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LilNami Sep 18th, 2019 105 Never
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  1. **[EU] [PC]** Circe Esports LF Staff
  2. Circe eSports is a new org with 3 teams all in the 4k+ range. Looking for **Coaches, Assistant Managers and Vod Recorders**
  3.                                            ---**Coaches**----
  4. ```We are currently looking for Coaches who want to get the opportunity to become a head coach for one of the 3 teams and help them achieve Top OD. What we would like to see is someone who is Vocal (speak/write English), can lead sessions and is available for several days a week.```
  5.                                        ---**Assistant Manager**---
  6. ``` We are currently looking for Assistant Managers who have a bit of experience in managing 3.5k+ teams preferably or more. New managers who want to begin are also welcome as we have experienced managers who can train you! We want someone with flexible schedule, can be there for scrims and help us to achieve the goals with our amazing teams!```
  7.                                       ---**Vod Recorders**---
  8. ``` We are currently looking for Vod Recorders who want to get the opportunity to work with high SR teams and help us with the recording. Preferably uploading the Vods quickly and keep scores if possible^^ Also available to make it to scrims so he/she can record the whole thing```
  10. **If you are interested, please dm me. Looking forward working with you**
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