Horizon 8-C

Jun 28th, 2015
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  1. Chapters 56-60:
  2. Masazumi continues negotiating with Reizei.
  3. She learns that Mitsuhide plans to intentionally have himself taken away by the Princess Disappearances.
  4. Mitsuhide himself shows up and tells them that what Motonobu did was originally thought up by Oda Nobuhide who was Motonobu's teacher.
  5. Nobuhide had an early death and rumor has it he was a victim of the Princess Disappearances, but Mitsuhide believes it was an experiment to "prove the existence of the Princess".
  6. Mitsuhide says Motonobu came up with a certain project to pick up where Nobuhide left off. When Masazumi asks if that was the Genesis Project, Mitsuhide says that is only "half right".
  7. Mitsuhide arranges for them to meet again at Kyou on September 2.
  8. Asano trains with Mochiduki.
  9. Nabeshima trains with the Sanada dragons.
  10. Fukushima trains with Sassa.
  12. Chapter 61:
  13. Class Plum celebrates with a meal at Toori's place.
  14. It's revealed that Horizon's mother was almost certainly a victim of the Princess Disappearances.
  15. When in Novgorod, the Double Border Crest had appeared behind Horizon, Masazumi, Mary, and Asama.
  16. Since the other three had lost a parent to the Princess Disappearances, they conclude Asama's mother must have also been a victim.
  17. And since all of the victims seemed to have gone to Motonobu's "nonexistent academy", their parents most likely went there too.
  19. Chapter 62:
  20. Terumasa begins investigating in the ruins of Mikawa.
  21. Sakon, Hirano, Kasuya, and Mitsunari play on the beach.
  23. Chapters 63-67:
  24. Toori, Horizon, Asama, Nate, and Kimi discuss some things in the evening. Long story short, Horizon is the queen of food and Kimi is the queen of lewd.
  25. Christina speaks with Tomoe.
  26. Fukushima angsts/trains some more.
  27. Class Plum travels to the Reine des Garous's candy house to investigate something.
  28. There, they discuss their plans and, based on the information they have, conclude P.A. Oda/Hashiba has probably built ley lines reactors around Honnouji and that the Honnouji Incident will probably double as the Genesis Project.
  30. Chapters 68-77:
  31. Neshinbara has made no progress on decoding the message.
  32. Naruze has realized the Double Border Crest on the roof of the Houjou ruins was only meant to draw the eye and the real image was drawn on the floor such that it would be visible in the reflection off of the roof. She is trying to reconstruct what it would have looked like reflected on the domed roof using the images she had taken.
  33. Kiyomasa and Fukushima each have a breakthrough in the worries they're having about the other.
  34. Koroku trains with Ishikawa in a god of war simulator/video game.
  35. Word arrives that the cerberus from Kimitoasamade has been turned into a Mouse and will be sent to Nate.
  36. While speaking with Yoshinao, Sakai mentions that it's a bit of a mystery when exactly Miriam arrived at Musashi.
  37. Sakon, Hirano, Kasuya, and Mitsunari are still working on defeating the dream dragons.
  38. Nate shows off her swimsuit to Toori.
  39. The Reine des Garous shows up and they investigate the candy house's shed. They find her silver nails there, which are different from the one's Kasuya had used.
  40. Neshinbara finally decodes the message, but what exactly it means is still a mystery because a few words seem to be coded in some other way.
  41. Naruze finishes reconstructing the image from the Houjou ruins, revealing it to have been a baby without a face.
  42. Asama realizes the Honnouji Incident will take place on the next full moon. That full moon is on September 2, which happens to be the very next day as well as the day on which they agreed to meet Mitsuhide in Kyou.
  44. Chapters 78-End:
  45. Sakon, Hirano, Kasuya, and Mitsunari defeat the final dream dragon.
  46. The P.A. Oda and M.H.R.R. groups prepare to head home.
  47. As the Musashi arrives at Kyou, Mitsuhide sets a dragon line reactor to detonate at the imperial palace and tells Musashi they need to reach him before it explodes.
  48. Mitsuhide has hired Tres Espana's baseball and track teams as mercenaries to keep Musashi away.
  49. As the time limit runs down, two shadowy figures drop Stithos Porneia in front of Horizon, which she uses to defeat Tres Espana.
  50. Narumi manages to grab Akedia Katathlipse when it's knocked from Juana's hands.
  51. Once they arrive in the Emperor's audience chamber, it is revealed that the Emperor is actually an automaton body being used as a physical form for the environmental gods and Azuma is actually a child the Emperor created from the ley lines.
  52. Mitsuhide gives Musashi the right to his inherited name and tells them the Emperor was made as a way for mankind to make "destiny" their ally, that the faceless baby is a symbol of that "destiny", and that Nobuhide's never-used plan was named Golgotha and Motonobu's was named Messiah.
  53. After that, Mitsuhide is taken away by the Double Border Crest and the Musashi group escapes before the dragon line reactor goes off.
  54. Hashiba announces the Honnouji Incident will begin at midnight and Katsuie announces he is beginning the Battle of Shizugatake.
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