District Hypnosis

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  1. Website:
  3. Address: 1050 Connecticut Ave, N.W. Washington, DC 20036
  4. Phone: (202) 853-8400
  6. Are you or a loved one struggling to lose weight? District Hypnosis offers hypnotherapy for weight loss that can help you meet your fitness goals. Our weight loss program provides one-on-one hypnosis sessions, tips, CD’s, and an overall commitment from our staff. It does not matter if you have tried to lose weight before or not! Our hypnotherapy for weight loss program is individualized and will fit all of your needs. District Hypnosis is here to help have a more positive lifestyle and get all of the added health benefits. When exercise and trying to eat right don’t yield the results you expect give hypnotherapy for weight loss a try. Visit our website to learn more about the benefits of hypnosis today!
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