What we have discovered so far

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  1. Epstein connections and leads:
  3. Timeline (>>223331714):
  5. >* 2005, some girl at school in Florida was called a prostitute and got her ass kicked; a journalist and a principal are investigating; the girl told them she worked at Jeffrey's place in Palms Beach; turns out she was not the only underage giving massages; cops be copin'; Marcinkova and Kellen began to be known to the investigators at that time period as well
  6. >* 2006, detectives had the case cold, locked in, 30 victims, phone records, garbage snatch, CP on Epstein's computer, a shrine to the victims in his bedroom closet, dozens of interviews confirming
  7. > detectives write up 4 felony charges for Epstein and Maxwell, looking at life in prison if convicted, state attorney on board, ready to charge
  8. > suddenly, the state attorney is taken off the case, new state attorney assigned
  9. > he has a private one on one interview with Dershowitz
  10. > a deal is made
  11. > slap on the hand in exchange for immunity
  12. > immunity for ALL charges
  13. > immunity for ALL people involved
  14. > including the man (Dershowitz) who wrote the agreement
  15. > because he was fucking the children too
  16. > case is sealed, victims not told, detectives are stonewalled
  17. > all of the evidenced turned over to the FBI in June 2016, just before the election
  19. Oh, and how did they get rid of the first state attorney? You'll love this...
  20. > her husband is also a lawyer
  21. > he works for a law firm.
  22. > out of the blue, his boss assigns him a new case
  23. > working for Epstein on another matter
  24. > state attorney forced to withdraw for conflict of interest.
  26. >* 2008, Miami Herald is still on watch after the case, justice kicks in for another time, Epstein guaranteed to serve time in jail but then prosecutors are told to fuck off since he was from intelligence
  27. >* Two Obama terms, probably Epstein's best years; Trump was trying to get Jeffrey in jail in 2009 (and had kicked him out of Mar-A-Lago before this)
  29. >* Epstein arrested 7/6/19.
  31. >* Epstein """attempted suicide""" or attacked on 7/24/19.
  33. >* Between the 24th and his death, "Jeffrey Epstein told prison guards and fellow inmates that he believed someone had tried to kill him".
  35. >* 8/9/19, 2024 unsealed pages damaging to Epstein (and others like Maxwell, Clintons, UK royals) were released.
  37. >* There was a """camera malfunction""" at the Metropolitan Correctional Center where Epstein was in jail. (Unconfirmed)
  39. >* There were """two guards at the MCC who normally have an overnight shift that watches over suicide risk inmates, were both told to leave area 3 hours earlier for scheduled "Maintenance" to jail cells and hallway"""
  41. >* At ~6:30 am ET on 8/10/19, Epstein was "found unresponsive in his cell in the Special Housing Unit from an """apparent suicide"""".
  42. >* At ~6:39 am ET, "they called the Fire Department, which transported Epstein to New York Presbyterian-Lower Manhattan Hospital".
  44. >* At ~7:30 am ET, "Paramedics also tried to revive Epstein, and could be seen using a breathing bag as they wheeled him on a gurney into [New York Presbyterian-Lower Manhattan Hospital]… He was declared dead a short time later."
  46. >* News Epstein """committed suicide""" breaks around 9:30 am ET.
  47. >* Epstein created a trust, registered it in the Virgin Islands, passed it $577 million worth of shares two days prior to his death
  51. --
  54. Theory:
  57. This is the sauce that broke the news that of Epstein's """suicide attempt""":
  58. >Accused pedophile and financier Jeffrey Epstein was found injured and in a fetal position inside his cell at a NYC jail
  59. >Epstein was found semi-conscious with marks on his neck
  60. >*A fourth source said an assault has not been ruled out, and that another inmate was questioned
  63. The """suicide attempt""" was never confirmed. There has been a lot of speculation at it was an ATTACK, just a few sauces:
  64. >Epstein also might have been attacked by an inmate at the facility in downtown Manhattan
  66. >Convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was found injured in jail earlier this week, in what sources say could be a suicide attempt, an attack, or even a ploy to get a transfer
  68. >It is not clear whether he tried to commit suicide or whether he was attacked by another inmate.
  71. AG Barr and IG Horowitz will be investigating his """suicide""" and continue going after his co-conspirators:
  74. (((NYT))) claims he was taken off suicide watch on the 29th, only 5 days after his """suicide attempt""":
  77. It makes sense he would be taken off suicide watch if IT WASN'T A SUICIDE ATTEMPT.
  78. A reminder that in 1975 possessed this kind of toys:
  80. We investigated the In-N-Out picture and came to this conclusion:
  81. >Leah Saffian took this pic and then sold it to NY Post.
  82. >She's a long-time friend of Ghislaine Maxwell. This is Leah's Dog "Dexter".
  83. >Leah Saffian is head of Meadowgate Media Investments Inc.
  84. >Meadowgate Media is named in the EXIF data of this picture:
  85. >She's friends with several maxwells at Faceberg:
  86. >
  87. >There are also pictures of the Dog 'Dexter'.
  88. >She's currently Attorney in the US, she already represented the Maxwells in London.
  89. >
  90. >Anon tipped of several news outlets and had email conversations with two Dailymail reporters.
  91. >had email conversations with two Dailymail reporters.
  92. > has learned exclusively.
  93. >
  94. Anon currently considers this matter solved.
  95. Based /pol/acks, celebratory thread: >>223683969
  98. --
  101. What we have discovered so far.
  103. 1. Epstein flew a helicopter sharing a covert US military plane's tail number (N474AW) used by DynCorp.
  104. - Federal Aviation Administration registry shows that the tail number N474AW has been used from 10/21/1997 to 05/14/2010 by a OV-10D registered to the United States Department of State
  105. – Backup of item above
  106. – Another backup of item above
  107. – Epstein’s flight logs, showing the tail number N474AW being used on his 206-L3 helicopter during the same time it was registered to the OV-10D registered to the United States Department of State
  108. – Backup of item above
  109. – Origin of picture above, Epstein’s flight logs
  110. – 4chan discussion thread
  111. – Backup of item above
  112. – Another backup of item above
  113. – Picture from thread above, JE’s was a teacher, and really close to Bill Clinton
  114. – Backup of item above
  115. – VOAT thread: “DynCorp, Centurion Aviation linked to Human Trafficking, Secret Prisons, State Department and CIA”
  116. – Backup of item above
  117. – VOAT thread: “Epstein... U.S. State Department and DYNCORP all together in underage female trafficking.”
  118. – Backup of item above
  120. 2a. DynCorp has a history of child trafficking in many countries.
  121. - “WikiLeaks Cable Reveals DynCorp Funding Child Sex Slavery in Afghanistan”
  122. - “Dyncorp, The Private Military Corporation At The Heart Of Foreign Policy Scandal”
  123. - “It’s Déjà Vu for DynCorp All Over Again”
  124. - “US to Investigate Charge of Multiple Child Rapes by Dyncorp Employees in Colombia”
  125. - “Despite allegations, no prosecutions for war zone sex trafficking”
  126. - “Hillary Clinton and DynCorp: The untold story of the 15 year-old belly dancer”
  128. - “Jeffrey Epstein Deep Dive- The Mossad, Fraud and His Creepy Temple”
  130. 2b. DynCorp is owned by Steve Feinberg (current US intelligence board) and composed of many elite politicians. BTW, Steve Feinberg’s dad lives in Newtown, Connecticut (look up Martin Feinberg. He gets mentioned in a bunch of articles. He lived a few miles from sandy hook. Could explain the supposed armed guy in the woods people mentioned during Sandy Hook. DynCorp could have been involved).
  131. – SF’s wikipedia article
  132. - “Cerberus Founder Feinberg’s Father Is Resident of Newtown”
  134. 2c. DynCorp was awarded an U. S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) contract on May 31 2019 by the Department of Homeland Security, to provide national aviation maintenance and logistics services. This hybrid Firm Fixed Price, Cost Plus Incentive Fee and Cost Reimbursables contract is estimated at more than $1.4 billion and consists of a base year plus nine and a half option years.
  135. – DynCorp press release: “DynCorp International Awarded Customs and Border Protection Contract”
  136. - “DynCorp awarded Customs and Border Protection contract”
  138. 3a. Epstein bought his Zorro Ranch from New Mexico governor Bruce King.
  139. - “Jeffrey Epstein's New Mexico ranch linked to sex trafficking case investigation”
  141. 3b. Zorro Ranch is registered under Epstein's shell company that is located in a mall in the Virgin Islands.
  145. 3c. During Epstein's 2008 arrest someone in Altus, Oklahoma won the PowerBall lottery (85 million) and claimed it under a shell company for Zorro Ranch called Heritage Trust Co. (relevance is that lotteries are used to make corruption payments with plausible deniability and to finance slush funds. In the words of AnonymousConservative: “No way – NO WAY – do (((They))) let out that the Powerball, and probably every other lottery, is a scam. I am still blown away, but if you stop and think, the idea there would be a billion + dollar pay day, and (((They))) just let some random rube take it when they would rig the game and take it themselves is silly. Especially when they control the media the way they do.”)
  146. - “"Out of the night, when the full moon is bright..."”
  147. - “More Questions About How Jeffrey Epstein Got Island-Owning Rich” - Archive site can’t grab full article
  148. – Pic of full article
  149. – Backup of item above
  151. 4a. The same mall where Epstein's shell company is located at also houses Congresswoman Stacey Plasket's main office.
  155. 4b. The exact address has been occupied by a couple of different suspicious-sounding law firms.
  157. – Backup of item above
  159. 4c. Stacey Plasket recieved donations from Epstein and just recently donated them back into charities due to his arrest.
  160. - “Democratic congresswoman unlikely to return contribution from accused child molester Jeffrey Epstein”
  161. – Backup of item above
  162. - “Democratic congresswoman from Virgin Islands reverses course, will donate campaign contributions from accused child molester Jeffrey Epstein”
  163. – Backup of item above
  165. 5a. Stacey Plasket sit on the board of a Lutheran Orphanage that receives donations from Epstein and has been visited by the Clintons.
  166. - “Bill And Hillary Clinton Tour St. Croix Nonprofits Ahead Of Clinton Global Initiative Meeting In St. Thomas”
  167. - Backup of item above
  170. 5b. Epstein funded the Lutheran Social Services preschool that Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett sat on the BoD. The press release was scrubbed off the internet, but archived.
  171. - “Jeffrey Epstein, Education Philanthropist, Funds the First Head Start Program in the Caribbean”
  172. – Backup of item above
  174. 6a. Epstein owns his own Internet Service Provider (ISP) and has multiple FCC registered microwave antenna arrays scattered around his island.
  178. 6b. He also has antennae at Zorro Ranch.
  182. 7. Epstein's pilot (Larry Visoski) has a daughter in the US military and rumored to be in intelligence.
  184. – Archive of pic from link above
  185. – Backup of item above
  187. - Archive of pic from link 1 on link above
  188. - Archive of pic from link 2 on link above
  189. - Archive of pic from link 3 on link above
  190. -Backup
  191. - Backup
  192. - Backup
  194. 8. Former FBI director Comey's daughter (Maurene Comey) will be in the prosecution team in Epstein's upcoming criminal case.
  195. - “Daughter of ex-FBI director Comey is prosecutor in Epstein case: report”
  196. - “Prosecutor in 2019 Epstein Case Is Maurene Comey, Daughter of Fired FBI Director James Comey — Who Participated in 2017 Pussy Hat March”
  197. - “Federal prosecutor working on the case of billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein is the daughter of former FBI director James Comey who was fired by Donald Trump”
  199. 9. Mossad Agent Nicole Junkermann has flown on Epstein's jet.
  200. – Flight log with NJ’s name
  201. – Backup
  202. - “The Epstein Associate Nobody's Talking About: The IDF-Linked Bond Girl Infiltrating the UK NHS” - Archive site can’t load pics, links below
  203. – Pic 1 from article
  204. – Pic 2
  205. – 3
  206. – 4
  207. – 5
  208. – 6
  209. – 7
  210. – 8
  211. – 9
  212. – 10
  213. – 11
  214. – NJ’s been trying to scrub her wikipedia article clean since 2016
  215. - Pic from post above
  216. – Backup from item above
  218. 10. Little Saint James was built by Aman Hotel's owner Vladislav Doronin who dated Naomi Campbell who flew on Epstein's jet.
  220. 11a. There is a direct link between the El Paso shooter (Patrick Crusius) with the deepstate apparatus and "Juan de Dios" (aka: John of God; João de Deus), a false prophet with links to Epstein...thus false flag shootings are linked to the pedo rings.
  225. 11b. Sort of related: the Ohio shooter's ex-girlfriend also wrote a book on spiritual healing bullshit.
  228. - “Spiritual Insomnia” amazon link
  230. 11c. More info on Crusius
  234. 12. Sen. Chuck Schumer Got Thousands In Donations From Epstein
  235. - “Schumer got thousands in donations from Jeffrey Epstein”
  236. - “Sen. Chuck Schumer Got Thousands In Donations From Epstein”
  238. 13a. Ghislaine Maxwell, the main pimp who worked along with Epstein, is the founder of the TerraMar Project, and has a submarine piloting license (very useful for trafficking of all kinds into and out of Islands).
  239. -  Ghislaine Maxwell wikipedia article as of Aug 07 2019
  240. - “Epstein's Underground (S.C.A.B) - Systematic Child Abuse Base - Submarines Trafficking Kids?”
  243. 13b. Ghislaine Maxwell's sister, Christine Maxwell owned the software that every US law enforcement agency uses to pool their databases (also has deep New Mexico connections).
  244. – Christine Maxwell wikipedia page
  245. – Backup of item above
  246.         NOTE: she went on to co-found Chiliad:[7] a software company involved in the advance of on-demand, massively scalable, intelligent mining of structured and unstructured data through the use of natural language search technologies. The firm's software was behind the data search technology used by the FBI's counterterrorism data warehouse.[8] She is the Program Manager of Learning Technologies at The University of Texas at Dallas[9] and is involved in Special Projects for Information Resources. Maxwell is a former Trustee of the Internet Society[10] and The Santa Fe Institute.
  248. 13c. Chiliad, the software company that Christine Maxwell co-founded, has deep access to the USA’s intel databases.
  249. - Chiliad Inc information
  250. archive sites can’t grab link above, so picture is sreencap of the item above
  251. – Backup of item above
  252. - “Chiliad, the company that solved the 9/11 problem, hires Dan Ferranti as CEO”
  253. – Backup of item above
  254. – Another backup
  255.         NOTE: quote from link above: “For nearly 10 years Chiliad™, Inc., has been quietly working behind the scenes to develop some of the most powerful and innovative software in the U.S. government’s anti-terrorism arsenal. With the addition of Dan Ferranti, a veteran CEO with a proven 27-year track record in the information technology field, the Washington, D.C.-based company is preparing to extend the benefits of its ground-breaking technology beyond its already-impressive client base.
  256. “We go much deeper than simply linking the user to multiple systems in a federated search environment”
  257. Chiliad’s founders were influenced by the space shuttle Challenger disaster and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Investigations into both events concluded that information stored in incompatible databases and documents maintained by different departments and organizations could have allowed managers and officials to prevent those disasters. But there simply was no existing technology to “connect the dots” across so many incompatible systems and organizations. Efforts to solve this problem hastened development efforts within Chiliad and drove the first deployment of Chiliad’s software within the U.S. intelligence community to create a virtual knowledge environment across distributed information stovepipes, databases and applications."”
  259. 13d. Their father (Ghislaine’s and Christine’s), Robert Maxwell (Mossad agent) sold PROMIS software, which pools all data for prosecutorial agencies in coutries WORLDWIDE, with built in backdoor to spy on other countries.
  260. - “Mega Group, Maxwells, and Mossad: The Spy Story at the Heart of the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal”
  261. - Backup of item above
  262. – Article on Toronto Star’s series on Canadian investigation of spying by the US and Israel on Canadian intelligence agencies through the use of a powerful search and surveillance software named "Promis”.
  266. 13e. Christine Maxwell also married the son of one of the founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory . – Christine Maxwell wikipedia page
  267. – Backup of item above
  268.         NOTE: In 1986 she married Roger Malina of Berkeley, California. She has three children, sons Xavier (born 1988) and Yuri (born 1990) and daughter Giselle (born 1991).
  269.         NOTE: Roger Malina is the son of Frank Malina, research engineer in rocket propulsion, first director of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, kinetic artist and founder of Leonardo Journal.
  270. – Frank Malina wikipedia page
  271. – Backup of item above
  273. 14. Leslie Wexner, the billionaire who owns Victoria’s Secret’s parent company, has claimed that Jeffrey Epstein, his former financial manager, “misappropriated” more than $46 million worth of investments.
  274. - “Leslie Wexner Says Jeffrey Epstein ‘Misappropriated Vast Sums of Money From Me'”
  276. 15. Epstein is (still?) building illegally on the island next to little st james, despite having been ordered not to.
  277. - “Construction appears to continue on Great St. James”
  279. 16a. Geraldine Laybourne is the co-founder of Nickelodeon and is the person who first hired Dan Schneider (the pedo) to write and produce kids' TV. According to NY Magazine her name is on Jeffrey Epstein's private jet log. This is a direct connection between Epstein, Nickelodeon, Dan Schneider, Lolita Express and as a bonus a child daycare with an eye of providence pyramid (Geraldine works with KinderCare).
  280. – GL wikipedia page
  281. – Backup of item above
  283. – Pic of flight log with Geraldine Laybourne’s name
  284. – Backup of item above
  285. - “Who Was Jeffrey Epstein Calling?”
  286. - “How ‘All That’ Became the ‘SNL’ for the Next Generation”
  288. 16b. Kit Laybourne, Geraldine’s husband, and producer at Nickelodeon, is also on KinderCare’s board and on Epstein’s plane flight log. KL is also connected to Oprah.
  289. – KL wikipedia page
  290. – backup of item above
  291. - Use ctrl+f to find Kit’s name
  292. – Same document as item above but in PDF format, see 20-Feb
  293. – Picture of KL and GL names highlighted on document above
  294. – Backup of item above  
  295. – Picture of original flight logs, same data, see 20-Feb
  296. – Backup of item above
  297. – Picture related
  298. – Backup of item above
  299. – VOAT dig on KL
  301. 16c. Another connection between KinderCare and Epstein is: Epstein > Billionaires Dinner 2000 > Michael Milken > Kindercare.
  303. 17a. A law enforcement search of Epstein’s Upper East Side apartment reportedly revealed compact discs in a locked safe labeled "Young [Name] + [Name]," which, give credibility to the allegations that he was running a blackmail operation.
  304. - “Does Jeffrey Epstein have 'blackmail tapes'?”
  305. - “Prosecutors say FBI discovered nude photos of apparently underage girls at Jeffrey Epstein's mansion”
  306. - “Jeffrey Epstein accuser: video exists of underage sex with powerful men”
  308. 17b. The FBI knew that Epstein had cameras everywhere, including in the bathroom, to capture the acts of pedophilia being committed upon the minors by his guests (which confirms that the Epstein cases are not only about the pedophilia, the rape, and the sex trafficking, that those were just tools used by all involved to facilitate the blackmail of high-profile people, many of them politicians, world-wide).
  309. – Picture related
  310. – Backup of item above
  311. – Origin of picture related above
  312. – Backup of item above
  314. 18. Police found Epstein’s 2nd passport with a different name on it claiming Saudi residency.
  315. - “Epstein Safe Had 'Piles Of Cash', Diamonds And Expired Passport Claiming Saudi Residency”
  316. - “Epstein Used His Fake Passport In Multiple Countries”
  318. 19. Acosta (former persecutor) was told to backoff and cut a deal because Epstein belonged to Inteligence.
  319. - “REPORT: Acosta Was Told Epstein ‘Belonged To Intelligence’ So ‘Leave It Alone’”
  321. 20. There are claims that Epstein worked for Mossad.
  322. - “Giraldi: Did Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Work For Mossad?”
  323. - "OPUS 167 Mossad Epstein Connection", by Steve Pieczenik (former CIA officer)
  324. - “Jeffrey Epstein Deep Dive- The Mossad, Fraud and His Creepy Temple”
  325. - “Mega Group, Maxwells, and Mossad: The Spy Story at the Heart of the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal”
  326. - Backup of item above
  328. 21. In 2008, Jeffrey Epstein visited Israel, his spokesman said "he took time on Passover, meetings with Israeli science researchers, and tours of military bases."
  329. – Clip from Palm Beach Daily News (Palm Beach, Florida), 27 Apr 2008, Sun, Page 17 – Article called “Bleznaks rose to still-cool occasion”, by sdonnely@pbdailynews
  330. – Archive pic of the clip in question
  331. – Backup of item above
  332. – Archive of origin of clip in question
  333. – Backup of item above
  334. - Another link to the clip
  335. – Archive of link above
  336. - Backup of item above
  340. 22. Adam Schiff, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and Maxine Waters sit on a think thank with Epstein's brother.
  341. – board pic
  345. 23. Since no one seems to be talking about this. They've opened a criminal investigation into the handling of the last arrest and the plea deal. This is fucking massive. The amount of people involved in the exchange of dirty money to get this done stretches far. Lots of middle men type who will rat on everyone to save their skins.
  347.         NOTE: One family you don't hear often associated with epstein is the Bush family... but guess who was in office when they drafted up that sweetheart deal? Obama didnt take office till jan 20th 2009. So whoever told acosta that epstein 'belongs to intelligence and is above your pay grade' would have been doing so at the behest of the Bush white house. TL;DR: we need to start digging into his connections to the Bush family and Midland Texas
  349.     Observatory janitor transmition of cp
  351. 24. Lynne Forrester de Rothschild was the one who introduced Bill Clinton to Jeffrey Epstein, and she also introduced Dershowitz to Epstein. And here she is with Pizzagate Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis' then partner, David Brock (runs Media Matters). Lynn Forrester de Rothschild is literally the link between Jeffrey Epstein and Comet Ping Pong/Pizzagate
  353.     Lynn Forrester de Rothschild = 2 times in the flight logs.
  354.     Sir Evelyn is Lynn Forester's husband. Lynn introduced Dersh to J Epstein at a party for her husband, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, on Martha's Vinyard.
  356. 25. MC2 and the connection between it, Brunel and Epstein
  358.     Where they run all the "models" from conflict countries through... seems like good excuse to acquire all the documents and resources needed when transporting foreign girls around the world
  359.     E(pstein)=MC2
  361. 26. Epstein has used the media to try to paint himself as a great guy after he got out in 2009
  362. - “Jeffrey Epstein Pitched a New Narrative. These Sites Published It.”
  363. – Backup of item above
  365. 27. Epstein had a dentist chair on his mansion in Palm Beach, Florida
  366. - “EXCLUSIVE: Fully-equipped dentist chair, close-ups of young girls' backsides and a teddy by his bed: Creepy images and video from inside the mansion of Clinton and Prince Andrew friend, pedophile Jeffrey Epstein”
  367. – Backup of item above
  369. 28. One image which was collected during the execution of a search warrant on Epstein’s Palm Beach estate in 2005, shows “the bare bottom of a girl who appears to be pre-pubescent,” a Manhattan federal court judge writes in court papers.
  370. - “Twisted photos unsealed in Jeffrey Epstein ‘sex slave’ case”
  371. - Backup of item above
  373. 29. There is a direct connection between Epstein and Ehud Barak, Israeli ex-minister.
  374. - “Jeffrey Epstein scandal linked to posh apartments frequented by models, ex-prime minister”
  375. – Backup of item above
  376. - “Former Israeli PM Ehud Barak’s many ties to Epstein”
  377. - Backup of item above
  379. 30. An important shill talking point is “Trump flew with Epstein”, he flew from Florida back to New York (Palm Beach to Newark).
  380. – Picture related
  381. – Backup of item above
  382. – Pic of instructions being sent to shills to try to paint the narrative that Trump is implicated in the Epstein case
  383. – Backup of item above
  385. 31. His victims were told to have sex with important politicians.
  386. - “Jeffrey Epstein's alleged sex trafficking victim claims she was 'told to have sex' with high-profile Democrats George Mitchell and Bill Richardson among others”
  388. 32. There is a connections between Epstein and never-Trumper Bill/William Browder.
  389. - “Epstein-His-Connection to ”The-Club” of Manipulators”
  390. - Backup of item above
  392. 33. Epstein donated money to prominent scientists in Harvard and CERN.
  393. ( - wanted to engineer his own race
  394. ( - wanted to impregnate hundreds of women and improve the human race
  395. ( - funded research of the string theory
  396. ( - anon's thread with links to what LHC and CERN are possibly capable of
  397. (*/ - an interview about science parties
  399. 33a. LHC is quite expensive toy to build and operate, but its builders have all the support from European politicians.
  400. ( - an estimate of the project being worth at least $50 billion
  401. ( - climate/weather change (literal) in the form of manipulating clouds
  402. (*/ - CERN and D-Wave quantum computing research
  403. ( - what CERN openlab is
  404. ( - CERN openlab workshop with Intel, Microsoft, D-Wave, and others present
  405. ( - D-Wave's customers (Lockheed, Google, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  406. ( - D-Wave's business unit Quadrant is specialized in AI and machine learning
  407. - old thread on the matter
  408. ( and ( - CERN is ingaged in biotechnology research
  409. ( - D-Wave and the Mandela Effect
  410. ( - CERN network is capable of sharing and processign ~50-70 Petabytes of data every year from its operations
  412. 33b. CERN used to be exclusively European project.
  413. - kikes are only non-Europeans let work at CERN
  415. 34. Epstein signed his will two days prior to his death.
  416. ( - NY Post article
  417. - thread
  419. 34a. His will is worth $577 million and was placed in a trust created the same dame the will was signed.
  420. ( - NYT article; the only listed heir is his brother Mark; if the said trust is ineffective, Epstein's estate will be given to the trustees (names not provided)
  421. ( - TDB article; shares of Nautilus, Cypress, SCI JEP, Maple, and Polar were listed and put to his trust
  422. ( - those companies were used for charity (that is, bribes and blackmailing)
  423. - information about one of the lawyers who are also executives of the estate; lawyers' names are Darren K. Indyke and Richard D. Kahn
  424. - Epstein's assets
  426. 34b. A kike is a kike even after death.
  427. - it will be quite hard for the victims to have those $577 million given them as a compensation
  429. 35. Whoever is behind Epstein-Maxwell project is sending a message to the US intelligence and DoJ.
  430.,,, and
  431. ( - Maxwell's Amazon account's reviews correlate with her activities IRL
  432. ( - the Good Boys poster in the background was photoshopped
  433. ( - Epstein and Prince Andrew have been on intelligence community's radar since at least 2010
  435. 35a. The message's content may be different.
  436. - hunters know everything, Maxwell has got an insurance
  437. - Maxwell is going to die next
  438. - US intelligence is better to stay away from her if its staff does not want to die
  440. 35b. Maxwells are part of the so-called Mega Group (they also own rights on Ghislaine's photos from Los Angeles).
  441. (, ( - what Mega Group is
  442. ( - proof of ownage in the credits
  443., ( - about one of the photos author
  445. 36. Engineering works were in progress around Zorro Ranch.
  446. - Epstein needed 10080 gallons of clean water
  447. - permission to dig wells
  448. - application for a permit to use resources of Estancia Underground Water Basin
  449. - a certain well in the basin was moved
  450. - same (what Point of Diversion is:
  452. 36a. The Matrix II book by Author Valdamar Valerian had a map of New Mexico with Zorro Ranch on it. Underground tunnels were mentioned.
  453., - images of tunnels and the map
  455. 36b. Zorro Ranch seems to be well-insulated/covered from the political and legal point of view.
  456. ( - article with details, documents, and maps
  458. 37. Epstein's jet fled to Antarctica on the day when he was found unconscious in his cell (July 23).
  459., - fligh data, one of his jets' tail number is N120JE)
  460. - thread
  462. 38. Ghislaine had a submarine and a pilot licenses.
  463. ( - TerraMar and submarine license mentioned
  464. ( - pilot license
  466. 38a. She also owned several jets and helicopters which were being sold at certain periods of time.
  467., - screenshots from databases
  468. - Saint James Island and one island to its north had helipads
  470. 39. MC2 and its head Jean-Luc Brunel.
  471. ( - underage models sent to Epstein
  472. ( - Brunel's ties with Macy's, Nordstrom; through Les Wexner Epstein had access to at least Victoria's Secret's models
  474. 40. Maxwell’s sister spotted packing bags near Ghislaine's home. Sister is mailed to Roger Malina who is the son of Frank Malina — co-founder of JPL (with Jack Parsons) and participant in the Satanic ritualism around JPL for years. L Ron Hubbard (founder of the Church of Scientology) lived with the JPL crew while forming Scientology.
  475. ( - NY Post article
  477. 41. Epstein's credentials doxxed.
  478. ( - doxxing website (tons of stuff like antifa sites,, doxbinjs77uawbbl.onion)
  480. 42. Epstein was in the advisory board of a company called Lifeboat Foundation. It is a think tank with a goal "to encourage scientific advancements while helping humanity survive existential risks and possible misuse of increasingly powerful technologies"
  481.,, ( — its advisory board and description of activities
  482. ( - this company's bunker concept. That being said, Saint James Island is a bunker rather than a pedoisland
  484. 43. Virginia Roberts Giuffre wrote The Billionaire's Playboy Club novel anout adventures in Epstein's environment
  485. - page 727; there was a dungeon at, presumably, Zorro Ranch which correlates with Ray Chandler's Instagram photos of cameras' contents
  486. - pages 716, 717; she also took ecstasy, Xanax and partied hard with Jeffrey's clientele
  487. ( - article mentioning the novel
  489. 44. The person who reported Epstein's death and provided photos was involved in reporting other deaths.
  490. ( - thread
  491. ( - Larry Cerlona wrote that Kubrick was happy [dying] and nothing suspicious happened
  492. ( - Celona also was a journalist advisor in the Kubrick's movie
  494. 44a. Long anon's Twitter thread.
  495. (
  497. 44b. Larry (Lawrence) Celona is listed as a plaintiff in a 2018 lawsuit against Saudi Arabia.
  498. ( - lawsuit information
  499. (*/ - the judge, George B. Daniels, in another lawsuit against SA in 2015, ruled that Saudi Arabia had sovereign immunity and dismissed all charges against the kingdom for its alleged role in the [9/11] attacks
  500. - Larry was president of he New York Press Club in 1989-1990
  501. (*/ - Daniels is the same judge who dismissed Seth Rich lawsuit
  503. 45. In 2006, Epstein was saved from justice by creating a conflict of interests between the prosecution and prosecuted.
  504. ( - thread
  506. 46. Prison guards, where Epstein died, told Jeffrey's cell buddy to stop talking about Eggman's death.
  507. ( - ZeroHedge article.
  509. 47. In the recent Epstein happenings, the NY Post was the main source for new/exclusive information. Anon's guess is that he is a part of a large specop.
  510. - owned by Rupert Murdoch but at the same time is Trump's preferred newspaper
  511. - anon's findings regarding the matter
  512. ( - Murdoch is a strong supporter of Clintons,
  513. ( - Murdoch's credentials were in Epstein's little black book
  514. (*/ - Murdoch had ties with Rupert Maxwell
  515. ( - "How Rupert Murdoch’s Empire of Influence Remade the World"
  516. (*/ - Murdoch is quite a media tycoon
  517. (*/ - Rupert's son does not like how Fox covers climate change
  519. 48. Gettyimages collection of photos has Maxwell together with interesting people.
  520. - collection
  521. - Maxwell had ties with Jose Fanjul; he was a friend of Henry Kissinger and had a successful business in Australia
  522. - thread
  524. 49. Ghislaine is a photographer and owner of Ellmax Enterprise Limited.
  525. (*/ - Ellmax's registered office's owner
  526. (*/ - The Hogarth Group is the very first company to carry Nautilus, Inc. equipment outside the US; Nautilus was mentioned in the will and owns Saint James Island
  527. ( - Nautilus' (as well as MedX's) founder was Arthur Allen Jones whose motto was "younger women, faster airplanes, and bigger crocodiles"
  528. ( - other companies at the same office with Ellmax (The Hogarth Group, 1a Airedale Avenue, London, W4 2NW). A lot of them are owned by a man called Grumbridge. He may have a son Michael George Edward Grumbridge.
  529. ( - Colin White Frics is a founder and chairman of The Hogarth Group
  530. - list of companies located at the mentioned address
  531. - thread
  533. 49a. The Hogarth Group's main contact address was not only Airedale Avenue but 31 Cleveland Avenue, London (Chiswick), W4 1SN which is quite close to the first one.
  534. (, - at 25 Cleveland Avenue, there is a company called Inspiring Girls International Limited which offers education services
  535. - post with a list of shell companies at 31 Cleveland Avenue where Grumbridge is in charge
  537. 49b. There is a company called Hogarth Charitable Trust Company Limited.
  538. (, (, ( - works with people of age from 8 years old
  540. 50. Boris Nikolic was appointed as successor Executor in Epstein's will.
  541. - the will itself
  542. (, - Boris Nikolic is a scientific advisor to Bill Gates; he led an advanced immunology laboratory for tolerance induction/stem cell transplantation in the Renal Unit
  543. ( - together with Jeffrey, Nikolic founded a genome editing company Editas Medicine
  544. - Nikolic is a current president of Omniome Inc who "deliver the most trusted DNA sequencing"
  545. - thread
  547. 51. TDB found red flags in the Epstein case
  548. ( - article
  550. 52. Epstein had a meeting with Harvard professors of Biology, Medicine, Psychology, and Physics. One of them was Harvard's Dean.
  551. - thread; this information is being deleted both from archive websites
  553. 53. Rachel Chandler Guinness married Tom Guinness.
  554. - one of her friends is Bianka Berenyi
  555. - thread
  557. 54. Epstein used a network of shell companies for slaves delivery (who would have guessed)
  558. ( - ZeroHedge article
  560. 55. Clintons had a fund in Haiti, where child trafficking is well-spread
  561., - eventually left in 2012 but distributed $54 million between >50 businesses
  562.,, and, - trafficking
  564. 56. List of people in the little black box which Epstein's manager Rodriguez kept as an insurance (got jailed anyway)
  567. 57. Epstein was burying a lot of stuff underneath his pedoisland.
  568. - QAnon's post about $29 million worth of concrete
  569. ( - shipped cement truck
  571. 58. Map of Santa Fe county land.
  572. - interactive map
  574. 59. Somebody on /x/ reported about interesting activity at Grand Rapids. Children were delivered in vans, police did nothing after it having been reported.
  575. - Twitch channel of the person who went to check the place. He later claimed that it was all ironic (>>23245332)
  576. - same but a different person
  577. - another thread where anon reported about tries to delete every thread regarding the matter
  578., - threads
  579. - anon's dig
  581. 60. A Brooklyn photography company called Factory has some Lolita Express people listed on LinkedIn.
  582. - LinkedIn; go to "People" section
  583. - thread
  585. 61. Epstein's body is buried next to his parents' graves. Brother is on damage control.
  586. ( - DailyMail article
  587. - mister Egg is probably having a rest here (turns out he is laying at Star of David Cemetery)
  589. 62. Prison guards were interested in Epstein's death. At least, they ignored orders to not leave Jeffrey alone.
  590. ( - DailyMail article
  591. - Barr's statement that there are no reasons to not believe that Jeffrey was killed rather than he finished himself
  593. 63. Epstein has a brother Mark.
  594. ( - he is a Director at Humpty Dumpty Insitute
  595. (*/ - HDI Advisory Board is filled with many Congress members
  596. ( - anti-trafficking post on Faceberg
  597. ( - anti-trafficking lecture with a speaker from US Fund for UNICEF
  598.     - Amir Dossal attended the same parties as Maxwell and was an ambassador to the UN
  600. 64. Teterboro airport, from where many flights to Epstein's island were conducted, is now targeted by journalists.
  601. - CBS video
  602. - Jeffrey was arrested at that airport
  604. 64a. Police also raided Epstein's Palm Beach House in 2005
  605. ( - video
  607. 64b. There were photos of Fidel Castro and Pope John Paul II.
  608. ( - article
  610. 65. Jeffrey's death is weird in a couple of other ways.
  611.     Epstein, who had $$$ in cameras wired all over his estates, did not appear on a single camera in jail before or after "suicide watch"
  612.     There is not a single photo or presentation of the vague "fabric" nose
  613.     No suicide note to anyone, even the victims
  614.     Ghislaine's father committed "suicide" when the pressure closed in
  615.     The labelled CDs confiscated at his NYC estate, all the PCs, are the new "Weiner" laptop. If I was those girls' legal team, or long-suffering parents, wouldn't you demand the CD names go public after he mysteriously died?
  616.     Epstein supposedly wanted to personally impregnate hundreds of women. Yet he has zero children? He was obviously fertile though and bragged about all the kids he wanted. Odd. Only his brother Mark is left his fortune
  617. - thread
  619. 65a.
  620. (*/ - victim's lawyer said in late-July that there are people trying to eliminate Jeffrey
  621. ( - now there are proofs his death was a murder
  623. 66. Good Boys, apart from being two words that appeared in a well-know photo of Ghislaine, is also a degenerate movie.
  624. (*/ - Lionsgate made it; its founder is a philanthropist Frank Giustra
  625. ( - Frank Giustra and Bill Clinton established Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative (CGSGI)
  626. ( - CGSCGI was involved in some illegal activities
  627. (*/ - Giustra is a member of the board of trustees of the Clinton Foundation
  629. 67. Readings about Epstein, Maxwell, and Mossad.
  630. (
  631. (
  632. (*/
  633. (*/
  634. (*/
  635. (*/
  637. 68. Maxwell visited Prince Andrew at Buckingham Palace.
  638. ( - DailyMail article
  639. ( - he is afraid to come back to the US
  641. 68a. Prince Andrew is in full denial
  642. ( - BBC article
  644. 68b. ...but had a conversation with the right people and now willing to cooperate.
  645. ( - article
  647. 69. Epstein's dentists were quickly forgotten and given soft punishment.
  648.,, and - John Wolf, practized next door to Nazareth Nursery Montessori
  649. and - Todd Calvin, the building that was hosting his dentistry is now for sale
  650. - Epstein's teeth look very small, as if they were taken from a child
  652. 70. New art found at Zorro Ranch.
  653. ( - NY Post article
  655. 71. Maxwell filed the Ellmax paperwork with a wrong postcode.
  656. ( - correct postal code would be SP4 9QA, not SR4 9QA. The company at SP4 9QA is called Orchard Partners (Search) Limited and was dissolved on June 11, 2019
  657. ( - another company is TerraMar (UK)
  658. ( - website with TerraMar projects
  659. - thread
  661. 72. News from South-Eastern Europe about pedo mafia.
  662. ( - a guy named Magda Iorga raped and killed a 15-year-old girl and admitted to killing more
  663. (*/ - Romanian website reports that the guy was part of the mafia selling 14-16-year-old children to Romanians, Austrians, and American soldiers (remember those 16 Marines arrested for trafficking? Not necessarily them but you get the point)
  665. 73. Maxwell was doing everything to make Jeffrey marry her.
  666. (*/ - including recruiting girls for his pleasures
  668. 74. Palm Beach detective who led Epstein investigation died after a "brief illness" in May 2018
  669. (*/ - PBDN article
  671. 75. Epstein loved funding Harvard.
  672. (*/ - proof of VI Foundation funding MicroPsi 2 project in Germany
  673. (*/ - Jeffrey donates to Harvard's Hasty Pudding Institute (work in art and theatre fields); website:
  675. 76. Review of "Robert Maxwell, Israel's Superspy: The Life and Murder of a Media Mogul"
  676. (*/ - article; Maxwell's software was used in critical governmental organizations not only in the US but also in Switzerland, South Africa, Zimbabwe and other countries
  678. 76a. PROMIS software
  679. (*/ - long-read
  681. 77. France hops on the bandwagon.
  682. ( - French prosecutors start an inquiry against Epstein
  683. ( - article
  684. (*/ - Jean Luc Brunel spotted with potential new victims before Epstein arrest
  686. 78. Zorro Ranch history and Epstein's motivation to acquire it.
  687. ( - article
  689. 79. Large threads about European pedo operations.
  690.,, - archived links for Zigforum, 8ch, and 4plebs respectively; OP pointed specifically to TERIS Waste Management and the Babel Literary Festival
  692. 80. Mueller was in Epstein's team (or vice versa).
  693. (*/ - as long ago as May 2018
  695. 81. Woody Allen spotted coming out of Epstein's mansion with his wife who he adopted in the age of eight.
  696. (*/ - article
  698. 82. NHS and Tavistock institute/clinic.
  704. 83. Red Cross.
  705. - Order of Malta
  706. - "150 Years of the International Red Cross Collaboration of the Knights of Malta (KMFAP) with the Slovak Red Cross in Nitra"
  707. - Wikipedia article about the Hospitallers
  708. - "The untold truth of the American Red Cross"
  709., - the overlap of Red Cross and Clinton Foundation in Haiti
  711. 84. Junkermann's background.
  712. (*/%20 - her lover, Robert Louis-Dreyfus, died of leukemia in 2009
  713. (*/ - Nicole is a very artistic girl and definitely does not sell art with malicious intents; she also has interest in Latin America, where Jean-Luc Brunel was recently spotted looking for new victims
  714. - she was also listed in Panama Papers
  716. 85. Vekselberg and Clintons.
  717. (*/ - FSB investigation of Vekselberg's Renova company
  718. (*/ - Vekselberg's connection with Mike Flynn
  719. (*/ - Vekselberg donated to Clinton Foundation via his Renova
  721. 86. Epstein's little black book people in text format.
  722. - most up-to-date as of September 5
  723. - another format, all sections; censored book
  725. 87. Bill Gates is silent about the reasons he accompanied Epstein after the latter was already known for wrong tendencies.
  726. (*/ - article
  728. 88. Epstein's victims still testified after his death.
  729. - article
  730. - Reuters video
  731. (*/ - DailyMail article; photos and details
  733. 89. FBI and NYPD ignored early Epstein victim's recounts of sexual abuse.
  734. ( - article
  736. 90. Another hit in Hollywood.
  737. ( - "Sugar Daddy" Steven Fabrizio (a top executive at the Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA)) is arrested and accused of rape and blackmail
  739. 91. A camera outside the Epstein's cell is unusable.
  740. (*/ - article
  741. (*/ - Epstein's defence lawyer says Jeffrey likely died by assault
  743. 91a. FBI is checking.
  744. (*/ - article
  746. 92. St. Thomas Man Charged with Bringing Illegal Aliens into the U.S. Territory and Two Charged with Unlawful Entry
  747. - DoJ official statement
  749. 93. Elites behind dirty shit.
  750. - NXIVM, Saudi Arabia, kikes
  751. - Democratic Party emails
  753. 94. Epstein's case is dismissed in court because he is dead.
  754. ( - lawyers protest
  756. 95. Epstein contributed to the 2008 financial crisis.
  757. ( - article
  758. ( - former Bear Stearns CEO is suing the board of his co-op for causing him a “severe financial hardship” of his own
  760. 96. NM authorities order cancellation of Jeffrey Epstein land leases.
  761. ( - the territory was improperly leased in late 1990s
  763. 97. Prince Andrew comes back from a golf course to address his involvement in Epstein's case.
  764. ( - article
  766. 97a. Andrew is now a guy nobody wants to deal with.
  767. (*/ - article
  769. 98. Haley Robson was also recruiting girls for Jeffrey.
  770. ( - she first gave Jeffrey a massage, did not want to engage in intercourse with him but instead of reporting to police and halting any contacts with Epstein, she started recruiting girls for him
  771. ( - all women who did the same
  773. 98a. Now they could be investigated in New York despite immunity.
  774. ( - article
  776. 99. Jean-Luc Brunel's victims start talking.
  777. ( - article
  779. 100. "Cops worked to put serial sex abuser in prison. Prosecutors worked to cut him a break"
  780. ( - article; journalists from this organization greatly contributed to Epstein being at least tried
  781. ( - biography of one of the attorneys
  783. 101. New unsealing may be coming.
  784. (*/ - article
  785. (, ( - hundreds of people will be harmed in case it happens, some are already urging the judge to not unseal
  787. 101a. Parameters for unsealing set.
  788. ( - article
  790. 102. FBI is again doing the opposite of what it should.
  791. ( - photo with Prince Andrew hugging Giuffre was seized in 2011
  793. 103. After Jeffrey's """death""", those left in charge of the Trust are DDoSed with lawsuits.
  794. ( - article
  796. 104. A French friend of Jeffrey's fled from authorities.
  797. ( - article
  799. 105. British politicans were not using Epstein's services exclusively.
  800. ( - article
  802. 106. Not all Harvard scientists are pussified money slaves.
  803. ( - academics leaving and protesting the usage of Jeffrey's money
  805. 107. Epstein case is a little chapter in the pedo network story. One large thing that existed before (at least in 2013) is so-called Pedowood. 8chan had a custom board pedowood322 devoted to it entirely. All web-archive links are deleted, search engines memory hole its existence.
  806. (*/ — introduction to Pedowood.
  807. (*/, (*/ — theory and main characters of Pedowood.
  808. ( — all Pedowood-related links information combined (8chan knew it all back in 2013).
  810. 108. One of the before unknown victims of Epstein starts speaking.
  811. ( - claims to have been trafficked to Biden and McCain
  813. 109. MIT scientists who accepted Epstein's money BTFO.
  814., ( ( - articles
  816. 109a. LinkedIn's founder Reid Hoffman defends them.
  817. ( - article
  819. 110. Some anon found a PGP key (used for secret P2P communications) embedded in the In-N-Out photo.
  820. ( - his nickname is Luke Skytalker
  822. 111. Giuffre's lawyers call prince Andrew for a face-to-face talk.
  823. ( - article
  825. 112. Patrick McMullan company hosted events Ghislaine Maxwell attended.
  826. (, - sets of photos
  828. 113. Lisa Bloom (Jewish, by the way) turned out to be assisting Harvey Weinstein in combating his victims in the information field.
  829. ( - NYT article; David Boies helped Weinstein to make NYT not investigate into him
  830. ( — one of the tricks was to try to convince NYT editors that the victims are unreliable
  831. (, ( — Lisa raised $700k from Hillary Clinton; #MeToo movement opened the Pandora's box of misconduct
  833. 113a. Last interview of Anthony Bourdain about Weinstein and the Clintons
  834. ( - article
  836. 114. Ghislaine Maxwell sister's software was exposed in California FOIA
  837. ( - article; tl;dr: government can look up for information about a certain indidvivdual in a matter of seconds
  839. 115. How security services exploit mass shootings to tighten up freedoms.
  840. ( - article
  842. 116. Ghislaine and Epstein visited Princess Beatrice's 18th birthday party at Windsor Castle.
  843. ( - article
  845. 117. Epstein visited Clinton White House several times in the 1990s.
  846. ( - article
  848. 118. Part of Epstein's biography in conjunction with him having tried to have sex with the author's bride.
  849. ( - article
  852. - “Unsealed court documents reveal that financier Jeffrey Epstein is being charged with running a sex-trafficking ring involving girls as young as 14” - This link has links to the documents related to the Epstein trial
  853. – Useful thread to read, pay attention to posts from id: 2jkF3saP
  854. - “OPUS 167 Mossad Epstein Connection” - Video by Steve Pieczenik, an American Jew Patriot who worked for the CIA, good introduction for the normies
  855. - “Epstein's Elite Wall Street Ties Revealed In Filing”
  856. - “Jeffrey Epstein and Mad Scientists” - Video by Amazing Poly, goes into Epstein’s investments into science and into the Maxwell’s and Robert Maxwell’s domination of information in his time
  857. - “From “Spook Air” to the “Lolita Express”: The Genesis and Evolution of the Jeffrey Epstein-Bill Clinton Relationship“
  858. - all MintPressNews' articles about Epstein and his connections
  859. - "Who Was Jeffrey Epstein Calling? A close study of his circle — social, professional, transactional — reveals a damning portrait of elite New York."
  860. - intelligence agencies' ancient game of getting dirt on everybody
  861. - massive online archive of ancient religious text scans (incomplete)
  864. This is just scratching the surface. There are many MANY more leads.
  869. Archive every link you are going to post before you post it, use both and
  870. Save the whole page into your computer too, and backup all the things you save with redundancy, on something that is not permanently connected to your computer.
  871. Also, remember to archive the 4plebs links on both the archive sites, it can get nuked at any moment.
  872. Also, remember to archive the individual links to the pics from the 4plebs threads on both archive sites (if you don’t the archive sites only save the thumbnails).
  875. >Names of people in the flight logs with 10 or more appearances:
  876. Jeff Epstein 832
  877. Ghislaine Maxwell 400
  878. Sarah Kellen 311
  879. Emmy Tayler 191
  880. Nadia Marcinkova 125
  881. Andrea Mitrovich 66
  882. Teala Davies 50
  883. Shelley Lewis 40
  884. Cindy Lopez 37
  885. Clare Hazell-Iveagh 32
  886. Jean-Luc Brunel 29
  887. Michael Liffman 28
  888. Virginia Roberts 28
  889. Banu Koluk-Koylu 26
  890. Doug Band 26
  891. Bill Clinton 25
  892. David Mullen 23
  893. Pete Rathgeb 22
  894. Magale Blachou 20
  895. Tiffany Gramza 20
  896. Celina Dubin 18
  897. Gwendolyn Beck 17
  898. Jordan Dubin 17
  899. Eva Dubin-Andersson 16
  900. Sophie Biddle 15
  901. Chauntae Davies 14
  902. Adam PerryLang 13
  903. Alberto Pinto 13
  904. Valdson Cotrin 13
  905. Alexia Wallert 12
  906. Adrianna Muscinska 11
  907. Chris Tucker 11
  908. David Slang 11
  909. Eric Nonacs 11
  910. Glenn Dubin 11
  911. Jim Kennez 11
  912. Kevin Spacey 11
  913. RGR ? 11
  914. Rodey Swater 11
  915. Susan Hamblin 11
  916. Tatiana Kovylina 11
  917. Casey Wasserman 10
  918. Joel Pashcow 10
  919. Laura Wasserman 10
  920. Mandy Ellison 10
  921. Patsy Rodgers 10
  924. Nicole Junkermann 3
  926. >Interdasting analysis of flight logs
  928. >Voat posts for posting which it got DDoSed into making access closed to the not registered users
  933. --
  935. Epstein court doc dump 2:
  947. >Epstein Docs
  948. >2024 Pages - Contributed by Insider Staff, Insider, Inc. - Aug 09, 2019
  949. >
  950. >
  951. It seems that this has everything up until now
  954. –-
  956. If you need to give a quick rundown on the case to someone to redpill them, use this:
  958. Epstein introductory videos, for normies and newfrens:
  961. - “OPUS 167 Mossad Epstein Connection” - Video by Steve Pieczenik (5 mins), an American Jew Patriot who worked for the CIA, good introduction for the normies.
  962. A good introduction on why Israel is USA’s greatest enemy, which Steve openly says it is out in the open.
  964. - “Jeffrey Epstein Deep Dive- The Mossad, Fraud and His Creepy Temple” - Video by Truth Factory (15 mins), a nice introduction to the Maxwells and the connections between Mossad and Epstein, and goes into DynCorp and its involvement in human trafficking.
  966. - “My Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy Theory. Who Done It?” - Video by Kim Iversen (30 mins), it doesn’t get more normie than this. She does a great job at introducing the issue to the more normiesphere.
  968. - “Jeffrey Epstein and Mad Scientists” - Video by Amazing Poly (40 mins), goes into Epstein’s investments into science and into the Maxwell’s and Robert Maxwell’s domination of information in his time
  969. Amazing Polly video tracks down and documents all the medical research Epstein was funding..where did he get so much money and why did all of it go to Jews in the very very strange research disciplines.
  970. WELL worth the listen. She's also made a few other epic digs and IMHO very under watched. Saw it posted here and grudgingly gave my 38 minutes only to "holy fucking shit" by the end of it.
  972. - “Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Shares Story Of Alleged Rape For 1st Time | TODAY” - Video by TODAY (10 mins), Jennifer Araoz shares with Savannah Guthrie her chilling account of alleged sexual assault by billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, which she says happened when she was in high school. Araoz is not part of the Southern District of New York’s case against Epstein.
  974. - “GHISLAINE MAXWELL on PROTECTING THE WORLD'S OCEANS” - Video by ONE ON ONE SERIES (5 mins), Ghislaine Maxwell gives an interview about saving ocean and tells about her TerraMar project (
  976. --
  978. If you are interested in baking a general about this subject on the chans:
  979. I think the threads are better off with the /egg/ name.
  980. Keeps consistency and allows anons something to search for on the daily (and on 4plebs archive).
  981. A place to make drops and for independent journos to rely on outside of mainstream media.
  983. The image is really good and should be used in the same manner:
  984. >Images for OP
  987. – Backup of item above
  989. Consistency is key.
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