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  1. - Fox falco shine is frame 3
  2. - Marth grab is edited. Made worse for followups. Range nerf.
  3. - Shiek shield or grab is nerfed.
  4. - Wobbling doesn't work, but handoffs easier.
  5. - Puff bair is nerfed. or better yet, limit her jumps to 3-4.
  6. - Mario/Doc forward air endlag fix., their horizontal recovery better (cape does horizontal).
  8. - Yoshi grab dosen't turn head
  9. -Pikachu. Thunder goes through the platforms.
  11. - luigi dash attack fix, down b mashing easier, down tilt has knockback.
  12. - ganone punch / up tilt better
  13. - link forward smash connects, spike hit box easier on dtilt.
  14. (I dont have bias i swear.)
  16. - DK spotdodge fast. DK tie hurtbox removed.
  17. - Mewtwo tail hurtbox removed, head hurtbox shrunk. Tail only hit able when the frames of attack are active while using tail.
  18. -Game and watch bugs fixed.
  20. -Zelda upsmash, side b works
  21. -Kirby suicide works
  22. - Ness pk neatral b
  25. slight low tier hitbox changes to make them look like they should work
  27. All meteors actually spike.
  28. Ledgegrab limit 5
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