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  1. inurl:member/daftar.php intext:NAMAKOTA
  2. inurl:/sch.id Team balitbang intext:NAMAKOTA
  3. intext:"Kamfret Team"sch.id Team Balitbang
  4. inurl:/member/daftar.php
  5. inurl:"/html/index.php" intext:"Tim Balitbang"
  6. inurl:"/html/index.php" intitle:"Selamat Datang"
  7. inurl:"/member/" intext:"Tim Balitbang"
  8. inurl:"/html/siswa.php?"
  9. inurl:"/html/alumni.php?"
  10. inurl:"/html/guru.php?"
  11. inurl:/member/daftar.php intext:"namakota"
  12. inurl:/member/ site:sch.id "selamat datang di komunitas"
  13. inurl:/elearning/ "password" site:sch.id
  14. inurl:/member/index.php "Tim Balitbang Kemdikbud versi"
  15. inurl:/user/index.php "Tim Balitbang Kemdikbud versi"
  16. inurl:/member/user site:sch.id
  17. inurl:agenda site:sch.id "tim balitbang"
  18. inurl:artikel site:sch.id "tim balitbang"
  19. inurl:info site:sch.id "tim balitbang"
  20. inurl:buku site:sch.id "tim balitbang"
  21. inurl:"bukutamu" site:sch.id "tim balitbang"
  22. inurl:"opini" site:sch.id "tim balitbang"
  23. inurl:"link" site:sch.id "tim balitbang"
  24. inurl:"galeri" site:sch.id "tim balitbang"
  25. inurl:"album" site:sch.id "tim balitbang"
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