Has anyone tried a SILO like this?

Jul 1st, 2020
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  1. Has anyone tried a SILO like this?
  2. So I just found this website that is absolutely killing it, site is like 6 months old and ranking for a shit ton of keywords on competitive niches.
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  14. Here's how he does his SILO:
  15. No Menu Bar
  16. Homepage:
  17. - Lists his categories in homepage in a grid
  18. - Under the category grid/list he lists the latest posts
  19. Category Pages:
  20. - Again, no Menu so he only links back to the homepage on each category & to the recent posts in each category.
  21. Post Pages:
  22. - No menu bar so he only links back to the homepage, not even category. He also has a related posts feature at the bottom linking to related posts within the category.
  24. Is this how it should be done? It feels a bit weird not having a menu bar, I don't think it's as beneficial in terms of User Experience but it does seem to be working well for him in terms of rankings.
  26. PS: His only good backlink seems to be a 301 redirect from an expired domain that had lots of links from news sites like times, cnn, and even government sites, ahrefs can't detect a single PBN nor can Moz
  27. I dont think...silo is the only factor for this website to be doing do well.....
  28. A silo structure is about to avoid useless links to rank for a main keyword and a bunch of secondary keywords, yes it seems they are doing it right, they are concentrating all their link juice into the home page and from there to their categories.
  31. is it on wp? or a custom template / other cms?
  33. Looks like a different plan with the silos. Will try it with one of the affiliate site and let you know.
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  36. A silo structure is about to avoid useless links to rank for a main keyword and a bunch of secondary keywords, yes it seems they are doing it right, they are concentrating all their link juice into the home page and from there to their categories.
  37. He doesn't really do it like that though.
  38. He does:
  39. Homepage > Category > Posts > Recent posts
  40. thats strange, it's not possible
  41. Backlinks must be solid too. Are category pages indexed/********? Does he use a page builder?
  43. The biggest take away here is "no menu bar" imo. Which is making silo structure more strict and stronger therefor.
  44. However, engines are capable of recognizing inner links and especially menu & sidebar.
  45. I don't think activating the menu would make that much of a difference.
  46. The key here is, he sticks to the categories/topics. Keeping the link flow highly relevant. Homepage -> Category -> Post
  47. Although, it might be even stronger if those posts disappeared from the homepage and only category pages remained.
  49. How are the keywords laid out? My personal opinion on the subject is that the link structure as a "silo" is not as important as the overall hierachy of content on the site (the content must be really well put together too - having those high relevancy [possibly LSI] keywords [on some or each page {this depends on how thicc your site is}] is important too). Of course there needs to be contextual & juice flow across pages, but it shouldn't be as minimalistic as a "silo" (it would be not user friendly for navigation). If you don't mind, please pm me, I'd like to take a look at it.
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  59. Nonetheless, Google is appealing it. The ease with which Google quickly crafted a response was telling.
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  62. Stables, who has decided to participate in Google's new auctions despite misgivings.'I'm sort of shocked that they've come out with this,' he added.
  63. Google claims they'll be running their EU shopping ads as a separate company with positive profit margins & that advertisers won't be bidding against themselves if they are on
  65. multiple platforms. Anyone who believes that stuff hasn't dropped a few thousand dollars on a Flash-only website after AdWords turned on Enhanced campaigns against their wishes -
  67. charging the advertisers dollars per click to send users to a blank page which would not load.
  68. Hell may freeze over, causing the FTC to look into Google's Android bundling similarly to how Microsoft's OS bundling was looked at.
  70. If hell doesn't freeze over, it is likely because Google further ramped up their lobbying efforts, donating to political organizations they claim to be ideologically opposed to.
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  76. As a global corporation above & beyond borders, Google has long been against nationalism. Eric Schmidt's Hillary Clinton once wrote: "My dream is a hemispheric common market, with
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  80. hemisphere."
  81. Apparently Google flacks did not get that memo (or they got the new memo about Eric Schmidt's Donald Trump), because they were quick to denounce the European Commission's move as
  83. anti-American:
  84. We are writing to express our deep concerns about the European Union's aggressive and heavy-handed antitrust enforcement action against American companies. It has become
  86. increasingly clear that, rather than being grounded in a transparent legal framework, these various investigations and complaints are being driven by politics and protectionist
  88. policies that harm open-competition practices, consumers, and unfairly target American companies,.
  89. The above nonsense was in spite of Yelp carrying a heavy load.
  90. The lion's share of work on EU case was advanced by US companies who had to go to Europe after a politically captured FTC failed them. 6/x— Luther Lowe (@lutherlowe) June 26,
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