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  1. ❁  healing  ❁
  3. 〔  username: astaeroids
  5. 〔  password: white noise
  7. ◆  cypher part 4  ◆
  9. 〔  name: kwon seo rin
  11. 〔  age: 20
  13. 〔  date of birth: october 8, 1996
  15. 〔  language:
  16.          japanese
  17.          korean
  18.          english
  20. 〔  birthplace: gwangju, south korea
  22. 〔  hometown: gwangju, south korea
  24. ♚  heaven  ♚
  26. 〔  face claim: jisoo [blackpink]
  28. 〔 backup face claim: rosé
  30. 〔 back backup face claim: iu
  32. 〔  love interest: jungkook
  34. 〔  backup love interest: sehun
  36. 〔  back backup love interest: vernon
  38. 〔  style: baggy clothes, beanies, converse, ripped jeans, plain black shirt
  40. 〔  ideal type:
  42. ▷ for her, it doesn't matter if the guy is rich, famous or handsome. all she wants to a boy who is able to make her laugh even if she's sad. a person who is very caring and kind hearted to her because she hates someone who'll hurt her. for her, someone who is able to protect even if he can't. most of all, someone who is loyal and doesn't try to break her heart.
  44. ♥  all in  ♥
  46. 〔  personality:
  48.  ▷ seo rin is very caring, she loves to help people. she's bubbly and happy go lucky, never seems to be a type of person to have a sad expression or a frown, she's adventurous and takes risks. really is a loyal friend if you cherish her like she does, at first glance she may be intimidating but once you get to know her, seorin's cheerful state comes out and you'll be at ease. she can be quiet at times and lets all her sadness kept inside because she doesn't want people to get involved because they might get hurt and she'll blame herself for it. if she gets too attached to someone, she tries to keep it that way because she doesn't want to be alone and is more happy to have alot of friends. seorin can never hurt anyone and she is very helpful, loves to do something good, she'll get flustered if she blurts out some random things, very weird but cute at the same time.
  50. 〔  background: seorin had a pretty hard life because of her father's work, him being a doctor wpuld mean that he wouldn't have time to bond with her and her brother but atleast she still have someone to accompany her. her brother is very supportive and would always be there for her, the two are very close since birth while her mother divorced their father because of his career and cut ties with them after they separated. people didn't really expect her to be like her father who was a neurosurgeon, they expected her brother instead but he didn't want to follow his footsteps instead he ran a business. seorin wanted to prove that she can do what her father does, so she decided to work hard to achieve it, alot of times she started to realized that it was hard but still didn't give up. for sure she knew it could take up years but trying was the thing she can do and she knows that she can do it.
  52. 〔  family:
  54. ▷ kwon jong sun | father | 50
  56. ▷ kwon tae jung | brother | 26
  58. 〔  occupation:
  60. ▷ college student, studying to be a doctor
  62. 〔  trivia:
  64. + she gets scared easily
  65. + smiles alot
  66. + highly allergic to peanuts
  67. + when someone is sad, she'll always make them laugh
  68. + seorin is very easy to talk to
  69. + when she cries, her eyes starts to get puffy
  70. + unknowingly does aegyo
  71. + her cheeks are like baozi
  72. + can swim but has a fear of large bodies of water
  73. + she gets flustered easily, especially when its about her height
  74. + hugs anyone if she's crying
  76. 〔 likes:
  78. + star gazing at night
  79. + soft comfortable things especially pillows
  80. + loves to eat pizza
  81. + coffee
  82. + cuddles
  83. + learning new things
  84. + playing games
  85. + helping people
  86. + reading somewhere quiet
  87. + a place where she can get her mind straight or calm her down. especifically grasslands
  89. 〔 dislikes:
  91. + rude people
  92. + places that are crowded
  93. + people who misunderstands
  94. + snakes
  95. +  not being able to do anything
  96. + being teased
  97. + being alone
  98. + getting irritated
  100. 〔  talent: healing (since she's studying to a doctor) and crafting
  102. 〔  hobbies:
  104. + reading
  105. + listening to music
  106. + cooking
  107. + singing
  108. + taking care of people
  110. ●  hard carry  ●
  112. 〔  why did you wanna come to this show: to see if she could be able to be a doctor and most likely to improve her skills on becoming one because she wanted something thrilling while doing what she likes to asides from re-reading books and retaking exams. proving everyone that she can do what her father does, so she can make him proud and it would be a big help to her.
  114. 〔  anything to say to the other participants: annyeonghaseyo, nice to meet all of you! i hope we can enjoy this and hopefully survive, but to everyone please be well and
  116. 〔  what do you think of this book: i think it's very interesting and your idea is very original, i would love to see more of your work!
  118. 〔  would you apply for my af if I make more: ofc, i would be happy to apply for more!
  120. 〔  anything to say to me: i hope my form is very entertaining! <3 <3 <3 *gives you love*
  122. 〔  requested scene:
  124. + jungkook starts off as shy but begins to be very friendly and she reminds him of jin and the resemblance is uncanny
  125. + teases her because of her height and loves to help her
  126. + jungkook gets sick and she takes care of him
  127. + they go fishing and try to catch it, while trying the two ended up falling together in the water
  128. + star gazing at night and telling stories about eachother. kinda like a thing they do when their stressed out
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