"Yeah. She was fine. I think she learned a lot."
  7674. >'Well, that's great.
  7675. >"Wait, you forgot to pay me."
  7676. >"...I already did. Remember that big bag of bits I gave you?"
  7677. >"I thought those were travel expenses!"
  7678. >"No, that was the little bag."
  7679. >TFW Twilight had to spend more getting somebody to tolerate you for a weekend than actually going on 'vacation'
  7680. >TFW Even her pay was absorbed by your hedonism
  7681. >tbf she spent a lot on cheap booze, according to the smell when she got back to the hotel room
  7682. >"W-well the trip was really expensive- a lot of tolls, a lot of... incidents-"
  7683. >"Incidents?" Purple asked suspiciously
  7684. >"Well, Afetlocka is full of corruption, and bandits-"
  7685. >"Nonny, is this true?"
  7686. >You knew if Daring didn't get paid, the odds of her squealing would rise tremendously
  7687. >Besides, she deserved her keep anyway
  7688. >"Yeah, there were some big stallions with spears who accosted us on Sunday, our tour group had to hand over our valuables. Daring managed to hide our little bag, so we were okay."
  7689.  >Twilight sighed, "All right, lemme pull out my checkbook."
  7691. >You and Twilight walked home, and you spent your journey appreciating how superior pony culture was to zebra savagery
  7692. >She sent you to become more tolerant, but you wound up even more redpilled
  7693. >"So how was your time in Afetlocka Anon?"
  7694. "It was good, the countryside was really nice. Lots of... nature."
  7695. >Afetlocka only had animals, after all
  7696. >"What about zebra culture? Did you learn anything about them?"
  7697. >You knew this question was coming; this would be the hardest to bullshit
  7698. "Yeah, it was cool, I guess. I liked the dances they did."
  7699. >"Hmm." she said curtly
  7700. "I didn't like the food though."
  7701. >"Well, you ARE a picky eater." she said, smiling to herself
  7702. >Not her you're-getting-punished smile, but a genuine one
  7703. "So, uh, how did I do?"
  7704. >Twilight paused, thinking to herself
  7705. >"Mmmm, I think you learned your lesson. I guess you don't need to write the paper."
  7706. >You cheered internally, maybe life was looking up
  7707. >Twilight must have noted your glee, and realizing that you were happy, deciding to quash your hopes
  7708. >"But you still can't hang around with that Aryanne filly."
  7709. >You looked back down at the ground, your ears pressed down against your head
  7710. >"Don't worry Nonny, you'll make new friends." she consoled you, ruffling your mane with a hoof, "in fact, I made a checklist of other foals I approve of!"
  7712. >Be Anon
  7713. >The search for new friends continued
  7714. >The CMC went okay, but they already had their little clique and Twilight wanted you to have a friend 'who was yours'
  7715. >Ofc she thinks other ponies belong to her
  7716. >emancipationwasamistake.png (8.5 MB)
  7717. >After all, she basically owned you
  7718. >And every other foal on the list so far had been a definite 'no'
  7719. >Diamond Tiara had been okay, but there was a wall between the two of you
  7720. >You were pretty sure she was just jealous that you were richer
  7721. >Snails had flat-out said he didn't like you and slammed the door in your face
  7722. >You pretended to be sad to get ice cream from Twiggles
  7723. >And after the "Teeter-Totter Incident", you were no longer allowed to play with Featherweight anymore
  7724. >It was his fault for being a manlet
  7726. >You trudged behind Twilight, as the two of you weaved between homes
  7727. >She checked Pipsqueak's name off the list , leaving only a handful of foals left
  7728. "Can't we just go ho- back to the castle?" you corrected yourself hurredly
  7729. >Did she just smile?
  7730. >"No. You're making a friend today, one way or another."
  7731. "Mmmmmgh" you moaned
  7732. >"And you had better be on your BEST behavior." she said menacingly
  7733. >You arrived at a small, run-down-but-cozy-somehow home a little bit off the beaten path
  7734. "Uhhh, who's this?"
  7735. >"Button Mash. I figured the two of you would have a lot in common."
  7736. "But his vidya is shit, you guys haven't-"
  7737. >Twilight slapped you out of nowhere, and you reeled back, stumbling a bit
  7738. >You turned back to Twilight in confusion, and a bit of betrayal
  7739. >"I don't want you to use that kind of language anymore. Do you understand?"
  7740. "Y-yes." you answered in defeat
  7741. >"Good. Now go make a friend." she said, not as happy as she had been earlier
  7742. >She dissappeared with a pink *pop*, but you knew she was still here, likely hiding in the bushes
  7743. >Well, may as well get this over with
  7744. >You knocked on the wooden door, and hear some rummaging from within
  7745. >"MOOOOM! THE DOOR!"
  7746. >"I'm getting it pumpkin!"
  7747. >You heard clicking, and the door swung open, and a thicc AF earth pony looked down at you
  7748. >Button's_Mom_has_got it_going_on.jpg
  7749. >...
  7750. >...
  7751. >"I'm sorry sweetie, we don't want any magazine subscriptions."
  7752. "Y-you too thanks."
  7753. >As the door slowly-ver slowly- began to close, Twilight was behind you with another *pop*
  7754. >"Anon, I need to- oh! Tender Heart! I'd forgotten that Anon was coming for a playdate!"
  7755. >Fuck you Twilight, playdates were for babies. You were just here to 'hang out'
  7756. >"Oh, is that why she's here? I'm so embarrased!" she giggled
  7758. >"Well, she'd love to play with Button. Would it be okay? Is it a bad time?" Twilight asked
  7759. >"Oh, no, now's fine, Button already finished his homework. Button! Your friend is here!"
  7760. "I-I'm not sure I'd-"
  7761. >Purple practically shoved you into the doorway, prevennting any hope of escape.
  7762. >Button's mom reared back a touch in surprise as you bumped into her massive chestfluff
  7763. >"Be a good filly! If she's any trouble, don't be afraid to use the belt!" Twilight laughed
  7764. >Button's Mom laughed awkwardly at Purple Autism's 'joke'
  7765. >If she only knew
  7766. >Twilight popped away, possibly still spying on you
  7768. >Be Anonfilly
  7769. >You'd dallied a bit in the entryway so you could 'accidently' bump into her flank
  7770. >The house was very utilitarian, not a lot of furtniture
  7771. >You could see the kitchen from the hallway, and it seemed cramped, with pots and pans hanging from hooks on the wall, and doorless cabinets filled with plastic dishes and silverware
  7772. >Button's mom had hurredly escorted you to his room, a small affair; the bed must've made up a fourth of the room
  7773. >tbf all rooms seemed small to you after living in a castle
  7774. >Comic books were scattered on the floor, and posters for various vidya and movies lined the walls
  7775. >Some board games and fantasy novels were sitting against one corner
  7776. >Button sat at an arcade-y like console, not looking up from the screen
  7777. >How were those things powered? Equestria tech was REALLY inconsistent
  7778. >At least you could invent cars and make a shitload of money when yiu were older
  7779. >"Button, you have a guest." Tender Heart said in a singsong voice
  7780. >He kept playing, oblivious to your presence
  7781. >"That's great. Can they wait a minute?"
  7782. >"Button, that's no way to treat a friend."
  7783. >"C'mon mom, I've only been on for an hour." he whined
  7784. >"No more video games, Button, you have a friend here."
  7785. >"What if we played TOGETHER?" he asked
  7786. >"I only bought you one controller. Now go outside honeymunchkin"
  7787. >Button's cheeks grew as red as a crayon at the use of his nickname
  7788. >"Moooom~, not in front of my friends."
  7789. >Fuck, you wanted to play his oldie games
  7790. >Where was a MadCatz controller when you needed one?
  7793. >Be Anonfilly
  7794. >You and Button sat playing chess, as DnD was SUUUPER boring with only two players
  7795. >All Button did was the WWW formation with his pawns, always leaving his rear line exposed
  7796. >While you gazed at the board deep in thought, Button asked you a very important question
  7797. >"Hey, you hungry?"
  7798. "Not particularly." you answered
  7799. >"Well I am. Lemme get dinner started"
  7800. >He got up and opened his door a bit, pushing his head out into the hall
  7801. >"Moom!! Moooooooom!"
  7802. >In a second his mom was upon him, making sure everything was all right
  7803. >"Is everything okay Snookums?" she asked, glancing over his body as if a knife-wielding psycho had broken into his room in the last ten minutes. "Did Anon have another incident?" she asked worriedly, looking into the room at you
  7804. >Wait, did she-
  7805. >"No,  I'm hungry. Can you make us spaghetti?"
  7806. >"Well, dinner is still a couple of hours away, and-"
  7807. >"...Do you want me to starve Mom?? Don't you loooove me?" he asked in a sad voice with huge puppy-dog eyes
  7808. >Button a cute
  7809. >"Well... anything for you, sweetums." she answered, kissing him on the cheek and leaving the room
  7810. >Button turned and looked back down at the chessboard
  7811. "Why is your mom such a beta?"
  7812. >He looked at you in confusion
  7813. >Probably doesn't even speak Greek
  7814. "Why does she do everything you want?"
  7815. >"Oh, I dunno. Probably feels guilty because dad still isn't back from buying cigarettes."
  7816. >That explained why everything here seemed... old. Not run-down, but new things clearly weren't in the budget.
  7817. >Except for his vidya
  7818. >"So what does your mom do?" you asked, positioning a bishop for a crosscut maneuver
  7819. >"She works at night. She won't tell me what her job is though."
  7821. >You pull out another board game from his closet
  7822. >Saddlers of Catan. Of course.
  7823. "How's this one?" you ask
  7824. >"It's been a while, but I'm pretty sure I like this one."
  7825. "We're playing Anon Rules." you added
  7826. >"...What are 'Anon Rules'?
  7827. "The only rule is the NAP."
  7828. >"...But I hate naps."
  7830. >You moved your Microsift(TM) Militia over to your privately-owned opium field to quell the child-slave rebellion.
  7831. "When are you gonna invest in agriculture?" you asked Button in a condescending voice, "I'm destroying you in farming."
  7832. >"But all you make is drugs." he refuted "and drugs are bad."
  7833. "Not if you trade them for non-regulated free-market goods and services."
  7834. >"...Are you SURE this is how you play this game?"
  7835. "This is the ONLY way to play it."
  7838. >You grew curious about Thicc Roll
  7839. "...Hey, what's your mom's name?"
  7840. >You didn't know, you'd blotted out what Twilight said
  7841. >Probably telling Button's Mom about how much you liked being whipped
  7842. >Although if she wanted to do it sensually, you'd be down
  7843. >...
  7844. "Well? What is it?"
  7845. >"Her name is...
  7846. >...
  7847. >"...Mom?"
  7849. >You sat at the table next to Button, with his mom opposing you
  7850. >A large bowl of spaghetti past sat in the middle of the table, with a pot of marinara sauce and one of tossed greens sitting beside them. A plate of garlic bread had already been half-devoured between you and Button, but his mom knew to make extra account for that.
  7851. >Tender Heart used a ladle to pour a liberal amount of sauce onto Button's plate, smiling on the while.
  7852. >"Do you want me to fill your plate too?" she asked, placing the ladle back into the pot, then wiping a hoof on her heart-adorned apron.
  7853. >"S-sure." you answered, handing her the plastic plate
  7854. >"So Anon, what do you do for fun?" she asked
  7855. >Button was too busy eating to care
  7856. "Well, I- uh... I read."
  7857. >"Well, it must be great living in a library then." she giggled
  7858. >She filled your plate with plenty of past and quite a bit of sala
  7859. >"I heard you just got back from AFETLOCKA" she said with genuine interest, "What was that like?"
  7860. >She set your plate down in front of you, the marinara sauce forming a little smiley face on the pasta
  7861. >God she was perfect
  7862. "It was a blazin' good time." you answered, eagerly digigng into your meal
  7863. >She giggled, "Oh, you foals and your slang. It's great that you enjoyed yourself."
  7864. >"Mom, I want more spaghetti!" Button announced, sauce staining his muzzle
  7865. >You couldn't believe Tender Heart put up with his antics
  7866. >You were a gentleman, why did mares always go for jerks?
  7867. >Now you were stuck in the Child's Friend-zone
  7868. >For now.
  7870. >You swallowed another bite of salad
  7871. >Your cyoot little horsie body would just eat it up
  7872. >As long as it was covered in fatty ranch or Caeser dressing
  7873. >...
  7874. "Hey Button, aren't you gonna ask me about the collar?"
  7875. >"Naw, Cherilee already told us about your condition." Button answered without tact
  7876. >Of course she would
  7877. "Well, what about you, Button's Mom?"
  7878. >She just smiled at that, probably because of the name you'd used
  7879. >"No, my little munchkin tells me everything. And I just want to say you shouldn't be embarassed, lots of foals with disabilities lose bladder control-"
  7880. "What???"
  7881. >"I't must've it must have been embarrasing doing it in front of your classmates, but I'm sure they understand-
  7882. "WHAT?!? I did NOT pee myself!"
  7883. >You turned on your 'friend
  7884. "Button, did you tell her that I PEED MYSELF?"
  7885. >"Yeah." he took a sip from his glass of water, "That's what happened, after all."
  7886. "Nuh-uh!"
  7887. >"Yuh-huh!"
  7888. "No I didn't! Do any other foals think this???"
  7889. >"I think the whole class does. Weird that there wasn't a puddle or anything though."
  7890. >His mom moved behind you and rubbed your shoulder with a hoof
  7891. >"It's okay Anon, you don't have to be ashamed with us. Why, until about a year ago, Button had to wear diapers at night because he kept wetting the bed."
  7892. >You could FEEL the embarrasment radiating off of the colt
  7893. "Mooooooooom! You're not supposed to tell other ponies that!"
  7894. >"Oops!" she exclaimed, holding a hoof in front of her mouth, "I'm sorry sunshine, I forgot. But neither of you need to be embarrased, you both did it."
  7895. "That's not how it works!"
  7896. >You stared down at your plate
  7897. >While she fucked up sharing that secrett, she was still way nicer than Purple
  7898. "...Say, have you ever considered adopting another foal?"
  7899. >...
  7900. >...
  7901. >Button's mom laughed, "Oh Anon, you're so funny. I'm perfectly happy with my sweetums" she answered, leaning over and ruffling his mane
  7902. >Probably couldn't affhord one anyway
  7903. >Going from richfag to poorfag would be a bit of a nerf
  7904. >But she probably gave the BEST good-night kisses
  7905. >And head.
  7907. >It was around 8 o'clock, you were still at Button's house, and you could feel his mom's patience fading
  7908. >You and Button had run out of games to play, and seetled on indoor tag
  7909. "GOT YOU!"
  7910. >"NUH-UH!"
  7911. "I touched your tail!"
  7912. >"Tails don't count!"
  7913. >Button's mom was just finishing up the dishes, wearing yellow rubber gloves
  7914. >Pony soap was completely safe, why did she need those?
  7915. >"Kids, don't make a mess in there, I have work in a few hours!"
  7916. "Tag Tails are part of your body. QED they count, and you're now 'it'."
  7917. >Just as you had Button wriggling in the crushing grip of reason, you were interrupted by a terrible sound
  7918. >*KNOCK KNOCK*
  7919. >Your captor had arrived
  7920. >"Anon! Time to go!" Button's Mom said with a voice of relief
  7921. "Are you SURE we can't have a sleepover?"
  7922. >"No, it's a school night." she practically shoved you towards the door with her head, "besides, I'm sure Princess Twilight misses you very much."
  7923. >She swung the door open to reveal a seemingly-annoyed Twilight
  7924. >Probably angry that you had a few hours of freedom that didn't nearly result in a zigger gang-rape
  7925. >"Hello Twilight, here to pick up Anon?"
  7926. >Of course she is you stupid mare, why else would she be here? A lap-dance?
  7927. >Fuck, you wanted to see that
  7928. >"Thank you again Tender Heart, I'm sure Anon had a great time."
  7929. >You shuffled to her side, turning to look back at MILFy
  7930. >"Oh, it was nothing, I'm just glad Button has started socializing a bit."
  7931. >So that was her name
  7932. >You'd have to tell Button sometime
  7933. >"All right Nonny, let's go." she covered you with a wing and turned around, giving one last goodbye to Heart
  7934. >You slowly trudged home, Twilight's wing blocking the wind, and just a little tired from your long day
  7935. >"Did you have fun with your friend? You weren't mean, were you?" she asked
  7936. "Mmmhmmm. And no, I was a perfect little filly"
  7937. >You moved a little and walked closer to Twiggles, eager to share some warmth on this unusually cold night.
  7938. >"That's wonderful. His mom wasn't mean to you?"
  7939. >loadedquestion.png
  7940. "Naw, I love her, she's super-nice and makes great spaghetti."
  7941. >You heard Twilight grumble to herself
  7942. >Wait, was she JEALOUS?
  7943. >"W-well, of course she's not as nice to you as she is to Button, mothers love their foals more than anypony else ever could. Don't feel bad about being less important to her."
  7944. >Nice try Purple, years of ignoring (((Their))) propaganda made you immune to memetic attack
  7945. >"Don't worry, you have your own mama to love you." she paused for a bit to nuzzle you, and walked on
  7946. >Wait, why the fuck didn't she just teleport both of you home?
  7947. >Probably wanted more physical contact between the two of you
  7950. >Be Twilight
  7951. >You neared home, Nonny shivering at your side
  7952. >She was so cute
  7953. >Maybe Anon shouldn't spend more time with Button, at least at his house
  7954. >You didn't want her getting too close to Tender Heart
  7955. >You didn't want her finding another mother figure. She was YOUR filly, nopony else could have her
  7956. >Maybe if you and Glimmer became a couple you'd be willing to share a bit
  7957. >You'd be the alpha mom, of course
  7958. >You opened the door to the Friendship Catle, appreciating the draft of warm air that greeted you
  7959. >But how to seperate Nonny from Button without another Aryanne scenario?
  7960. >...
  7961. >Maybe... maybe you could manipulate Tender into being mean to Anon to spoil any potential relationship between the two
  7962. >You could work on that later. Your filly was chilly.
  7963. >With a little magic, a fire burst out in the fireplace, and Nonny scooched over to it, eager for the warmth
  7964. "Alright Sweetie, I'm gonna make you some hot soup, then you need a bath."
  7965. >Anon made a sad moaning noise
  7966. >Fillies.
  7967. >You levitated a pot under the sink spout, and listened to the water pour into it
  7968. >Fwwwwwoooooooooooossshhhh...........
  7969. >You were sure that she had already eaten, but Anon usually had a second dinner anyway
  7970. >You took this moment to appreciate your life
  7971. >You had friends, family, and a filly
  7972. >You lifted the pot onto the stove and lit the magical fire, pouring ingredients into the water
  7973. >Powdered broth, noodles, carrot slices, and lots of salt
  7974. >Anon LOVED salt.
  7975. >Quite unhealthy, really.
  7976. >In just a few minutes, a warm pot of soup had been cooked
  7977. "Anon! Dinner!"
  7978. >"Can I eat it in here??" you heard her voice echo in
  7979. "You sit down at the table right now young filly!"
  7980. >You used a ladle to scoop soup into a bowl, and slid it onto the table. A glass of water followed soon after
  7981. >Anon pulled the chair out and hopped onto it, sitting on her haunches
  7982. >"Th-thank you."
  7983. "I'm sorry, what was that?" you asked with a smirk
  7984. >"I said THANKS, I'm not gonna say it again."
  7985. >She promptly began scooping up soup and eating it with a regular rhythm
  7986. >You pulled out a chair on the opposite side and twisted it around, sitting on it, your head resting on your hooves which were nestled on top of the chair's back
  7987. >It was half a minute before Nonny responded
  7988. >"Uh... d'ya need something Purple?"
  7989. "No, I just like to watch you eat. It makes me feel happy."
  7990. >So you sat in silence, watching her scoop and eat the dinner YOU had provided, until her bowl was empty
  7991. "Do you want more sweetie?"
  7992. >"...Naw. I'm good."
  7993. "Okay, go clean your dishes, and I'll start the bath
  7994. >You teleported to the upstairs bathroom (this shit was convenient)
  7995. >You turned on the bathtub, plugging the drain when the temperature rose to comfy levels
  7996. >After a few moments, the water had filled to a satisfactory degree
  7997. "Anon!! Your bath is ready!!"
  7998. >You hear her yell something unintelligible, followed by a scampering noise as she climbed the stairs at a jogging pace
  7999. >She walked into the bathroom shyly, still not comfortable living in your home
  8000. "Here, let me take the collar off."
  8001. >Anon edged closer to you and leaned her head down, exposing her neck to you
  8002. >It was unecessary, it was magically sealed
  8003. >With just a thought, the collar expanded, and Nonny shook her head, the collar falling onto the floor with a *clunk*
  8004. "C'mon, get in."
  8005. >She slowly trotted to the bathtub edge, penetrating the surface of the warm water with a hoof
  8006. >Satisfied with the temperature, she slid into the tub, careful not to disturb the water
  8007. >She sat there a minute before noticing your continued existence
  8008. >"Uh... you okay there Purple?"
  8009. "...I told you to call me Mommy."
  8010. >"Can you go? I'm trying to bathe here."
  8011. >...
  8012. >"*sigh* MOMMY, can you please leave?"
  8013. "Why? It's not like you're wearing any less than you were before."
  8014. >"Well I'd feel better if you left."
  8015. "But then who would wash you, silly filly?"
  8016. >"I can wash myself." she said with dejection, as if she already knew what was gonna happen next
  8017. "Well, I say you can't." You moved closer
  8018. >"...Let's just get this over with.
  8019. >You held a shampoo container between your hooves and sprayed it over her head, and proceeded to rub it through her mane
  8020. "Come on, time for your tail."
  8021. >You loved this part
  8022. >Seeing her so vulnerable, so exposed
  8023. >It was proof she trusted you
  8024. >Well, not willingly, but still
  8025. >You poured more soap into your hooves, and rubbed it into her tail generously, using her plot as a backboard
  8026. >Eventually your filly had been scrubbed from mane to hoof, and hopped out of the soapy tub
  8027. >You unplugged the tub with your magic, grabbing a towel from the counter
  8028. >You scooped up your daughter in the towel, and sat down, cradling her in your hooves, her head peeking out from inside the linen fabric
  8029. "Anon?"
  8030. >"Y-yeah?"
  8031. "I love you."
  8032. >...
  8033. "Say it."
  8034. >...
  8035. >"I love you, Twilight" she answered in a begrudging tone
  8036. >Well, it was a start
  8039. >Be Anonfilly, the next morning, sitting at the breakfast table
  8040. >The Crystal Meth Castle had like four tables dedicated to eating
  8041. >Anyway, you had just finished up a hearty, healthy breakfast of Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs(tm.)
  8042. >And, lo and behold, Twilight came out of the stairwell to the basement
  8043. >You personally knew there was a prison cell down there
  8044. "Hey Pur- Twilight,"you put on your prettiest smile, "Can I go to Button's house?"
  8045. >He was a pretty cool colt, plus he had some vidya
  8046. >"Mmmm..." you could see her thinking it over, "Nope. You and I are having fun today"
  8047. >Fuck.
  8048. >Somehow you knew it wouldn't be 'fun' for you
  8050. >Be Anon
  8051. >You sat in a clean, well-furnished bookstore smack dab in the middle of Canterlot's famous Prominẽ Bouelevard, the shop probably older than most governments
  8052. >It was surprisingly modern on the inside; clean tables, new carpet and of course, shelves of books on the walls that reminded you a bit too much of home.
  8053. >Smelled like coffee, of course
  8054. >The chair you sat in was comfy, the cushions covered with some kind of denim padding; alongside it sat shopping bags full of leg-high stockings, bedsheets, and fancy chocolates (the only store you'd enjoyed visiting.)
  8055. >Your tum-tum was still full of free samples
  8056. >The table in front of you was littered with dozens of books you'd shot down
  8057. >"Origins of Equiish Linguistics", its cover without image or illustration; "Rock On!", featuring a bored-looking earth pony on the cover -presumably the author-; and "Achievements and Inventions of Zebras" (an incredibly small tome)
  8058. >Jesus purple, find something I would like
  8059. >"Are you SURE you don't want any nonfiction??" she yelled from behind a bookcase."
  8060. "Yes, Twilight! I already hate this life enough."
  8061. >She peers out from behind a bookshelf, giving you an icy stare and speaking in a harsh whisper
  8062. >"Anon! Don't say things like that!"
  8063. >You grumble noncommittaly
  8064. >You weren't a suicidefag anyway
  8065. >"How about this one?" Twilight asked, floating over a small, pink book from the 'Self-Help' section
  8066. >You grabbed it in your hooves and looked down
  8067. >"How to Make Friends." with a smiling colt and filly standing next to each other, obviously friends and/or fuckbuddies
  8068. "...I don't need this." you said, throwing the book gently down at your (metaphorical) feet
  8069. >"Well, I just thought that maybe you'd like to brush up and learn some pony  mannerisms, and try to expand your horizons a bit."
  8070. "But I've already got two friends."
  8071. >"But wouldn't you like MORE?" she asked with a smile
  8072. "Not really."
  8073. >She turned down to look at a low shelf, hiding her disappointment
  8074. >Although... more friends meant more time outside the  Castle
  8075. >You paused
  8076. "Well..."
  8077. >Her face looked up back at you
  8078. "Will you buy their birthday presents?"
  8079. >"...Okay."
  8080. "Done."
  8081. >The two of you shook hooves, and in but a moment you were standing out on the sidewalk, another bag added to the floating mass
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