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  1. 6:27 PM] kdladd: the pitchforks are coming
  3. [6:27 PM] lolmonger: (I am not a lawyer, none of this constitutes legal advice, or implies any client-attorney relationship)
  4. [6:27 PM] WarOfTheFanboys: too much like s4p
  5. [6:27 PM] WarOfTheFanboys: maybe focus more on free gear people like free stuff
  6. [6:28 PM] nBob20: Was there an announcement about this?
  7. [6:28 PM] lolmonger: @OhSnapYouGotServed  @jcm267
  9. A little guidance?
  11. Am I off base?
  12. [6:28 PM] TRUMP-GENERAL: So are we going to do something or just let our subreddit burn?
  13. [6:29 PM] WarOfTheFanboys: well delete the concern trolls probably
  14. [6:29 PM] TRUMP-GENERAL: Censor everyone? That can't go well
  15. [6:29 PM] TRUMP-GENERAL: We would lose all credibility.
  16. [6:29 PM] WarOfTheFanboys: jesus
  17. [6:30 PM] TrumpWillBePOTUS: I'm deleting concern trolling. Rule 8 still applies no matter how many people break it.
  18. [6:30 PM] WarOfTheFanboys: don't envy the readded mods tonight.
  19. [6:30 PM] lolmonger: @jcm267   @Viking83  @lil-z  @OhSnapYouGotServed
  21. https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/5350zf/i_am_a_nimble_rich_man_i_support_donald_j_trump/d7q18xs?context=1
  24. ^ Yo, guys, the fuck is going on?
  25. reddit
  26. I am a Nimble Rich Man. I support Donald J Trump, and I need you...
  27. Everyone should only donate on the official DonaldJTrump website. **EDIT I just got banned for calling the mods out.** **Looks like they ban...
  28. [6:31 PM] nBob20: @WarOfTheFanboys  war I'm so confused
  29. [6:31 PM] WarOfTheFanboys: I wouldn't ban the people
  30. [6:31 PM] lolmonger: Not tryna stir shit or anything, I'm just a little out of the loop on what is or isn't authorized/our plan at the moment
  31. [6:31 PM] kdladd: JCM  is here and lilz just got on and are probably working on it. Just not in the general chat. Give it a few minutes people
  32. [6:32 PM] lolmonger: ^^^^ good call
  34. Sorry jcm, lilz, ohsnap - - proceed
  35. [6:33 PM] OhSnapYouGotServed: @lolmonger I'm so sorry I don't know anything about this, I wish I could help more
  36. [6:34 PM] lolmonger: Uh, @jcm267  Can you fill us in, dude?
  37. [6:35 PM] WarOfTheFanboys: if we need an exit strategy, maybe clean house and say the new mod went awol
  38. [6:35 PM] mivvan: I think we should unban Shoryuhadoken him being banned fuels a lot of this speculation
  39. [6:36 PM] lolmonger: https://www.reddit.com/message/messages/6h238y
  41. @jcm267
  43. We basically know nothing more than this dude - - - users are going to start PMing mods individually, I'm going to tell them to message the mod team in full
  44. reddit: the front page of the internet
  45. [6:36 PM] lolmonger: and then....?
  46. [6:36 PM] mivvan: and he edited his comment which was highly visible to say he was banned
  47. [6:36 PM] Trumpshaker: Yeah I just back from gym waiting on pizza now yay preggers life anyway I see some inbox action I have no clue about
  48. [6:36 PM] mivvan: we should publicly respond to the comment he edited with a distinguish once we know what our response is
  49. [6:37 PM] lolmonger: https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/5350zf/i_am_a_nimble_rich_man_i_support_donald_j_trump/d7q1ewq
  50. reddit
  51. I am a Nimble Rich Man. I support Donald J Trump, and I need you...
  53. [6:37 PM] lolmonger: Come on, these are our people
  54. [6:37 PM] lolmonger: These aren't HillShills
  55. [6:37 PM] lolmonger: these aren't CTR
  56. [6:37 PM] mivvan: Shoryuhadoken thats the guy  I was talking about
  57. [6:38 PM] mivvan: it causes a lot of confusion
  58. [6:38 PM] lolmonger: these aren't fucking losers trying to subvert DJT
  59. [6:38 PM] lolmonger: these are just regular, good, salt of the earth centipedes who want to shitpost dank may mays
  60. [6:38 PM] WarOfTheFanboys: looks like they've been unstickied
  61. [6:38 PM] WarOfTheFanboys: praise kek
  62. [6:38 PM] lolmonger: who are suspicious of unclear motives and money
  63. [6:38 PM] mivvan: someone could unban and apologize to Shoryuhadoken it will help a lot
  64. [6:38 PM] lolmonger: Like, we can do better than opaque bans, right?
  65. [6:38 PM] kdladd: @everyone  take a deep breath and relax. This is a project that has been in the works for a while. We dont need to throw a mod under the bus because of 1 poor thread.
  66. Relax and JCM and lilz will get back to us when they figure it out
  67. In the meantime dont ban centipedes, just remove concern trolling like normal
  68. [6:39 PM] WarOfTheFanboys: any action, without proper communication, will be perceived as hostile
  69. [6:40 PM] OhSnapYouGotServed: @everyone I am unbanning everyone who was just banned over this (per lil-z) anyone who has mod permissions right now, if you can help me unban too, that would be really really appreciated!
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