(EU) MiniTours SF.Tours

Jul 10th, 2020
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  1. (EU) MiniTours Global SF.Tours Rules
  4. ✖ No Bottle
  5. ✖ No Flying Courier
  6. ✖ No Tranquil Boots
  7. ✖ No Infused Raindrop
  8. ✖ No Dagon
  9. ✖ No Necronomicon
  10. ✖ No Hood of Defiance / Pipe
  11. ✖ No Vanguard / Abyssal Blade
  12. ✖ No Mekanism / Guardian Greaves
  13. ✖ No Dragon Lance / Hurricane Pike
  14. ✖ No Blademail
  15. ✖ No Armlet of Mordiggian
  16. ✖ No Eul's Scepter
  17. ✖ No Tome of Knowledge
  18. ✖ No Faerie Fire
  21. ☛ You are NOT Allowed To Kill Roshan and you are NOT Allowed To Farm On Neutrals or Use Them.
  22. ☛ The player that receives the Lower -Roll Will Pick First, The blue player must Type -NoNeutrals after the loading screen
  23. ☛ If a player was Disconnected after 5 minutes of creep spawn, the opponent will be the Winner. If there was Intentional disconnection within 5 minutes of creep spawn then the game won't be Remade. (A player was losing the game and the score was 2/0 and then the player got disconnected.)
  24. ☛ If a player wants to Pause, he must inform the opponent and the player must type 3.. 2.. 1.. before pausing. The maximum duration for pause is 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the opponent has the right to Resume the game even if the player is not there. The opponent must type 3.. 2.. 1.. before resuming.
  25. ☛ Usage of !Latency xx Command is forbidden unless agreed upon by both players. If your opponent Does Not Agree then the player must set the !Latency Back To 80 ms.
  26. ☛ The player first player who scores 3 kills or destroys 2 towers is deemed as the Winner. Suicide of enemy hero is NOT counted as your kill.
  27. ☛ If a player Acciedentally Bought a Restricted item, he only have few seconds to Sell it. Using or Destroying the item will lead to Disqualification
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