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  1. Hello, Welcome to Philips Live support chat
  2. 10:05:47 PM
  3. Me:
  4. My toothbrush doesn't have power. It has been working fine for awhile and I never had any problems.
  5. 10:06:00 PM
  7. Ian I:
  8. Hi Mel, I hope that you are doing well today and I am glad to help you out.
  9. 10:06:06 PM
  10. Me:
  11. I tried charging it all night last night and it still didnt work even on a new outlet plug.
  12. 10:06:18 PM
  14. Ian I:
  15. To my understanding, your Sonicare toothbrush is not turning on, am I correct?
  16. 10:06:38 PM
  17. Me:
  18. o
  19. 10:06:48 PM
  20. Me:
  21. My DiamondClean smart brush
  22. 10:07:06 PM
  24. Ian I:
  25. Thank you for using Philips Sonicare. I definitely understand that you need your unit in a working condition for your daily routine. Let me just assure you that, you've reached the right place and let's work together to resolve this quickly!
  27. So that we can get you back to using your unit as quickly as possible, first I will need some basic information from you and some information about the device. Next, I will take you through some troubleshooting steps to fix this not turning on issue quickly. If that doesn't help, we'll look at other options. Is that okay?
  28. 10:07:24 PM
  30. Ian I:
  31. \
  32. 10:07:24 PM
  33. Me:
  34. Ok sounds good
  35. 10:07:42 PM
  37. Ian I:
  38. Before we proceed, may you please confirm that the email address and all information provided in the pre-chat window are correct? Name: Mel Smith
  39. Email:
  40. Are you contacting us from USA or Canada?
  41. 10:07:49 PM
  42. Me:
  43. Thats correct
  44. 10:08:02 PM
  46. Ian I:
  47. Thank you for your confirmation. I hope you're having a great time there Mel. Can I have the model and serial number located at the bottom of the toothbrush handle? The model starts with 2 letters which are HX followed by serial number that starts with number 1.
  48. 10:08:04 PM
  49. Me:
  50. Sure one second
  51. 10:08:34 PM
  53. Ian I:
  54. Alright.
  55. 10:08:51 PM
  57. Ian I:
  58. Are you able to find it? Please let me know if you are having a hard time looking at it.
  59. 10:09:32 PM
  61. Ian I:
  62. Are we still connected?
  63. 10:10:13 PM
  64. Me:
  65. hx992b 181119
  66. 10:10:17 PM
  68. Ian I:
  69. Correct! I appreciate that. Thank you. May I please know where and when you purchased your unit?
  70. 10:10:25 PM
  71. Me:
  72. I got it as a gift from a family member for my birthday a few months ago
  73. 10:11:28 PM
  74. Me:
  75. I think they got it online
  76. 10:11:36 PM
  78. Ian I:
  79. Thank you for providing me that information. Let us now proceed to the troubleshooting steps.
  80. 10:11:39 PM
  81. Me:
  82. Ok
  83. 10:11:47 PM
  85. Ian I:
  86. Do you see a light blinking or hear a beep when you put the handle on the charger?
  87. 10:11:48 PM
  88. Me:
  89. No
  90. 10:12:09 PM
  92. Ian I:
  93. Take off the brush head. Is there any vibration when you press the power button?
  94. 10:12:10 PM
  95. Me:
  96. No
  97. 10:12:27 PM
  99. Ian I:
  100. Does the power button feel 'stuck'?
  101. 10:12:28 PM
  102. Me:
  103. No
  104. 10:12:47 PM
  106. Ian I:
  107. Let's make sure the outlet is working correctly. Do other appliances get power from the outlet?
  108. 10:12:50 PM
  109. Me:
  110. Yes they do I did already try that
  111. 10:13:04 PM
  113. Ian I:
  114. Is the charging glass on a metal surface or close to other chargers?
  115. 10:13:08 PM
  116. Me:
  117. No
  118. 10:13:43 PM
  120. Ian I:
  121. Do you have an additional charger of the same kind?
  122. 10:13:46 PM
  123. Me:
  124. No I don't
  125. 10:13:53 PM
  127. Ian I:
  128. Thank you for trying all possible troubleshooting steps Mel.
  129. 10:14:02 PM
  131. Ian I:
  132. After diagnosing the issue of your unit, I found out that there's a need for a brand new replacement request for you and I am happy to inform you that your unit is still valid for a warranty. For us to process this right away, I need your complete shipping address (not a PO Box) and valid phone number. Can I have these details, please?
  133. 10:14:21 PM
  134. Me:
  135. Sure
  137. Ian I:
  138. Thank you for your details.
  139. 10:15:18 PM
  141. Ian I:
  142. Upon checking here on my end, Sonicare DiamondClean DeepClean Black 4 modes is not in stock. We have Sonicare DiamondClean DeepClean - Pink and Rose Gold handle that is compatible with your spare brush heads and charger.
  143. 10:16:15 PM
  145. Ian I:
  146. Which color do you prefer?
  147. 10:16:23 PM
  148. Me:
  149. Rose gold would be ok. I also had another question idk if you can help me when I got this thing the glass was broken from the start. I never dropped it or anything what could I do about that?
  150. 10:17:01 PM
  152. Ian I:
  153. Thanks for choosing Rose Gold.
  154. 10:17:16 PM
  156. Ian I:
  157. May I know how it became broken? Is there a visible crack?
  158. 10:17:41 PM
  159. Me:
  160. Sure it was a visible crack and new I feel shards of glass if I touch it. It seems to be unsafe around my childern now
  161. 10:18:14 PM
  162. Me:
  163. I thik its getting worse
  164. 10:18:21 PM
  166. Ian I:
  167. I understand that.
  168. 10:18:22 PM
  170. Ian I:
  171. Would that be possible for you to send me a photo of it?
  172. 10:18:35 PM
  173. Me:
  174. I am on my computer my phone is dead right now If you guys cant help me with taht its fine
  175. 10:19:05 PM
  177. Ian I:
  178. I understand that Mel.
  179. 10:19:30 PM
  181. Ian I:
  182. Here is the thing, I can send you the handle and charging base of your unit only as we are not allowed to send multiple parts.
  183. 10:20:32 PM
  184. Me:
  185. No problem
  186. 10:20:47 PM
  187. Me:
  188. it still works for now I may get a new one in the future
  189. 10:20:54 PM
  191. Ian I:
  192. What I am going to do with this is I will keep this case in progress to discuss this to my team.
  193. 10:20:54 PM
  195. Ian I:
  196. Noted.
  197. 10:21:05 PM
  199. Ian I:
  200. I have ordered a replacement handle and charger. We will also include in the box a prepaid return label to send back the original handle and charger. It is important that you return the original handle and charger so that we can further investigate your experience and see how we can improve the quality of our products. Please send the handle and charger only and keep your brush head and other accessories. You can use the same packaging the replacement comes in, but be sure to cover or remove the label that comes on the box to avoid any shipping confusion. You will receive an email confirmation of the order from Encompass, our parts distributor, with your tracking number within 24 hours. Also, upon receiving your new handle, please be sure to charge your new product for 24 hours.
  201. 10:21:10 PM
  202. Me:
  203. Ok thanks have a great night
  204. 10:21:37 PM
  205. Me:
  206. :p
  207. 10:21:50 PM
  209. Ian I:
  210. I had fun helping you. Are you satisfied with my given support today? Please let me know if I can provide any other additional support.
  211. 10:22:00 PM
  212. Me:
  213. That is all
  214. 10:22:06 PM
  216. Ian I:
  217. By the way Mel, before we end this. You may receive a short email, giving you the opportunity to rate on a scale from 0-10 the support you have received from us here at Philips. If you are pleased with my service today, you would rate either a 9 or 10 with 10 being the best. Answering the survey is a lot help to me, I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
  218. 10:22:09 PM
  219. Me:
  220. Sure I can do taht
  221. 10:22:15 PM
  223. Ian I:
  224. Here is the case number that you may use as reference, 60-0017413295.
  225. 10:22:16 PM
  227. Ian I:
  228. Is there anything else I can help you with while you have me here?
  229. 10:22:22 PM
  231. Ian I:
  232. If none, thank you so much for contacting Philips North America and you have a wonderful day. Again, this is Ian. Take care always, bye for now.
  233. 10:22:25 PM
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